02x08 - The Spoil

Previously on "Justified"...

Carol: Boyd Crowder.

Carol Johnson.

I'd very much like you to be a part of the Black Pike security team.

Boyd: I'm not sure if you're familiar with my background.

Carol: Oh, Boyd, I know all about your background.

In fact, it's what tells me you're exactly the man we need.

Coover: Well, you can ask me, am I growin' reefer, and I will tell you no.

Raylan: Coover, you throw a dead rat at my car, you're telling me you're a mean son of a bitch.

Arlo: There. You happy now?

Raylan: Well, you violated your tether range coming up here, Arlo.

Arlo: Brought you your damn money, so you can just cut this thing off my leg.

This feels quite a bit south of 20,000.

Take it or leave it.

The mortgage is upside down.

Raylan: How much you need to keep the house?

Winona: Is that gonna be your big play to win me?

Raylan: I have savings.

Winona: How much?

Raylan: $800, $900, easy.

Winona: Jesus. What am I gonna do?

Raylan: The thing we're gonna do is put it back in the vault and...

Winona: "We"?

Raylan: We'll take it through the marshals' entrance.

Winona: If this whole thing goes to hell, people are gonna know you're involved.

Raylan: That's right.


Art: Charlie here?

[ Locker door bangs ]

Raylan: No.

Art: Mm.

Winona: Art.

Art: Winona.

Dickie: ♪ do do do-do do do ♪

Evenin', Mr. Eames.

I already told you boys.

Call me Reggie.

Dickie: Reggie it is.

You gonna invite us in...Reggie?

Maybe you boys could come back tomorrow.

My babies are sleeping in there.

Coover: You know what? We ain't here to talk to your babies.

[ Animal screeching ]

What y'all got in that bag?

Dickie: Ooh, what is in that bag?

The good news is, Reggie, if you do the right thing, you won't have to find out what's in the bag.

Boyd: Hello, Dick.

Dickie: Well, how about that?

If it ain't Mr. Boyd Crowder hisself.


What are you boys up to now?


You got yourself some business up here, Boyd?

Boyd: Oh, same as you, I'd wager... Except, of course, mine's legitimate.

Dickie: I tell you what. Reggie, why don't you go ahead and tell Black Pike, "No, thank you, not interested," and send Mr. Crowder here on his way?

Boyd: Mr. Eames is gonna hear out our offer, and then he's gonna make his own decision.

Listen, boys, I'm just trying to do what's best by my family.

Coover: That's what you should do.

You should do what's best for your family.

Dickie: Tomorrow morning, we will be back.

That's right.

And your signature, Reggie, We will be expected.

You boys having a good night.

Dickie: Thank you so much.

Come on, Coov.

♪ We will be back ♪
♪ oh, we will be back ♪

Boyd: You sign the land over to Black Pike, there won't be anything they can do about it.

Yeah, not anything legal.

Boyd: Well, I can provide protection for you and your family, provided that you agree to our terms.

And if I don't?

Boyd: Those boys will be back, and, chances are, you're gonna find out what's inside that duffel bag.

I'm sure you'll make the right decision.

[ Baseball thuds, bat cracks ]

[ Baseball thuds, bat cracks ]

Art: You're dropping your shoulder.

Raylan: No, I ain't.

Art: Maybe you're not.

I never played any baseball.

Raylan: How'd you find me here?

Art: Tracked your phone.

Raylan: Tracked my phone?

Art: Yeah, I called you a few times, you didn't answer, so I tracked your phone.

It's not like landing on the moon.

Raylan: What for?

Art: Carol Johnson, that spokesperson for the coal mine.

Raylan: Seemed like a bit of a ball buster.

Art: You're going down to Harlan to be her security detail.

You guys need to be wearing a helmet.

Art: I'm not hitting.

Uh, what are you doing in the batting cage, then?

Raylan: Yeah, I-I couldn't find one that fit.

Well, then you wear one that don't.

Raylan: Okay.

Sorry about that.

The threat assessment identified judge Reardon as the probable target.

Seriously, guys, read the sign... "No spikes, no seeds, no helmet, no hitting."

Raylan: Nothing about "No beating the sh1t out of a teenager," though.

I guess that'd be okay, then.

Hey, I'll call the cops.

Art: Kid, we are the cops.

I guess you should know how to obey the law, then.

Art: Pick her up at her hotel at 8:00 A.M.

Take her down to Harlan to that town meeting.

