01x12 - Faith

1.12 Faith

Air Date: 17 Jan 2006



Growl of Impala engine. Sam and Dean park and open the trunk. Dean removes two tasers.

Sam: What do you got those amped up to?

Dean: A hundred thousand volts.

Sam: Damn.

Dean: Yeah, I want this rawhead extra frickin' crispy. And remember, you only get one shot with these things. So make it count.

INT. Sam and Dean moving down basement stairs with guns and flashlights.

Hearing a noise, they move toward a cupboard.

Dean: (whispers) On three. One. Two. Three.

Dean swings open the door, a young boy and girl are crouched inside, covering their ears.

Sam: (Whispers) Is it still here? (The children nod)

Dean: (to the boy) Ok. Grab your sister's hand, come on, we gotta get you out of here. Let's go, let's go. (They move towards the stairs.) Alright, go!

Sam starts to take the children upstairs, a hand grabs his legs, knocking him back down. The children scream and run to the top of the stairs.

Dean: Sam!

Dean shoots the taser but misses.

Dean: Sam, get 'em outta here!

Sam: (Throwing his taser to Dean) Here take this!

Sam runs up the stairs and moves the children out of sight.

Dean: (Moves around the basement on high alert, shining his torch into corners) Come on!

A ragged, hairy creature leaps up and shoves Dean backwards. Dean loses his weapons and flashlight as he falls. He glances around, scrambles across puddles of water to grab the taser and releases it toward the creature as it moves toward him, electrocuting him. Electricity moves from the creature through the water lying on the ground to Dean. They both shake and twitch, the creature falls, Dean loses consciousness.

Sam runs down the stairs and sees Dean in the corner, unmoving.

Sam: Dean!

He runs over and half lifts him, holding his face.

Sam: Dean, hey. Hey.





Sam stands at the desk with a receptionist.


Sir, I'm so sorry to ask. There doesn't seem to be any insurance on file.

Sam: Right. Uh, ok.

Sam removes a card from his wallet and hands it to RECEPTIONIST.


(glancing at card) Okay, Mr. Burkovitz.

Sam sees two cops waiting and walks over.

Cop: Look, we can finish this up later.

Sam: No, no, it's okay. We were just taking a shortcut through the neighborhood. And, um, the windows were rolled down, we heard some screaming when we drove past the house, and we stopped. Ran in.

Cop: And you found the kids in the basement?

Sam: Yeah.

Cop: Well, thank God you did.

Sam sees a Doctor walking towards them.

Sam: (To cops) Excuse me.

Cop: Sure. Thanks for your help.

Sam: Hey, Doc. Is he...

Doctor: He's resting.

Sam: And?

Doctor: The electrocution triggered a heart attack. Pretty massive, I'm afraid. His heart...it's damaged.

Sam: How damaged?

Doctor: We've done all we can. We can try and keep him comfortable at this point. But, I'd give him a couple weeks, at most, maybe a month.

Sam: No, no. There's, there's...gotta be something you can do, some kind of treatment.

Doctor: We can't work miracles. I really am sorry.

Sam walks away, looking upset.



Dean is watching TV. He is pale and has dark circles under his eyes. Sam enters. Dean keeps his eyes on the TV

Dean: (Sounding very weak) Have you ever actually watched daytime TV? It's terrible.

Sam: (shaking his head and sighing) I talked to your Doctor.

Dean: That fabric softener teddy bear. Oh, I'm gonna hunt that little bitch down.

Sam: Dean.

Dean looks up.

(sounding resigned and clicking the TV off) Yeah. All right, well, looks like you're gonna leave town without me.

Sam: What are you talking about? I'm not gonna leave you here.

Dean: (Serious) Hey, you better take care of that car. Or, I swear, I'll haunt your ass.

Sam: I don't think that's funny.

Dean: Oh, come on, it's a little funny.

There is a long silence, Sam looks down, fighting tears. Dean sighs.

Dean: Look, Sammy, what can I say, man, it's a dangerous gig. I drew the short straw. That's it, end of story.

Sam: Don't talk like that, alright? We still have options.

Dean: What options? Yeah, burial or cremation. And I know it's not easy. But I'm gonna die. And you can't stop it.

Sam: Watch me.


INT. Hotel ROOM.

Camera pans across a bed covered in pages of research about heart care. Noise of a phone ringing.

VOICEMAIL: This is John Winchester. I can't be reached. If this is an emergency, call my son, Dean. 866-907-3235. He can help.

