01x08 - Blowback

Previously on "Justified"...

Bo Crowder's getting out of prison soon.

Ava might want to get herself out of Kentucky.

I ain't leaving, Bo crowder notwithstanding.

I tell you to do one simple thing, refrain from screwing the witness in your own shooting, and you can't even do that!

I need you to run some names.

It's about my husband.

I wasn't ever thinking of shooting you, no matter what Winona may have said.

But you drag her down into any of the sh1t you've got going on now different story.

David Vasquez.

I'm looking into your shootings.

You all right, daughter-in-law?

You look like you just walked on your own grave.

What, are you surprised to see me?

I figured that, uh, Raylan -- uh, Deputy Marshal Givens would have told you I was getting out, especially since he's the one that got my sentence cut by 87 days and a wake-up.

What the hell are you talking about?

By taking down Sheriff Hunter.

All the cases that got made by that lying son of a bitch are now liable to be reopened.

So, the U.S. Attorney decided that anybody with a sentence less than six months wasn't worth retrying.

Gave us all early release. God bless America.

Ohh-ho-ho, whoa, whoa!

A little conversation.

Conversation -- come on.

Come on.

So...What are you doing in Lexington, Bo?

I figured as soon as you got out, you'd head down to Harlan to reclaim your bullshit empire.

Are you trying to hurt my feelings, girl?


I'm here for you.

Since bowman is dead and gone, I feel like you're my responsibility.

How do you eat pie for dinner and still stay a bitty-little thing like you are with your curves in all the right places?

You know, the pie we get in prison - it's better than you might think, but it simply cannot compare to a nice, warm, sticky piece of homemade.


Mr. Crowder.

Well, howdy, marshal.

I sure am glad you could join us.

Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm not joining you.

You were just leaving.

Actually, I was just telling my daughter-in-law how the one thing that separates the pie we get inside from a nice piece like this one here... is the smell.

I mean, there ain't nothing in the world like it.

Mmm, you know what, girl?

I think I'm gonna have to lick your plate.

Are you gonna walk out of here, or is this gonna have to go a different way?

The last man that put his hands on me like that, I beat him until his eyes bled.

I guess it's a lucky thing for both of us that I ain't a convict anymore, ain't it?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for a sit-down with my lawyer.

Your lawyer.

Blue suit, red tie.

You take care of yourself, now, marshal.

Mr. Crowder.

You all right?

I'm fine.

I don't suppose now's a good time to revisit our conversation about getting you the hell out of Kentucky?

I'm not made of glas, Raylan.

I mean, who's gonna bug me, anyway when I got... the a-number-one gunfighter in the whole U.S. Marshals service watching my back?

I'm watching every part of you.

Well, speak of the devil. The devil appears.

Well, you were right about Owen Carnes not offing himself.

Well, it didn't take a genius to read that one.


These boys with you?


I thought maybe you decided to skip over your inquiry, haul me straight off to the clink.

Ahh, I didn't think of that.

What an idiot I am.

No, this -- this is another headache we got.

You ever hear of a cal Wallace?

Might ring a bell.

Legendary problem inmate, long history of noncompliance.

He's here to fight a court order to send him to supermax.

David just came by to tell us he had a couple of other meetings today before he got to ours.

Yeah, I figure they shouldn't last more than a couple hours, And then we can have our sit-down.

End of day okay?

Good with me.

You still all right to use my office?

Don't see why not.

I'll give you home field.

Good seeing you again, deputy.

Chief. Oh, are you planning on using a fleoa lawyer?

It's just an interview.

I know, but I've done a number of these, you know.

Some people have their union lawyer present, some don't --

Totally up to you.

And you don't have to decide now.

Take your time, think about it. We'll talk soon.

You want a lawyer?

Well, until 20 seconds ago, I didn't think I needed one.

Why don't we go over what you're gonna y?

Just make sure that we're dotting all the T's here.

Mrs. Hawkins.

Oh, I am so sorry to have startled you.

I assumed Mr. Hawkins had told you to expect me.


My name is Wynn Duffy.

"Home security consultant."

Mr. Hawkins didn't mention anything?

Um, no, it must have slipped his mind.

Well, that's not surprising, Given the number of things he must have on his mind -- safety of his family, for instance.

