Last Leprechaun, The (1998)

(gentle wind instrument music)



- Cold and ice on a moonlit night bring forth thy power, bring forth thy might.

Bring forth thy power bring forth thy might.

Ice and cold on a moonlit night bring forth thy power bring forth thy might.

Mix and bind.


Mix and bind.

Life I gift, life I pledge, life I gift, life I pledge, life I gift, life I pledge.

Life I gift, life I pledge, life I gift.

Take this freely given to restore the power.

Come, cold one.

I command thee.




(dramatic music)

- Who, who dares to call on banshee power?

- I did.

- Then complete the spell.

Give me a shape to take.


Free me, give me a body.

- I don't have one, I didn't know.


- Simpson, are you down here?


Simpson we have guests.

- Give me a body!


- Take her.

(crying out)




- 5,000 years with no form and now I am free, free!


And you human, what would you have me do?

- Obey me.

- I think not, I have work to do.

5,000 years I have waited and watched and learned.

- But I freed you.

- Silence!

Or your reward will be death and not the riches you crave.

Find me a man, a rich man.

A man with influence and power.

A man who will help me with this abomination you call science.

What we cannot defeat, turn against you and that will be your reward, human.


(dramatic music)


(alarm dinging)


(water splashing)


(water splashing)


- Well, well that's it, that's it.

I'm not getting up next spring if I can't find something else to wake me up.

Pesky rabbits, they're as bad as the squirrels.

No help at all.

How come it's always me that gets wet and never you?

Well I'll tell you for why.

'Cause you're too damn smart for you own good that's why.

Pesky rabbits.

(soft wind instrument music)

Well it's about time you found your own place.

Well I don't know why you like living here you've got your own burrows.


Where's all that dust coming from?

You were supposed to keep the place clean, that's the deal, food and lodging for a little housekeeping.

(teapot whistling)


Never let it be said old Finn McCool takes anything for nothing or gives anything for nothing either.

Oh I hate water.

Water and little people don't mix, never have and never will.

(roof rumbling)

(animal squeaking)


(tractor banging)

Couldn't believe it.

Oh no.

I can't believe it!

Where's my forests gone?

Saint Patrick preserve us.

(tree creaking)


(saw buzzing)

Where have all these people come from?

Oh, and me lovely trees, just logs now.

(tractor humming)

(gentle instrumental music)

Well I don't get it.

Nobody bothers to wake me up.

They let me sleep.

Half me forest gone, nobody says a word.

Unbelievable, unbelievable.

Oh, oh, those pesky rabbits.

Unreliable, always have been.

You see they don't live in trees, so they don't care.

Well, I'll bet getting to the bottom of this.

Believe me, they'll rule the day they crossed Finn Regan McCool.

(soft instrumental music)

Oh oh, why's it so bloomin' cold?

(lively instrumental music)

(crank squeaking)

Rig this up.


Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

Ahh, ahh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh, oh, oh, oh.



(chickens squawking)

(rooster crowing)


When will they stop movin' things?

- Go in there, come on, let's go.

We aint' got time, come on.


Come on, come on, you know we have to go.

We've been there a thousand times before.

Come on.

That's a good girl, good girl, come on.

Get, get, come on.

Get in here, come on.

Move away, right.

All right, Getta, now wait for me.

(upbeat instrumental music)

(Finn chuckling)

(chicken squawking)

(Finn humming)

- Oh, oh!







(gold tinkling)


(energetic music)



- Morning, Mary.

- You're finished early, this mornin'.

- Oh, the first of the month.

Don't wanna hang around the dairy too long today.

- Oh, Ned, you superstitious old goat.

Do you think the little people have time to waste on you?

- Show a little respect for the old ways.

That's what I say.

You know, if you don't mess with the little people, they won't mess with you.

- (laughing)

Really, Ned.

- Ooh, cake, is it?

All ready for the young visitors, then?

- As I'll ever be.

It'll be good to have kids about the place.

Would you care to be my taster?

- Oh, well don't mind if I do.

- I baked it fresh this mornin'.

- [Ned] Oh, chocolate, me favorite.

- Now, there's a surprise.

- Hey, oh ho ho, this is good.

Mm, delicious.

You've outdone yourself this time, Mary.

You know, it must be awful tough to be this Barridge fella.

- [Mary] Tough?

I think Barridge can do just about what he pleases in the world.

How tough can that be?

- [Ned] Well pretty tough, I reckon.

You know, being a multimillionaire has it's fair share of problems and worries too, I imagine.

- [Mary] (laughing)

I wouldn't mind having his worries if I had all his money.


- [Ned] Well since his wife died, he never spends any time in America.

- [Mary] Oh?

- [Ned] He has houses everywhere, but doesn't enjoy them.

He's always flying around the world attending to his businesses.

- [Mary] How sad.

He probably never sees his poor kids.

Hopefully they can be together here.

- [Ned] You know, money's not everything.