Unless she asks you a direct question, keep your coal-miner-loving mouth shout.

You got it?

Raylan: I got it.

Art: Time's up.

Raylan: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

He knows.

Winona: What?

Raylan: Art... He knows.

Winona: What did he say?

Raylan: [ Sighs ]

What did he say?

He didn't say nothing.

Winona: Well, then, how do you know...

Raylan: I can just tell.

He knows.

[ Shoe thuds ]

Winona: Can he prove it?

Raylan: I suppose he could poke around, check the records, figure it out.

Winona: Well, is he gonna turn us in?

Raylan: I would if I was him.

Winona: [ Sighs ]

What are we gonna do?

[ Sighs ]

♪ On this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I'm fighting for my soul ♪
♪ God get at your boy ♪
♪ you try to bogard ♪
♪ fall back, I go hard ♪
♪ on this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I see them long, hard times to come ♪

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

Boyd, I'm gonna need to see your license and registration.

Boyd: Is there a problem here, Nicky?

I pulled you over 'cause of your busted taillight.

Boyd: What busted taillight?

This busted taillight.

Boyd: Doyle send you boys to find me?

I don't know what you mean.

But you add to that busted taillight the fact that you failed to produce a valid license or registration card, well, we got ourselves a bit of a problem here.

Boyd: You tell Doyle and his brothers, if they want to talk to me, they know where I am.

But right now, I'm gonna take my things, and I'm gonna go.

I'm gonna need you to step out of this vehicle, Boyd.

I ain't gonna ask you again.

[ Radio turns on ]

Raylan: Can we please turn that off?

[ Volume decreases ]

Carol: You know, when I requested you, I...

Raylan: Requested me?

Carol: Yeah.

When I requested you, I was told you were a stud U.S. marshal.

But all you seem to me is hung over.

Raylan: Well, anybody tries anything, I got both hands free with which to shoot.

Carol: And you can see them from underneath the brim of that hat, can you?

Raylan: Eyes on the road, please.

Carol: I also was told you were brave.

Is that true?

Trying to be whatever's required.

So, if this suspect of yours...

Raylan: Kirby Jr.?

Carol: Yeah. Kirby Jr.

Raylan: Same guy who called in the courthouse bomb threat.

Carol: That's right.

If he... if he tries to kill me, would you give your life to save mine?

Raylan: Miss Johnson, if I'm dead and gone to heaven, how do I know I saved your life?

[ Cellphone buzzing ]

Carol: Raylan, wouldn't heaven know if you saved my life?

Raylan: You got me.

Carol: This is Carol Johnson.

Raylan: Are you familiar with the hands-free law?

Carol: Will you just pipe down?

Yes, I'll accept the charges.

What in the hell happened?!

Are you kidding me?!

Oh, for the love... All right. No, no, no. You know what?

I don't even want to hear it.

Just never mind. Tell me when we get there.

Raylan: It sounded like the kind of call someone gets from someone in jail.

Carol: Very good, marshal.

Raylan: So, who we gonna bail out?

Boyd: Well, it occurs to me that you were there to greet me the last time I got out of jail.

Raylan: Well, I won't be there the next time.

I can guarantee you that.

Boyd: What makes you think there's gonna be a next time, Raylan?

Carol: You arrest another of my employees on some trumped-up bullshit, we'll sue you for harassment!

You hear me?!

Raylan: You all go poking the bear, and it's his fault when you get bit.

Carol: I'm sorry. Are you talking back there about something?

Raylan: Excuse me, ma'am?

Doyle: Miss Johnson.

Carol: Oh, yes.

Doyle Bennett... just the man I'd like to talk to.

Doyle: Boyd... You keep some pretty notorious company.

Oh, not nearly as notorious as the corrupt chief of the Bennett police department.

Doyle: Well, if you're referring to the arrest of Mr. Crowder, you should know that he has an extensive history of criminal behavior.

Carol: And a busted taillight is the best you could come up with?

Doyle: You should be more careful about the people you hire.

I think Raylan would agree with me on that.

Raylan: Huh? Oh, no.

You can, uh, go ahead and leave me out of it.

Carol: Oh, that's the role of the new, modern lawman... just stand by and watch corruption go unchecked?

Raylan: Well, he's right.

Boyd here is shady.

Of course, he isn't any worse than you, Doyle, is he?

Or your company's mountaintop agenda, Carol.

As far as I'm concerned, y'all deserve each other.

