15x18 - Despair

You remember when Sergei was here?

Remember what he was looking for?

A black key. It can open a door to Death's library.

Sam Winchester?

You're the Empty? What are you doing here?

Death and me need a word.

Billie said when she takes over...

Billie wants to take over?

Become "New God."

You're the Empty.

I'm the one you want.

- I'm the one who woke you up.
- Deal.

Sacrificing your life for a cause takes a lot of courage.

Think of it, starting fresh, creating something new.


It's time.

Are they ready?

We need to get this kid in the room right now.

Billie is playing us.

Listen, if Jack takes out God and Amara, it'll create a power vacuum that Billie will fill.

This was all her power grab.

- Stop.
- What are you doing?!

I'm trying to make you listen.


Screw you, Chuck.

Screw you.

Have fun watching him die.

- Jack.
- Jack. Hey!

Alright, I got you.

Ooh, here we go.

Let's get you a seat.

Jack, deep breaths. Just try to focus.

Try to slow this down if you can.

What do we do?

- What do we do?!
- I don't know.

You have to let me go.
Just... Just get me outside.

I'll... I'll try and get as far away as I can.

- No, Jack!
- No!

Leave me!

I can't stop this.

I'm coming apart.

I don't want to hurt you.

Don't let me hurt you.

Hey, hey, we're not giving up on you, okay?

Um, magic, magic.

One of Rowena's spells?

Come on, we got to do something!

I think you've done enough.

We were so close.

Chuck saw it coming.

All of it... your whole plan!

- It was doomed.
- Because of you.

It was doomed because of you.

You led Jack through his trials.

You know what's happening to him.

You can stop this. Please.

I can't stop it.

But there is something I can do.

What'd you do?

What did you do?


Hey, kid.

How'd you get in here?

You're not looking so hot.

I'm sorry.

- Oh...
- Aaaah!

Billie, where the Hell is he?

- The Empty.
- What?

Jack was a b*mb, designed to annihilate cosmic forces.

Chuck and Amara are gone.

The Empty was the only player on the board that could possibly absorb that impact.

So it's done?

It's done.

Is he dead?


You said this was a su1c1de mission.

No. I said taking out Chuck and Amara would be fatal.

- It's a chain reaction.
- Mm-hmm.

The Empty? It's... different.

Not as strong as Chuck or Amara, but... vast.

But if Jack survives, and if the Empty survives, it's gonna be pissed.

Okay, so... so, the Empty is pissed.

What does that mean?

The Empty is strong.

It's got... beef with me, especially after what I just did.

Oh, well, poor you.

Good thing it can't reach me here.

Yeah, the Empty can't come to Earth.

Not without being summoned.

Wait, what... what... what about Jack?

If he's alive?

Then you have to bring him back.

Not until I get what I came for.

Yeah, Sam, you took something that belongs to me.

God's book.

You were always going to betray us.

Once you defeated God, you were going to take power.

That means everyone who got a free pass or a second chance, everyone who was resurrected or came from another world, you were going to k*ll them all... Dean and me, too.

That's the order you want restored.

That's always been your endgame!

You got me.

You lied to everyone. Even the Empty.

You promised it peace and quiet, but you never meant it.

Even if I give you the book, what's to stop you from stabbing us in the back?

k*ll us all?


But you don't have a choice.

This isn't a negotiation. he's alive, he won't last long.

So if you want Jack, you'll give it to me now.


What are you doing?

Since you ruined the last one, God's book has a new ending.

Jack! Now!

- Billie, I swear.
- Shh.

You did this.

You made it loud!



- Jack.
- Nuh-uh.

The boy is mine.


Sorry, kid. You're still useful.

No, you can't!

I can and I will.

Goodbye, boys.






I couldn't sleep either.

Sam, I'm sorry about everything that...


You don't have to.

I pulled a g*n on you.

It's like I just couldn't stop.

You know, we were so close to b*at him.

It's like I could smell Chuck's bl*od in the water, and I...

Nothing else mattered.

It was everything.

I just couldn't snap out of it.

Well, you did.

You've snapped me out of worse.


You have.

Well, whatever Chuck did to Amara, he's probably more powerful than ever.

Billie wants us dead, Jack's powerless, and Michael's not returning our prayers.

So we have no heavy hitters on our side.

We're basically at zero.

We'll regroup somehow.


Yeah, to somehow.


I put up the warding that you asked for.

It should stop the Empty from getting back in here.


I take it the plan has changed?

The plan has changed.

The trick?

Low flame.

Don't rush 'em.

Not too runny, not too dry.

Excuse me.

What did I say about g*n at the table?

The w*apon table is all the way in the other room, and I love watching you cook.


