02x12 - Reckoning

Previously on "Justified"...

Boyd: The Indian line property owned by Helen and Arlo Givens is the last parcel.

Mags: Without that property, without them, without me...

There is no Green Mountain Project.

Boyd: There's parts of my daddy's business that even Johnny wasn't privy to.

Now, had my daddy been a more calculating man, he might have used his knowledge of where and how those loads were packaged and transferred to, uh, get in the hijacking business himself.

Now, since you called off the deal that I made with your mama, I'm gonna have to take all the weed business, too.

You think I won't find you?

Boyd: Oh, no, sir. I'm counting on you to find me.

You just bought some of my best weed.

And I hope you come back for a whole lot more.

Arlo: I think Dickie might have made me.

Dickie: We need to talk to Arlo.

Helen: He's not here.

Dickie: Arlo is off somewhere with Boyd Crowder counting my money.

[ Gunshot ]

Helen: Aah!

Tom: Sorry to be seeing you under these circumstances.

Called it in a little after 3:00 A.M.

Tom: Raylan?


Are you hearing me?

Raylan: Yeah. I hear you.

Tom: Okay, yeah.

I was saying that Helen got at least one shot off in the exchange and we found traces of blood spatter on the wall across from her body.

Raylan: Good for her.

Tom: Well we're searching all the hospitals and clinics in a hundred-mile radius for gunshot victims, but nothing yet.

Raylan: Yeah.

Where's Arlo?

Tom: He's upstairs.

He said something about picking out a dress for the service.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Tom: So, we can't just assume that this was the Bennetts.

There's plenty of people knew about that Black Pike money.

Raylan: Was her money taken?

Tom: Uh-huh.

And that not withstanding, I don't have to tell you that your father has his fair share of enemies.

Raylan: Then why did you?

Tom: 'Cause you don't look convinced.

Raylan: You're worried I'm gonna do something rash?

Tom: No.

'Cause you're down here on your personal time, right?

Art called, says you're down here as a private citizen.

Raylan: Well, there you go.

Nothing to worry about.

Tom: Okay.

♪ On this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I'm fighting for my soul ♪
♪ God get at your boy ♪
♪ you try to bogard ♪
♪ fall back, I go hard ♪
♪ on this lonely road ♪
♪ trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome ♪
♪ pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I see them long, hard times to come ♪

Boyd: Mmm-mmm-mmm!

You know what that smell is?

Johnny: Bacon?

Boyd: That is cinnamon.

They cure this bacon with cinnamon.

Devil: Ugh!

That sh1t ain't right. Cinnamon?

Boyd: Wait till you taste it.

All quiet on the western front?

Devil: Yep.

Boyd: What day your boys getting here?

Devil: Tomorrow.

They got delayed.

Johnny: Time is of the essence, Devil.

We don't get those boys down here quick to help stand guard, we are gonna drop.

Devil: Well, they're getting some emulex, maybe some grenades, too.

In case the Bennetts come with numbers, we even up the playing field.

Boyd: Well, that's worth waiting for.

Devil: Mm-hmm.

Boyd: Oh, here come them eggs.

Hey, baby?


What is it?

What happened?

Ava: Helen's dead.

[ Voice breaking ] They shot her last night in her house.

Boyd: Devil, I'm gonna need you to call your friends.

You tell them to get here tonight.

Raylan: I thought you were getting a dress.

Arlo: It's over there.

That was her favorite.

Raylan: Who are you loading those bullets up for?

Arlo: You know damn well who.

Raylan: The Bennetts?

You think it was the Bennetts?

Arlo: You killed Coover.

Now your aunt is dead.

You suppose that's a coincidence, lawman?

Raylan: No, I don't.

So, you're gonna charge off, guns blazing, and kill 'em all?

That it?

Arlo: Not all.

Raylan: Which ones?

Arlo: Mags didn't come in here with no shotgun.

And Doyle wouldn't do this kind of thing.

Raylan: So it's just Dickie you're after, then.

Where were you?


[ Gun cocks ] Where were you?

I find it odd that she got killed at 2:00 in the morning.

Where were you?

Arlo: Hell is that supposed to mean?

Raylan: I'm just wondering where you were.

Arlo: Helen ain't dead because I wasn't here.

She's dead because you killed one of theirs.

Raylan: Stop loading your gun.

Arlo: If you cared at all about her, you'd be loading up your guns, too.

Raylan: My guns are always loaded.

