01x18 - Something Wicked

1.18 Something Wicked

Air Date: 6 Apr 2006




Little Girl: (Kneeling by her bed) Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep, may angels watch me through the night and keep me save til morning light. Amen.

Dad: (Helping her into bed) Amen. Night Monkey Puss.

Little Girl: Daddy, is Mommy coming home?

Dad: No honey, she's spending the night at the hospital with your sister. You sleep tight now.

Outside a tree branch scratches against the window. The girl sits up in bed, afraid. She gathers her courage, races to the window and pulls the curtain across, then hides back under the covers. The scratching tree branch turns into a long spindly fingered hand and the window is slowly pulled open. A shadow approaches the bed, the girl is wide eyes and terrified under the covers. The hand is placed on her shoulder, she is turned and see's someone in a hood, only their mouth and chin visible. The skin is deeply wrinkled, the mouth opens and a bright light is emitted. The little girls begins to scream.


The Impala cruises down a country road.

INT. Impala.

Dean: Yeah. You probably missed something, that's what.

Sam: Dude, I ran LexisNexis, local police reports, newspapers, I couldn't find a single red flag. Are you sure you got the coordinates right?

Dean: Yeah, I double checked. It's Fitchburg, Wisconson. Dad wouldn't have sent us coordinates if it wasn't important Sammy.

Sam: (getting frustrated) Well I'm telling you I looked and all I could find was a big steAmy pile of nothing. If Dad's sending us hunting for something I don't know what.

Dean: Well maybe he's going to meet us there.

Sam: Yeah. Cause he's been so easy to find up to this point.

Dean: You're a real smart ass you know that?... Don't worry I'm sure there's something in Fitchburg worth killing.

Sam: Yeah? What makes you so sure.

Dean: Cause I'm the oldest, which means I'm always right.

Sam: No it doesn't.

Dean: It totally does.

Dean glances at Sammy then looks back at the road with a little grin. The impala cruises past the sign for Fitchburg, population 20,501.



Sam leans against the Impala staring ahead. Dean crosses to the road to him, holding two coffees. Glasow's Diner can be seen in the background.

Dean: (handing Sam a coffee) Well...the waitress thinks the local freemasons are up to something sneaky but other than that no one's heard about anything freaky going on.

Sam: Dean you got the time?

Dean: (looking at his watch) Ten after Four. Why?

Sam: (Indictating ahead) What's wrong with this picture.

Sam has been watching a playground. It is deserted, only one child climbing around.

Dean: School's out isn't it?

Sam: Yeah. So where is everybody? This place should be crawling with kids right now.

A woman sits on a park bench reading a magazine. Dean approaches.

Dean: Sure is quiet out here.

Woman: Yeah, it's a shame.

Dean: Why's that?

Woman: You know, kids getting sick, it's a terrible thing.

Dean: How many?

Woman: Just five or six but serious, hospital serious. A lot of parents are getting pretty anxious. They think it's catching.

They both watch the little girls playijng by herself.



Sam and Dean enter and approach the reception desk.

Sam: Dude. Dude I am not[i]using this ID.

Dean: Why not?

Sam: Dean: (Grinning) Don't worry she won't look that close all right? Hell, she won't even ask to see it. It's all about confidence Sammy.

He spins Sam to face the desk and keeps walking. The receptionist looks up.

Sam: Hi. I'm Doctor Jerry Caplin, from diesease control.


Can I see some ID?

Further down the corridor Dean sniggers.

Sam: (Throwing Dean a dirty look) Yeah of course.

Sam: (Quickly flashing the ID) Now could you direct me to the pediatrics ward please?


Okay well, just go down that hall, turn left and up the stairs.

Sam approaches a grinning Dean, giving major bitchface.

Dean: (Still grinning) See. I told you it would work.

Sam: (Growls) Follow me it's upstairs.


Sam and Dean walk down the corridor. Dean looks into a room they pass. An old evil looking woman sitting in a wheelchair slowly turns her head to look at him. An inverted cross hangs on her wall.

