02x02 - The Life Inside

Previously on "Justified"...

Doyle: So what brings you both to our town?

Mags: Raylan's looking for Boyd Crowder.

Raylan: Actually, no.

Rachel: We're looking for James Earl Dean.

Jimmy: I came back here because of you, Loretta.

Walt: When he came by here, he just said he was some bank man.

Loretta: Well, he followed me into the shed.

Walt: Oh, Jesus.

Loretta: I'll go talk to Mags.

She likes me.

Mags: How is your daddy, Loretta?

He taking care of you?

Keeping a proper home?

Loretta: He sits in his chair, mostly.

Mags: When he's not growing weed without my say-so.

As for the pervert, you don't have to worry about him no more.

Jimmy: Get in.

Loretta: [ Squeals ]

Mags: Loretta okay?

Walt: Fine, under the circumstances.

Mags: Brought this 'shine as a peace offering.

Walt: It does taste like apple pie.

Mags: It was already in the glass, not in the jar.

Find the girl.

Dickie: [ Panting ]

Coover: Come on, Mary.

Dickie: [ Groans ]

[ Coughs ]

Coover: Man.

Dickie: Whoo!

Coover: He ain't been dead long enough to be stinking like that.

You think he sh1t himself?

Dickie: Maybe you should check.

Coover: Maybe I will.

Dickie: Oh, boy.

Yeah, get the lime. Go and get the lime.

Coover: No, you get it. I'll spring the...

Dickie: Hey!

Go get the lime.

Coover: I got the crowbar, Monkeynuts. You get it.

What, are you worried that the lime's too heavy?

[ Chuckles ]

Let's go!

How deep you reckon that is?

Dickie: Why don't you jump in and find out?

Coover: How come we got to use the lime?

No way that stink can travel that far.

Dickie: 'Cause mama said so.

[ Coughs ]

Coover: That's good.

[ Thudding ]

[ Buzzer sounds ]

Boyd: Step out of the hole to find Raylan Givens waiting for me.

For a second I thought I was 19 again.

Raylan: Yeah, I was just thinking.

Last time I was down a dog-hole mine was Myrtle Creek, you and me running for our lives.

[ Chuckles ]

I'll tell you.

I'm not afraid of heights, snakes, or redheaded women, but I am afraid of that.

Boyd: Yeah, well, not a lot of legal employment opportunity in Harlan County...

At least not for a man with my skill set.

Besides, wasn't it you that said I like to get money and blow sh1t up?

Raylan: Buy you a drink?

Boyd: [ Chuckles ]

When a deputy United States marshal offers to buy a drink in a dry county, a cautious man might turn him down.

Raylan: Well, you could always claim entrapment.

But I take your point.

What if I said, "Let's drive to a puddle, and I'll buy you a drink"?

Boyd: Well, I'd say, "Cumberland's the closest."

Raylan: Okay, so...

Boyd: Bartender...

Raylan: Just so we're clear...

Boyd: Let's do that again.

Raylan: Genie don't go back in the bottle twice, anything happens to the niece, Gio goes square stir...

Is that all you wanted?

Making sure I wasn't gonna throw any gasoline on the Cuban fire?

Raylan: Life don't hand out too many second chances, Boyd.

I just hope you take advantage of yours.

Boyd: Gio and his niece got nothing to fear from me, my friend, because my outlaw ways are behind me.

Raylan: Just you saying that scares the sh1t out of me.

Boyd: God's honest truth.

Raylan: Hold on a second.

The more you say it, the less I believe it.

Boyd: Believe it or not, Raylan, all I want is to do my job and to be left alone.

I hope that's not too much to ask.

Raylan: Okay. Hold on. I'm sorry, Art.

Cumberland, having a conversation with Boyd Crowder.

Art says hi.


Oh, for... No, no, no, no.

I'll take care of it. Maybe I can use it.


Yeah, tell him... tell him I said I appreciate the call, and I'll get back to him.

[ Scoffs ] Believe me. I'm thinking about it.

Boyd: Who's Art?

Raylan: My boss.

Boyd: You mean the man who hit my hands with a Bible?

Raylan: [ Chuckles ] You remember.

Boyd: I'm surprised he hasn't transferred you, all the trouble you've drawn.

Raylan: Oh, you think I draw it?

Boyd: Oh, you think you don't?

Raylan: I got to go.

