02x11 - Full Commitment

Previously on "Justified"...

Doyle: Mama's giving you what's left of the weed business.

Mags: Then that's it. You and me are done.

Black Pike is the future.

Its proceeds go to your brother and his family.

They are the future, not you.

Doyle: You get the weed.

You leave the rest.

Mama give Boyd Crowder free rein to pursue whatever business he wanted.

Gary: I love you.

And I do want you back... simple as that.

Winona: All right. So, what is it?

Gary: We need to get a divorce.

Mr. Duffy.

I find that I have come upon a, uh, very exciting investment opportunity.

Raylan: The fact is, I'm done here.

Or at least Art's done with me.

Winona: So you got nothing better to do with your life.

You might as well just run off with your ex.

Raylan: Exactly.

Winona: Mm.

Raylan: Get down.

[ Alarm blaring ]

Winona: Who are they?

Raylan: Lord knows.

Any number of people are trying to kill me.

Gary: Where's my wife?! Where the hell is she?!

You cannot stop me from seeing her!

Winona! Winona!

I'm assuming you don't recognize either of them.


Raylan: Huh?

I said, "I'm assuming you don't recognize either of them."

Raylan: No.

I mean, yes. I don't.

I hope you don't feel like we're distracting you here, deputy.

Raylan: Tell me your name again.

I told you... my name is Ives.

Sergeant Ives is from army CID.

It turns out after they left the army, both these guys...

Hey, there's no need to go into all that. Let's go.

Anyway, we're looking for anywhere they might have come across your path directly, but we figure they were hired by somebody with a grudge against you.

Raylan: Yeah.

Seems like a long list.

Yeah, that's hard to believe.

Raylan: Will you gentlemen just excuse me for one minute?

It's gonna be...

Oh, well, if it isn't the man of the hour.

Raylan: Gary.

Gary: What's the matter, Raylan?

You think it might make you feel better to beat me into the floor?

Raylan: I think it might be worth a shot.

Winona: Why don't you two cut the sh1t right now?

Gary: Oh, yeah. Another ***. I thought this would be, like, your dream come true, seeing the two of us squaring off to fight for your honor.

Raylan: I'd just like to talk to him.

Gary: She is still my wife. I can protect her, all right?

The first step is to keep her the hell away from you!

Winona: Will you stop talking about me like I'm not in the room, okay?

Gary: Seriously, how much is enough?

I mean, are you gonna... are you gonna have to actually take a bullet for this guy?!

Winona: Oh, come on, Gary. That's not fair.

Gary: Fair? What isn't fair? Is it fair because he lives a life where... where people are trying to kill him all the time, that you get caught up in the crossfire?

Come on!

Art: Mr. Hawkins, I'm gonna need you to get out of this office.

Gary: I'm staying with my wife.

Art: Winona, you've given your statement, haven't you?

Winona: Yeah.

Art: If it's all right, I'm gonna send Rachel home with you and have her stay there with you until we can sort some of this out.

Now, if you would like to go with her, that is something for the three of you to discuss in the elevator.

Walk. Walk.

Winona: He's upset.

Raylan: He's an asshole.

But he's not wrong.

It would be crazy for you to be anywhere near me right now, okay?

[ Smooches ]

You go with Rachel. She'll take care of you.

Art: Winona.

Winona: Thank you.

Art: Are we done with playtime now?

Raylan: Oh.

My car got pretty banged up, so I was thinking I'd just, uh...

Art: It's a good thing you're gonna be staying put for a while, then.

Raylan: Why would I'd be doing that?

Art: Not up for discussion, Raylan.

You can either accept protection or you can quit the marshals service.

I'm not gonna tell you which I'd rather.

Art, I don't see how any of this has...

I'm gonna have Tim shadow you so that you can't do any more damage.

Raylan: Oh, so he's not my bodyguard, he's my nanny?

Art: You can call it that if you like, but he's gonna stay with you until I can figure out exactly what happened tonight.

Raylan: What do you mean, wh... I told you what happened.

Art: Yeah, you did.

Tim, you're with Raylan.

Tim: Yes, sir. Keep him safe and sound.

Art: Unless you see him attempting to participate in this investigation, in which case you have my permission to shoot him.

Gary: Rachel, the, uh, the guest room is just at the top of the stairs.

Rachel: Thank you, but I'm not here to sleep.

