02x05 - Cottonmouth

Previously on "Justified"...

Mags: It was already in the glass, not in the jar.

Walt: Gaahh!

[ Wheezes ]

Mags: I bet you're wondering why you had to stay at Doyle's last night and where your daddy is.

I decided to send him down south for a few weeks, handle some business for us.

Doyle: I just find out you two are responsible for hijacking a shipment of oxy, I got to kill two morons to keep your asses out of jail.

Cutter and Elrod told me it was you right before I killed them.

Do you know who that bus belonged to?

Dickie: The boys up in Frankfort.

Doyle: That's right.

Now, you really want to stir up that hornet's nest?

Dickie: I ain't afraid of Frankfort.

Doyle: Well, what about if mama found out? You afraid of mama?

Raylan: I also got call from Dewey Crowe's lawyer, says Dewey knows about some sh1t going down in Harlan that might be worth our while.

Kyle: What would you say if someone had a friend who worked for the armored-car company who could provide engine trouble four days running, stalling deliveries so there would be $80,000 cash at one time?

Boyd: Well, I'd say there's still no way to get down off this mountain without getting caught.

Kyle: What if there's a way not only you not get caught but get treated like a hero?

All right, rise and shine!

Let's go, sh1t wit!

Dewey: Help!

What's going on?

Blood test come back positive for TB.

Dewey: T... How in the hell did I get TB?

Do I look like a doctor?

You got to go to the infirmary for quarantine till tests come back clear.

Let's go!

Dewey: Well, check my forehead.

That feel hot to you?

Open it up!

Dewey: God damn it, Raylan!

I thought I was really sick.

Raylan: Do you even know what TB is?

Dewey: Well, all the masks and sh1t, I thought it was some kind of monkey virus, like in that movie.

Raylan: We pulled you out for quarantine so we can talk without you taking a shiv for it.

But if you'd prefer to talk amongst your friends, we could...

Dewey: No, no, no, no. No, I'm good. I'm good.

Raylan: Then what's this about?

Dewey: You got to get me out of here, marshal.

I can't deal with this kind of action.

Raylan: Do you know what that is?

That's the world's smallest man playing "my heart bleeds for you" on a tiny violin.

Now, why don't you tell me why you dragged me down here?

Dewey: I'll give you something good, you think I can get early release?

Raylan: Well, that depends. [ Sighs ]

If you're not full of sh1t...

Dewey: Hand to God, marshal.

Raylan: ...And if what you have to give me is in any way useful.

Dewey: Well, for one thing, that town law fella you had bring me in?

Raylan: Doyle Bennett?

Dewey: He's a dirty cop, Raylan.

Raylan: No!

Dewey: Straight up.

Raylan: Dewey, the way this works is, you have to tell me something I don't know.

And then we talk about you getting into a halfway house.

Dewey: Okay, fine.

That... that... that pretty boy molester that you all are putting the federal boot heel to?

Raylan: Jimmy Earl Dean.

Dewey: Hates you like poison.

So when he found out what I did... you know, dressing up with the hat and all... well, we kind of formed a bond over it.

What fruit did this touching new relationship bear?

Dewey: Well, he says you don't know half of what's going on down in Bennett.

He says if you did, you'd eat that hat, and he'd be the one to feed it to you.

Raylan: Dean was the muscle for the Bennett weed trade?

Dewey: He says no, that ain't all he was doing down there.

He says that the Bennetts are up to something big.

Raylan: Did he happen to mention what that might be?

Dewey: Well, not as such, but he... he did let on it might have something to do with the daddy of that girl he was sweet on.

Raylan: "Sweet on"?

Is that why he tied up the 14-year-old girl and tossed her into the trunk of his car?

Dewey: Told me she could pass as 16, easy.

Raylan: Dewey.

Dewey: What?

Raylan: The girl's daddy... What does it have to do with him?

Dewey: When he first came by their house, he told 'em he was with the bank.

Raylan: Bank? Did he elaborate?

Dewey: Yeah, he did. H-he said, uh...Uh, now, what'd he say?

He said he was with the bank.