We're gonna continue this conversation another time.

Boyd: There's nothing to continue, 'cause you'll never believe me.


Let's do that one more time.

Helen: Deputy marshal Givens, as I live and breathe!

Raylan: Aunt Helen.

Helen: You want to come in and have a slice of jam cake?

Raylan: Oh, that's tempting, but...

Helen: But this isn't a social call.

Raylan: The monitoring company's saying Arlo's violated his tether range.

Helen: I wouldn't know anything about that.



Arlo: What?!

Helen: You're violating!

Arlo: I'm what?!

Raylan: You're kidding.

You think I got a camper in the yard `cause I like the look?

Arlo: What did you say?

Raylan: She said, "you're violating."

You're outside your tether range.

Arlo: I think the skin is infected.

That qualifies for "cruel and unusual."

Raylan: Yeah, well, if you want to get it off, return the 20 grand we gave you.

Arlo: You gave it to me to give to Bo.

How do I know what happened to it after that?

Raylan: Not my job.

Arlo: Not your money. What do you care?

Raylan: Get in the house.

Helen: He does, and I'll shoot his other arm.

Raylan: You told her?

Helen: I could always give him a pass for what he did to Frances and me, since we both had the bad sense to choose him, but betraying his only son?

Arlo: I don't have to listen to this sh1t.

Raylan: Whoa. Is my money in there?

Arlo: No.

Raylan: Then that's the wrong way.

You go in there, you're violating.

I'm gonna haul you off to jail.

Arlo: That's just chickenshit, and you know it. It's 10 feet!

Raylan: Tell it to the judge.

Arlo: Fine. Take me in.

Better than staying here.

Raylan: All right. Let's go.

Helen: Get in the house.

Arlo: Are you going to be civil with me?

Helen: Get in the goddamn house!

[ Screen door opens, closes ]

Raylan: You kicked the man out of the house?

He's under house arrest.

[ Sighs ]

Find out where he stashed my money.

Give me a call.

Helen: I find out where he stashed the money, I'm headed for Mexico.

Raylan: Thank you!

Helen: Oh, and leave Mags Bennett alone!

Raylan: I'm sorry?

Helen: I know you went by her store.

Raylan: If I did?

Helen: You're perfectly aware of that history.

Arlo: What the hell you need to gyrate that for?

Raylan: What I went down there for concerns the here and now, nothing to do with the past.

Helen: That'd be a neat trick, escaping the past.

Arlo: Mags Bennett is an old lady helping people with their glaucoma and stomach upset.

Raylan: Just growing pot... That's her only business.

Or is she someone who's gonna try and step up, take over where Hunter and Crowder left off?

Don't think it's gonna be you, old man. No offense.

Helen: Leave her alone.

Arlo: Listen to your aunt.

Helen: Get back in the house!

Arlo: I hope you get cancer!

Helen: Already had it!

Arlo: I hope you get it again!

Helen: Move out of the house!

[ Screen door slams ]

Mags: Ah!

Morning, honey.

Loretta: Morning.

Doyle: You need anything else, mama?

Mags: No.

No, no. Now, you go on home now.

[ Dog barks in distance ]

How was Doyle's last night?

Loretta: He has a lovely home.

Mags: His boys are mighty rambunctious.

Loretta: Yes, ma'am.

Mags: And Sarah-Jean can't cook.

You have your breakfast yet?

Loretta: Yes, ma'am.

Mags: That's good.

Don't want to be one of them girls starves herself to death 'cause she thinks a man wants to cuddle up next to some gristle.

[ Chuckles ]


I got some cider.

[ Sighs ]

I'd say you're a good two years away from being ready for my "apple pie."

I want to apologize for not protecting you from that pervert the way I promised.

That boy's just lucky the marshals got to him before I did.

He, uh... He really put you in the trunk?

Loretta: Yeah.

Mags: Good lord, you must have been terrified.


All alone in the dark.

Could you hear anything?

Loretta: [ Sighs ]

Mostly just the tires on the road and the other cars passing.

Mags: And before he put you in the trunk, he say anything to you then?

Loretta: Just some of the things he was gonna do to me.

Mags: Yeah, they'll take care of him in prison.

Even the lowliest criminals don't look kindly on child molesters.

I bet you wonder why you had to stay at Daws last night, and where your daddy is.


It's on the kind of the shooting my boys gave him and trapping his foot.