Mrs. Hawkins, I can offer you and your husband the kind of ace of mind that only comes with knowing that your personal-security situation is under control.

None of which explains what you're doing in my house.

Well, ma'am, I can't upgrade your security situation unless I first assess your security situation.

What are you doing here?

Just because we're talking about safeguarding your physical security doesn't mean all our solutions will be physical.

The average citizen has no idea how much the quality of their personal security is determined by how they treat other people...

Okay, I'm gonna ask you one more what the --

...And also, if I may, The security of their personal information.

And I'm not just thinking about bank passwords or social security numbers.

With one phone call, I was able to discover that the depositions you were scheduled to work this afternoon had been cancelled, Letting me know that you'd be home early and likely be home alone.

Imagine what a genuine predator would have been Le to do with that iortion.

Or I could just call the police.

The pole are just a janitorial service used to clean up your blood after you've been murdered.

But if you want to...Trust them to handle your security --

I mean right now.

I could call the police right now if you don't get out of my house!

Mrs. Hawkins, you haven't asked me to get out of your house.

Well, I'm asking now.

That's fine.

I understand.

Personal security can be an emotionally charged issue.

I hope you'll let Mr. Hawkins know I was here.

Tell him I didn't forget.

I got to take a dump.

You have to ask me nicely.

I got to Ta a dump, please.

Yeah, sure.

What if he'd had somebody with him?

He didn't.

Artwell, what if he did?

What would you have done?

What do you think I would have done?

Well, I don't know, Raylan.

I don't understand you.

If there was someone at the table, art, I wouldn't have sat down.

Meaning that you were planning to shoot him before you sat down.

See what I'm trying to say?

This is a spirit-of-the-law, Letter-of-the-law type of thing.

Sure, the guy pulls on you first, you've got no choice to put him down, which is fine, unless it looks like you maneuvered him into giving you no choice.

You want me to tell Vasquez I don't think in what-ifs.


Don't let him bait you into speculating, because then you'll let your smart mouth talk you into a jackpot.

This guy Vasquez - he may be all right, but just don't give him any more than you have to.

Just let bucks' history as a maggot and the fact that all these people saw him go for his piece do your talking for you.

Drop the weapon!

Let him go!

Put it down!

Drop the weapon!

Put it down!

Do as I say or I'll gut him!

Drop the weapon!

Put them on the boyfriend!

What's the situation?

He's got one guard down.

He's got a sh1t on the other.

Any other weapons in there?

Haven't seen any.

All right, let's lower the weapons.

Don't raise them again unless I say otherwise.

Let's clear this office, make sure there's no civilians in here, and Al it.

Rachel, call Washington.

Tell them we need a sog team down here.

If you get a clear shot, put him down.

There's still a chance to walk back from the cliff here, Wallace.

If you'll just you let these men go, I'll make sure to it personally that you don't see any retribution.

And depending on the condition on that man on the floor, I might be able to keep you out of Shu.

Quit blowing smoke up my ass!

Else I might have bite the ad's apple of this unlucky son of a bitch to spit blood back in your face!

Now, Mr. Wallace, I'm just trying to resolve this situation before the tac team gets here and takes all the credit for bringing you out of there.

You the shooter?

They send you in here to ghost me in case this thing goes further South?

Ell, the chief's a pretty good shot himself.

But you're better.


I'll talk to you, 'cause you don't bullshit me!

We know where each other's coming from.

Plus, I've always had a problem with authority figures.

Move it back.

As for you, boss man, you can go back to your command post, have another doughnut!

Doesn't seem to like me very much. Keep talking to him.

Don't worry about Vasquez.

Don't pay any attention to that little son of a bitch.

Do what I said.

Mr. Vasquez, really not a good time.

Chief, I thought Wallace's file might come in handy.

Rachel, see if there's anything in there we can use.

Well, if that's everything --

No, you wait a minute.

Mr. Wallace?

Just to be clear, Deputy givens is gonna try to talk Wallace out of there.

But if he's not successful, I to him to shoot him.

Those are my orders.

Ah, you got me all wrong, chief.

I don't give a sh1t if deputy givens shoots cal Wallace.