And then he said...It's kind of complicated. He's with the bank.

Raylan: Did you got confused?

Dewey: Do you understand mortgages and sh1t? I don't.

Raylan: Well, seems you're not alone there.

Dewey: Well, so, come on!

What do I get? That's got to be worth something.

If you want to get into a halfway house, you got to give me more than that, Dewey.

Raylan: Oh, come on, now.

Turn that frown around.

Hell, you give yourself a shave, I'll bet you could pass for 16.

♪ On this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I'm fighting for my soul ♪
♪ God get at your boy ♪
♪ you try to bogard ♪
♪ fall back, I go hard ♪
♪ on this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I see them long, hard times to come ♪

Coover: Hey, mama.

Loretta: She ain't here.

Coover: What do you mean, she ain't here?

Loretta: I mean she ain't here.

Coover: [ Chuckling ] Well, who's minding the store, then?

What, you?

[ Snorts ]

Loretta: She said she had affairs to attend to, be back after 4:00.

Coover: Mm-hmm.

And I guess she just up and left you in charge.

I find that...

Very hard to believe.

Loretta: Well, you're welcome to look around for her if it'll set your mind at ease.

Coover: You ain't got to get mouthy with me, girl.

Mama ain't never left me in charge.

Dickie neither.

And here you sit?

Loretta: Well, it ain't as glamorous as it looks.

Coover: Mm-hmm.


Loretta: You're supposed to leave money for stuff you take.

She told me to tell you that.

Coover: Well, you know what?

Now you can tell her that you told me, can't you?

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Art: I appreciate the courtesy.



I just got a call that your daddy violated his tether again.

Raylan: Well, if they find him, they can do with him as they see fit.

Art: Hey, look what the cat dragged in.

Raylan: Hey.

Who let you out of Harlan?

Tom: Well, they told me to drop on by, see how you big-time federal police get it done.

Art: Well, watch and learn, son.

Tom: Yeah.

Listen, I got a question.

Art: Shoot.

Tom: What would it take for you to let me have marshal Givens back down to Harlan, do some more of that task-force stuff we've been running?

Art: Ordinarily, I would say, "only if you promise to keep him."

But considering the epic backlog of work that he has, I got to ask, what for?

Tom: Well, because it seems like that oxy bust is just sort of the tip of the iceberg as far as people trying to fill the Crowders' shoes down there.

Art: And how exactly do you think Raylan here would be useful to you?

Tom: Well, Art, I've been in Harlan 18 years.

People still look at me like I'm some kind of Yankee come down there to burn their crops.

But this guy...

Raylan: I know my people.

Art: You're like the hillbilly whisperer.

Put you on "Oprah."

Raylan: I'll get my coat.

You can catch me up on the way down.

Art: Just hold on, Cochise.

Now, Tom, I hear you.

And I know that Raylan here would probably prefer being down there running down this grudge, but I actually kind of need him here to do some marshal sh1t.

Raylan: What are you talking about?

Art: I'm talking about whatever this business is with the Bennetts.

It is beyond the purview of what I like to call your job.

Raylan: Speaking of which, I stopped by up at their place the other day.

Art: Yeah. You stopped by to do some dynamite fishing and see what you could get to bob up to the surface.

Raylan: On my own time.

Art: Wearing your badge.

Raylan: Anyway, I saw Loretta McCready.

Any sign of her daddy since we checked on him?

Tom: You know, it's funny you should mention McCready, 'cause I thought he'd popped back up in town last week or so.

Somebody's been cashing his state-benefit checks.

But if you have a nice, close look at these signatures, they're a little, uh, inconsistent.

Raylan: Are you thinking a forgery?

Tom: Kind of a shaky hand, wouldn't you say?

Raylan: Standards appear to be slipping.

Art: Gentlemen, this is really fascinating and strangely heartbreaking, but I just don't see what I get out of all this.

Mullen. [ Clears throat ]

No sh1t.

[ Chuckles ] Hold on a minute.

Well, they found your daddy.

Raylan: Where?

Art: Somewhere between the third and the fourth floor.