And whenever this sh1t does blow up in your faces, Guess what.

I won't be here to clean up the bodies.

Doyle: You all have a good day, now.

Raylan: I'll be in the car.

Carol: Did you at least get Reggie Eames' signature?

Boyd: Well, I got it this morning, but I had it in the truck with me when they pulled me over.

Carol: Then you're just gonna have to go back out and get it again.

Boyd: This was a warning.

Next time, Doyle and his boys won't bother with some bullshit arrest.

Carol: You just keep doing what you're being paid to do.

Boyd: If lines must be crossed, miss Johnson, how do I know that you're gonna have my back?

Carol: I just bailed you out of jail, and I'm about to get your car out of hock.

Take those as gestures of my goodwill towards your role in our cause.

Boyd: That was quite a speech you made in there.

Raylan: Well, thank you.

I stayed up all night working on it.

Boyd: That whole part at the end about you not being around to clean up the bodies... were you just being figurative, or are you planning on leaving us?

Raylan: I can't remember.

Boyd: What's the matter, Raylan?

You seem a bit agitated.

Raylan: Do you get along with her?

Boyd: Maybe you're just feeling some anxiety about our current situation.

Raylan: What situation would that be?

Boyd: Well, now, more than once we've found ourselves on the same side of a fight.

Raylan: Okay.

Well, I'm on assignment by the federal government.

You're a hired gun thug for a crooked company.

Now, the only thing that we're on the same side of is, like, this car.

Boyd: Well, if you need anything, Raylan, you let me know.

Raylan: Miss Johnson, tell me again.

In your head, what's about to happen here?

Carol: Just gonna clear the air, have a nice, calm conversation.

Raylan: Nothing clear about the air around coal.

Do you know these people?

Carol: I know of them. You?

Raylan: Well, you could say we have some history.

Carol: Is that got a be a problem, marshal?

Raylan: No, ma'am.

Carol: Oh. Ms. Bennett.

I don't believe we've formally met.

I'm Carol Johnson with the Black Pike Mining company.

Mags: I know who you are, Miss Johnson.

Glad you're prettier in person than you are in the papers.

I'm surprised to see you here with her, Raylan.

Raylan: Uh, marshals service duty.

There have been some threats.

Mags: Oh, well, that's just awful.

Carol: Part of the job, I suppose.

Mags: Yeah, it's not easy being a strong woman.

[ Sniffles ] Take it from me.

But you just keep doing what you're doing.

Don't let them see you sweat.

Oh, miss Johnson, these are my boys... uh, Dickie and Coover.

Carol: Hello.

Coover: Hey!

Mags: [ Clears throat ]

So, what... uh, what brings you out this way?

Need some travel soap?

Toothbrush, maybe?

Carol: I'm here to talk business.

Mags: Even with the law within earshot?

Carol: [ Chuckles ]

Black Pike is all aboveboard. No need for secrecy.

Mags: Everything I have to say on the matter you'll hear tonight at that fancy meeting you're holding.

Carol: Oh, well, I'm very glad to hear that you're gonna be coming, but [clears throat] I was hoping to talk to you before then, sort out our conflicting interests.

Mags: And by "conflicting interests," I'm assuming you mean that Black Pike wants to rape our hollers and I want to save them?

Carol: No, that's not what I meant.

Mags: I've already made it clear that you will hear my position tonight.

Nice to meet you.

Carol: Ma'am.

Coover: Mm.

You whoring for the mines now, too... Like your buddy Boyd?

Raylan: Coover, you touch me again, it's gonna be a problem.

Coover: I ain't afraid of you, marshal.

Raylan: It's nice to see the work you done on your boys' self-esteem has paid off.

Dickie: Coover, be careful, now.

You go beating on a federal, it can take years from you.

[ Lollipop slams ]

Mags: Boys, let's go, now. That's enough.

You hear me?

Coover, that's enough.

Stop it. Stop it.

Stop it!

Stop it!

Come on. Let's go.

Raylan: You ain't gonna wear that to the meeting, are you?

Carol: I just need five more minutes.

Raylan: I'll come back.

Carol: That's not what I meant.

So, what was that all about today?

Raylan: Well, a little bad blood.

Carol: Bad blood? Geez.

What, like Hatfield-and-McCoy bad blood?

Raylan: A little bit.

Carol: Do tell.

Raylan: Well, I guess it goes back to during prohibition, the Bennetts were running moonshine across the state line, and agents busted them.

