04x08 - Breaking Point

(engines spinning down)


Disembarkation on the flight from Orlando has been delayed again.

But the system says the cargo hold was at full capacity

- so we should stay ready.

- Ready...

They can take as long as they need.

We way too busy now.

I'm ready for lunch.

But people are finally travelling again.

- It's great.

- WADE: You know what's great?

The lasagna I got waiting on me in the break room.

- (chuckles)

- (Device beeps) Uh-oh.

MOLLY: Another minutes?

These people are gonna lose it.

PILOT: Just work your magic and calm them down.

- Yes, Captain.

- PILOT: Offer some peanuts

- or something.

- Understood.

(quirky dramatic music)

Hello once again, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for your patience.

We're still waiting for our gate to open up, so if everyone could just stay seated for a few minutes.

- (passengers grumbling)

- The captain assures me we'll be pulling in every soon.

- PASSENGER: Not quick enough.

- Oh, boy.

Excuse me, sir.

We're gonna need you to stay in your seat

- until we get to the gate.

- Relax, honey.

- The plane isn't even moving.

- Sir, take your seat.

The bag is gonna have to wait.

- You have to stay...

- Come on.


Sitting now.

(slams compartment)

Miss, can we get an apple juice?

I'm sorry, but there's no beverage service right now.

Oh, and he's gonna need to keep his mask on.

All right, honey?

Thank you so much.

I know it's been a long wait, everyone, but if we...

What's the point of landing early if you're gonna hold us prisoner?

It's like we're hostages on this damn plane.

PASSENGER: This is ridiculous.

Let us off.

PASSENGER: Yeah, let us off!

What the heck?

It'll just be a few more minutes, everybody.

Are you gonna get that juice?

We paid full fare.

You betcha!

PASSENGER: You'll hear from my lawyer.

I don't know, Captain.

Can't they just push the other plane out of the way and let us have the gate?

PILOT: There's nothing we can do; just hang in there.

THUNDAMENTALS: ♪ You gotta go, I gotta go ♪

♪ Go, go, still you gotta go ♪

♪ You gotta go, I gotta go ♪

- (sighs)

- ♪ Go, go ♪

♪ Still you gotta go ♪

Sir, you're gonna have to get back in your seat

- with your seat belt fastened.

- It's an emergency.

Well, press your call button if it's an emergency.


For real?

(button chimes)

(buttons chiming)

THUNDAMENTALS: ♪ You make me wanna quit my job ♪


What is it, sir?

I need to use the restroom.

- That's your emergency?

- Well, it's about to be.

- Okay.

- Why does he get to get up?

- (sighs)

- He needs a tissue.

Okay, honey.

I will bring you a tissue.

Then you need to get back in your seat, okay?

- (sneezes)

- Ew!



I got you, young lady.

- There you go.


- All right, that's it!

Sit your asses down now!

- But I really gotta go...

- And I really don't care.

♪ Go, go, you gotta go, I gotta go ♪

(feedback screeches)


Once again, ladies and gentlemen, I would just like to say on the behalf of the entire flight crew that you are a bunch of ungrateful, disgusting, miserable, spoiled brats.

- PASSENGER: Oh, boy.

- For years, I have been yelled at, pawed at, spilled on, sneezed on, puked on!

And for what?

Do any you show the slightest bit of gratitude?

(music stops)


Well, I am done!

So please put your tray tables in the go-screw-yourself position and your personal belongings where the sun don't shine because this is where I get off!

♪ You understand ♪

♪ The whole world now knows you're a fool ♪

What in the world?

♪ You gotta go, I gotta go ♪

♪ Go, go ♪

(engine turns over)

- (tires squealing)

- Where the hell are we going?

Somebody could be hurt in there!

Molly out!

Don't do it, lady!

- DARRELL: Whoa!

- (cork pops and wet squelch)



(sirens wail)

HEN: Let me get this collar on and then we can assess the...

No, she is not the real emergency.

Over here!

(gasping and choking)

Hen, Jim, need you guys over here now!

Eddie, you and Buck deal with the flight attendant.

WADE: He's having trouble breathing.

I thought about pulling it out, but...

No, you made the right call.

HEN: Champagne cork?

I've seen them take out an eye, but this is in there pretty good.