Oh, but you give a sh1t about a low-life like Tommy bucks.

No, I, like the rest of the world, am delighted Tommy bucks is dead.

But the circumstances didn't give you pause?


Who's the little man in the suit?

He some kind of super bossman?


'cause he wasn't here when these two hacks hauled me off to the head.

You eyeball everything, huh?

I do.

Before you tagged in, I noticed you looking back like you had to ask his permission.

He's an assistant U.S. Attorney.

He's here investigating a couple of my shootings.

A couple of your shootings?


Man, I hit the nail on the head when I called you "Shooter,"

Is that why you didn't take me at the jump?

You have to resolve this situation without drawing your weapon, prove something to the a.U.S.A.?

You were moving around, dragging this poor guard around.

I figured it's 50/50 I put you down before you cut him.

Besides, the point of this exercise is everybody lives.

Oh, you think you're gonna manage to pull that off?

They pay me to try.

So, what now?

Do you need a list of my demands?

You gonna offer me a-a chopper, A plane, a suitcase full of money?

You want a chopper or a plane?

That's -- he's funny.

Has any numbnuts ever fell for that?

I mean, really thought he was gonna walk out of a hostage situation, take off in a 747, and get a hand job from a stewardess, huh?

I suppose you're right.

These days, the air force will shoot down a passenger jet just to stop it getting taken over.

Got that right. Ain't no freedom no more.

So, what now?

What's your play?

You gonna offer to exchange yourself for some hostages?

Hell, no.

I was just thinking that I'm so happy that's not me with t shiv against my neck.

How'd you get at in there, anyway?

Keistered it.

Keistered it?


Now I'm really happy not to be the one with it up against my face.

God damn it.

There. That more comfortable?

Hey, shooter?!

You got much experience with this sort of thing?

Negotiating with a barricaded suspect?

Not really.

Well, you're doing a good job so far.

You have established a rapport with the subject.

But now you got to make a determination.

Is the subject emotionally disturbed?

Well, you got an opinion on that?

You seem pretty stable...

Although you did spend all morning with a shiv up your ass.

Well, that leads us to the $64, 000 question -- is the situation negotiable?

Has the subject expressed a desire to live?

Has the subject given a list of needs and demands, and are those needs and demands realistic and achievable?

See, I've done this before, shooter.

Tell me what you want, and we'll find out.

Well, we got a big problem.

I'm serving four consecutive life sentences, and there is no parole board in their right mind ever gonna let me back on the street.

So, as part of establishing a rapport with the subject, am I supposed to weep with him over all the unsympathetic parole boards who refuse to release him back into society when he clearly poses it no further danger?

To tell you the truth, I wouldn't put me back on the street, either.

I am dangerous.

I just want you to know to stop wasting your time.

I mean, you ain't got nothing you can offer me.

I understand my problem.

What do I get for the man who has everything?

Well, when you figure that out, shooter, why don't you let me know?

No, no, listen. Now, wait.

Now, again, I haven't done this as much as you, but I don't think that's the way this works, Me guessing at the key to your heart.

The way this works is you tell me what you want, and I'll see if I can get it.

You done?

Ssssss Who is she?

He's got her inked on his chest.

She's got to be someone special.

Who's Simone?

Mr. Wallace?

You want to tell me who she is?

What do you know about Simone?

Well, nothing.

I just looked at some photos of your tattoos.

She's my daughter.

Well, where is she?

I don't know. With her mother, I guess.

When was the last time you saw her?

When she was 3.

Most beautiful little girl in the world.

How old is she now?

15, I guess.

Would you like to see her?

Could you do that?

Well, I -- we could try.

You could bring her here to me?

Well, marshal, that'd be a miracle.

It'd be a real miracle, Considering she don't exist.

The Simone on my chest - that's David Simone.

He was an enforcer for the wizards MC.

I killed him.

He was my first.

That's why I hold him dear to my heart.

I don't got no kids.

At least none that I know of.

Hell, I wouldn't give a sh1t even if I did.

We got a big problem, shooter.

It don't matter what you offer me.

You improve my circumstances, You say you're gonna get me extra time in the yard, a job in the kitchen.

It don't matter, 'cause won't believe it.

