01x01 - Fire in the Hole

[ indistinct conversations ]

♪ ♪

Raylan: The airport's a good 45 from here, but I figure you'll be all right if you leave in the next two minutes.

Well, correct me if I'm wrong, my friend, but you gave me till 2:15, right?

Raylan: Yeah. Now you have two minutes.

[ sighs ]

You know, I... I... I been coming here ever since I was a kid, ever since this was nothing but old Jews and old Cubans.

And to tell you the truth, I love it here. I really do. I loved it then, and I love it now.

So I'm not gonna leave, so have a meal with me, okay?

You hungry?

Um, I swear, you pass up...

These are the best crab cakes in town, I swear to god, much better than that crap we were eating in Managua.

Remember that?

I don't know if that was Mexican, Puerto Rican.

I don't know what it was, but it was crap.


I hated it.

Raylan: I didn't mind it.

I had some pork dish I quite liked.

One minute.

But a second ago, you said two minutes.

What... what's going on here?

Raylan: Time flies, huh?

[ laughs ]


You're a character.

I was telling my friends this morning how yesterday you come to me and, "if you don't get out Of town in 24 hours, I'm gonna shoot you on sight."

Come on.

What is that?

They thought it was a joke.

They started laughing.

Raylan: You tell them about the man you killed, the way you did it? 'cause I found nothing funny in that.

Then maybe I should've killed you, huh? Maybe I made a mistake.

Raylan: Well, we all have regrets. Cut me a little slack here, Okay?

Does nothing count, that I let you live?

Raylan: Oh, I'm giving you the same consideration right now.

You can get up and go.

30 seconds. So, what are you gonna do?

In front of all these people, you're gonna pull out a gun and you're gonna shoot an unarmed man?

Raylan: You're unarmed, huh?

Hey, you got eyes. You see a piece on me?

Raylan: 20 seconds.


Raylan: 10.

You know what?

Seriously, you come in, you interrupt my meal, you won't eat with me.

This is bullshit.

This is supreme bullshit.

[ gasps ]

En route, 56.

A 240 occurred approximately 10 minutes ago.

A white male, approximately 40 years old, exited apartment building at 3445 south miami avenue on foot. U.S. Attorney's gonna have a lot of questions.

Raylan: Nothing I can't answer.

They might think that you cornered him, didn't give him a choice.

Raylan: Oh, he had a choice. How's the hat, hmm?

I was wondering if it shrunk, you know, got a little too tight, you took it off your head, and now you're suffering from sunstroke.

You do know that we're not Allowed to shoot people on sight anymore...

Raylan: I didn't.

...And haven't been for, I Don't know, maybe years?

Raylan: He pulled first.

It's not about who pulled first.

[ clears throat ]

You remember the meth head last year, the one who pulled a shotgun?

That ended up on what, page nine?

This... this bullshit... this is gonna be on the nightly news.

D.O.J. Inquiry number 359826

Into the shooting death of Thomas francis buckley on March 3, 2010, in miami, Florida.

Would you like to make a statement? the marshal's office has Conducted an internal investigation of the proceedings that occurred at the hotel in Question on...

Raylan: Dan.

Come on, let's just keep it Simple, huh?

He pulled first.

I shot him.

[ sighs ]

Raylan: Well, I thought that went well.

You thought that went well?

I got a phone call this morning from the director.

Before that, the director got a phone call from the A.G.

Let me put it to you this way.

The weather forecast is for a shitload of sh1t raining down on this office from washington.

I'm gonna reassign you.

Raylan: Prison transport? no, I'm getting you out of Dodge.

They need manpower in the Eastern district of Kentucky.

I talked to the chief of the District, Art Mullen... said you Guys taught firearms together at Glynco.

Raylan: No, no, dan, I grew up in Kentucky.

I don't want to go back there.

Well, then, we have a problem, because you don't want to go back to Kentucky, and you cannot, under any circumstances, stay here.

Got any other skills?

[ car door closes ]

Flight number 167 from St. Louis is now arriving at Gate number 8.

You may greet your passengers if they...

Raylan: [ sighs ]

Art: A bit of a comedown from the miami office, I'd expect.

Raylan: Oh, not with you here.

Art: [ laughs ]

Good to see you.

Well, I won't overwhelm you with everybody's name right now.

You want to go have a drink?

Raylan: Sounds good.

