01x07 - Blind Spot

Previously on "Justified"...

U.S. Attorney's gonna have a lot of questions.

David Vasquez.

I'm looking into your shootings.

Well, should we just do us a shot of Jim Beam, just for old time's sake?


I ran into Johnny crowder the other day.

Bo Crowder's getting out of prison soon.

And Ava killed his son.

Johnny thought you might want to get out of Kentucky.

Gonna take more than that to get me going.

The tape is on your right.

Where abouts?

Sorry, sweetheart. My right.

Oh, here we go.

See -- duct, hot melt, maskin', filament.

Where's the plain old American packing tape?

Check that cardboard box on the end.


Yeah, that's -- that's it. Right down there.

Mike, raise your eyes.




Hey, Ava.

Hey, I got a shopping list sent to me by Bo Crowder.

He's getting out real soon, wants to do a little bit of deer hunting when he gets back.

Oh, I left the list at home, but I think I can clears remember it.

Yeah, he, uh -- he wants a good length of rope, maybe nylon, Whatever's good at holding a knot in case he has to tie that deer up.

He doesn't want that deer to break free.

And, uh, some of this duct tape, The, uh, super sticky kind, Real hard to peel off, you know.

Some, uh, plastic sheeting --

Yeah, you know, just enough to line the trunk of his Buick, you know, in case it, uh -- in case it gets messy.

Hmm. Shovel. Yeah, that's right -- a shovel.

Real sturdy -- good enough to dig a nice big hole in rocky ground.

And, uh, there was something else.

sh1t if I can't remember.

Oh, yeah -- a chainsaw.


Mike, you fill that order for Bo and put it on my tab.

Oh, you can send it to my address in Lexington.

You can pass that address on to Bo, you know, if he wants to send a thank you note.

Well, that's, uh, mighty thoughtful of you, Ava.

And, uh, if you don't mind one more thing.

Mike, go ahead and throw in a map of Kentucky.

Yeah, the, uh, deer that Bo's hunting -- it's open season wherever the bluegrass grows, But he might not pursue it past the state line.

Mike, I need you to check my trigger.

Sometimes it just goes off on its own.

Aw, sh1t, Helen.

Come on, now.

Helen, maybe you could point that gun somewhere else?

Of course.

Goodbye, Johnny.

Hey, tell Raylan I said hey.




I'm upstairs.

They're bowman's.

You never asked me much about bowman.

I figure you told me what you wanted to.

Don't you want to know the question everyone always asks?


"why didn't you leave him?"

I did.

I went to Corbin and worked at the holiday inn.

"why'd you take him back?"

'cause he said he was sorry.

"why'd you believe him?"

Because I wanted to.

The thing people don't understand -- it's not like he beat me around the clock. I mean, sometimes he was sweet.

At least he tried to be.


You know, he thought I liked these.

I must have seen one at someone's house and said, "oh, I like that," you know, just being polite, but he thought I really liked them so he got them for me.

And I never had the heart to tell him otherwise.

So, there was a light side to bowman.


And I told you about the dark side.

So, here I am going back and forth between light and dark.

Between wanting to sell this house and wanting to burn it to the ground.

I got probation.

You know, I can't leave Kentucky, but I don't have to wear an anklet, so basically it's just a slap on the wrist.

That make it okay, what I did?

I-I mean, I drink enough I can tell myself it's no big deal, but killing a man - it's a big deal, isn't it?

I'm gonna have to get a new bed.

Unless I keep this as a conversation piece.

You planning on having a lot of folks up here for conversation?

Thanks for being here.

My pleasure.

You were right.

You got him.

Or a piece of him, anyway.

There's blood on the grass, more than you'd get from flying out a window.

Ail leads up to the road.

Did you see a truck?

I just heard.

By the time I got down there, all I saw were taiights.

Yeah, well, I'll have the crime-scene guy run the tire tracks, but old pickup trucks in Harlan are just like assholes.

Everyone's got one.

Same goes for these sawed-off shotguns.

Johnny crowder threatened you in the hardware store?

It was veiled and all, but, yeah.

Well, I think I'm gonna go talk to him.

It wasn't him.

And you know this how?

Same way I'd know if it was you. I know Johnny.

I played ball with him for years.