I know, just like you know, that I'm headed to supermax.

And I got no reason to believe that the asshole guards at supermax are any different than the asshole guards right here.

They enjoy turning men into animals.

Don't you?

Don't you enjoy it?!


They take away your toilet paper.

They don't let you shower for a week.

They feed you juke cakes.

You know what a juke cake is, shooter?

Well, I'm guessing it's unpleasant.

It's when one of these son of a bitches takes your meal and they dump it all in a blender, blend it together, then they bake it in the oven like a casserole, except they burn it black on both sides.

Then they feed it to you.

Screwing with you.

Hell, yeah, screwing with you.

Well, I screw with them, don't I?

Don't I, huh? Huh?!

I sit down there, and I pretend.

Oh, hell, yeah.

I pretend like it's fried chicken from prince's hot in Nashville, and I enjoy every finger-lickin' mouthful.

Well, I love fried chicken.

Never had any in Nashville.

They call it hot 'cause it's spicy?

Hell, yeah.

You take one bite of prince's, And you start sweating like a whore in church.


Well, the best fried chicken I ever had was the takeaway at Joe's stone crab in Miami.

Can you believe that?

A Kentucky boy -- I got to go all the way down to Florida just to get my favorite.

Well, I ain't never been to Florida, so I-I couldn't pass judgment.

But I will say this - I find it hard to believe you can get any good chicken at a joint with "Crab" In its name.

That why you're doing this?

Screw with the guys who screw with you?

Maybe I plan on cutting the throats of the men that screwed with me.

I think if you wanted to do that, you would have done it already.

I got plenty of time.


Honestly, I was looking forward to the trip down here.

I know how it's gonna turn out.

I mean, I'm under no illusion about that.

At least three or four days of nice scenery on the van ride back and forth.

Oh, but these two seen that it all turned to sh1t.

Rolled me out of my bunk at 3:00

A.M. To feed me cold eggs....

15 minutes -- got it.

...Drive me in a van with no goddamn windows.

I get here, they put me in a cage, and then they go about tapping on the window like they're screwing with a monkey at the zoo.

Well, how do you like screwing with your monkey now, huh?

How do you like it?



Excuse me a sec.

Clt sog team's four hours away, so I had to call in the locals.

They're 15 minutes out.

Lexington s.W.A.T.?

Yeah, so you know how that's gonna play.

If they're like the tac teams I've dealt with everywhere I've been, I'm guessing they're not too big on talking.

Once they get here, there's only one way that goes.

I think there's still a chance this ends without anyone getting dead.

Well, you got 15 minutes.

Is there any way we can get some fried chicken up here?

Fried chicken?


You think spicy fried chicken's gonna bring him out of there?

It might -- if what he's looking for is a way out that doesn't require him to admit he's scared to die.

Hell, we can just give it a shot.

Tim, go get some.

Anything my office can do?

You got any money?

Wallace claims mistreatment.

Yeah, well, it's probably true.

He's a violent asshole. You start a cycle, it's hard to stop.

So, there's nothing your office can do?

Probably not.

Hey, for what it's worth, if you got to put this guy down, no one from my office is gonna second-guess you.

For what it's worth.

Time-out on everything else.




Don't tell me - tac team's on it's way.

You got 15 minutes to resolve this peaceably.

You heard that?

Well, if I didn't, I know the drill.

Did you hear I ordered some chicken?

Fried chicken?

Oh, yeah.

Well, all that talk about it, you know, got my mouth watering.

If you want some, I mean, you can come out of there.

I'll share some with you.

You know a box of chicken's not gonna resolve this.

Well, I don't know.

But I-I would have loved to have seen the look on your boss's face when you told him you was ordering out lunch.


You like having a boss?

Can't say I think about m well, I had a boss once.

I hired onoughnecking right after I dropped out of High School.

I brained my boss with a heavy chain!

This one we used to use to trip pipe?

Yeah, when I said I brained him, I mean -- I mean literally.

You could see brain just coming out his nose.

Well, but didn't you say, uh, Simone was the first man you killed --

... You do that before High School?

No, no, no, no.

That foreman -- he didn't die.

I got 42 months out of it, but that son of a bitch -- he held on.

I don't think he's much of a conversationalist anymore, though.

