02x10 - Debts and Accounts

Previously on Justified...

What do you want to know, girl?

Coover! Hey!

You want to hear how he went?

You stop that sh1t right now!

Want to see your daddy?

Hey, Coov!

I'll take you to see him right now.

You're gonna tell me where they went, if it's the last breath you ever draw. Where?

Up in the mine shaft, the Garner mine shaft.

Stop it!

That my boy up there?

It is.

I never even got to say goodbye.

It's gonna be okay.

No, it's not gonna be okay.




He knows.

What did he say?

He didn't say nothing.

Well, then, how do you...

I can just tell.

He knows.

Hey, M.E. Report on Walt McCready just came over the fax.


No signs of pre-death trauma, no knife wounds, no petechial haemorrhaging to indicate strangulation.

Victim has a gunshot wound to the leg, but it hardly killed him.

Well, it backs the horseshit Doyle Bennett was slinging this morning.

Coover went rogue and killed McCready over a wristwatch.

You up on your paperwork?

Yeah, I just got to get ready for this AUSA interview.

I don't suppose you'll lose too much sleep over that.

Well, Loretta McCready's gonna corroborate everything that went down with Coover Bennett.

The one thing I'm worried about is dragging that poor girl through this whole thing again.

Well, the way you've described her, she seems like a pretty tough cookie.

Yeah. Yeah, she is.

There something else?

Is there?

No, we're done.

Okay. We're done.

That's what I said.

Where do we go next?

Well, you've got that AUSA meeting.

Yeah, where do we go? We know that.

Is there something on your mind, Raylan?

Look, Art, you and I...

Shut that door.


I just want to get to the bottom of this.


Well, because I'd like to know where I stand, moving forward.

I don't think you would, Raylan.

I think what you want is to walk in here and have me go, "Just sit down, son. Tell me, in your emotionally crippled way, "just what it is that's troubling your heart so that we can get back what we've lost."

Okay. Sorry. Forget it.

No, no, no, no.

You opened this can. Let's eat it all. Get back in here.

Let me tell you something, Raylan.

Now, you know that thing that never happened that we never talked about?

We're not gonna talk about it.


Now, do you understand what that means?


That means that I'm stuck with you.

I'm stuck with a man who is a lousy marshal, but a good lawman.

And you are who you are.

Nothing I say has ever made any difference.

No punishment that I can dream up will ever change you.

It kind of makes me sad, believe it or not, because I thought at one point that maybe someday you and I'd be able to look back on all this and laugh.

But sh1t. I don't think you're gonna live that long.

You just go on and do what you do, and I'll just keep cleaning up after you.

And sooner or later, this problem's gonna solve itself.


How long's it been since we sat across each other like this?

What's this?

Your share of Black Pike.


It's yours and we're square. That's the deal, so take it.

Business ought to stand aside for other things, personal things.

Helen, girl, business don't stand aside for anything.

And after losing Coover, I intend to weigh all my debts and accounts.

I know you're struggling.

But I pray you'll reject seeing the hand of fate in this.

What else would you call it?

Twenty years of peace, 20 years we held it in our hands.

The two of us.

He had a job to do, protecting the girl.

That may be so, but I hurt.

I told him to stay clear of you and your kin.

And it happened just the same.

What happens now is not with fate or history or God.

It's with you.

Raylan killed my baby.

It's a terrible loss. There's no doubt.

But if you take the privilege, where will it end?

I don't know if it's design or accident that gets these things started.

What do we gain with soaking these hills with more blood?

Lid stays on, at my word.

I have to go.

Ms Bennett.

I want you to know how sorry I am for your loss.

Thank you.

Can't imagine what it'd be like losing one of my boys.

I wonder if it'd be worse watching them grow up in a holler that's all choked dead, the creeks all poisoned by slag.

Least Coover went quick.

I put my faith in you, Ms Bennett!

Your granddaddy and my granddaddy spilled blood to keep the companies from taking these hills.

And then you give them away with a piece of paper.

Hobart, you want to...

You familiar with the Book of Isaiah?

"Slaughter the sons for the guilt of their fathers, "lest they fill the world with tyrants."

Wherever your boys grow up, do you think they'd be better off doing it with or without their daddy?

You think about that next time before you open your mouth to me.

I was gonna make some eggs.

I'm fine.

That won't fill you up.

I'm fine.

You're not gonna sit with me and have one last meal?

I saw your bags packed in your room.

Ava, I have to leave.

I'm embarking upon a journey that I can't rightly ask you to be a part of.