I need to take a look around.

Gary: Oh, yeah.

Winona: Oh.

Gary: Well, I'll... I'll sleep on the couch in my office, and you can take our room...

I mean, our old room.

Winona: It's all right. Thank you.

Gary: Uh, just so you know, I-I-I don't think this is anything it isn't, but it's wonderful to have you home.

Tim: You know, your rear bumper's hanging by a thread.

Every time we hit a bump, I thought it was gonna come off, smash straight through my windshield.

Raylan: Yet you still stayed so close.

Tim: I don't suppose you got one of them suites with a pull-out couch.

Raylan: You got any buddies became contractors when they got out?

Tim: Why?

Raylan: The hitters from last night.

Tim: Is that why that CID Guy showed up?

Raylan: I think so.

Tim: Yeah, Art says I'm not supposed to talk to you about that.

Raylan: Contractors?

Tim: Yeah. Most of those guys are okay.

Some of them, though, you know, they get home, find out they can't hack it back in the world without the mad minute, and start hiring out for wet work.

Raylan: I'll call the front desk, see if I can get you a cot.

Tim: I got a sleeping bag in the trunk.

You're not gonna try to go out the window or anything while I'm gone?

Raylan: No.

Not right now. I'm beat. Plus, you got your car here.

Even if I got a jump on you, you'd be right behind me.

Tim: But you will eventually.

Raylan: Eventually, yes.

Tim: Yes. Why would you do that?

Raylan: Well, I got to talk to some people... alone.

So either you let me go, or I'm gonna have to give you the slip.

Tim: I love this sh1t. This sh1t makes me hard.

Raylan: Well, then we've both been warned.

♪ On this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I'm fighting for my soul ♪
♪ God get at your boy ♪
♪ you try to bogard ♪
♪ fall back, I go hard ♪
♪ on this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I see them long, hard times to come ♪

Ava: [ Smooches ]

There's one thing I need you to promise me.

Boyd: What's that?

Ava: No whores.

Boyd: Oh, Ava, I ain't been to a whore since I was 14 years old.

Ava: [ Chuckles ]

I'm not talking about going to whores, although now that you mention it, you better not do that, either.

I'm talking about running them.

Boyd: Oh, well, now, hold on a second.

I mean, the economy what it is, now is not the time to cut off potential revenue streams. Besides, as many people around here as we got out of work, you really want to deny enterprising young women an opportunity for gainful employment?

Ava: I'm serious.

Boyd: Well, so am I.

The president can't stop talking about economic stimulus, and here you are wanting to take away some of that very stimulation.

Ava: You gonna promise me or not?

Boyd: All right. I promise.

Ava: [ Smooches ]

Raylan: Oh, my God.

Did you sit in that chair all night?

Tim: Ever since ranger school, I can't sleep past 6:30.

Raylan: Well, listen, I got to make a phone call that I'm not supposed to make, that if you overheard you should report, so do you want to go outside and check the perimeter, or do I have to pretend to take a shower?

[ Water running ]

[ Cellphone buzzing ]

[ Beep ]

Was it Gio?

Raylan: I was hoping you could tell me.

Well, the way I hear it, Gio's only hiring Cubans these days.

Raylan: Even if he wants to cover his tracks?

Yeah, apparently Bo Crowder took away his taste for gringos.

Doesn't trust them anymore.

Raylan: That ain't very progressive, now, is it?

[ Chuckling ] Yeah.

Raylan: Be nice to know for sure.

Well, I could always go ask him, although if he cops to it, I guess I have to shoot him.

Don't want him to think I'm not a man of my word.

Raylan: No.

My opinion?

Sounds closer to home.

What do your CIs say?

Raylan: Art told me to steer clear of the investigation.

Let me get this straight.

When Art gives you orders, you actually follow them?

Or are you just saying that to hurt my feelings?

Seriously, Ray, have you pissed off any shitkickers lately?

[ Gunfire ]

[ Gunfire stops ]

We clear?

Well, Baz, looks like you got at least one close enough to let a guy know you're shooting at him.

Maybe it'll scare him enough, he'll have a heart attack.

There's something wrong with my action.

Bullshit. I checked it myself.

How's a guy who spent his whole life in Harlan county never learned to shoot better than that?

Dickie: Hey, hey, listen up. Listen up.

