02x09 - Brother's Keeper

Previously on Justified...

I'll go talk to Mags. She likes me.


Don't say anything about us growing.

She already knows, Daddy.

I call it apple pie.

It was already in the glass, not in the jar.


I'll raise her myself.

I kicked a hornets' nest last night.

And I need you to know if you find yourself in trouble, any kind, you can call me.

Black Pike needs your Indian Line property...

We're not signing that land over to anyone.

We have got to say, "No, thank you," to Miss Carol Johnson here and Black Pike Mining.

Which is why I have put up my own money to stop the landowners from selling their rights away to the mining company.


I figured it out.

I know what Mags is up to.

Hold still now, honey. Tangled up like a beaver dam back here.

I ain't altogether sure about this dress.

Well, I am.

You look pretty as a picture in it.

Feels like I'm putting on airs.

Daddy would say dresses is for folks who tell folks like us what to do.

Well, your daddy's got his ways, and I got mine.

Miss Mags, he ever ask about me?

He's been real busy.

I miss hearing his voice.

You reckon the next time he calls, I could have a word?

Next time he calls.

Now, look here.

There ain't no shame in a woman looking beautiful.

My time has passed. Ain't nothing for it.

But you...

You got something.

Power you haven't even come to understand.

That was my grandmama's before she passed it on to my mama.

I coveted it as long as I could remember.

She give it to me when I turned 16.

I lit up like a firecracker.


What do you think?

I don't know. What do you think?

I think them boys are never gonna know what hit 'em.

Ma, ice cream man outside want to know where to park his vehicle.

Coover, you ever hear of knocking on a woman's door before you fling it open?

I just...

"I was just... I was just..."

Just ignorant is what.

You're filthy as a shoat. You hadn't bathed in a week, and us with company at the door.

You got any shame at all?

Now go on! Get out of here before I chase you out with a belt! Go!

I used to tell people I dropped him on his head when he was a baby.

Truth is I got no excuse for him.

You're like a dream come true for this old girl.

That's definitely an A. Yeah, there you go.

Fella in the musty suit runs the railroad line out of Loyall.

Gotta watch him. He'll grab your fanny, but he's a good man to acquaint yourself with nonetheless.

You know all these folks?

I know the ones worth knowing.

Dickie, hell. I ain't paying that band to tune all day.

I'm on it, Ma. Hey!

How far away are y'all from making some actual goddamn music?

What do you say?

Well, sh1t! Look at this.

You lose your way, Crowder?

It can get tricky up these hollers. I figure you must have took a wrong turn.

Well, I thought Mags extended that invitation to everybody.

I just assumed it was a plus-one.

Well, y'all ain't invited. Gonna be a scene dragging you out of here?

We ain't looking for trouble, Doyle. We're just looking to have a word.

Well, I'm listening.

With your mama.

Mags is busy.

Well, we can wait.

Boyd, y'all ain't welcome.

Now, you're gonna bounce one way or the other.

Doyle, your mama needs to hear what I got to say.

You think I'd come up in this holler otherwise?

Y'all wait here.

You all right?

Never been better.


I'm with you.

This is a picnic on a Sunday afternoon.

Wish I'd packed a basket.

What happened? Sugar high wear off?

I'm good.

Well, get up there and lay a chunk of firewood on her still.


Paying respect. Show her you're here with peaceful intent.

Who says I am?

Hey, they're pretty good.

They're better than pretty good.

Why aren't you up there?

Well, I never was much for clogging.

I had a cousin, next county over. Called him Heinz.


Yeah, like the steak sauce.

Claimed he knew 57 dance steps that no one else had ever done before.

Why isn't he here?

His wife shot him.

Well, if it isn't that pretty lady that spoke at the church.

My Lord, you are a picture up close.

Hobart Curtis.

I see you've been at the punch bowl a few times already, huh?

This one your date?

'Cause I'd allow you could do better.

And worse, I suppose. Mr Curtis, is it?


But, darlin', you look at me with them big green eyes, you can call me anything you like.