How do you know?

Because when you took me in, you made it clear that you would not tolerate any criminal activity.

How hard did I enforce that law, Boyd? I lied for you taking that mining money.

This is different, Ava.

I guess me taking you in and building you up was a mistake.

Just set you back to square one.

That's not true.

You took me in, and you healed me, Ava.

You give me a reason to wake up in the morning.

For that, I'll be eternally grateful.

Get out.


You busy?

That it?


I've been calling you for three days, calls you haven't returned.

Now, you just come in here and ask if I'm busy?

I know. I'm sorry. I had some late nights. And then, I got sick. And I was gonna call you last night, but my cell phone died.


"Okay" what?

Nothing. You asked if I was busy.

No, Raylan. What's the problem?

Your cell died?

That's something you tell your parents if you're out past your curfew.

Would you like to take a look at it? Maybe you can figure out what the problem is, because I sure as hell can't.

Okay. Your cell is dead.

I am sorry for your loss.

What can I do for you?

You think I've been ducking your calls?

Clearly you haven't.

Why would I be ducking your calls?

I don't know. Tell me.



I was ducking your calls.

But it was because I thought you were still pissed at me.

And my cell phone really did die. And that's why I'm here now.

Trust me, I would much rather have had this conversation over the phone.

Why didn't you just call me from the landline in your office, then?

I didn't even think of that.


Anyway, I need a favour.


Yeah. I need a ride. My car won't start.

I should instinctively say no, but considering the favour you asked me last, this would be a piece of cake. Where would you like to go?

Across town.


To rob a bank. I need a wheel man.

Very funny. Seriously.

I'm just gonna get a cab.


It's all right.

Corner of Cameron and Chase?


And what's there?

My attorney's office. I'm getting a divorce.

Why didn't you tell me that?

Because it's complicated, and it's painful. Well, you know how it is.

Have you been okay?

What do you think?

I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

Have you been sleeping? Have you been eating?

Jesus. Are you... Are you asking me if I've lost my mind?

No, I'm asking if you're okay.

"Have you been sleeping?

"Have you had thoughts of harming yourself or others? Do you hear voices?"

Have you? Do you?

I have not. No.

No. I'm fine, Raylan. I really am.

Can I ask you a question?

Are you out of your mind?

Oh, my God.

You stole $200,000.

And I put it back.

But you stole it.

Well, you said you think about that kind of sh1t all the time.

Think about it. Never done it. You know why? It's crazy.

I made one mistake.

You went crazy.

I made a stupid mistake.

I'd like to know if that's temporary.



You've been eyeballing that mirror since we got in the car.

It's called checking the mirrors. It's safe driving, Winona.

This job of yours.

No, no. Don't turn this around on me.

We're here to find out whether you're cracking up.

And you know what? I bet you, you know the make and model of all five of the cars that are behind us right now.

Okay. First of all, there are only three.

And one's a silver Cadillac that's been with us since the courthouse.

Now, what would you have done with the money?

Hold that thought.

Hey, fellas.

Forgive me. I can't tell if you guys are following me or not, and I'm just a little out of sorts, to be honest with you.

I shot and killed a guy just three days ago.

So, at this intersection here, I'm gonna go right.

I want you two to go left. I go right.

You go left. If you go right, then I'm gonna want some answers.

All right. You guys have a good one.

What was that about?


Why are we stopping? Are they following us again?

No, no. They took a left.

Well, I still need to be dropped off.

We're here.


Corner of Cameron and Chase. Isn't that what you said?


That doesn't mean I'm crazy. There's a lot going on, Raylan.

Look, honey, maybe we shouldn't see each other for a little while.


I don't know. I...

We keep thinking things are different and that we've changed, but you're still getting out in traffic and trying to stop people...

Those guys took every turn from the courthouse...

Let me finish.


So you can tell me how much you hate my job and...

Raylan, stop it.

I don't want to get on you about your job. I don't.

But I can't seem to help myself, which leads me to believe that, despite my best efforts, maybe I haven't changed.

I'm not saying you haven't changed.

Let me tell you something.

When someone says, "It ain't you, it's me," they mean, "It's you."

Not all the time.


Why don't you take that? I need to go.

The girl, Loretta.

It's her social worker. Just wait.

Emily. Hey. What's up?

I'm in the middle of something.

Okay. I can be there in 20 minutes.

Fine, 10.

I got to go.

I do, too.

Can you get a ride back?

Yes. I will get a taxi. Thank you for the ride.