There's other things just as important.

- Mr. Simpson, good morning.

- Ms.


- Morning, Mr. Simpson.

- Tea, Mr. Simpson?

- You've gone to a lot of trouble, Mary.

I hope the Barridge children will appreciate it.

- I'm sure they will.

I've never known a kid yet who can resist me jam tarts.

- We don't want to spoil them.

(soft instrumental music)


- Well if you don't spoil 'em, no one else around here's going to, that's for sure.

- [Mary] Ms. Duvann's really excited about them coming.

- Why?

That's what I want to know.

She never was much for men, now she's for marrying.

Can't get around in those crazy clothes.

And now she's not the same as she was.

- [Mary] Oh, Ned, you're such a stick in the mud.

If you had your way, nothing would ever change.

- [Ned] (laughing)

You know, sometimes change is not everything it's made out to be, Mary.

- [Mary] Ned, I'm sure Ms. Duvann will make Mr. Barridge very happy.

- Heh, maybe you're right.

- [Mary] He needs a wife and mother for his children, and they'll have a stable home life.

- [Ned] Mr. Barridge is still a young man, and a good catch, to boot.

Anyhow, time I was gettin' back to work.

Some of us have to earn a living here.

Right, thanks for the tea.

- Pleasure.



Ned, you old rogue.

I won't fall for that one.

(water trickling)

(Finn humming)

- Oh, oh!

(dramatic music)




- Where'd he come from?

- He's awfully small.

- Maybe he's one of the little people.

- A leprechaun?



- Creepy.

I've got a bad feeling.

I don't like the look of this.

I wanna go home.

- We have to give it a try, Tommy.

We promised Dad.

- But I don't want a new mother.

(suspenseful music)

(horn honking)

What a dump!

It's horrible.

- Shh!

- Darlings!

Welcome, darlings.

We're going to have the whole holiday just to get to know each other, isn't that marvelous?

- Yes.

(Laura laughing)

- Simpson, the bags.

When I saw your father's photograph in Business Weekly, I knew we were destined for one another.

Come along, come along, don't dawdle.

I've got a lovely room all ready.

- [Mary] Hello.

- Oh, yes, this is Mary, the cook.

- Hi Mary, my name is Ethel and this is my brother, Tommy.

- Don't the two of you look grand, to be sure.

I have a lovely tea all ready, and lots of ideas of games and things when you've had a chance to settle in.

- Oh, that'd be wonderful, thank you.

- Yes, quite.

Why don't you run back to the kitchen, Mary dear, I'm sure you've got lots to do.

- Excuse us.

Come on, Tommy.


- She is so weird.

- That hat, I wouldn't be seen dead in that hat.



- Dad said this was a real mansion, but it's just a dump.

- Just like her, all on being grand.

- And a twig short of a full nest.

- Now darling, don't be so cruel.

- [Tommy] Just like her.


- Tea is being served.

- I hope that means food.

I'm starving.

Did you see his face?


(lively instrumental music)

(Finn chuckling)

- Cut down my trees, would ya.

I'll show ya.


(bird cawing)

I'll show ya.

Do not mess with me.

- Start her up.

(engine cranking)


(men shouting)

Who did this?




(Finn chuckling)

(lively instrumental music)

(Finn humming)

(men speaking simultaneously)

- Someone's really been muckin' about.

(Finn blowing through lips)

- What is going on here?

- Someone sabotaged.

- What?

Get these things moving!

- I'm sorry, Ma'am, I can't, not this side of a week.

- A week?

A week.

Are you telling me there won't be any trees cut down the whole week?

- I'm sorry, Ma'am, but these tires are special, you know, big.

We can't just go anywhere for them.

- Well, what about the spares?

- Well we have one spare per tractor in most cases, but all the tires are ruined.

- No!



I want you to find out who did it.

I want you to find out, and tell me.

And get these vehicles fixed!



Come along!


- (gasping)

Wow, gold!

Ethel, look what I found.

- No, no, that's mine!

That's not right.

Thief, thief!

(engine igniting)

- Idiots.

- What a beautiful forest, Ms. Duvann.

The trees must be very old.

- They are just trees, you silly girl.

Dirty, bug-ridden monsters.

Darling, you know what I mean.


Now, please, please, you must call me Laura, hm?

Because in just a few months, your daddy and I are going to be married.

Won't that be wonderful?


And you, Tommy, we mustn't forget you, must we?

Now, sit up straight, don't slouch.

It's not good to slouch.

(cat meowing)





(gold tinkling)

- You know, I don't like it here.

I don't like Laura, or this house, or anything about it.

And Dad can't marry her, I won't let him.

- Don't be silly, Tommy.

It doesn't work like that, and you know it.

Look, we've only been here for two days.

She must be nice, or Dad wouldn't wanna marry her.

- Maybe Dad is sick or something.

And she keeps pinching me.