Sam: (Fighting tears) Hey, Dad. It's Sam. Uh...you probably won't even get this, but, uh...it's Dean. He's sick, and uh...the Doctors say there's nothing they can do. Um...but, uh, they don't know the things we know, right? So, don't worry, cause I'm uh¡...gonna do whatever it takes to get him better. Alright...just wanted you to know.

Sam hangs up, tosses his phone on the bed and just sits there silently. There is a knock on the door and he looks up quickly, tears in his eyes. He opens it to find Dean leaning against the jam, looking terrible.

Sam: (surprised, happy and confused all at once) What the hell are you doing here?

Dean: I checked myself out.

Sam: What, are you crazy?

Dean: (entering the room, leaning on everything within reach) Well, I'm not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot.

Dean shrugs. Sam huffs a laugh and shuts the door.

Sam: You know, this whole I-laugh-in-the-face-of-death thing? It's crap. I can see right through it.

Dean: Yeah, whatever, dude. Have you even slept? You look worse than me.

Sam: (Helping Dean to a chair)I've been scouring the Internet for the last three days. Calling every contact in Dad's journal.

Dean: For what?

Sam: For a way to help you. One of Dad's friends, Joshua, he called me back. Told me about a guy in Nebraska. A specialist.

Dean: You're not gonna let me die in peace, are you?

Sam: I'm not gonna let you die, period. We're going.



The Impala bumps along a rutted gravel road toward a large white circus tent set up in a field.

People make their way toward the tent across the very muddy ground, many on walking frames or helped by others. Sam gets out and runs around to help Dean. Dean opens his door and looks around. A sign next to the tent reads The Church of Roy LeGrange. Faith Healer. Witness The Miracle.

Grimacing, Dean starts to pull himself out of the car. Sam tries to help.

Sam: I got ya.

Dean: (Angrily) I got it.

Dean pushes Sam away.

Dean: Man, you are a lying b*st*rd. Thought you said we were going to see a Doctor.

Sam: I believe I said a specialist. Look, Dean, this guy's supposed to be the real deal.

Dean: I can't believe you brought me here to see some guy who heals people out of a tent.

An elderly woman with an umbrella passes by.

Woman: Reverend LeGrange is a great man.

Dean: Yeah, that's nice.

They walk past an angry man remonstrating with a cop.

Man: I have a right to protest. This man is a fraud. And he's milking all these people out of their hard-earned money.

Sheriff: Sir, this is a place of worship. Let's go. Move it. (They walk away.)

Dean: I take it he's not part of the flock.

Sam: But when people see something they can't explain, there's controversy.

Dean: I mean, come on, Sam, a faith healer?

Sam: Maybe it's time to have a little faith, Dean.

Dean: You know what I've got faith in? Reality. Knowing what's really going on.

Sam: How can you be a skeptic? With the things we see everyday?

Dean: Exactly. We see them, we know there real.

Sam: But if you know evil's out there, how can you not believe good's out there, too?

Dean: Because I've seen what evil does to good people.

Young Woman: (Overhearing) Maybe God works in mysterious ways.

Dean: (Checking her out and smiling) Maybe he does. I think you just turned me around on the subject.

Young Woman: Yeah, I'm sure.

Dean: (holding out his hand) I'm Dean. This is Sam.

Young Woman: (taking Dean's hand) Layla. So, if you're not a believer, then why are you here?

Dean: Well, apparently my brother here believes enough for the both of us.


(approaching and putting her arm around Layla) Come on, Layla. It's about to start.

The women smile at Sam and Dean and move inside the tent.

Dean: (Looking after her) Well, I bet you she can work in some mysterious ways.

Sam and Dean enter the tent. The sign at the entrance reads Welcome All Faiths. True Believers Revival.[i]



The tent is full of people finding seats, a small stage at the front has a lecturn with candles on it.

Dean: (looking around, tilts his head to the corner) Yeah, peace, love, and trust all over.

Sam follows his gaze to a security camera. Dean starts to take a seat but Sam puts an arm around him and moves him toward the front.

Sam: Come on.

Dean: Don't! What are you doing? Let's sit here.

Sam: We're sitting up front.

Dean: What? Why?

Sam: (moving Dean up the aisle) Come on.

Dean: (Growls) Oh, come on, Sam.

Sam: You alright?