Art: Follow me, and I'll pack up, and we'll go.

You look the same as you did at Glynco... same coat, same boots.

Raylan: The boots are fairly new.

Art: Don't tell me that hat Is.

Raylan: No, it's old.

Art: Have a seat.

You were working fugitives in Miami, huh?

Raylan: Yeah, I did.

Art: Yeah, well, here, everybody does everything...

Fugitives, witness relocation, Judicial protection, Forfeitures, prisoner transport.

Boy, every office I ever worked in, prisoner transport was the sh1t detail... chief always used it as punishment.

But here we all do it.

Raylan: Even you?

Art: No.

Hell no.

I heard about you and Winona.

Raylan: From who?

Art: Winona.

She works here.

Raylan: In Lexington?

Art: In the courthouse...

She's a court reporter.

Raylan: Well, I... I knew she was coming back to Kentucky.

I think her mom took ill.

Art: Well, I thought that was why you picked Kentucky.

Raylan: Art, no offense...

I didn't pick Kentucky.

Art: [ laughs ]

Yeah, I talked to your marshal down there in miami.

Tell me about the shooting.

Raylan: It was justified.

You concerned about me coming Down here?

Art: It's a small office, Raylan.

I'm concerned when we switch brands of coffee.

Is your dad still down there in Harlan?

Raylan: Far as I know.

Art: Thought you were from There.

Reason I ask... the u.S.

Attorney's trying to build this case against this guy in Harlan.

And he's about the same age as You, it's a small town, thought You might know him...

Boyd crowder.

Raylan: My god, Art, any other sh1t you want to dump on me tonight?

Art: You do know him.

Raylan: Yeah, I know him.

Yeah, Boyd and I dug coal together when we were 19. well, Boyd, what do you think?

Boyd: Well, Jared, I think it sucks.

What? Why?

Boyd: I appreciate the sentiment, wanting to go after a Federal building under construction.

But, you see, we'd need us a whole box of emulex to bring that down, and that's... that's if you got cuts in the steel.

And all we got's a rocket launcher.

And impressive as that is, the only thing it's gonna do is knock some sh1t around.

Don't you worry about it.

We'll just go to plan "b." plan "b"? oh, yeah.

Yeah, there's always a plan "b."

[ tires screech ]

Now, it used to be a couple of Crackers in an S.U.V. would set the jungle on edge.

These surely are end times.

All right, this is it right here.

Let's shoot straight up here, make a right.

[ laughter ]

[ indistinct conversation ]

This is good right here.

[ tires screech ]

Well, I believe we can take her from here.

What, you gonna blow up that Church?


There's people on the streets.

They're gonna see us.

They're gonna I.D. my car.

Boyd: You worried about your Car? you know, I just crushed...

Boyd: Fire in the hole! move! Move!


[ breathing heavily ]

Raylan: Boyd became a powder man.

He'd crawl down the hole with his case of emulex 520, come out Stringing wire, call out "fire In the hole" to clear the shaft.

She'd blow, and we'd go back in, dig out the pieces.

We weren't what you'd call buddies, but you work a deep mine with a man, you look out for each other.

Art: Well, after that, he Joined the army, and he went to Kuwait for desert storm, and When he came back, after a Couple years, he quit paying his Taxes, claimed that he was a Sovereign citizen, and so U.S. Attorneys sent him down to Alderson.

That's where he got involved with the patriot movement and the white-supremacy bullshit, got them making horseshit bombs, you know, fertilizer and fuel oil.

They'll come into a town like Somerset, and they'll blow up a car.

And then while the cops are busy, they'll go rob a bank.

Raylan: Saw that in a Steve mcqueen movie.

Art: Yeah, well, these guys ain't movie actors.

Did he change much?

Raylan: Other than the fact he's now a racist asshole.

Art: [ chuckles ]

Raylan: He's lost some hair, but that's about it.

[ crickets chirping ]

Boyd: How come you didn't want to blow up that church?

I told you.

I didn't want them to I.D. my car.

Boyd: I got to thinking that maybe you had an aversion to hurting people.

[ laughs ]

Hell no.

Boyd: Yeah, well, I also got to thinking that a building under construction might just be the kind of innocuous target...

You know what that means?

That means harmless.


Boyd: It might just be the kind of harmless target that the Federal bureau of imperialism might be willing to sacrifice in order to get somebody deep in the movement.

You think I'm a snitch?