So did you. It wasn't him.

Well, far be it from me to second-guess those acute powers of observations of yours, but you were rolling around on the floor here, fighting for your life.

I'm going out to county line.

I'm gonna check it out.

All right.

I'd like to come with you.

Don't you want to stay here with Ava?

She can go to the sheriff's station. She'll be safe there, right?

I'm glad we're going over there together.

I might need you to stop me from doing something stupid.

I'm not too popular with the crowders.

Think I am?

You know, I put Bo away five years ago.

He was running drugs up through Harlan.

Wasn't selling, more of a conduit for sh1t flowing up from the South.

But my problem with the crowders started a while before that.

You remember Henry crowder?

Guy that drove the book mobile around to all the schools.



Great guy, sweet guy.

The one good crowder.


Until one day eight years ago He picked up a 10-year-old little girl, drove her over to...

...pine mountain forest.

Tied her up...


...raped her, strangled her.

Charlotte rose Thomas.

My niece.

Well, I can't imagine anything worse than that.

She'd be finishing High School about now.

You put Henry away.

I spent years searching high and low.

Never found him.

But I rode them crowders hard.

Some folks say that's why I put Bo away for his drug running.

As opposed to you actually doing your job.


Did make a contribution, though.

Oh! oh, sh1t.


Hey! Raylan givens in the house.

Oh, and looky here. He brought his little cop buddy.

Get your clothes off, Johnny.


Well, I know you speak English.

I believe it's one of your proudest achievements.

Take your clothes off.

You finally coming out as a gay man?

sh1t. Good for you.

Somebody took a shot at Ava tonight.

Old Raylan here put one in him.

I want to make sure it ain't you.

Get your clothes off.

Well, I will if you will.

Get your clothes off!

Johnny, listen to him.

You can arrest me if you want, but it might not go as smooth as you hope it would.

I'll show you how smooth!

Whoa! whoa! whoa!

Bring it!

Hey! hey!

This does not have to go sideways!

I know it wasn't you.

If it was, I figure you'd be in a world of pain.

Maybe you just grazed him.

I hit meat. I heard the man howl.

Jesus, Raylan!

Get off me!

Don't touch me!

You're gonna do this here in my place of business?

What are you doing?!

Let me go!


I want to see his ass.

Aw, sh1t!

Get off me, faggot!

Sheriff's just doing his job.


I'll be damned.


You're right.

It wasn't him.




We know you're threatening Ava, boy.

That's true, Johnny.

You're gonna have to answer for that.

And don't say it was about deer hunting. That ain't gonna fly.

I only did it for her own good.

Ugh, I mean, sh1t, Raylan.

Come on, Ava's a beauty.

I always wanted to bed her myself.

I-I just said what I said because I didn't want a pretty girl like that to get hurt.

Are you sure you ain't gay?

Did any other crowders order a hit on her?

By "any other crowders, " you mean Bo?

Who's still in prison, by the way, as I'm sure Mr. Big boy here's been braggin' about.

That's right.

He could get the word out.

Well, if he did, I didn't hear about it.

I heard nothing.

He doesn't tell me that sh1t anymore.

All right.

'cause I-I am the business owner.

All right.

I'm the respectable one!

Hey, man. How's Kentucky?

You know, I've been thinking more about the book, how it should be organized.

Oh, yeah, yeah, write everything down.

Each chapter should be one of my rules.

Keep it to 10, like a top-10 list.

Yeah. Yeah, I like that.

If it becomes a bestseller, I could do another one "more rules."

Hey, I could write a book, "rules of being hit."

Like -- like, if you get tapped for special handling, don't try and tough it out.

You want to cry and scream as much as you can.

It puts on a better show for the client, and it's over quicker.

That's right, right.


That'll be the one that gets you in with gio.

Hey, shut up.

I told them to keep you inside.

I started smoking, and they kicked me out.

Besides, no crowder's gonna do anything in broad daylight.

I got to go.

They hired some local idiot as a spotter, and he got himself shot.

Now I got to go freakin' clean it up.

I'll see if they found out something.

You find Johnny?

Yeah. It wasn't him.

Says he doesn't know who it was.

You believe him?

I do.

He says he was just warning you because he likes you.

Oh, how sweet.

