01x17 - Hell House

1.17 Hell House

Air Date: 30 Mar 2006



Three guys, one holding a torch, and a girl, walk along a muddy path.


Come on man, is it much further? I'm cold.


It should be just up here.A deserted cabin comes into focus through the mist.

Girl: Whoa.


There we go.


How'd you find this place anyway Craig?

Craig: My cousin told me about it.

Girl: I am so not going in there.

Craig: Wuss'. We came all the way out here may as well check it out.


Let's just hurry this up and get back to the car all right? It's friggin cold out here.

Craig and GUY 1 move ahead.


(To girl) Want me to hold your hand?

Girl thinks about it then takes his hand.


Is there...anything else I can hold?

Girl: (Hitting him) Loser.


(Laughing) Come on!

Inside the torchlight shows walls covered in weird symbols.

Craig: No way. Look at this stuff...Come on. It's this way.

They move into another room.

Craig: They say that it lives in the root cellar. It goes after girls. Always girls. It just, strings them up.


They say? Who's they, where'd you hear this crap?

Craig: I told you, my cousin.


And where'd she hear it?

Craig: I don't know. She heard it.


(Smirking) Whatever. Gimme that thing. (He grabs the torch)

He opens the door to the basement and goes downstairs. The others follow more slowly.


Oh look. It's the evil root cellar. You know where Satan cans all his vegetables. Come on, get your candy ass' down here and see for yourselves. It's just a basement full of skank-filled jars in some crap farmhouse. I don't see anything scary. Do you?

The others join him and look around. They freeze, looking over his shoulder, terrified.


What? what is is?

He slowly turns around. A girl hangs from the rafters. He screams.

END Teaser



Music: Blue Öyster Cult – Fire of Unknown Origin

The Impala cruises past a sign: Big Texas Towing and Salvage yard.

Dean is driving. He looks over and sees Sam sleeping with his mouth open. He feels around then gently places a plastic spoon in Sam's mouth. Grinning, he flips open his phone and takes a photo, then turns the music up loud.

Dean: (Singing) Fire...of unknown origins...took my baby away!

Sam jerks up, realises something is in his mouth, panics and waves his arms as he spits it out. Dean air drums along to the song on the steering wheel then looks over, grinning as Sam wipes his mouth and turns down the music.

Sam: Ha ha, very funny.

Dean: heh heh heh. Sorry, not a lot of scenery here in East Texas, kinda gotta make your own.

Sam: Man we're not kids anymore Dean. We're not going to start that crap up again.

Dean: Start what up?

Sam: That prank stuff. It's stupid, and it always escalates.

Dean: What's the matter Sammy, scared you're going to get a little Nair in your shampoo again huh?

Sam: All right, just remember you started it.

Dean: Ah ha, bring it on baldy.

Sam: Where are we anyway.

Dean: A few hours outside of Richardson. Gimme the low down again?

Sam: (Reading) All right, about a month or two ago this group of kids goes poking around in this local haunted house.

Dean: Haunted by what?

Sam: Apparently, a misogynistic spirit. Legend goes, it takes girls and strings them up in the rafters. Anyway this group of kids see this dead girl hanging in the cellar.

Dean: Anybody ID the corpse?

Sam: Well, that's the thing. By the time the cops got there the body was gone. So cops are saying the kids were just yanking chains.

Dean: Maybe the cops are right?

Sam: Maybe, but I read a couple of the kids first hand accounts. They seemed pretty sincere.

Dean: Where did you read these accounts?

Sam: (A little embarrased) Well, I knew we were going to be passing through Texas. So last night, I surfed some local paranormal websites. And I found one.

Dean: And what's it called.

Sam: Hell hounds lair.com

Dean: Let me guess, streaming live out of Mom's basement.

Sam: (Grinning) Yeah, probably.

Dean: Yeah. Most of those websites wouldn't know a ghost if it bit 'em in the persqueeter.

Sam: Look. We let Dad take off. Which was a mistake, by the way. And now we don't know where the hell he is and in the meantime we gotta find ourselves something to hunt. There's no harm in checking this out.

Dean: All right. So where do we find these kids?

Sam: Same place you always find kids in a town like this.



The Impala pulls up.

Snippets of the people that were at the Hell House being interviewed.


(At outside table) It was the scariest thing I ever saw in my life, I swear to God.


(through the serving hatch) From the moment we walked in the walls were painted black.