Sam: Dean!

Dean follows Sam, glancing back toward the room.



Dean: Thanks for seeing us Dr Heidecker.

Heidecker: Well I'm glad you guys are here, I was just about to call CDC myself. How'd you find out anyways?

Dean: Oh some GP, I forget his name, he called Atlanta and musta beat you to the punch.

Sam: So you say you got six cases so far?

Heidecker: Yeah, five weeks. At first we thought it was garden variety bacterial pneumonia. Not that newsworthy. And now...

Sam: Now what?

Heidecker: Kids aren't responding to antibiotics. Their white cell counts keep going down. Their immune systems aren't doing their job. It's like their bodies are wearing out.

Nurse: Excuse me Dr Heidecker.

The Nurse hands him some forms to look over and sign.

Sam: (to Heidecker)You ever see anything like this before?

Heidecker: Never this severe.

Nurse: And the way it spreads...that's a new one for me.

Sam: What do you mean?

Nurse: It works its way through families. But only the children, one sibling after the other.

Dean: You mind if we interview a few of the kids?

Nurse: They're not conscious.

Sam: None of them?

Nurse: No.

Dean: Can we, uh, can we talk to the parents?

Heidecker: If you think it will help.

Dean: Yeah. Who was your most recent admission?



A man sits on a chair against the wall, Sam and Dean stand in front of him.

Man: I should get back to my girls.

Sam: We understand that, and we really appreciate you talking to us. Now you say Mary is the oldest?

Man: Thirteen.

Sam: Ok. And she came down with it first right? And then...

Man: Bethany, the next night.

Sam: Within 24 hours?

Man: I guess. Look I already went through all this with the Doctor.

Dean: Just a few more questions if you don't mind. How do you think they caught pneumonia? Were they out in the cold, anything like that?

Man: No. We think it was an open window.

Dean: Both times?

Man: The first time I don't really remember but the second time for sure. And I know I closed it before I put Bethany to bed.

Sam: So you think she opened it?

Man: It's a second story window with a ledge. No one else could have.


Sam and Dean walk back down the corridor.

Sam: You know this might not be anything supernatural, it might just be pneumonia.

Dean: Maybe. Or maybe something opened that window. I don't know man, Dad sent us down down here for a reason. I think we may be barking up the right tree.

Sam: I'll tell you one thing.

Dean: What?

Sam: That guy we just talked to? I bet it will be a while before he goes home.



Sam and Dean check the room with EMF.

Sam: You got anything over there?

Dean: No nothing.

Sam: Yeah, me neither.

They keep checking. Sam moves to the window.

Sam: Hey Dean?

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: (Staring at the windowsill) You were right, it's not pneumonia.

Dean comes over and they stare at a handprint rotted into the wood.

Sam: It's rotted. What the hell leaves a handprint like that?



Young Dean (around 9-10) is staring at a photo of the Same handprint. John comes out of the bedroom, loading his sawn off.

John: All right. You know the drill Dean. Anybody calls, you don't pick up. It's me, I'll ring once then call back. You got that?

Young Dean: Mm-hmm. Only answer the phone if it rings once first.

John: Look alive, this stuff is important.

Young Dean: I know, it's just...we've gone over it like a million times and you know I'm not stupid.

John: I know you're not, but it only takes one mistake you got that?

John continues gathering his things.

John: All right, if I'm not back Sunday night...?

Young Dean: Call Pastor Jim.

John: Lock the doors, the windows, close the shades. Most important...

Young Dean: Watch out for Sammy.

They both look to SamMY, sprawled on the couch watching TV.

Young Dean: I know.

John: All right. If something tries to bust in?

Young Dean: Shoot first, ask questions later.

John: (taking his shoulder) That's my man.




Dean: (standing at window) I know why Dad sent us here. He's faced this thing before. He wants us to finish the job.