Dean: This is ridiculous. (He slaps Sam's hands away) I'm good, dude, get off me.

Sam lets go and points to two empty seats behind LAYLA and her mother.

Sam: Perfect.

Dean: (sarcastically) Yeah, perfect.

Sam: (moving in first) You take the aisle.

Sam tried to help Dean sit, Dean raises a hand irritably. On stage a blind man wearing sunglasses, ROY LEGRANGE, is helped to the lecturn by a woman.


Each morning, my wife, Sue Ann, reads me the news. Never seems good, does it? (The crowd agrees with him.) Seems like there's always someone committing some immoral, unspeakable act.

As he speaks Sam sees a table onstage, filled with religious items. He notices an old wooden cross that is topped by a smaller cross in a circle.


But, I say to you, God is watching.


(murmuring) Yes he is.


God rewards the good, and He punishes the corrupt.


Nodding, cheering and murmuring.


It is the Lord who does the healing here friends. The Lord who guides me in choosing who to heal by helping me see into people's hearts.

CROWD continues murmuring.

Dean: (quietly, to Sam) Yeah, and into their wallets.


You think so, young man?

The crowd immediately falls silent.

Dean: Sorry.


No, no. Don't be. Just watch what you say around a blind man, we've got real sharp ears.

CROWD Laughs.


What's your name, son?

Dean: (Clears his throat, hesitating) Dean.


Dean. (nods to himself) I want-I want you to come up here with me.

The crowd claps. LAYLA and her mother don't move. SUE ANN moves to centre stage, smiling at Dean.

Dean: (shaking his head) No, it's ok.

Sam: (whispers) What are you doing?!


You've come here to be healed, haven't cha?

Dean: (Hestiating again) Well, yeah, but ahh...(The crowd claps and makes encouraging noises.)... maybe you should just pick someone else.

Sam looks at Dean like he's insane. The crowd claps loudly.


Oh, no. I didn't pick you, Dean, the Lord did.


(Getting more excited)[i]That's right![i][i]Yeah![i][i]Come on![i]

Sam: (Excitedly) Get up there!

Dean reluctantly rises and moves toward the stage. SUE ANN moves to assist and stands him next to ROY.


You ready?

Dean: Look, no disrespect, but ahh, I'm not exactly a believer.


(smiling) You will be, son. You will be.


(To the crowd) Pray with me, friends.

The crowd lifts their arms up and joins hands with each other. ROY lifts his hands to the air, then places one first on Dean's shoulder, then on the side of his head.


(to himself) Alright now. Alright now.

Dean's eyes glaze over. His knees weaken and he sinks to his knees, ROY's hand still on his head


Alright, now.

Dean wobbles, his yes fall back in his head and he slips to the stage floor.

Sam: (jumping from his chair and running to the stage) Dean!

The crowd is clapping excitedly.

Sam grabs the front of Dean's Hoodie. Dean's eyes burst open and he gasps.

Sam: Say Something!

Dean blinks groggily and looks up. ROY is standing above him, hands out from his sides, palms up, looking happy. beside and slightly behind ROY a tall man in a black suit with white hair, very white skin and extremely wrinkled skin comes into focus. He stares at Dean then turns away and vanishes. Dean watches him, shocked.




Sam: So, you really feel okay?

Dean: (looking unhappy) I feel fine, Sam.

Doctor: (Enters reading paperwork) Well, according to all your tests there's nothing wrong with your heart. No sign there ever was. Not that a man your age should be having heart trouble, but, still it's strange it does happen.

Dean: What do you mean, strange?

Doctor: Well, just yesterday, a young guy like you, twenty-seven, athletic. Out of nowhere, heart attack.

Dean: Thanks, Doc.

Doctor: (leaving) No problem.

Dean: That's odd.

Sam: Maybe it's a coincidence. People's hearts give out all the time, man.

Dean: No, they don't.

Sam: Look, Dean, do we really have to look this one in the mouth? Why can't we just be thankful that the guy saved your life and move on?

Dean: Because I can't shake this feeling, that's why.

Sam: What feeling?

Dean: When I was healed, I just...I felt wrong. I felt cold. And for a second...I saw someone. This, uh, this old man. And I'm telling you, Sam, it was a spirit.

Sam: But if there was something there, Dean, I think I would've seen it, too. I mean, I've been seeing an awful lot of things lately.

Dean: Well, excuse me, psychic wonder. But you're just gonna need a little faith on this one. Sam, I've been hunting long enough to trust a feeling like this.