They got it in their heads it was a Givens tipped off the feds.

My great-uncle Harold took a bullet to the chest, and back and forth it went.

I guess for me it started at a baseball game.

Carol: Baseball game?

Raylan: Yeah, high school.

I was playing for Evarts.

Dickie was pitching for Bennett.

I had already gotten two hits off of him, and, uh...

Carol: Finish your story.

Raylan: Oh, I'm sorry. Uh, where was I?

Carol: Two hits.

Raylan: Yes. Two hits.

Um, so, I come up a third time, and Dickie's first pitch was just Linda Ronstadt.

[ Chuckling ] You know?

Just "blue bayou."

The second pitch, I got ahold of, but it went foul.

And the third pitch, Dickie put right into my head.

I hit the dirt.

When I looked up, the benches had cleared, and Dickie was pulling his foot back, put his cleats in my face.

And I just picked up the bat...

Swung it, got my third hit.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Made his left leg bend sideways at the knee.

Carol: That accounts for that limp.

Raylan: Givens.

Rachel: State police just found a car registered to Kirby Jr. abandoned in a motel parking lot along route 75, 50 miles outside of Harlan.

You hear me?

Raylan: Yeah. No, I heard you.

Rachel: If Kirby Jr.'s on his way down there and taking those kinds of precautions, could be after Carol.

Raylan: The meeting starts in about an hour.

Rachel: Do you want us to send some help down there?

None will get here in time anyway. I can handle it.

Watch your back, okay?


Thank you.

This, uh, threat level's been elevated.

You should reschedule this meeting.

Carol: No, no. It'll look like I'm afraid to face them.

Raylan: Well, perhaps your safety is more important than how it looks.

Carol: We're not canceling.

Raylan, you, uh, may be an idiot and you're certainly a pain in my ass...

But we're going to the meeting.

Raylan: It's not safe.

Carol: Well, then, you're just gonna have to do your job and protect me, aren't you?

Arlo: Never got a chance to tell you how sorry I was about your daddy.

We may have had our differences at the end, but we made a lot of money together over the years, and he didn't deserve to go out like that.

Boyd: Well, I appreciate that, sir.

I know he regarded you very highly.

Helen: [ Chuckling ] Listen to the two of you.

I think I'm getting a cavity, this is all so sweet.

Is that what you came here to talk about, Boyd?

Boyd: No, ma'am.

I'm not sure if you've heard, but I have recently been employed by Black Pike.

Arlo: Heard the rumors, sure.

I was wondering what angle you might be playing there.

Boyd: No angle, sir. I'm just trying to live it clean.

Arlo: As a gun thug for the mining company?

You know what your daddy would have to say about that?

Boyd: Um, Black Pike needs your Indian line property to secure all the land around the mountain, and we are prepared to to offer you a lease...

Arlo: You can stop right there, son.

We're not signing that land over to anyone.

Boyd: Technically the property is Helen's name.

Helen: You really come over here thinking we'd sign that land over to a mining company?

Boyd: No, ma'am, but I get paid to ask.

Arlo: Want a snort of bourbon before you go?

Boyd: If I'm gonna deliver bad news, I best do it without liquor on my breath.

Am I gonna see you both at the meeting tonight?

Helen: I've heard it all before, and you certainly won't be seeing this one.

Gift from my boy.

Well, it looks like Raylan Givens was here.

Speaking of which, have you seen him since he's been in town?

Didn't know he was.

Although I did get the impression it wouldn't be for long.

Has he said anything to you about leaving Kentucky?

You see any fast moves, anybody reaches into a bag or anything, you let me know.

Raylan: Tom.

Tom: What happened to you?

Raylan: [ Sighs ]

How are we looking?

Tom: We're looking good.

We got six men around the room, and we're checking for firearms at the door, but since this is Harlan, it's kind of an uphill battle.

Raylan: I know.

And your boys... they all got pictures of Kirby Jr.?

Tom: Oh, yeah.

If he shows up, they'll spot him.

Raylan: Okay.

Boyd: Technically, the property is in Helen's name, so you'd have to convince both her and Raylan's old man.

Carol: Raylan's mother pass?

Boyd: A long time ago.

Raylan: What was a long time ago?

Boyd: I heard you had a bit of trouble this afternoon, evident by all the bruises on your face.

Raylan: So, you can still see it?

Boyd: Uh, what's the plan?

