01x12 - Fathers and Sons

Previously on "Justified"...

I'll send Johnny to tell you where the hand of God will strike next.

You're wasting your time if you think I'm doing anything on your behalf.

We know you ran Bo's protection racket into the dirt, So it don't take a prophet to see the future from here.

Okay, you can either sit around waiting to catch a bullet...


Or you can accept protection from the marshals service.

We got two options.

We either run or you kill Bo.

You are leaving with me if I have to arrest you and put you in handcuffs.

I need her to stay at your place tonight.

What's going on?

There have been threats.

Did you screw things up with her?

What do you think?

Well, I say if you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.

But this, my friends, is a Kodiak.

Bo thinks I ripped him off.

Didn't you?

I skimmed my share, but that's all.

So you ripped him off.

Isn't that what I just said?

So, how much money did you collect for Bo crowder while he was inside?

Must have been $100,000, $150,000.

I took my cut and passed the rest to Johnny.

So how does he figure that you owe him money?

Collections fell off.

One thing led to another.

New guys pushed the old ones out, and I couldn't get nothing out of them without Bo's muscle.

So now he wants his pound of flesh, and you don't have it to give him.

Whatever I know about Bo's operations, such as they were, I'll tell you.

Well, the problem with that is the statute of limitations.

It varies with each crime.

Did you see anyone get murdered, kidnapped --

Anything that could help us make a convincing Rico case?



Oh, yeah. Bo sure as hell had a racket.

So, could you give us names and dates?

Probably not.

What about Boyd?

I never worked with Boyd.


What Raylan's trying to say here is that we're not so much interested in the past.

We're focusing more on present tense.

What the hell does that mean?

It means that if you want Bo crowder out of your life, you're gonna have to find a way to worm your way back into his good graces, give us some rock-solid information, like Boyd and the death of this guy in a meth-lab explosion.

You want me to be a snitch.

It's astounding to me that you're just now realizing that's why we're here.

What's it pay?

Mr. Crowder.

How was the flight?

You know, I don't really like to fly, but that private jet of yours beats the hell out of coach.

I do appreciate you coming down to talk face-to-face.

Well, didn't seem like I had much choice.

No, I suppose you didn't.

This is Ernesto and Pilar.

They have been with me for over 10 years.

I trust them with my life.

Now, tomorrow they'll get into a truck, start driving, and, in two days, deliver the shipment of ephedrine you requested.

You brought me all the way down here to tell me that?


I flew you down here to make sure you understand the consequences of accepting this much product on consignment.

You know what the short bus is?

A short bus?

It's the pequeo bus for slow kids you know, to take them to the special school.

You know, I may not own a private plane or a fancy car, And when you look at me, you probably just see some dumb redneck who likes to eat roadkill for breakfast and have s*x with his cousins.

I don't eat roadkill, I don't screw my relatives, and I didn't just get off of no short bus.

So for you to bring me all the way down here to threaten me, as if I didn't already fully understand the stakes of our business agreement, Hoss, that's just downright insulting.

Your attitude strikes me as cavalier.

I lost hunter, another associate I sent down to Kentucky, and two men on the Mexican border - all at the hand of the U.S. Marshal who shot an associate of mine named Tommy bucks not too far from where we're standing right now.

Raylan givens.


I hear he's not a huge fan of yours either.

Probably not.

But the good news is, I can swallow that asshole with a short glass of water.

The deal -- $2 million, Repaid in equal instalments over the next six months.

You have the resources and demand to make that schedule?

If I didn't, I wouldn't be here.

You weren't too concerned about procedure when he was saving your ass.

No, and now we owe him, apparently.

This isn't about the girl, is it, Gary?

This is about the fact that Raylan was here.

Yeah, well, he found his way in here pretty damn fast.

This is a-a nice house.

Winona, right?

Yes. Good morning.

Hey, I'm Gary.

I'm Winona's husband.


Good for you, going to the gym.

Well, I am, uh, sorry to shake and run.

How do you take your coffee?

With a little Bourbon.

Oh. All right.

Hope I didn't put y'all out.


Sorry. I feel bad.

Oh, well, it's okay.

Mm. You know what? I do.

I appreciate your hospitality.

But if y'all have a phone book, I'd love to call a taxi.

I think Raylan wanted to talk to you before you went anywhere.

Yeah, well, I'd just as soon get out of your hair.

You know, it's not my place to say, and you're a big girl -- you can do whatever you want but --


You know, whatever he's come here to tell me, I heard before.


Do you think you can get Bo crowder to trust you again?