Sam: (Sighing) Yeah, alright. So, what do you wanna do?

Dean: I want you to go check out the heart attack guy. I'm gonna visit the reverend.



ROY and Dean sit on couches, SUE ANN stands, filling a glass.

Dean: I feel great. Just trying to, you know, make sense of what happened.


A miracle is what happened. Well, miracles come so often around Roy.

Dean: (to ROY) When did they start? The miracles.


Woke up one morning, stone blind. Doctors figured out I had cancer. Told me I had maybe a month. So, uh, we prayed for a miracle. I was weak, but I told Sue Ann, 'You just keep right on praying.' I went into a coma. Doctors said I wouldn't wake up, but I did. And the cancer was gone.

ROY takes off his sunglasses, his eyes are white.


If it wasn't for these eyes, no one would believe I'd ever had it.

Dean: And suddenly you could heal people.


I discovered it afterward, yes. God's blessed me in many ways.


And his flock just swelled overnight. And this is just the beginning.

Dean: Can I ask you one last question?


Of course you can.

Dean: Why? Why me? Out of all the sick people, why save me?


Well, like I said before, the Lord guides me. I looked into your heart, and you just stood out from all the rest.

Dean: What did you see in my heart?


A young man with an important purpose. A job to do. And it isn¡¯t finished. (Dean looks slightly surprised.)




I'm telling you, he seemed healthy. Swam every day, didn't smoke. So, a heart attack just kind of seemed, well, bizarre.

Sam: And you said he was running, right before he collapsed?

Man: Yeah, yeah, he was freaking out. He said that something was, uh, was after him.

Sam: Did he say what?

Man: Well, thin air is what. I mean, it wasn't anything.

Sam: Alright, thanks.

As Sam is leaving he notice the clock on the wall isn't working.

Sam: Hey, buddy? Your, uh, your clock's busted.

Man: Oh, yeah, we, uh, can't get it workin'. Just froze at 4:17.

Sam: Is that the Same time Marshall died?

Man: (surprised) How'd you know?



Dean is leaving. LAYLA and her mother are waiting to go in.


Dean, hey.

Dean: Hey.


How you feeling?

Dean: I feel good. Cured, I guess. What are you doing here?


You know, my mom, she wanted to talk to the reverend.

SUE ANN comes onto the porch.




(softly) Yes, I'm here again.


Well, I'm sorry, but Roy is resting. He won't be seeing anyone else right now.


Sue Ann, please. This is our sixth time, he's got to see us.


Roy is well aware of Layla's situation. And he very much wants to help just as soon as the Lord allows. Have faith, Mrs. Rourke.

SUE ANN goes inside. Mrs. ROURKE stares then turns, looking at Dean.


(frustrated) Why are you still even here? You got what you wanted.


Mom. Stop.


No, Layla, this is too much. We've been to every single service. If Roy would stop choosing these strangers over you. Strangers who don't even believe. I just can't pray any harder.

Dean: Layla, what's wrong?


(hesitantly) I have this thing...


It's a brain tumor. It's inoperable. In six months, the Doctors say...

LAYLA puts a hand on her mother's shoulder, stopping her.

Dean: I'm sorry.


It's okay.


(Slowly, staring into her daughter's eyes) No. It isn't. (To Dean.) Why do you deserve to live more than my daughter?

Mrs ROURKE walks away. LAYLA take a deep shaky breath and follows her down the stairs. Dean watches them go then turns to look back at ROY and SUE ANN's house.



Dean enters, throwing his keys on the bed and beginning to take off his jacket. Sam is at the laptop.

Dean: What'd you find out?

Sam: (speaking quietly) I'm sorry.

Dean: (throwing his jacket on the bed and approaching) Sorry about what?

Sam: Marshall Hall died at 4:17.

Dean: (stunned) The exact time I was healed.

Sam: Yeah. So, I put together a list of everyone Roy's healed, six people over the past year, and I cross-checked them with the local obits. Every time someone was healed, someone else died. And each time, the victim died of the Same symptom LeGrange was healing at the time.



A woman is jogging along a path, headphones on.

[i]MUSIC: The lead in to 'Don't fear the Reaper' by Blue Oyster Cult begins to play quietly and gets gradually louder

Dean: (Voiceover (VO)- continuing conversation) Someone's healed of cancer, someone else dies of cancer?