(gasping and choking)

EDDIE: Could be an ankle fracture.

Can you wiggle your toes for me?

HEN: Barely getting any air.

It's probably blocking his airways.

I'm not hearing any fluid in his lungs.

And the fact he's not coughing up blood...

Which means it probably hasn't pierced his windpipe.

HEN: Then it's just compressing it.

Is it just me, or does this guy look familiar?

The guy that we pulled out of the jet engine.

Oh, yeah.

His job seems more dangerous than ours.

WADE: Man, come on, Darrell!

You gotta pull through, man.

CHIMNEY: There's no way to do a trach.

Obstruction's too low.

This cork is surrounded by sharp metal.

You try to pull it out, it'll clip his carotid arteries.

HEN: Then you gotta try to pull it out really carefully 'cause we don't got another choice.

EDDIE: Okay, breathe.

There we go.

CHIMNEY: Guess all that time playing "Operation" as a kid is finally gonna pay off.

You got this, okay?

You gotta pull through, man.

Sir, I need you to hang back so they can do their work.

WADE: Look I know I give you a hard time 'cause you love this stupid job,

- but for real, it's inspiring.

- HEN: Hold still, sir.

I wish I cared about anything as much as you love these bags.

MOLLY: Oh, God!

It's all rainbows and unicorns on the ground.

Try flying the unfriendly skies.

You don't know Darrell, lady.

- HEN: Need to focus.

- DARRELL: (gasping and choking)

CHIMNEY: Steady, Hen.


HEN: All right, I got it.

Go ahead.

CHIMNEY: All right.

Sir, this might hurt.

On three.

One, two, three.

DARRELL: (gasping and choking)

- (inhales deeply)

- HEN: Okay.


- (peaceful music)

- (coughing)

- HEN: Airway's patent.

- CHIMNEY: Ready to move!

- (gasping and panting)

- (jet engines roaring)

I knew he'd pull through.

Nothing stops Darrell.

Not a jet engine, crazy white ladies.


He will not quit.

What's that, buddy?


I quit.

Me too.

♪ You gotta go, I gotta go ♪

Guess everyone has their breaking point.

♪ You gotta go, I gotta go ♪

♪ Go, go, still we gotta go ♪

(R&B music)

- ANA: Oh.

- EDDIE: No, let me.

ANA: Oh.

You're almost there.

- ANA: You're so close.

- EDDIE: Damn it.


Fourth grade math was so much easier when I was...

In the fourth grade?


Why'd they change it?

I mean, isn't that the whole point of math?

That it doesn't change?

It didn't, we just changed the way we teach it.

Two plus two still equals four.


Does it?

I mean, can understand why Christopher's having such a hard time with it.

You know, my offer still stands.

I'm more than happy to come over and help Christopher with his math.

(soft dramatic music) I wouldn't feel right putting you out.


I'm not trying to pressure you into telling Christopher about us.

I know there hasn't been anyone else since he lost his mother.

And Christopher is a very sensitive boy.

You're right to be cautious.

You are an amazing woman.

- (chuckles)

- And a great cook.

But you are a terrible math teacher.


Sure, blame the teacher.

That's what all the lazy students do.


You heard me.

Well, maybe you need to keep me after class.

Maybe I do.


For at least a week?


Maybe even longer.

- (phone ringing)

- (sighs)




Promised Chris I'd be home in time to tuck him into bed.

Class dismissed.


(door latch clicks)

BUCK: You're late.

EDDIE: There was construction on Sunset.

Had to take a detour.

Christopher already in bed?

- Oh, yeah.

- You're a miracle worker.

No, just an excellent negotiator.

See, he was willing to get ready for bed and get in the bed.

I was not allowed to turn the lights off or tell him a story.

EDDIE: Well, probably just as well after you told him that little thing about the kid in the rotisserie.

That was not a story, it was a cautionary tale.


Well, thanks for watching him.

Uh, how... how...

How was the, uh, the big date?

It was nice.

She taught me math.

- BUCK: Math?

- (chuckles)

And I thought I'd been single too long.

- (knocks at door)

- Hey, how as your night?


You and Buck have fun?

What's up, Buddy?

Where were you?

I told you I was at dinner with an old friend.

