01x04 - Long in the Tooth

Joe? Come on in.

Right in there.


There's some pitting on number six.


Okay, Paula, look at me a little bit and open wide -- Ahh.


Oh, listen to you. You sound like an opera star.

Look at that. Perfect.

Look at that.


You're in great shape, kiddo. Here, you can rinse up now.


Here you go.

Hi, Mrs. Penna. What is this?

Tamales, doctor.

Oh, they smell awesome.

But I told you, you don't have to worry about this.

You just pay whenever you can.

Until then, tamales.

Great job, Paula.

Thank you.

You're a good man, Dr. Oldham.

Oh, you are tooind.

Are you an idiot?!

Mr. Ferguson, please lower your voice.

Mrs. Penna, thank you so much for the tamales.

And, Paula, up and down, not side to side, okay?

Okay, honey.


Thanks a lot.

I'll see you next time.

Come on.

Hi, Mr. Ferguson.

Finally, someone with a brain.

Is there a problem?

Fire this woman.

She has no idea what she's talking about, and she's wasting my time.

I have clients to get to.

He insists his insurance company covers these procedures.

I've called repeatedly.They don't.

As I have explained three times now, my insurance company requires additional paperwork for the semi-elective procedures, I.E. My caps and gold crowns, which she is clearly too lazy to do!

I'll look into it.

Don't look into it. Fix it.

I can't come in here every time and argue with your sub-mental staff about out-of-pocket compensation!

I have things to do!

Would you keep your voice down?

You know what?

I have had it with you people.

I could get better dental work in a third-world country.

A cleaner office, too.

I mean, Jesus! Get some pine-sol!

Leave here needing a tetanus shot.

No, I don't care if he's a paraplegic, and I don't care if he's a quadriplegic.

Hell, I don't care if he's just a torso on a skateboard, my man.

Whoa, what the hell?!

Don't move. Don't move.

Now, you're gonna do everything I say, or I'm gonna jab this needle in your neck, I'm gonna depress the plunger, I'm gonna shoot you full of drain cleaner, and you're gna die.

You got to be k-- okay, ok, okay.

All right. Open the door.

Open the door.


Okay. Get in.

Okay, okay.

Put the seat back.


Put it back. Faster.

This is as fast as it goes, okay?

All right.

Open your mouth.


Just open your mouth.

Go, "ahh, Ahh." It's easy.


Good, good, good, good, good.

Now, you think I'm a real jerk-off, right?

It's rhetorical. Shut up.


You think because I have a shabby, little office that I'm a loser?

I'm a man, Mr. Ferguson.

I help people.

I take care of them in exchange for tamales and hot sauce.

Now, in order to pay for that, assholes like you get the upsell the bonding, the laser whitening, the gold, not porcelain, crowns.

Now you're saying you don't want to p?

I -- you don't wt to pay me?

I didn't -- you know what?

It's all right.

But I'm gonna take back what's mine.


Open your mouth.

I'm gonna stab you in the throat.

I'm nna stabou in the throat.

U can consider me a repo man, all right?

Open wide. Open wide. "Ahh."

Okay. Halfway done. Good job.

Real wide, real wide, real wide.

Little bit more, little more.

Wide, wide!

You can rinse now.

This morning at 8:45 L.A. time, lapd got a 911 call from a patient of a Dr. Peter oldham, dds, from a Mr. Ferguson, who had two of his back molars excised without anesthetic in a parking lot.

Rollie pike.

Well, how did they find out?

Lapd ran prints, got a match.


Oh, yeah. It's all over CNN now.

Security-camera footage. "The crazy dentist." It's got legs.

What's the clock on it?

The cartel has a long memory.

There's a flight, connects through Chicago to L.A., leaves in 40 minutes. Rachel's downstairs.

Shgonna go with you.


You afraid she's gonna cramp your sle, cock-block you from banging a starlet?

Yeah, and rollie's my case.

Yeah, but because of you, it's now mine, too.

And rael's going with you.

Oh, and not only that.

You're gonna love this part --

Rachel's taking lead.


Raylan givens.

Hey, raylan.

Hello, Jim.

Look at that hat!

How's winona?

Oh, she's still happily married to someone else, thanks for asking.

