01x02 - Riverbrook

Previously on "Justified"...

This is supreme bullshit.

[ Gunshots ]

You do know that we're not allowed to shoot people on sight anymore?

I'm gonna reassign you.

Eastern district of Kentucky.

Raylan: I don't want to go back there.

Art: Still got family here in Kentucky?

Raylan: Ex-wife here.

Dewey: Next time I see you, I'm gonna...

[ horn honks ]

Boyd: Fire in the hole!


Art: How well did you know Boyd Crowder?

Raylan: Boyd and I dug coal together when we were 19.

Tim: Did you know Boyd's brother?

The girl he married... Ava.

She ended the union last night with a .30-06.

Ava: I had a crush on you from the time I was 12 years old.

Boyd: Now, you get out of Harlan county by tomorrow noon, or I'm gonna come looking for you.

Raylan: Now you're talking.

[ Rifle cocks ]

[ Gunshot ]

Guess I just never thought of myself as an angry man.

Winona: Honestly, you're the angriest man I have ever known.

[ Buzzer ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

Raylan: Looks like it hurts.

Boyd: Why, yes, Raylan.

Thank you for noticing.

Somebody shot me in the chest the other day.

Raylan: You getting something for the pain?

Boyd: Well, I... I can goose it as needed, but I've been holding off.

I was hoping that you'd stop by.

I wanted my mind clear and my mouth not all full of rubber when I saw you.

Raylan: Let's hear it.

Boyd: What do you think I'm gonna say, Raylan?

Raylan: I wouldn't know.

Boyd: You know, if Ava hadn't come in that room...

And distracted me with that rifle...

You think I could have got you first?

Raylan: I don't know.

Boyd: Well, it don't matter.

The real question is, why didn't you kill me?

Did you miss my heart on purpose?

Raylan: No.

I was aiming to kill.

That's the way I was taught.

Sometimes you don't hit the bull's-eye.

Boyd: No, I suppose not.

But, you see, I have this... this belief, this conviction that it wasn't just an accident and that... I was wondering if the fact that we we friends, if... if that played any part.

Then last night I woke up, and.

I... I knew why you didn't kill me.

I was laying here in pain... in... in awful pain.

But I didn't hit the pump because I knew it wasn't just pain from a gunshot wound.

It was something deeper.

It was a pain from my very soul.

And I realized that, well, I couldn't any more blame you for my situation here than a... a farmer could blame his neighbor for a hailstorm.

Raylan: A hailstorm being an act of God.

Boyd: That's right, Raylan.

Raylan: Me shooting you was an act of God?

Boyd: Well, God was acting through you, Raylan... through your gun... to get my attention, to set me on a new course.

Now, I know not yet what his will for me is, but I have faith.

I have faith that the path will be illuminated before me as I need it to be.

For even through this searing pain, I am at peace, for I am born again in the eyes of the Lord, Raylan.

And I wanted to thank you for playing your part.

Now, if you will excuse me, I... I must tend to the needs of the flesh.

You understand?

[ Beeps ]

[ Exhales deeply ]


Did you come all the way out here just to see me?

Raylan: [ scoffs ]

What do you think?

Initial here, here, and here.

Stand up.

Dewey: How come?

We're gonna play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.

Just stand up.

Come through and stand on the feet.

You got your feet on backwards?

Turn around.

Raylan: Just checking you for visible injury.

All's I see is the nose.

Dewey: Which I got when he hit me with a shotgun barrel for no good reason.

Raylan: Is that how you remember it?

You should thank him.

That nose's the only reason you got to spend two days here instead of going straight to big Sandy.

Dewey: Hey, careful with the teeth.

You got any more Marshals in the car?

Raylan: Task force is undermanned... just me.

Want to put him in leg irons?

Raylan: Oh, I think I can handle Mr. Crowe.

Dewey: Marshals drive Lincolns now?

Or is this confiscated?

Yeah, I had a town car myself one time when I was down visiting cousin Dale in Florida, till I sold it for parts and went to work at Disney.

You know what I tried out for?

To play goofy... Mickey mouse's friend.

Only you had to water-ski.