Boyd: All I know is you don't have any tattoos, you keep rubbing that head like you don't think that hair's gonna grow back.

You think I'm a snitch 'cause I rub my head?

Boyd: I mean, you understand Where I'm coming from, right?

I mean, you come out here from Oklahoma...


Boyd: ...Full of piss and vinegar, talking about how you were tired of spray-painting Synagogues, saying you want to blow some sh1t up. Hey!

You don't believe me, you check it out.

Why don't you call oklahoma?

Boyd: Oh, we are.

Devil's doing it as we speak.


You'll see, Boyd.

I ain't no snitch.

Boyd: Yeah, well, like you Said, we'll see.

[ telephone rings ]

Right there.

Hey. Turn that sh1t off.

Why don't you eat my ass?

Hey, how'd it go?

Out of the way. Get over.

I'm going.

Boyd: The primary was a waste of time, but took care of the secondary just fine.

Where you at?

Boyd: East of 75 on Tates creek road.

Oh, hey. We got a call from oklahoma. Jared checks out.

Boyd: Oh? how'd he do?

Boyd: [ sighs ]

I had to let jared go.

Oh. Was it 'cause you didn't trust him or you just didn't like him much?

Boyd: Probably a little bit of both.

I am gonna need you to pick me up, though.

[ music plays on radio ]

I will show that my client did not engage in fraud.

A report by a forensic accountant will show that any anomalies are due entirely to a misentering of amounts, a common bookkeeping error, and by no means fraud.

Thank you, counselor.

Will the prosecution please approach the jury? thank you, your honor.

[ cellphone buzzes ]

It might seem like a simple technical mistake, but the state Will prove there was malicious intent...

Raylan: One second.

...Coordinated with the co-defendants on January...

Raylan: Sorry.

I was in the courthouse.

I'll be up in a minute.

Tates creek road.

I think I know where that is.

[ indistinct conversation ]

Art: County sheriff's deputy found it just after dawn.

Name's jared hale.

Bureau has him listed as some kind of aryan knight, oklahoma driver's license and registration.

Raylan: You got him connected to Boyd?

Art: Mm, so far, tenuously.

I talked to his sister in tulsa, and she said that he came to Kentucky to hook up with some commandos.

Now, that's probably the murder weapon.

It's recently been fired.

There's no prints on it.

In fact, the whole vehicle's clean, except for this.

Now, do you know what that is?

Raylan: Mnh-mnh.

Art: I didn't, either.

That is the cap that goes on the end of a rocket launcher.

Raylan: No sh1t.

Art: Mm-hmm.

Last night in lexington, we had a church bombing.

And the feeb says that whoever did it used a rocket launcher.

[ indistinct conversations ]

We got to reroute this traffic here.

Tim: Yeah, all the wits say the same.

Two white males drove up in a dark S.U.V.

They parked at that corner by the curb.

One male got out with what Looked like a bazooka.

He said a few words and then fired at the church.

Raylan: What did he say, the fella that got out of the S.U.V.?

Raylan: One said it was "liars and hos."

Another heard "time to go."

My favorite's "heidi heidi heidi Ho."

Raylan: Maybe we should put out an apb out on cab calloway.

Tim: I think he's dead.

Raylan: Then he should be easy to find.

Rachel: The pastor had it different.

He heard the man say, "fire in the hole." you know what?

Why don't you just go just do your job?

Art: Did the good pastor say he got a good look at the shooter?

Rachel: He says no.

Art: I bet if we put Crowder in a lineup and told the pastor that the trigger man was there, it might jog his memory.

Rachel, why don't you go ask our old friend if he'll have a word with us?

Be nice.

Rachel: When am I ever not nice?

Tim: You think fandi's gonna want to cooperate?

Art: Fandi is Ethiopian by way of Jamaica by way of being completely full of sh1t.

The temple of the cool and beautiful J.C. was one of those Churches that claims that marijuana is a sacramental herb. It is protected by the Constitution.

Rachel: The constitution of dope sellers?

'cause selling ganja to kids means you're a drug dealer.

Art: I could've sworn I told Her to be nice.

Pastor fandi, if I could just talk to you for just one moment... no, you could not.

Raylan: I saw peter tosh once.

You assume 'cause I'm black and have a Jamaican accent, I like reggae?

Raylan: People assume a lot about me.

It's the way of the world. How was he, peter tosh?