Raylan: The plan is that if miss Johnson sees anything that spooks her, she gets down behind that podium fast and she stays down.

Boyd: What do you want me to do?

Raylan: You, uh, if you see anyone pull a gun, step in front of it.

Evening, everyone.


Ladies and gentlemen, we're here tonight to talk about coal.

And coal is dirty. Always has been, always will be.

But it's till coal that provides more than half of the electricity used in the U.S.

Much of it coming from the heart of your great state of Kentucky.

Mining gives a good living at Black Pipe, just ask Raylan Givens here.

He used to be a miner.

Now he's a decorated U.S. marshal.

He was assigned by the judge to watch over me tonight, keep me safe.

I asked, "Why do I need protection? We're all friends here, ain't that right?"

Um, marshal, if I may...

Now your salary as a law enforcer officer is is about 1100 a week. Isn't that right?

Raylan: Base pay, starting out, about that.

Carol: Same thing as what a miner makes, isn't that right?

Raylan: Uh, we get overtime.

And, uh, marshals get paid 52 weeks out of the year.

I put in 15 years.

That's... what?... Around 800 weeks of pay without a miss.

And if I have to take a day off... if, for example, I have a ferocious hangover... [ Laughter ]

Coover: Or got your ass whopped.

Dickie: Ho ho!

Raylan: Or that.

If I take a sick day, I don't get fired.

I get paid.

[ Applause ]

Boyd: Well, now, hold on a second!

There's two sides... two sides... to every coin, so let's... let's hear the other side.

Now, I grew up in a mine, shoulder to shoulder with the marshal, in fact, and you all know me.

You know my background. You know my history.

It's not easy for a man like me to come by honest work.

But this woman, Carol Johnson, and Black Pike... they gave me a second chance.

Now, I believe they're here to stimulate this economy, make it fertile in infertile times, and what we need right now is jobs!

I believe Black Pike is here to help... if we let them.

I believe they're here to help.

[ Applause ]

Carol: Now, I come into this county and look around, and I see empty businesses.

I see houses in shambles.

I see families struggling to make ends meet.

We can bring prosperity back to this land.

God put coal in these hills for just that purpose.

I believe that deep down in my heart, and I think... I think you all do, too.

[ Applause ]

[ Applause stops, person clapping ]

Mags: Apparently, Black Pike is here to help us realize God's great plan.

And all they're asking us to let them do, is cut the top off our mountain.

Dickie: Whop.

Mags: Well, my people pioneered this valley when George Washington was president of the United States.

And as long as we've been here, the story's always been the same...

The big-money men come in, take the timber and the coal and the strength of our people.

And what do they leave behind?

Poundments full of poison slurry and valleys full of toxic trash!

Dickie: Yeah!

Mags: You know what happens when 500 million gallons of slurry breaks loose?

The gates of hell open.

Carol: Those poundments are built strong to keep the slurry back.

Mags: The gates of hell open, and all that waste rolls down through the hollers and poisons the water and the land and everything it touches!

Mining company has a... has a word for those leavings... doesn't it?

"The spoil."

"The spoil"!

And that is what our lives will be if Black Pike has their way with our mountain.

Carol: With all due respect, Mrs. Bennett, Black Pike will replace the mountaintops and leave money... a lot of money... in the pockets of the working people of Bennett and Harlan counties.

Mags: Is that a fact?

Carol: Yes, ma'am, that is a fact.

Mags: Well, that's something to consider...

'Cause it ain't an easy life here.

No, ma'am.

To an outsider, it's probably hard to understand why we're all not just lining up and saying, "Where do we sign?"

But we got our own kind of food, our own music...Our own liquor.



Mags: We got our own way of courting and raising children and our own way of living and dying.

And to protect all that, we have got to say "No, thank you" to miss Carol Johnson here and Black Pike Mining.

Hey, hey, hey! Which is why I will put up my own money to stop the landowners from selling their rights away to the mining company.

Now, just yesterday, Reggie here... hello, Reggie...

Reggie here turned me down.

Sold out to Black Pike instead.

It's all right, Reggie.

I understand what kind of pressure you were under.

But sometimes we need to stop and remember just what it is we've got to lose...

Which is why I'm inviting you all up our way tomorrow for a big, ol' whoop-de-do!

[ Cheers and applause ]


Everybody, come...

Even you, Reggie... [ laughter ]

...And especially you, miss Johnson.

[ Crowd murmuring ]

I want you all to see just what it is we are fighting for down here.