It ain't about trust with Bo.

It's about being useful.

Think you can make yourself useful again?


All due respect, Mr. Givens, I can't go to my supervisor with "Maybe." you want the Crowders behind bars, but you ain't putting anything into the game.

I got everything to lose, and you got nothing.

What are you looking for, r. Givens?

I got to pay Bo something.

Take some of the pressure off.

Okay, fine.

How much we talking?

100 grand -- cash.

Okay, so, we go with 20.

Bo wants 100.

Bo will take 20, and you'll offer to work off the rest.

Blanket immunity.

I'll see what I can do.

You'll have to check in periodically with the deputy marshal, report on everything you've learned about Crowder's operations.

I say he wears a wire.

You want to keep everything aboveboard with that man, send him in hot.

Bullshit on that score.

I'm not insisting on that.

Fellas, do we want to spend years here building a case against Bo, or do we want to get something now on tape that can stop Boyd and these guys from killing people?

Chief, how's your coffee here?


Let's get some.

Guess being useful runs both ways.

Difference is, you're so eager to use me, you don't mind it might get me killed.

Arlo, only reason you're here is 'cause you ain't got any other play left.

You want to make more of it than that, fine, but everything that led to this moment was your choice.

You'd have rather seen me down the mines my whole life, Get a black lung, like my old man.

Raylan: You never would have worked that hard.

You are a miserable son of a bitch, Raylan.

I'm glad your mama didn't live to see how you turned out.

Raylan: You best keep her out of this.

I ain't wearing no goddamn wire!

Raylan: Fine.


Go on.

Go on! Get!

You see if Bo's hospitality is any better than ours.

That went well.

Well, you care to recuse yourself from this one?

No, maybe later, like after breakfast.

It's gonna be a long time before anybody gets a shot like this at Bo again.

Even without a wire, that old man could be an asset.

Raylan: If he's in as deep as he says he is, he'll wear a wire.

No. That's enough.

I'm the chief, this is my office, it's my informant, and it's my call.

And that's my bottle, and I'm not gonna let you drink it all just because your daddy didn't hug you much when you were little.

Now, if you're not gonna recuse yourself from this, you're gonna suck it up and you're gonna take your ass down there to Harlan tomorrow and you're gonna convince your father to come back in here.

And if he doesn't want to wear a wire, then he's not gonna wear one.

You gonna take responsibility?

Well, I take responsibility for you.

I reckon I can take responsibility for your old man, too.

Maybe that's them.

It's Raylan. Hi.

I'm gonna be late.

Can you hang around for just a little longer?

Um, I don't think I'm gonna need to.

Why? She still there?

Yeah, she's fine. She's right here, but she's leaving.

Hang on.


What's going on? You all right?

I'm sweating it out, but I'm okay.

Leaving for where?

Look, I know what you're gonna say, and I want to say something first.

You were right, okay?


I, uh, I made up my mind. I'm gonna stay out of Harlan.

I'm gonna go to my friend Jody's house, from the salon, and I'm gonna stay there until things blow over.


In Riverbrook.

She's okay. I'll be fine.

I need to get out of this house.

I understand.

That's my taxi, so I have to go.

Okay, a-Ava...

You take care, you hear?

I guess you can turn around, save the taxpayers some gas money, huh?

Winona, thank you.

I know this put you out.

Yeah, well, I'd say you owe me, cowboy, but I think maybe I still owe you.

Although, we could call it even.

Raylan: Maybe.

I'll see you later.

Winona: All right, bye, Raylan.

Well, you guys are uh, pretty civil for divorced people.

Winona: Well, yeah, it's - it's kind of hard to stay mad at Raylan.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't know. I'm just getting started.

Thanks for everything.

This location gives you gentlemen easy access to two major highways and the railroad depot in Pineville.

How close are the neighbors?

Oh, half-mile, I believe.

Exactly what business is it y'all said you were in, again?

Exactly what business is it of yours what business we're in?

He's just kidding.

We, uh, manufacture wooden furniture.

The reason I asked about the neighbors is the table saws can get pretty loud.

You know, uh, Martha, we're gonna need to confer to see if this is gonna meet all our needs.

Oh, well, don't you want to see the restroom facilities?

Oh, absolutely.

Yeah, that would be Johnny's department.

Johnny, check that out for us, will you?

Did I forget to tell you to keep your goddamn mouth shut?

Hey, I was just trying to keep that real-estate Dyke from sniffing our sh1t.

Listen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, next time I'm opening a dick-sucking business, I'll ask for your advice.