I guess, uh, talking about plastic-lined trunks and chainsaws is kind of flirty.

They called around to all the hospitals and clinics within 100 miles -- no gunshot victims.

Probably holed up in a cabin in a holler licking his wounds.

I guess I'll start looking at the cabins around here.

What you gonna do?

Well, as soon as she finishes her cigarette, I'm gonna get Ava the hell out of Harlan.

What was that sound?

I'm so sorry.

I screwed up. I know I did.

I know I did.

Oh, man. You should see yourself.

Did you just piss yourself?



Please don't -- don't kill me.

Please don't kill me.

Please don't kill.

Please don't...



Hey, hey, hey.

You're gonna want to do something about that before it gets infected.

Hello, Rachel.

Don't suppose it's a coincidence, you standing there?

What do you think?

Ms. Crowder, you're coming with me.

Don't sit down.

Just what part of being under investigation confuses you, Raylan?

So many things confuse me, art.

Do you think we're gonna banter here?

Because we're not.

Where's Rachel putting Ava?

On a bench.

She's in security now, so she's safe.

And if anybody asks her, she'll just say that she's come to see her lawyer.


No, it's not okay.

'cause if somebody asks, it means they're suspicious.

Hell, I'm wondering myself!

Let me see if I can get this straight!

You shot somebody else?!

At her house?!

He broke in.

He took a shot at -- he almost killed her, for God's sakes.

Where'd you pop it off this time?!

In her bedroom?!

Well, Vasquez is gonna have a field day with this one, isn't he?


Just what in God's name do you expect me to do, Raylan?!

I tell you to do one simple thing -- refrain from screwing the witness in your own shooting, and you can't even do that!

You think there's never gonna be any consequences for this?!

Just because we taught shooting together at glynco?

Whoa, whoa, if you want to transfer me, by all means, be my guest.

Don't -- did I say I wanted to transfer you?!

If you think Ava's eligible, call a u. S attorney and put her in WITSEC.

She ain't eligible, art.

Even if she was, she wouldn't go.

Well, what are your options?

What are you gonna do?

You just gonna stay by her side for the rest of your life?

Hello, hunter. Find the shooter?

Not yet.

But we only checked the cabins closest to town and...

You know what they say about backwoods cabins in Harlan.

They're like assholes, pickups, and sawed-off shotguns.

Where are you?

Uh, on my way to big Sandy.

You gonna talk to Bo?

Figure I'd start with Boyd.

Well, I could go with you if you want to meet up along the way.

No, it's best I talk to him alone.

Well, suit yourself, then.

Hey, is, uh, Ava with you?

Mm, no.

I just wanted to make sure you got her somewhere safe, uh, Which, uh, of course you did.

That's stupid of me.

I did.

Well, all righty, then.

Ava crowder?

You look real familiar.


I was taking notes when you started your interview with the a.U.S.A.

I remember you.

You got up and left.

Must have been something I said.

No, I got up because, Uh -- I left because I had a conflict.

I'm Raylan's ex-wife.

Did you know Raylan growing up in Harlan?

I did.

First time I saw him, Uh, going on 20 years is when he showed up at my house, looking for Boyd crowder.

And that was after you shot your husband?

That's right.


Seems like you know a lot about me.

I don't even know your name.

I'm sorry.

Uh it's Winona --

Winona Hawkins now.

So, what brings you to Lexington?

I'm meeting my lawyer.

Oh, I thought they were handling your case down in Harlan?

Are you a lawyer yourself, Winona?

Because I'm asking so many questions?



That's just me being rude.

I guess it comes from all those years being married to a Leo.

You know what that - it's law enforcement officer.


You ever been tangled up with a - a law enforcement officer?

Yeah, well, it has its challenges.

Like, um, when you go out to eat, he always has to sit facing the door.

He'll run all kinds of worst-case scenarios like, um...

"what do you do if somebody's chasing you through a parking garage?" or, "what do you do if you crash your car into a lake?"

Stuff like that.

The worst part is when - when he's at work and the phone rings, and you dread picking up, thinking... You know.

Well, you know, if anything, my husband was on the other side of the equation.

Why on earth am I telling you all this?

You must have your reasons.

I can't for the life of me imagine what they are.

Ava, sorry to interrupt you.