Raylan: Uh... It was not my taste, but the girl I was chasing loved him.

And I let her stay till the encore before I took her off to Jail.

What do you want?

[ chuckles ]

That was a close one.

I felt the air move.

Dewey: Boyd!



Boyd: What's all the fuss?

They out of velveeta?

Dewey: Your brother got shot.

Boyd: What?


Dewey: At his house.

Boyd: No, dumb-ass, where on his body?

Dewey: I don't know.

Boyd: Well, is it serious?

Dewey: Oh, yeah.

He's dead.

Tim: Did you know Bowman Crowder, Boyd's brother?

Raylan: Sort of.

Star running back in high School.

Boyd was always saying Bowman Had the goods to go pro.

I was never that sure.

Tim: You remember the girl he married, Ava?

Raylan: Well, if it's the Same one, she lived down the Street.

She's married to Bowman?

Tim: She was.

She ended the union last night with a .30-06, plugged him right through the heart.

Raylan: Hmm.

Tim: That's the sheriff's Report.

She admits shooting him, says She got tired of Bowman getting drunk and beating her.

Art: She still in custody?

Tim: She was arraigned 10 minutes ago, R.O.R.

Art: Mm.

Did you talk to her?

Tim: I did.

I told her, given Boyd's reputation, he's probably gonna come looking for her.

She said it's none of our business.

I told her it is if he shoots her.

Art: We should go talk to her again.

Is that the address?

Tim: Yeah, but good luck on finding it.

I tried to map it, got nothing.

Art: Well, I guess some places haven't been entered into the system, like north korea and Raylan's hometown.

Raylan: I know where it is. And the dangerous thing about the word of faith is it puts the Believer in the driver's seat.

And it puts god and his will and his plan for your life in the back.

Ava: Oh, my god.


Raylan: You remember me, huh?

Ava: Oh.

I never forgot you.

I had a crush on you from the time I was 12 years old.

I knew you liked me, but you didn't want to show it.

Raylan: You were too young.

Ava: I was 16 when you left.

I heard you got married.

Are you still?

Raylan: Turned out to be a mistake.

Ava: Mm.

Want to talk about mistakes?

I told Bowman I wanted a divorce.

He goes, "you file, you'll never be seen again."

He said I'd disappear from the face of the earth.

Do you want a drink?

Raylan: I'd love one. Now I'd like to do a reading from deuteronomy.

Ava: I married him a year out of high school 'cause he was cute, he was sure of himself, and he told me he'd never work in a goddamn coal mine.

He'd wear the blue and white of the university of Kentucky, and then he'd get drafted by a pro team.

He wouldn't mind the cowboys.

What do you want in yours?

I got diet coca-cola, rc cola, Dr pepper.

Raylan: Just ice.

Ava: I ever forget to fill The trays, Bowman would start slapping me.

"what's wrong with you?

Don't you know how to keep House?"

And that all started as soon as He realized he was never getting out of Harlan.

He blamed it on me, said it was My fault he had to dig coal.

It was my fault that I had a miscarriage after he beat me with his belt and he didn't have a son to take hunting with him and his creepy brother, Boyd.

Last time he hit me was because I called his brother creepy to his face.

Well, he kept after me with that belt till I fell and I hit my head on the stove.

I got up off that floor knowing that he was never gonna hit me again.

The next night, he came in, I had his favorite supper on the table... ham and yams and cream-style corn and leftover Okra fixed with tomatoes.

I waited till he was shoveling food in his face.

Then I got his deer rifle from the kitchen closet.

And I went in there, and I did what I had to do.

I just finished cleaning up.

I had to scrub the wall with Lysol, you know, to get the Stain off of it.

Lysol's the best cleaning product you can buy.

I still got a knot where I fell and I hit my head on the stove.

You want to feel it?

Dear lord, my hair's a mess.

You close your eyes.

I don't want you to see me like this.

Raylan... the minute you walked in, I knew everything was gonna be all right.

I was right about you.

Raylan: About what?

Ava: Having a crush on you.

You're a good kisser.

Raylan: I was thinking we'd have to stop doing that.

Ava: Why?

Raylan: Well, this isn't a social call, Ava.

Came down to Harlan on business.

Ava: Well, you tell me all about your business when I get out of the shower.

Dewey: Well, who the hell are you, the undertaker?

Raylan: I might be undertaking a situation here.

