02x01 - The Moonshine War

Ava: Who are these people?

Boyd: Raylan, who... who's out there?

Raylan: Miami gun thugs, I suspect.

Ava: What do they want?

Raylan: Me.

Boyd: Is my daddy moving?

Raylan: No.

Boyd: [ Groans ]

Raylan: You didn't happen to bring your rocket launcher, did you?

Boyd: I didn't think to pack one.

All we want is Raylan Givens!

Raylan: How about I come out unarmed and you come out unarmed and we talk?

The second he clears, you shoot him in the gut.

Maybe we can get him to Gio before he dies.


Ava: Why don't we all just run?

Raylan: Well, someone's got to keep them here for the other two to have a chance.

Boyd: I'll stay, then.

Raylan: Boyd, I'm asking you... Take Ava out of here.

Come on.

[ Bird cawing ]

Raylan: My hands are empty.

Me too.

Raylan: Where's your friend?

[ Grunts ]

[ Gunfire, bullets ricochet ]

[ Engine turns over, revs ]

Boyd: [ Panting ]

Raylan: Is he dead?

Boyd: Yeah, I think so.

Raylan: Where's Ava?

Boyd: She's running through the woods.

Where you going?

Raylan: I'm going after the young lady with the automatic weapon.

Boyd: I'll get her.

Raylan: What are you gonna do after you get her?

Boyd: I ain't quite figured that out yet.

You gonna shoot to stop me?

Raylan: Maybe.

Boyd: I'm pretty sure you're empty.

Raylan: You gonna bet your life on that?

Boyd: No, Raylan, I'm gonna bet my life on you being the only friend I have left in this world.

Where's your boyfriend?

Which one?

[ Gun cocks ]

Holy sh1t.

Pilar: Where you headed?


Pilar: Not anymore.

You going to kill me?

Pilar: Do I have to?


Pilar: What's that?

[ Gun cocks ]

[ Gasps ]


[ Grunts ]

Raylan: Boyd!

Boyd: How long you been following me?

Raylan: Truck stop.

I'll take it from here, all right?

Boyd: I believe I got it from here, Raylan.

Raylan: You just gonna execute her?

Boyd: I wouldn't call it an execution.

More like retribution... She killed my daddy.

Raylan: Which is what you wanted to do.

And besides, the gun thug behind the tree killed your daddy, and I got him.

Boyd: Are you gonna split hairs with me?

Raylan: I'm just saying.

Boyd: Well, what's to stop me from pulling this trigger, Raylan?

That it would be a sin?

Raylan: Don't get me wrong.

I have no moral objection to you killing her.

You understand, miss, the life you've led.

But I need her... alive.

Boyd: And if I don't comply?

Pilar: Aah!


Boyd, nice shot.

Can you get my friend to a hospital? He's been shot. Let's go. - Will do.

[ Glass breaks ]

What do you need?

Gio: [ Speaking Spanish ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Speaking Spanish ]

My God, she needs a doctor.

Raylan: She's needed one for a while, but I don't think these next two minutes are gonna kill her.

Gio: What do you want?

Raylan: What I did, the way I killed your man, Tommy Bucks, I understand you feel like you need to come after me.

Trouble is, there are people I care about that are getting caught in the crossfire.

So this ends right here, right now.

Gio: [ Sighs ]

What would you give me in return?

Raylan: You leave me alone, and we will leave her alone.

You have my word.

Gio: I need more.

Raylan: Well, I'd give you more, but everyone else you've sent my way is dead.

Let's go, Gio.

She needs a doctor.

Gio: I need guarantees about my business.

Raylan: All right, look.

I've tried to be reasonable.

You give me your word in 10 seconds, or I shoot you in the head.

[ Cellphone ringing ]


[ Telephone ringing ]

Gio: Maybe I should...?

Raylan: [ Sighs ] Just let it ring.

We can't get to the phone right now.

Leave a message. Bye!