- There's no need to throw a tantrum.

- I'm not throwing a tantrum.

- Oh really?


(Finn shrieking)

(children gasping)

- What was that?

(Finn screaming)



- Help, help, I can't swim!

- He needs help!

- Help!

Help, I can't swim!

- He's coming, Tommy's coming.

- Hang on, I'm coming.

- Oh no.

- I'm here, give me your hand.

- Tommy!

- Come on, stop struggling.

- Grab the other arm, well, pull harder.

- Come on, grab hold of the side.

- Careful, you don't tear me coat.

You've got to grab me.


- Oh no!


Tommy, are you all right?

- Well he's fine.

It's me own good self that needed some help.

Damn fool kids.

- Sorry!

- Sorry?

Would that be all you've got to say for yourself?


(fire crackling)

- Quick!

- [Simpson] Tea, Madame.

- Thank you, Simpson.

(dishes clinking)

- Is your room nice and, (groaning)



(lively instrumental music)



- Nobody must know you're here.

That'll take care of him.



- Ah, thank you.

- Thank you, for almost killing me.

- Oh, don't start that again.

What the devil were you doing on the ledge in the first place?

- I love children, but I couldn't (mumbles)

- What?

What did you say?

- Tommy.

- Well, all he ever does is complain.

- Hey, you stole me gold.

- I did not, I found it.

- You took it, and it wasn't yours.

You stole it.

- Oh, stop it, both of you.

This is getting us nowhere.

Tommy, give him back his gold.

- No, how do we know it's his?

- Because I said it was.

- And we're supposed to believe you?

- I'll have you know that Fearless Finn McCool has never told a lie in his whole life.

- Fearless?



Help, help, I can't swim.

- I'll show ya fearless.



(children laughing)

- Are you all right?


I didn't steal it.

- And I suppose you saved me life, so I'm a little beholden.

- I don't think we want you to be beholden.

Can't we just be friends?

We never met a leprechaun before.

- But you're not supposed to meet a leprechaun, now are ya?

Pity you keep getting me wet, now, don't ya?

I can't go invisible when I'm wet, now, can I?

- How many of you are there?

- Me, wouldn't you know it, Fearless Finn McCool, last king of the leprechauns, at your service.

- (laughing)


Well if I'm the last one, that'd mean I'd have to be the king now wouldn't it, little smarty pants?

- Aren't you lonely?

- Oh, no, no, no, no.

I've got lots of friends.

- So what happened to the others?

- They ran after gold.

- So?

- Well don't you know nothin', boy?

It's the weight of the gold in his pockets that makes us the little people.

- So what happens when you haven't got any gold in your pockets?

- Well, we grow, obviously.

- [Tommy] How big?

- Well, big.

- I mean, how big?

- Well, giant size, so big that we pop.


And then we're gone, pop!

(children groaning)

- That's gross!

Uh, uh!

Uh, yuck.

(clock ticking)

(eerie wind instrument music)

- Those children are up to something.

- Didn't you ever play, Simpson?

Is that why you took refuge in magic?

Lonely little boy seeking out power instead of friends.

- Don't mock me, banshee.

It was my power that brought you here.

- No, Simpson.

You have no power.

Power is an essence.

It is what we are, or are not.

All you have is magic, magic makes you more powerful, but you are not power.

- And you are?

- Yes, I am.

- Then why are we messing about with all these stupid marriage plans?

Why this stupid business deal with Henry Barridge?

Why don't you just go ahead and do exactly what you want to do?

- Hmm, because power has its limits, Simpson.

The marriage is a diversion.

I chose Henry Barridge because I need him.

He will make me more powerful still.

- How?

- You'll see.

The well of power under this house is awfully small, don't ya think?

(suspenseful string music)

(clock ticking)

(clock chiming)


- Holy hop nails.

- Shh!

Come on, quick, this way!

- I wish I'd gone back out the window.

- Don't be silly.

You've already been out the window once today.

- What if someone sees us?

- They won't, they're all getting ready for dinner.

- Quick, this way!

(eerie music)

(wind howling)

- Banshee.

Heaven preserve us.

- She's a witch?

My stepmother's a witch!

- She's a water spirit, she's not a witch.

- Like I care what kinda spirit she is.

- Any minute now I'm going to wake up.

- We're awake.

- We have to warn Daddy!

- I think we better be getting out of here.

- I knew something was wrong.

(Simpson throat clearing)

(children gasping)


- What are you doing here?

- Aren't we being a little rude, sneaking around my house?

- We were hungry.

- Hmm?

- Poor little dears.



- [Tommy] Come on!

(Laura screaming)

- Stop them!

Or they'll ruin everything!



- Mary, she's after us!

She's a witch!

- She is Mary, we saw her!

She has blue hair and yellow eyes.


(Laura shrieking and groaning)

- What's wrong?

What's happening?

- I don't know.

- Well, are they sick?

They could get hurt.