I don't want to be here more than a week.

Is that enough time for you to cook the whole shipment?

I'll bring in the boiling flasks, the measuring beakers, And the graduated cylinders.

I've got the iodine, lye, and should have the red phosphorus and sulfuric acid by the end of the day - tomorrow at the latest.

Give me what I asked for, you'll get what you want.

I better.

What the hell you doing?

Well, hello, angel baby.

How you been?

We're just watching some TV, having some beers.

Well, no sh1t.

Why you doing it in my house?

I was under the impression this is bowman's house.

Bowman's dead.

Well, surely, he is.


Bo said that, despite bowman's untimely death, this house was still in the crowder family.

And since I didn't have no place to go to watch my DVDs, he said I could come here.

You're welcome to join us, if you want to.

Aren't I a little old for you?

A little.

I can close my eyes.

You can put the gun away.

What is it?

Can I come in?


Everything okay?

Something wrong with Gary?

Hello, Mr. Givens.

Ms. Crowder.

How you been since your heart attack?

Can't complain.

But he will.

What can I do for you?

Actually, I came to see your wife.

What do you want to talk to Helen about?

I imagine she would have told you if it was any of your business.

Is he expecting someone?

U.P.S. man.

He has a bad attitude.

So, what do you want to see me about?

I need a gun.

What for?

Well, Bo's been harassing me.

Why aren't you up in Lexington?

Turns out there's nothing for me in Lexington.

Isn't Raylan watching your back?

Well, he's got his eyes on other things.

Why me?

There must be any number of places you could go to arm yourself.

Well, you understand the Crowders.

And you always struck me as a woman that takes things into her own hands, and I intend to do that.

I thought maybe you came to me 'cause you were hoping I'd tell Raylan.

I wouldn't have come if I thought you were gonna tell him, and I'm trusting that you won't.

Now, he thinks I'm laying low in Lexington, and that's the way I'd like to keep it.

Look, Ava...

You've proven yourself capable of shooting a man an act all the women of Harlan applauded.

Too bad no one did anything about it before it got to that.

Be that as it may, you really want to go up against Bo?

You won't catch him with his mouth full of supper.

If he wanted to kill me, I'd already be dead.

I just got to show him I'm not scared.

And I need to clear some riffraff off my property.

You want a hunting rifle, a full-barreled shotgun, or a sawed-off?

Sawed-off would be good.

When you get on the path of righteousness, ladies and gentlemen, the lord will forgive you...

Boyd: Amen.

...And transform you...


...And enlighten you.

And you will look back in awe and wonder about the miracle God has worked in your life.

Can I hear an "Amen"?




You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

Can I get a witness here today?

Boyd: I am your witness.

I am your witness.

Come on up here, son.

Tell us how you got over.

Come on, brother!

Well, as many of you good people may remember...

I was a hateful man, and I was a sinful man...

Seeking my way through the darkness, looking for salvation in worldly things...

...And evil things.

Like Saul on the road to Damascus, I was long gone on a sinful journey, when the light of the lord shone upon me on my deathbed in a prison hospital.

And, brothers and sisters, I'm here to tell you today that bullet missed my heart, but struck my soul.

It struck it.

For I was blinded.

I was blinded.

I could no longer see ungodly truth.

For if any man be born again in Christ is a new creature...

...Well, I am a new...

A new creature.

I am a new creature.

Thank you, Boyd.

Thank you, Boyd.

Not quite finished yet, reverend.

By all means, continue.

Now -- now, Jesus...

Entered a temple in Jerusalem.

He found moneylenders buying and selling where they should have been a-prayin'.

He called their church a den of thieves.

And he turned over their tables.

He cast out the robbers!

He cast them out!

He cast them out!

He cast them out!

And like Jesus -- like Jesus...

Like Jesus, we must never be afraid to strike out against those who practice evil.

We must take the high road of righteousness, even if it means walking -- walking and leaving our own flesh and blood behind.

Because there is no greater piety, brothers and sisters...

Than the love of God.



He is my one true father.

There is no other.

There is no other, preacher.

There's no other.

You probably don't remember the first time I ever brought you here.

You were too young.

You hated it -- whined all the way through the damn thing, Embarrassed the hell out of your mother.

This place was always a building to me -- an empty Shell.

Only now do I see it as the house of reckoning that it truly is.

As a churchgoing man, I admire your turnaround, Boyd.

I could never walk the path, Though I-I understood its virtue.

Your change has been remarkable, son.