The Impala pulls up to a motel reception and they get out.

Sam: So what the hell is a shtriga?

Dean: Kinda like a witch I think. I don't know much about them.

Sam: Well I've never heard of it. And it's not in Dad's journal.

Dean: Dad hunted one in Fort Douglas, Wisconsin, about 16-17 years ago. You were there, you don't remember?

Sam: No.

Dean: Guess he caught wind the things in Fitzburg now and kicked us the coordinates.

Sam: So wait, this...

Dean: Shtriga.

Sam: Right, you think it's the Same one Dad hunted before?

Dean: Yeah maybe.

Sam: But if Dad went after it how come it's still breathing air?

Dean: Cause it got away.

Sam: Got away?

Dean: (starting to get frustrated) Yeah Sammy it happens.

Sam: Not very often.

Dean: Well I don't know what to tell ya, maybe Dad didn't have his wheaties that morning.

Sam: What else do you remember?

Dean: (Defensively) Nothing, I was a kid all right?

Dean enters reception and rings the bell. A boy of around 10-12 comes from the back room where a younger boy sits watching TV

Boy: A king or two queens?

Dean: (Glancing back at Sam) Two queens.

Boy: (Following his look and sniggering under his breath) Yeah I'll bet.

Dean: What'd you say.

Boy: (smiling) Nice car!

A woman enters, smiling at them both.

Woman: Hi.

Dean: Hi.

Woman: Checking in?

Dean: Yeah.

Woman: (To boy) Ahh, do me a favour, go get your brother some dinner.

Boy: I'm helping a guest!

She gives him a look and he grimaces and turns to go.

Boy: (To his mother, while raising his eyebrow at Dean) Two queens.

Dean: (fake laugh) Funny kid.

Woman: Oh, yeah. He thinks so. Will that be cash or credit?

Dean: Do you take mastercard? (She nods) Perfect. Here you go.

Dean watches through the door as the boy pours a glass of milk for his younger brother.



Young Sam sits at the table. Young Dean pours him a glass of milk.

Young Sam: When's Dad going to get back.

Young Dean: (Grabbing a pot from the stove) Tomorrow.

Young Sam: When?

Young Dean: (pouring from the pot into a bowl) I dunno, he usually comes in late though. Now eat your dinner.

Young Sam: I'm sick of scabetti-ohs.

Young Dean: Well you're the one who wanted 'em!

Young Sam: I want lucky charms!

Young Dean: There's no more lucky charms.

Young Sam: I saw the box!

Young Dean: Okay, maybe there is but there's only enough for one bowl and I haven't had any yet.

SamMY gives puppy dog eyes. Dean grimaces, dumps out Sam's bowl in the trash and thumps the cereal box on the table instead. Sam reaches into the box and grabs the toy.

Young Sam: (holding it toward Dean) Want the prize?




Woman: (Holding out his card) Sir?

Dean: (Coming back to reality) Thanks.



Sam: (on laptop) Well you were right. It wasn't very easy to find but you were right. Shtriga's is a kind of witch. They're Albanian, but legends about them trace back to ancient rome. They feed off [i]spiritus vitae[i].

Dean: Spiri-what?

Sam: Vitae. It's Latin, translates to 'breath of life'. Kinda like your life force or essence.

Dean: Didn't the Doctor say the kids bodies were wearing out?

Sam: It's a thought. you know she takes your vitality maybe your immunity goes to hell, pneumonia takes hold. Anyway, shtriga's can feed off anyone but they prefer...

Dean: Children.

Sam: Yeah, probably because they have stronger life force. And get this. Shtriga's are '...invulnerable to all weapons devised by God and man.'

Dean: No, that's not right. She's vulnerable when she feeds.

Sam: What?

Dean: If you catch her when she's eating you can blast her with concecrated wrought iron. Ahhh...buckshots or rounds I think.

Sam: How do you know that?

Dean: Dad told me. I remember.