Can't remember the last time you called me to come home early.

I thought maybe your father had had another heart attack.

Your friend was here.

What happened?

You don't want to know which friend?

Well, sorry. Who was it?

Wynn Duffy.

Who's that?

He said he knew you.

It's not ringing any bells.

Well, he was sitting right here when I got home.

What, inside the house?

Mm-hmm, right here at this very counter.

He said he was here to assess our personal-security situation, Said that you had asked him for recommendations on how to make us better protected.

So, he was, what, trying to sell you an alarm system?

I don't know, Gary. We didn't get that far.

I told him to leave. He was probably a junkie looking to make a quick score, you know?

Breaks in here 'cause he sees nobody's home, and comes up with the security-consultant thing on the fly.

Junkies don't usually have business cards.


This is a new one -- breaking into someone's home to get them to buy an alarm system.

How long are you planning to keep going with this?

With what? Someone's running some kind of scam.

He knew our names!

Well, maybe he found an old checkbook or something before you came in.

He knew about us! He knew where I work!

Which he gets from pay-stubs or whatever. Or maybe he went through our trash or something.

All right, yes.

And all of that may have some simple explanation, But the one thing that doesn't scan is that you're not concerned about me, about what could have happened to me.

Is that what this is about?

You think I don't care what happens to you?

No, I know you do.

And I know the reason you aren't worried about what that man might have done to me is you know he wasn't here for that, Because you know what he was here for.

Jesus Christ!

Well, I guess the third degree's what I deserve for marrying a marshal's wife.

You know why I didn't call the cops?

'cause I know you're into something with some bad people, And I know that this - this Duffy guy -- he's one of Tm.

How do you know something that isn't true?

'cause I read your e-mails, and I found some names.

Well, look at you.

Oh, Gary, you were acting so weird and so scared, And every time I asked you what was going on, you would say, "Nothing."

Because there's nothing going on!

Gary, Wynn Duffy was one of the names on that list!

Do you know how many e-mails I get each day, how many I send?

Hold on.

This is why your ex-husband came to threaten me.

I, uh -- I asked him to run those names.

Okay, that's enough.

Can you just talk to me about what's going on here so that we can deal with it together?

You know, iope, Before our next interrogation, that you'll at least read me my rights.

Oh, please!

Sorry iouldn't be more help, officer -- or should I say, "Marshal"?


Uh, give me, uh, 24 pieces as spicy as you got.

We're closed.

All right, I'm a deputy U.S. Marshal, ordering you to give me some chicken.

I shut down --

What's that?

That's the last order for delivery.

I'll take it.

Like hell you will!

I'm officially requisitioning this chicken.

If this doesn't pay for it, send an invoice to the courthouse.

But what'll I tell the customers?

You tell them the U.S. Marshal service is grateful for their patriotism.

You know, I worked as a security guard for a little while big office building in Memphis.

Daddy got me the job.

He worked at the outfit for 30 years, sitting on his ass.

Anybody asked him what he did, He'd- he'd say he was in law enforcement.

Well, my daddy used to grift people out of their welfare checks.

Well, that ain't right.

The tac team's here.

Looks like it's time for the fun part to begin.

First off, he don't need to see.

Copy that.

Looks like they don't want me to see what's going on.

Looks like it.

All right, we got windows here and here.

We got two doors there and there.

They're simple wood.

He's got lockers blocking all of them.

Yeah, we're good.

We're good.

Okay, good.

Then we just need to wait about 10 minutes.

For what?

Oh, we're bringing something in we think might defuse the situation.

One of Wallace's complaints is foo so we thought it might be a good idea to bring in some fried chicken.

That might do the trick.

You think he pulled a shiv out of his ass 'cause he wanted lunch?

Well, there's also the idea that it might be good to give him an out so that he saves face, you know?

My experience, trying to appease the bad guys just gives them an advantage.

You know the Israelis don't even talk anymore before they go tactical?

Looks like it's time for you to step off, cowboy.

No, no, no, no.

I'm waiting.

Waiting for what?

What, did you find my old grade-school English teacher?

Is she with your daughter?

The longer we wait, the more likely one of my men gets hurt.

