14x02 - Rough and Tumble

What does it matter George?

Well, it's a bit troubling, sir.

I mean, she's a lawyer, I'm just a constable.

And an author.

Sadly sir, not an occupation that pays terribly well.

George, I highly doubt Miss Newsome is after you for your money.

Take Doctor Ogden and myself.

I am just a policeman - and she's...

- She's a surgeon.

- Yes.

- And a psychiatrist.

- Yes.

- And a coroner...

sir, I'd wager there is nothing that woman can't do if she set her mind to it.

Exactly, she is very accomplished.

So by your logic, there is no reason anyone would assume that she would be interested in someone like myself.

Yes sir, but you are terribly handsome.

- Inspector, what do you think?

- About what?

About why Miss Newsome would be interested in me.

Because the world is full of mysteries, Crabtree.

Perhaps she enjoys having someone to look down on, but I suppose that could be half the bloody human race.

How long's he been here?


About half an hour.

Has anyone got him a cup of tea?

Higgins did, I believe.

Bloody hell, that's not exactly putting our best foot forward is it?

Crabtree, make yourself useful.



It's been a while.

What brings you here?

Please, have a seat.

Not good news I'm afraid.

Well, maybe I can help.

I'll get straight to the point.

It's about your son.

- John?

- Robert.


What did he do?

There's no easy way to put this, Tom.

He's under suspicion for murder.

That's ridiculous.

I'm afraid it isn't.

We have an eyewitness.

I don't care what you have.

My son is not a murderer.

Look, let me talk to him.

I'll sort this out.

- I can't do that.

- Why not?

Because I don't know where he is.

He's on the run, Tom.

I'm only telling you this out of courtesy.

As far as the Hamilton Constabulary are concerned your son is a wanted and dangerous man.

That was Inspector Dreadnaught of the Hamilton Constabulary was it not?

You win a biscuit, Murdoch.

Is there something he needs our help with?

Is there something you need?

If there was I would have bloody well told you.

He's in a foul mood.

- Indeed.

- Sir.

- Yes?

- I appreciate your words, earlier.

I've been thinking.

Perhaps Miss Newsome is my Doctor Ogden.

A woman of low standards?

I'd prefer to think of impeccable taste, sir.


- Detective Watts.

- Yes.

Find out what's been going on in Hamilton, would you?

Anything specifically?

I'm sure Hamilton is a hotbed of criminal activity.

Anything that may directly impact our Inspector.


An eventful day, George?

Not particularly.

Well, that's a blessing.

Although not good for my business.

I still don't know why you insist on defending criminals.

Well, it's safe to say, not everyone you arrest is a criminal.

So you doubt my ability?

Not yours necessarily, but not everyone in your occupation is the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Shall we eat?

Well, the meatloaf at Scott's is half price on Thursday.


The cost of a meal is hardly a gauge of its quality.

Why don't we splurge?

Oh, before we go, there's someone I'd like you to meet.


She's my new secretary.

Well, aren't we doing well.

Only three months into the business and hiring help already.

Dorothy, this is my friend, George Crabtree.


Dorothy, my new secretary.

Mr. Crabtree, pleased to meet you.


What an unusual name.

A pleasure to meet you, none the less.

- You...

- Yes?


Well if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Miss Newsome has shown me such kindness.

- And I would like to repay it...

- Do I know you?

What a curious thing to say.

I don't think so.

I mean, how would we possibly know one another?

But if you would like to get to know me it would be my pleasure.

Well, George, shall we?

It seems I do have an urge for half-priced meatloaf.




Oh, don't thank me, I didn't do a thing.

Who then?

Guilty as charged.

I hope you like it.

Mrs. Huckabee, this is hardly necessary...

Oh, shush.

And how many times do I have to tell you, it's Goldie.

And I just can't tell you how sorry I am.

I've been horrible to you.

Accusing you of my poor Raymond's murder when you had not a sausage to do with it.

Well, all's well that ends well.

It didn't end well for...

I'm sorry, I see what you mean.

I'm still a little... but please.




You won't be joining us?

I can't.

But thank you so much for the invitation.

I'll be over in the morning to clear up the mess.

- That's hardly necessary.

- Oh, but it is.

Thank you so much for being such wonderful friends.

I'll see my own way out.


Did you see her prepare any of this?

I didn't.


Perhaps I'll eat something later.

You think that she did something to it?


I'm just not hungry at the moment.


It seems a shame to let it all go to waste.

- It does.

- But I'm not feeling very hungry either.

It smells all right.

It does.

You first?


It happened outside the Sword and Sheath Tavern.

A number of boys from the Wickford Academy went there.

And you let boys from a boarding school go to a public house and drink till all hours?

No different than what you and I did when we were lads, Tom.

Then what happened?

There were fights between the boarders and the local lads from time to time.