I couldn't get the hang of that, so they put me selling ice cream.

But Disney's got a lot of negroes and homosexuals working there, so I came back home.

Raylan: If you're gonna talk, I'm gonna put you in the trunk, and I'll drive myself.

Dewey: You grew up in Harlan, huh?

I grew up in Corbin.

Oh, you ready for this?

My dad has never been outside of Kentucky.

Whole life, never been closer to the border than Parisville, where he is now.

You know, we're gonna be... we're gonna be going by there.

If was to, uh, get off on route 9, we could stop by and see him.

It wouldn't be more than a few miles out of our way.

What do you say to that?

Not much, huh?

Raylan: Your old dad's never crossed the state lines, but he's been up to Manchester, hasn't he?

He seen the inside of the Kentucky state prison.

You got an uncle who came out of there, and another did his time in McCreary.

I think we'll skip seeing any of your kin this trip.

Dewey: My uncles are both dead.

Raylan: By gunshot, huh?

You understand how I see your people?

[ Tires screeching ]

Dewey: [ grunts ]

[ Groaning ]

Raylan: Put one on your left wrist.

Dewey: [ breathing heavily ]

Raylan: Now snap the other one to the wheel.

To the wheel, Chinatown.

Let's go.

Dewey: I can't drive handcuffed to the damn steering wheel.

Raylan: You'll get the hang of it.

Now drive.

Dewey: You gonna report what I did?

Raylan: I don't take what you did personally, you understand?

Want to lean on you.

Or wish you get any more time than you deserve.

But what you'll have to do now is ride the rap, as they say.

It's all anybody has to do.

Let's go.

Come on down, fellas.

All right. Next.

Where the hell did they get these stupid costumes, anyway?


[ Horse neighs ]

Well, this is an embarrassment.

[ Chuckles ]

Piss and moan all you please, Cooper.

This is what they want to see.

"Hey, Martha, look. Hey're making fun of themselves."

They eat that sh1t up.

All a part of what sells the CDs.

Of which we don't get one red cent.

Now, you want out, buddy, you just say the word.

We'll be out here playing parties, eating good food, looking at pretty women.

You can be back at the tiers, making yourself another chess set out of cardboard, huh, Henry?

I heard that.

And if they wanted suit and ties, we'd be wearing suit and ties.

All right.

Let's head on out.

♪ there's a castle on his neck ♪
♪ hellfire in his eyes ♪
♪ gun in his hand ♪
♪ and his girlfriend in his sights ♪
♪ she loved him too much to put him away ♪
♪ well, he loved her so much ♪
♪ that he put her in her grave ♪
♪ when the grim reaper cut him down ♪
♪ and drove him to the sky ♪
♪ there was no one else around ♪
♪ no one said goodbye ♪
♪ just glad to see him die ♪

[ instrumental solo ]

[ Drum solo ]

[ Song ends ]

[ Scattered applause ]

"Free Bird"!

[ Horse neighing ]

Hell, these horses live better than most people I know.

Hey, Price, you're not eating?

Nah, Henry.

You have at it.

Hey, Henry, I got to take a leak.

Coop's already in the porto-potty.

Use a tree.

Hell, Henry, now, that ain't civilized.

You're back on.

We're gonna start with the cake and "happy birthday."

Price, let's go.

We got to get back out there.

Oh, come on, Henry.

I really got to drain it.

[ Knocking ]

Come on, Cooper! Let's go!

You walk them out.

I'll bring these two.

Come on, Coop.

They want to do "happy birthday" now.


Stand over there.

Coop, open this door.

Open this door!

Come on, Coop!

Hey, Henry, what's this?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Raylan: Hello, Art.

Art: Where are you?

Raylan: Just heading back.

Art: How far are you from the prison?

Raylan: Not far.

Just passed through, uh, Parisville.

Art: Well, I want you to go back.

They had a breakout.

Raylan: No sh1t.

Art: There was a bluegrass convict band that was playing a benefit up near Parisville, and the bass player and the drummer decided to make a run for it, so I need you to go back up to big Sandy and, you know, check their cells, see what you can find.