A guy his size don't need to shoot, just like he don't need to fight, all right? I mean, Coover... he... [Laughs]

He loved to wave that pistol around all over the place.

But the the truth is, he couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat.

Yeah, but I would love to hear somebody say that Coover couldn't fight.

Dickie: Yeah, Coover... he could fight. He could fight.

But he didn't have to. That's the thing. That's what I'm saying.

Right, Baz?

Yes, sir.

Dickie: Just like Baz.

Yes, sir.

Listen, man.

Your marksmanship is just gonna take a little while to catch up to your fists.

Until then, all you have to do... is just put that bad boy inside your coat, square off with some cowboy, point it in his general direction. He comes within 20 feet or so, you cut him right in half.

Ohh, oh, oh, oh. [ Chuckling ] Easy.

Maybe one... just one little rule.

When you do shoot that thing, please make sure as sh1t that I am behind you.

[ Both chuckle ]

All right, man.

Dickie: All right.

Here we go.

And 1... And 2... Whoo!

[ Keys jingle ]

[ Water running ]

Tim: I hope you don't think you're going anywhere without your bodyguard.

Raylan: I was just gonna pick up some ice cream.

Tim: Ice cream for breakfast?

Raylan: Yeah.

It's got eggs, milk.

Tim: You know an ice-cream shop open this early?

Raylan: No, but there's a store down the road that carries some.

Tim: Well, I'm here to keep you alive, not help you shop.

Raylan: I ain't asking for your help.

Tim: It's from the movie.

She asks Costner to hand her her jacket.

Raylan: Well, you start singing that song, I'm gonna make a run for it right now.

Tim: Well, I do the Dolly Parton version.

Winona: Some of it is his mom's, which, you know... but we have to keep it in here just to...

Gary: Rachel.

It's awful nice getting to see your face in the morning, no matter the reason.

Rachel: I just need to... Yeah.

[ Footsteps depart ]

Gary: Winona, I just... I...

I want you to know that I'm... I'm sorry for everything.

Winona: Oh, you mean, like, the horse and all the insurance stuff and acting like a prick at the settlement conference and...

Gary: Yes, all of it.

I mean, sometimes I'll do something, and... and it feels like it's not even me doing it.

You know, like I'm... like I'm watching myself from the outside, and... and I'm saying, "well, who is this guy?

What is he thinking?"

I guess that sounds crazy.

Winona: No, not as crazy as it might have sounded a couple weeks ago.

Gary: I made some terrible choices lately, and I don't know why.

Winona: Well, I can't throw stones on that score, so...

Do you want some coffee?

Tim: Tell me again why we passed the first two places on the way here?

Raylan: The first place keeps its icebox too cold.

Tim: All right. And the supermarket after that?

Raylan: The supermarket's too big.

The delivery man must let the ice cream sit there 10, 15 minutes while he loads the pallets.

Leads to freezer burn.

Plus, these guys carry Chaney's.

Sure you don't want some?

Tim: A little early in the day for me.

Raylan: Well, it's 5:00 P.M. somewhere.

Tim: What's this?

Raylan: I was just gonna...

Do I look like the "climb out the bathroom window" type?

Tim: All right. Go to your bathroom.

Is that it?

Tim: Yep.

You don't have a restroom, do you?

Arlo: You know, it's the eighth bullet I've taken.

The first three were at one sitting, when sappers tried to overrun us at Nha Trang.

The last one before this was from my own son.

That's something you and I have got in common... we've both taken a bullet from Raylan Givens.

[ Chuckles ]

But there's something else we both have, and that's a talent for playing the angles.

Way you worked that coal lady... well, my hat's off to you.

Boyd: Well, that's very kind of you to say, Mr. Givens.

Arlo: Call me "Arlo."

Boyd: Well, Arlo, the reason why we're here is there's parts of my daddy's business that even Johnny here wasn't privy to... things that Bo might have given up before we come of age.

Johnny: The way I understand it, Arlo, is, uh, back in the day, when this place was really the wild west, the only way anyone would come in here from out of town to do a deal... say, uh, pick up a big pot harvest... was if you and uncle Bo would ride in and out with them.

Figured no one would be dumb enough to hijack a load if it meant the whole family would have to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders.