Arlo: All she did for you...

Raylan: I know exactly what she did for me!

I certainly don't need to be reminded of it by you!

[ Knock on door ]

Boyd: I hope we're not interrupting.

Raylan: What the hell you doing here?

Arlo: You can come on in.

Ava: We heard what happened.

We want to offer our condolences.

Raylan: Okay, well, now you've done it.

You can be on your way.

Arlo: What kind of way is that to act?

Boyd: I know you're hurting, Raylan.

Raylan: Don't preach to me.

Boyd: Believe it or not, we come with pure intent.

Ava: Raylan, I wa...

Raylan: Don't.

Raylan: Mind leaving one of your cruisers here to keep an eye on Arlo?

Tom: I can arrange that.

Where you headed?

Raylan: Funeral home.

Tom: I'll let you know if we find anything.

Raylan: Okay.

Boyd: I'm awful sorry, Arlo.

Are you okay?

Arlo: I told you... Dickie made me.

Boyd: Raylan have any idea?

Arlo: No.

And he ain't gonna.

When Raylan finds Dickie, that doglegged son of a bitch is gonna be dead.

Aah! God! Christ, Dickie!

How the hell am I gonna explain this to Genny?

Dickie: Just say we were out hunting and I accidentally shot you.

She ain't gonna believe that sh1t.

Dickie: Sure she will.

She already doesn't like you.

I'm supposed to tell her you shot me?

Dickie: Shot by accident is the key word there, Jed... by accident.

Hey, hey.

Where you gonna hide your share of the stash, huh?

I keep mine in a little box inside the wall.

Uh, I got an old fishing kit. I keep it at the bottom.

Dickie: Ooh, ooh, ooh. Why?

Dickie: Well, Genny and your little girl ain't gonna go nosing around and finding it?

Haven't yet.

Dickie: Hang on.

Last one?

Dickie: That about does it. Yeah. Yeah.

[ Sighs ]

Dickie: Okay.

Dickie, uh, what if the they connect this back to us, the cops?

Dickie: Hey, hey.

That ain't gonna happen, man.

I cleaned up all the blood.

You saw me clean up the blood.

And there ain't no way they're gonna match up a shotgun pellet.


Because I can't do no time.

Dickie: I know. I know. Hey.

It'll be okay. All right?

Let's clean this sh1t up before your family gets home, and I'll give you a holler, all right?

Mags: So sorry, Raylan.


Your aunt and I had a lot of history.

Truth be told, I always saw a bit of myself in her, and I'd like to think she'd say the same thing.

Raylan: Mags, I want to stop you right there.

While I appreciate all that, I ain't here for sentiment.

Mags: I guess you'd better tell me what it is you do want.

Raylan: I want to see your boys.

Well, just the one boy, really.

Mags: Leave him out of this.

Raylan: I think he's responsible.

Mags: I think Helen and Arlo made my deal with Black Pike possible.

And as you can see, that deal angered a lot of folks, folks who knew your kin was paid cash for that property.

Raylan: That's the line you want to take?

Mags: Yeah, well, robberies go wrong all the time.

Raylan: Mags, where's Dickie?

Mags: Why, so you can finish the job you started 20 years ago?

Crippling him wasn't enough.

Now you want to kill him?

Raylan: I just want to talk to him.

Mags: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Of course.

Raylan: Fine. Don't help me.

But if Arlo finds him first, we both know how that'll end.

Mags: I had every intention of living a simple life...

Raising my boys, keepin' house.

Then Pervis got killed, and I... and I accepted this role, did what I had to do for my family.

I may not have lived the life I wanted, but I'll be damned if my grandchildren are gonna live it the same way.

I got Doyle's boys a path out of this holler.

And nothing is more important to me than that.

Raylan: So... where is he?

Mags: I don't know.

After he helped you find Coover, I separated myself from him.

I heard he's been staying some at Coover's.

Out of guilt or... Sadness, I do not know.

[ Vehicle door closes ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

Tom: Thought you were making funeral arrangements.

Raylan: I was. Needed a razor.

Tom: Oh, yeah. Where is it?

Raylan: Didn't have my brand.

Tom: Your father got away from us.

Used Boyd to give my man the slip.

Got any idea where they might be headed?

Raylan: Nope.

Mags: Doyle... We've got a problem.

[ Dog barking ]

Arlo: What the hell you want?

Raylan: I want you to put that gun down.

Arlo: Get the hell out of here.