[ Beeps ]

Dan: Raylan, I'm walking in.

Whatever you're thinking about doing, don't.

Mr. Reyes, my name's Dan Grant.

I am the Chief Deputy of the Miami Marshals office.

There's an ambulance on the way for your niece.

'Til it gets here we're gonna talk.

The three of us, like civilized men see if we can't work something out, ok?

Ok, let's talk.

Not here.

The kitchen then, I could use a drink.

Not the kitchen.

In the den?

No, and not the master bedroom, not your office...

Gio: This far enough?

Dan: A little further.


Here's what I'm thinking.

See if this makes sense.

You come after Raylan, harm him in any way, I'll kill you myself.

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

Go ahead. Say it.

Raylan: I thought that went well.

Dan: [ Chuckles ]


Get 'em up.

Raylan: So, Art called you?

Dan: Yeah.

You want to stay?

Raylan: Hmm?

Dan: You want to stay?

The AUSA has long forgotten about Tommy Bucks.

O'Neill's retired.

I got a slot open.

Raylan: I didn't think you missed me.

Dan: Well, you know, I had a wart once, when I was a kid...

Raylan: Right. And when it was gone, you missed it?

Dan: Yeah.

Raylan: Yeah, I get it.

Wait. Hold up.

Is this your idea, or did Art suggest this?

Dan: Suggest what?

Raylan: sh1t.

He did.

Dan: I owe him one.

Raylan: What for?

Dan: Well, he took you off my hands, didn't he?

Raylan: Dan, I went to Kentucky.

I did my job, and, as far as I'm concerned, I did it well.

Dan: What's your point?

Raylan: My point is, this trouble I'm in is bullshit.

Dan: I don't understand.

Raylan: I don't know why they give us guns.

Dan: Raylan...

I'm trying to offer you your old job back.

I thought that's what you wanted.

Raylan: Right now, I just want to go home and go to bed.

♪ On this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I'm fighting for my soul ♪
♪ God get at your boy ♪
♪ you try to bogard ♪
♪ fall back, I go hard ♪

[ Elevator dings ]

Raylan: Disappointed?

Art: Dan says the cartel's gonna leave you alone.

Raylan: Yeah.

Well, I'm still gonna sit facing the door.

Art: What about Boyd?

Raylan: What about him?

Art: He agree to that... Not gonna run out and avenge his daddy?

Raylan: Well, I figured I'd talk to him tomorrow at the hospital.

Art: Well, you're a little late for that.

Slipped out in the middle of the night.

Raylan: Well, that's good news.

He must be feeling better.

So...You want to transfer me.

Art: Honestly, Raylan, I don't know who would take you.

Raylan: Everything I did, I saw no choice.

Art: You should have called for backup.

Raylan: Bo said if he saw anyone but me, he'd kill Ava.

Art: And so you took Boyd?

Raylan: It made sense at the time.

Art: [ Scoffs ]

Well, you know what happens now, don't ya?

We get legions of AUSAs all up in our ass.


We're gonna do the gun thing.

Tim: Relinquishing a firearm can be a very emotional moment, and there always must be another deputy in attendance.

Add in some premium alcohol, what could possibly go wrong?

Art: Thank you.

Raylan: Mm-hmm.

[ Sighs ]

Tim: What are you going to get next?

Raylan: Probably the same thing.

Art: You should think about an uzi.

How'd your father get that bullet in his arm... in the motel?

Raylan: Um... I don't clearly recall.

A lot seemed to happen at once.

What did Arlo say?

Your father said you shot him by accident when the bad guys started shooting.

Raylan: He should know.

We're looking for the $20000 that the Marshal service gave to your father to give to Bo Crowder Mm-hmm.

Your father said he passed it on, but we didn't find it in Crowders things.

Arlo has it.

You know this?

I know Arlo.

What, you guys think I stole it?

Just cause I've shot the occasional person, doesn't make me a thief.