Girl: (at inside table) I think it was blood.


All these freaky symbols.


Crosses and stars and...





Girl: Whatever, I had my eyes closed the whole time.


But I can damn sure tell you this much. No matter what anyone says...

Girl: That poor girl.


With the black..



Girl: Red hair, just hanging there.




Without even moving!

Girl: She was real.


One hundred percent.


And kinda hot. Well you know in a dead sort of way.

Dean: (lookng at Sam with eyes raised) Ok!

Sam: And...how'd you find out about this place anyway?


Craig took us.



Sam and Dean enter.

Craig: (Behind counter) Fellas. Can I help you with anything?

Sam: Yeah, are you Craig Thurston?

Craig: I am.

Dean: Well we're reporters with the Dallas Morning News.[i]I'm Dean, this is Sam.

Craig: No way. Well I'm writer too. I write for my school's lit magazine.

Dean: Well, good for you Morrisey.

Sam: Umm. We're doing an article on local hauntings and rumor has it you might know of one.

Craig: You mean the Hell House?

Dean: That's the one.

Craig: I didn't think there was anything to the story.

Sam: Why don't you tell us the story.

Craig: Well, supposedly back in the '30s this farmer, Mordachai Murdoch, used to live in this house with his six daughters. It was during the depression, his crops were failing, he didn't have enough money to feed his own children. So I guess that's when he went off the deep end.

Sam: How?

Craig: Well, he figured it was best if his girls died quick, rather than starve to death. So he attacked them. They screamed, begged for him to stop but he just strung 'em up, one after the other. And when he was all finished he just turned around and hung himself. Now they say that his spirit is trapped in the house forever, stringing up any other girl that goes inside.

Dean: Where'd you hear all this.

Craig: My cousin Dana told me. I don't know where she heard it from. Ya gotta realise, I didn't believe this for a second.

Sam: But now you do.

Craig: I don't know what the hell to think man. You guys, I tell you exactly what I told the police ok? That girl was real. This was not a prank. I swear to God, I don't wanna go anywhere near that house ever again ok?

Dean: Thanks



Sam and Dean slush up the muddy path to the house.

Sam: I can't say I blame the kid.

Dean: Yeah, so much for curb appeal.

Cut to them both looking around. Sam comes back toward Dean who is holding the EMF.

Sam: You got something?

Dean: (Tapping the EMF) Ye-ah. The EMFs no good.

Sam: Why?

Dean: (Gesturing at overhead power lines) I think that things still got a little juice in it, it's screwing with all the readings.

Sam: Yeah that'd do it.

Dean: Yeah. Come on, let's go.

They head inside and start looking around.

Dean: (Whistling) Looks like old man Murdock was a bit of a tagger in his time.

Sam: And after his time too. That reverse cross has been used by Satanists for centuries but this sigil of sulfer didn't show up in San Franciso until the '60s.

Dean: (Staring at Sam) That is exactly why you never get laid.

Dean: (Moving to the other wall) Hey what about this one, you seen this one before?

It is a cross with a dot in the middle. The bottom stroke looks like an upsidedown question mark.

Sam: No.

Dean: I have. Somewhere.

Sam: (Rubbing the symbol) It's paint. Seems pretty fresh too.

Dean: I don't know Sam. You know I hate to agree with authority figures of any kind...but the cops may be right about this one.

Sam: Yeah, maybe.

A sudden noise has them on alert. They take up positions either side of a door. Dean nods and they bust through. Bright lights shine in their eyes.


Oh, cut. It's just a coupla humans.

One guy holds a small electrical gadget, the other a camera which he switches off.


What are you guys doing here?

Dean: What they hell are you doing here?


Ah-ha-ha. We belong here, we're professionals?

Dean: Professional what?


Paranormal Investigators. (He hands them both business cards) There you go, take a look at that, boys.

Dean: Oh you gotta be kidding me.

Sam: Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler? Hellhoundslair.com, you guys run that website.

Ed: Yeah.

Dean: Oh yeah, yeah, we're huge fans.

Ed: And ahh, we know who you guys are too.

Dean and Sam both look at him sharply.

Sam: Oh yeah?

Ed: Amatuers. (Dean immediately loses interest) Looking for ghosts and cheap thrills.

Harry: Yep. So if you guys don't mind, we're trying to conduct a serious scientific investigation here.

Dean: Yeah, what have you got so far?