My eyes are brown, Mr Curtis.

Now what you need to do is come out on the dance floor with me and let me show you how to move.


Excuse us, Marshal.

I can't abide you laying your hands on Miss Johnson without her invitation.

You understand.

Sure. Yeah, I get it.

She struts in here shaking that little Ivy League ass, lay hands on whatever she sees fit.

Blow the top off of it, send it down the hill into my creek. That's just fine.

But I so much as touch her...

Hey, hey. Stay back, all right? Now, now, nothing happening here.

I think he got it. Let's just go back to dancing.

It's all right. Go back to dancing.

What do we got here?

See, I was under the impression we got ourselves a party here.

Am I right, or am I damn right?

Damn right.

Thank you so much.

Well, let's get some party sh1t going on here, then. What do you say?



I think Hobart had sampled your mama's punch beyond his capacity.

That right? Hobart...

You and me had a talk about polite.

God. Hey, hey.

Take a look at that finger. Easy, easy.



Miss Ava. Enjoying the party?

I'm finding it ever more tiresome as it grows on, actually.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Boyd, I see you managed to find your way in.

I have my charms, Miss Johnson.

I do not doubt it.

Do you by chance have news for me?

I stopped by Helen and Arlo Givens' on the way over and was able to highlight the pluses and mitigate the minuses.

So you got it?

We managed to come to an agreement, yes.

No sh1t, Boyd.

That is excellent news.

I knew I could count on you.

You sure you know what you're doing?

I'm making it up as I go, but I sure am happy you elected to come along.

You're sure you don't want none?

No, I'm fine.

This makes you more grown up.

You Bill Carroll's kid?

That's right. What of it?

Puts you just shy of your 21st birthday, then.


So you might want to think about how much you want to be blowing out your candles at the Harlan County detention centre.

Yeah. Get.

How do you know you didn't just scare off my future husband?

What, that guy? Come on. You can do better than that.

Marshal, I don't mean to give you offence, but I don't need you looking after who I talk to.

I got Daddy for that.

Mrs Bennett. Quite an event you put on here.

Glad you could make it. You had a taste of my apple pie yet?

No, ma'am. Not yet.

Well, you don't want to miss it.

We should talk.

Miss Johnson, this is a party. Let your hair down a bit.

I'm a bit partied out. I got a flight to catch.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that, sweetie.

You take care now.

Mags, you can condescend to me like I'm some carpetbagging sh1t stepper all you like, but I speak with the full authority of the company who employs me.

I walk away from here now, there is no deal, and there never will be.

Black Pike will take your mountain and blow the top off of it, and the Bennett clan will get nothing.

You still have nothing to say?

Miss Johnson, wait.

Look around you.

All you see here, this whole way of life has roots sunk deep in this mountain.

If you truly think you can put a price on all this, well...

I ain't heard it yet.

Well, okay, then.

No, no, Raylan, Raylan, this is just between Mags and me, okay?

I need you to wait outside.

If I can't see you, I can't protect you.

You're gonna be right outside, okay?

Making me what, a doorman?

Yes, a supremely overqualified doorman. Just...

No matter what happens, don't let anyone in there, none of her kin.


For luck.

Hey, Boyd.


What are you doing here?

You don't mind if Boyd sits in on our little powwow, do you?

You said you signed the Indian Line property, correct?

Well, that's the fact of it, yes.

Well, then, you've done very well, and you can go.

There's just one wrinkle to that.

The lease rights to the Indian Line property now lie solely with me.

Well, I hope you understand. This is just business.

And have you decided what you plan on doing with that property, Boyd?

Have a seat, Miss Johnson.

Raylan. Ray.

Can't let you in there just now, Dickie.

Is that right?


Meeting going on. You're not on the guest list.

You are attempting to bar me, "attempting" being the key word here, from entering my very own home.

It's your mama's home, Dickie. Try and keep it in perspective.

Well, do pardon me, Raylan.

I will do my perspective-keeping best.

But here's the thing, Raylan.