Hey, Harlan man.

You think you might be interested in possibly..? - Yes.

Raylan: [ Sighs ]

You don't even know what I was gonna ask.

Is it gonna get me out of here?

So, who we going after?

Rachel: Jimmy Earl Dean.

Raylan: Three first names... triple winner right off the bat.

Rachel: s*x offender... statutory rape.

Got his release two weeks ago.

State police got a call on the tip line.

Man matching his description was aggravating a teenage girl.

Raylan: Why'd you ask me to go with you?

Rachel: I'm not... Comfortable with these people.

Raylan: What people?


Rachel: People in Harlan.

Anytime I've gone to coal country, everyone was all polite...

Raylan: I'd prefer to do paperwork.

Rachel: ..."Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am."

Trying to keep in mind it's the 21st century and what's expected.

But when the cuffs come out... Then I'm a black bitch.

[ Scoffs softly ]

Raylan: So you want me to help you with my people.

You know, throw 'em a pork rind or some ding dongs?

Rachel: If you wouldn't mind.

Raylan: No, ma'am.

[ Bird cawing ]

Jimmy: Hey... You can't take those.

Loretta: My daddy told you two days ago to stay away from me.

I told him about you creeping up again yesterday.

Jimmy: You see me coming near you?


I'm way over here, and I'm gonna stay over here.

But you stop harvesting.

Loretta: Why should I?

This is my daddy's weed and my daddy's shed.

You're trespassing.

Jimmy: I don't care whose shed it is.

That's not your weed.

Loretta: Not yours, either.

Jimmy: It belongs to the folks I work for.

Loretta: Oh, really?

They didn't grow it.

Jimmy: Grown on their land.

Loretta: Grown on state land.

Jimmy: Oh, you gonna be a lawyer now?

Loretta: Is this how come you been perving on me?

Jimmy: Now, how have I been perving on you?

Have I exposed myself?

Have I made any lewd or unwanted comments toward you?

No, I have not.

Loretta: Well, right now you're talking to a 14-year-old girl you have no reason to be talking to.

Jimmy: I have a reason to be talking to you.

You're trying to steal something don't belong to you.

Loretta: Hey! I told you to stay back.

Jimmy: [ Chuckles ]

Yes, ma'am. Okay.


Where's your mama?


Did she die, or did she run off?

You miss your mama?

At your age, I imagine you do.

I mean, a girl your age, she needs somebody to talk to.

It's not like your daddy could do a good job of that.

It's not like you could talk to him about your period.

Loretta: You gonna be the one to talk to me about that?

Jimmy: Well, I'm closer in age.

Loretta: Not by much.

Jimmy: Oh, come on.

I just turned 30.

Loretta: Any man over 18 talking to me about my period is a pervert.

sh1t, any man period talking to me about my period.

Jimmy: [ Laughs ]

Period... That's funny.

You're very funny.

That's good stuff.

Loretta: Is this gonna be your new line... How we got the same sense of humor?

[ Scoffs ]

What's in your mind?

How do you think this is gonna go?

You thinking, "maybe we'll fight a little, then it'll turn to wrestling and tickling and laughing, then she'll say, 'ooh, don't touch me there,' and then she won't stop me"?

Is that how it runs in your head?

You don't even know what to say now, do you?

Even me talking about wrestling and tickling and "ooh, don't touch me there," it's like a spell's been cast, and you won't break it.

Well, maybe you're just dreaming and you don't wanna wake up.

Well, wake up!

God damn it!

I tried nice with you... hell I tried friendly.

It ain't worked yet.

You know when people ask me why I came back here to Harlan, I tell 'em it's cause the Bennett boys gave me a job.

But honestly, that's not it.

That's not it at all.

I came back here because of you Loretta.


Walt: He works for them?

When he came by here, he just said he was some bank man.

Loretta: Well, he followed me to the shed.

Walt: Oh, Jesus.