Boyd: Now, had my daddy been a more calculating man, when those arrangements were no longer necessary, he might have used his knowledge of where and how those loads were packaged and transferred to, uh, get in the hijacking business himself.

Arlo: [ Chuckles ]

I mention Raylan took off my ankle tether?

It means I'm free to come and go as I please.

Boyd: Well, how about that leg, Arlo?

Is it free to come and go as it pleases?

[ Engine shuts off ]

Helen: Are they still at it?

Ava: Looks that way.

I think I'm gonna cut 'em out.

Maybe quit drinking, too.

Live life clean for a while.

I got it.

Helen: Thank you.

Ava: Mm-hmm.

Helen: Any idea what they're all cooking up in there?

Ava: Give me.

Not a clue.

Helen: Oh, that's good.

There have been lots of times I wish I knew less about what he does.

I can't ever remember a time I wished I knew more.

Ava: Miss Helen, are you giving me motherly counsel?

Helen: Well, just remember, honey, no matter what anyone does to you... how much they scare you, how much they hurt you, you can't tell what you don't know.

Raylan: Boys.


It looks like you're getting ready for a war.

Mags: Is that all you got to say to me?

Raylan: You want to tell me what's happening here?

Mags: Some of the people haven't taken too kindly to the deal I made with that coal lady.

Bad enough they painted... painted the walls...broke out the windows...

Took everything they could carry off the shelves... One of them... relieved himself on the floor.

Now, that ain't gonna happen twice.

Raylan: Someone took a run at me last night.

Almost got my ex-wife for good measure.

Mags: You think it was me who give the order?

Raylan: It crossed my mind.

Mags: You did kill my baby.

Raylan: Yeah.

Mags: But I was the one that let him become a nitwit.

Now, I'm not taking the blame, mind you.

Coover had plenty of time to straighten himself out.

And you did save Loretta... saved me from living out my days with her blood on me.

I'm not sure it makes us exactly even, but I made a deal with your aunt Helen to keep the lid on, and I intend to honor it.

Raylan: And what about the rest of the family? They agree to that?

Mags: How's Loretta?

Raylan: Well, she seems fine, considering.

Mags: Make sure she knows I didn't mean for any of this to happen... any of it.

Raylan: Did you bring me my change?

Tim: Nope. Ice cream's melted, too.

Raylan: You found me. I'm impressed.

Tim: Yeah, give me a little credit. I'm a professional.

Raylan: Okay.

Tim: Is she behind it?

Raylan: She says no.

Tim: What's with the Oak Ridge boys out in front of her place?

Raylan: Well, it's all about that Black Pike deal.

Tim: So you're done here?

Raylan: Yeah.

Oh, and just so you're not confused, I'm now gonna go to Winona's, check in on her... unless, of course, that's against the rules.

Tim: The only rule is you don't ditch me in the middle of a damn convenience store.

And I'm not telling Art, by the way, 'cause that'd be my ass, too.

So, yeah, let's go see your ex-wife, girlfriend, whatever it is we're calling her.

[ Siren chirps ]

[ Vehicle doors closing ]

Raylan: Well, look at that, Doyle.

I never have to look for you.

Doyle: Are you looking for me?

'Cause I got a call saying you were here harassing a grieving old woman.

Raylan: Oh.

Well, someone hired a couple pros to clip me last night.

Doyle: I guess they hired the wrong pros, huh?

Raylan: I guess.

Doyle: You think mama sent them?

Raylan: Not necessarily.

It could have been you.

Doyle: If the police chief wants to kill a guy, he ain't got to send anyone.

He just waits for the guy to show up on his turf, and he rolls up on him with a bunch of his police officers.

You know, that way, he can make it look like the guy died resisting arrest.

Or if that don't fly, well, hell, he could just, uh, disappear the body down an old, boarded-up mine shaft.

Mags: Doyle.


Deputy Givens come here to ask a question.

Now he's got his answer, he and his friend are gonna head back home.

Everything I said holds.

Doyle: All right.

I mean, you think I sent them hitters, you got to figure, when you get down here, there's a chance.

I might want to O.K. Corral it.

You bring one man to back you up?

Raylan: Yeah, well, I thought you'd bring more guys.

I hope you'll take this in the spirit it's intended.

I made a lot of money with your daddy, but that man didn't know a damn thing about growing weed.

Dickie: Well, that was a different time.

Well, the point is, Coover was a genius.