Ed: Harry, why doncha tell 'em about EMF?

Harry: Well..

Sam: (Playing dumb and trying not to smile) EMF?

Harry: Electromagnetic field? Spectral entities can cause energy fluctuations that can be read with an EMF detector. Like this bad boy right here.

He turns it on. Dean smirks at Sam.

Harry: Whoa. Whoa. It's 2.8mg

Ed: 2.8. It's hot in here.

Dean whistles in admiration.

Sam: Wow.

Dean: Huh. So you guys ever really seen a ghost before, or...

Ed: Once. We were, uh...we were investigating this old house and we saw a vase fall right off the table...


By itself.

Ed: Well we didn't actually see it, we heard it. And something like that...it uh...it changes you.

Dean: Yeah. I think I get the picture. We should go, let them get back to work.

Ed: Yeah, you should.



Ed: (As Sam and Dean leave) Yeah, work.

Ed: (To Harry) I'm sorry. That pot we smoked gave me the giggles.



Sam exits and comes down the stairs as Dean approaches.

Sam: Hey.

Dean: Hey. What you got?

Sam: Well I couldn't find a Mordechai but I did find a Martin Murdock who lived in that house in the '30s. He did have children but only two of them, both boys and there's no evidence he ever killed anyone.

Dean: Huh.

Sam: What about you?

They have reached the Impala and stand talking over the top of it.

Dean: Well those kids didn't really give us a clear description of that dead girl but I did hit up the police station. No matching missing persons, it's like she never existed. Dude come on, we did our digging, this one's a bust all right. For all we know those hell hound boys made up the whole thing.

Sam: Yeah all right.

Dean: I say we find ourself a bar and some beers and leave the legend to the locals.

Dean gets into the car. Sam leans down, smiling, to look in the window.

Dean turns the key in the ignition. South American music blasts from the speakers, the wipers turn on and Dean rears back.

Dean: WHOA! What the...

He quickly reaches to turn everything off.

Sam gets in, laughing. He licks his finger and marks an imaginary '1' in the air then points to himself.

Dean: (Giving him a dirty look) That's all you got? Sweet. That is bush league.

The impala pulls away.



Two girls and a guy approach the house.

Guy: This is it. The point of no return.

Girl 1: Why do I have to go in there?

Girl 2

Because Jill you chose dare. You either have to grab a jar from Mordechai's cellar and bring it back or...

Guy: ...or you can make out with me.


(giving them both a dirty look) I'll take the homicidal ghost, thanks.

She turns on her torch and slowly approaches the house, leaving the other two behind.

Guy: Would you ever take that dare?

Girl: Hell no!

JILL cautiously moves inside. There is a noise like knives being sharpened.


Hello? Hello? Is there anybody there?

She makes her way to the cellar, looks around and moves toward the jars. One falls and she jumps back, panicked.

Ok. ok ok ok.

She turns and sees Mordechai. He throws a rope around her neck and she screams and keeps screaming as she is hoisted in the air.




Emergency vehicles and men move around. The girl's body is bought out on a stretcher.

Dean and Sam approach a man standing outside.

Dean: What happened?

Man: A coupla cops say a girl hung herself in the house.

Sam: Suicide?

Man: Yeah. She was a straight A student, with a full ride to UT too. It just don't make sense.

He walks away.

Sam: Whaddaya think?

Dean: I think maybe we missed something.



A police car is parked outside, two cops stand around. Sam and Dean crouch in the bushes.

Sam: I guess the cops don't want anyone else screwing around in there.

Dean: Yeah but we still gotta get in there.

Dean hears whispers and peaks from their hiding place.

Dean: I don't believe it.

Sam spins to look. Ed and Harry are approaching: hunched over, wearing all sorts of gadgets, whispering and shh-ing each other.

Dean: I got an idea.

He rises slightly, turns towards the cops and cups a hand to his mouth.

Dean: Who ya gunna call!

Ed and Harry


Cop: Hey you!

There is a muddled mixture of voices.

[i]Freeze. Run! Come on! Get back here. Hey!

The cops chase Ed and Harry back down the path. Laughing, Sam and Dean make a break for the house. Once inside Sam breaks out the rifles, handing one to Dean. Dean turns on a flashlight.

Dean: Where have I seen that symbol before? It's killing me!

Sam: Come on, we don't have much time.