Loretta: What's wrong?

Walt: I called that tip line this morning.

Loretta: Oh, daddy, I told you not to do that.

Walt: Don't worry. It's anonymous.

Loretta: Well, I'll go talk to Mags, she likes me.


When you talk to her, don't say anything about us growing.

Loretta: Well, with the perv working for her, she already knows, daddy.

[ Bird cawing, dog barking in distance ]

Tom: With our little convoy, you listen closely enough, you could have heard toilets flushing up and down this holler, everybody dumping their stash.

Raylan: Hey, you or any of your people have any sightings of Boyd Crowder lately?

Tom: No, but we're looking for him.

State police!

Raylan: Why are you looking for him?

Tom: Well, you took out Bo Crowder.

Raylan: Miami gun thugs flipped his switch. I was just a spectator.

Tom: At any rate, Bo's gone.

Open up, McCready. I saw you at the window.

Raylan: You think Boyd's gonna try to fill his father's shoes, take his place as the crime lord of Harlan?

Tom: What's that old saying from science class?

Nature abhors a vacuum?

Walt: What?

Tom: Sir, I'm trooper Tom Bergen.

These are deputy U.S. Marshals Brooks and Givens.

They're on a detail, looking for a s*x offender.

Rachel: Jimmy Earl Dean.

Walt: Well, what business is it of mine?

Tom: Well, Mr. McCready, you called the state tip line.

Walt: The hell I did!

Tom: Sir, you might have thought it was an anonymous call, but it's not.

When you call, your name and your address pop up.

On the recording you left, you said that a man from Rabbit Holler was bothering your daughter.

The fella we're looking for, he's from Rabbit Holler.

Walt: Well, I didn't call any line or make any recording.

Rachel: Is your daughter home, sir?

Walt: No, ma'am.

Rachel: But you do have a daughter who's of the same age of the girl mentioned on the tip line.

Walt: Would you please leave?

Tom: Sir, you change your mind, if you want to help us put away a known and dangerous s*x offender, you...give us a call.

Rachel: Why so scared?

Tom: Well, there's about 10 sets of eyes that saw us roll up to his house.

Raylan: Does James Earl Dean have a job?

Rachel: He put something down on his registration.

Green Mountain ATV tours.

Tom: Oh, sh1t!

That's why McCready's so nervous.

The guy who's perving on his daughter, works for the Bennetts.

Rachel: Who are the Bennetts?

Dickie: Hold still, still... Unless you want to bleed some more.

Jimmy: I am holding still!

Dickie: Well, hold stiller.

Coover: Anybody want some cheese?

Dickie: Ho-ho-ho!

Here. Now you can stick on the band-aids yourself.

Jimmy: I am gonna teach them a lesson.

Dickie: Hey, Doyle and me, we're gonna take care of McCready.

Jimmy: All right.

Well, I'm gonna take care of the girl.

Dickie: What? Loretta? What for?

Seems to me she showed craftiness and guile protecting her stash.

Jimmy: Well, it ain't your face.

Dickie: Did I not tell you that there would be booby traps?

Coover: Stop by the store, see what kinda cheese mama got.

Dickie: How about you spending the 10 minutes I'm gone cleaning up this shithole? Hmm?

Maybe get it from hideous to just plain awful.

[ Dog barking in distance ]

Dickie: Hey, there, Walt!

You know why we're here?

Walt: No.

Doyle: Where's Loretta?

Walt: Down at your mother's store, getting some flour.

Doyle: Let's take this inside.

Walt: All right.

Look, Doyle, when I called that line, I didn't know he worked for you.

I never would've...

Doyle: What the hell you talking about?

Called what line?

Walt: Huh?

Why are you here?


[ Groans ]


What the hell?!

Doyle: This is more Dickie's business.

I'm just standing by, make sure you don't do anything stupid.

Dickie: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You've been planting on our land, Walt.

Walt: It's state land!