Raylan: H-here?

Arlo: There. You happy now?

Raylan: I don't know. Should I be?

Arlo: Well, you won, didn't you?

Beat an old man down, got your way.

Helen: He's been at the wild turkey on the way up, so he's in a sulk.

Raylan: Well, you violated your tether range coming up here, Arlo.

Arlo: Brought you your damn money, so you can just cut this thing off my leg.

Raylan: Well, math was never my prime subject, but this feels quite a bit south of $20,000.

Arlo: $6,000, thereabouts.

All I got left.

Take it or leave it.

Raylan: Oh, I'll take it.

And you can take him to the cell.

Arlo: What the hell? It's something, ain't it?

Helen: He hasn't got any more, Raylan.

That's it.

Raylan: I'm not running a yard sale, Helen.

Arlo, you owe what you owe.

Arlo: So, what? I wasted my time, then?

Give me that money back.

Raylan: You want to get out of your obligation, you give us the rest.

Or... maybe you got $14,000 in information, huh?

What we paid for in the first place.

Arlo: Well, what you looking for?

Raylan: Looking for who might trade in illegal papers... stolen government draw checks and such... in Harlan.

Arlo: Now, why would I know anything about that?

Raylan: Oh, I don't know.

Harlan county, petty bullshit crime, you? Call it a hunch.

Helen: What's the play look like?

Raylan: Someone's been cashing a man's checks, and we don't think it's him.

Helen: Raylan, this got anything to do with Mags Bennett?

Raylan: [ Clicks tongue ] I don't think so.

Arlo: Can't help you.

Raylan: Oh, why doesn't that surprise me?

Arlo: Ask me something else.

Raylan: I don't give a sh1t about "something else."

Helen: Oh, for God's sake! Arlo: Helen, you shut your mouth.

Helen: The hell I will. I want you gone, and if this helps, good.

Raylan, there's only one man in three counties that'll give you anything like a fair deal on draw checks.

Raylan: And that man would be?

Arlo: Boning you in the ass.

Go ahead, woman. You already yakked up this much.

Lay it on him.

Raylan: Helen?

Helen: Bowman Crowder.

Art: Damn shame, man you want being dead in a box at the hands of your old girlfriend, wasn't it?

[ Chuckles ]

You let me know if you get him talking.

Be mighty interested to hear anything he's got to say.

Kyle: All right, Boyd, one more time.

While you're taking the packets down to the splinter shaft, we're gonna transfer the cash to the truck.

Boyd: Pruitt's gonna drive it down the mountain.

Kyle: That's right.

And Marcus and I join you in the hole.

And then...

Marcus: Boom.

Kyle: Drop the ceiling between us and the surface.

Boyd: Now, the man guarding his take...

Now, I've known this man for quite some time.

He will not easily part with company money.

Kyle: Who, Shelby?

sh1t, Boyd.

Dude's older than sh1t.

Boyd: Yet again, he's a steady hand on that .44 he keeps right underneath his desk.

Kyle: [ Laughs ]

You ain't gonna have to worry about Shelby.

Boyd: Yeah? Why is that?

Marcus: 'Cause you're gonna kill him.

Boyd: Well, now, you... Never mentioned bloodshed.

Now, if you had brought this up earlier, I don't know if this conversation would be going on this long.

Kyle: You've killed men for far less, Boyd.

Let's keep our eye on the prize.

Marcus: Take Shelby down in the shaft until you set up the det.

Once it's wired, you lay a shovel upside his head real hard.

Cave-in will take care of the rest.

Kyle: See? That's the genius of the whole thing.

Everybody will think that he stole the money, tried to blow up the shaft behind him, but instead, premature detonation.

We was just the poor miners who got caught up in all of it.

Boyd: Well, if this is gonna go down today, the devil lies in the details.

Kyle: Stop worrying about the details.

Let me worry about the details, all right?

We're counting on you for one thing and one thing alone.

Boyd: What's that?

Kyle: You're the powderman, Boyd.

We need you to make sure this mountain don't come down on us and kill us.

Now, once you set it, we're gonna detonate remotely.