- From Texas?

- No.

- From the Army?

- (chuckling)


Then who?

Nice try, but we both know you're supposed to be asleep.

We can talk about everything else another day.

- Okay, tell me a story.

- (chuckles)

- Which one?

- The one about your friend.

- Get some sleep, all right?

- Okay.

Good night, Dad.

EDDIE: All right.

Good night.

(TV playing indistinctly)

- (foot thumps)

- BUCK: Oh.

ALBERT: Hey, Buck.

What are you doing home?

We thought you were babysitting.

And now, I'm home.

Wait, uh, we?

- Uh...

- (approaching footsteps)

- Hey, Buck.

- Veronica, hi.

I, uh, didn't expect to see you here.

In my apartment.

Oh, we're doing some laundry and Netflix and chilling.

How domestic.

(clears throat)

Uh, we should order in.

Maybe Thai?

You... you love Thai.

Uh, yeah, thanks, I think I'm just gonna go to bed.

Us too.

Yeah, okay, bro.

Well, see you later.


HELLER: The numbers you sent me look good.

Blood pressure, kick count.

How are you feeling?


I wish she was a little less of a night owl with the kicking, but other than that.

We're getting pretty excited.




So let's talk about your birth plan.


I thought we did that last visit.


HELLER: Your plan may have to adjust.

I don't know what the world's gonna look like next week, much less next month.

So are you afraid that you're not gonna have a bed for us?


HELLER: There will be a bed.

I just don't know

if I'll be the person standing at the foot of it.

We've had to pull people off the floor to help out in the ER.

My office will send you the new protocols.

Why don't you two take a look, talk about your options, and we'll regroup next week?

Thanks, Dr. Heller.

(soft tense music)

Okay, so that was a lot.


But hey, she was just giving us worst-case scenarios

- so we can be prepared.

- For what?

To deliver in a mask with a doctor I've never met and you not even in the building?

Nobody's saying that's what's gonna happen.

You know, this was supposed to feel like a joyous occasion and it just doesn't feel very joyous.

I know that there are people out there that have it a lot worse than I do and I don't want to complain, but I am not having our baby in a parking lot and I don't want to do it without you there.


No parking lot.

So what do you want to do?

I wanna have her here.

TAYLOR: LA is used to police pursuits on our streets, but on our rooftops?

Well, that's exactly what happened this morning after LAPD caught this man breaking into an area home.

Rather than allow himself to be apprehended, he went out a second-story window and fled on foot jumping across rooftops before reaching a literal dead end.

How was I supposed to know this was a cul-de-sac?

- I didn't see a sign!

- It's okay, Corey.

We all miss the signs now and then.

- It doesn't mean there's a way out.

- AMOS: He just needs to get off!

Why you people standing around here doing nothing?

It's all right.

Mr. Nowels owns the roof that this circus is staged on.

It's been two hours, Sergeant.

He's still up there dancing around on my roof.

The warranty doesn't cover that.

The negotiators are still trying to get him to come down.

I'm just gonna have to ask you to be patient a little longer.

How much longer?

I think they're making progress!

COREY: Just shut up!

You're a liar.

You said you'd help me find a way out.

I didn't mean with a helicopter.

COREY: Shut up!

I need to think!

Eh, should've tried thinking before he ended up on a roof.

I mean, he cornered himself.

HEN: That there is a whole series of bad life choices culminating in this one unfortunate moment.

It'd be tragic if it wasn't so moronic.

CHIMNEY: Why don't they just storm the roof?

It's not that high.

We can give 'em a ladder.

It's a tactic negotiators use to drag out the process in order to wear down the suspect.

Eventually, they hit a breaking point.

CHIMNEY: Or we do.

Ten bucks says he falls right off that roof.

says he makes a leap for the tree.

Come on, the guy's got at least one more bad life choice left in him.

BAHAMAS: ♪ I got all the time in the world ♪

TAYLOR: Reporting live, Taylor Kelly, Channel News.

- Jim, back to you.

- BRET: And we're clear.

So you went to apologize about the date.

And then Albert walks out of her bathroom in a towel.

He's sleeping with my ex-date/next-door neighbor.

- Wow.

- BUCK: Yeah.