When I heard out about that, I was devastated.

So, I decided to make it up to your father, and I sent him down south for a few weeks, handle some business for us.

Pays a lot more than tending that little patch.

Of course, with the feds sniffing around, we had to spirit him away under cover of night.

So he couldn't even wait for you to come home.

[ Sighs ]

Oh, you want a little more?

Loretta: Okay.

Mags: I never had a girl.

Just those damn boys.

I'm looking forward to our time together, Loretta.

♪ On this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I'm fighting for my soul ♪
♪ God get at your boy ♪
♪ you try to bogard ♪
♪ fall back, I go hard ♪

What are you doing?

Winona: Brown suit, black suit, one, two, three, four shirts, two pairs of jeans.


Raylan: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Winona: Oh, just by looking at your closet, one would think you were a simple man.

Raylan: [ Inhales deeply ]


I'm gonna go get some coffee.

You want some?

Winona: Oh, perfect.

Raylan: Perfect what, Winona?

Winona: You.

You're running away.

Raylan: I just offered to go get some coffee.

How's that running away?

Winona: I just made a simple observation.

Raylan: No, you didn't.

You tried to start a fight.

Winona: Okay. Raylan?

Raylan: Hmm?

Winona: Are you staying in Kentucky?

Raylan: They offered me my job back in Miami, and I'm here.

What does that tell you?

Winona: Well, you're also still at a place that puts a piece of paper over the toilet.

So what does that tell me?

Raylan: That it's sanitized for your protection.

Winona: I know how much you make, Raylan. Come on.

Raylan: I'm sorry?

Winona: You can at least rent an apartment.

Raylan: Maybe I should buy a house.

Winona: Oh, that's...Okay.

Raylan: No, I know the name of a very good realtor.

Winona: You're an asshole.

Raylan: I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

You want to converse, we'll converse.

You want to fight, we'll fight.

It's not easy, by any stretch.

Winona: Sometimes I look at you, and I never want to see you again.

Raylan: Other times?

Winona: There are no other times.

Just that.


Other times I want to run away with you to Costa Rica.

Raylan: Costa Rica?

Winona: Mm-hmm.



I can't be late.

Raylan: Fine.

But...I'm gonna need that shirt.

Winona: I hate smelling you on me all day.

Raylan: Should've taken another shower.

You were the one who went for the victory lap.

Gary: Well, hello, Raylan! Winona.

Raylan: Gary.

Gary: You know, I always forget your office is in this building.

You two run into each other on the elevator a lot?

I guess you must.

Winona: Not as much as you might think.

Raylan: My schedule's not very regular.

Gary: Hey, hold on just a minute.

Listen, Raylan.

I was thinking, you know, maybe we should get together for a drink.

Raylan: Why? Why would we do that?

Gary: Well, we have something in common.

We both been kicked to the curb by this one over here, you know?

[ Chuckles ]

Feels like it'd only be right for us to get together, tell some tales.

You know, how O.C.D. she is, how loud she snores.

Winona: Gary, what are you doing here?

Raylan: Good to see you both.

Gary: Good seeing you, Raylan.

Hey, uh, I just want to let you know I'm planning to show the house again tonight.

Winona: Well, that's fine, but you could have told me that over the phone.

You know, I misplaced my cellphone can you believe that? Anyway I'll see you tonight.


Boy you smelled nice.

Raylan, this isn't a punishment detail.

Jimmy burglar needs a transport, you need an assignment.

You don't think you can handle it?

Oh, you wanna do it? By yourself?

Hey, maybe get another reward.

Raylan's not going by himself.

Oh and by the way, you might wanna bring some plastic and towels for the backseat, in case everything goes south.

Just the two of you?

I had an instructor at Glynco say that two Marshals should be enough to transport King Kong.

Well, I was just sayin.

Let it go.

We know what you're sayin.

I need you to initial here... and...


Well, I guess you've done this before.

Once or twice.

Miss Burglin.

I'm Deputy Marshal Gutterson, this is Deputy Marshal Givens. - Hello.

Now they've told you no leg irons right?

Yeah we read the new guidelines.

We going to the Doctor or Rodeo?

Goodness great.

Raylan: You all right?

Jamie: I'm not contracting. Don't worry.

I've got a hemorrhoid the size of a golf ball.

How are you?

Tim: Well, long as you don't give birth during the ride, we're fine.