Dickie: Oh, now, you've been planting on our land, and any planting's by our say-so, and you did not have our say-so.

Walt: I was just trying to make a living!

Sally Ann's medical about wiped me clean.

Doyle: Find something else, maybe even something lawful.

Hell, you could start by selling that watch.

Walt: It ain't real gold!

Sally Ann gave it to me on my wedding.

Dickie: Walt!

You gonna come after us, hmm?

Maybe take a shot while we're going to the car?

Walt: I ain't stupid!

Dickie: Well, we're just gonna make sure.

Walt: Oh, c-come on, now!

Aah! Ow!

Dickie: It's okay, Walt.

Won't break the bone.

Hardly even break the skin.

Walt: It's so harmless, why don't you put your foot in it?

Dickie: Come on, now, Walt.

Put your foot in.

Walt: The hell I will!

Doyle: Put your foot in, Walt.

Walt: I-I swear I won't grow no more weed!

Doyle: Where's that bud your Loretta took from the shed?

Walt: It's behind the stereo.

I wouldn't lie.

Doyle: What were you talking about before?

Calling what line?

Walt: Nothing.

Doyle: Put your foot in, Walt!

Walt: No!

Dickie: [ Sighs ]

Put your foot in, Walt.

Walt: [ Whimpers ]

[ Trap snaps shut ]

[ Screams ]

Mags: He do anything to you?

[ Cash register dings ]

Loretta: I got away before he could.

Mags: Did you tell your daddy?

Loretta: I did.

Mags: How is your daddy, Loretta?

He still under the cloud from your mother's passing?

Loretta: Some days.

Mags: Some days or most days?

He taking care of you?

Keeping a proper home?

Loretta: [ Scoffs ]

He sits in his chair, mostly.

Mags: When he's not growing weed without my say-so.

Loretta: Don't blame him.

I done most of the work on that score.

Mags: You shoulda come to me, Loretta, straight up.

Loretta: [ Sighs ]

We'll work something out.

As for the pervert, you don't have to worry about him no more.

[ Bird cawing ]

[ Train whistle blows in distance ]

Loretta: Sir, would you think I'm bold to inquire what you do as your job?

Raylan: Well, which one's the question... What do I think, or what do I do?

Mags: Loretta, don't you know drug enforcement?

You see a man in a suit of clothes?

They come around sniffin' the air.

Raylan: Oh, no, no, you got us wrong.

We're marshals service.

We go around smelling flowers till we get turned on to wanted felons.

Mags: Raylan Givens.

Raylan: Mrs. Bennett.

This is deputy Rachel Brooks.

Mags: Deputy.

Been away so long you forgot to call me Mags.

Raylan: Ah, I didn't want to presume.

Mags: Loretta, this is Raylan Givens.

He used to be a big baseball player in high school.

Now he's a federal.

Oh, look at poor Loretta, eyes drooping, us talking about the old days.

You run along home, Loretta.

Let us ancients catch up.

Can I interest you in some apple pie?

Raylan: I remember your apple pie.

Mags: I make it 180 proof.

Cut it with cider, some apple juice, add some cinnamon and vanilla.

Reach me that glass, would you?

Coulda done with a pinch more cinnamon.

Cinnamon really sells the pie.

Raylan: As good as I remember it.

Mags: Would you like some, ma'am?

Rachel: No, thank you.

Raylan: How's business, Mags?

Mags: This place?

I get by.

Raylan: And the rest?

Mags: So that's why you're here.

You go ahead and prove it.

I run a store, help these poor people come up from the holler with their food stamps.

When's anybody seen me cultivate a herb?

I told you, Mags.

We're not Drug enforcement.

As long as they got nothing on you, we don't, either.

I hear you got a good thousand acres, from here to west Virginia.

Mags: What's good about it?

You plant a third for the law, a third for the thieves.

What's left you sell to the dealers, the ones making the real profit.