All right? ATF will be all over this thing.

We don't need any extra det wire tipping 'em o... [ Telephone ringing ]


Boyd: Well, I should probably get that.

Boyd: Hello.

Why, hello, Ava.

Marcus: Ain't that his girlfriend?

Kyle: He should be so lucky.

Marcus: We should all be so lucky.

Boyd: Oh, I'm listening.

I hear that.

Kyle: Come on. All we got to do is charge this thing up.

We're ready to rock. Let's go.

Pruitt: Let's wrap it up, Boyd.

Boyd: No. That's just the TV.

I'm here all by myself.

Marcus: You think he knows?

Kyle: [ Laughs ]

Don't worry about Boyd.

Marcus: Kyle, what if he bails on us?

Kyle: Then we do him now instead of later.

Marcus: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: When he goes down in the mine, we'll just blow him up.


Boyd: I got to go now, Ava.

Marcus: Got you on a tight leash, huh?

Boyd: Well, I wouldn't say that.

Kyle: What's it gonna be, Boyd? We're running out of time.

Boyd: Well, what it is that you're asking of me to do, I can do.

But radio det adds a whole new host of complexities.

There's only one way this is gonna work.

Kyle: How's that?

Boyd: You and your boys, you do exactly what I say, when I say it.

That's the only way I can keep us all alive.

Kyle: Well, hell, Boyd.

As many people as you robbed...

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Kyle: What are you doing?

Boyd: Dishes.

Kyle: Is it charged?

Boyd: No, Kyle, for the fifth time, it is not.

Kyle: Who the hell is that?

Boyd: That's the United States federal marshal.

Kyle: Well, what's he doing re, Boyd?!

Boyd: I couldn't say.

Kyle: Hey, Pruitt, what the hell is this?

Pruitt: Kyle, get out here.

Raylan: Hello, fellas.

Don't believe I've had the pleasure.

You don't need to know us.

We mind our own business.

Suppose it'd be best you do the same.

Raylan: Well, that wouldn't be like me.

Kyle: What do we do?

Boyd: My play's always to stop him before he gets on the front porch.

Kyle: sh1t, Boyd.

Raylan: Deputy U.S. marshal Raylan Givens.

Kyle: Pleased to meet you, marshal.

We're Boyd's friends from the mine.

We just come to pick him up for work. That's all.

Raylan: Oh.

Nice to see Boyd's making acquaintances.

[ Beeping ]

Raylan: I'm gonna step up to the door now, Kyle.

Do you see that as being a problem?

Boyd: Step inside to do the dishes for two minutes...

Look who comes by to visit.

Raylan: Boyd.

Your friends and I were just getting acquainted.

Boyd: I can see that.

What brings you up to the holler, Raylan?

Raylan: Just need a word.

Boyd: Why don't you go make yourself at home on the porch?

Now, Boyd.

I've been doing this long enough. I can spot outlaws at a thousand paces.

Your friends?

They're packing, one and all.

Boyd: Well, I wouldn't know.

But I'm sure none of them is carrying with ill intent.

Raylan: Well, that's good.

Boyd: What are you after, Raylan?

Raylan: [ Clicks tongue ] Oh, your brother, bowman.

You know anything about him trading in stolen papers back when?

Draw checks and such?

Boyd: Well, there's little by way of illicit activity in this county that my brother did not have his hands on in one way or another.

Raylan: Which is why I'm here.

Boyd: You never really knew my brother, bowman, did you, Raylan?

Raylan: I saw him play football.

Boyd: Gunned down in his prime by the very hand of the woman I now share his roof with.

Raylan: Mm-hmm.

Boyd: Not hard to fathom his end, given the life that he led.

My brother, Bowman, did not deal directly in paper, Raylan.

He handed it off to this Jesus freak.

Runs that Christian ATV place up in Grant's Holler.

Raylan: You mean old Winston Baines?

Take an ATV tour and get, like, a sermon on the mount?

Boyd: Steward of the earth, just like in Genesis.

Little twitchy.

I don't even know if he's still in the game or not.