I'm going in that door. You know that, don't you?

I know I'd like to see you try.

How y'all doing?

Here's the thing, Raylan.

Am I not the heir apparent to the family business?

I got a right to be there. Mama would want me to be there.

Doesn't appear so. No.


Dickie, if your mama wanted you in there, I think you'd be in there, don't you?

You want to cut to the chase? Fine. Here it is.

Black Pike Mining is prepared to offer you a cash buy out in the sum...

May I? I am writing here.

My word.

Yes. You can see by that number that we're serious.

This is a one-time-only, non-negotiable deal.

You take it, we shake, we're done, and I never darken your door again.

You say no, you play games, you stall, I walk out, and it goes to the lawyers.

Do we have an agreement?

No, Miss Johnson, I don't believe we do.

Well, then I got nothing else to say.

You don't want to hear my counter-offer?

There is no counter-offer.

It's this, or we go with eminent domain.

Your family's history?

Getting this property seized is an inevitability.

You wouldn't be the first who tried, missy thing.

Now, sit your bony ass down and listen to my counter-offer while there's still pieces of you big enough to find.

I will accept a payout from Black Pike for easements on my mountain.

I believe we can settle for, say...

Triple the amount scratched on this piece of parchment.

I'm not finished.

We will also take a four percent stake in the company.

Not Black Pike, lest they pack up, declare bankruptcy, and disappear with what's coming to me.

No, I want a piece of the company that owns Black Pike.

A legacy deal.

Sufficient to provide for my kin and this community for generations to come.

Short of that, we got nothing to talk about.

Mags, you haven't done your homework.

The properties you're holding out are worthless for coal.

Parking lots and hillsides.

Why in God's name would my company agree to that deal?

Well, it's not about the coal, Miss Johnson. It never was.

Then what?

Look at a map, honey.

State roads can't carry coal trucks up that mountain.

No way to get 'em there.

You want the riches atop this piece of Appalachia, you gonna have to build your own road.

And the road you need to build runs through the properties I hold.

So Boyd here sussed it out, looked at the pinch points for grading a lane wide enough for your trucks.

He come to me, and we worked out a little deal of our own.

The Indian Line property owned by Helen and Arlo Givens is the last parcel.

I was able to convince them to put their trust in me.

Yeah. Without that property, without them, without me, there is no Green Mountain project. Nor will there ever be.

Black Pike will cut its losses and move on to the next hill with empty hands.

Sugar. They didn't tell you that, did they?

Sent you in blind to close the deal without ever clueing you in on the particulars.

Funny way to run a business.

But, then...

You pick the devil you run with.

I have to make a call.

Go ahead, honey.

Go, go. Yeah.

We'll be right here waiting.

Well, Mags, I spoke with my people, and you got yourself a deal.

I expected I might.

I've worked with Black Pike for four years, six years before that with Henley Coal.

And never in all that time have I seen a company lay down the way they have here.

I'd call it a blessing, a chance to learn new things in this tired old world.

And all that talk at the meeting, the whole town looking at you as if you're the protector of all that's green and holy in Bennett.

They're gonna blow 1,000 feet off the top of that mountain, spill it into your creeks, wipe out homesteads.

My people have been here for 200 years, Miss Johnson, and we will be here once your people have come in, and taken what they want and left.

And everyone else, you just sell them out.

Nothing changes up here, not really.

I've seen the story played out time and time again before, as it will happen again in times yet to come.

I'll take the cash up front, delivered tomorrow morning first thing.

You want to shake on it?

Up here, that kind of agreement's just as binding as they come.

You'll hear from our attorneys.

They'll work out the details.

Been a pleasure doing business with you, Carol.

If you're ever up this way...

Was thinking I was gonna have to come in there after you.

Can we go?


What happened?

Raylan, take me away from here. I don't care where it is as long as I can get a drink.

You done good, Boyd.

I did what was coming. That's all.

Crowders. Always looking for an angle.

Is there anything else, Mags?

How in the hell did you ever get Arlo to come over to you?