Sam: (VO) Somehow. LeGrange...he's trading a life for another.

The woman stops jogging, takes out an earphone and looks into the forest.




Dean: Wait, wait, wait. So, Marshall Hall died to save me?

Sam: (looking upset) Dean, the guy probably would've died anyway. And someone else would've been healed.



ROY has his hand on the forehead of an old man in a wheelchair with an oxygen tube.



Dean: You never should've brought me here.

Sam: Dean, I was just trying to save your life.

Dean: But, Sam, some guy is dead now because of me.

Sam: I didn't know.




Pray with me, friends. (The crowd lifts their arms in the air)


(VO) The thing I don't understand is how is Roy doing it? How's he trading a life for a life?



Dean: Oh, he's not doing it.



The Woman is leant over, gasping for breath.

Dean: (VO) Something else is doing it for him.

Sam: (VO) What do you mean?

Dean: (VO) The old man I saw on stage.

The Woman turns. The old man is in front of her. She is startled.



Dean: I didn't wanna believe it, but deep down I knew.

Sam: You knew what? What are you talking about?

Dean: There's only one thing that can give and take life like that.

Sam looks at Dean, confused.

Dean: We're dealing with a reaper.



The music cresendos, the lyrics begin. 'Don't Fear the Reaper' by Blue Oyster Cult.

The woman flees down the path, looking back, terrified and gasping. The reaper follows her calmly.



ROY lifts his hands to heaven, preparing to lay them on the old man.



The woman, exhasted now, looks behind her again, seeing the reaper. When she turns forward she crashes into him and falls to he knees. The reaper lays his hand on the side of her face. Her eyes glaze.



ROY lays his hand on the old man's head.



The woman gasps for breath, her face pale. She falls to the ground, dead.



The Same reaper, invisible to the crowd, places his hand beside ROY's on the old man's head. The man rises from his wheelchair and falls to his knees. The color returns to his face and he slowly removes his oxygen tube. The crowd gasps and cheers. ROY smiles, and the crowd claps and cheers.




Sam and Dean are sitting at the table.

Sam: You really think it's THE Grim Reaper? Like, angel of death, collect your soul, the whole deal?

Dean: No no no, not THE reaper, A reaper. There's reaper law in pretty much every culture on earth, it goes by 100 different names, it's possible that there's more than one of them.

Sam: But you said you saw a dude in a suit.

Dean: What, you think he shoulda been working the whole black robe thing?...You said it yourself that the clock stopped right? Reapers stop time. And you can only see 'em when they're coming at you which is why I could see it and you couldn't.

Sam: Maybe.

Dean: There's nothing else it could be Sam. The question is how is Roy controlling the damn thing?

Sam: That cross.

Dean: What?

Sam: There was this cross, I noticed it in the church and I knew I had seen it before.

Sam looks through some papers and snorts. He holds a card up to Dean.

Sam: Here.

Dean leans into take the card.

Dean: A Tarot?

Sam: It makes sense. A tarot dates back to the early christian era right, when some priests were still using magic? And a few of them veered into the dark stuff? Necromancy and how to push death away, how to cause it?

Dean: So Roy's using black magic to bind the reaper?

Sam: If he is he's riding the whirlwind. It's like putting a dog leash on a great white.

Dean: (rising to put his cup in the sink, then leaning back against it) Ok then we stop Roy.

Sam: How?

Dean: You know how.

Sam: Wait, what the hell are you talking about Dean, we can't kill Roy.

Dean: Sam the guys playing God, he's deciding who lives and who dies. That's a monster in my book.

Sam: No. We're not going to kill a human being Dean. We do that we're no better than he is.

Dean: Ok, we cant kill Roy, we can't kill death. Any bright ideas college boy?

Sam: Ok. uh...If Roy's using some kind of black spell on the reaper, we gotta...figure out what it is. And how to break it.



The Impala bounces down the badly gravelled and potholed road again, passing a sign that says [i]Service Today[i]. They park and exit the Impala.

Sam: If Roy's using a spell, there might be a spell book.

Dean: See if you can find it. (Looking at his watch) Hurry up too, the service starts in fifteen minutes. I'll try to stall Roy.

Man: (Holgin out a leadlet to Dean) Roy LeGrange is a fraud. He's no healer.

Dean: (taking the leaflet) Amen Brother.

Sam: You keep up the good work.

Man: Thank you



ROY comes down the stairs, assisted by SUE ANN on one arm, a dark haired man the other. The camera pans to Sam, watching them leave from the corner of the porch.