Rachel Brooks, Jim fruzinski.

Jim and I worked together in Texas.

Uh, Rachel's the lead on this one.

Well, thank God.

Now maybe we won't lose him a third time.

Just the once in ownsville.

What about Nicaragua?

He wasn't there.

He tell you how he lost pike in brownsville?

I read the report.

She read the report.

No, the report lacks all the flavor, all the nuance.

You want me to tell her or you want to it?

I think we should get to work.

We all knew rollie was heading for the border.

So ray-ray here went to brownsville, and he staked out a bar where people go to buy paper.

And sure enough, rollie walked in.

Raylan made his pitch.

He told rollie he could either spend a short life on the run from bad guys ke Tommy bucks, or he could get m into WITSEC and get him a new identity now, you must have really thought you had him.

He gave me his word.

Yeah, see, I always take a fugitive's word over handcuffs.

And then rollie asked him if he could finish watching -- what was it a kid's Christmas special on TV?

And then what happened next?

This is my favorite part.

I went next door to 31 flavors.

He went and got himself an ice cream!

And then the next time you saw his face was, what, on your computer screen this morning?

Excuse me.

I'm guessing you're shutting down the office, and ias wondering if I could take these so they don't go bad.

What are they?

Tamales. You want one?

No thanks.

Your loss. They're real good.

Who's she?

Receptionist -- mindy springer.

How did he pass himself off as a dentist?

Ha. He wasn't passing.

He got himself a degree from a dental school down in Panama.

Came back here, kept his head down, worked the fringe -- illegals, people without insurance.

Just doesn't seem like a dentist.

Always thought he'd Ben a beach somewhere in Belize or Brazil.

Um, we may have a problem.

There's gold missing.



Let me see.

Mrs. Penna's tamales?




It was exciting.

But there were a lot more guys than I expected.

Yeah, well, I did extract two teeth without anesthesia...

Or permission.

But why would they send out 20 guys?

I got a lot of unpaid parking tickets.


So, what do we do now?

We trade the gold for cash.

We get a new car, new I.D.S.

Once we're across the border, we cruise on down to Belize, where they speak English and it's almost impossible to be extradited.

And then we set up shop, and we start fixing kids' teeth again.

Sound good?

Sounds crazy, but, yeah.


I'm sorry if I crossed a line with you at the office.

If I shouldered my way to the front of the line, it wasn't intentional.

I can only imagine how hard it's been for you to get where you are in the marshals service.

Because I'm black?

Or because I'm a woman?

Because you're an idiot.

Excuse me?

I didn't shoulder my way to the front of the line.

I didn't say that. You did.

Well, look, I unrstand I'm the low man on the totem pole.

I understand that.

But rollie and I have a long history, and I should be walking point.

This isn't just about this case.

You did cut to the front of the line.

And I don't know if it's because you know the chief from glynco, but you walked in, and you went right to the front.


You ever consider I happen to be good at the job?

And you being a tall, good-looking white man with a shitload of swagger that has nothing to do with it?

You get away wh just about anything.

What do I get away with?

Look in the mirror.

How do you think it'd go over if I came into work one day wearing a cowboy hat?

You think I'd get away with that?

You want to try it on?

Two stores down, they trade cash for gold.

Get big bills.

You don't want 15 pounds of money.

And I'll pick you up out front in about half an hour.

Why don't you do it?

Because they have security cameras, and I don't want any more security cameras.

You need anything out of the car?

One of those tamales. I haven't had lunch.

I'll tell you what forget about the tamales.

When I get back, I'll take you to in-n-out.

Where are you going?

I'm gonna get us a new car because they'll have yours by now.

You have enough to buy one?

I'll figure something out.

What, are you gonna steal one?

You know how to steal a car?

Just get the money, okay?

What's going on?

What do you mean?

I am not the smartest person in the world, but I'm not an idiot.

I know you don't get federal agents after you because of unpaid parking tickets.

Tell me the truth, or I walk.

Up until six years ago, I worked for some really bad men.

How bad?

"'Scarface,' cut your arm off with a chainsaw" kind of bad.

Oh, Jesus.

I was their accountant.

I just moved money around.

And then one day, I...

I couldn't do it anymore.