I mean, I'd put his sh1t on my Mount Rushmore.

That Hindu kush can kiss my ass.

Dickie: Nice of you to say. [ Chuckles ]

It's true.

He was a genius.

And I got to tell you, when all this happened, I-I didn't know what to expect.

I come down here, and I see you are on the bean.

A-Ron, right here.

[ Chuckles ]

Dickie: Ho!

I'm assuming you want 80 again, like last time.


Dickie: Okay.

You okay using the Bennett scale?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Guns cock ]

You have any idea who I am?

Boyd: Rodney "Hot Rod" Dunham out of Memphis, Tennessee.

You know what that means?

Boyd: Oh, it means I'm in the right place.

I thought over your offer, Dick.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to respectfully decline.

You want to hear my counter?

Since you called off the deal that I made with your mama, I'm gonna have to take all the weed business, too, starting with this right here.

You think I won't find you?

Boyd: Oh, no, sir. I'm counting on you to find me.

You just bought some of my best weed to take to the good people of Memphis.

Now, I hope you come back for a whole lot more.

Now, if you'll get your entourage here to tote these bags out to the car, we'll get you packed up and loaded on your way.

Come on.

Dickie: Okay, we got to hit back right away.

That is the first priority... only priority, right?

I mean, the money and the reefer... that is just... it's gravy.

Got to hit back right away. Why?

Because we got to stop people thinking, "Hey, we can just rip these guys off and not pay a price."

Do you understand?

So listen up.

Look, look, Dickie, man, I... I'm sorry, man.

I-I'm out.

Dickie: You... I... [ laughs ]

I'm sor... did you say you're... you're out? What...

Listen, man, I joined up with y'all 'cause I needed to make a little cash.

I ain't trying to go to no war.

Dickie: It's okay with you if Boyd Crowder just... psssss... piss all over our reputation... piss all over our reputation?

You understand that?

That's your reputation.

Dickie: You... I'm out, too.

Dickie: Ho!

[ Chuckles ]

This is what I get for hiring muscleheads.

You gonna want to get out of my way, Dickie, before you end up hurt.

Dickie: Are you sure about that?

I am pretty damn sure about that.

Dickie: Okay.

Be gone.



Uh, Baz, uh, just one more thing, man.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Thud ]


[ Gunshot ]

Dickie: Huh.


What about you, Jed?

Are you gonna tell me you want out, too?

Hell, no.

What do we do now?

Dickie: [ Sighs ]

The faster we get him out of here, the safer.

That's right.

We'll outsmart him every step.

We'll outsmart him.

We only got two, three hours' head start.

Winona: Did you really expect her just to admit it?

Raylan: I thought there was a chance.

Winona: Well, just 'cause she didn't doesn't mean you can be certain.

Raylan: No.

Gary: Y-you think it's possible that they never find out who was behind it?

Raylan: If they don't try again.

Gary: What about the FBI?

Do they have any suspects?

Rachel: Not that we know of.

Gary: Well... If y'all excuse me, I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open.

Winona: Yeah, it's been a hell of a couple days.

Gary: Uh, Raylan?

Raylan: Hmm?

Gary: I owe you an apology.

Last night, my behavior... I-I-I shouldn't have come at you like that.

Raylan: You didn't say anything I wasn't saying to myself.

Winona: If there is a silver lining to all this, it's that he has come back from that crazy line he crossed over.

He actually apologized to me about all that bullshit at the lawyer's office and about the crazy insurance stuff.

Raylan: But why is he here, exactly?

Winona: This is his house.

I know technically it's his house, but...

Maybe we could talk about this in private?

Raylan: Okay.

Yeah, in fact, you guys don't need to be here, either.

Rachel: Excuse me?

Winona: Yeah, I'm... I'm gonna go to bed before I turn into a pumpkin.

Would you care to join me?

Raylan: Yeah, I-I'll be there in a minute.

Tim: I feel like I'm in "The Big Chill."

Raylan: Yeah, except no one's dead.

Tim: Yet.

Rachel: And the music sucks.

Raylan: Well, then go home, get some sleep.

Rachel: Art wants somebody here.

Raylan: I'm here... me and my shadow.

Tim: Yeah, we're here till you leave.

Raylan: What's that supposed to mean?

Tim: Do you not remember this morning?

Rachel: What happened this morning?