- You have an apartment.

- (chuckles)

HEN: So Maddie really wants to have this baby at home?

CHIMNEY: "I was a nurse, you're a paramedic,"

- what could possibly go wrong?

- HEN: (chuckles)

Feels like a dispatcher should know the answer to that question.


♪ I had all the time in the world ♪


I really do like those flame-grilled burgers.

- With cheese.

- Sergeant!

Why are you taking lunch orders instead of arresting that man?

I'm sorry, Mr. Nowels.

Negotiators are running this scene.

Now, they think the food builds trust.

- Pizza delivery.

- ATHENA: Good Lord.

How much trust are we trying to build here?

Actually that's for us.

Why does everybody get to eat but me?

Baby, I'm hungry, too.

You want a slice?

BUCK: He's having s*x with a woman I dated.

That's gotta be a violation of the bro code, right?

- Bro code?

- Yeah.

You know, the unwritten rules of male friendship?

I don't think that's a real thing.

How do you know?

It's unwritten.

How long'd you date this woman?

minutes, maybe less.

We took dessert to go.

- (watch chimes)

- And I'm done.

Good luck.


EDDIE: (softly)

Jump, jump...

BOTH: (softly)

Jump, jump, jump, jump...

ALL: (softly)

Jump, jump, jump, jump.

Can't really ask him what he knows without revealing that there is, in fact, something to know.

Christopher's a smart kid.

He can see there's something different about you, so the less you say about it, the more he's gonna suspect.

Might need to rip off the Band-Aid and tell him before he figures it out on his own.

I just don't know what to say.

(Corey crying)

It's not just about Albert dating Veronica.


I really thought this was gonna be my year.

Started going to therapy, working on my issues with my parents.


I felt ready to meet someone.

Start a meaningful relationship.

I've met the people you work with.

Your life is nothing but meaningful relationships.

I don't know.

Doesn't seem the same.

You ever think maybe you just need to be patient, let the universe come to you?

I didn't think so.


- Real funny.

- TAYLOR: (chuckles)

Our parents always loved Barry more than me.

You know, I always wanted a dog.

Mom would never let me because Barry was allergic!

Life always goes his way!

When is it my turn to fly?

NEGOTIATOR: Corey, no!

(car alarm wailing)

Rest of y'all can get out of here too!

COREY: (groaning)

(door latch clicks)

BUCK: Hey.

It was my turn to buy groceries.

You've been spending so much time at Veronica's, I, uh, I thought I should do it.

I'm sorry.

I know things are awkward between us and I should've talked to you before I went out with her.

It just, uh, it's just been so lonely stuck in here not being able to hang out with people.

I could stop seeing her if you'd like.

No, um...

nah, it's all good.

As for the awkwardness, I just gotta work on it.

We can all work on it together.

Thursday night.

You should come to Veronica's for dinner.

- (quirky dramatic music) - Uh, wh-wh-what?

Oh, and don't worry.

You won't be a third wheel.

Veronica wants to patch things up too.

Yeah, I'm not a third...

I'm not a third wheel.

No, of course not.

I actually have someone I can bring.

ALBERT: That's great.

I didn't know you were seeing anyone new.

- She's not exactly new.

- (Phone line trilling)

Hey, uh, it's Buck.

What are you doing Thursday night?

- (indistinct chatter)

- (Alarm chimes)


, what's your emergency?

RUSS: Our car was broken into at Alameda and Sixth.

CINDY: I told you it wasn't safe to park here.

RUSS: I wasn't gonna pay for those lots.

- It's extortion! - Are you at the car now?

RUSS: I didn't even want to go downtown.

CINDY: Well, excuse me for having friends.

- Hello?

- RUSS: Yes, we're here.

- What?

- You called me.

- RUSS: I said I'm sorry.

- Did you?

Okay, you know what?

I need your names and a description of the car.

RUSS: Russ and Cindy Clark. Silver Audi.

Are you sending the police or not?

I've relayed the information and someone will get there when they can.

RUSS: When they can?

Are we supposed to just wait here?



I've had enough.

ATHENA: Maddie.


Athena, it is...

It's nice to see you.

Well, I just thought I'd swing by and have lunch with May before my shift.

That's great.

- Are you okay?