(suspenseful music)






(Laura groaning)


- Over here.

- What are we going to do?

- I don't know.

- Where's Finn?

- Listen.

- [Tommy] They're coming!

This way.

- Ah ha.

- [Tommy] Here.

- You try over there.

I'll try the barn.

(rooster crowing)

(cow mooing)

(children gasping)

- Oh, yuck.



(suspenseful music)


- Ethel, Tommy.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Come out dears, there's good children, before I get angry.

Believe me, you won't like me when I'm angry.

This is your last chance.

(Finn chuckling)

(Laura shrieking)


- Run, quick!




Hurry, quick!

- Get moving!

Ah, you're useless!

(indistinct shouting)

(Laura wailing)




(Laura laughing)

- Ah well, well.

What a shame, the dear little kiddies have no where to run.

- Stay away from us.

- (laughing)

Or what?

- Or I'll tell Daddy.

- I'll tell Daddy.

Well he's not here, though, is he?

There's only me, and Simpson.

So why don't you be nice, little children, and come to mommy Laura?

Come on, come to me.

- Look out!

(Finn chuckling)



- Yuck Go!

- Gotcha.

- Let us go!


Get off, let go.

- Let go!

- Someone wants a word with you.

- I am going to boil you alive, pluck your eyes out, and fry them as eggs, pick your bones clean, and feed them to the pigs.

I hate children!

- Laura, hello?


- Daddy!

- Daddy!

- She's after us, she's going to get us.

- She's a witch, Dad.

She's gonna boil us alive and throw us to the pigs.

- Laura, what on earth is going on here?

- Henry, thank God you've arrived.

- Stay away.

- No, Daddy, she's a witch.

- Stop it.

- Keep away.

- I said stop it.

- She's a witch, Dad.

She's going to boil us alive and throw us to the pigs!

- I said stop it, enough!

- Henry, thank goodness you're here.

- Help, Daddy!

- I just don't know what to do.


- That is enough!

- I thought we were getting along so well.

Oh, but they've just been behaving so beastly.

They called me a witch, and they attacked me.

- That's not true.

- Ethel.

- Well it isn't.

- Go to your rooms.

- But-- - Both of you!

I don't understand this.

- I'll see they get cleaned up for dinner.

- Thank you.

(soft instrumental music)

- Don't be too hard on them, Henry dear.

I'm sure that once they get to know me things will be fine.


- It's okay.

- They're just, they're really just such lovely children.

I could just eat them all up.


(Laura whimpering)

- Why won't anyone believe us?

- Stop it, Tommy, you're imagining things.

- Well, if he loved us, he'd believe us.

- Your father thinks the world of you.

- He doesn't show it.

Sometimes, sometimes I think he wishes we died in the car instead of Mommy.

- Ethel.

Ethel, don't say that.

I know it doesn't look like it, but in his heart, your father truly loves you, believe me.

It's just that he finds it hard to show his feelings, that's all.

- He can hug us sometimes, like he used to.

That's not hard, not hard at all.

And we can be together, like we were with Mama.


- Ready for dinner?

I must say, you look a lot cleaner than you did earlier.

- They'll be down in a minute.

I'd better get back to the kitchen.


- Henry.

Please, call me Henry.

- Dad.

- Yes?

- You've got to believe us, Laura's a witch.

- Enough.

I've had enough nonsense for one day.

Now Laura is a fine woman.

Look, let's just try to have a nice dinner, okay?

Tommy, Ethel, please.

- What are we going to do?

(suspenseful music)

- Laura?

- Down here, darling.





- Laura?

- Yes, darling.


- Is everything okay?

- Yes, yes, fine.


- Yes, I think I could use one, thank you.

Thank you.


- Another headache?

- Yes, I'm afraid so.

- Let me.

- This is very good.

- Mmm.


How are the little dears?

All cleaned up?

- Yes.

- What is it?

- It feels so much better when you do this.

I'm sorry about the kids.

I don't know what's gotten into them.

- Oh, well, they'll be perfectly all right once we're married.

We'll send them to good schools, find a nanny.

Don't worry, darling.

- You look so lovely.

- It's the drink talking.

- No, not, I mean it.

You look beautiful.

- You say the nicest things, Henry.

- You know, it's probably all my fault.

If I was just to pay a little bit more attention to them.

- Oh, for goodness sake, can we forget about the children?

Just for now, dear.

- Okay.

You're so kind.

You're so generous.

And you're so, so lovely.

- Oh, let's not overdo it, Henry.

Mm, children.

- Oh, there you are.

- Tommy and I would like to apologize for what happened today.

May we please start again?

- I, of course, dear.

- Well, I must say, I'm proud of you.

Yes, I am.

I'm proud of the both of you.

Well, come, come, let's sit down.

(eyes crackling)

Laura, you're here.

Well, this is just like one big, happy family.

I think this calls for a toast.

Don't you?

