As an acting student, it's great to have scripts to hand, but could you have the scripts posted with the indication of names as to who is speaking?

Sorry, we would like to but we need volunteers to do this and they are thin on the ground. We also find those that do volunteer do not appreciate how tedious and time-consuming it is, and simply drift off. If you want this, volunteer!


I have a few edited scripts I'd like to contribute. How would I go about doing so?

If it just one or two, you can use our contact form to send them. If you have a few, drop us a note, we will reply and you can attach them to a reply.


Where did «this show» disappear to?

Very occasionally we get asked to remove something. If the request appears to be genuine, the easiest thing for us to do is comply. We will not say who asked, as we have no wish to promote them. Thankfully, these are in the minority.


Where are the rest of the FAQs?

They will be added as time permits.