Hey, I thought we could hit up that hideout after the sun goes down.

Three to four shifters, perfect size for just us.

So, like a date?

Yeah, like a date.

Oh, my God.

Told ya.

Wh... How are they like this?


Oh, why have I been eating rubbery trash eggs my whole life?

Babe, I swear, you are making these for me every morning for the rest of my...



We met a few months ago.

Bobby sent me to back her up on a djinn case.

Thought Stevie might need my help.

She didn't.

I said I liked the way she handled herself.

She accused me of flirting.

I denied it.

But then...

I didn't know who else to call.

I can't believe this happened.

Why her and not me?

That's what we're trying to figure out.

Charlie, why don't you just tell us everything you saw?

I saw nothing.

I heard nothing.

I felt nothing.

No chills, no... no sulfur smell.

One second, Stevie was making breakfast, and the next she just...

She just vanished.


They won't be long.

They just didn't want to overwhelm their friend.

I don't mind.

How you feeling?

You've been quiet.

How long you been waiting to ask me that?

I guess I didn't want to overwhelm you.

I feel... strange.

I don't know if that's because of what happened to me, if it means something, or if I just feel strange because...

...it's over.

The plan. My destiny.

I was ready to die, and I wanted to, for Sam, for Dean, for the world.

I wanted to make things right, and now...

...I don't know why I'm even here.


You never needed absolution from Sam or Dean or from me.

We don't care about you because you're useful or you fit into some grand design.

We care about you because you're you.

God, the Empty, Billie, everyone's so mad at us, and I don't have my powers.

There's nothing I can do to protect us.

I'm scared, Cass.

I know.

Me too.

Charlie, we've... we've made some... some big enemies lately.




She wants to send you back.

Everyone from other worlds sent back to worlds that don't exist anymore.

So she's k*ll us.

Well, we don't know for sure, but...

Stevie fits a pattern.

A pattern?

I said I wasn't gonna do this again.

The love thing. And I do, and the second I let my guard down,

Stevie is just... She's gone.

So... what?

Is she just some collateral damage to you?

Is that what I'll be, too?


It's Bobby. Uh...


Hey, uh, what's up?

Charlie, I'm sorry.

Yeah. I-I understand.

Okay, thanks.

What now?

Bobby was on a hunt with another Apocalypse World refugee... uh, Greg.

And Greg just vanished.

It's spreading.

Yeah, I think so.

So no one's safe.

Anybody that's ever crossed over from another world, anyone that's ever been resurrected, all on Billie's list.





I can't... Um.

If I let myself go, then I'll lose my mind.

I can't right now.


We have to get everyone to safety.

Anyone who might be on Billie's list.

Where would that be?

We need a location.

Somewhere central to everyone.

We, uh, need somewhere secure, contained.

We get them in, and we put up every last bit of warding we've ever used.

Alright, you do that.


What are you going to do?

I started this. I'm going to end it.

- Dean.
- Your plan, getting everybody safe, that's good, okay?

But it won't last forever.

Now, we couldn't make Chuck pay.

But Billie?

She left her blade.

Her I can k*ll.

- I-I don't...
- We don't have a choice, Sam.

I'll go with you, Dean.


Be careful.


Let's go, Cass.

Let's go reap a reaper.

Hey, what'd you find?

It's the old Harmon property.

It's got an abandoned silo, so it should fit the bill.

It's just south of me, in Hastings.

I'll send you the coordinates, okay?

That sounds great. Thanks.

I put out an APB to everyone I know.

I've been in touch with Bobby.
He's doing likewise, so...

What's the plan when you get here?

I'm still working on that.


Hey, I got a job for you.

- Me?
- Yeah, I need you to drive.

But I only drove once.

I got work to do. You know, I got to... to dig through the archives and w-work on finding spells.

I can't do that with one eye on the road, so...

Okay, okay.

I'll drive.

Alright, man, we got to move fast.

You got the key to Billie's library?

Yeah. But we don't even know for sure that she'll be there.

Then we'll wreck her place.

We'll burn her books.

Whatever it takes to smoke her out.

Hiya, kid.


I'll help set up the warding.

I'm sorry.

About Eileen.

So, Bobby's inside with his crew.

We've got more folks headed this way.

Put out some calls to the other hunters.

Garth, Jody, and the girls.

They're all on high alert, ready to act when we need them.

They're not on Death's list. They should be okay.

You should be okay, too.

We're just lucky to have you helping.

Anything you need.


Glad you came.

Yeah, um...

I just don't want this to happen to anyone else.

They get it, Sam.

Now, whether you like it or not, you're the big man here.

Told them getting here was the order from the boss, and they came running.