Like I told you over the phone, she said she would only talk to you.

Well, she's been through a lot.

They all have.

Sorry. I have a huge case load today, and it doesn't matter to me if she goes inside or back to the group home.

But she has to decide.

Okay. Thank you.

Hey. You're holding things up here, girl.

I don't know these people.

Yeah. Well, I don't either, but she says they're good Christian folk.

She talks like Oprah.

She says the kids are nice.

I'll end up a babysitter, wiping their butts.

Well, they look potty-trained to me.

I'll be trapped inside that house.

That house looks nice.

I don't like it.

The street looks nice. The trees are nice.

I'm sure there are plenty of other kids around here your age.

I ain't a kid.

Well, then, what's the damn problem, huh?

Why you got me all the way out here?

I'm pissed.


Why'd they do it?

Why'd who do what?

Why'd they kill my daddy?

He was a sad, old man. What'd he ever do?

Just how it broke, I suppose.

Your daddy was stretched thin, in business with some bad people.

I miss my mama.

I can imagine.

But not my daddy.

He was pitiful.

Does that make me bad?

Nope. No, it don't.

Does it make me bad if I'm glad Coover's dead?

The world's better without him.

All right. Loretta, here's the deal.

Is this gonna be tough? Yeah.

Lonely. But you're strong.

You'll make friends. You'll meet boys.

And best of all, you'll be a big sister to those two.

They're gonna look at you like you got a light coming from the inside.

Come on. Give it a shot.

Your brother was a dim bulb, but he had a knack.

All that personal consumption, I guess.

He could crossbreed, raise and lower the THC like he was a conductor waving a wand.

His way is dying.

Tell him.

Mom's giving you what's left of the weed business.


Then that's it.

You and me are done.


I'm settling accounts.

To that end, I want you to leave Raylan alone. We hold our side of the feud.

I got other concerns.

I got threats on account of Black Pike, don't need more.

Now, okay. Hold up here. What... Now...

Do I need to remind us that a Givens murdered a Bennett here?

Because of you.

Because of me?

Now, how in the world is that my fault?

Don't ask questions you don't want answered.

Mama, it wasn't like I wanted to give him up. I was tortured.

You should have taken it!

Mom, I was tortured!

Coover was gonna kill Loretta.

And I did everything I could to make sure he didn't hurt her, because I know how much that girl means to you, Mama!

And if he'd done it, I'd have killed him myself!

You went against the family, and not for the first time.

Black Pike is the future.

Its proceeds go to your brother and his family.

They are the future, not you.


Brother, you know she ain't nowhere near thinking straight on this.

Her mind's all twisted up with grief.

No, Dickie.

It's been in the works. And I'm with her on it.

Is that right? Now, what did I expect?

Of course. You and your boys will get your future laid out for you.

Yeah, but meanwhile, the Bennett name ain't worth sh1t.

Now you know, brother. You know.

If we don't answer this killing, we are nothing!


So, now you're gonna cast yourself as the great protector of the Bennett family name?

Ain't no one else seems willing.

This ain't about our name, Dickie.

It's about you wanting to put Raylan Givens in the ground.

Is that right? Let me tell you something...

You get the weed.

You leave the rest, the Oxy, meth, protection, whatever you and your brother were scheming to get into.

And why is that?

Mama give Boyd Crowder free rein to pursue whatever business he wanted.

She told Boyd Crowder what?

You heard me. Okay, so let's just let it lie.


Let it lie. Understand?


I do see.

Quite clearly.

All right, Dickie.

All right.

I can't accept the murky language in paragraphs four through seven.

It's clear. It just happens not to be your client's wishes.

I'm not gonna budge on the beneficiary. We've been over this.

The first contracts stand, and the beneficiary stands, and you can kick all you want, but the policies predate the marriage, and any amendments that have been made by your client, no matter how many waivers you show me.

Yeah, we'll see about that.

Really, Gary? We're gonna fight over insurance?

What's next? Pocket lint?


Oh, God.


Okay. All right. We're done here for today.

I'm sorry.

There's nothing more to say. These are very emotional times.

You gave me no choice.

You had a choice, Gary. You just chose wrong.

You know, I've rehearsed these words in my head a thousand times, but sitting with you now, all my words are gone.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about Daddy.

He was a hard man with large appetites and few graces.

And I spent my whole life trying to be a different kind of man.

But looking back on it, I can see how he made it possible for us to grow up in a world without want or hunger, how he helped those in need, and tried to bring a little order to our corner of the world.