I sent a couple of deputies up to Parisville.

And get this... the bass player was about to be released in 3 months after a 15-year stretch.

Raylan: You got some names?

Art: They couldn't have gotten very far.

See what you can find out.

[ Tires squealing ]

[ Bell dings ]

[ Dings ]

Raylan: Evening.


You, uh...

You need help with something?

Raylan: No, I'm just looking for some road food.

[ Shotgun cocks ]

There's no way in hell you're gonna be able to draw and fire before your head comes off.

Raylan: I could get him.

Fine with me.


Set your weapon down on the ground, please, sir.

And your backup.

Kick them back this way.

On your belly.

Hands on your neck.

See, I told you... turning the light on will get us a car.

Got us some more guns, too.

Give me one.

Oh, no.

You're gonna run.


As far and as fast as you can, 'cause I swear to you, if I ever see you again, I'll kill you.

But we just busted out of the damn joint together.

You got five seconds.

What is this, a joke?


[ Bell dings ]

[ Shotgun cocks ]

All right. You can sit up.

Wallet, I.D., keys... hand them over.

What are you, state police?

Raylan: U.S. Marshal.


Like in "Gunsmoke"?

Raylan: More like "The Fugitive."


"Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan... Givens."

I knew a fella up in Manchester named Givens... Arlo Givens.

Any relation?

Raylan: I suppose there's still some.

He's my father.

No sh1t.

And here you've become a. U.S. Marshal.

How'd that go down with him?

Raylan: I wouldn't know.

Now take your handcuffs out and cuff your hands behind your back.

Raylan: So, you Cooper or Price?

I'm one of them.

Raylan: [ chuckles ]


I'll wait and find out tomorrow when your picture's in the paper.

[ Chuckles ]

My name is Michael Cooper.

Glad to meet you.

Raylan: You didn't care so much for Price, huh?

Get on your feet.

Raylan: What was he in for?

[ Chuckles ]

His real crime?

Being a lousy drummer.

He's not incompetent.

The man could play a paradiddle, but he's showy, has no sense of time.

Raylan: How can you tell there's a bad drummer at your door?

I don't know. How?

Raylan: The knock speeds up.

Nice. You a musician?

Raylan: No, just someone who likes music.

Yeah, and shitty jokes.

Come on. Let's go.

Raylan: And what were you in for, Mr. Cooper?

I expect you know that already.

Raylan: 15 years is a long time for one bank job.

Well, the thing is, a fella died as a direct result.

Foreseeable circumstances.

But, honestly, if you hire a moron for a driver, it's foreseeable.

Raylan: You taking my badge and my car to get past any roadblocks, huh?

And your hat.

Good night, deputy.

Raylan: Good night, Mr. Cooper.

[ Door locks ]



Art: Come in. Come in.

Now, let me get this straight.

He took your gun... sorry, two guns... your badge, your car, and your hat.

He take anything else?

Raylan: Not that I can remember.

Art: He didn't rape you, did he?

We found your car at the airport, which means that Cooper either left town or he wants us to think that he left town.

We found this in the trunk.

That look familiar?

Raylan: You didn't find any guns, did you?

Art: No. Sorry.

The dogs chased Price into a culvert, and then Rachel talked to him.

She and Tim can bring you up to speed.

Raylan: All right.

Art: Uh, Raylan...

Just a second.

Shut that door.

I got a call this morning from AUSA David Vasquez.

Wants to talk to you about your shooting Boyd Crowder.

Raylan: Well, what's there to talk about?

He pulled first.

There was a witness.

Art: But, you see, 10 days ago you shot a man in Miami.

Put it like this... if you was in the first grade and you bit somebody every week, they'd start to think of you as a biter.

He also wants Ava to come up to Lexington to talk about it.

Raylan: Fine with me.

Art: Which part?

The part about her talking to Vasquez or the part about her coming up to Lexington?

Raylan, you can't sleep with her.

Raylan: I know.

Art: Raylan...

Raylan: I won't.

You starting to regret me coming here?

Art: Not yet.

Rachel: Price says the only reason why he helped Cooper escape is because Cooper promised him a lot of money.