Kyle: Come on, Boyd!

Boyd: Well, I guess me and these boys, we need to get on to work.

Anything else you need?

Raylan: Not right now.

Boyd: Well, you take care of yourself, Raylan.

Raylan: You too, Boyd.

Kyle: Well, what the hell was that about?

Boyd: Just some questions about my dead brother, Bowman.

Kyle: Is that right? What kind of questions?

Boyd: Well, it's personal.

Besides, we got more pressing issues to attend to.

Kyle: Is that right?

Boyd: The battery... It's not taking a charge.

Don't know who you bought this thing from, but they must have seen you coming.

Kyle: sh1t.

Are you kidding me?

Marcus: We got to pick up another one!

Kyle: Hell no. It's 90 minutes there and back.

We'll miss the shift.

Boyd: Well, then we do it again next time.

Marcus: There ain't gonna be no next time, Boyd!

This is the only chance we got!

Boyd: The most important thing to know in this business is when to walk away.

Kyle: We're not walking away. We'll hit up the radio shack on the way there, try to rig something up. All right?

Let's go. Come on. Come on.

What are you doing now?

Boyd: Writing a note to Ava and letting her know I'm gonna be late.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Damn, Boyd.

Boyd: Done.

That didn't take long, did it?

If you want to make a living in this business, you got to know your ABC's.

"Always be cool."

[ Alarm buzzing ]

You sure your radio shack work-around's gonna do the trick?

I'd hate to drive all this way for nothing.

Kyle: Don't worry about it. Just focus on setting them charges right.

I don't want to suffocate down there.

Boyd: You will not die down in that hole, Kyle.

You have my word on that.

Kyle: And you have my word these batteries are gonna do their job. God damn, Boyd.

We're about to be rich. How you like that?

Raylan: "The church of the two-stroke Jesus." That's good.

It's a good angle with the tourists that come to see the Bible belt in action.

Honest-to-God church, sanctioned by the state.

Raylan: Oh.

Two things important in life... "Praise God and ride hard."

Raylan: Amen.

I try to give each its due.

Raylan: Was asking about checks from the state draw, turned up cashed.

Folks say you might be a person to talk to about such matters.

Well, there was a time that I might have helped out my fellow downtrodden Kentuckians lay hands on their money.

Raylan: You saying that time has passed?

The lord has seen fit to bless my little off-road business in recent years.

Folks tour mountaintop removal sites, and bears have started to come back.

Raylan: So you wouldn't know anything about your signature matching up with the one of a Walt McCready, then... signed last week.

Say again? "McCready"?

Raylan: Yeah, no, I got the checks here, with the, uh, samples of your first tour up at Big Sandy.

You want to take a look, maybe refresh your memory?

I need my glasses.

Raylan: Oh. Well.

Let's see.

[ Electricity crackles ]

Raylan: [ Grunting ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Taser charging ]

Raylan: Sounds like it's back up to about 50%.

It takes a while after that wallop.

[ Straining ] Tased me in the nuts, you son of a bitch.

Raylan: Oh, well, I tried to shoot you first.

I get up from here, I'm gonna grab that thing and cram it right up your...

[ electricity crackles ] [ Grunts ]

Raylan: Now it's back down to 30%.

[ Grunting ]

Raylan: McCready.

Don't know no McCready.

Raylan: You ever been tased in the mouth, Baines?

I'm just thinking that probably hurts worse than a jolt to the pecker.

Go ahead, then.

Do your worst.

I ain't telling you sh1t, or anybody else.

Marcus: Man down!

Man down!

Boyd: Shut her down!

Marcus: We've got a man down.

Boyd: Shut her down!

Marcus: Come on. We got it. We got it. He's got the angina.

He's got the angina. He just needs some fresh air. He'll be all right.

All right. Watch out.

Marcus: All right. Watch out.

This way.

Marcus: What are we waiting for, bitches? Let's do this!

Boyd: Hey, hey!

Cellphones. Hand them over.

Marcus: What the hell for, man?!

Boyd: Because, Marcus, we're about to set off a remote detonation.