To us, and to our futures.

- To that.



- What are you doing?


Thomas, you idiot.

(Laura crackling)


- It was an accident, Ms. Duvann.

I'm sure he didn't mean it.

- All right, thank you.

Henry, sit.

Accidents happen.

Shall we eat?

Thank you, Simpson.

- Your father and I were discussing where we should live.

We thought here would be perfect.

- But what about school?

- What about our friends?

- We'll find both of you new ones, somewhere bracing and healthy for you, Tommy.


And, a girls' college for you, Ethel.

Won't that be nice?

- But we wanna be with Daddy.

- Well, that's not gonna be possible, darling.

There are no schools around here.

- We want to be with each other.

- I don't know.

All the best schools are single-sex, you know.

And we do want the best for your darlings, don't we?

- And you'll meet and make new friends, darling.

- It'll be an adventure.

- Oh!


(Laura screaming)




- Henry!

Sit down.

- Yes, dear.

- If you carry on with dinner, I shall rejoin you after I've changed.

I hate vegetable soup.

- Fiddlesticks.


- Yeah!

(lively music)

- Just desert for me, I think, Simpson.

Thank you, Mary.

Ah, why don't you serve Henry first, Simpson?

He loves trifle.

- No he doesn't, he hates trifle.

- No he doesn't.

- Yes he does.

- No, I, no I don't.

I do, I don't.

Let's, I just don't like it very much, that's all.

- Ethel, you'll have some, won't you darling?

I do love trifle.

Nevertheless, why don't you serve Tommy first, Simpson?

- [Ethel] Look out!


- Thomas, you idiot!


(Laura laughing)

(lively music)

- This isn't going to be easy.

- She hasn't seen nothing yet.

(Tommy grunting)

- Oh, yuck.

(energetic instrumental music)

- Not with Fearless Finn Regan McCool.


(lights buzzing)


- [Man] I got him!

I got him, the lights are on him.

- Get after him.

- Cut him off!

- [Man] Spread out, go left, go that way.

Oh, get out of my way.

Don't let him pass.

- You see anything?

- No.

There's no one here.

Maybe it was a fox.

- Maybe.

The photos will tell us for sure.

Re-rig the wire, and check the cameras.

- Take a look along the fence.

- A leprechaun!

Do you know what this means?

Do you?


It means gold!

Leprechaun gold.

- I'm begging your pardon, Ma'am, and I know he's small and all, but that's no leprechaun.

There's no such thing.

- Of course there's no such thing.

It's a joke.

A joke, a joke, a joke, get it?

Whoever he is, he lives in the woods.

Find him.

I want him.

- Yes, Ma'am.

- Use dogs.

And hoses.

- Hoses.

Yes, Ma'am.


- Is something wrong?

- Oh, quite the contrary.

Everything's just perfect.

Shall we greet our guests?

- Of course.

(car doors slamming)

- Sam.

- Hello Henry.

- So nice to see you.

- Pleasure.

- My fiancee, Laura, Sam.

- How are you?

- Shall we?

- What's going on?

- I don't know.

Let's go ask Mary.

- How are you?

- Hello there.

(all speaking simultaneously)

- Who are these people?

- Oh, Ms. Duvann and your father have a big meeting planned.

- What about?

- Lord knows.

Come on, sit down, I'll get you some breakfast.

- Mary.

- Sir?

- All the guests are here.

Good morning.

- Good mornin'.

- You can serve.

You can serve the coffee whenever you're ready.

- Yes sir.

You know, you should be pleased that your father's found someone.

He deserves to be happy too, doesn't he?

- No, you don't understand.

- Try me.

- She doesn't make him happy.

How can she?

She's a wi-- - We, we never get to see Dad anymore because he's always with Laura.

- Have you talked to him?

- We tried.

- And?

- Well...

- He doesn't listen.

No, it's true.

And, it just got worse when Laura came in.

Now he's being angry all the time, and won't listen.

- He gets all bad headaches, and he gets mean.

- Well, maybe I'll try and persuade him to see a doctor, hm?

- Thank you.

- Okay.

I'm not hungry, thank you.

- Nor I.

- Please.

- Hello.

Ah, thank you, my dear.

- It's an interesting plan, Henry, and if anyone can afford it, you can.

- Well, it's good for business, Sam, and if it's good for business, it's good for Ireland.

- I wonder what she wants with Dad.

That's what I don't understand.

- I don't know.

What does any banshee want?

Well, Dad has tons of money.

- It's got to be more than that.

I wonder what they're doing downstairs.

- Shhh.

(muffled voices speaking simultaneously)

(suspenseful music)

They're right below us.

- What?


(both gasping)

- What'd you do?

- I pressed a button.

I guess it operates it.

(sharp inhaling)

I got an idea!

- [Henry] Gentlemen, can I have your attention please.

I think we all know one another well enough, so I'll dispense with the formalities.

- Come on.