Look, if you'll let my man stop you from having to assault, then nobody'll get hurt.

I'm sorry, chief.

Your boy's got maybe two minutes beforey door-kickers are set, And then we're going in.

Hey got a camera in here?

Would I tell you?

Hold on one second.

Y-you can't give him a few extra minutes?

David Vasquez, U.S. Attorney's office.

Look, gentlemen, due respect -- whenever my men are involved in a situation, I need full tactical command.

That's just the way it is.

Course, you got a problem with that, give me the word.

I'll get out of your hair, and you fellas can settle this thing any way you see fit.

I didn't think so.

Two minutes.


Are they all set?

You want to tell how getting your head caved in by a TAC team helps screw with the guys who screw with you?

When they have done you like they've done me, when you don't get to choose when you go to bed, you don't get to choose when you eat, when you talk, when you sh1t... see if you can find anything for me on Lexington s.W.A.T.

...You screw with them by staying alive.

Send it right to the phone.

Sounds like another reason to end this.

Going in 90.

Besides, you know damn well I'm gonna have these boys' throats cut before they cave my head in.

You try to do that, I'll kill you myself.

Oh, you gonna shoot me through a closed door on a quick draw?

There ain't nobody that good.

If it was easy, Anybody could do it.


You sure you want to be drawing your weapon when your friend, the U.S. Attorney, is standing neay?

You've been talking to me for a while.

You think, it comes to that, I give a sh1t what he thinks?



All right.

Y-y-you ow what I read once?

Uh, people in unpleasant circumstances stay alive not because they think things'll get better.

They want to know how the story ends.


I know how my story ends.

Put down the shiv.

Live to see what I got coming for you.

In 10.

Give me the shiv.

In 5.




Now here we go.

Check this out, Wallace.

What do we got?

24 pieces, extra spicy.

24 pieces, extra spicy.

And it looks like some greens and some cornbread.

You get some bourbon?

Guess I should've brought bourbon.

It's in art's office.

Yeah, yeah.

And how is it?


Probably got tranquilizers ground up in it.

Well, I hope not.

No one's trying to play you for a fool here, Wallace.

Way this works, you hand me your weapon.

These guys are gonna come in.

They're gonna haul you out.

They won't be gentle.

Ain't nothing I can do about that.

But you got, what, three days left in your hearings?

Every day you come here, I'll get you a chicken dinner.

Or whatever - you want something else?

You can sit, eat it.

We could sit together, shoot the sh1t like regular, old human beings.

I don't know if it's prince's, But it's hot.


Looky here.

Ahh, if that don't cool it down and heat it up at the same time.

You're gonna want a napkin.

Don't touch meat with that hand, Where it's been.

It ain't prince's, but it'll do in a pinch.

Don't suppose I can get a shot of that bourbon?

Well, two cups aren't just for me.

We got him. Down on the floor!

Gentlemen, to bumps, to bruises, and a couple of cracked Ribs, and no one dead.

I think the bourbon sealed it.


You must be glad to finally find a professional use for your office bottle, huh, chief?

We, I don't know what you're talking about.

I was just as surprised to find that in here as anybody else.

Mm, it was probably the cleaning staff that left it.

Yeah. Teenagers.

Hopped-up kids on a joyride to hell.

Hope I'm not interrupting.

No, no.

We can find another glass. Some other time.

I want to thank you for holding off.

Your a.U.S. Friend there is pretty persuasive.

I got to ask you. Is that true what you said about the Israelis?

It's true I said it.

Listen, I'm happy anytime a situation gets resolved peacefully, but the next time, I'd appreciate it if you guys Just got out of the way and let me and my men do our job.

Well, if this ever happens again, it means that I really suck at my job.


What'd you tell that asshole?

I said I hoped the lawsuit against his department didn't go federal.

What lawsuit?

Damned if I know.

I checked with my office.

They didn't get back to me in time.

I figured there's always some kind of lawsuit against a department, right, huh?

Worth a shot.

That's good.

Hey, w-when's our, Uh, time-out up?

You know what?

We don't have to do this today.

Not a bad idea.

Why don't you take a rain check?

Just as soon get to it, you -- you know, get it over with.

No, no, that's fine.


Let me get my briefcase.

Well, I got to say it.