- Fine.


I just need a minute.

(soft dramatic music)

How are you feeling?

- Like a crazy person.

- ATHENA: (chuckles)

I mean, that is not the first caller I've yelled at today.

It's maybe the fifth.

No, sixth.

I also yelled at my mother on the phone this morning.

Mm, she probably had it coming to her.

- I know mine usually does.

- MADDIE: (chuckles)

She's just worried about me and the baby since we're considering a home birth.


I'm surprised, given your...

Please don't say my age.


You were a nurse.

Figured you'd be all-in for giving birth surrounded by all the medical bells and whistles.

When I got pregnant, even though it wasn't exactly planned,

- we were really excited.

- Mm.

I had this idea in my head how it was all gonna go.

Then everything changed.

Became about protocols and tests and masks.

No visitors at the hospital or even at home and I really tried to roll with it.

You know, to adjust.

- But at some point...

- ATHENA: Yeah.

The weight pulls you under.

Yeah, I guess a home birth was my way of trying to get back some control.


You know, she was the perfect pregnancy.

Barely had any morning sickness.

My mood swung from laughter to tears of happiness.

- I mean, it was amazing.

- MADDIE: Okay.

- Now I'm just jealous.

- Ah.

But the second pregnancy.


Total opposite.

I mean, we had been trying for years to get pregnant again and when we finally did...

(takes deep breath)

I was afraid that something was gonna go wrong.

Michael had just lost his father.

I was sick all the time.

It was not a joyous nine months.


when they placed that little boy on my chest, it felt the same.

And the leadup to how we got to that moment, it didn't matter.

He was as much a miracle to me as his sister had been, maybe even a little more, because it felt like I had to fight so hard to have him.

I really can't wait to meet her.

There's just a part of me that wishes I could keep her in here.

You know, till the world gets better out there.

Or maybe you'll find the world gets better once she's in it.


(peaceful music)

KAREN: (yelping and shouting)

That can't be good.


I'm sorry, I have to call you back.

- Whoa.

- (groaning)

I think I chopped it off.

- (groaning)

- Okay.

Carrot chopping and important conversations definitely don't go together.

- No, they definitely do not.

- KAREN: (groaning)

Okay, okay, okay, good news, good news.

Your finger's still attached.

Wait, okay.

Let me just grab some gauze.

- (shudders)

- Okay.

It's all right.

I just stocked this.

Where's all the tape and bandages?

NIA: There.

All better.



All better, Ms. Pig.

That is definitely your child.

- HEN: A little doctor.

- KAREN: (chuckles)

I don't know if I can handle two of you.

Nia, do you want to help me fix Mommy's finger?


We'll make it better, Mommy.



Grab your tools.

So wait, what important conversation?

Oh, the social worker.

She wants to come see us this weekend.

For what?

KAREN: Nia's been with us for almost a year now.

That's usually when they start to talk about permanent placement.


NIA: Come into my office, Mommy.

KAREN: Okay.


I see.

What's their address?

CALLER: They're at Kingston. The stupid thing has been blaring all hours day and night. Okay, my system shows several other calls about that address, but the alarm company never contacted us.

Someone there must be disarming it.

CALLER: Well, can you at least file a noise complaint or something? It's driving the whole block crazy.


Let me see what I can do.


Any available patrol unit, dispatch requesting welfare check at Kingston.

(alarm wailing)


Can I help you?

Mrs. Barber, we've gotten quite a few reports about your alarm system going off recently.

Let me go put in the damn code.

You mind if I take a look around while you're doing that?

Uh, sure.

Don't see why not.

(alarm wailing)

(alarm stops)

ATHENA: You folks doing some home improvements?

JANICE: We're trying to declutter.

ATHENA: And the tape?

Social distance practicing.

Record show two residents at this address.

You mind if I speak with your husband?


Sorry, uh, he's away on business.

- (alarm restarts wailing)

- (groans)

- May I?

- Oh, yeah.

(alarm wailing)

ATHENA: Well, it says the error's coming from the downstairs bedroom.

Why don't I go check that out for you?

I've dealt with these things before.

Oh, I'm sure you're super-busy.

I can always try calling the alarm company again.

Oh, no.

I don't mind at all.