So I took some of their money.

And I ran.

And that's why I had to change my name.

Why didn't you tell me?

Well, how do you think that conversation would have gone?

"Uh, mindy, yeah, before I was a dentist, I was a money launderer for a drug cartel."

What else did you lie about?

Well, I don't really know how to steal a car.


If you want to walk, I understand.

How long until we're in Belize?

36 hours. Maybe less.

What's your real name?


Roland pike.

But everybody called me rollie.

Okay. Rollie.

Don't lie anymore, okay?

It would break my heart.

You gonna steal that car?!

In broad daylight?!


No, this is my car. I was just gonna go home.

It ain't your car!

No, really, I promise you, it's mine.

Tell me the license-plate number, without looking!

Can you remember your plate number?

Really? 'Cause I never can.

Saw whose car that was.

And I saw you drive up.

In that lemans!

Are you undercover security?

I'm just a tired old man waiting for the movie theater to open.

That's a sweet ride.

Detroit in its day! Man!

Enjoy it.

And thank you for your service to our nation.

I lost the leg to diabetes.

But you're welcome.

You see or hear anything, just call the number on that card.


I saw the dentist mindy works for on the news.

Did you?

You ever see him here?

Oh, yeah, all the time.

Is mindy okay?

As far as we know.

Is she a friend of yours?

Just to say hi to, go out for a drink sometimes.


I'm sorry. What's your name?

Burnett. Shawni.

Miss Burnett, uh, did you ever call mindy on your cellphone?

Yeah, sure. Why?

Is this the best car you could get?

Come on! It's a Honda!

It's nice!

How much did you get?




That was at least $10,000 in gold.

Yeah, but after the conversion fee, the service charge, the state and city tax, and the one-time convenience charge, it came to $4,700.

Mindy, the guy ripped you off.

I did exactly what you told me.

$4,700? Oh, my God.

Oh, I'm sorry, rollie, but, see, I'm new at being a criminal.

Don't answer that!

Don't answer that!

It's okay. It's shawni.

Turn it off!

I want her to have my plants!

Well, then, send her a postcard from Belize!

Stop yelling at me!

Mindy, turn the phone off!

Hello, shawni.

Oh, God.

Miss springer, this is deputy u. S. Marshal raylan givens.

I'd like to speak to rollie.

It's for you.



Raylan givens.

Don't know if you remember me.


My favorite U.S. marshal!

I saw you this morning.

Oh, yeah? Where?

Oh, right outside my office building.

Yeah, I never forget a hat.

That's funny, 'cause I saw you this morning, as well.

It was on CNN.

You should have said hi.

Well, I was in little bit of a hurry.

You understand.

But you looked good, man.

Thank you.

I suppose you're still really mad at me, huh?

Oh, rollie.

If anything, I'm mad at myself.

I thought I had you measured.

You gave me your word, and I took it.

Well, raylan, I would really love to take the time to explain why I ran, but I have enough respect for you to know that you're probably putting a trace on this, so I'm gonna have to bid you adieu.

Rollie, just one more thing. I'll be quick.

If I saw you on TV -- in fact, the whole marshals service and the FBI, you know, even, uh, shawni saw you on TV it's a fair bet your friends in Miami saw you, as well.

You know what's gonna happen to you and miss springer if the bad guys find you before I do?

Nobody's finding me, raylan.

We'll have a location in two minutes.

Roland pike has dodged the marshals service, the FBI, and the mob for over five years.

He's already dumped the phone.

Doesn't it bother you, working for spics?

See, the spics we got here -- they're mostly wetbacks with no papers.

They pick lettuce all day, live like 30-deep in some rat-piss apartment or else, like, you know, homemade tents out by the highway.

Point is, they ain't running sh1t.


"No" what?

No, it doesn't bother me.


Yeah, well, it would me.

Reason I got kicked out of the corps, aside from all that sh1t with the missing tires, was because I didn't even like taking orders from a white man.

But a honeydripper? Forget it.

Can't tell those people a goddamn thing.

Hey, it's me.

Yeah, is he there?

Yeah, put him on for me.

Are you gonna tell me who you're talking to, or is it just, like, hush-hush, need-to-know?

I'm calling Miami.