Used to be, marijuana was the number-one cash crop in Kentucky.

Now you got all the pills, worse even than methamphetamine.

I don't have anything to do with that.

I remember your granddaddy.

[ Laughs ]

He cooked all week and preached on Sunday.

Six years I came over to Harlan and sold all the liquor he cooked, and we did better than fair.

How is your daddy?

Raylan: He's at home, far as I know.

Mags: I heard what happened with the Crowders.

Ooh, that blew up big.

Raylan: Have you seen Boyd?

[ Car door opens, closes ]

Mags: No. Why?

Raylan: Mm, just need a word.

Mags: You come here looking for Boyd Crowder? That it?

Doyle: Hey.

Hello, there, cowboy.

Raylan: Hello, Doyle.

I'm guessing this ain't a coincidence.

Doyle: Well, word travels.

You and your hat are famous.

Raylan: [ Chuckles ]

Doyle, this is deputy Rachel Brooks.

Doyle: Ma'am.

So what brings you both to our town?

Mags: Raylan's looking for Boyd Crowder.

Raylan: Actually, no.

Rachel: We're looking for James Earl Dean.

Mags: Never trust a man with three first names.

Raylan: Not this one, anyway.

Doyle: He some big federal fugitive?

Rachel: He's a s*x offender.

Doyle: I didn't know that was on the marshals' purview.

Raylan: It got added to the plate this year.

Mags: Why you looking for him here?

Raylan: Word is, he works for you.

Mags: You think I hire s*x offenders?

Rachel: It's not against the law.

Raylan: Maybe your boys hired him.

I mean, not Doyle, of course, but Coover or Dickie?

Mags: Neither me nor my tads would do such a thing.

We're reefer farmers, Raylan.

We don't consort with sexual deviants.

Raylan: I respect how you feel, Mags, and I know you love your tads, but we're gonna want to talk to them, in your presence, if you'd like.

You can invite them here, or we'll just go hunt them down.

Mags: You ever get to talk to them face-to-face.

This might help ease the pain.

Mags: [ Chuckles ] You sure ma'am?

Rachel: I am.

Mags: Well, if you'll excuse me.

Raylan: Hmm.

Mags: Don't take anything without paying for it.

Doyle: Mama, you really are a mean, old coot.

[ Laughs ]

Raylan: So is this your uniform?

Doyle: My day off.

Raylan: Oh.

Still driving the company car, though.

Doyle: You think that's a misappropriation?

You want to come back, run against me?

Raylan: Oh, I could never do your job.

Doyle: I just want to say hey.

Raylan: You sure this guy doesn't work for your clan?

Doyle: I couldn't tell you.

I'm not in the family business, as you know.

Good to see you, Raylan.

Raylan: Good to see you, too, Doyle.

Doyle: Ma'am.

Either of you want to take anything, go ahead.

Just leave a note.

I'll cover it.

Raylan: Maybe we will. Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Car door closes, engine turns over ]

[ Dog barking in distance ]

[ Gunshot, clattering ]

[ Gunshot, clattering ]

Dickie: Raylan Givens.

I seen you and your hat on the TV some weeks back.

Raylan: How'd I look?

Dickie: Must have been official.

You weren't smiling.

[ Gunshot, clattering ]

That's just Coover shooting rats.

Raylan: Okay.

Dickie: Okay.

Raylan: Um, I don't know if anyone called you, we're looking for someone in your employ, Jimmy Earl Dean. Is he here?

Dickie: Was.

Took off.

Raylan: When?

Dickie: Few minutes ago.

[ Gunshot, clattering ]

For what it's worth, I never knew he was a molester.

Raylan: Hell.

Coover: [ Laughs ]

Dickie: All that shootin', that's all you got?

Coover: Another one of them sumbitches in there, you want to take a try at it.

Raylan: I shot rats as a kid.

Used to chase 'em out of the sh1t houses.