Sam climbs in a window and starts searching the house. He looks on the bookshelfs and pulls out the only book that doesn't have dust on the shelf in front of it. [i]Encyclopedia of British History[i]. He flips through it, finding nothing, then realises there is another, smaller book, hidden on the bookshelf behind the larger one. Inside is a picture of a skeleton reaper, and on another page the wooden cross he saw earlier in the tent. He also finds newspaper articles about the people who died. The one that died for Dean was an openly gay teacher, the woman jogging an abortion rights advocate. He finds a third clipping about Wright, the man handing out leaflets in front of the tent.



Dean is walking slowly up the side aisle. His phone rings.

Dean: (Speaking into phone) What have you got?

Sam: Roy's choosing victims he sees as immoral. And I think I know who's next on his list. Remember that protestor?

Dean: What, the guy in the parking lot?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, I'll find him. But you can't let Roy heal anyone, alright?

Dean hangs up and moves further toward the front of the tent.



Sam starts searching the car park.




Layla. Layla Rourke. Come up here child.

The crowd bursts into pleased applause. Layla, stunned, looks around then rises to hug Mrs ROURKE.


Mum. Thank you.


I love you child.

Dean: (Watching them hug) Oh man.

As Layla passes him Dean grasps her arm.

Dean: Layla, listen to me. You can't go up there.


Why not? We've waited for months!.

Dean: You can't let Roy heal you.


I don't understand, Roy healed you didn't he? Why can't you let him try?

Dean: Cause if you do something bad is going to happen. I can't explain. I just need you to believe me

Dean and LAYLA stare at each other. SUE ANN stands waiting.


(holding out her hand) Layla.

Dean: Please.

Layla stares at the hand SUE ANN is offering, then turns back and stares at her mother, who is standing ringing her hands. Her mother nods at her. Layla looks at Dean and shakes her head.


I'm sorry.

Dean: (as Layla leaves him) Layla. Layla!


(smiling and putting her arm around Layla to take her to the stage) Dear child!

The crowd continues to clap happily.


(softly as they reach the stage) You deserve this.


(Taking Layla's hand) I knew the Lord was planning. I knew it was just a matter of time.

Dean, frustrated, moves back to stand near Mrs ROURKE. She is crying and covering her face with her hands.



Sam continues to search.


(running around a car, the reaper following slowly) HELP!

Sam turns, searching for where his voice came from.




Pray with me friends.


(to Layla) I hope you're ready.


(smiling softly) I am.




Help! Help me please!

Sam: (Finding WRIGHT and looking around wildly) Where is he!


(Grabbing Sam's shoulder and pointing) Right there!

Sam: (grabbing Wright and pulling him away) Fine, come on.



ROY is about to lay his hands on Layla, who looks enraptured.

Dean: (off camera) FIRE! Hurry, tent's on fire!

Layla opens her eyes and looks toward the crowd. Everyone starts to rise and evacuate.


(moving toward the stage) NO! No, please. Please don't stop. Reverend, please, please! Please don't stop, please!

Dean watches helplessly.


Friends, if you'd all just leave the tent in an orderly fashion...and we'll, uh, and we'll figure out what's giong on out there and we'll come back.

Dean pulls out his phone.

Dean: (Into phone) I did it, I stopped Roy.



Sam (holding phone to his ear) and WRIGHT look around.

Sam: David, I think it's ok.

David looks around at Sam, nodding, then turns back. The reaper is in front of him.



Sam: (into phone) Dean it didn't work.The reaper's still coming!



Dean is still on the phone.

Sam: (Off camera) I'm telling you, I'm telling you it didn't work. Roy must not be the one controlling this thing.

Dean: Then who the hell is?

Dean looks around and spies SUE ANN beside the stage, facing into the corner and reciting.

Dean: Sue Ann.

Dean runs to her and spins her around. She gasps and stops reciting, reaching down to hold a cross on a chain around her neck. It is the Same as the wooden cross Sam saw earlier.



The reaper is holding his hand to WRIGHT's face. Suddenly he stops, looking confused, and rises.




(Staring at Dean and tucking the cross inside her blouse.) Help! Help me!

Dean backs away, nodding and staring at Sue Ann like he shouldn't have expected anything better. Two cops grab him roughly and pull him away.



The reaper stares at WRIGHT lying on the ground gasping for breath, then turns away and vanishes.