Jamie: Look at you boys, all nervous.

You gonna ask?

Tim: Ask what?

Jamie: How I got pregnant.

Tim: I don't remember much from health class, but I do remember that and what untreated venereal disease looks like.

Jamie: [ Chuckles ]

When I was at Marysville, I had conjugal with my husband.

Tim: Is he taking custody of the baby?

Jamie: Who, A.J.?

A.J. can't take care of himself.

Tim: Well, it's got to be better than foster care.

Jamie: Hey, hey, don't knock foster care.

Look where it got me.

[ Door closes ]

Jamie: Hey, Alisha. How are you, girl?

Alisha: Good morning, Ms. Berglund.

Jamie: Good morning.

Tim: I'm assuming you know the drill.

Alisha: Yes, sir, we handle all the ultrasounds for FMC inmates.

Raylan: You get a lot of pregnant women inside?

Alisha: Not too many.

If you'd bring Ms. Berglund to exam room one, there should be a gown in there for her to put on.

Tim: Window in exam room one?

Alisha: No, sir.

Tim: All right.

Jamie: You're afraid of...

Raylan: Do you know the gentleman who's in your waiting room?

Alisha: His wife has a dating scan scheduled for...11:30.

Raylan: And where is she?

Alisha: Running late.

Jess: You fellas cops?

I couldn't help but notice the young lady you came in with was all chained up.

Figured if she was your wife, she wouldn't take too kindly to that.

Raylan: Did you find out?

Jess: What's that?

Raylan: Boy or girl?

Jess: It's a boy.

Raylan: This your first?

Jess: How could you tell?

Raylan: You seem a bit jumpy, you don't mind me saying.

Jess: Don't mind you saying at all.

But honestly, I'm not scared.

15 years old, I let a coal train run over me.

I was gonna dodge it, but then I decided to lay down between the rails.

60 miles an hour, 80 cars, all about an inch from the tip of my nose.

During that whole time I not once blinked my eyes.

See, once you face down a coal train, facing a loaded gun just doesn't have the same effect.

Alisha: Deputy!

Jess: Don't try it, partner.

I'll gut-shoot you both before you clear that holster.

[ Whistles ]

Nice touch making the appointment.

Thank you kindly there Marshal.

I guess this ain't my first rodeo.

Sweetheart, why don't you stand up here next to the marshals?

And, gentlemen, why don't you take out your sidearms?

You put yours on the ground, yours right there on the counter.

And then cuff yourselves.

Anybody makes a move, you shoot her first.

What's the holdup there, fellas?

Raylan: Well, I've never had to cuff myself.

Jess: [ Sighs ] Fine.

I'll do it.

You do the cowboy's, and I'll take care of you.

Jamie: I'm sorry about this, boys.

I hope you understand.

Raylan: [ Scoffs ]

You sure this is the way you want to go out?

Jamie: I'm sure my baby shouldn't have to ride my rap.

Art: Gotten anything, gentlemen?

Tim: A.J. Logan.

That's the husband and baby daddy.

Raylan: Not either of the guys that was at the clinic.

Art: Well, we'll bring him in, anyway.

What about this guy?

Tim: We have a winner.

Raylan: That's the one who pulled.

Art: Jess Timmons.

We got him off that print that we pulled off the cuff. Good job.

Tim: Actually, that was Raylan's play.

Art: Jess Timmons is a Louisville hard case.

Two falls. Last bit was a two-year stint at Northpoint.


Paroled June of '07.

Tim: Well, who leaked her appointment time?

Art: The ultrasound techs generally don't know the schedule, but we're going after the...

Raylan: Wait a minute.

What about a leak at the prison?

Art: Yeah, warden thinks he runs a tight enough ship that he keeps everything in-house.

Raylan: Well, sure, if the schedule got out, prisoner could have confederates set up an ambush.

Art: [ Chuckles ]

We're pushing back, believe me.

So what happened?

You didn't suspect a thing?

Too distracted by that big, old belly?

Raylan: Art, she played the sh1t out of us.

[ Insects chirping ]

Oh, boy!

Now, that's a spark to the right!

Jess: I thought I told you to stay away from that window.

Jamie: Yeah, and I thought you said he'd be here by now.

Jess: Well, he's coming, all right?

He's just waiting till the coast is clear.

Those marshals are out beating the bushes right now.

He wouldn't want to lead them to us.