Let me see your chest.

You buy that necklace or poach The gator and yank her teeth Out?

Dewey: I shot her and ate her Tail.

Raylan: That would put you in Florida, around lake okeechobee.

Dewey: Belle glade.

Who are you?

Raylan: Raylan givens.

I'm a deputy...

United states marshal.

You mind telling me who you are?

You know your name, don't you?

Dewey: I'm Dewey.

Dewey Crowe.

Raylan: I sent a boy to Starke from belle glade, fella named Dale Crowe Jr.

Dewey: He's my kin.

Raylan: Huh.

What are you doing here, Mr. Crowe?

Dewey: I come to take Ava someplace.


Raylan: Hold on.

Let me tell you something.

You don't walk into a person's House unless you're invited.

What you better do is go on Outside, you knock on the door.

Ava wants to see you, I'll let You in.

She don't, and you can be on Your way.

Dewey: Well, all right.

I'm gonna go out.

And then I'm coming back in.

Raylan: [ sighs ]

Mr. Crowe.

You better hold on there a sec while I explain something to you.

[ sighs ]

I want you to understand.

I don't pull my sidearm unless I'm gonna shoot to kill.

That's its purpose, huh, to kill, so it's how I use it.

I want you to think about that before you act and it's too late.

Dewey: Jesus christ, I got a scattergun pointed right at you.

Raylan: Can you rack in a load before I put a hole through you?

Where'd you want to take Ava?

Dewey: Man, I don't understand you.

Raylan: Boyd want to see her?

Dewey: It's none of your business.

Raylan: You know Boyd and I were buddies?

We dug coal and drank beer together.

In fact, you see him, you tell him I'm in Harlan, all right?

Hey, if I was you, I'd give up this nazi bullshit, go back to poaching gators... safer.

Dewey: Next time I see you, I'm gonna...

[ horn honks ]

[ groans ]

Raylan: You tell Boyd his old buddy wants to see him...

Raylan givens.

[ sirens wailing ]

Boyd: Only reason I don't take Ava out and shoot her...

'cause I see she had no choice in what she done.

I mean, don't get me wrong.

I loved my brother.

But you knew Bowman.

You knew how he could get.

And that woman, she showed some spunk... you think about it...

Doing what she did.

And then there's the bible.

In the bible, it says that a man should see to the needs of his brother's widow, and intend to do that.

Well, they sure are taking their sweet time.

Boyd: Hey, let me ask you something.

Shouldn't we have our money from your boys in lexington by now?

Uh, I'll give them a call.

Don't worry.

They're good for it.

Boyd: Yeah, you damn right They're good for it, 'cause if they ain't good for it, I'll go down there and blow their sh1t up, too.

[ gunfire ]

Whoa! Hey!

Come on.

Come on. Let's go!

Boyd: Right now?

Yeah, right now!

Boyd: Right now?

Right now? come on, let's go!

Boyd: [ laughs ]


[ tires screech ]

[ gunshots ]

Ava: Who was that?

Raylan: Dewey Crowe.

Ava: Oh, the one with the "heil hitler" on his neck?

He was one of Bowman's buddies.

Raylan: You haven't seen Boyd, I mean, since?

Ava: No.

But he'll be after me, I know.

He's been after me.

Raylan: Yeah, that's why we want to keep an eye on you.

You know I'm... I'm with the Marshal's service.

Ava: I believe your mother Told me before she passed.

You been to see your father?

Raylan: [ sighs ]


Ava: Are you looking for Boyd?

Raylan: We are.

But we have to catch him in the act... robbing a bank, blowing up a church...

Making an attempt on your life.

Ava: Mine?

Raylan: You said yourself He'll be coming after you.

Ava: [ chuckles ]

Raylan, Boyd don't want to shoot Me.

He wants to...You know, go to bed with me.

[ chuckles ]

You want me to help you catch him?

Raylan: Um, maybe you could Just get him to talk to me.

Ava: I could do that.

Raylan: You know where he is?

Ava: I do.

Raylan: And did you want to tell me?

Ava: [ chuckles ]

What do I get if I do?

♪ ♪


Who you know drives a town car?

Boyd: Look at you... a suit, a necktie, looking good, looking Like a lawman.


Now, see, this is how you wear a hat, all casual, not down on your goddamn ears like you do.

I heard you called on Ava.

My boy Dewey said he had to run you off.