Raylan: I told you I was gonna do that.

Tim: And now you're telling me you won't?

Raylan: Exactly.

Rachel: Do what?


Listen, I take my orders from Art, which means I'm gonna be here unless he says otherwise.

I will, however, take you up on that sleep.

I'm assuming you two can handle the night watch.

Tim: I'm gonna go to sleep, too.

I'll relieve you in four hours.

Boyd: Well, I must say, with all this money on the table, I'm surprised by the lack of a smile on your face.

Arlo: I think Dickie might have made me.

Devil: [ Chuckling ] Unh-unh.

No chance, man.

The way you moved in there, he probably thought there was a 25-year-old hardcase under that mask.

[ Chuckles ]

Johnny: That field you're looking at, Ava... when we were kids... Boyd and me... we'd be out there sunup till sundown playing with this old George Blanda football that Bowman had.

Bo and my daddy... they'd come out and play with us from time to time, till Bowman got so big, he started running them over.

Boyd: Hey, Johnny.

Ava: I hope you understand if picturing Bowman and your uncle Bo here doesn't exactly make my heart sing.

Boyd: Johnny, finish counting out these shares.


Ava: Mm-hmm.

Boyd: Hey, hey, hey.

Johnny don't mean no harm.


Ava: I know.

I just... I got some bad memories of this place.

Boyd: Well, we're not gonna come up here again.

Ava: Is that a fact?

How long we staying?

Boyd: A day. Two, maybe.

Ava: Is there any reason in particular we're staying?

Boyd: I'm just laying low 'cause I want to see how Dickie responds.

Ava: If you're so worried about him, why did you take him on?

Boyd: No, I'm not worried about him.

But how he responds will let me know whether or not his mama's behind him.

Ava: I don't want you to keep anything from me.

Boyd: As you please.

[ Smooches ]

How are those shares working out, Johnny?

[ Vehicle passing ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Beeping stops ]

[ Urinating ]


Raylan: What are you doing?


You don't piss on someone's lawn.

Get in the passenger's seat.

Let the heater start drying your pants.

You mind if I zipper up first?

Raylan: I'd mind if you didn't.

[ Zipper zips ]

Put them through the wheel.

Cuff the other hand.

Future reference, a guy sitting for an hour in a running car is either on a stakeout or getting his ashes hauled.

Either way, I don't think that's the figure you want to cut.

Now, look.

I know it's unseasonably cold at the moment.

Wouldn't be fun sitting all night in a car without the heat on, but this is the life we've chosen.

[ Bullet clinks ]

Smart keeping a round in the chamber.

I know some folks worry about accidental discharge, but with safeties so well made these days, I just can't see it.

"Baxter-Hawley Construction.

Frankfort, Kentucky."

Construction, huh?

This ain't over.

Raylan: Now, I'm gonna need you to sit tight for a second while I sort some things out.

Hopefully, the good folks at Baxter-Hawley Construction can get along without you for a while.

[ Beep ]

Hey, Dan, it's Raylan.

Do me a favor.

Run the ownership records for a construction company.

Gary, listen to me very carefully.

I don't know why you did it. I don't care why.

Right now, I just need you to take me to see Duffy.

Gary: [ Stammering ]

Raylan: Gary, I don't got time for this sh1t.

Now, you are gonna take me to see Duffy.

The only question is what I'm gonna have to do to you first.

Gary: [ Gagging ]

Raylan: We're gonna do this the hard way. Let's go.

Let's see what the guy in the car does when I toss you out the front door.

Gary: What guy? What car?

Raylan: The white guy in the gray Taurus that's registered to a company owned by Duffy's sister.

Now, don't you worry about that.

He's not here for you.

Gary: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Raylan: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!

Gary: I tried to call it off.

Raylan: When?

Gary: Do you have any idea what it's like to think of her being with you?

Raylan: I think I know exactly what that's like.

Gary: Every time I close my eyes, I think about her m-moaning your name.

Raylan: When did you call it off, hmm?

After they tried and missed?

And how did that go?

Gary: He said he wanted me to come by so we could talk it over.

Raylan: Yeah, but you came here instead, drafted off Winona's protection.

What happens when we pull it?

We're not gonna do this forever.

What happens then?

The best chance you got is helping me get to him before he gets to you.