Having said that, you are getting severely goddamn close to meeting your maker.

You know, I continue to tell myself that you are not an evil man, 'cause I believe that, in your heart, you have the ability to do the right thing, But I will tell you something, daddy, and you mark my words now, you bring meth into our homes, and I will destroy it.

You think that's funny?

You know what's funny?

You destroy me or my sh1t, it's the same thing as destroying yourself.

That there's crowder gospel.

You mark them damn words, son.

Whoa. Y'all can't park there.

U.S. Marshals.


This here's a U.S. Marshal.

This ain't a federal show.

I'm just looking for someone.

He's not here.

Did I do or say something to offend you?

You ruined a good man's life.

Meaning sheriff hunter Mosley?

Hunter Mosley.

Right. Good. So you know who I am.

Listen, I see a tac team preparing to enter a building that I think my father's in.

Your father?

Arlo givens -- white hair, good height, 65.

Stand behind the tape.

Is he inside?

Just stand behind the tape!

Look, sheriff, I don't know what you think I did to hunter Mosley, but I'm sure if you heard my side of the story, we could have a civilized conversation on the matter.

Right now, I just want to know what's going on.

There's a kid inside, a young Iraq vet they call "Lucky."

He's been at the v.A.

His unit is being redeployed to Afghanistan, and he's not going.

And he's got a grenade.

I'm telling you, old-timer, You really don't want to be here.

Only place in town that serves a drink.

What you think you gonna say to me?

I wasn't planning on saying anything.

I was just gonna drink.

If I release the spoon?

I'm gonna run like hell.

Until that time, I paid my dues, I earned my entry.

I'm gonna have my drink.

You know how I got my nickname?

My squad was preparing for a patrol.

Right as we were about to pull out...

I had a...

Respiratory attack.

When I woke up, they told me my entire squad had been wiped out.

Along with the soldier who took my place.

They sent me back to the States for...Treatment.

Meanwhile, my unit's taking heavy casualties.

Seemed like every other week, I was given leave to go to another funeral, but...

...I never went.

I figured nobody wanted to talk to the shitbag who was sitting on the sideline while the rest of them were getting their asses handed to them out in the field.

Then this Afghanistan deployment comes up, and I figure this'll be my shot...

To make it up to them for not being with them in Iraq.

But no.

My lungs are still sh1t.

My second month in Vietnam, the squad leader leads us into an ambush.

Half the squad gets killed.

The others captured.

I dove into a bush.

Can't explain how, but Charlie never saw me.

I could have kept fighting, but we were overrun and outnumbered, So I hunkered down, held my breath, and...


Watched as they carried away my best friend...

Tennessee boy we called "Blue."

As they passed, blue looked over and saw me hiding.

I wanted to look away after we made eye contact, I was so ashamed.

But blue's stare held me.

Then the strangest thing happened.

Blue smiled.

Not a day goes by that I don't see that smile.

You know what I think?

I think maybe he was smiling because I got away, just like I think the name "Lucky" Was given to you because it's a blessing...

Not a curse.

But why me?

Why do I get to live?

What do I look like, some kind of holy man?

I can't answer that sh1t.

The only answer I got is another question.

Why not you?

Hold up.

My guest.

Have that drink now?

All right.

Two Kentuckys, Roy.

You serve?

My son's been fighting wars since the day he was born.

You heard all that out there?

Mm-hmm. I did.

You know that story was bullshit, right?

I figured.

It was a good story, though. It worked.


Pretty good.

I'll wear the wire.

I just spent an hour next to a nutjob with a live grenade.

Turns out I ain't as afraid of dying as I used to be.

Are you crazy?

Stay out of my way, Johnny.


What are you doing?

You gonna put another hand on me?


Whatever you're discussing, finish it up.

You can go on and head on out.

You get your girls ready for work.

I'll take care of the rest.

You setting up whores now?

Why? You looking for work?

Bo, it's not my fault that your son was a wife-beating piece of sh1t.

Now, if I hadn't done what I did, he would have killed me.

And you harassing me like this, it ain't right.

Ava, I made plenty of mistakes in my life, not the least of which got to be raising my boys.

I mean, hell, one of them turned out to be a religious nut, and bowman...

For whatever reasons, bowman had expectations for himself that he never met.

And, unfortunately, he took his disappointment out on you.

Now, I don't condone his actions.

Hell, I ain't even saying he didn't deserve a lot worse than getting shot at his kitchen table.

What do you want?!

I want you to leave Kentucky and never come back again.

I ain't leaving.