Raylan: Arlo, you remember the last time you pointed a gun at me?

Put it down.

Arlo: [ Sighs ]

She hated me.

Raylan: Hmm?

Arlo: Helen.

Raylan: Oh.

Yeah, well...

Arlo: I wasn't good enough for Frances.

I was a lousy father.

Raylan: Yeah, sounds about right.

Arlo: When your mother died... you wouldn't know, never coming by... but...

I was hopeless, and Helen stepped in.

But she didn't stop with her sharp tongue, not for one damn instant.

Always snapping, needling.

One day I just barked back.

Can't remember what I said.

Something about her being a harpy, I think.

She laughed.

That was it.

Not a day went by we weren't tearing strips off each other.

But that was our dance.

No disrespect to your mother, but the last 15 years... the best of my life.

Raylan: Why did you think you could find Dickie here?

Arlo: That's all you've got to say?

Raylan: What do you want me to say?

Arlo: You haven't offered any condolences or, sh1t, even said you're sad she's dead.

Raylan: You want me to share my feelings?

Arlo: Oh, for God's sake...

Raylan: I'm sorry, Arlo.

I just don't see how me exploring my grief is gonna help me find Dickie.

So my question is, why'd you come here?

Arlo: I heard tell he might be here.

Raylan: Mags told me the same thing.

Where would you look next?

Arlo: Why would I tell you?

Raylan: I want to find him, same as you.

Arlo: Not the same as me.

You want to arrest him.

Raylan: Okay, then. Let's go.

Arlo: What? Where?

Raylan: I'm gonna haul you off to jail... drunk and disorderly.

Arlo: Heard you tell that statie you're down here as a private citizen.

Raylan: I can still arrest people, you idiot.

Arlo: You're not gonna arrest me.

Take these things off of me!

Raylan: Nick, got a live one for you.

Arlo: All right! All right!

I'll tell you what you need to know if you let me out of here.

Raylan: I'm listening.

Arlo: Go to Audry's.

Ask around.

Dickie's a regular over there.

Raylan: Thank you.

Breaking and entering, concealing a loaded weapon, D&D... take your pick.

Arlo: What?

Raylan: Get some rest, Arlo.

Arlo: I told you what you need to know!

Raylan: You have my undying gratitude.

Arlo: You shithead!


Who wants some hot chocolate?

Blow on it, baby, before you singe your tongue.

Not exactly a 14-year-old's idea of a good time, is it?

Loretta: I'm fine.

What'd you do for fun back home?

Loretta: I worked.


What was your job?

Loretta: I sold weed to kids at school.

Hey, Loretta.

You want to come play?

Just a second, honey.

I know this isn't easy, Loretta.

But we're all real glad to have you here, honey.

Loretta: Guess that's what you're supposed to say, isn't it?


But that don't mean it ain't true.

Raylan: Ellen May.

Oh. Hey.

Raylan: Hey.

How you doing, baby?

Raylan: I'm good. Thank you.

Oh. That's right.

Raylan: You don't remember me, do you?

Of course I remember you, baby.

Raylan: I was... I was here not long ago.

You were with one of the other girls and a... and a little dude with a swastika tattooed on his chest.

Ooh. That sounds kinky.

Raylan: Yeah, I bet it was, until two fellas started shooting at us.


Raylan: Right out here.

Till the chief of police came and shot and killed them both.

Right out there by that dumpster?


What are... What are you doing here?

Raylan: I'm here 'cause, um, I just......came by for a little information.


Raylan: A client of yours named Dickie Bennett.

You know, I woke up this morning, and I thought I had problems.

I-I couldn't pay my rent, I have a sick dog, and I can't find a man to save my life.

But you... you're gonna solve all my problems 'cause if I just tell you about Dickie Bennett, he's gonna come and he's gonna kill me.

Raylan: No.

No, no, no, no, no.


Raylan: That's not gonna happen. I promise.

I'm not here on official capacity, not gonna make a scene and haul you in.

I'm just looking for Dickie.

What do you want to talk to him about?

Raylan: Well, he killed my aunt.



Oh... Jed Berwind.

Raylan: Jed Berwind.


Raylan: I don't follow.

He's Dickie's shadow.

You find Jed, and you'll find Dickie.

Raylan: Thank you.


You head out now, everyone's gonna think you're a two-pump chump.

Raylan: Well, why don't you tell them for me that I was the best two pumps of your life, okay?

Oh, yeah.

All right.