Sheriff hunter, guess who this is.

This is the former Mrs. Givens.

It's, uh, Winona, right, like the actress?


Uh, hunter Mosley -- uh, Harlan county sheriff.

Nice to meet you.

Oh, it's nice to meet you.

I know your ex.

He's, uh, one of the good ones.

Yeah, that's what he kept telling me.

Speaking of which, um, I just spoke with Raylan.

He thinks you should come with me.

Oh, okay.

There was an incident at my house in Harlan.

It's a long story.

Maybe I'll see you again.

Oh, you're not gonna stay and - and meet with your lawyer?

Thanks for reminding me.

Maybe I'll call.

Take care, now.


Well, I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Raylan, but you know how these places can be --

So many gates and Sally ports and highly invasive searches.

What brings you to my house?

Oh. This is your house now, huh?

Why, yes, prison is my home, if that's what you're asking, Raylan.

This is where God needs me to be.

All right.

Now, how can I --

Boyd, I don't mean to be rude, but I didn't come to hear you preach, and I don't want to hear about my daddy, neither.

Well, what can I do for you, Raylan?

I need a reason to not bring the full weight of every available resource I can muster down on the heads of you and your father and every crowder housed in this or any other federal penitentiary.

Well, who lit your fuse?

Do not feign ignorance.

Well, I am surely not.

You don't know anything about somebody taking a shot at Ava?


Well, when did this happen?

You tell me.

Well, you think that I would do that, knowing me as well as you do?

Do I think you ordered it?


I figure if you wanted that done, you had plenty of opportunities.

You think my daddy did?

He's got the reason and the inclination.

Why, yes, he does, but I-I can assure you that he did not do this.

You know this how?

Well, I-I spoke to him the other day about Ava.


And I told him that there was no peace in an act of revenge, but God was the comfort he seeks.

Stop it.

For in the bible it says, romans 12, "beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God."


I'm so very disappointed in you, Raylan.

I'm one of the best hunting men in this county.

I've got the right instincts to be a hit man.

If you had the right instincts, you wouldn't be sitting here with a hole in your shoulder.

You were supposed to spot.

That's it.

That's all you had to do.

I screwed up.

Got that right.

Did you start off as a spotter?


You think there's a hit man guild?

You apprentice and rise up through the ranks?

I don't know.

Hey, what's your favorite weapon?


It's short, so it's got a quick pull.

'course it's got a wide scatter, So it's only good inside 10 feet.

But the big selling point is they can't match it, no matter what they tell you on the "CSI."

Sawed-off's what I used.

But not very well, huh?

You broke rule number 9.

You -- you -- you're supposed to let them come to you.

You don't burst through the door.

You lie in wait!

See, there's rules to being a hit man.

What are the other rules?

You'll have to buy the book.

Think you can behave yourself this time?

Anyway, you were saying?

Well, I wanted to assure you that my father played no hand in this shooting.

And I spoke to him the other day about Ava, and he assured me that he would give her a pass, At least until he got out.

However, if he saw her in Harlan, he could not guarantee that he wouldn't change his mind.

Now, he'd have no reason to lie to me, Raylan.

He never has before.

Oh, you're so very disturbed, my friend.

Let me ask you something.

Where was this shot fired?

In her house.

But where in the house? Was it in the kitchen?

In the living room? Was it in the bedroom?

Why do you want to know that?

Humor me.

I think I might be onto something.

It was in the bedroom. Why?

Now, was Ava alone at the time of the shooting, or was she keeping company with someone?

Where are you going with this?

Was that company you, Raylan?

All right.

Thank you.

Hold on.

Give me 30 seconds.

I'm not trying to pry.

I am honestly trying to help you out.

Now, sit down.

Now, I know what it was like for you growing up in that household, having to watch your daddy rough up your mama.

We're not talking about my father again, are we?

I can only imagine what it must have been like as a little boy having to see something like that.

Not being able to do anything about it.

Well, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that's not a big reason why you got your gold star and your gun.

You know, I'm not an idiot.

I would think that you vowed --

I'm not completely unaware of my motivations in life.

What I think that you might be unaware of is how powerful such a motivation can be.

Powerful enough to cloud your vision.

Are you even in the vicinity of a point?

I'm closing in, I promise.