[shots fired]

Raylan: Give me that.

Carol: What's that?

Raylan: A firecracker.

Carol: A firecracker?

Raylan: Mm-hmm.

Carol: That's our gunshot?

Raylan: It appears so.

Carol: [ Chuckling ] What are you doing?

Raylan: I was just thinking.

It exploded at a... a pretty ideal time for you.

Carol: You think I had someone set that off?

Raylan: Before the meeting got too out of hand.

Might have even gained a little sympathy for your side.

Carol: Any sympathy I had started to slip away when you said your piece.

Raylan: My job is to protect you, not your company's agenda.

Carol: Well, I admit it was a well-timed prank, but I didn't have anything to do with it.

Hell, my heart's still pounding.

Want to feel?

Raylan: You've had enough fun for today.

[ Vehicle approaches ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

[ Vehicle door opens, closes ]

Boyd: Ava, you here?

Coover: Get him! Get him!

Dickie: Now, it's just business, Boyd.

It's got a little warning for you here.

Coover: You got to go to another house, you got to stand up in that meeting!

You're stupid!


Ava: Back off!

Girl, you ain't shooting nobody.

What the hell?

Coover: No! No!

You killed Charlie!

Ava: Get out of my house!

Make me ask again!


Go on!

Coover: You should have killed me, girl.

Dickie: Come on, Coov.

Come on. It's okay.

Coover: Charlie!


Dickie: Come on.

[ Door closes ]

Ava: Oh, my God.

Boyd: [ Sighs ]

Ava: Jesus.

Boyd: [ Sighs ]

Raylan: I'm divorced.

Carol: You left her?

Raylan: She left me.

Carol: Why? You fool around?

Raylan: Not once in six years.

I went to Miami. She left me for a realtor.

Carol: That's a sad story.

So, is the marshals service gonna reimburse me for the decimation of my minibar?

Raylan: It's the least Black Pike can do, after I saved you from that firecracker.

Carol: [ Chuckles ]

Are you gonna sleep in that chair tonight?

Raylan: I figure if I drink enough, I can sleep just about anywhere.

Carol: I have a big bed. I'm happy to share it.

Raylan: Yes.

I appreciate the offer, but, uh...

Carol: Oh, but you... you might get in trouble with the marshals service.

Raylan: I believe I'm already in trouble with the marshals service.

Carol: I have never been married.

I probably never will.

Raylan: And your dad was a miner, and now you work for the coal company.

Carol: My daddy died.

I was at Columbia.

I switched my major from English literature to mineral and mining engineering, and then I went on to work for the company.

Raylan: And you saved your love for your dog.

Carol: I have a cat.

That's what I call him... "Cat."

I say, "Come here, Cat."

I pet him, but he never purrs.

Raylan: Yeah, well...

Carol: All right, well, you better get some sleep.

We have an early morning.

Okay. - We gotta make one more stop on our way to Mags.

Raylan: Yeah? Where would that be?

Carol: Your aunt Helen's.

Ava: Just hold still.

Boyd: Oh, I'm awful sorry, Ava.

Ava: You want to tell me what's going on, Boyd?

Boyd: It's pretty obvious.

The Bennetts are trying to secure those properties, same as Black Pike.

But Black Pike owns the entire mountaintop.

The only reason we're chasing those properties is 'cause the Bennetts are, too.

Ava: You can't keep doing what you're doing, Boyd.

Boyd: No.

But if I can figure out what the Bennetts are up to, there might be a way out of this thing that works for us.

Ava: For us?

Well, I don't know much, but it seems to me it always comes down to one thing.

Boyd: What's that?

Ava: Money.

Carol: The birthplace of the great Raylan Givens.

This is so exciting.

Raylan: Try to contain yourself.

Helen, Arlo, this is Carol Johnson of Black Pike Mining.

Arlo: First Boyd, and now you.

The entire world gone upside down?

Raylan: That's it... preach ethics while shackled to a government-issued ankle tether.

Arlo: We already told your lackey Boyd that we ain't selling that land.

Helen: Now, you two, hush.

We have a guest, and we will act accordingly.

Carol: It's all right, Mrs. Givens. I understand the reaction.

Arlo: Hope you didn't do that to my boy's face.

Raylan: Try to act right, Arlo.

Helen: My apologies, Carol.

Arlo will hear out your offer.

You come into town, you don't see your aunt Helen?