Sam: Oh. So uh, anything else Dad might have mentioned?

Dean: Nope, That's it.

Sam keeps staring at Dean.

Dean: What?

Sam: Nothing. Okay. So, assuming we can kill it when it eats we gotta find the thing first. It ain't gunna be a cakewalk. Shtriga's take on a human disguise when they're not hunting.

Dean: What kinda human disguise?

Sam: Historically, something innocuous. Could be anything, but it's usually a feeble old woman, which might be how the witches as old crones legend got started.

Dean: (crossing the room) Hang on.

Sam: What?

Dean: (grabbing a map) Check this out. I marked down all the addresses of the victims. Now these are the houses that have been hit so far, and dead centre?

Sam: The hospital.

Dean: Yeah. Now when I was there I saw a patient, an old woman.

Sam: An old person huh?

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: In a hospital? Phew. (shaking his head and sniggering) Better call the coast guard.

Dean: Well listen smart ass, she had an inverted cross hanging on her wall.

Sam quickly looks up, serious. Dean raises an eyebrow at him.



Sam and Dean come down a hallway, quickly ducking back when they see Dr Heidecker.

Nurse: Good night Dr Heidacker.

Heidecker: See you tomorrow Betty.

Nurse: Try and get some sleep.

Sam and Dean hide until Heidecker passes, then continue onto the old woman's room. They open the door and sneak in, Dean taking the front, Sam hanging back, guns drawn. The woman is in her wheelchair facing toward the corner, she seems to be sleeping. Dean slowly leans in closer and closer to her face.

Old Woman: (Turning her head) Who the hell are you!

Dean freaks, leaping back against a wall cabinet, pulling his gun up.

Old Woman: Who's there? You trying to steal my stuff? (Grumbling to herself) They're always stealing around here.

Sam: (Turning the light on. We can see she has cataracts) No! Ah, ma'am, we're maintenance. We're sorry. We thought you were sleeping.

Old Woman: Ahhh, nonsense. I was sleeping with my peepers open. (She laughs, then gestures at the wall) And fix that crucifix would ya? I've asked four damn times already!

Dean, still looking slightly freaked out, taps the crucifix and it swings the right way up.



The camera pans across the owners sons sleeping in twin beds, and onto the window. The Shtriga's arm appears and slides the window open.




The Impala pulls up and Sam and Dean exit.

Sam: (Laughing) "I was sleeping with my peepers open?" Bahahahaha.

Dean: I almost smoked that old girl I swear. It's not funny!

Sam: (Still sniggering) Oh man you shoulda seen your face.

Dean: Yeah, laugh it off. Now we're back to square one.

Dean: (sees the owners son sitting behind the office looking folorn) Hang on.

Dean: (To the boy) Hey what's wrong?

Boy: My brothers sick.

Dean: Little guy?

Boy: (Nodding) Pneumonia. He's in the hospital. It's my fault

Dean: Oh c'mon, how?

Boy: I shoulda made sure the window was latched. He wouldn't have got pneumonia if the window was latched.

Dean: Listen to me. I can promise you that this is not your fault. Okay?

Boy: It's my job to look after him.

His mother hurries out of the motel toward her car.

Mom: Michael, I want you to turn on the no vacancy sign while I'm gone. I've got Denise covering room service.

Michael: I'm going with you.

Mom: Not now Michael.

Michael: But I gotta see Asher!

Dean: Hey Michael. Hey. I know how you feel, but you gotta go easy on your Mom right now ok?

Mom: (Dropping her handbag in her haste) Damn it!

Sam: I got it.

Mom: Thank you.

Dean: Listen, you're in no condition to drive, why don't you let me give you a lift to the hospital.

Mom: No I couldn't possibly...

Dean: No, I insist. It's no trouble.

Dean takes her keys.

Mom: Thanks. (To Michael) Be good.

Dean helps her into her seat then turns to Sam.

Dean: We're going to kill this thing. I want it dead, you hear me?