Sam: (moving to help him up) I got you. I got you.


Thank God.



Two cops manhandle Dean through the entry. He shakes them off as soon as they are outside. SUE ANN follows close behind.


I just don't understand. After everything we've done for you. After Roy healed you. I'm just very very disappointed Dean

Dean stares at her, saying nothing.


You can let him go. I'm not gonna press charges. The Lord will deal with him as he sees fit.

SUE ANN leaves. The cops turn to Dean.

Cop 1: We catch you round here again son, we'll put the fear of God in you, understand?

Dean: Yes sir, fear of god. Got it.

The cops give him one last push. He turns to find Layla waiting for him.

Dean: Layla?


Why would you do that Dean? And it could have been my only chance.

Dean: He's not a healer.


He healed you.

Dean: I know it doesn't seem fair, and I wish I could explain. But Roy is not the answer, I'm sorry.


(shaking her head sadly) Good Bye Dean.

She walks away. Dean raises his eyes to the sky, then turns to watch her. She turns back.


I wish you luck. I really do.

Dean: (Voice cracking) Same to you.

Layla turns to walk away again.

Dean: (under his breath) You deserve it a lot more than me.

Layla walks away past where her mother is talking to ROY and SUE ANN.


Private session tonight, no interruptions. I give you my word, I'll heal your daughter.

Dean walks past behind them to where Sam is waiting. They both overhear.


Thank you reverend. God bless you.



Sam: (sitting on the bed) So Roy really believes.

Dean: I don't think he has any idea what his wife's doing.

Sam: Well, I found this. (He hands the little book to Dean) Hidden in their library. It's ancient. Written by a priest who went dark side. There's a binding spell in here for trapping a reaper.

Dean: Must be a hell of a spell.

Sam: Yeah. You gotta build a black alter with seriously dark stuff. Bones, human blood. To cross a ine like that, a preachers wife. Black magic. Murder. Evil

Dean: Desperate. Her husband was dying, she didn't have anything to save him. She was using the binding spell to keep the reaper away from Roy.

Sam: Cheating death, literally.

Dean: Yeah but Roy's alive, so why is she still using the spell?

Sam: Right. To force the reaper to kill people she thinks are immoral.

Dean: May God save us from half the people who think they're doing God's work.

Sam: We gotta break that binding spell Dean.

Dean: (Looking at the picture of the cross in the book) You know Sue Ann had a coptic cross like this. When she dropped it the reaper backed off.

Sam: So you think we gotta find the cross or desTroy the alter?

Dean: Maybe both. Whatever we do we better do it soon, or he's healing Layla tonight.





Impala rolls in without lights and stops.

Sam: That's Layla's car. She's already here.

Dean: (nodding sadly) Yeah.

Sam: Dean...

Dean: You know if Roy woulda picked Layla instead of me she'd be here right now. And if she's not healed tonight she's gunna die in a coupla months.

Sam: What's happening to her is horrible. But what are you gunna do? Let somebody else die to save her? You said it yourself Dean, you can't play God.

Dean sits without speaking, then gets out of the car. Sam follows. They approach the tent and peek inside. Roy is speaking to a small group of the faithful, including Layla and her mother.


Gather round, please everyone, gather round. Come in closer, come on up.

Dean: Where's Sue Ann?

Sam: House.

The boys move to the house.

Dean: Go find Sue Ann, I'll catch up.

Sam: (as he's being pushed away) What are you gunna...?

Dean: (spying the two cops from earier coming down the stairs) Hey!

The cops look over.

Dean: You gunna put that fear of God in me?

The cops drop their coffee and run at Dean, who takes off.

As soon as they're gone Sam runs up the stairs and checks around the house. It is in darkness. He turns back, confused, then spots light emerging from the cracks of the outside basement entrance.


Dean silently creeps up beside a camper van. The cops are on the other side with flashlights.

Cop 1: You see him?

Cop 2: Nah.


Sam moves toward the basement entrance, opens the doors and slips inside.


Dean slowly rises next to the passenger window of the camper van, looking behind him. A large dog jumps at the window, barking wildy and he leaps back. On the other side of the van the cops shine their lights underneath, then in at the dog who is still barking.

Cop 1: Psycho mutt

They move on, the camera pans to the roof as Dean sticks his head over. He looks around tensely, then sags against the roof.