All's you have to do is go in the kitchen, huh?

Coover: Where I know you?

Dickie: Coover, this is Raylan Givens.

Coover: So?

Dickie: So, he is a federal.

Coover: Well, you can ask me, am I growin' reefer, and I will tell you no.

Raylan: Coover, you throw a dead rat at my car, what are you trying to tell me?

Coover: Take it any way you want, Raylan.

Long as you know I'm serious.

Raylan: You're telling me you're a mean son of a bitch.

You know how many wanted felons have given me this look?

I say a thousand.

I know I'm low.

Something turn ugly as I put on the cuffs, they're too late.

Some others, I swear, they even try to draw down on me.

Coover: Dickie, you hear that?

He's threatenin' us.

Dickie: No, he ain't.

Coover: He's got a piece under his coat.

Dickie: And you have one in your hand, for Christ's sake.

Coover: Yeah, so does the negress!

Raylan: Rachel, if Coover raises his piece, shoot him.

Rachel: If you'll move a step either way.

Dickie: Coover, put the gun down now.

I said now, God damn it!

[ Door opens ]

Raylan: Well, if you see your friend...

Dickie: Ex-employee.

Raylan: Tell him, if he comes in on his own, it's worth a lot.

If not, different story.

It's good to see you, Dickie.

Dickie: You too, Raylan.

You too.

You and your hat.

Jimmy: Get up.

Get up slowly, quietly, because if you wake him... [ gun cocks ]

...I will kill him.

So things have changed.

I am no longer welcome here in Harlan, which means it's time for a little road trip.

Are you up for that, sweetheart?

This is where you nod.

There you go.

Now, you're gonna have to ride in the trunk for a little while.

Anybody sees the two of us, they might not understand our age difference.

Or the tape.

Get in.

Loretta: [ Squeals ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Raylan: Givens.

Tom: Listen.

Our bolo paid off.

Patrol clocked Dean on 75, headed towards Tennessee.

Raylan: What exit?

Tom: Passed 11 less than five minutes ago.

Raylan: Any sign of the girl?

Tom: Well, he didn't get too close.

Didn't want to spook Mr. Dean.

Raylan: All right. Well that's a smart play.

If she's with him, and we should assume she is, get to a roadblock, or a strip.

Tom: That's right.

You want me to call in some backup?

Raylan: All right.

We got this far being smart.

Let's not blow it now.

You tell me if he comes back.

Loretta: [ Muffled yelling ]

Raylan: Loretta?

You all right?

Loretta: [ Grunts ]

Raylan: You kick twice if you're okay.

[ Two thuds ]

Raylan: All right. We're gonna get you out of there... one minute.

Rachel: He left something.

He's on his way out.

Raylan: Loretta, right now I need you to make yourself as small as possible.

Jimmy: Hey!

What the hell are you doing?

Raylan: What's it look like I'm doing?

Jimmy: Are you stealing gas?

Raylan: Yeah.

sh1t, you caught me.

I'm stealing gas.

I don't know why I do it.

It's not like I can't afford it.

Jimmy: Yeah. Whatever.

Get out of here.

Raylan: Can't I just have a couple gallons?

Jimmy: Look, asshole.

I'm gonna tell you one more time...

What the hell?!


That's it.

Raylan: Whoa!

Okay, I'm just gonna ask you one question.

Do you know how a firearm works?

Jimmy: What?

Raylan: The key word in firearm is "fire."

When the pin hits the cap, makes the charge explode, meaning there's a spark, which should be of some concern to a man soaked in gasoline.

Jimmy: That's bullshit.

That spark's too far away from the gasoline.

Raylan: You didn't finish school, did you, Mr. Dean?

It's not the liquid that burns.

It's the fumes.

Now, look.

Normally I would have just shot you myself the second you pulled.

But I am doing my level best to avoid the paperwork and the self-recrimination that comes with it.

The Lord knows, you are the kind that makes it worth it more.