Now, you're laying in Ava's bed next to her, and someone takes a shot.

Now, given Ava's bad blood with my family, why, naturally, you would assume it was a crowder, But what if it was the assumption before that one that was erroneous?

What assumption was that?

What if Ava wasn't the intended?

Now, given all the enemies you've made over all these many years, what if that shooter was gunning for you?


Open up!

Who is it?

Who is it?

County sheriff! open up!

At in the he--

Did somebody piss on my rug?


Hey, do you mind?

Put yours in your holster.

Sit down, red.

Where is he?

Right now?


At big Sandy, then headed back to Lexington.

But don't worry, we can help you find him.

How hard can it be to find him?

He's a U.S. Marshal.

He works at the federal courthouse.


We can find out where he lives.

Miami can get that information.

Well...we can set him up, so you can put him down at a distance.

I don't want to put him down at a distance.

I have very specific orders, and I'll do what I'm paid to do --

A lesson you should've learned!

Hey, hey, hey.

Red here was just eager --

That's all.

All I know is, if he'd have just done as he was told, There'd be parts of Raylan givens in five counties.

There'd be a videotape on the mail on the way to Miami, and I'd be on a plane back to Texas.

Mr. Duke...

...if you want to go, then, by all means, go.

Jesus Christ!


God damn.

I called Miami.

He had clearance to tie up any loose ends.

You're definitely a loose end.

You killed him to save me?

No, dipshit!

Obviously, I'm a loose end, too!

Miami gonna be okay with you killing him?

No, they're not gonna be okay, but it was the only play I had.

Is this all his stuff?

He was gonna torture him, take video.

Said he was writing a book about being a hit man.

Yeah, well, we know how that book ends now, don't we?



When did you get the van out there?



Uh, I traded the - the truck for it?

Paper trail?

Uh, no.

Why? We gonna run?

Ain't nowhere you can hide they ain't gonna get you eventually.

The same cartel waited five years to get a money launderer they were after.

Raylan was after him, too.

Guess what.

Cartel got him first.

Then, what are we gonna do?

We need a show of good faith.

We need to give 'em what they want.

What do they want?

Well, they want rainbows and unicorns.

God damn it, red!

Catch up!

What do you think they want?!

They want Raylan givens.

It's Raylan.


You talk to Boyd?

I did.

Uh, he said the second I saw you, I should shoot you in the face.

Well, I'm guessing you don't want me to waste time pretending I don't know what you're talking about.

You wasted enough time just then.

You know I got Ava?

Pay careful attention now...

Or she dies.

You understand the situation?

You draw on me, I don't care if you're deadeye Dick and put one right through my brain stem, Before I hit the ground, red will blow a hole in Ava's skull.

Got your cell on, transmitting to your friends?

You were once in law enforcement.

What do you think?

If you want to repeat what I said about Ava --

I'm sure they got it.

You honestly see a way out of this?

Well, you mean like one of those, uh, police chases on TV?

Helicopter following some dipshit through the streets?

You know, when that idiot finally crashes, you ever notice how many get out and run?

If you're like me, y-you're yelling at the TV

"what the hell you running for, asshole?! We gonna get you!"

And we always do, right?

Except we don't, really. You know that. Not always.

They just don't show the ones that get away on TV.

You're gonna be one of the lucky ones, huh?

If I've got a one-in-a-hundred -- hell, if I've got a one-in-a-million shot...

...I'm gonna take it.

The gun's in the trunk.

Let me see Ava.

Well, you're gonna have to take my word on that. Come on.

Well, I'd like to.

But your boy red --

That's his name, right?

He's already shown he's incompetent.

For all I know, he was trying to put a gag on her, accidentally choked her to death.

She's alive and well.

Well, good.

That's good.


That's enough!

Put your guns, plural, into the trunk.

Get in the driver's seat.

Give me your cellphone.

Listen up, U.S. Marshals.

Situation's changed.

You try to take out my associate while he's driving the van, I blow a hole in Raylan's head.

You get within shooting distance behind us, I blow Raylan's head off.

You see a theme developing?

Follow him.

Harlan's finest.

We can't all be marshals.

You signed up for sheriff's when you couldn't make the cut?

I was being sarcastic.