Well, I guess we got ourselves a real problem, now, don't we, sugar?

Honestly, I don't think we do.

See, I killed one crowder.

I could easily kill another.

You want to go next?


I'm coming out!

You better not be holding!

You hear that, Johnny?

Yeah, yeah, I heard it.

You want to get a few more guys in here?

How you doing, Mr. Givens?


Every car I see, I think it's following me.

I'm already paranoid, and we haven't even done anything yet.

You got the money?

Here it is.

You need to initial there at the top and sign at the bottom.

Here's the money.

Just so you know how this is gonna go down we're gonna park in the vicinity of Johnny Crowder's bar, and as soon as we're in place, we'll give you a call, let you know.

Like to go over what you're gonna say to Bo?

I'm gonna plant my lips on his ass and make him believe I'm for real.

Where are you gonna tell him you got this money from?

I'll tell him I prostituted myself to old ladies.

If that don't work, Just tell him it's the money you stole from Stan Perkins.


That's good.

I am surprised to see you here.

What you think I'm gonna do, run and hide?

Strangely enough, that's exactly what I thought you'd do.


You staying at least 500 feet away from those elementary schools?

What are you doing, Arlo?

Trying to make things right, Bo.

How are you planning on doing that?

I brought some money to make up for what I lost.

But what I really would like to do, Bo, is go back to work for you.

I got to tell you, Arlo, you come in here hat in hand trying to make a deal, I got to wonder if you haven't already made one.

I know it's asking a lot, but...

You're gonna have to trust me, Bo.

"Asking a lot" Seems to be a bit of an understatement, doesn't it?

If I were full of sh1t, would I be giving you this?

Now, how do I know you're not paying me with money you stole from me?

You hear about all that oxy that went missing a few months ago?

I took it from Stan Perkins.

These are the proceeds from its sale.

I got to tell you, Arlo, I'm not sure whether, uh, the things you can do for me are the things I need done these days.

Come on, Bo.

We both know I'm familiar with your operation.

Could help you in so many ways.

I think I'm gonna have to think it over for a while.

I understand.

Why don't we meet back here tomorrow night after you've had some time to think about it?

I never meant to do you wrong, Bo.

I may not be smart enough to run things how you did, but I didn't ever mean to let you down or pull something over on you.

Okay, Arlo, we'll see you tomorrow night, then.

Yep. Tomorrow night.

Oh, by the way, Arlo, can you do me a favor?


You talk to your son...

If he has any sway with his girlfriend, tell him to get her the hell out of Kentucky.

She came in here and stood right where you're standing right now and pointed a shotgun at me.

That ain't good.

If I see him, I'll tell him.



What are you doing?

Sitting in the dark.

Point that thing away from me.

You gonna tattle to my parole officer?

You waltz into Johnny's bar and stick this in Bo's face?

What the hell are you thinking?

You are determined to be contrary, even if it gets you strung up from a tree.

Well, I've had it, Ava --


I'm not gonna watch you and Boyd and keep an eye on Arlo, too.

I mean, the hell with it!

You just wish you could keep your eye on everything, don't you?

I just wish you'd get the hell out of Kentucky once and for all!


So you can keep screwing your ex?


I was there, Raylan.


I saw her leave.


I didn't think she was that kind of girl.

Tell me something -- so I know exactly how cheap I should feel.

Were you screwing her all along?

You know I wasn't.


Come right down to it, I don't.

So, what are you gonna do?

Are you gonna sit in that chair with a shotgun, kill any man who walks through your door?

I didn't kill you.

Raylan: Fair point, considering?

I'm just a girl from the holler, Raylan, for better or worse.

I can be myself here, you know?

And whether I die tomorrow or --

Or 10 years from now...

It's gonna be here.

This is home.

TV power, y ahte debes aprender.

No hay plan porque te le puso un speaker ah bien clarito.

What's this sh1t?

Que dice Que es --

Dime, dime.

Wait, wait, wait.



I don't suppose y'all have a Jack?

Hands up!

You alone?

Listen, I mean you no trouble.

Then back off the road right now.

Tire's blown.

Key's in the ignition?

Yeah, but it ain't moving.

Come on, man, get out of here.

Down the road!

Turn around, I'll pop you in the head!

Boyd: Fire in the hole.

Now, take their I.D.s, their phones.

Leave them a little walking money.

Do you have any idea what you just did?

Boyd: I just spared your lives.

Now, you two better run back from where you came, and I wouldn't stop till I saw something familiar.

Let's go. Ndale.

You're gonna pay for that!