Raylan: You believe that?

Boyd: Not if you say it ain't so.

Yeah, I'll take care of him.

Boyd: Devil, get us a jar and two glasses.

This party's just for Raylan and me.

Go on.

He just got his release, so he's feeling a little itchy.

Raylan: I can tell.

Boyd: [ chuckles ]

Old times.

Raylan: Whoa.

Boyd: [ laughs ]

You been gone too long.

Raylan: God damn.

Boyd: So, what... what was life like in florida?

Raylan: Just as advertised...

Sunny and hot.

Boyd: You know, I just don't think I could take me a place so flat.

You seen your daddy yet?

Raylan: No, not yet.

Boyd: Boy, he was a wild man back in his day, wasn't he?

What was that scam he had going back in the early '90s...

Stealing mining machinery, selling it to the colombians, getting paid in cocaine... you remember that?

Raylan: Guess I was gone by then.

How's your daddy?

Boyd: I suspect you know how my daddy is.

Yeah, all those days, good and bad, they all long gone now.

Everything's changed.

It's all changed.

Mining's changed.

No more following a seam Underground.

Cheaper to take the tops off mountains and let the slag run down and ruin the creeks.

Hey, you remember the picket Lines, don't you?

Raylan: Yeah.

Boyd: Courts backing the Company scabs and gun thugs.


Whose side you think the Government's always been on, Raylan, us or people with money?

And who do you think controls that money?

Who do you think wants to mongrelize the world?

Raylan: Who?

Boyd: The Jews.

Raylan: Boyd...

You know any Jews?

Boyd: See...I recruit skins.

They don't know no more than you Do.

And I have to teach them that we have a... a moral obligation to get rid of the Jews.

See, it was in the bible.

Raylan: W-where?

Boyd: In the beginning.

It's part of creation.

See, in the beginning, right, you had your mud people.

Now, they were also referred to as beasts because they had no Souls.

See, they were soulless.

And then cain... now, you remember cain, now?

Raylan: Mm-hmm.

Boyd: Well, cain... he laid down with the mud people, and out of these fornications came the edomites.

Now, do you know who the Edomites are?

Raylan: Who?

Boyd: They're the Jews, Raylan.

Raylan: You're serious?

Boyd: Read your bible as interpreted by experts.

[ laughter ]

Raylan: Oh, you know, Boyd, I think you just use the bible to do whatever the hell you Like.

Boyd: Well, what do you think I like, Raylan?

You like to get money and blow sh1t up.

I know about your friend devil and his record selling dope.

And I'm willing to bet that you blew up that church in lexington not because it was black, because it was a dope store.

10 to 1 says you got paid to do it by some other dope dealer around who didn't like the idea of that preacher getting a free pass from the police.

Win-win for you, wasn't it, Boyd?

Not only did you get to blow something to smithereens, you got money.

See, I'm giving you the benefit you aren't mental.

I know you're not stupid enough to believe that mud-people story.

Boyd: You think you know me?

Well, I know you, Deputy marshal Raylan givens.

I know you like to shoot bad People.

I heard about that gun thug you shot in a hotel in miami.

Raylan: You heard about that?

Boyd: Oh, yeah, yeah, we have TV's down here now, Raylan.

Raylan: Oh.

Boyd: But, you know, at any point, when you were looking at that gun thug, did you see your Daddy's face?

Raylan: The reason I'm here... we're having a little lineup tomorrow at the Courthouse.

Boyd: What did I do now?

Raylan: Well, listen, we got a witness who saw a man fire a bazooka into a church.

And I'd appreciate it if you'd be in that lineup.

Boyd: Oh, I bet you would.

Raylan: You either show up, or we'll come get you.

Boyd: Hey, Raylan, let me ask you a question.

Would you shoot me if you get the chance?

Raylan: You make me pull, I'll put you down.

Art: Well, reverend, what do you think?

I don't know.

You know, it was dark, and the man was far away.

And if you heard anybody, you know, shoot a rocket at you, you don't stand there and look, you know, I just run.

Art: Cut them loose.

[ door opens ]

Boyd: Well, I did my part.

I showed up.

Raylan: I think the idea of Walking in past a gathering of Law enforcement appealed to you, Especially since you knew that Preacher didn't have the balls To pick you.

Boyd: It's always good to see You, Raylan.


You know that man you shot in Florida?