They go down to the basement and look around. Dean spies the jars and picks one up for a closer look. The pale red liquid sloshes around inside.

Dean: Hey Sam. I dare you to take a swig of this.

Sam: What the hell would I do that for?

Dean: ...I double dare you.

Sam just shakes his head, looking away. Dean grins. A noise has them both on alert and they move toward the cabinet. At Dean's nod Sam opens the door. Rats squeak and run from the torchlight.

Dean: (Lifting his feet) Arghh! I hate rats.

Sam: You'd rather it was a ghost?

Dean: Yes.

Behind Sam's head we can see Mordechai has appeared. Sam and Dean realise at the Same time and swing around to see Mordechai raising an axe above his head. Sam shoots him twice but he's still there. Dean shoots him again and he mists away.

Sam: What the hell kind of spirit is immune to rock salt?

Dean: I dunno. Come on. Come on come on!

As they run toward the stairs Mordechai smashes his axe down, catching the shelves and bringing the jars crashing down on Dean. Mordechai and Sam begin fighting.

Sam: Go! Get outta here!

Mordechai smahes the electrical box and sparks fly everywhere.

Sam and Dean bolt for the door.


Outside, Ed and Harry creep back toward the house.

Harry: (Raising his night vision goggles) Maybe we should just get out of here.

Ed: No. Would John Edward go? We've lost the cops, let's find our centre and get some work done. Ok? All right?

As they approach the porch, camera raised, Sam and Dean burst out. They fall through the emergency tape and roll down the steps, spring immediately to their feet and keep running.

Dean: Get that damn thing outta my face

Sam: Go go go!

Ed and Harry are still facing the door and see Mordechai lurk.

Ed: Sweet Lord...

Harry: ...of the rings. RUN! GO GO GO

They turn to flee...and run straight into the arms of the cops.

Harry: Look, there's a...look. There's a man over there...I saw...where'd he go?

Cops: (Grabbing their collars) Boys come on.



Dean is sitting on the bed drawing the symbol, Sam is reseaching.

Dean: What the hell is this symbol? It's buggin' the hell outta me. This whole damn job's buggin' me. I thought the legend said Mordechai only goes after chicks.

Sam: It does.

Dean: All right. Well that explains why he went after you but why me?

Sam: Hilarious! The legend also says he hung himself but did you see those slit wrists?

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: What's up with that? And the axe too. I mean, ghosts are usually pretty strict right? Following the Same patterns over and over again?

Dean: But this mook keeps changing.

Sam: (clicking away on his laptop) Exactly. I'm telling ya, the way the story goes...wait a minute.

Dean: What?

Sam: Someone added a new post to the Hell Hound site. Listen to this. 'They say Mordechai Murdock was really a Satanist who chopped up his victims with an axe before slitting his own wrists. Now he's imprisoned in the house for eternity.

Still staring at the symbol he has drawn, Dean suddenly sits straight up.

Sam: Where the hell is this going?

Dean: I don't know but I think I might have just figured out where it all started.



Craig is sitting at the counter looking depressed.

Dean: Hey Craig? Remember us?

Craig: Guys, look I'm really not in the mood to answer any of your questions ok?

Dean: Oh don't worry. We're just here to buy an album, that's all.

Dean flicks through and picks up an album.

Dean: (To Sam as they approach the counter) You know I couldn't figure out what that symbol was and then I realised that it doesn't mean anything. It's the logo for the Blue Oyster Cult.

Dean: (To Craig) Tell me Craig, You into BOC? Or just sacring the hell outta people? Know why don't you tell us about that house...without lying through your ass this time.

Craig: (Sighing) All right, um. My cousin Dana was on break from TCU. I guess we were just bored, looking for something to do. So I showed her this abandoned dump I found. We thought it would be funny if we made it look like it was haunted. So we painted symbols on the wall, some from albums, some from some of Dana's theology textbooks. Then we found out this guy Murdock used to live there so...we made up some story to go along with that. So they told people, who told other people. And then these two guys put it on their stupid website. Everything just took on a life of it's own. I mean I thought it was funny at first but...that girl's dead! It was just a joke, you know. I mean, none of it was real, we just made the whole thing up. I swear!

Sam: (Softly) All right.

Sam and Dean turn to leave.

Dean: (To Sam) If none of it was real how the hell do you explain Mordechai?




Sounds of the shower running. Dean enters and walks over to Sam's bed, lifting a packet labelled 'Itching Powder".