Slow news day for my department.


Just, uh, don't mind the mess in there.

(suspenseful music)

(indistinct radio chatter)

(tense musical crescendo)


JANICE: Everything okay?

Thought I might find something I wouldn't like in there.

Only if you're a vegetarian like me.

My husband insisted we stock up on "rations."

Well, you are definitely well-rationed.

Is this a bedroom?

Guess it's really more of an office, technically.

I think I may have found what's wrong with your alarm.

- Oh.

- This contact has come loose.

Must be why it keeps triggering.


- (contact thumps)

- (Alarm wailing)

(light pounding on wall)

So tell me.

Where is your husband?

- BOBBY: I've got movement.

- JANICE: What?

- He's still alive?

- (Quirky dramatic music)

I mean great.

Why don't you start by telling me how exactly your husband got behind that wall?


Or at least soon-to-be.

Filed right before the pandemic.

But then the damn courts closed.

ATHENA: Then you and he were stuck under one roof?

JANICE: And he refused to leave.

He decided to start splitting up our assets.

Or more like seizing them.

Finally, I hit my breaking point.

- BUCK: I think I can see him.

- JANICE: I made him a tomb.

- Behind a wall?

- Yes.

BOBBY: Okay, can you give me your hand?

- You got him, Buck?

- BUCK: Yeah.

- BOBBY: You ready?

- BUCK: Yeah.

BOBBY: Set and reach.

(tense music)

BUCK: He's breathing but barely.

Only one side of his chest is rising.

(blood squelches)

Stab wound probably punctured a lung.

HEN: Looks like he lost a ton of blood, not to mention extreme dehydration.

I'm gonna run two lines wide open.

All right.

Let's get him stabilized and prepped for transport.

We all have a breaking point.

Yours is sending you to prison.

Get her out of here.

(car horns honking, sirens wail)

EDDIE: Looking good.

(soft dramatic music)

Hey, Gordon Ramsay, um...

something I want to talk to you about.

CHRISTOPHER: What's wrong?

Is the lettuce too big?



Lettuce is looking awesome.

Gonna be a killer salad.

The other day, you asked me about my friend.

It's a woman.

Oh, a girlfriend.


We've only gone on a couple dates, but...

hey, it's, uh, someone I like a lot.

Someone I think you might like too.


- Chris...

- No, I won't!

Okay, okay.

Let's talk about it.


I'm really mad at you.

- (door slams)

- (sighs)

(soft upbeat music)

SINGER: ♪ I wanna know ♪

♪ There will be someone else for you ♪

- Cocktail?

- Uh, thank you.

Sorry it's taking so long.

Should be ready soon.

Is your date still coming?

- (knock at door)

- That should be her.

I'll grab it.


Sorry I'm late.

Parking is nonexistent around here.

BUCK: It's all good.

Dinner's not ready yet.

Here, let me introduce you to everyone.

Who's everyone?


Taylor, this is Albert and Veronica.

ALBERT: Nice to meet you.

Buck has told me very little about you.

TAYLOR: Mm, but I have heard so much about the two of you, Albert and Veronica.

- (chuckles)

- VERONICA: Wait, I know you.

You're that reporter, Taylor Kelly.

I watched you all day during that standoff.

Great coverage.

Would you like a glass of wine?

Oh, why stop at a glass?

Uh, shall we?

When you invited me over, I thought it was just gonna be the two of us.

You know, some dinner.

Maybe some s*x.

Is this even your apartment?

No, but we could still do those things.

Not when you invite me on a weird double date with your roommate and a woman you couldn't even stomach through dessert.

(sighs softly)

VERONICA: Dinner's gonna be a few more minutes.

Figured we could do appetizers while we wait.

How long have you two been dating?

Oh, we're not really dating.

- (tense notes)

- We hang out on more of an...

as-needed basis.

Right, Buck?

Taylor and I have known each other a while.

We actually met at work.

I pulled her out of a crashed news helicopter.

- TAYLOR: Hmm.

- Saved her life.

That is heroic.

Well, that's just a regular date for Buck.


And we already know how you met Albert.

Buck can't stop talking about it.

Uh, I wouldn't...

I wouldn't say that.


I'm actually surprised you two didn't get along.