Sam sits at a microfiche machine. He picks up his phone.

Dean: (Whispers) [i]Hey[i].

Sam: Hey. How's the kid?

Dean: [i]He's not good. Where you at?

Sam: I'm at the library. I've been trying to find out as much as I can about this Shtriga.

Dean: Yeah, what have you got?

Sam: Well, bad news. I started with Fort Douglas around the time you said Dad was there?

Dean: Yeah?

Sam: Same deal. Before that there was Ogdenville, before that North Haverbrook and Brockway. Every 15-20 years it hits a new town. Dean this thing is just getting started in Fitzburgh. In all these other places it goes on for months.Dozens of kids before the shtriga finally moves on. The kids languish in comas and then they just die.

Dean: How far back does this thing actually go?

Sam: Ah, I don't know. The earliest mention I could find is this place called "Black River Falls" back in the 1890s. Talk about a horror show...whoa.

Dean: Sam?

Sam: Hold on...I'm looking at a photgraph right now of a bunch of Doctors standing around a kids bed. One of the Doctors is Heidacker.

Dean: And?

Sam: And this picture was taken in 1893.

Dean: You sure?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah absolutely.

Dean hangs up and turns to watch Heidecker sitting on ASHER's bed.

Heidecker: (To Asher's Mom) Don't worry, your son's in good hands. I'm going to take care of him.

Heidecker moves toward Dean standing in the doorway. Dean looks ready to slit his throat.

Heidecker: So what's the CDC come up with so far?

Dean: We're still working on a few theories. You'll know something as soon as we do.

Heidecker: Well, nothings more important to me than these kids. Let me know if I can help.

Dean: I'll do that.



Sam: We should have thought of this before. A Doctor's a perfect disguise. You're trusted, you can control the whole thing.

Dean: That son of a bitch.

Sam: I'm surprised you didn't draw on him right there.

Dean: Yeah well, first of all, I'm not going to open fire in a pediatrics ward.

Sam: Good call.

Dean: Second, it wouldn't have done any good. The bastards bullet proof unless he's chowing down on something. And third, I wasn't packing, which is probably a good thing cause I probably would have burned a clip in him on principal alone.

Sam: You're getting wise in your old age Dean.

Dean: Damn right. Cause now I know how we're going to get it.

Sam: What do you mean?

Dean: Shtriga, works through siblings right?

Sam: Right.

Dean: Well last night...

Sam: It went after Asher.

Dean: So I'm thinking tonight it's probably gunna come after Michael.

Sam: Well we gotta get him outta here.

Dean: No. No, that would blow the whole deal.

Sam: What?

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: You wanna use the kid as bait? Are you nuts? No! Forget it. That's out of the question.

Dean: It's not out of the question Sam it's the only way. If this thing disappears it could be years before we get another chance.

Sam: Michael's a kid. And I'm not going to dangle him in front of that thing like a worm on a hook.

Dean: Dad did not send me here to walk away.

Sam: Send you here? He didn't send you here, he sent us.

Dean: This isn't about you Sam. I'm the one who screwed up, all right. It's my fault. There's no telling how many kids have gotten hurt because of me.

Sam: What are you saying Dean, how is it your fault?

Long pause.

Sam: (Sighing). Dean. You've been hiding something from the get go. Since when does Dad bail on a hunt? Since when does he let something get away? Now talk to me man. Tell me what's going on


Fort Douglas WIsconsin. It was our third night in this crap room and I was climbing the walls man. I needed to get some air.

Dean's face morphs into Young Dean: FLASHBACK. MOTEL ROOM.

Young Dean sits watching TV. He turns it off and goes to the front door, looking back at SamMY asleep in the other room before he leaves, locking the door behind him. He plays arcade games in recpetion until the owner tell's them they're closing for the night.

Returning to the room he sees a strange light coming from SamMY's room. He moves closer and sees the shtriga leaning over SamMY. Dean reaches for the rifle by the door but the shtriga hears him cock it and rears up, hissing.