No, I never wanted to run off and join the federal circus.

There's plenty that needs to be done around Harlan.

You remember little Charlotte rose?

Sad story.

You gonna tell it again?

Mm. Sad story, all right.

It's got a different ending.

Oh, let me guess.

The boys from Miami or their Dixie mafia friends offered to find Henry crowder for you in return for a favor.

The day they delivered Henry to me was a happy day.


And with your sheriff's paycheck, I bet you didn't have the money they wanted in return.

So you got Bo out of the drug-running business and took over the Harlan franchise yourself.

It's what they wanted all along.


Bo was squeezing 'em.

I offered the same service at a fraction of the price.

Business 101.

I know this is gonna sound weird, maybe even a little creepy, but -- but there ain't a bachelor alive in Harlan --

Well, hell, hell, throw in most of the married men, too -- not a man whose heart didn't lift when he heard you were single again.

Oh, there ain't a straight man alive in Harlan didn't have a crush on you.

When they order you to pop me?

They didn't come to me on that.

They sent a button man.

Trouble was, he didn't know his way around our mountains, so Miami asked me to get someone to spot for him.

You know that button man was supposed to get you alone and video the old ordeal so the boys in Miami could watch you squeal while drinking rum and eating... cheese popcorn -- I don't know.

Don't you worry. I took care of him.

Oh, I popped him so quick he didn't even know what hit him.

Yeah, before he killed you, huh?

On account of your friend red screwing the pooch.


So the cartel wants me dead that bad, huh?

I suppose they got a helicopter coming for you, though, huh?

What, are you -- are you gonna offer me Witness Protection now, Raylan?

We could call the U.S. Attorney right now.

Well, I thought of that already.

But when he hears what I got to offer -- which is, what, no names and a couple of cellphone numbers probably don't belong to anyone I think he'd likely pass.

Well, I guess there's only about one thing left for you to do.

Yeah, what's that?


You know, I had all my dreams and my fantasies you know, like...

But I -- I honestly never imagined we'd be going off alone like this.

What are you doing?!


Hey, hey, don't lose them.

Come on, put your foot on it!

Just keep up!


No, unh, unh, unh!

No, no, no, no!

The only place you're running is towards that van.

You broke my wrist.





Damn it. I said sit!

You all right?

I'm all right.

Cuff yourself.

You move, I'll shoot you in the kneecap.

You okay?

I'm okay.

I think I got him.

Oh, God, did I kill him?

No, he's breathing.

I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

For what?

"receive instructions in wise dealings, righteousness..."

Are you ready to ask the lord for forgiveness?

Oh, now, you know that kind of thing don't interest me, Boyd.

But you know what?

Something Jeb saw got my attention.

Tell him what you saw, Jeb.

I seen you yapping with that cowboy yesterday.

Now, word is this ain't the first time that you've had him on the line.

I'm disappointed in you, Boyd.

You and your bacon should have got you a private room.

I don't need one.

Could have got some conjugal.

I don't need a private room to spread the good word.

Rest assured that's all I was doing.

You're running your mouth, Boyd.

Look, corker, you know me better than to take a simpleton's word over mine.

I don't believe I know you at all, Boyd.

See, the fact is -- I don't associate with rats or snitches.

Used to respect you, Boyd.

Them crowder commandos was the sh1t in my neck of the woods.

You used to be somebody.

Not anymore.

Well, I've tapped into a power greater than you will ever know, my friend.

Stop running that drag out both sides of your mouth.

And you repent your sins and beg the lord for forgiveness.


Get him! get him!

Hold him up!

Well, I might be a man of the cloth, but I sure as hell ain't no lamb!

You better pray that you go upstairs and not down.

You know the rule!

Get away from him.

Men of God are not to be touched by anyone.


Now, you don't really have any idea what he's doing, now, do you?

Huh? I know I don't.

Now, listen up.

His heavenly father will take care of him when his time comes.

But if his time comes early on account of any of you...

His father here on earth is gonna see to it you are gutted like trout.

But truth is you're shorting the gate in a few months.

What do you think's gonna happen to him then?


Why don't you take a shot and find out?

Don't you push me, Bo crowder!

Take a shot.

You watch it, old man.

Son, what the hell are you doing?

It's good to see you, daddy.