Buck can sometimes be intimidated by strong women.

He needs a good ego stroke every now and then.

Yeah, I don't do that.

It's not my thing.

(soft dramatic music)


You know what?

It's not mine, either.

- Ahh.

- (wine glass base clinks)

I'm sorry, guys.

I just remembered I have a story to prep for.

It was nice meeting you.

- (soft suspenseful music)

- (door opens)




Taylor, Taylor!

Wait up, wait up!


Look, it...

it's not what you think.

Oh, that you didn't really want to see me?

You just needed them to see you with me?

- (downbeat music) - God, you're so needy.

You just can't stand the idea of someone not liking you.

Not, that's...

I mean, hey, come on.

I'm very likable.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, okay?

Albert invited me over and I knew it was gonna be super-awkward and I didn't want to sit through that alone.

- So I phoned a friend.

- (chuckles and sniffles)

Oh, I wish that were true.

Because I could really use a friend these days.

But if this is how you treat your friends, you know, maybe the problem isn't Albert.

Maybe it's you.

He wouldn't even talk about it?

Total meltdown.

I'm letting him cool off before I try and talk to him again.

Maybe this is all too fast.

What do you mean?


ANA: Christopher's been through so much.

I don't want to cause him any more pain.

If we need to take a break, I'll understand.

- I...

- Hold on, hold on.

He and I can figure this out.

In the meantime, I don't want you going anywhere.

You got that?

I got it.

I'll, uh...

I'll talk to you later, okay?


(delicate piano music)




Look, buddy.

I know you're mad.


(tense music)





(phone ringing)

Buck, you gotta help me.

- Christopher...

- BUCK: Is here.

He used your phone to call an Uber.


All right, I'll be over there in a second.

BUCK: Yeah, all right.

(indistinct chatter on TV)



I heard about you blowing up at your dad.

I don't want to talk about it.

Well, you're here, so we gotta talk about something.

Come on, look.

You were there for me when I needed to talk so now I want to be here for you.

It's what friends do.


Dad's dating.

Yeah, that's gotta be weird for you, huh?

And maybe it feels like he's forgetting your mom, but Chris, I promise you...

I wish I could forget.

(soft dramatic music)

Uh, what?

People go away.

Not just Mom.

Abuelita, Carla, my friends.

They leave and then I miss them.

I don't want to miss anyone else.

Yeah, um...

yeah, people go away...

and it's sad and it hurts.

But, you know, not everyone goes away forever.

Sometimes they come back, and as much as we miss them, that's how happy we are to see them again.

Your grandma, your friends, Carla.

You're gonna see them all again.

- Do you promise?

- BUCK: I do.

And until that happens, you still got me.

'Cause I'm not going anywhere.


- Hey, Buck?

- Yeah, Buddy?

You're a good friend.



(pats Christopher's back)

Oh, hey, you're up.

Can you help me move this table?

I feel like we should use the dining room because the bedroom's gonna be harder to clean.

(soft dramatic music)

I can't.


Oh, you're right.

You know what?

Wake up, have some coffee.

This can wait.

No, I mean I can't do it, this...

having the baby here.

I know you feel like you need this and I want you to have what you need, but I need something too.


I need you not to die.


- I am not gonna die.

- You don't know that.

minutes, Maddie.

The nearest firehouse is / minutes away.

And then it's into the building and up to the third floor.

Even if they just load and go, it's another five minutes into the ambulance and three to the nearest hospital.

You timed it.

Do you know what can go wrong in minutes?

Because I do.

I see it every day.

We lose people in transit.

But I can carry that because that's the job.

But if something was to happen to you or her on my watch, I can't carry, that, Maddie.

That will be the thing that breaks me, so please...

- It's okay.

- No, it's not.

It's okay 'cause I'm not gonna do that to you.

I love you.

I'm not gonna put you through that.

I love you and this little girl.

(chuckles softly)

And okay, so if the first time that we see her is...

in a delivery room or a parking lot...


It's gonna be the best day of my life.

- Our lives.

- Exactly.


(breathes deeply)

Thank you.

TAYLOR: Yes, Jim.

It's a scene we hoped to not to see here in the Southland.

Hey, Taylor.

It's Buck.

I was really hoping at some point you might stop ducking my calls.