What, y-you gonna tell them all that spicaroo stuff I said?

I was just kidding with that.

You see that guy in the hat?

The tall one?

The one in the hat.

Hey, yeah, yeah, it's me.

No, no, no, every everything's fine.

Just, remember that cowboy marshal who did Tommy bucks?

He's here. I-I don't know.

Must be looking for rollie, too.

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Okay, good, you want to clear it with gio?

Call me back at this number.


Sir, I'm gonna need you to keep both your hands on top of the steering wheel for me, please.

I'm gonna need you to kiss my taint, you ofay piece of sh1t!

Sir, you don't have to use that kind of language.

Listen to you...

Talking like a real house negro.

Sir, we stopped you because this vehicle has been flagged in a federal hot-pursuit manhunt.

But right now we're gonna ask you to please step out of the car before we have to take you out of the car, sir.

You ought to show some respect for your elders.

I was greasing slopes in the mekong delta while you and your boyfriend were still sucking on your mamas' titties.

Sir, I don't know what the mekong delta is.

Sir, this vehicle is not registered to you.

I just got it.

Where did you get it?

Found it.

You found it.

Found it.

And where did you find it?

In your sister's ass.

This one's cheap.

Los tacos, una tostada.

Okay, this guy's the real deal.


Buenos das, Hector.

Do I know you?

Five years ago, I bought a complete set.

Yeah. What can I get you?


I need a d.L., I need a sosh, I need a passport -- her, too. They got to be perfect.

I need them a.S.A.P.

I got $1,000 cash.

No, no, no, no, no.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

$1,200 for the rush.

No, no, I mean I'm out.

I'm retired.

Wait, you retired?

The game is different since 9/11 -- homeland security, holograms, all that sh1t.

It ain't like it was back in the day.

Oh, Jesus.


It's the only shot you got.

They usually only bring people north, but pay enough they'll get you into north Korea.

Where the hell am I gonna find a coyote?

Wish I could help you, but I'm just a broken-down, old scratcher.

Can I order something?


We never went to in-n-out.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Um, I'll have the ceviche.

Great choice. You're gonna love it.

I'll just continue to follow your lead.

No, by all means...

You take the angry black man.

Mr. Jones, officer Peters tells me you found this car?

None of his business.

Yours, either.

What are you, some kind of fancy lawman?

Federal bureau of intimidation?

U.S. marshal.


Yeah. See?


I mean, did the gold dust twins tell you I was some kind of radical militant and I have a soft spot for the marshals because they walked James Meredith into school?

Well, I hadn't joined up yet at that point, but if you want to give me credit for it, I won't stop you.

Am I supposed to be impressed you got a colored partner?

All this post-racist sh1t.

Mr. Jones, we think you swapped cars with a little funny guy looked like he was runnin' from somethin'.

That sound 'bout right?

Am I hearing you dropping your r's?

Are you trying to get down with me, soul sister?

Sir, why don't you save everyone some time and tell us what he's driving now?

Otherwise we have to run through the dmv database just to get your make, model, and license.

I mean, we'll find it, but...

I hear, in this state, it sometimes takes the dmv half an hour just to answer the phone.

Well...You best get started.

I'm looking at him right now.

Beautiful. Yeah, I get it.

Tell gio not to worry.

We're good.

The cowboy goes?

We stay on him until he brings us to rollie, then we clip them both.

He mention me?

Hey, Mrs. Penna.

It's me -- Dr. Oldham.

That's not your real name.

Look...Can we come in?

Paula saw on the news how you hurt that man.

No. No, Mrs. Penna.

That video was taken completely out of context.

What do you want from us?

Mindy and I need to get into Mexico.

The police are everywhere.

My picture's all over the news.

And they're watching the borders very closely.

We need help.

We need someone who knows how to get across without being caught.

A-a coyote?


So you come to us because we are mexican?

I come to you because you've been a patient and hopefully a friend for many years.

And we are mexican.

Mrs. Penna, mindy and I are in danger.


I can't help you.


Ve te de con nos solos.

This is my house and my decision.

Doctor, you've been good to this family, to my granddaughter.

I will try to help you.

Can I use your bathroom?

911. What is your emergency?

Can I just -- thanks.