Usually nothing more than a couple bleeding lips and shiners.

And what happened to my son?


Your son and a local boy, Gerard Lacroix, had a bit of a feud going.

What was this feud about?

They simply didn't like each other.

I'd broken up fights between the two of them from time to time.

And you never told me?

The night Gerard was killed, the bartender had tossed your son out.

When Gerard left, your boy set on him.

He hit him repeatedly.

Gerard never came to.

And you arrested Bobby?

He fled the scene.

So you never talked to him.

There was a witness, Tom.

He saw the whole thing.

I'll need to talk to this witness.

- I already have.

- Well I haven't.

I need a name.

- My turf, Tom.

- And my son.

That trumps your bloody turf any day of the week.

If you won't help me, I'll find out myself.

Now George, that seems unbelievable.

- No, it isn't.

- My secretary kidnapped you?

You know that for certain?


Not for certain.

But she looks like the woman who kidnapped me.

She sounds like the woman who kidnapped me...

I thought you said she left town.

I believed she had...

All right, we'll ask her tomorrow.

Oh, right.

And what do you propose?

I just walk up to her and say "excuse me, are you the woman who held me hostage?" Effie, I think you should be careful around her.

Oh George, I shall.

Will you be providing me with a weapon?

- Don't mock me.

- I do try not to.

Look at this, Thomas, what a surprise.

It is, but a bit unexpected.

Good to see you too.

I just thought I would like to drop in.

We're having chicken.

Your favourite.

Not right now.

Then come, sit.


In a bit.

I should like to apologize - for my husband...

- Please don't.

I'm used to his manner.

- I got a bite.

- Pull.

Reel it in.

- It's a big one.

- Not boring now, is it?

It's really big.

Close enough to feel the wind as they passed, Bobby.

Detective Murdoch will win, right, Father?

I suppose anything is possible.

But it wasn't my fault.

I was reaching for it first.

I know, I know, I believe you, Bobby.

Anything troubling you?



It's just been a long day.

You're sure?

If my visit was ill-advised...

It's nothing to do with that.

Who is this?


That's Bobby.

My youngest.

I've told you about him.

I've never met him.

Where is he?

He's in Hamilton, at boarding school.

I've not seen him for a while.

And you're sure nothing's wrong?

Nothing that concerns you.

I shall not bother you, then.

I didn't mean it like that.

Have you and Margaret saved me some chicken?

Beaks and feet.

When was this taken?

A few years ago, maybe six or seven.

A handsome family.

This was circulating at the Hamilton Constabulary.

Robert Brackenreid, sir?

I'm afraid so.

The younger, young Brackenreid.

Apparently he's been on the run for the last three days.

Little Bobby.

That's hard to believe.

- The Inspector knows about this?

- I suspect he does.

What are we supposed to do?

Help him.



Miss Hart.

Should I inquire?

I'm testing for poisons.

In last night's dinner.

And have you found any?


Were you expecting to?

I don't know.


It was prepared for us by our neighbour last night.

The beef does look a little overdone.

And you think your neighbour is in the business of attempting to poison you?

Well, she did think that William killed her husband.

I see.

But it appears that my imagination is the only culprit.

- Sir?

- I'm busy, Murdoch.

- Sir, I need to speak...

- Did you not hear what I just said?

There's somewhere I need to be.

Bloody Margaret.

I beg your pardon?

She wants me to come home for lunch.

Does the woman not know I'm working?

What is it that's so important?

Look who's home!


Look, it's Bobby.

Our family's together again.

Isn't that wonderful?


Stand up.

I want to know why you're here.

I came home to see my family.

Don't lie to me.

Did you do it?


What are you talking about?

Do what?

No, I didn't.

- That's not what the police are saying.

- Thomas.

And you'd believe them over me?

What's going on here?

Thomas, what is going on.

The Hamilton Police tell me that our son - killed another boy.

- Bobby?

I got into a fight with someone.

I didn't kill him.

Then why did you run from the police?

Because they have it in for me.

They have it in for you?


Probably because of him.

Probably because the police have nothing better to do...

Oh, this is rubbish.

Why did you run from the police?

Because they would have blamed me.

And I'm right.

They are blaming me.

I hurt him, but I didn't kill him.

I swear.

He attacked me and I fought back.

Then let's go in and get this sorted out.

No, the police are protecting Pascal.

They're trying to blame me for what he did.

- Who's Pascal?

- He's the one blaming me for this.

And why are they protecting him?

Because he's a bleat.

He works with them.

I didn't do anything except get into a fight.

One I didn't even start.

You're not surrendering him to the police.

- I have to.

- No, you don't.

What you have to do is stand by your son.

He said he didn't do it.

Believe him.


He is staying here until this is sorted.

Well, that's good but I'm not certain a chemical analysis was entirely necessary.

It's better to be safe than sorry, William.