Jamie: We make the news yet?

Jess: No, not yet.

Jamie: [ Sighs ]

[ Indistinct talking on television ]

Jess: What's that?

Van: It's Clonidine.

[ Clears throat ]

It helps your body tolerate the anesthesia.

Plus, it should relax you.

Jamie: How long were you an EMT for?

Van: Seven years.

School for that?

Here is the training program, it's not like med school or anything.

Give me a hand here.

Jamie: You get a lot of pregnancy calls?

Van: All the time.

Third most popular, behind drunks and psych patients.

Jamie: You ever have one where they couldn't make it to the hospital, had to deliver in the ambulance?

Van: Few times.

Jamie: [ Sighs ]

Did they make it?

Survive, I mean?

[ Voice breaking ] Mothers and babies?

Van: Listen.

You don't got nothing to worry about.

In a little while, I'll start the propofol.

Hour after that, your baby's out.

Jess: Yeah, and an hour after that, your baby's daddy is gonna be taking that little girl to her new life.

Jamie: Oh, not that fast he don't.

In prison, you get to hold her for maybe a couple of hours, and then she's gone.

Van: That's got to be rough.

Jamie: He can have her when I am good and ready.

Jess: Hey, hey, hey. There's no hurry.

You take all the time you like.

Jamie: Ah, jeez, I got to pee again. Excuse me.

[ Sighs ]

Tim: A.J., it's real simple.

You tell us where your friend Jess Timmons is and where your wife Jamies is and life gets way better for you than if you don't.

A.J.: Who the hell is Jess Timmons?

Tim: It seems I didn't make it simple enough.

Raylan: It's understandable.

You want to break out your wife 'cause they won't let you have the baby.

A.J.: Baby?

Tim: What... You just gonna deny everything?

A.J.: Now, hold on. Serious... seriously, Jamie's pregnant?

Raylan: Come on, A.J.

Do not waste... A.J.: No, no, no, no. Come on.

I haven't seen her since she left Marysville.

You should know.

There's no conjugals in the federal system.

Tim: She's 37 weeks.

That puts the time of conception around the time of your last conjugal.

A.J.: No, we didn't do anything on my last visit.

No she said she if was going Federal and couldn't have conjugals there'd be no point of us staying together.

Raylan: You didn't do it one last time, just to say goodbye?

A.J.: No, I wanted to, but she said that would just make things sadder.

Art: Could be a regular visitor that knocked her up.

Wouldn't be the first time that a couple went at it in a corner of the regular visitors' room.

Raylan: That's bullshit, Art, and you know it.

Art: Hell, it could be A.J. himself for all we know.

Tim: Chief...

Raylan: Oh, my gosh.

Art: [ Chuckles ]


We don't know that it's a guard.

Tim: If it is a guard... and I say that to keep you happy... maybe he hired Jess Timmons to make the grab because he knew Timmons from inside.

Raylan: We make a list of all the guards from here and Marysville, and we find out which ones were at Northpoint when Timmons was doing his bit.

Jess: He's coming. Don't worry.

Jamie: I ain't worried.

Jess: Well, you were before.

Jamie: Yeah, well, that was before I was wasted.

This stuff works.

You know, I never did anything in the inside.

You could get it, but I just figured, you know, the baby.

You ever been to California?

Jess: Why you ask that?

Jamie: I was just thinking about where I'd go once baby's off to her new life.

I never been to California.

Jess: Yeah, well, it's nice, long as you stay out there near the ocean.

You get a little further inland, then you got to worry about all the desert and the wetbacks.

Jamie: You know what?

I don't care where I go, so long as I know baby's gonna have a good life.

Van: We're all set.

If you want to step into my office here, we'll get the I.V. started and have you snoring in no time.

Jamie: I'm gonna go pee one more time.

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, my God!

My legs feel like rubber.

You know, if I wasn't about to go through childbirth, I'd really be enjoying this buzz.

You gonna kill her, aren't you?

Why you gonna ask me that?

[ Insects chirping ]

Jamie: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Chain clanging ]

[ Grunts ]

Jess: Looks like you could use a hand there, honey.

Jamie: Oh, my...

Jess: Come here! Come here!

Jamie: Son of a...

Jess: Change of plans.

Now that she's tied down, we cut it out.

Jamie: Oh, my God, no!


Van: I-I haven't started the propofol yet.

Jess: Oh, yeah?