Dean hesitates, terrified. As he does John bursts through the front door, gun raised.

John: (Shouting) Get out of the way!

Dean ducks and John shoots the Shtriga multiple times with his hand gun. The Shtriga jumps through the bedroom window, glass shattering. John rushes to Sam's bed and pulls him close, cradling him.

John: Sammy. Sammy. You ok?

Young Sam: (Confused and sleepy) Yeah Dad, what's going on?

John: You all right?

John holds SamMY close while turning to glare at Dean.

John: What happened?

Dean: (Hesitating) I just went out.

John: What!

Dean: Just for a second, I'm sorry.

John: I told you not to leave this room. I told you not to let him out of your sight!

Young Dean watches as John cradles SamMY. His face morphs back into present Dean.

Dean: Dad just grabbed us and booked. Dropped us off at Pastor Jim's about three hours away, but by the time he got back to Fort Douglas the shtriga had disappeared, it was just gone. It never surfaced until now. Dad never spoke about it again, I didn't ask. But he...ah...he looked at me different, you know? Which was worse. Not that I blame him. He gave me an order and I didn't listen, I almost got you killed.

Sam: (Softly) you were just a kid.

Dean: Don't. Don't. Dad knew this was unfinished business for me. He sent me here to finish it.

Sam: But using Michael, I don't know Dean. I mean, how bout one of us hides under the covers, we be the bait.

Dean: No it won't work. It's gotta get close enough to feed it'll see us. Believe me I don't like it, but it's gotta be the kid.



Michael: (holding the phone up) You're crazy! Just go away or I'm calling the cops.

Dean: Hang on a second. Just listen to me. You have to believe me ok? This thing came through the window and it attacked your brother. I've seen it. I know what it looks like. Cause it attacked my brother once too.

Michael: (Slowly hanging up the phone) This thing...is it...like...it has this long...black robe?

Dean: You saw it last night didn't you?

Michael: I thought I was having a nightmare.

Dean: I'd give anything not to tell you this but sometimes nightmares are real.

Michael: So, why are you telling me?

Dean: Because we need your help.

Michael: My help?

Dean: We can kill it. Me and him that's what we do. But we can't do it without you.

Michael: What? No!

Dean: Michael listen to me. This thing hurt Asher. And it's going to keep hurting kids unless we stop it, understand me?

Michael stares at Dean, horrified.



Dean: Well that went crappy.

Sam: What did you expect? You can't ask a adult to do something like that, much less a kid.

There is a knock at the door. It is Michael.

Michael: If you kill it, will Asher get better?

Dean: Honestly? We don't know.

Michael: You said you were a big brother. (Dean nods) You'd take care of your little brother? You'd do anything for him?

Dean: Yeah I would.

Michael: Me too. I'll help.



INT. MOTEL. Michael's ROOM.

Dean completes hooking up a security camera in the corner of the room, staring into the lense. Michael is behind him in bed. Sam is watching the security feed in the other room.

Dean: (To Michael) This camera has night vision on it so we'll be able to see clear as day. (To Sam, lifting his voice) Are we good?

Sam: A hair to the right. (Dean adjusts the camera) There, there.

Michael: What do I do?

Dean: (Moving to sit on his bed) Just stay under the covers.

Michael: And if it shows up?

Dean: We'll be right in the next room. We're gunna come in with guns. So as soon as we do you roll off this bed and you crawl under it.

Michael: What if you shoot me?

Dean: We won't shoot you. We're good shots. We're not going to fire until you're clear ok? Have you heard a gunshot before?

Michael: Like in the movies?

Dean: It's gunna be a lot louder than in the movies. So I want you to stay under the bed, cover your ears, [i]do not[i]come out until we say so. Understand?

Michael nods slowly, looking scared.

Dean: Michael you sure you wanna do this? (Michael doesn't answer for a long moment).