Tim: This could be from his last job.

He got away with $180,000.

Never recovered.

Raylan: Tell me about the dead driver.

Tim: He was a Mensa candidate named Drew Baxter.

A few hours after the robbery, Cooper and Baxter headed out of town.

Baxter's driving.

They get pulled over for a traffic violation.

Baxter decides to floor it.

Hilarious hijinks ensue.

Baxter drives head-on into a tree, goes through the windshield, and into the afterlife.

And it all fell under commission, so Cooper got charged with his murder.

Raylan: So, why is he breaking out with only three months left on his bit?

I mean, does he got a daughter getting married or a granddaughter graduating school?

Rachel: No kids, and his mother and father passed.

Tim: He was married when he went inside... younger woman, one-time exotic dancer, named Shirley Kelso.

Didn't divorce until five years ago.

Still lives in town.

I thought I'd go have a word.

Rachel: I'm gonna take a team and check acquaintances.

Raylan: I'm gonna go with him.

Nothing against acquaintances, but one-time-exotic-dancer Shirley sounds a little more fun.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Elevator door opens ]

Winona: What the hell did you say to him?

Rayla I'll catch up with you at the car.

Hello, Winona.

Winona: What did you say to Gary?

Raylan: I believe I said, "hi, Gary."

Why? Why did he say I said?

Winona: He didn't.

Just he didn't sleep the rest of that night, and the next morning, he was ill shaking.

And every night since then, he checks the windows, and he checks the doors, and then he checks them again.

Raylan: I don't know.

Winona, does Gary spook easy?

Winona: What are you implying?

You wouldn't be startled if somebody broke into your home in the middle of the night?

Raylan: I'm not implying anything.

[ Muttering ]

Winona: I heard you got jumped by an old convict.

Raylan: Oh, does 55 still seem old to you?

Winona: Are you gonna shoot him if you catch him?

Raylan: All right, look, I won't show up unannounced anymore.

Winona: You won't show up at all anymore.

Raylan: Art tells me you were a sniper with the rangers.

Tim: Yeah, I was.

Raylan: What's the longest you ever had to watch a target?

Tim: Three days.

Raylan: Three days.

Tim: Shitty little village outside Kandahar.

You watch a man that long, you can get to know him better than his wife does.

How he reads the paper, picks his nose, what glass he likes for tea, what one for milk...

If he jerks off, what he looks at when he... when he does...

If he's nice to the dog when no one's around.

Raylan: What's the trick to something like that?

Tim: Keeping your focus?

Raylan: Mm-hmm.

Tim: Well, they told us to come up with stories about ourselves and the target.

Raylan: What do you mean, "stories"?

Tim: Well, nothing elaborate.

Imagine taking Shirley to the movies, watching "Price is right," eating takeout Chinese.

They eventually stopped that... the business with the stories.

Raylan: Why is that?

Tim: They found some folks get so involved in the tales they're telling themselves, they grow to like the target.

And when they got the green light, they couldn't pull.

Raylan: That ever happen to you?

Tim: Is that her?

Raylan: Looks like it.

[ Knock on door ]

U.S. Marshals.

Shirley Kelso?

You think he's here?

You're welcome to look around.

Who's this?

They're with the Marshals.

I'm guessing they're looking for my ex.

My cousin Dupree... he's staying with me till he gets on his feet in construction.

Y'all want a beer or something?

Tim: Yeah, love one.

Pabst, Schlitz, Mickey's...

Tim: It was a joke.

We can't have a beer.

Well, I don't want your job, then, do I?

Raylan: Either of you seen or heard from Douglas Cooper?

You mean since he broke out or since ever?

Raylan: Since last night.

No, and I swear to you, you give me a card or a number and he turns up, you'll be the first person I call.

Marrying him was the biggest mistake of my life.

Tim: You stayed married to him till, , five years ago.

There were tax advantages.

Raylan: Any idea why he'd bust out with just a few months left on his bit?

None at all.

I mean, you ask me, he's long gone.

I mean, there is nothing for him here.

Tim: When's the last time you saw him?