Mags: Tell me it wasn't you.

Dickie: Hey. Hey.

Listen to me, mama.

I love you, and I always tried to do what you wanted.

But ever since Coover, you just ain't been thinkin' right.

Mags: I am still the head of this family!

Dickie: Yeah, and why is it, mama, that the head of this family gave away this family's territory... to Boyd Crowder, no less?

Mags: Boy, you don't know what you're talking about.

Dickie: What I know is Boyd Crowder robbed us point blank at the shed and Arlo helped him.

What I know is Boyd ran off Rodney, told him he was swinging dick around these parts.

You... you gave Boyd an inch.

He took a country mile. That's what I know.

Mags: If you had a problem, you should have come to me, like always.

Dickie: Even after you disowned me?

No, I don't think so.

No, you know, you can just go off.

Go make all your big future plans, mama.

Go on.

Get Doyle and his tads their seat in future land, tomorrow land.

I'll tell you what... I am living in the here and now in Harlan County, and I ain't about to sit by and watch while a Crowder takes and takes and takes what's ours.

Doyle: You need to watch yourself, boy.

Dickie: It's my turn now.

Mags: You want to be in charge?

Is that what this is about?

Dickie: I want what's coming to me.

Mags: Okay, Mr. President.

Dickie: I want what's coming to me.

Mags: Helen is dead.

Everybody knows that you're to blame.

Raylan's already been at the store.

What are you gonna do when he catches up to you?

Dickie: That ain't gonna happen.

We're gonna throw Raylan off that scent, give him a damn good reason to stand down.

Doyle: Yeah. How's that?

Dickie: Jed's gonna get himself killed resisting arrest.

Doyle: [ Chuckles ]

God damn.

You gonna ask that of me after everything I done for you?

Dickie: I'm gonna tell you where he's hiding his share of the money.

You find that and his shotgun and you match his blood with the drops I made sure to leave at the scene, there you have it.

Mags: Dickie, I swear, your actions jeopardize my plans in any way, I will let you swing for it.

[ Sniffles ]

Dickie: By which, I believe you mean, "that's a damn good plan you got there, my darling son."

You see the beauty in this, don't you, brother?


Do you?

Everyone will know that we hit back and won't be able to prove it, but they will know what that means.

Doyle: Jed.

Doyle. What's going on?

Doyle: Want to come on out here and talk to me?

Is that really necessary?

Doyle: Well, you can come out here and talk to me, and it'll just be you, or...

I can come inside.

You come by to apologize on behalf of your brother?

Doyle: Excuse me?

For shootin' my husband.

He ought to be locked up.

Doyle: You take a walk, Genny.

This don't concern you.

It does when you're standin' at my front door.

Doyle: I'm gonna ask you to step back into the house.

You shittin' me?

Genny, go on back inside now.

Every one of you Bennetts are crazy, aren't you?

Doyle: I ain't gonna ask you again, Genny.

Do what he says.

What are you gonna do?

You gonna shoot me? Is that it?

Raylan: Well, this looks like a lot of fun.

Ma'am... deputy U.S. marshal.

I want you to go inside your home and shut the door right now.

Not you, jed.

No, no, no.

[ Sighs ]

So, what's the plan... kill jed, pin Helen's murder on him, Dickie gets off?

Doyle: You joking?

Raylan: I pat you down, I ain't gonna find a throwdown?

Doyle: Well... you even try to pat me down, I'll kill you.

Raylan: It was rhetorical.

Can I go on inside now?

Raylan: No, jed, you cannot.

You can stand right there.

Keep your hands where we can see them.

Don't want to give quick draw McGraw any provocation.

Are we done here?

Doyle: Yeah.

Ain't nothing can't wait.

Raylan: Now we can go inside.

[ Engine turns over ]

Raylan: Jed, I know you were there with Dickie last night when Helen was murdered.

And before you deny it, they found blood at the crime scene.

And I can see plain as day you're favoring that arm.

Now, if that blood matches yours... and I'm gonna bet my left nut that it does... you're gonna go away for the rest of your life.

Unless you didn't pull the trigger.

Then maybe there's a way you can watch your daughter grow up and keep sleeping with your wife.

Doyle was gonna kill you.

You know that, right?

Talking to me is the only way you get out of this alive.

I need to know you can protect me and my family.

Raylan: Was it Dickie?

And you were there?


We're gonna take you in.

You're gonna get this all down on record.