That's 20 pounds of emulex triggered by a radio signal.

Wrong signal on our frequency, we're all shaking hands with Jesus.

So I'm just being overly cautious.

Look, you'll get them back.

I just want to make sure that they're off, for myself.

Let's go. Hand them over.

Kyle: Damn, Boyd.

Ava: Damn it, Boyd.

"Call this number at exactly 6:05 PM. Don't tell anyone. Boyd."

What the hell?

Boyd: Got it.

Kyle: All right? Let's go.

Marcus: Hands up, fool!

This is a robbery!

Well, sh1t, son. I can see that.

Kyle: Don't get smart, Shelby.

Put your damn hands up.

Pruitt: Whoo, doggy!

How you like that, you old fruit bat?

No call to be disrespectful.

Kyle: Shut up, both of you.


Put those explosives in the brown bag.

Get down.

Open it.

You got the det.

Why don't you just blow it?

Kyle: I'd just as soon decorate it with your face!

You got the combination.

Now open it.

Come on! Hurry up, damn it!

Boyd: Marcus, you're making me nervous.

Would you please back up?

Kyle: Come on, open it.

Boyd, you about done?

Marcus: Jesus Christ, old man. How many numbers is it?! Open it!

Kyle: Boyd, Boyd! You almost done?

Boyd: Almost done, Kyle.

Kyle: Holy sh1t.

[ Laughs ]


We got the jackpot!

[ Laughs ]

Boyd, would you please put all that money in that green bag?

Come on.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Pruitt: What is that?

[ Ringing continues ]

Boyd: It's goddamn cellphone.

Kyle: No, you turned it off.

Boyd: You trying to get us all killed, Kyle?

Kyle: You turned this off.

Boyd: Get out of the trailer.

Go on.

Get out of the trailer, Kyle.

Kyle: Get all that money in that bag.

Come on. Let's go.

[ Dog barking ]

Raylan: These hillbilly doorbells really know a federal when they smell one, huh?

Coover: [ Coughs ] Aw, sh1t!

Better put the weed away.

Raylan: Although, I got to tell you... I'm surprised they can smell anything over that sh1t.

Coover: Ah! Dank and delicious.

Raylan: Oh, I bet.

Coover: [ Coughing ]

Raylan: That's quite a hack you got there.

Coover: You don't cough, you don't get off.

Raylan: So I've heard.

Coover: [ Laughs ] Yeah.

Raylan: Listen, I know he ain't here, but you're in touch with Walt McCready, right?

Your mama said he was working for the family down south somewhere?

Coover: That's what she said?

Well, then, that's what she said.

Raylan: I know you're cashing his draw checks for him.

You sending him the money, or you keeping it for yourself?

Well, anyway, uh, if you see Walt, will you tell him I was asking after him?

Coover: What for?

Raylan: Just a few things to clear up in this earlier case with the molester...

Jimmy Earl Dean.

Just dotting the I's, that sort of thing.

Coover: All right.

Raylan: I'll let you get back to it.

[ Dog barking ]

Boyd: All right, let's go.

Kyle: That phone was off. You checked it.

Boyd: Yeah, then why did it ring?

I'll be holding on to that, in case one of you other dumbasses decide to let your cellphone ring.

These batteries will stay with me.

Hand him that shovel.

We're almost there. Shelby, you're not gonna do something stupid and make me pop you in the gut and carry you down?

I will not.

Boyd: Good.

You get this cash out of here.

I'll see you down in the hole.

Bring that detonator.

Kyle: Put the money in the toolbox.

Boyd: Let's go for a walk, Shelby.

Marcus: Kyle, he's got the batteries.

What the hell are we gonna do?

Kyle: Let me ask you something, Marcus.

How stupid do you think I am?

16 years in the boy scouts.

My daddy promised me a Marshall stack as long as I made eagle.

Well, howdy, I tell you what... I rocked out that summer.

The only other thing I remember... Ah! Be prepared.

[ Both laugh ]

Take my batteries, I'll get another battery.

Boyd: Turn down right here.

[ Panting ]

Boyd: Face that wall.