Dean: (calls out) Hey, I'm back.

Sam: (From bathroom) Hey, where were you?

Dean: Oh, I went out.

Dean picks up Sam's underwear from the bed and shakes the content of the packet onto it.


So I think I might have a theory about what's going on.


(Still shaking) Oh yeah?

Sam: What if Mordechai is a Tulpa?

Dean: Tulpa?

Sam: (Emerging from the bathroom) Yeah, a Tibetan thought form.

Dean: (Swinging around hastily) Ahh, yeah, I know what a Tulpa is. Hey why don't you get dressed, I wanna go grab something to eat.

Dean enters the bathroom, smiling at Sam as he closes the door. Sam watches then turns to pick up his underwear.



Server: There you go gents.

Dean: (taking their two coffees) Thank you.

They make their way to a table, Sam grimacing and adjusting his jeans.

Dean: (watching him) Dude what's your problem?

Sam: Nothing, I'm fine.

Dean: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: So, ahhh, all right keep going. What about these Tulpas?

Sam: Ok, so there was this incident in Tibet in 1915. Group of monks visualised a golem in their head. The meditated on it so hard they bought the thing to life. Outta thin air.

Dean: So?

Sam: That was 20 monks. Imagine what 10,000 web surfers could do. I mean Craig starts the story about Mordechai, then it spreads, goes online. Now there are countless people all believing in the b*st*rd.

Dean: Now wait a second. Are you trying to tell me that just because people believe in Mordechai he's real?

Sam: I dunno, maybe.

Dean: People believe in Santa Claus, how come I'm not getting hooked up every christmas?

Sam: Cause you're a bad person. And because of this...

Sam turns his laptop, showing Dean a photo of one of the Hell House symbols.

Sam: That's a Tibetan spirit sigil. On the wall of the house. Craig said they were painting symbols from a theology textbook. I bet they painted this, not even knowing what it was. Now that sigil has been used for centuries, concentrating meditative thoughts like a magnifying glass. So people are on the Hell Hounds website, staring at the symbol, thinking about Mordechai...I mean I don't know, but it might be enough to bring a Tulpa to life.

Dean: It would explain why he keeps changing.

Sam: (Grimacing and adjusting himself again) Right, as the legend changes, people think different things, so the legend itself changes. Like a game of telephone. That would also explain why the rock salt didn't work.

Dean: Yeah because he's not a traditional spirit.

Sam: (Still figeting) Yeah.

Dean: Ok. So why don't we just...uhh. get this spirit sigil thingie off the wall and off the website?

Sam: Well it's not that simple. You see, once Tupla's are created they take on a life of their own.

Dean: Great. So if he really is a thought form how the hell are we supposed to kill an idea?

Sam: (still itching and adjusting) Well it's not gunna be easy with these guys helping us. Check out their home page.

Sam shows Dean footage from the previous night.

Sam: Since they've posted the footage their number of hits have quadrupled in the last day alone.

Dean: Hmph. I got an idea. Come on.

Sam: Where we going?

Dean: We gotta find a copy store.

They rise to go.

Sam: (itching and jiggling) Man, I think I'm allergic to our soap or something.

Dean laughs as he walks away.

Sam: You did this?

Dean continues laughing.

Sam: You're a friggin jerk!

Dean: Oh yeah.



Ed and Harry sit in a trailer with all their equipment.


No. No no, forget it. Forget it! I'm not going back in there again.

Ed: Harry. Look at me. Right here. Ok? You are a ghost hunter, ok?

Harry: I know but I've never seen a real ghost before Ed, like a real ghost, an apparition!

Ed: This stuff here...this is our ticket to the big time right here. Fame, money, s*x. With girls. K? Be brave. WWBD. What. Would. Buffy. Do. huh?

Harry: (Whispers) What would Buffy do. But Ed, she's stronger than me.

Ed: It's ok.

There is a pounding on the door. Harry jumps a foot in the air and squeals.

Harry: Who is it!

Dean: Come on out here guys, we hear you in there.

Ed: It's them!

They stick their heads out the door.

Dean: Ah, would you look at that! Action figures in their original packaging, what a shock.

Sam: Guys, we need to talk.

Ed: Yeah, um, sorry guys. We're ahhh, a little bit busy right now.

Dean: Ok well we'll make it quick. We need you to shut down your website.

Ed: (Laughing) Well these guys got us busted last night, spent the night in a holding cell...