But before that happens, I need you to just tell me where I can find Dickie.

I don't know.

Raylan: The quicker I find him and get him into custody, the safer you and your family are.

Bennetts got what, 50 drying sheds across a thousand acres?

Dickie could be in any one of 'em.

I'm gonna testify.

But you got to find him on your own.

For what it's worth, it wasn't supposed to be her.

We were there for Arlo for what he and Boyd done to Dickie and all.

Raylan: What the hell is that supposed to mean, "what he and Boyd done to Dickie"?


What was that bullshit you once said about your outlaw days being behind you?

Boyd: I think you need to calm down, Raylan.

Raylan: Give me one reason why I shouldn't come up there and kick the living sh1t out of you.

Boyd: I'll give you 15 reasons in the mag and 1 in the chamber.

Raylan: You sure you can hit me from there?

Boyd: It's either me or the four people inside this house with their guns already pointed at you.

Ava: Is there a problem?

Raylan: Ava, get inside the house.

Ava: No, I don't think I will.

This is my home.

Raylan: Well, you both make very good points.

Boyd: Raylan, I know you're angry.

I know you're frustrated.

And if I am in any way responsible for what is transpired, what has happened to Helen, I am truly sorry.

But I'm not the man who pulled that trigger, Raylan.

Raylan: I can't find him.

Boyd: Well, we could draw him out.

Raylan: How would we do that... take you to the middle of town, tie you to a tree, and wait?

Boyd: Well, I'm glad to see you found your sense of humor.

Raylan: I ain't joking, Boyd.

Boyd: I'm talking about going to Mags, Raylan, getting her to give him up.

Raylan: I tried that. She won't.

Boyd: That's 'cause you didn't play your ace in the hole, my friend.

Raylan: Which is?

Boyd: Black pike.

Raylan: What about it?

Boyd: Hands have been shaken, but the deal hasn't closed.

Raylan: You sure about that?

Boyd: Now, when you find Dickie, if you want, you can give me a call.

Raylan: So you can take care of him for me?

Boyd: What are friends for?

Raylan: Whatever needs to happen to Dickie Bennett, I'd prefer to take care of that myself.

Boyd: Raylan?

I know you and Ava have a history and you might assume that that familiarity gives you a certain license.

Well, it don't.

That's twice you've disrespected her in my presence.

Don't let it happen a third.

Raylan: [ Sighs ]

[ Car door opens ] [ Sighs ]

[ Car door closes ]

Arlo: You come to get me out of here?

Raylan: One condition.

Arlo: Oh, sh1t.

Raylan: You go to Mags, take your property back from her, give it to black pike.

Arlo: What?

Raylan: You heard me.

Arlo: I can't do that.

Deal's already done.

Raylan: No, no, no. You can.

I checked.

Carol Johnson... you remember her, pretty red head... says escrow hasn't closed.

Property is still technically yours.

So you will go to Mags, and unless she gives up Dickie, back out, destroy the whole deal.

Arlo: No, I don't think I will.

Raylan: I don't understand you, Arlo.

Not for the life of me.

Arlo: I ain't giving back 150 grand.

Raylan: Why not?

Helen's life ain't worth that to you?

Arlo: I don't need you to arrest Dickie.

Let me out of here.

I'll find him, kill him myself for nothing.

Raylan: Sure you will. Mm.

All this time knowing her blood was on your hands.

Arlo: My hands?

You killed a Bennett!

Raylan: Now you won't give up your payday so you can get her killer.



Raylan: I'm sorry.

Can't let you hurt a prisoner.

Raylan: You're right.

It won't happen again.

He's gonna be all right.

As long as he does what's right!

Now, let me talk to you in a language I think you can understand.

Think of this as a business deal.

If I take down Dickie, you and Boyd can have free rein over all of Harlan county.

Arlo: Don't matter what I do.

Mags won't give Dickie up.

Raylan: Yes, she will.

[ Door opens ]

Arlo Givens is outside.

Mags: Alone?

He wouldn't say what he wanted.

Bring him on in.

Mags: It's okay. You can go.

Arlo: Hello, Maggie.

Mags: Wondered how long it would be before you came to my door.

You want a drink?

Arlo: You know I do.

Mags: You understand I didn't have nothin' to do with it.

Helen and I had called a truce.

Arlo: [ Sniffs ]

If you say so.

But you still got to answer for Dickie.

Mags: He's claiming you ripped him off.

Arlo: We did, with cause.