Well, my boy Dewey's cousin down there... he said he heard a rumor that you gave that gun thug 24 hours to get out of town Or you'd shoot him on sight.

Is that true?

Raylan: I gave him the option to leave miami.

He turned it down.

Boyd: What would you say if I made you the same offer?

Now, you get out of Harlan county by tomorrow noon, or I'm gonna come looking for you.

Does that sound fair?

Raylan: Now you're talking.

[ indistinct conversations ]

Raylan: Hey.

Ava: Hey.

My lawyer's talking to the Prosecutor.

Come with me while I smoke.

I plead to manslaughter, and I won't have to go to prison, though if I have to, I have to.

It was worth it.

Hey, why don't you come by for supper?

I'll pick up a couple of fryers, fix you some hot biscuits and gravy.

[ giggles ]

Look at you licking your lips.

Raylan: All my life, fried chicken's been my favorite.

But I shouldn't.

Ava: Why not?

Raylan: Because...

An officer of the law isn't supposed to be socializing with the defendant in a murder investigation.

Ava: Oh, I didn't know that.

Raylan: It's sort of frowned upon.

Ava: [ sighs ]


I'm fixing it anyway.

You're a big boy, Raylan.

You want to come, there's nothing on earth gonna stop you.

Oh, if it weren't for Boyd, I'd have me some of Ava.

Dewey: Wasn't for Boyd, me and you could have us the Marshal.

Art: So, what did Boyd say exactly... "he's coming for you" or "we're coming"?

Raylan: He said he was.

Art: Hmm.

But we don't know whether he wants to shoot you or blow you up, do we?

Then again, he could just jump the gun and come after you when you aren't looking.

If I was you, I'd look under the car before I turned the key every time.

♪ ♪

We're like big-game hunters, Raylan, except that you're the Bait.

You're kind of like the goat tethered to the pole.

And all I got to do is keep you in sight.

Raylan: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Art: [ chuckles ]

♪ ♪

Boyd: Yeah.

He's at the motel with his friends.

Boyd: Well, do you see our friends?

I do.

What do you want us to do?

Boyd: Sit tight.

[ knock on door ]

Hey, Ava.

You expecting someone? hey.

[ claps hands ]

Give me them things.

Art: What are they doing out there?

Tim: Oh, you folks are Missing a hell of a show.

Raylan: I think Rachel's trying to shoot the moon.

Rachel: I don't try, I do, and you weep.

Art: One single, solitary tear.

[ telephone ringing ]

Now, all the information we have so far is that they... it was a robbery, and...

Boyd: Hello?

Ava: Can you smell the chicken frying?

It'll be done by the time you get here.

Raylan: I'm on my way.

Boyd's at Ava's.

Art: You sure?

Raylan: I'm not saying there was a gun to her head, but she didn't sound right.

Let's hit it.

Art: Here, call Raylan.

Tell him to keep the line open.

[ tires screech ]

[ cellphone rings ]

Raylan: Where do you want me?

Art: Keep going.

Get Ava.

We got this.

Raylan: You got this?

Art: Go!

[ tires screech ]

You get around.

Tim: You want me to kill them or wing them?

Art: Let's start with winging.

You okay?

I got hit.

Can you shoot?

I think so.

Then let's finish this thing.

[ groans ]

Rachel: Please, either one of You, do something stupid.

Dewey: Hey, what are you d...

He'll see us.

He's already seen us, you moron.

You want we should wrap ourselves around a tree?

Oh, christ almighty.

[ horn honks ]

What the hell's he doing?

Dewey: He must be sneaking up on the house.

No, he ain't.

Raylan: [ sighs ]

So, tell me.

What's going on?

[ gun cocks ]

I'm sorry.

I didn't hear you guys.

There ain't nothing going on, all right?

We's just out riding around.

Both: Aah! aah!

Okay, all right.

Boyd just wants to have a word with you is all.

Raylan: He told me he's gonna Shoot me.

Dewey: Then what are you Asking us for, asshole?


Raylan: Outlaw life's hard, Ain't it?

Cuff your left hand, put it through the steering wheel, and cuff gator boy.

Move it. Come on, give me your hand, stupid.

Raylan: You don't need to say anything.

Ava: I swear to god, Raylan, I didn't know he was coming.

Raylan: I believe you.

Boyd: Whoa.

No shotguns allowed in this dining room.

Toss it outside.

Come on.