Mr Givens can be very practical when it comes to matters that suit him.


Whatever you promised him, whatever you decide to do, take over your daddy's affairs, go your own way, whatever, the county is yours far as I'm concerned.

I got my family out of all that now.

One thing.

Stay out of the weed business.

It's Bennett territory. Always has been, always will be.

Is that it?

That's it.

So we go now?



Let's dance.


Right now.

Winona, starting to feel like a bit of a stalker here.

Just call me back when you can.

So what now?

Flight out of Cincinnati, stiff vodka tonic on the flight, pick up cat from my neighbour, and then open the file on the next mountain.

No rest for the weary.

What about you?

Well, I drop you off, go back to my room, open a bottle of Jim Beam, wake up in the morning, and get my next case.

Save all your love for your dog?

I used to have a dog.

Hey, I have an idea. I got a couple hours before my flight.

Why don't we just take a sixer with us, and pull off the side of the road, and make out like we're in high school.

I might even let you feel me up.

Or we could just skip the drive, seeing as we're already here.

Hey, honey. Did you have any fun?

I did.

Saw you out here, having to beat those boys off with a stick.

Did you meet any likely suitors?

Anything else you need me to do?

Go see if Coover needs help wrapping things up, then go play.

Listen. I did something today gonna change everything.

For me, for my family here, and for you, too.

From now on out, things is gonna be different.

Make you proud of your old Mags.

Come on, Mama, sing something.

I don't want to sing.

Come on. Come on. Sing one.

Well, all right. What, High on a Mountain? Start me off, honey.

High on a mountain Wind blowing free Thinkin' 'bout the days that used to be High on a mountain standing all alone Wondering where the days of my life have gone As I looked at the valleys down below

Loretta, give me a hand with this, will you, girl?

Thank you.

Now drag that other one over here.

You look like a monkey humping a football.

Come on, let's do it together.

What's wrong, girl? Look like you seen a ghost.

I better get back inside.

All right.

There's gonna be a big hole in the sky with that mountain gone.

Well, it's just a mountain.

You really believe that?

Why don't you tell me something?

Was it you set off those firecrackers at the town hall meeting?

I paid someone to do it.

How much it cost you?

Forty bucks and a handful of Xanax.

Nothing, considering.

You really have a soft spot in your heart for those people, don't you?

Don't you?

I never could manage it.

I'm sure they hired you for some reason.

I make-believe good enough.

But in the end, you know, you are who you are.

Would have been fun back there, huh?



Hey, yourself, little girl. What do you want?

Come across something made me think of you.

What's that?

Just harvested a crop of McCready's finest red-hair sativa.

Know how much you love it.



Well, thanks, I guess.

My pleasure.

You think it'd be all right if I hung out here a little while?

Now, most rednecks take their truck into the shop.

But in true thrillbilly style, Cam's gone in to modify his crapper.

I don't know. - It's beautiful.

That's why we came here today.

Sure you don't want to hit this thing?

I got school tomorrow.

Your loss.

Hey, check this out.

You ever seen Fast Times?

You hear that? That's my skull!

I'm so wasted.

Mama likes you.

I can tell.

She took good care of me while my daddy's away.

Girl, my daddy ain't never did sh1t for me.

Never give me nothing.

Hell, her neither.

But you come along, and she put that hair clip on you like you was a prize hog at the county fair.

She just wanted me to look right for the party.

No, Mama has gone soft.

Thinks you're her new prize bunny.

But she never gave me nothing.

Broke up my hand, too.

Your daddy.

You never ask about your daddy.

Why is that?

Well, y'all told me already that he's working down Texas.

Yeah. He's working.

He's doing his job.

I don't think it's his heart we're worried about, Wild Bill.

Apparently, you're not supposed to have two cracks in your ass.



Raylan? I'm sorry to bother you. I just...

Loretta, what is it?

I knew they'd killed him.

I knew it. I just...

Please help me, Raylan. I don't know what to do.



What? Think I'm stupid, little girl?