Dean: You don't have to, it's ok, I won't be mad.

Michael: No I'm ok. Just don't shoot me.

We're not going to let anything happen to you, I promise you.



Sam and Dean sit watching the security camera feed.

Dean: What time is it?

Sam: Almost 3. Are you sure these iron rounds are gunna work?

Dean: Concecrated iron rounds, and yeah it's what Dad used last time.

Sam: Hey Dean I'm sorry.

Dean: For what?

Sam: You know, I've really given you a lot of crap, for always following Dad's orders. But I know why you do it.

Dean: They sit in silence for a moment.

Dean: Wait, look.

There is movement outside the window. It slides open. Sam and Dean pick up their guns. The Shtriga is inside Michael's room.

Sam: Now.

Dean: Not yet.

The shtriga moves closer and leans over the bed, Michael is terrified but frozen, unable to move. The shtriga leans closer and opens his mouth, starting to draw Michael's energy. Dean and Sam burst in.

Sam: Hey!

Dean: Michael, down!

Michael rolls off and under the bed and Sam and Dean open fire, shooting the Shtriga multiple times each. It falls to the ground.

Dean: Mike, you all right?

Michael: Yeah.

Dean: Just sit tight.

Dean approaches the shtriga, gun at the ready. There is no movement. He relaxes slightly and glances at Sam. The shtriga suddenly rises, grabs Dean by the throat and throws him against the wall.

Sam: Dean!

The shtriga moves and throws Sam to the ground, falling on him and forcing his mouth open. Sam stuggles to reach his gun. The shtriga begins drawing his energy and Sam stills and starts going grey.

Dean: Hey!

The shtriga looks up and Dean shoots it between the eyes. He falls backwards and Sam lays gasping for breath

Dean: You ok little brother?

Sam nods, they both pull themselves to their feet and look to the Shtriga. The energy the shtriga stole begins to escape from it's mouth. Dean raises his gun, shooting it three more times at point blank range. It falls in on itself, disintergrating.

Michael peeks from the side of the bed.

Dean: It's ok Michael, you can come on out.

Michael comes to stand beside them, Dean places his hand on Michael's shoulder and smiles.




Dean and Sam are packing the Impala ready to head out. Michael's Mom comes out of the back of reception.

Dean: Joanna. How's Asher doing?

Joanna: Have you seen Michael?

Michael: (Running up) Mom! Mom!


(Hugging him ) Hey!

Michael: How's Ash?

Joanna: Got some good news. Your brother's going to be fine.

Michael: (Grinning) Really?

Joanna: Yeah, really. No one can explain it, it's a miracle. They're going to keep him in overnight for observation and then he's coming home.

Dean: That's great.

Sam: How are all the other kids doing?

Joanna: Good. Real good. A bunch of them should be checking out in a few days. Dr Travis says the ward's going to be like a ghost town.

Sam: Dr Travis? what about Dr Heidacker?

Joanna: Oh he wasn't in today. Must have been sick or something.

Dean: Yeah. Must have.

Joanna: (To Michael) So, did anything happen while I was gone?

Michael: (Glancing at Dean) Nah, Same old stuff.

Joanna: Ok. You can go see Ash.

Michael: (Excited) Now?

Joanna: Only if you want to.

Michael runs to the car.

Joanna: (Laughing) I'd better get going before he hot wires the car and drives himself.

Smiling good bye, she leaves, Sam and Dean turn back to the Impala.

Sam: It's too bad.

Dean: Oh, they'll be fine.

Sam: That's not what I meant. I meant Michael. He'll always know there are things out there in the dark, he'll never be the Same, you know? (long pause) Sometimes I wish that...

Dean: What...?

Sam: I wish I could have that kinda innocence.

They watch JOANNA and Michael drive away.

Dean: (Slowly) If it means anything, sometimes I wish you could too.

They exchange a look. Dean climbs in the car and starts the engine. Sam follows and they pull out of the motel car park and back onto the freeway.