No hesitation.

My only worry is the lav situation.

Didn't have time to truck in a Port-A-John.

Yeah, well, uh, if Dean and Cass can pull this off, we shouldn't be here too long.

Okay. I brought a bucket.

You think it'll work?

Well, angelic warding,

Aramaic, Enochian, and, uh, I have this.

I found it in Rowena's things.

A spell, "Praeses Magna."

Should boost the strength of all the warding.


Bobby, this is all I got.


Good to see you.

You know, I'm no expert on this hoodoo stuff, but best we patch that up, yeah?

Yeah. Uh, I guess.

So, I guess this is the part where I say, "Hello, boys."

Hello, boys.

What's the plan?

Take me down with my own w*apon?

Something like that.

Well, he better work on his aim.

Thing is, that time, I wasn't trying to k*ll you.


What's changed?

Oh, I don't know.

Could be that you've started k*ll all my friends.



Remember when you stabbed me in the back?

'Cause I do.


It's over.

Call it off!

Stop k*ll my people!

I didn't hurt your friends.


You're in the wrong place, Dean.

What are you talking about?

Has virtutes conliga.

Eas integra.

Eas firma.

Nos omnes serva.

So now what do we do?

We wait.

If people are getting gone, I'm guessing it's Chuck.

And that means you're just wasting time.


- Billy?
- Sam?

Dana, where's your sister?

I don't know!

It's not working.

- Lily.
- Lily!

- Lily!
- Dad!


Yo, grab the g*n. Let's get out of here, man.

We got to go!

Go, go, go!

Door, door!

Sam, what do we do?


I'll let you in on something.

When you cut me, that little nick?

It was fatal, something I can't survive.

See for yourself.

You k*ll me, Dean.

So, yeah, no, I don't care about your friends.

I don't care about your family.

But seeing you here has reminded me of something.

There is one thing I'd like.

One wish before I go.

I'd like to see you dead.

I'm so glad you came.

Come on.

Come on, Dean, think, think!

Dean, where are you going?

I-I don't know.

You know she can find us anywhere.

I know. I know that! I just...

What do we do, Ca...

Ugh! Aah!


My heart.

I can feel her.

Come on, Dean, we got to go.

Come on.

It's you, Dean.

It's always been you.


Death-defying, rule-breaking.

You are everything I lived to set right.

To put down.

To tame.

You are human disorder incarnate.

I've got you.

Come on, Dean.

You can't escape me.


Don't you think it's finally time?

Time for the sweet release of Death?

Did it work?

It blocked her grip on you.

Dean, she said that wound was k*ll her.

Maybe we can wait her out.

Yeah, and if we can't?

Then we fight.

We'll lose.

I just led us into another trap.

All because I... I couldn't hurt Chuck.

Because I was angry and because I just needed something to k*ll and because that's all I know how to do.


It was Chuck all along.

We never should've left Sam and Jack.

We should be there with them now.

Everybody's gonna die, Cass, everybody.

I can't stop it.

She's gonna get through that door.

I know.

And she's gonna k*ll you, and then she's gonna k*ll me.

I'm sorry.

Wait, there is...

There's one thing she's afraid of.

There's... There's one thing strong enough to stop her.

When Jack was dying, I...

I made a deal to save him.

You what?

The... The price was my life.

When I experienced a moment of true happiness, the Empty would be summoned and it would take me forever.

Why are you telling me this now?

I always wondered, ever since I took that burden, that curse, I wondered what it could be, what... what my true happiness could even look like.

I never found an answer.

Because the one thing I want...

...it's something I know I can't have.

But I think I know...
I think I know now.

Happiness isn't in the having.

It's in just being.

It's in just saying it.

What are you talking about, man?

I know.

I know how you see yourself, Dean.

You see yourself the same way our enemies see you.

You're destructive and you're angry and you're broken.

You're... You're "Daddy's Blunt Instrument."

And you think hate and anger, that's... that's what drives you. That's who you are.

It's not.

And everyone who knows you sees it.

Everything you have ever done, the good and the bad, you have done for love.

You raised your little brother for love.

You fought for this whole world for love.

That is who you are.

You're the most caring man on Earth.

You are the most selfless, loving human being I will ever know.

You know, ever since we met and ever since

I pulled you out of Hell, knowing you has changed me.

Because you cared, I cared.

I cared about you.

I cared about Sam.

I cared about Jack.

I cared about the whole world because of you.

You changed me, Dean.

Why does this sound like a goodbye?

Because it is.

I love you.

Don't do this, Cass.


Goodbye, Dean.


This is Dean's other, other cell, so you must know what to do.


Was it just them?

I don't know.