What are you gonna do with those explosives?

You gonna cave in this mine?

Boyd: You just stay right there.

God damn it, Boyd.

If you're gonna kill me, just kill me.

[ Beeping ]

Kyle: You ready?

Marcus: Hey, so long, there, Boyd!

[ Laughter ]

What would have happened if they'd checked that bag?

Boyd: Then we'd be dead, Shelby.

[ Sighs ]

I'm sorry to get you mixed up in this.

It wasn't supposed to go down this way.

Well, son.

I'm walking away, as far as I know.

Unless you're planning on putting one in me.

Boyd: No, sir, I am not.

Well, then I guess you saved my life.

I got nothing to complain about.

Who'd listen if I did?

Boyd: Well, then might I be so bold as to ask you for a favor?

Name it.

Boyd: The cops are gonna come.

ATF, dogs... everything our federal government has to bear.

Now, you tell them that I had to go home.

It was emergency, nothing else.

Do you understand?


Done, sir.

Coover: No one here.

Dickie: Yes, I am able see that, Coover. Thank you.

Coover: You think he told the federal we gave him the checks to cash?

Dickie: Uh, maybe we should ask the federal.

Coover: Oh, sh1t.

Do we run?

Dickie: No, we do not run.

Reverend Baines must not have told him.

Otherwise, Raylan would be arresting us right now.

Coover: But he knows.

Dickie: Yeah, he knows, but he can't prove it.

Raylan Givens!

Raylan: Dickie.

Dickie: There he is.

Raylan: How you doing, Coover?

Coover: Raylan.

Dickie: Eat sh1t.

Coover: So, what do we do?

Dickie: Well, we drive on out of here and give Doyle a call on the way.

[ Car door closes ]

Get in. Come on.

Coover: Yeah. Let's go.

[ Engine turns over ]

Boyd: Well, I can see by your face you're somewhat troubled.

I can only imagine what I had to do with that.

Ava: "Call this number at exactly 6:05 P.M.

Don't tell anybody."

Boyd: Well... I admit it was terse.

[ Sighs ]

I wrote it under some time pressure.

Ava: Boyd, what the hell is this?

Boyd: A favor.

Ava: And what would have happened if I hadn't called?

Boyd: Well, you wouldn't be speaking to me right now, Ava.

Ava: Damn it, Boyd.

What the hell you gone and made me a part of?

Boyd: Just saving my life.

Nothing else.

Tom: What'd I miss?

Raylan: Oh, Coover came by with brother Dickie.

Tom: They were taking McCready's draw checks to Baines.

Raylan: Mm-hmm.

I don't suppose Baines said anything to you, did he?

Tom: Just some crazy story about you tasing him in the nuts.

Raylan: I did.

Tom: Nice. So?

Raylan: So either the Bennetts are just being neighborly, cashing McCready's checks for him and sending him the money...

Tom: Or he's dead.

Raylan: The more likely option.

Tom: And I'm worried about that girl.

Raylan: Me too.

Tom: From what I understand about Loretta, she's a pretty tough kid.

Raylan: She's 14.

Tom: What were you like at 14, growing up around these parts?

Raylan: [ Scoffs ]

Tom: Call child protection?

Raylan: And say what?

She's being clothed and fed?

Tom: [ Scoffs ] Yeah.

Look, I got to get.

I got a world of sh1t coming off that explosion up at the plackett mine.

Raylan: Yeah, I saw the, uh, fire-and-rescue trucks.


Tom: No.

Somebody blew up a truck with emulex.

Looks like they were fixing to rob the payroll, had some sort of premature detonation.

Raylan: Boyd?

Tom: You mean is he dead, or did he rob it?

Raylan: Either one.

Tom: No sign of his body in the truck wreckage.

ATF's looking for him now.

I'll see you.

Boyd: I don't believe they intended to let me live through the day.

Didn't think I was gonna find a way out.

Part of me just felt like... laying down, letting it happen.

Ava: But you killed them instead.

Boyd: Well, I gave them a choice.

Now, if they hadn't have pulled that switch on me when I was down there in that hole, things would have gone down different.