I think she's a little busy right now.

Earlier today, we spoke with a hospital official who talked about the very real possibility of having to ration care.

As I spoke with her, she started to...

(dramatic music)


Oh, no.


But as you can see, everyone is still working, still trying, hoping the tide is going to finally turn in a better direction.

Back to you.

BRET: We're clear.

You okay?

- Fine, thanks.

- You sure?

- Yeah, uh...

- (Tense notes)

Maybe you can find out what's happening over there.

I'm just gonna check my phone.

BRET: Taylor.

(phone ringing)

Hey, hey, listen.

I just...

I wanted to apologize.

TAYLOR: I don't need an apology, Buckley,

- I need a miracle.

- (sirens wailing)

(truck horn blasts)

Thanks for coming.

I didn't know who else to call.

BOBBY: Buck said the hospital freezer broke.

- When?

- Last night.

They have a data logger that shows 'em what time it happened, but nobody noticed

- until, like, minutes ago.

- How many vaccines were inside?

TAYLOR: Almost , vials.

They're calling around trying to get people to come in, but there's still doses that have been thawed all morning.

- How much time do we have?

- Two hours.

BOBBY: Okay.

Let's hit it.

ANT CLEMONS: ♪ There's a light at the end of the tunnel ♪

♪ Keep your eyes on the road ahead ♪

♪ If you're feeling lost in the night ♪

- (radio chatter)

- ♪ It's okay to cry ♪

♪ Just as long as you hold your head ♪

EDDIE: All right, here you go.

HEN: Hey, Eddie, I need you to take a station.

Command says they can't spare any more paramedics.

Yeah, just tell me what to do.

HEN: All right, that's ready to go.

♪ Better's ahead ♪

I'm heading to the nursing home on Fifth.

I'm going to the clinic on Adams.

- I'll see you back here after.

- (Siren whoops)

ANT: ♪ Better's ahead ♪

♪ Better's ahead ♪

♪ Better days coming ♪

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: ♪ You gon' see ♪

♪ There's a light at the end of the tunnel ♪

HEN: Just a little pinch.

JUSTIN: ♪ Keep your eyes on the road ahead ♪

- EDDIE: All done.

- (indistinct chatter)

JUSTIN: ♪ It's okay to cry ♪

EDDIE: You good?

All right.

JUSTIN: ♪ 'Cause we're on our way to better ♪


JUSTIN: ♪ Better's ahead ♪

HEN: All right, you sure you're ready for this?

Been waiting for months.

JUSTIN: ♪ It gets worse 'fore it gets better ♪

Thanks, Jim.

Back to you.

- BRET: And we're clear.

- (sighs)

Distributed them all.

Not a single dose is gonna go to waste.

Thank God.

I really needed a feel-good story today.

I mean, standing out here documenting everyone's tragedy?

Not being able to do anything?

It's been hard.

Well, today, you did something.

- (chuckles)

- Something really good.

I made a phone call.

I called you looking for a miracle and you gave me one.

Even after I said terrible things.


'Cause that's how you treat a friend.


Thank you.

ANT & JUSTIN: ♪ Better days ♪

♪ Better days, better days ♪

♪ On their way ♪


JUSTIN: ♪ I know ♪

ANT: ♪ Better days, better days ♪

♪ Better days are coming ♪


Hey, Christopher.

(soft dramatic music)


MADDIE: I love you.

- Ditto.

- Yeah?



I'll just keep it right there.

- It's so cute.

- (chuckles)

Uh, hey.

You're home early.

I, uh, broke up with Veronica.

She did not approve of my friends.


Thai food?

So you're glad to see Ana.

- Yeah, but, Dad.

- What?

- She's a really hard grader.

- (chuckles)

Maybe she'll grade me on a curve.

CHRISTOPHER Ana, I have popcorn!


You'll never believe what I found at the hospital gift store.


Deidra, hi.


I'm sorry, I completely forgot that you were coming.

Work has just...

Is something wrong?

(soft downbeat music) (sighs)

As you know, our office has been working with Nia's birth mother helping her prepare for reunification.

She's been doing well, meeting all the requirements and we think it's time to start the reunification process.

What are you talking about?

We have to give Nia back.