Harry: I had to pee in that cell urinal. In front of people. And I get stage fright.

Ed: Why should we trust you guys?

Sam: Look guys. We all know what we saw last night, what's in that house. But now thanks to your website there are thousands of people hearing about Mordechai.

Dean: That's right which means people are gunna keep showing up at the Hell House, running into him in person, somebody could get hurt.

Ed: Yeah, yeah...

Harry: Ed maybe he's got a point, maybe...

Ed: Nope...

Harry: No.

Ed: We have an obligation to our fans, to the truth.

Dean: Well I have an obligation to kick both your little asses right now.

Sam: Dean, Dean, it's ok.(to Ed and Harry) Hey, just forget it, all right? These guys...probably bitch slap them both, I could probably even tell them that thing about Mordechai...but they still won't help us. Let's just go.

Ed and Harry

Whoa.. whoa...

Dean: Yeah, you're right.

Sam and Dean start to walk away, Ed and Harry trailing behind.

Ed: What you say about...?

Harry: Hang on a second here.

Ed: Wait...wait.

Harry: What thing about Mordechai you guys?

Dean: Don't tell 'em Sam.

Sam: But if they agree to shut the website down Dean.

Dean: They're not going to do it, you said so yourself.

Ed: No wait. Wait. Don't listen to him ok? We'll do it. We'll do it.

Dean: It's a secret Sam.

Sam: (to Ed and Harry) Look, it is a really big deal all right. And it wasn't easy to dig up. So only if we have your word that you'll shut everything down.

Ed: Totally.

Sam: All right.

Dean hands them some paperwork.

Sam: It's a death certificate. From the '30s. We got it at the library. Now according to the coroner, the actual cause of death was a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Dean: That's right he didn't hang or cut himself.

Ed: He shot himself?

Sam: Yep. With a .45 pistol. To this day they say he's terrified of them. <


Dean: Matter of fact they say if you shoot him with a .45, loaded with these special wrought-iron rounds it'd kill the son of a bitch.

Ed and Harry snigger gleefully. Ed spins and bolts back toward the trailer, Ed follows more slowly.

Ed: Harry. Slow your roll buddy. They're gunna know we're excited.



Sam and Dean sit in a booth, Sam looking at his laptop. Dean reaches up to the 3D artwork of a fisherman holding a big fish and pulls the cord. The fisherman's mouth moves up and down and an extremeley annoying laugh plays.

Sam: (pulling the cord to stop it) If you pull that string one more time I'm gunna kill you.

Dean, deadpan, stares at Sam while pulling the cord again. Sam immediately stops it, glaring.

Dean: (snickering) Come on man, you need more laughter in your life. You know you're way too tense.

Sam gives Dean another dirty look. Dean sighs.

Dean: They post it yet?

Sam moves the laptop around so Dean can see it and stabs at his salad angrily.

Dean: (Reading) We've learned from reputable sources that Mordechai Murdock has a fatal fear of firearms. All right. How long do we wait?

Sam: Long enough for the new story to spread, and the legend to change. I figure by nightfall iron rounds will work on the sucker.

Sam holds his beer out to Dean, who lifts his own and taps it.

Dean: Sweet.

Dean takes a long drink and Sam starts grinning. Dean goes to put the bottle down but it is stuck to his hand. Sam cracks up as Dean stares at it, confused.

Dean: You didn't.

Sam: (Laughing and holding up super glue) oh, I did!

Dean shakes his hand while Sam reaches to set the fisherman laughing again.




The two cops are searching the surrounds with their torches.

Cop 1: I'm telling ya, I heard something. Coming from over there.

The noise of the fisherman laughing can be heard.

Cop 1: See? See? There it is again.

Cop 2: What is tha...

They find the fisherman stuck in a tree, laughing.



Dean and then Sam enter the house on alert, guns drawn, and begin a methodical search, staying back to back. Dean readjusts his gun hand.

Dean: (Snarky) I barely have any skin left on my palm.

Sam: I'm not touching that line with a ten foot pole.

Dean shines his torch in Sam's face so he winces, then moves into the other room. Sam follows.

Dean: So you think old Mordechai's home?

Sam: I don't know.

Ed: (From behind) Me either.

Sam and Dean spin, pointing their guns at Ed and Harry.


Sam: What are you trying to do, get yourself killed?

Ed: We're just trying to get a book and movie deal ok?