- And proceed directly to the business at hand.

I know that the environmental lobby is going to scream once they take a look at our proposal, but sometimes, gentlemen, you have to break a few eggs to make a cake, or just starve.

So let me assure you that Laura's proposal is for the benefit of everyone, everyone including the environment, Kim.

There will be no expense spared looking out for the welfare of the animals, our precious natural resources, that being the lake and the forest and also for the surrounding villages.

- I can't see.

- Shh!

- As you all know, the cost of this project well exceeds government funding, so, I will personally guarantee all expenses above and beyond the 20 million dollars that has been allocated.

In other words, gentlemen, Barridge Industries Will fill the shortfall.

- Could we have that in writing?

- If you look at your brochure on page one, Kim, you'll see that I've already done so.

- [Man] And what about the land?

- The land?

75% of the land required for this project is owned by Laura, and has been in her family for generations, which she so graciously has donated.


- Thank you.

- [Henry] Gentlemen.

(children gasping)

Laura's dream for Ireland's future.

- [Man] Oh, wonderful.

(all murmuring simultaneously)

- [Man] I think it's wonderful.

- Impressive.

- [Man] It certainly is.

- We're guaranteed to supply power to half of Ireland within five years.

Water power, gentlemen, pure, clear, water.

We're going to build a huge wealth of power.

- [Man] What's going on here?

- Are you, are you okay?

- Sorry, yes, just enthusiastic.

- Of course.

- But you're floodin' this whole valley.

There's no way you can justify this environmentally, Mr. Barridge, not even with all the weight you can throw behind it.

- Mr. Barridge has already justified it to all those who matter, Mr. Kim.

- Well to be perfectly honest, I'm not happy.

- Well, to be perfectly honest with you, Kim, I don't care if a few deer get killed or a few hundred rabbits drown in their burrows or we lose a few precious acres of our endangered forest.

If we're ever to build an industrial base in this country, we have to execute these plans as they are.

We need-- - Come on.

- Where are you going?

- Come on.

- Besides, it's part of Laura's dream.

- I can't believe he said that.

It's her, she's making him, she must be.

She's evil, Ethel, Finn said so.

- We've got to warn him.

- No way.

- Tommy.

- He ran out on us.

- No he didn't, he was just invisible.

Who else tipped the flour in the barn?

Do you know how to fight a banshee?

Do you?


Come on, then.

(passageway door banging)

(suspenseful music)

Come on, quick.

Come on!

- But...


Are you crazy?

What if she comes?

- She won't.

- How do you know?

- I just do.

She's got other things on her mind.

Ice, no wonder it's so cold upstairs.

- Wow, what a weird place.




(water trickling)



- Shh!

Let's get outta here.

We've got to get out of here before someone sees us.

- [Tommy] Ethel, slow down, wait for me.


- Come on.

- Wait.

- What?

- I have an idea.

- What are you doing?


- Thanks.

- Come on.

- Are you gonna boil that?

- I might.

- (laughs)

I thought ya might.

(Mary laughing)

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Ah, mornin'.

Pots and pots of money doesn't buy love, I reckon.

Well, I can't sit here admiring the scenery.

- I'm sorry, but you're going to have to try to use your imagination on this one.

- Oh, I can't do that.

I understand exactly what's happening here.

I won't have anything to do with it.

- She couldn't do this without you, Henry, but I have to say, I'm surprised.

I don't know what sort of spell she's put you under, but I'm afraid I can't go along with it, I'm sorry.

- Well I'm afraid you're going to have to.


I hold your markets.


- You've changed, Henry Barridge, and not for the better.

- Hmm.

- Hello, kitty cat.

(Laura laughing)

I think I hurt his feelings.

- Don't worry about it, darling.

He's not important.

I'm going to fix something for that headache of yours and you can get some rest while I take care of business down at the logging camp.

- Oh good, those drinks seem to help.

(engine humming)

(somber instrumental music)

- This is going to be my best day ever!


I can feel it.

Oh yes!

(dogs barking)

- Come on lads, come on lads.

- Move it up, Ben.

Find that lad.

- Finn!

- Finn!

- Where are you, Finn?

- Finn, where are you?

We have something important to say.


- Shh.

- [Man] Keep going.

Spread out.

Try that side.

- This way.

(shouting drowned out by dogs barking)

- Faster, we must warn Finn.

- Keep together.



- Tommy, are you all right?

- [Tommy] Yes.

(sprayers hissing)

- [Man] Here, here.

Come on down.

- (gasping)

They're hoses, Tommy.

They're looking for Finn, they must be!

We have to find him.

- But we don't know where he lives.

- Over there!

- There they are.

- Follow the kids.

(dogs barking)

(suspenseful music)


Don't let them get away.

Run, everyone.

(birds squawking)

Follow those kids.

Don't lose them!


- Finn, Finn!

- This way, quick.

- There they are!

Get them.

- Quick, quick.