I guess I understand, finally, what he tried imperfectly to do.

And I see value in that.

Maybe that's why I haven't come to you until now.

I owe you an apology, a deep apology.

I've just been trying to find my way in the world.

And while my intentions were good, people got hurt.

People died.

Well, too bad for me I wasn't one of them.

Would you like to see the bag I have to wear to piss and sh1t in?

But if it helped you find your way in the world, Boyd, well, then I guess it was worth it.

Now, I'll think about your way every time I empty it.

Reach me my lighter.

It's not just about me, Johnny.

It's always about you, Boyd.

I'm a different man now.

And I understand that you and me, we are one blood.

Yeah? Is that right?

Well, I'll tell you what.

Why don't you go on out there, and you get yourself cut in half by a shotgun blast, then stuck back together again?

And then, when you come back here, we can talk about being one blood, cousin.

Yeah. They still work.

For sh1t, but they work.

You think you performed a miracle on me?

I don't believe in miracles any more.

Well, that is something, anyway.

I do appreciate the money that you sent.

Beer ain't free.

We about done here now?

I need you, Johnny.

For what?

To do what Daddy only dreamed of.

Bring Harlan County back under Crowder control.

Now, it's not gonna be easy, and it's not gonna happen overnight.

But it is gonna happen.

You and me, we're gonna do it.

What the hell use am I gonna be?

Johnny, I know you think that you are a broken man, but from where I sit, I see things different.

Don't sell me, Boyd. I don't want to hear it.

I'm not selling!

Now, Daddy did all of his business out of the back of that bar.

Now, you know what he did right and what he did wrong better than any man alive.

What the hell makes you think, after all I been through, that I would lift a goddamn finger to help you?

Because you're a Crowder.

It's in your blood.


Dickie. Hey. Wow. Came in fat this year, huh?

Must have been those rains.

Must have been, must have been.

Hey, I'm real sorry about Coover.

Appreciate the sentiment.

Jed, you've been with the family quite a while now, ain't that right?

I guess, you know, since I was 17, on and off.

Seventeen. Well, now, the reason I ask you here, Jed, is, there's gonna be some changes. Okay?

Mama is stepping down, and someone else is stepping up.

All right.

Yeah. With my brother gone and all.

May he rest in peace.

So, I was doing some thinking, you know, and it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, you might want the opportunity to step up, too.

Well, hell, yeah.

"Hells yes," he says.


Yeah. Well, now, here's the thing, gonna mean more responsibility.

Hey, sh1t, Dickie, I got mouths to feed. I will do what I got to do.

Yeah. It would mean getting your hands a little dirty.

Like I said.

And just so we're clear, didn't you...

You did some work for the Crowders back in the day, did you not?

Yes, Dickie. Sure. Who didn't?

Any loyalty going on there? Conflict-of-interest type thing?

Not on my part. Nor theirs.

Well, all right.

All right.

Bet. $150.

We're hoping to get a little action?

Is that right, wheels?

Well, buy-in is $500, and 5% of each pot goes to the house.

Well, I think we're fine with that.

And no firearms.

We're not carrying, but you do what you must.


Three hundred.



Boyd. Johnny. Didn't know you boys played.

Devil? Cute.

Well, it's an honorary title.

How do you like them wheels, huh? You get your face up against that fence!

Well, Johnny, I wasn't ready to start this show, but since you already pulled back the curtains, kindly do what this man asked.

Okay. Okay.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, pull out all your cash.

Put everything on the table right now with alacrity.

Put your face down on the floor. Now.

Devil, pick up that cash, and let's go.

You serious?

Well, I came here for you, but I'll leave with all your money, if that's what you prefer.

What you offering?

Same as before, only of a much, much bigger pie.

I'm gonna find you assholes.

My name's Boyd Crowder. You can come after me if you want, but it'll be the last thing you ever do. I promise you that.

You got my note.

I did.

You left a bunch of Post-its leading up to it, so it was kind of hard to miss.

How was the meeting with the lawyers?

It sucked. Is that what you wanted to ask me?

You said today that we shouldn't see each other for a while because...

Because I don't want you to think this divorce is to pressure you.

I'm divorcing Gary because Gary and I are done.

That seems like pretty sane thinking.

Well, it might just be the sanest thing I've done in a while.

And, look, you're not the only one who's worried about my sanity.

I go to bed at night, and I wake up, thinking, "What did I do?"

I've been thinking the same thing.

Not about you, about me. You know...

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.

You see these old-timers right here?