I owe you one on this one.

I mean, this could've gone a whole another way.

A violent hostage situation inside the marshals' office?

Let's j-- other way.

Let's just say it could've been a real black eye.

You managed to end this so quietly, I don't even thin It's gonna make the papers.

My sole purpose, my guiding principle, was to protect your reputation.

And I appreciate it.

Now, remember.

No what-ifs, no would-haves, Just --

Just the facts, Ma'am.


Deputy marshal Raylan givens, Initial post-shooting interview.

Also present --

Chief deputy art Mullen.

Deputy givens, how would you characterize your relationship with Ava crowder?

Your boss is a frightening man.

Where'd you get those?

Does it matter?

One of your meetings today with Bo crowder and his lawyer?

Whatever's going on with Ava and I, a jury's gonna take our word over Boyd's.

Do you honestly not see what Boyd Crowder's attorney's gonna put together from these?

Listen, I'll tell you the story.

The day before you ride back into town, Ava crowder decides to ventilate her husband with a hunting rifle, okay?

A few days after that, she stands by, holding a marshals' service shotgun --

I believe that that's right -- while you shoot Boyd crowder in the very same house in the same room on the same goddamn chair where his brother died.

He will strongly suggest you began your relationship before your reassignment.

No, he will, and you know what that means?

We're gonna have to release Boyd crowder.

Release him?


Yes, because I --

Oh, come on.

Listen to me.

I don't have evidence that links him to any of the bank robberies.

And the witness that we had from the church bombing failed to identify him.

So now what?

So you get one of his guys to flip on the banks.

Considering the life expectancy of a federal inmate Who snitches on an Aryan underground leader, I wouldn't hold my breath, chief, which means the only viable charges that we have against him are the kidnapping of Ava crowder And the attempted murder of a federal officer -- good charges, Good charges, except that they're both predicated upon the testimony of Ms. Crowder and yourself.

And now that you both have been compromised as witnesses, who's to say that Boyd crowder didn't go to his sister-in-law's house that night for anything other than a little fried chicken?

What happens now?

What happens now --

Boyd crowder pleads to a minor gun charge, gets sentenced to time served, and he walks.

And we pray that he doesn't decide to Sue.

You want my advice?

Just stay the hell away from Boyd crowder.

Stay away from her, too.

Have you come back to welcome me into free society?

That's awful white of you, Raylan.

Oh, I thought you left all that master-race bullshit behind you.

Oh, it's just an innocuous expression.

It has nothing to do with skin, Much like "It's a black thing."

Oh, yeah.

You know, while we're on the subject of your, uh, conversion, I have a question.

Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Seeking is the goal, and the Search is the answer.

Yeah, the question is Why would the born-again Boyd crowder allow himself to be released unjustly without having to do penance for his crimes?

Well, I myself have struggled with this very question until I realized that This turn of events is nothing short of a miracle.

It's God's will that I walk free, and who am I, and who are any of us, to fight the will of God?

Now, my ministry has gone as far as it can behind these prison walls.

As much as it pains me to say this, there are men's souls in there that are simply beyond my power to save.

I'll bet.

Now, my mission now is to cast off the shackles of my incarceration, to go forth in the land, and spread his good word, the way that Jesus did with the apostles.

Yeah, I know, of course, yeah.

It's funny.

I don't see it as a miracle.

See, the -- the way I see it, I'm the one who allowed you to be unleashed upon on the world, Like I'm the one who's gonna Find a way to put you back in a cage.

Well, I hope you understand, Raylan, I can't let anything stand in the way of my divine calling.

Good luck with that.

No luck needed.

Hello, daddy!

Oh, my.

What's it gonna be like, the first bank you see with questionable security, a good getaway route?

You gonna be able to resist that temptation?

Not a lot of temptation inside.

You know, you haven't believed a word I've said.

You think all my talk of God is just me working some angle.

All I know for sure is you robbed banks and blew sh1t up and murdered at least one man.

You remember Jared, right, guy you shot in the back of the head On Tates creek bridge?

I must leave you now, Raylan, to be restored to the bosom of my family.

Okay, well...

I will continue to pray that someday I might bring you a modicum of peace.

Mm, and I appreciate that.