Ava, why don't you go in the kitchen, maybe watch some TV or something?

Go on.

Well, come on in.

Come on in.

Sit down.

Help yourself.


Raylan: [ sighs ]

Boyd: The gravy ain't bad...

I mean, it ain't like your mama used to make it, but it never is, is it?

Let me ask you something.

When you shot that gun thug in Miami, was there food on the table like this?

Raylan: There was.

Boyd: Well, have something.

Have a little chicken.

And you... well, you had your gun.

What kind was it?

Raylan: That time?

A sig 226.

Boyd: And where was it?

Was it on the table where mine Is?

Raylan: It was holstered.

Boyd: Bullshit.

Raylan: It was holstered.

Boyd: Well, where was his?

Raylan: Under the table.

Boyd: And what did he have...

What kind of piece, I mean?

Raylan: I don't recall.

Boyd: Well, how did you know when to pull?

Raylan: He went first.

Boyd: And you gave this gun thug 24 hours to get out of town, and was the time up when you... when you shot him?

Raylan: Pretty close.

Boyd: Well, how much time do you think you got left?

Raylan: I thought I had till Noon tomorrow.

Boyd: Well, what if I said it was right now?

I mean, unless, of course, you Want to finish that chicken leg.

Raylan: Well, I mean, you can call it off.

I mean, I don't mind.

Boyd: Well, if you're gonna keep after me, Raylan, I figure we may as well just get her done.

Raylan: [ sighs ]

Your.45's on the table, I have to pull?

Is that how we do it?

Boyd: Well, I appreciate that, Raylan.

Yes, I do believe it is my call.

What are you packing?

Raylan: You'll pay to find that out.

Boyd: Ooh.

You got ice-cold water running through your veins.

Well, should we just do us a Shot of jim beam just for old times' sake?


Get us a shot of jim...

[ gun cocks ]

Ava: You want to know what Bowman said when he looked up and he saw me with his deer rifle?

Boyd: God damn, woman, you only shoot people when they're eating supper?

Ava: He had his mouth full of sweet potato.

He said, "the hell you doing with that?"

Boyd: Ava, put the gun down, please.

Ava: Want to know what I said?

I said, "I'm gonna shoot you, dummy."


Boyd: [ gasping ]


Oh, you did it, huh?

You really did.

You did it.

Boyd: I'm sorry.

But you called it.

[ rumbling ]

Ava: Why'd you say you're sorry?

Raylan: Boyd and I dug coal together.

Boyd: [ raspy breathing ]

Art: [ sighs ]

At glynco, didn't you teach those recruits to aim for the heart?

♪ ♪

Winona: Toilet's broken.

Use the one downstairs.

Gary: Just hold up here.

You leave the door open?

Winona: No, I did not leave the door open.

Gary: Well, somebody did.

It wasn't me.

Jesus christ!

Raylan: Hello, Gary.

Gary: Raylan.

Winona: You almost gave him a heart attack.

Raylan: Sorry about that.

Winona: Well, I told him if you were gonna shoot him, you would've done it six years ago when I left you.

What are you doing here, Raylan?

Raylan: I'm gonna be working in Kentucky, working for the Marshal's office.

Winona: Raylan. What are you doing here?

[ sighs ]

Raylan: [ sighs ] I was in nicaragua a while back, Looking for this money launderer named roland pike.

The cartel's gun thug, Tommy bucks, was looking for him, too.

Bucks got me, took my gun, put me in a car with some other man, drove us to some old coconut plantation.

Then he tied the man to a palm tree and asked me where roland was.

I told him what I knew...

No sense in lying.

I guess he wasn't certain he could believe me and needed to be sure, or he just wanted to impress upon me how serious he was.

But I watched as Tommy Bucks stuck a stick of dynamite in that poor man's mouth, taped it so he couldn't spit it out, and lit the fuse.

The next time I saw Tommy Bucks was in miami.

I told him he's got 24 hours to get out of town, or I'm gonna kill him.

Winona: Did you?

Raylan: Yeah.

But he pulled first, so I was justified.

But what troubles me is what if he hadn't?

What if he just sat there and Let the clock run out?

Would I have killed him anyway?

I know I wanted to.

Guess I just never thought of myself as an angry man.

Winona: Oh, Raylan.

Well, you do a good job of hiding it, and I... I suppose Most folks don't see it, but, honestly, you're the angriest man I have ever known.