Is that it?


You think old Coov never smoked a wet blunt before?

Like, what, I'm gonna curl up and hibernate?

What is your problem, man?

This girl brings this joint like it's this gift she's giving me.

I'm failing to see your problem here, brother.

She laced it with formaldehyde. Tastes like I'm smoking a goddamn dead person!

Okay, and yet I doubt you let that stand in the way of you finishing it.

I'm still failing to see a problem.



Where you going, little sister?


You think you're gonna lay me out that easy, girl?

With a little wet weed? Come on, girl. You gotta do better than that.

I'm a goddamn professional.

Coover, hey! Look at me. Look at me. What is it you're trying to do here, now?

Show him what you got in your hand, girl.

Show him!

Coover. Coover.

No, I kept it because I knew, Dickie.


'Cause I'm the only one taking care of us here.

You're taking care of us? Keeping the damn watch! That's what's going on here.

Mama looking at her like she's this brand-new baby lamb.

Good God!

But I seen what your angle was right away.

To drive a wedge into this family, to tear us apart from the inside, and keep the pieces for herself!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

But you know what? I ain't gonna let that happen, girl.


You want it bad enough to come after me?


What do you want to know, girl?

You want to hear how he went?

You stop that sh1t right now!

You want to see your daddy?

Hey! Hey!

Want to see your daddy?

You stop that sh1t right now!

Hey, Coov! Hey!

I'll take you to see him right now. Come on. Let's go see him.

Stay back. You think about this. Hey! Hey! Think about this, now.

Think about what Mama's gonna do. Think about...

Mama don't need to know about this.

Mama knows everything! You know it. Everything.

You know it as well as I do, Coover. Come on.

Come on. Ain't no keeping it from her. Ain't no keeping it from her.

You know this, Coover. Please. Come on, brother. Come on.

That's it. That's it. There is my baby brother right there.

He's back. He's back. He's back!

Here he is. You know what I think this is?

I think you're just a wee bit jealous 'cause Mama's taken more of a shine to her than you.

Don't say that, Dickie.

Come on, now.

Don't say that, Dickie.

Just a wee bit jealous.

Don't say that, Dickie.

Come on. A wee...

Don't say that, Dickie!

Coover! Coover! Coover. Coover.

Coover. Coover. Coover! Coover. Hey.

Dickie? Dickie?

Dickie? Dickie?

Hell, no.

Tim. Hey, it's Raylan. I need you to track a cell for me and get a location.

I need you to do it right now.

Sorry about this.

Don't be. I'll manage.

Your things.

Forget it. I'll get them when it's done.

Go. Go get her.

Where is she?

I don't know. I don't... I don't... I don't... Ray!

Now, listen, Dickie. I will finish what was started here.

Raylan! Wait. Raylan!

You're gonna tell me where they went if it's the last breath you ever draw.

I tried to stop him, Raylan.

I swear to God. I did everything I could. I swear.

Raylan, please! Please, let me...

Just let me go after him. Let me go after him. I can take care of this, Raylan.

No. I'm gonna take care of this now.


He said something about taking her to see her daddy.


Up at the mine.


Up in the mine shaft, the Garner mine shaft.

Don't you hurt my brother, Raylan!




Coover! Coover, stop it!

Stop it! Stop!

You're dead, girl.



Mama, wake up.



What is it?

All right, man. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Well, they got her to UK Hospital. Child Protection Services are with her.

They think she's gonna be all right.

You really think she's ever gonna be all right after all this?

Well, we got him. He was all the way down at the bottom.

They're lacing him up right now.

They're gonna have him up here in a couple of minutes.

All right.

There's another body down there, too.

Real bad decomp. Been down there a while.

That's McCready.

Man, what is she doing here?

I'll handle this.

That my boy up there?

It is.

Where's Loretta?

She's gone.

Raylan, I need to speak to her.

No, Mags. I'm sorry. You can't.

Raylan, please.

I never even got to say goodbye.


I just wanted to...


There's no way.

Let's go.