And perhaps we are being a bit hard on her.


Huckabee did seem genuine.

And how many people in your line of work have you come across that seemed genuine only to reveal themselves to be something quite different?

Have you talked to him about his son?


I'm about to.

He can't handle this alone, William.

And he won't.

Thank you.


It's all just a misunderstanding.

A somewhat serious one.

And that's why I'm going down to Hamilton to clear it up.

Not on your own you're not.

Remember who you're talking to, Murdoch.

I give the orders.

With respect, three heads are better than one.

- If your son had...

- If?

Your son is innocent, let the three of us find out.

You're an intelligent man, you have resources, please use them.

I'm in charge.

- Mr. Crabtree?

- Sweet mother of...

Can I help you?

If you are looking for something I can help you find it...


That's not necessary.

Are you sure?

It seems you wanted to go inside.

I want to know what your game is.



I have no game.

Who are you really?

I told you, I'm Dorothy Ernst.

I am years old.

I'm from Windsor Ontario and I type words per minute...


Is everything all right?

I'm not sure.

He seemed keen to get into your office, Miss Newsome.

George, I said I would look into the matter that was concerning you.

Miss Ernst.

Who are you really...

- I told you.

- George...

- I don't believe you.

- Miss Newsome, I think it's best if I resign.

It's been marvelous getting to know you...

You will not.

Well, I don't want to cause any more friction - between you and Mr. Crabtree.

- You're not.

As a matter of fact, he's doing a very good job of that on his own.

Why don't you go inside and have your lunch.

I'll be in momentarily.

- George...

- I'm sorry.

- But...

- You are very likely mistaken.

You wouldn't believe the number of times people routinely get their memories mixed up.

- I see it everyday.

- I wouldn't forget the woman who kidnapped me.

George, you may be right, but you also may be wrong.

And I have no intention to let Dorothy go without proof.

It wouldn't be fair to her.

All right.

But be...


Yes George, I got that part.

Yeah, he was one of my best customers.

Who did he come here with?

A couple of other lads.

Leo and Stitch.

Three of them thought they ran the place.

Local lads, didn't think much of them.

Was a lad named Pascal one of these locals?


Pascal Sefert.

He was a local boy.

Went to that toffee-nosed school for a time.

Did he know the dead boy?


He and Lacroix were pals.

This Lacroix, was he a troublemaker?


Had to toss him out when he got into a dust-up with young Brackenreid.

Your son.

Did you see the fight take place outside?


So you don't know if Bobby was involved?

Police said he was.

So did Pascal.

This Pascal?

Has he been around lately?

Haven't seen him since it happened.

Do you know where we could find him?

I serve them drinks.

I don't walk them home and tuck them in at night.

Told you not to come here, Tom.

Funny you thought I'd listen.

I'll be needing to talk to this Pascal lad.

Not your place to name names, Stubbs.

Let me see him.

You can't.

He accused my son of murder.

I have to see him.

I don't know where he is.

I think he left town.

Where did he go?

- I have no idea.

- You have no idea!

The boy who accused my son of murder walks away from here bold as brass.

And you have no idea?

I wouldn't tell you if I knew.

- Oh, you'll tell me.

- Sir, perhaps we should go.

Stay out of this.

All three of you.

We're fellow officers.

And you're poking your noses into places they don't belong.

Keep it up and you'll end up in my cells.

No matter who you are.

You must be Bobby.

Who are you?

Your father never said?


Nothing about you.

Who are you and what are you doing here?

I'm Nomi Johnston.

That doesn't mean anything.

I'm your half-sister.


That's a laugh.

I heard you're in some kind of trouble.

I'm sure your father will get to the bottom of this.

He already has.

He wants to turn me in.

Where'd you come from anyway?

I'll let your father explain.

I doubt that.

Besides, it doesn't matter I'm not staying long.

It's not a good idea for you to run.

Get out of my way.


- Move.

- No!



Just stop this.


You didn't think to tell me about her?

- Julia!

- Goldie.

I saw you were home.

Did you enjoy dinner?

Yes, very much so.

Oh, did you bring it to work?


It was so delicious.

I couldn't get enough.

Did Mr.

Murdoch like it?

- I believe so.

- You believe...

- Yes.

He did.

- Oh, good.



How did you warm it up?

I ate it cold.

It was still delicious.

Hot or cold.

You certainly are handy in the kitchen.

Oh, Raymond did love my cooking.

He said it would be the death of him.

He was wrong about that.

Well, let me take that off your hands.

Oh my.

Still a lot in there.

I wonder what I should do to surprise you next.

- Oh, that's hardly necessary.

- Oh don't be silly.

I am looking for ways to occupy my time.


- He was no angel, your son.

- Is that right?

But still, I have no wish to see trouble befall him.

We're hoping to speak to a couple of young Brackenreid's friends...