Well, she gave that up when she went out the window.

Jamie: Oh, my God, please!

Van: I can't do it without the anesthesia.

Jess: If you don't, I will.

Van: I mean, you can... you can, Jesse, but she'll probably die of shock.


If she dies before the baby's out, the baby goes with her.

Jess: What about all those stories you hear, huh?

About how some batshit-crazy diesel dyke cuts out her best friend's baby and raises it as her own?

Van: The news shows never show the stories where the babies die. Now, believe me.

I've been on 20 runs like that when I was driving the bus.

I got to do the propofol.

Jess: How long's that take?

Van: I got it.

Jamie: [ Crying ]

Jess: Shut up.

Jamie: [ Crying ]

Jess: Shut up.

Raylan: Mr. Cosgrove?

You remember us from this morning?

Glenn: Of course.

Yeah, no, we all... We all heard what happened.

But I mean, like, what did happen?

Raylan: Oh, couple hard cases got tipped off about the appointment.

They were just set up for us.

Glenn: You know where that tip came from?

Tim: We're running it down.

Raylan: How you doing?

Gayle: I'm good. How are you?

Glenn: Honey, these are the two marshals.

Remember that thing on the news I was telling you about?

Gayle: Yeah. Hi. Hi.

Raylan: Glenn, maybe Mrs. Cosgrove wants to go back in the house?

Gayle: Why would I go inside?

Glenn: Yeah, why... why... why does she need to go inside?

Gayle: Why would I need to go inside?

Raylan: Are you sure you want her here for this?

Gayle: Here for what?

Glenn, what's going on?

Glenn: I have no idea. Let's...

Tim: Mr. Cosgrove.

Glenn: Take your hands off me, man.

Tim: We know about Jess Timmons.

We know he was at Northpoint when you were there.

Glenn: Who?

Tim: How long do you think it'll be before we find him?

Raylan: You think he's gonna stand up for you, just go down with the ship?

I see you believe that I know what you're talking about, but I...

What about Jamie, you really didn't think she wasn't gonna tell anybody?

Tell anybody what?

You wanna answer that, or should I?

I can't answer that, `cause I have no idea what you're talking about. - Ok.

Mrs Cosgrove, the... inmate who escaped today, was eight months pregnant, your husband was the father.

Are you crazy?


They hired a convict that he knew from Northwood, to help her escape.

Come on, you think my husband knocked up some inmate... and, and, and helped her escape, and then what, he's gonna leave me, his job... Everything here...


We're not certain he's gonna leave you.

No we don't think he's gonna run off.

We think he's gonna have her killed.

That's the only way he can be certain that it doesn't come back to him. - What?

You assholes are gonna hang out to dry for this.

I'm gonna get my union rep.

That can't be true, that can't be.

Tell them, you tell them that it's not true.

Well of course it's not true.

Man we have over 20 calls between you and Jess Timmons last week alone.

Oh my God.

Honey, honey I need you...

This isn't...

You think I can't tell when you're lying.

I am not lying.

You could still do yourself a favor here.

If there's a chance Jamie's still alive, you can help us get to her.

'Cause otherwise, it's contract murder.

Spend the next few years of your life looking at a wall and then get strapped to a gurney and have potassium chloride injected in your arm.

Gayle: Glenn, if this is true, you tell them how to find that girl.

Glenn: Gayle, please.

Gayle: Tell them right now!

Tell them!!

[ Tires screech ]

Thing is, I had 10 grand, and Jess said it wasn't enough for the risk he was taking.

He had a solution, though.

He'd heard there's people that'd pay 50 grand for a healthy white baby.

Raylan: Glenn, we got it.

You... you knocked up an inmate, you hired someone to murder her and sell your child.

Now shut the hell up, or Tim's gonna hit you in the face.

Van: Will you give me those alcohol swabs and the Betadine packets?

You should have told me the plan was to kill her.

I figured if I told you, you probably wouldn't have come along.

I wouldn't have.


There you go.

It's just, taking the baby is one thing... but...

Look at it this way.

If you weren't here, she'd still be dying, and I'd still be cutting that baby out myself.

Probably killing it in the process.

See, that's just like throwing money in the trash.

See, this way, you get that baby out in one piece, you get paid.

Don't seem near as wasteful now, does it?

It's like when the plains Indians used to kill all those buffalo.

They made sure they used every single part of that thing.