[ Cellphone ringing ]


[ Beep ]

Wynn: Gary, I thought you would have realized by now what happens when you try to dodge me.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, I'm glad you came to your senses.

I want you to meet me on 75 south at the big rest stop just past Highbridge Creek.

You know where that is?

Gary: Okay.

He wants me to meet him...

Highbridge Creek rest stop. I heard.

Wynn: You hear where we're going?

Yes, sir.

Wynn: Oh, and, uh, see if you can find a place to stop on the way to get some painter's plastic and some garbage bags.

Got it.

Gary: You know, the more I think about this, uh, I don't think this is a good idea.

I-I... you know, Duffy is crazy.

I think... I think you need to call for some back...

Raylan: We ain't calling anybody.

Gary: Why not?

Raylan: 'Cause all they'll do is try to arrest him.

[ Knock on door ]

Raylan: Back up.

Hands where I can see them.

Wynn: Gary... I'm pretty confident this is not what we discussed on the telephone.


Raylan: Mr. Duffy.

Wynn: Should I be putting my hands up or something?

Raylan: The guys from last night... you get them from your colleagues in the security community?

Wynn: Does it really matter?

Or I guess I could say, "What guys?"

Raylan: What did Gary promise you?

Some part in the insurance money?

Wynn: You ask him?

Raylan: I'm asking you.

Wynn: I have the funny feeling anything I say can and will be used against me, or maybe I've just seen too much "Law & Order."

Raylan: Nothing will be used against you.

We're gonna end this... right now.

Wynn: That sounds ominous.

Raylan: Well, that depends.

I figure you're good enough that no one can link the hitters from last night to you.

Wynn: Thank you.

Raylan: Except, of course, for Gary.

He seems like a bit of a loose end.

Gary could put you in for all day.

Gary: Raylan, what are... what are you doing?

Raylan: Gary doesn't realize you were gonna kill him anyway.

I mean, that's why you had the button man outside his house, right?

Gary: Raylan, you can't seriously...

Raylan: Gary. Gary.

They ain't gonna kill you right now... not in front of a deputy U.S. marshal.

Your problem is that I'm just about done here.

I don't care where you go.

I'd leave the country, but that's entirely up to you, as long as we never see you again.

I'd go... now.

[ Door opens ]

Wynn: Do you want to explain what just happened, or should we all just pretend that's completely normal?

Raylan: Believe me, I'd like nothing more than to lean on him, use him to put you away, let Winona see what he really is.

Wynn: But?

Raylan: I think it would just tear her apart.

Wynn: So... Are we finished?

Raylan: As long as you understand that the next time we have this conversation, there won't be a conversation.

Tim: I wake up from my shift on guard duty and come down here to find I've got no one to relieve.

Raylan: Winona?

Tim: She's still asleep.

Rachel, too.

Gary's not in his room, but somehow I think that's not news to you.

Did you kill him?

Raylan: No.

Tim: You kill anybody?

Raylan: No.

Tim: Well, I guess there's that.

You find out who was behind the hit?

Raylan: How much you want to know, hmm?

Tim: Yeah, forget I asked.

[ Glass breaks ]

[ Footsteps in distance ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Objects clattering ]

Helen: [ Scoffs ]

Damn it, Arlo! You have any idea what time it is?!

You about scared the ever-loving sh1t out of...

Dickie: Oh, hey, did you know you're out of beer?

Helen: We drink liquor in this house.

Dickie: Are you... offering liquor in this house?

Helen: No, I am not.

In fact, I was just about to ask you to leave.

Dickie: Isn't that something?

We were just about to tell you that we need to talk to Arlo.

Helen: He's not here.

Dickie: Because Arlo is off somewhere with Boyd Crowder counting my money.

Helen: I wouldn't know about that.

Dickie: I tell you what.

That don't really matter, 'cause Arlo knows.

Helen: Then you best be gone when he gets back.

Otherwise, he's gonna make what Raylan did to your knee feel like a hand job from an angel.

Dickie: If Arlo cares about you at all, the only thing that he's gonna be doing when he gets back home... is figuring out how to get me back what's mine.

Now, why don't you just put down the peashooter there and come on in?

Come on.

Come on, make me some eggs or something.

What do you say?

Helen: After Arlo gives you back... whatever it is he took from you...

What'll you do to him then?

Dickie: What do you think?

Helen: Oh!