Come on, Jimmy.

Can't we just try to end this without you turning yourself into the human torch?

Jimmy: You know my name.

Then you know what I got in that trunk.

How about I just kill her?

Raylan: Gasoline aside, you aim that in any direction, my partner's gonna pop you in the head.

There you go.


[ Snaps fingers ]



This might hurt.

Loretta: [ Panting ]

Would he have really gone up like a torch?

Raylan: Oh, I don't know.

But it sounded good.

Mags: I call it apple pie.

Go ahead.

Tell me what you think.

Walt: It's good.

It does taste like apple pie.

Mags: It does, doesn't it?

[ Chuckles ]

Loretta okay?

Walt: Fine, under the circumstances.

Mags: Where is she at?

Walt: Down the holler with a friend.

Mags: When the police brought her back, did they ask about your leg?

Walt: They did.

I told them that I was fixing the trap.

When I was prying it open, my leg slipped in.

[ Both chuckle ]

Mags: How about the gunshot wound?

Walt: They didn't mention it.

Well Walt... it's on account of all that, that I come here... brought this 'shine as a peace offering.

[ Clears throat ]

I want Dickie to apologize to you.

[ Table thuds ]

Dickie: Oh.




Walt, I should not have shot you in the leg or trapped your foot.

And um...Uh...

We could work something out about you growing.

Walt: [ Breathing heavily ]

Mags: It was already in the glass, not in the jar.

Why Dickie and me can drink and be okay.

It's too late now, Walt.

Medicine already doing its work.

[ Clattering ]

Even if you got on a helicopter right now, you'd still be past care.

Walt: Why?

Mags: Why do you think?

Walt: Because I called that police line?

Mags: You never go outside, Walt.

You know that.

Walt: I didn't know he worked for you!


Mags: Oh, this is the bad part, but it doesn't last long.

The mixture's all natural, from up in the hills.

All kinds of knowledge in the hills.

It's something my grandmama taught me.

She learned it from her grandmama.

Walt: [ Panting ] Loretta...

Mags: I'll raise her myself.

Don't you think that'll be better for her?

The way it's been around here with you and her sadness.

All the troubles of your hard life, it's all gone now.

You get to know the mystery, Walt.

Walt: [ Whimpering ]

Mags: You get to see your Sally Ann again.

Walt: [ Wheezes ]

Mags: Find the girl.

[ Insects chirping ]

Raylan: Beer?

Raylan: So, how's work?

Winona: Exhilarating.

What do you think?

Did you really call me here to talk to me about work?

Raylan: Not unless it's exhilarating.

Winona: [ Sighs ]

I was starting to think you were never gonna call me.

And don't say you've been busy.

No one's that busy.

[ Horn honking in distance, vehicles passing ]

I like the ambiance.

Raylan: I pay extra for that.

Winona: Did I scare you off, when I said we should get together and talk?

Raylan: No.

Winona: Then why am I out here, breathing diesel?

Raylan: Last time you were in there, you took off your wedding ring.

Winona: Oh, yeah, and as I recall, you put up a hell of a fight.

I mean, if you really wanted to talk, we'd have met on neutral ground and not five feet and a flimsy door away from that lumpy bed of yours.

Raylan: Okay. No.

I invited you here because I'm tired, and I wanted to have a word before I went to sleep.

Winona: So what's keeping you?

Raylan: Son of a bitch!

Winona: Yeah, that's what a girl wants to hear for pillow talk... regret.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Oh, you're gonna get that?

Raylan: Givens.

Tom: Raylan, it's trooper Tom Bergen.

Raylan: Oh, hey, Tom.

What's up?

Tom: Am I catching you at a bad time?

Raylan: No, no, no, it's fine.

Tom: Okay. Well, I got a line on Boyd Crowder for you.

Raylan: Finally surfaced, huh?

Tom: Yeah, in a manner of speaking.

Boyd: Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!