It was a sign of respect for the life they were taking.

Van: Will you grab me that gauze from over there?

I want to be ready in case I hit a gusher.

Jess: Thataboy.

I ain't seeing the gauze over here.

Van: Look to your left, on the counter.

Jess: Telling you, if it's over here, I don't see... Hey!

Van: Aah!

Jamie: [ Whimpering ]

[ Knock on door ]

Raylan: U.S. marshals! Drop your weapon!

Tim: It's all clear.

Jess: [ Breathing heavily ]

Raylan: Behind the table, drop your weapon.

Jess: Oh, hey, there, fellas.

Raylan: Show me your hands.

Wasn't really expecting to see you boys again.

Show me your hands.

Or what?

Huh, I got a gun on her belly, finger on the trigger.

You shoot me, you're gonna be spending the rest of the night cleaning up baby guts all over that fireplace there.



Jess you ever hear of a spot snipers call, The Apricot?

It's where the brain stem meets the spine.

Hit a fellow there.

He ain't gonna pull no trigger.

It's just... Lights out.

Oh, are you telling me you're that good?

Me? [ Shakes head ]

Really This how it's...

Show me your hands.

Come on, I got you.

Come on, It's ok.

It's ok.

[ Dog barking in distance ]

[ Insects chirping ]

Ava: How did that happen?

Boyd: Honestly, Ava, I don't have any idea.

Ava: Go take a seat.

Go on.

Boyd: [ Moans ]

Ava: Okay, take this.

Go on.

Clean yourself up.

We'll pretend like this never happened.

It happens again, though, and I will put you back in whatever gutter you just pulled yourself out of.

Boyd: Yeah.

Gayle: Deputy Givens.

Raylan: Mrs. Cosgrove.

Gayle: I was hoping I'd find you.

Raylan: Yeah, I can't discuss your husband's case.

Gayle: I know.

Glenn's not evil.

Or I guess maybe he is.

You're married to someone for 11 years, you think you know them, what they're capable of.

We tried for years to start a family.

It turns out that I'm... I'm... I'm not able.


Raylan: Yeah.

Let me... let me see if I can find someone for you to talk to.

Gayle: No, no, no. I'm... I'm just...

What's the girl's name?

Raylan: Again, I... I can't.

Oh, do you know what she's uh, planning to do with the baby?

Oh, I don't think she has much say in it.

Gayle: Do you think maybe...

I mean, I don't know how this works, but...

I was kind of hoping that maybe, um...

Raylan: I don't know how that works, either...

But maybe I could find out for you.

[ Insects chirping ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Raylan: Gary.

That's not a real safe way to approach an armed man.

Gary: [ Chuckling ] Oh, I guess you're right!

Raylan: Uh-huh.

Something I can do for you?

Gary: Oh, no, no, no.

No, I mean, you've already done more for me than I could ever hope to repay, which is why I felt like I needed to tell you face-to-face.

I'm gonna get her back.

Now, I know you think I'm no competition 'cause I can't outshoot you or outfight you or [chuckling] probably outscrew you.

But if there is one thing I do know, Raylan, it's selling.

I can get a guy to buy a house worse than the one he's in, cost him twice as much, and have him swear it was his idea.

Raylan: [ Chuckles ]

Yeah, you thought a lot about this moment, huh?

You say everything you meant to say?

Gary: Yeah, pretty much.

She left you for me once, Raylan.

Winona: Who were you talking to?

Raylan: Oh, it was nobody.


Winona: Nothing.

How was your day?

Raylan: Long.

Winona: You want to tell me about it?

Raylan: You remember... you remember I always liked the name Jess for a boy?

I'm over that.

I told you.


I was never a big fan of your list.

Winona: What's wrong with my list?

Raylan: Cody?

Winona: Yeah.

Raylan: Well, that's the moment I knew our marriage was doomed.

Winona: You're really not gonna tell me about your day, are you?

Raylan: You don't want to know.

Winona: Reason I asked is 'cause I do want to know.

Raylan: Okay.

I saw a man threaten to shoot a pregnant woman through the belly, just before a bullet went through his brain.

So I guess you could say it wasn't good.

Winona: I can handle that, Raylan.

I can't handle silence.

Raylan: [ Sighs ]

All right.

Winona: So, who were you talking to outside?

Raylan: That was your husband.

Winona: [ Laughs ]