Dickie came to Boyd, reneged on the deal you made.

Boyd took offense.

Mags: Boyd should have come to me.

You should have come to me.

Arlo: We all had the sense you'd stepped back from the life, with your mine deal.

Mags: You want me to give up my son to you?

It came to it, you'd do the same to Raylan?

Arlo: Either you tell me where Dickie's at, or I back out of the deal with black pike.

Mags: You're too late for that.

Arlo: No, I ain't.

And you know it.

Pot trade ain't what it used to be.

Without that deal, you got nothing.

Mags: What'll you do if you get him?

Arlo: I'd kill him.

But it ain't my decision.

Mags: Raylan sent you?

Arlo: Wanted me to ask you, what's the future worth?

Dickie: You get it done?

Doyle: Ah, it didn't work out.

[ Car door closes ]

[ Footsteps approach ]

I had no choice, Dick.

Dickie: Mama know about this?

Raylan: She's the one who gave you up.

Seems you ain't worth protecting.

Doyle: Oh, God damn it, Raylan.

Raylan: Let's go, Doyle.

You made a deal.

Doyle: I'm gonna need you to turn around, Dick.

Behind your back.

All right, let's go.

Hope you're satisfied.

Start walking.

Dickie: [ Sobbing ] You don't have to do this, Raylan.

Raylan: What did you say?

Dickie: I said... I said, you don't... you have to do this, Raylan!

Raylan: Of course I do.

This is who we are, Dickie.

This is who we've always been.

Givens, Bennetts... going on what?

Nearly a hundred years now.

And this is how it ends.

Dickie: It can just end.

It don't have to be like this... with handcuffs in the woods in the middle of the night.

Raylan: You walked into my father's home and executed Helen in her goddamn bathrobe.

Dickie: No, that was not the way it went down, Raylan.

Nobody executed her.

She died because she had a shotgun pointed at us and she wouldn't listen.

When I told her to put the gun down, Ray... I told her over and over again, "put the damn gun down," but she wouldn't listen, Raylan.

You know how she was, Raylan!

Raylan: Don't talk about her like you knew her.

You didn't know sh1t about her.

That woman saved my life.

Did you know that?

Criminal for a father, working a deep mine, wondering...

What on earth could come along and save me?

Helen did.

She told me to leave this place behind, be better than Arlo, and she gave me the money to do it.

That woman raised her dead sister's kid like he was her own because...

God damn you, Dickie.

Thanks for coming.

Winona: Mm-hmm.

It's peaceful.

So quiet.

Raylan: Under different circumstances, I'm sure plenty of people could have been happy here.

Winona: I'm so sorry, Raylan.

[ Footsteps approach ]

Ava: Mr. Givens.

She had no regrets.

Knew the life she'd chosen.

She wouldn't have done it any other way.

Lord, our God, you are the source of life.

In you, we live and move and have our being.

Keep us in life and death in your love, and, by your grace, lead us to your kingdom, through your your son, Jesus Christ.

Winona: He's very sweet.

Raylan: [ Sighs ]

Winona: We can stay if you want.

Raylan: No.

Winona: Oh? Okay.

Raylan: I want to leave right now, with you.

Raylan: Tom.

Tom: Raylan.

Raylan: You missed all the fun, but I think there's some food if you're still hungry.

Tom: No, thanks.

Raylan: This is Winona.

Winona: How do you do?

Tom: Ma'am.

Raylan: What brings you here?

Tom: Raylan, I need a moment with you.

Raylan: Here and now is good.

Tom: Okay.

Jed Berwind had a visitor a few hours ago.

And shortly after she left, he recanted his statement.

Said he lied about everything, that he was the one that killed Helen, and that you coerced him into implicating Dickie, says the Bennetts had nothing to do with it.

Raylan: Who was the visitor?

Tom: We're looking into that.

[ Buzzer ]

Mags: I'm... I'm sorry, Dickie.

Couldn't let your troubles interfere with what had to be done.

The deal's all closed.

Ain't nobody can touch it now.

Doyle's family's on their way to our property up north.

The future will be theirs... And theirs alone.

You see, son, you were right.

[ Laughing ] I don't know who I was kidding.

Can you see your old mama sitting on some suburb porch cashing dividend checks?


This is where I belong.

Dickie: [ Voice breaking ] He put a gun to my head, mama.

Mags: Oh, I know, honey.

I know.

We'll take care of all that.

Don't you worry.

We'll take care of everything.