What did you do, what did you do?

- We didn't do anything, Finn.

We came to warn you about the dam, but the men were in the forest with hoses.

She knows about ya, Finn, she knows you're a leprechaun.

- Dam, what dam?

- She's building a dam to flood the whole valley.

- (whimpering)


She wouldn't dare seek that much power.

- She's doing it.

- And Dad's helping her, Fin, Dad's helping her.

- Of course he's helping again.

Stronger men than your father have fallen under the banshee spell.

- What should we do?

- We'll have to hope he loves you enough.

- But he doesn't love us, he loves her.

- Quick!

- Down this way.

- [Man] Hurry!

- You've got to get out of here.

- No, noo.

- What do you need?

- What is this?

- Over here!

- Must be inside.

- They're here!


Open up.

- Shoot.

It's too late, they're here.

- Do you have a back door?

- Well...

- Break it down.

- Okay, where is it?

Come on!

- This way, back door, this way.

- Quick, hurry.

- Quick, quick, down the hole.

Me gold, I need me gold.

- It's too late, go, keep going.

- [Ethel] Come on!

- Where is the little rat?

- Look under the bed.

- [Man] There's gotta be a back door.

Somebody go around the back.

There's nothing under the bed.

- Just keep looking.

- Keep looking.

(children grunting)

- Mm, the golden goose has flown.

What a shame.

- I think I found something.


- Leave it alone.

The gold is mine.

(Laura squealing)


(Laura shrieking)

Give it to me.


Do you give it to me freely?

- Yes.

- [Laura] Yes!

(lively instrumental music)

- Oh, what?

- I'm stuck, I'm stuck.

- Hurry up!


- You're too fat.

- I'm not too fat.

I'm too poor, she's taken all me gold.

Now help me up.


- She's got your gold?

Oh no.

- Oh no!

- So, how long before you, splat?

No, I mean, pop.

- I don't know.

- You don't know?

- Well it's never happened to me before.

I don't know.

- So, how much gold do you have left?

- Not much.


- Finn!

- Oh, oh Finn.

- Yes.


Real power.

Earth power!


- There's a gold in the dairy, for the milk.

I leave it, but hide it.

Maybe they haven't found it.

- You leave it, but you hide it?

You pay, but you don't?

- Would you be after making a fine point of it?

Are you going to help me, boy?

- [Man] I can see daylight.

(children gasping)

- Quick!

You can find Finn's gold from the dairy.

We'll go find Dad, go!

Hurry Finn, that way.

Quick, come on!

- Wait, wait, wait.

- I'm stuck.

Hey, help!

I'm stuck.

(chickens squawking)

(cows mooing)

- Go on, go on.


- Men.

(soft instrumental music)

- Tricky old cobbler.



The cows.

Darn it.

- Are you looking for somethin'?

- [Mary] Well if you won't listen to me, see a doctor about those headaches.

- I don't need your advice about my headaches.

- I am talking about your children, you're breaking their hearts-- - And I certainly don't need your advice about my children.

- You're unbelievable.

- Whatever it is, they will get over it.

- Oh will they, now?

- Besides, who are you to give me advice?

You are nothing.

You are a nobody, you are nothing but common hired help, and you...


I'm sorry.

- Just leave me alone.

- Mary, I'm really sorry.

I am sorry.

(somber instrumental music)



- Get down, get down.

- I don't know who I am anymore, I don't know what I'm saying.

- You need help.

- I didn't mean what I said, Mary.

I love, I love my children.

I love them so much that sometimes it hurts.

I don't wanna lose them.

- Well, tell them.

Work it out between them and Ms. Duvann.

- They won't understand.

They won't understand.

- Well make them understand.

Just, just tell them that you love them.


- Ethel?

Ethel is not even her real name, you know.

Emma is her given name, but her mom called her Ethel even before she was born.

I never knew why.

And after her mom passed away, well, it just kinda stuck.

(footsteps clacking)

- [Laura] Mary, and Henry.

- Laura, we need to talk about the kids.

- The kids?

- Yeah.

- Mm, not now, darling.

Simply golden opportunity.

- No, now is a very good time.

- I see.

I feel a conspiracy coming on.

- Don't be ridiculous.

- (laughing)


Well, I can see what he sees in you, darling.

I think, but what on earth do you see in him?

- What do you mean?

- Well, it takes love to break a spell, dear.

Silly me, I never dreamed you'd fall for him.

- I haven't.

- We haven't, and I, I love my children very much, and at the moment they're very unhappy and if this thing between us is to work out, they have to be happy.

- Yes, well, why don't I mix us all a little drink?

- I don't need a drink, Laura.

I don't want a drink.

What I want to do is to talk.

- You want?

You want?

I don't care what you want.

I don't need you anymore, Henry dear.

I don't need any man anymore, or your science.

- [Henry] I should have trusted my children.

You are a witch.