Before the divorce, yeah.

Raylan: What do you think?

Sure made a big deal about running down her ex-husband.

Of course, that might have been for Dupree's benefit.

Raylan: You don't think they're cousins?

Tim: Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, she's banging him.

That's got to suck... to break out of prison, expecting a blissful marital reunion.

I got to think, no matter how long you've been divorced, seeing your old lady shack up with someone else is gonna annoy the sh1t out of you.

[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Sighs ]

If Cooper does show up, you sure as hell won't call the number on that Marshal's card.

Oh, yeah?

Well, Coop might not be so happy to see us, you know?

Who gives a sh1t?

He's the only one who knows which house to go into.

It doesn't matter.

I hope he shows up.

[ Shotgun cocks ]

[ Gasps ]

I'm glad you feel that way.

Sit down.

Take a seat right there.

How'd you pick the houses?

I saw reports on the TV in prison about somebody breaking into houses in Riverbrook, tearing up the floors.

Now, I know you haven't found the money yet.

I knew that the minute I saw this sh1t hole.

How did you pick the houses?

You told me you hid the money in a house under construction in a development, and I just figured out it had to be Riverbrook.

Picked the houses at random?

Well, you always said your lucky number was 323, so we went for houses with 323 in the address.


Y'all sleeping together?

We're cousins!

Well, from all the lotions, condoms, and devices I saw sitting on your nightstand, it's clear you're sleeping with somebody.

Well, it ain't like we're first cousins or anything.

There's no need to hide it from him.

He already knows.

There was one device... kind of a vibrating thing with ball bearings going all around, making it wobble all over.

That's Randy rabbit.

It's our best seller.

If I'd known you wanted something like that, I'd have got it for you back in the day.

I was 22 when you went in.

You were the first man I ever slept with.

I didn't know what I wanted.

Hey, we can all have a real interesting conversation later about the merits of various s*x toys, but right now, maybe we ought to focus on how we're gonna get you out from under the eyes of that Marshal.

And what's all this "we" sh1t?

I'm just here to make sure you hadn't already found the money.

Yeah, but we can help.

We got tools.

We got pry bar, a sawzall.

Fine. I'll take 'em.

How you gonna get out?

You know they got Marshals watching.

I'll wait till after dark, and I'll sneak out back.

Oh, you're gonna walk to Riverbrook.

I got a car.

I'll steal one.

You just leave us, what's gonna stop us from just calling the Marshal?

Good point.

Maybe I'll just kill you.

I'm not gonna kill you, and you aren't gonna call that Marshal and get sent away for all them burglaries you've done.

You know how to bypass burglar alarms?

I do.

Burglar alarms that have come along in the last 15 years?

Fiber optics, net-based?

I was an alarm installer before.

How do you think we got in and out of all those houses without getting caught?

All right. You're in.

All right.


Shirley, too.

We're a team.


But you share the 10%. Now, why don't you run out on the porch and sit down for a spell and keep an eye on that Marshal...

Cousin Dupree?

Yeah, I'll do that.

[ Exhales deeply ]

I know you must be angry, but I swear I kept my knees together for 10 years after you went in.

Finally I realized I had to live.

Baby, I understand that.

Frankly, I'm surprised you hadn't gone after my money before now.

Well, we only went after it now 'cause we had to.

Folks in Riverbrook... they've been remodeling instead of selling 'cause of the downturn, and we just didn't want someone to stumble on it.

That's all.

That was the reason, huh?


Nothing to do with me getting out in three months.

[ Sighs ]

I told Dupree about it a couple months ago, and he knows alarms and all, and he just thought we should try it.

You know, Dupree has ambitions, plans.

For what, a chain of dildo stores?

Not just dildos.

Ava: [ giggles ]

Raylan: Ava.

Ava: I told the manager I was your girlfriend.

I'm not being presumptuous and saying that I am.

I just wanted to surprise you.

Raylan: And you did.

I can't sleep with you, Ava.

Ava: Now look who's being presumptuous.

Raylan: I know about the assistant attorney who wants to talk to you.

I can't be getting amorous with a witness in a shooting I was involved in.