Raylan: Well, I'm seeing you now, ain't I?

Helen: Only 'cause of Black Pike.

Raylan: Well, yeah.

Helen: And what's this I hear about you may be leaving?

Raylan: What are you talking... Where'd you hear that?

Helen: Boyd mentioned it.

Raylan: Oh, well, if Boyd said it, then it must be true.

Helen: Well, you ain't denied it yet.

Raylan: That's true, too.

Helen: Are you trying to say you're not thinking about it?

Raylan: I think about a lot of things, Helen.

Helen: I never expected you to stay in Kentucky, Raylan.

Raylan: Oh?

Helen: I was surprised you ever came back.

Raylan: Me too.

Helen: And to tell you the honest truth, I wish you hadn't.

I loved you like you were my own, ever since you were little.

You were the reason I spent as much time as I did in this house.

You want the rest of that money before you go?

20,000 Arlo and I took from the marshals?

All these times I've been asking him for it, now you're just gonna give it to me?

Helen: On the condition this cuts all ties between you and Harlan county, and I mean you leave all of it, including the Bennetts.

Raylan: Why are you so concerned about the Bennetts?

Helen: You want the money, you leave it all behind.

Raylan: So I leave Harlan, you give me a bagful of money?

Actually, I kind of like that deal.

[ Gunshots ]

Get down!

[ Gunshots continue ]

[ Gunshots stop ]

Are you guys okay?

Arlo: Yeah.

Raylan: All right. Everybody in the house...

Right now!

[ Gunfire ]


Arlo: Aaahh!


[ Gunfire continues ]

[ Gunfire continues ]

Helen: Who's shooting at us?

Arlo: I don't know!

You goddamn... that son of a... that...

[ Gunshot ]

Raylan: Call 911.

Helen: That phone hasn't worked for months.

You'd know that if you ever called.

Carol: I have no service.

Raylan: Yeah, I know.

Hold still, huh?

Arlo: Get away from me with that knife!

Raylan: How long does it usually take them to get here?

Arlo: Oh, 10 minutes, at least... I don't know how long!

Raylan: All right.

Everybody just keep their heads down.

Stay away from any doors and windows.

And if anyone comes through that door, you shoot 'em... [ rifle cocks ]

...Unless it's me.

[ Gunshots ]


Oh! Ohh!

Oh, my God!

Raylan: Hey! Hey!

Who's with you? I'm alone!

Raylan: Look at me.

Where is your brother?

Kirby Jr.... Where is he?

Those bastards!

They killed my father!

Raylan: Look at me.

Where's your brother?

Right now... you tell me where your brother is, huh?

I think you broke my arm!


Raylan: Hey! Officer!

U.S. marshal.

I got a shooter in custody.

Your radio get outside this holler?

Yes, sir.

Raylan: All right.

I need you to get ahold of the marshals in Lexington.

Tell them judge Reardon is not to leave his home.

A shooter outside waiting for him.

Judge Reardon... got it.

Raylan: Oh, hey, uh, you get me some paramedics, huh?

Ava: Boyd.

What are you doing?

Boyd: I figured it out.

I know what Mags is up to.

Ava: And what would that be, exactly?

Boyd: I'm gonna need you to put on a dress.

Ava: What? Why?

Boyd: 'Cause we're going to the Bennetts' party.

Something pretty.

Ava: [ Chuckles ]

Raylan: [ Sighs ]

Well, they got Kirby Jr.

He was outside the judge's residence.

Carol: So, it's over?

Raylan: Not till I get u out of coal country alive.

You think the Peener clan's the only ones wishing you harm down here?

Carol: No, I suppose not.

Raylan: No.

I don't suppose you still intend on going to Mags' party, do you?

Carol: Yeah.

Raylan: Why we got to walk into that lion's den?

Carol: I got a job to do, and so do you.

Raylan: Give me a minute.

How we doing in here?

Arlo: I got a hole in my leg!

How the hell do you think I'm doing?!

He's gonna be fine.

We just need to take him in and make sure we haven't missed anything.

Yeah, now run back to your marshal service buddies, have them bring me out a new tether!

Raylan: Just like that, huh?

Helen: Just like that.

So, what now?

You head back up to Lexington?

Raylan: Soon.

There's something I got to do first.

Helen: What's that?

Raylan: Going to Mags' party.

Helen: Raylan!

The whole reason I gave you that money is you agreed to stay away from the Bennetts!

Raylan: I lied.