- Yes, but I have the gold, leprechaun gold.

Nothing any immortal can do can make the slightest bit of difference anymore.

I am going to flood this valley!

- Not if I can help it.

- Watch me!



- No, no, no!

No, no, nooo!

- I am the spirit of the rivers, and the ocean, the storm, and the seas.

I am power!

(water trickling)


Find those wretched brats!

- What?

- She melted my dad.

- Oh no!


(Laura grunting)

(door squeaking)

- It's not much, mind ya.

Just what me and me dad and his dad and the dad before that could keep.



- Ned!

- Well, what do we do with leprechaun gold?


- Finn will make it up to you, Ned.

- Oh no, I'll have no leprechaun beholden to me, and I'll not be beholden to any leprechaun.

Not on your life, (shivers)

crafty little devils.

Mark my words.

- Ahh!

- Gotcha.


- Let me go, let me go!

(suspenseful music)

(gold tinkling)

- Come on down.



Then I'll come up to you.

(gold tinkling)

Give me the bag, sir.

(shovel clanking)

Thank you.

- Ahhh!

(Simpson groaning)


(gold tinkling)

- Mm hmm.

- I don't think we should be doing this.

- She melted my dad.

(Finn whimpering)



Come on, Finn.

He's all right!

- I don't know what you are, but I am going to stop you, and you are not going to hurt my kids.


- Oh, the arrogance of man.

A thousand years I have watched you destroy this world.

We all had a place once, even those like me who like cold, dark, swampy places.

But you had to have it all.

You drained the swamps, cut down forests, polluted the lakes and the rivers and expect the world and everything in it to settle to your needs, as if only you mattered.

I will restore the balance.

(Laura gasping)

- Run!

(Laura screaming)



Ethel, get back!

- Daddy!



(dramatic music)



No, leave him alone!

- Ethel, Ethel.

- Come back!

Look out!



- Daddy!



- Ethel, get out!

- Help him, Finn!

- Help him, Finn.

But I have his gold.

See how weak he grows already?

The leprechaun can't hurt me.

He has no power.

Not anymore.

- I'm so sorry.

- Awww.


See, see what I can do with his gold?


- Nooo!


(dramatic music)

- Stop!

- You spoke, my pet?

You have a gift for me?

- I didn't give you form to destroy the world.

I want to rule it as it is.

- You do?

- I have gold now.

I have power to add to my magic.

You will do exactly as I say.

- You're not strong enough.

Don't do this.

- Be quiet.

You, banshee, on your knees.

On your knees.

(suspenseful music)

(gold tinkling)





(Simpson yelling)





- [Finn] Look out!

(gold tinkling)

- Tommy.

Tommy, come here.

- Oh no.

- Come to Laura, Tommy dear.

- Leave him alone.

- Oh, do shut up, Henry.

Give me the gold.

- Dad!

- Tommy, I can't help you.

You give it to the little man.

- Stop with these childish games.

Give me the gold.

- Give her the gold.

- But you could destroy her.

- I only have the power of life, son, not death.

- But we'll all die, you'll die.

- You did your best.

Now give her the gold.

- Listen, Tommy.

- A gift to you, banshee.


(Laura laughing)


- With all this gold, I will make this world a fit place again, and the old ones will come back.

Now it's mine.

- The old ones are dead, banshee.

We are alone.

- Noooo!

(Finn groaning)

- Doesn't matter what you do, they won't come back.

- Then I will take revenge in their name.

I will destroy this world.


(Laura wailing)

(Finn whimpering)

(dramatic music)

- Get out of here!

- I will take revenge.

What I cannot have back, I will destroy.



- Get the children out.


- Run, everybody!


Be careful!


(ice shattering)




- Finn!

- Tommy.

- Finn!

(gold tinkling)

Finn, I'm coming, Finn.

- I'm coming, Finn!

- Ethel, Ethel come back.

- Finn, take it, Finn, take it.

Please don't die.

Oh gosh, come on, Finn.

Take it.


(Finn grunting)

(gold tinkling)

(soft instrumental music)

- [Ethel] Finn!

- Sorry, but you're crushing me.

- You destroyed her.

- You said your power is life.

- It is.

We are what nature makes us human.

The gift of so much gold, it made her into something other than what she was.

In the end, she destroyed herself.

- But you gave up your gold to save our lives.

- You gave it me back.

- Children, do you know that I love you?

The both of you?

- I love you too, Daddy.

- Ahhh.

You saved our lives, how could we ever repay you?

- You can stop them flooding me valley.

- Done.


Is there anything else?


- You can forget I ever existed.


- Don't say it, Finn.

- [Tommy And Ethel] You hate being wet.


- Come on.

(Finn chuckling)

- [Finn] It wasn't very fun being a giant.

I almost popped.

Imagine that, one gigantic splat.


(speech drowned out by instrumental music)

(water trickling)

(lively instrumental music)

(MultiCom Jingle)