Ava: Couldn't we just make out a little?

Raylan: No.

Ava: You want me to drive back to Harlan?

Raylan: Oh, you can stay.

I could always sleep on the floor.

Ava: It's your bed.

I'll take the floor.

Can we just put on a little music and dance?

Raylan: Do you know why the Pentecostals don't have s*x standing up?

It could lead to dancing.

Ava: [ chuckles ]

[ Engine rattling ]

You talk about cars having a new-car smell.

This car has an "old car somebody died in" smell.

You had a car somebody died in.

You mean Baxter?

Technically, he died outside the car, when he hit the tree.

No, I'm not talking about Baxter.

I'm talking about the red car.

My Lord.

That '71 valiant.

I called it the rocket.

[ Chuckles ] The rocket.

That's right.

He told me he got it cheap 'cause the old guy who owned it died in it and no one wants to buy a dead man's car.

And I kept joking maybe it was haunted.

And then we went for a drive in the country... you know, windows down, breathing in the night air... and all of a sudden I hear this moaning sound, this "ooohh," you know, like a ghost.

And I about sh1t a brick.

And this one can't stop laughing.

And then he shows me a tape recorder under the seat playing him sounding like a ghost.

Can you believe that?

Y'all want to keep jawing about the old days, or y'all want stay on the money train?

What address are you looking for?

I'm not.

When I stashed the money, these houses were still being built.

They didn't have addresses.

Then what are you looking for?

You were onto something with my lucky number... 323.

But it's not in the address.

Are you gonna tell us or not?

All right.

The first thing they built out here was that school we passed back yonder.

That was my starting point.

I took the third right and the second left, and the third house on the right... 323... which puts it right... here.

There's a basement.



No burglar alarm.

Apparently I didn't need your help after all.

About as much as we needed your car-stealing skills.

Well, I stole one.

Could have rented one faster, and it wouldn't have smelled like a grave.

Keep it up and your 10% is gonna be 5%.

Ha ha ha.

Whatever you say, old man.

You guys want to argue, or you want to find some money?

Come on, Martha Stewart.

Just drop that.

Here we go. Right here.

I'm coming.

[ Whirring ]

[ Dog barking in distance ]

[ Whirring stops ]

[ Exhales deeply ]

Maybe you counted wrong.

I counted right.

Maybe you counted wrong 15 years ago.

I didn't count wrong... not then, not now.

The only possibilities are some other folks found the money and are long gone or that school got up and moved somehow.

Now, which do you think is more likely?

Let me get this straight.

After all this time, you don't have any idea where that money is?

No, I guess I don't.

Well, I guess we don't really need you, then, after all, do we?

[ Gasps ]

Come on. Let's go.

I'm sorry.

You were gone so long, and I just couldn't wait.

I'm sorry.

You look good, Coop.

Come on!

Do you know where the money is?

Well, I do now.

[ Dog barking in distance ]

Where are you going?

I ain't getting in that sh1t heap again.

We get the money, we'll take ourselves another car.

Ain't nobody gonna stop us.

Now, come on.

[ Sighs ]

[ Ringing ]

Art: Raylan?

Raylan: I think I know where.

Cooper's money is.

[ Engine turns over ]

Come on, baby.

When we get that money, I'm gonna buy you anything you want.


Rachel: Got to ask... why the hat?

Raylan: Honestly, I tried it on one time, and it fit.

Oh, sh1t!

[ Tires screech ]

[ Gunfire on TV ]

[ Shotgun cocks ]

You don't do exactly as I say, you get two in the chest and one in the head!

Raylan: You boosted a gremlin?

Oh, hell, with all the alarms and stuff they got on cars these days, that's all could get.

I tried to get a Mustang.

Raylan: So, what happened?

They take the money and run?

No. There wasn't any.

Raylan: Well, why'd they shoot you?

I don't know.

I don't care.

[ Sirens wailing ]

I thought I broke out 'cause of the money, but then I saw Shirley.


[ Indistinct chatter on police radio ]

Raylan: Well, maybe Dupree figured out where the money is.

Well, I don't see how.