911. What is your emergency?

There's a fugitive in my home.

Ok. Do you konw where they are going?

Uh, the home depot off the 805.

Okay, how many of them were there?


Two. Did they threaten you in any way?




My tummy.

You got to go again?

I think so.

Okay, make a fist.

"Make a fist"?

We've got to keep to the schedule.

It's not like I'm choosing this!

We're making really good time.

Do you want me to go in the car?!

Okay, okay, okay.

I'm pulling over.

I just want to know one thing -- who the hell orders ceviche off a taco truck?

You know what?

When I woke up, I had a nice job, a nice car, and a nice boyfriend who was a dentist!

Now I'm on the run with a former drug kingpin, and I could really use a kind word before I poop and puke for the fourth time!

Oh, God.

He'll be at the home depot off of the 805.

All right.


So, the old man set pike up with a coyote.

Supposed to meet him at a home depot off the 805.

Shall we?

Give me just a sec.


May I sit?

I'm sure you were hoping to put this disruption behind you.

You know, it's jarring having strangers asking questions.

But I hope you'll permit me to ask just a few more.

I understand you have a connection to Dr. Oldham.

I myself have a connection of a different sort.

I didn't bake him any food like your daughter.

But you could fairly say I feel a sense of obligation to the man.

You understand this obligation, which is why...I think you may have misled the men who just left.

It's okay.

But you should know that without proper information, bad men will find your dentist friend before I can.

They will kill him, Hmm?

And they'll kill the girl.

And I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen.

I'm saying why does he still have his gun out in the first place?

When was the last time you rode around in a car holding your gun?

'Cause it's a movie!

If that don't happen, then there's no movie -- no messy car, no cleaner.

I mean, w-what do they do -- they drive home, jerk off, take a nap?


I know you.

You're from Miami.

You work for gio.

But I don't recognize your friend.

I'm guessing he's a local, some guy they got you paired up with.

What makes you say that?

You don't seem like the kind of guy that gets flown places to do wet work.

You seem like the kind of guy this guy's got to put up with because you happen to know the area.

What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Where do we go from here, marshal?

Well, I got a couple options.

One -- and it's in that position for a reason -- I get out of the car, and this guy takes you back to the airport, and when you get back to Miami, you tell gio I told him he should hire one of those consultants that teach guys how to survive in prison, because rollie's testimony is gonna put him there all day.

And that's it?

Second option -- next time I see you, I kill you.

Isn't that the line you used on Tommy bucks?

How did that work out for him?

Well, there's there's two of us, cowboy.

You gonna count on him to back your play?

'Cause if that happens, you go first.

And that's not an insult.

You always go for the good ones first.

Well, that's flattering. Thanks.

Well, there's a third option.

We just get to it right here, and you die in the car.

Any takers?

Okay, then.

Well, this is it.

We are officially in the middle of frigging nowhere.

You don't think he's gonna drive us across in his trunk?

I would not like that.

Ey, white people!



Take these.

Blankets, oranges, water.

We'll go halfway and stop.

We'll wait for dark, then we cross at night.




Okay, honey.

I found the car.

Guess the old man trusted you.

How far ahead of you are they?

I don't know.

It's still hot. They can't be more than a few minutes.

What do you need?

Well, you better send a chopper here as fast you can.

And an ambulance.

Hey, marshal.

Right there's good.

Frank, you don't have to listen to him.

You know what? I changed my mind.

I'm gonna take you first.

Frank, don't listen to him.

We just want to talk to you, marshal, see if we can work something out.

Can't see's we got anything to talk about, but if you want to say something, you can say it from right there.

Can I come a little closer so we're not shouting like a couple of drunken hoboes?

I can hear you.

Well, is it okay if I come a little a little closer?

Is that okay?

You take one more step, I'll shoot you.

That's all I'm gonna say.

Marshal, I want to tell you something important.

Use it or throw it away.

God, I have to sit here a sec, catch myreath.

Got an ambulance on the way.

Oh, that'll be nice.

I warned you. Twice.

Well, I guess I'm one of those guys who don't believe you when you tell them the stove's hot.

I have to touch it.

Might get me in trouble one day.


You sure did rough me up here, marshal.

But I think we still might get the decision.