Sam moves quietly through the basement to a candlelit alter littered with parts of dead animals, blood, horns, etc. There is a photo in the middle of Dean, taken from the security camera the first time they were in the tent, before he was healed. His face has been crossed out with what looks like blood.


(from behind Sam, startling him) I gave your brother life and I can take it away.

Sam is furious. He tips over the table the alteris on, then runs at SUE ANN but she is already up the stairs. She closes the hatches and secures it with a beam. Sam stretches to push against them and keeps trying.


Sam, can't you see? The Lord chose me to reward the just and punish the wicked. And your brother is wicked and he deserves to die just as Layla deserves to live. It is God's will.

Sam turns to survey the room.


Good Bye Sam.

Sam pulls a block off wood out from the wall and smashes out a small boarded up window.




Mrs Rourke, pray with me now. (Roy takes her hand) Pray with me friends.



Dean is heading toward the tent when some lights go out. He stops, looking behind him, and watches the line of lights lighting the path go out one by one. He turns back to see the reaper walking toward him.





(Raising his hands) All right now. All right.

ROY places his hand on Layla's head.

Just outside the door SUE ANN is reciting Latin and holding the cross in her hands.



The reaper places his hand on the side of Dean's head. Dean convulses once.


Inside the church LAYLA is sinking to her knees, outside Dean is doing the Same. His eyes glaze over.


SUE ANN is reciting, holding up the cross. Sam appears, grabs it and throws it aside, breaking a glass bottle of blood.


The reaper stops what he is doing and looks up. Dean falls to the ground gasping.


Roy raises his hand from Layla's head, confused.


I don't understand...


I don't...feel any different...?


SUE ANN falls to her knees beside the blood.


My God, what have you done!

Sam: He's not your God.



(Looking up at ROY, confused) Reverend?


Sue Ann?


Outside, SUE ANN looks up and see's the reaper. He smiles at her. Terrified, she rises and turns to run. The reaper is there. He places his hand on her head, her eyes glaze over and she falls to her knees. After a moment, still smiling, he allows her to slip to the ground where she convulses once, twice, and dies. The reaper watches, looking satisfied.

Leaving her lying there, Sam turns and goes to look for Dean.


Dean makes it back to the Impala just as Sam approaches.

Sam: You Ok?

Dean: (Shaking his head) Hell of a week.

Sam: Yeah...All right, come on. We should get going.

The enter the car.



Dean sits on the bed, staring at nothing.

Sam: (watching him) What is it?

Dean: Nothing.

Sam waits a few seconds.

Sam: (More gently) What is it?

Dean: We did the right thing here didn't we?

Sam: Of course we did.

Dean: (hanging his head) It doesn't feel like it.

A knock at the door stops them.

Sam: I got it.

He opens the door as Dean turns to look. It is LAYLA.

Sam: Hey Layla. Come on in.



She enters. Dean quickly rises.

Dean: How did you know we were here?


Sam...called. He said you...wanted to say goodbye?

Dean glances at Sam, who is at the door, looking sheepish.

Sam: I'm gunna...grab a soda. Sam leaves, closing the door behind him.


So, uh. Where are you going?

Dean: Don't know yet. Our work kinda takes us all over.


(watching Dean in silence for a moment). You know...I went back to see Roy.

Dean: (Nods)What happened?


(sittin on one of the beds) Nothing. He laid his hands on my forehead but nothing happened.

Dean: (sitting beside her) I'm sorry. I'm sorry it didnt work.


And Sue Ann. She's dead you know? Stroke.

Dean: Yeah I heard. You know Roy's a good man. He doesn't deserve what's happened.

Dean looks at LAYLA.

Dean: Must be rough. To believe in something so much, and have it disappoint you.


(Smiling) You wanna hear something weird?

Dean turns to look at her.


I'm Ok. Really. I guess if you're gunna have faith...you can't just have it when the miracles happen. You have to have it when they don't.

Dean: So what now?


(smiling softly) God works in mysterious ways.

LAYLA lays her hand softly on the side of Dean's face, staring at him.


Good Bye Dean.

She rises and moves toward the door. Dean closes his eyes for a second, remaining still.

Dean: (rising and turing to face Layla) Well...(he clears his throat as Layla turns back to face him) I'm not much of the praying type...but...I'm gunna pray for you.


(eyes shining with unshed tears) Well...There's a miracle right there.

LAYLA turns and leaves the room. Dean stands staring at the door.



Transcribed by TMATEOTB