I told him either the money was here and somebody found it and took off or that school up and moved.

Yeah, I knew where the money was in relation to the school.

Rachel: Which one?

We passed two driving around.


Raylan: 15 years is a long time.

I told you we shouldn't have taken the money.

You enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Shut up!

How'd you find it?

Well, Mr. "I'm too cheap to hire a plumber" tried to put in a new dishwasher and flooded the entire place, and then we had to replace the floor.

Oh, yeah, I'm an idiot.

But if it wasn't for me, we never would have found the money.

And we wouldn't be sitting here now!

Where was all your second-guessing when you got your new boobs?

You enjoyed them a hell of a lot more than I ever did!

They're very nice.

Oh, thank you.

Shut up!

Now, I want what's left of the money right now, or I start shooting.

There is none.

I'll start with you.

No! No!

He's telling the truth.

A-after the boat and the car and my boobs and the TVs, it's all gone.

[ Sighs ]


Tim: He's got them tied to chairs.

Art: We take the back.

Rachel and Raylan, you take the front.

Raylan: You got a story for cousin Dupree?

Tim: Yeah, but it's pretty simple.

If he does anything out of line, I get to shoot him.

Raylan: That's a good story.

[ sighs ]

How much those shoes run you?


$700 for a pair of shoes?

They're alligator.

[ Screams ]


Got your alligator's attention?


We'll get you every last cent we have!

Just please don't shoot anymore!

[ Sighs ]

Shirley, untie the woman.

She might could take us to the bank.


No. sh1t.


The banks ain't open this hour.


Let me think.

[ Knock on door ]

Raylan: U.S. Marshals.

I was wondering if I could come inside.

No, you can't come inside!

Raylan: Dupree, this isn't your home.

Mr. Lonner, may I come inside?

God, yes! Come inside!

Hey, you ain't calling the shots here.

Raylan: Just coming inside to explain things to you.

There ain't nothing to explain.

Raylan: 10 seconds.

Dupree, can you just keep your gun down for 10 seconds?

I can tell you both what's what.

You can see my hands.

All right?

[ Scoffs ]

A... all right.

Raylan: All right.

You mind standing where I can see you?

Now I'm gonna give you a choice.

You won't like it, but it's real simple.

If you raise your gun again, you're dead.

Aim at the family, you're dead.

If you move too fast from where you're standing, dead.

In fact, I'd say dropping your weapons and putting your hands behind your head's the only viable option, but that's your choice.

Well, we got guns and hostages here.

Raylan: I see that.

Do you really think you can draw and fire before one of us pulls the trigger?

Raylan: Oh, this ain't about me.

This is about deputy Tim Gutterson, sniper in the Afghan war.


Well, I don't see him.

You got a little sniper in your pocket?

Raylan: Well, he's out back, across the street there.

He bullshitting?

Well, I... I see cars and people.

I don't see a sniper.

Raylan: No, no, no, no.

He's there, or I wouldn't be here.

Where's the light switch for this room?

Raylan: Now, Dupree, I know that wasn't on the list, but... where's the goddamn light switch?!

On the wall, by your friend.

Shirley, find that switch.

Raylan: Shirley...

On the count of three, flip the switch.

Raylan: Shirley, don't do it.

One... Two... Three!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Raylan: Why'd you turn the light back on?

He had no need to shoot my husband.

[ Buzzer ]

Initial here, here, and here.

Going solo again?

Raylan: Another deputy in the car.

Learned your lesson?

Until I forget.

Stand up, walk through.

Put your feet on the feet.

You know the drill.

Raylan: How's the gut?

Well, they tell me my plumbing's okay, but every which way I move hurts.

Raylan: I think we're good.

Did you find the money?

Raylan: Couple in the house house found it.

They enjoy it?

Raylan: They bought a lot of stuff.

Have you seen Shirley?

Raylan: I haven't.

I know she's still in custody.

But she helped you guys nail Dupree, right?

That ought to count for something.

Raylan: She's still gonna pull some time.

[ Sighs ]

Maybe we'll get out about the same time.

Raylan: Maybe.


[ Exhales deeply ]


She looked good.