See, on the way here, we were talking to our guy in Mexico, so if rollie's not already dead, he will be soon.

Oh. Thank God.

It's like the devil's anvil out here.

Oh, yeah. Pay me.

When you get us across.

You want to walk the rest of the way on your own?

Rollie, just pay him.

Listen to chica.

Fine. Fine.

New price.

$2,500 each.



I changed my mind.

Pele run out.

You're running in.

You're on the run.

Me? I don't care.

But I turn you in to someone who does, maybe I get a reward.

That's just good business.

I don't have $5,000.

I've got $2,500.

That was the deal.

Second thought.

Don't even think about it.

I really wasn't asking for permission.

I'm telling you...

Don't touch her.


First, I give her a sniff.

Hey, hey.




Hola, mamacita.

Huh? Want to play?



No! Shithead!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

You've got to go back.

You got to get away from me.

What are you talking about?

Don't you see what I just did?

I just killed that guy.

Rollie, he was gonna rape me.

I always knew this would happen.


All those years working for those assholes, I told myself, "oh, you're not a bad guy. You're just working for bad people."

But I knew. I knew it.

I knew deep down that I was capable of this.


I yank a guy's teeth out, and now I kill a guy.

You got to get away from me.


You don't even know who I am.

For five years, I watched you put in kids' fillings and crowns for tamales and corn.

I know who you are.

Let's go have a new life.

I'm empty.

Okay. You can have mine.

How's your stomach?

It's fine. I'm gonna go pee.

You're almost done!


Thank God.


Oh, he's over there. He's hurt.


Mindy, who is that?

Are you okay?


Hello, rollie.

Hey, raylan.

This is something, isn't it?

It is one for the books.

You all right?

Yeah, it's just a scratch.

You armed?

Well, I just had my Dick in my hand.

Well, why don't you put that away and get the hell over here?


You know what? On second thought, stay there.

Who is that? Is that your guys?

No, that's the bad guys.

Looks like we got a sniper on the mexican side.

Well, that's not gonna help tourism!

Well, you just stay put for a few minutes.

Few minutes, huh?

Help is on the way.


They're gonna help me get to Belize?

'Cause that's where we were going.

Mindy in a hammock and me with an ice-cold beer.

Well, I can get you that beer as soon as we're done here.

Oh, yeah?

Does your witness-protection offer still stand?

Oh, sure, absolutely.

Think they'd let me be a dentist?

I don't know, rollie.

Come on, Ray! You know!

They never let you do what you did in your old life.

I'm lucky if they'll let me be a greeter at Wal-Mart!

Why did you become a dentist?

You're gonna laugh.


That's your biggest concern right now?

"Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer."

The song?

Tv special.

Well, I'm sure I've seen it.

I know you've seen it.

It was what was on the TV when we were in brownsville.

See, I knew I'd seen it.

You remember a character named hermey?

Help me out.

Hermey's the elf that makes toys but really wants to be a dentist.

Oh, the little gay dude!

He's not gay!

Rollie, are you trying to tell me you're gay?

I'm not gay!

He's really not.

In any event, raylan, when I was a kid, hermey kind of inspired me.

I got picture books about dentistry and little-kid dentist tools and...

Well, eventually I forgot it.

I grew out of it, but...

When I walked into that bar in brownsville and I saw it on the TV...

It was like a message from heaven telling me what I had to do.

It's all right you can laugh now.

Well, why would I laugh?

You hear that?

I don't hear anything.


It's a whole lot of nothing.

You know what that means, right?

He's moving.

He's gonna get us from the other side.

No, no.

He's just waiting this thing out just like we are!

He only wants me, Ray.D you know these pros -- they get their target, then they're gone.

Unless he has toome down here and someone sees him.

If that's the case, then, aftert he kls me, he's gonna kill you and mindy.

No, he's not.

No, he's not.

Rollie, what the hell are you doing?

I'm done running.

Ve had my fun. I'm ready to turn myself in.


Being a greeter at Wal-Mart won't be all bad.

Baby, what are you doing?!

Now, you get those handcuffs ready, Ray!

Rollie! Don't!

Damn it.

God damn it.

I love you, mindy!

Rollie! Rollie, rollie!

It fit?