From the basement comes the sound of knives being sharpened. Sam and Dean are immediately back on alert.

Ed: Oh crap.

Ed and Harry crowd in close behind Sam and Dean with their camera.

Ed: Ah guys, you wanna...you wanna open that door for me?

Dean: Why don't you?

Mordechai bursts through the door holding an axe and screaming. Sam and Dean empty their gun chambers. He holds on, then wavers and disappears into mist. Sam and Dean wait a beat, then take off to ensure the other rooms are clear.

Ed: Oh God. He's gone. He's gone.

Harry: Did you get him?

Ed: Yeah they got him.

Harry: No, on camera, did you get him on camera.

Ed: Well I...

Harry: Let me see it, let me see it.

Harry takes the camera and flips it open. Mordechai appears, slams his axe through the camera, forcing Harry to the ground and disappears again.

Dean runs in.

Hey! Didn't you guys post that B.S story we gave you?

Ed: Of course we did.

Sam appears in the other door, gun at the ready.

Harry: But then our server crashed.

Ed: Yeah.

Dean: So it didn't take?

Ed and Harry


Dean: So these guns don't work.

Ed: Yeah.

Dean: Great. Sam, any ideas?

Harry: We are getting out of here.

Ed: Yeah. Great.

Harry and Ed run past Dean to the other room, where Mordechai appears again. Screaming, they run to the front door but it is locked. Mordechai follows them.

Harry: Jesus Mary and Joseph.

Ed: The power of christ compels you, the power of christ compels you. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!

Sam: (Behind them) HEY! Come and get it you ugly son of a bitch.

The fight until Mordechai pins Sam against the wall, axe across his throat.

Sam: (To Ed and Harry) Get out of here, now!

Ed: We're out of here...

Dean is in the other room splashing keRosene everywhere. Mordechai lifts Sam off his feet with the pressure of the axe at his throat.

Sam: (Gasping) Dean.

Dean appears.


Dean holds up a spray bottle and lights the gas, a plume of fire appears.

Dean: (To Sam) Go go go!

Sam runs past him, Dean follows, pulling Sam as he stops and leans over, holding his throat.

Dean: Mordechai can't leave the house, we can't kill him? We improvise.

Dean holds up his lighter, flicks it, and throws it back into the room. It bursts into flame and the boys run outside.

Sam: That's your solution? Burn the whole damn place to the ground?

Dean: Well nobody will go in anymore. I mean look, Mordechai can't haunt a house if there's no house to haunt. It's fast and dirty but it works.

Sam: Well what if the legend changes again and Mordechai is allowed to leave the house?

Dean: Well then we'll just have to come back.

They watch the house burn.

Sam: Kinda makes you wonder. Of all the thing we hunted, how many existed just because people believed in them.



Sam and Dean are hanging out by a picnic table at the trailer park. Ed and Harry approach carrying grocery bags.

Harry: I was thinking that Mordechai has a really super high attack bonus.

Ed: Man I got the munchies right now. (To Sam and Dean) Gentlemen.

Sam: Hey guys.

Harry: Should we tell em.

Ed: Hey, might as well, you know, they're going to read about it in the trades.

Harry: So this morning we got a phone call from a very important hollywood producer.

Dean: Oh yeah, wrong number?

Ed: No, smart-ass. He read all about the Hell House on our website and wants to option the motion picture rights. Maybe even have us write it.

The place their grocery bags into a totally overloaded car.

Harry: And create the RPG.

Dean: The what?

Ed: Role playing game.

Dean: Right.

Ed: A little lingo for you. Excuse us, we're off to la-la land.

Sam: Well congratulations guys. That sounds really great.

Dean: Yeah. That's awesome, best of luck to you.

Ed: Oh yeah, luck. That has nothing to do with it. It's about talent. Sheer unabashed talent.

They all nod at each other.

Ed: Later.

They get in the car and start pulling off.

Ed: See ya round...

Dean: (watching them leave) Wow.

Sam: I have a confession to make.

Dean: What's that.

Sam: I...uh...I was the one that called them and told them I was a producer.

Dean: (Laughing)Yeah well I'm the one who put the dead fish in their back seat.

The both laugh.

Sam: Truce?

Dean: Yeah truce. At least for the next 100 miles.

They climb into the Impala and take off.

[i]MUSIC: Blue Öyster Cult – Burnin' for You[i]