Well, I don't think a week goes by I don't look at them and wonder, "Should I grow a moustache?"

No. I wonder how I'd stack up against them.

And after last week, I'd say not so well.

I've been wondering if I'm just a criminal at heart, you know, truly my father's son.

But then you got out of the car today without kissing me, and I think, "Bullshit." I didn't help you because I'm an outlaw.

I helped you because I'm in love with you.

That's sweet, Raylan.

"That's sweet," huh?

Of course you're in love with me.

Oh, really?

Yeah, and I love you back. Now what?




Yeah. I mean...

You were happy. I liked teaching kids how to shoot.

Yeah, well, I liked you being there.

I liked knowing that, unless one of those kids misfired, you were gonna walk through the door at night.


So? Are you saying what I think you're saying?

If you think I'm saying, "Let's go to Glynco," then, yeah.

There's a lot of history there.

So what?

Running into history everywhere. I'm sick of that sh1t.

The fact is, I'm done here. Or at least Art's done with me, and...

So, you got nothing better to do with your life.

You might as well just run off with your ex.




Can I think about it?

Really? You're serious?


I thought this is what you wanted.

Yeah, well, it was something I wanted.


Raylan, I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a lot of stuff going on in my life right now.

Well, sh1t. Thank God I didn't get down on one knee.

I didn't say no. I just said I wanted to think about it.

All right.

You still need a ride?

I do.

Now, we all know it takes muscle and money.

Now, we got a bit of both, but we're gonna need more soon.

I'll take point on muscle. You know me. People person.

We're also gonna need a home base. Can't do much out in the open like this.

Well, maybe it's time we had a word with that fat man who stole your bar.

He'll get more than a word.

Now, once we got infrastructure, and we got everything in line, we're gonna have to make our grand debut.

Well, what do you got in mind?

Well, there are any number of ways to get out the message.

The trick is picking the right messenger.

Now, I've been doing a little bit of thinking...

Boyd, Johnny. Hey.

Don't know you.

Well, we can change that.

Well, maybe we could, but I'm here to talk to this man, so you can put your face back in whatever it is you got going on there.

What is that, a milkshake?

Keep it up, rabbit.

Boyd, I just wanted you to know whatever words were said between you and my mama, whatever deal you made, it's off.

Your arrangement with the Bennetts is done.

The Bennetts? Didn't they used to be a swinging dick around here?

Then, one of them boys... What the hell's his name?

Hooter or Booger, got killed, put the rest of them up against the wall.

You about done?

What, you need a little more time to go on entertaining yourself?

What do you think?

Boyd, let's see, now.

Your daddy's gone, your men are dead. Take one look at Johnny over here.

Can't we all get around the fact that he ain't much more than a man that you put in a wheelchair?

And milkshake over here, well, he probably has to whistle when he takes a sh1t so he knows which end to wipe.

Boy, he ain't just handsome. He's funny.

Point I'm coming down to, Boyd, I believe you need to know what's what.

So, here's what's what.

Town of Bennett, that would be mine.

Harlan, well, you can bet that's gonna be mine.

And you, you're welcome to join me, all right?

Or you can just get yourself across the county line.


That's right. That's right, rabbit. Hop away.

What do you want me to do about him?


We just found our messenger.

You mind the radio?

No, no. Not at all.

There you go. No, no, no. The other one. Yeah, give that a shot.

A voice like this grates on you at first, but then, maybe, you'll learn to like it.

Like Neil Young. Didn't like him, then I did.

Well, he's Neil Young.

National treasure.

He's Canadian.

Then I guess he sucks.

Are you all right? Get down.

Okay, come on. Stay down.

Hi. This is Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens.

I'm with a civilian, female. We're under fire from two men, white.

Taking cover in the offices of...

Bowen Prefab.

Bowen Prefab on the southeast corner of Williams and Byng.

I don't know what colour it is. It's the one with the ringing bells.

Who are they?

Lord knows.

Any number of people are trying to kill me.

Right here.

Okay. Now, you still go to the range?


The shooting range?

I haven't been in years.

But you remember what they taught you, right? Centre mass?

Okay, now, if these two get by me, you keep shooting till they stop moving or you run out of bullets.

Where are you going?

Now, if they come...


...you keep shooting.

Why don't you stay here, and we both keep shooting?

Centre mass.




Mr Crowder?

Beautiful night.

I thought so. I came out to see the stars.

I guess it must be mighty confusing, me being here.

Truth be told, I had to see you one more time, even if it was from a distance.