So the way I see it, Ava, they killed themselves, with greed and avarice.

Ava: When I called that cell, did I...

Boyd: No.

It allowed me to kick them out of the trailer.

I put a little cash on the emulex, a little emulex on the cash, and I made sure that the blasting cap went in their packet and not mine.

Ava: [ Sighs ]

You could have run when Raylan came by, just lit out and let the chips fall.

Boyd: What does it say about me that that thought never crossed my mind?

Ava: Why did you agree to rob that mine in the first place?

Boyd: Because it's what I do.

It's who I am, Ava... as hard as I've been trying to pretend otherwise.

Everybody else seems to know that but me.

Anyway, I came across that letter that you received from the bank.

Ava: Boyd, I don't... [ Sighs ]

Boyd: I violated your privacy.

For that transgression, I do apologize.

Ava: So you know that they're after the house?

[ Chuckling ] I don't suppose any of that money survived the blast.

Boyd: There should be at least $15,000 to $20,000 in there.

That's not enough to pay it off, but enough to buy you some security for a little while.

Ava: sh1t.

Boyd: Ava, there's one more favor that I must ask of you.

Ava, you can help me... Or you can refuse.

Either way, I will understand.

But I'm gonna need to know your answer right now.

Dickie: Hey, here he comes.

Coover: Oh, sh1t, mama's with him.

Hey, mama.

Mags: We need to talk.

Dickie: Can I get you something, mama?

Mags: Nothing's gonna take the taste away from my boys going behind my back.

Coover: Mama, w-we never went behind...

Mags: Cashing McCready's draw checks?

How long did you think it'd take before that'd come back on us?

Coover: Mama, that's that federal.

He's aiming for trouble with us, always has been.

Mags: 'Cause of your actions.

Starting with hiring that pederast to do a job I give you.

Coover: I'm sorry, mama.

Mags: Coover, I know you're sorry.

That's why it's gonna hurt so much to have to do this.

Coover: [ Groans ]

Dickie: Hey, now!

Hey, hey, now! Hey!


Doyle: Put your hand on the stump!

Put your hand on the stump!

Mags: Take what's coming.

Coover: Mama.

Mags: I'm saving your gun hand, now.

Coover: Mama, don't hurt me.

Mags: Cross me again, and I will leave you nothing.

Coover: Mama!

Dickie: You ain't got to do this.

Mags: You shut your mouth!

Coover: Mama?

Mags: 'Cause you're crippled to the point of worthlessness it ain't you down on that table.

Coover: [ Grunting ]

Mags: As it is, I have to hurt Coover.

[ Voice breaking ] And I like Coover.

Coover: Mama, I love you.

Mama, I love you. Mama, no!

[ Screaming ]

Mags: [ Panting ]

[ Sighs ]

We need to talk about what comes next.

Coover: [ Voice breaking ] I'm sorry, mama.

Oh, mama. I love you. I'm sorry.

Got to be sh1tting me, Loretta.

20 a gram for shake and seeds?

Loretta: Plenty of other ways to get high, Levon.

You can always huff paint... got plenty of practice at it.

I'll give you $15 for a dub.

Loretta: Dime is $10. Hence a dub is $20.

Simple math. Oh, sh1t. Five-O!

Loretta, I see you're keeping busy.

Loretta: Marshal.

I had it in my head you weren't in the business of harassing growers and sellers of herbal relief.

Raylan: Herbal relief, huh?

Loretta: You'll notice I make no attempt to run or otherwise obstruct your investigation.

So I hope you'll take that into consideration before you start shooting.

Raylan: That's funny.

Mind if I...?

Loretta: So, if you're not here to roust me over the weed, might I inquire as to your intentions?

Raylan: I know you don't trust me.

I don't fault you that, though I like to think my getting you out of Jimmy Earl Dean's trunk might have earned me some traction.

I kicked a hornets' nest last night.

And things may start to happen, and I need you to know if you find yourself in trouble... any kind... you can call me.

I'll drop whatever I'm doing, and I will come for you.

You hear me?