Stitch and Leo is what they're called...

- Did you know a Pascal?

- Pascal Sefert.

He was a student here for a time.

Why did he leave?

His parents could no longer afford the fees.

Did he remain friends with anyone here?

For a time.

But you know, at that age, they tend to drift apart.

There's one of your son's friends now.

Sir, perhaps Watts and I should speak with the boys.

Thank you.



Come here.

What's your name, son?

Leo Rawlins.

What do you want?

I want to talk to you about what happened outside the Sword and Sheath.

- I already talked to the coppers.

- Well, you didn't talk to me.

I wasn't even there when it happened.

How about your friend, Stitch?

Answer the man.

Where is he?

He took off a couple days ago.

- Where?

- I dunno.

How about Pascal Sefert, do you know him?

- Yeah.

- They're both gone?

What do you know about the boy who was killed?


He was a local.


You know they're saying Bobby Brackenreid was responsible for his death.

- That's because he was.

- How do you know that?

You just said you wasn't there.

I know that because I know Bobby Brackenreid.

Only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Go on, bugger off.

All right, we need to find those two, sharpish.

We need to find your son.


I know that.

But think about it.

Gerard Lacroix is dead, those two have gone missing.

One of them after blaming my son.

They're the ones we should be looking for.

What are you thinking, sir?

It's bloody obvious.

One of them killed Gerard Lacroix and now he's trying to pin it on Bobby.

Then why would they disappear?

It only makes them look guilty.

They look guilty because they are, Watts.


It's true, the character is based on a real person but my Aunt Gloria, Rhododendron is not her real name, - I never even knew her real name.

- Well, now you do.

It is Pearl Smythe.

Well, even if that's true I can't help you find her.

- I don't...

- Enough of your excuses.

You will help me find her or you're not leaving this room alive.

All right.

All right.

I'll tell you everything I know about her.

That's all I can promise.

Thank you, George.

And I'm sorry about the...

Sometimes I just get a little bit unhinged.

What are you doing here?

It was you.

What are you talking about?

And what are you doing in my sister's old apartment?

- Your sister?

- Yes.

My sister Amelia.

She used to live here.

Oh, okay, that's what this is about.

You think that I'm my sister.

And she kidnapped you?


She did...

That's crazy.

But that does sound like her.

I didn't know.

I'm so sorry.

She's not right in the head.

Loopy as all get out.

- So where is your sister now?

- I wouldn't know.


She thinks she's an orphan and we were raised by the same woman.

- And your mother's name?

- Alice Ernst, she died many, many, many years ago.

So what are you doing here now?

I wanted to see if she'd come back.

She always disappears but she usually comes back.

- But not this time.

- No.

It's just a funny coincidence that you and I ended up here at the same time, don't you think?

So I've heard that Pascal was a grass, that true?

A what?

A snitch.

Someone who worked with the police.

I don't know anything about that.

So it looks to me like some snitch who worked with the police is pinning a murder on my son.

- Is that true?

- I wasn't there.

- So it could be true?

- Sure.

- So where are they?

- I don't know.

- You better answer me sunshine.

- Sir!

Fine, see what you can get out of him, Murdoch.

He's worried.

It's his son.

Not an excuse.

I know.

Why would those two run?

Because they were scared of Bobby Brackenreid.

He heard that Pascal talked to the police and he went after him.

Where are they now?

I don't know.

If you know, you had best tell me.

Unless you want Bobby's father to find them first.

There's a blacksmith's shop, about two miles down Fulham Road.

- And that's where they are?

- It's what I believe.

All right then.

Let's go.

Good idea, sir.

We'll stay here in case they come back.

Fair enough.

Did you just lie to the Inspector?

- That I did.

- Driver.

Fulham Road.

But he lied to us first.

What do you mean?

The bartender didn't tell the Inspector about Pascal Sefert.

- He learned about him from someone else.

- Who?

I don't know.

Do you think he's been in communication with his son?

I hope not.

But it's best we keep an eye on things.


- Goldie.

- Julia!

How are you faring?

I haven't seen Mr. Murdoch about.

He's out of town.

On a case.


Well, that one doesn't rest much, does he?

Now my Raymond, if he got a chance to get a leg up...

oh, I'm so sorry the way that sounded.

You must be lonely.

I have much to occupy me.

Oh, pish.

I'll come over this evening.

Have a girl's night in.

- Well, as I was saying I'm very busy...

- Now stop it.

I won't hear another word.

We'll have some fun together.



Bloody Murdoch.


Cover any other possible exits.

Toronto Constabulary.

A word...

Have a seat.

We need a word.

Gerard was a friend of mine.

We lived on the same street...

I still saw him from time to time even when I was going to the Academy.

Was he a decent fellow?

He didn't like me once I started going there but when I left, we started palling around together.

He liked me better when I wasn't consorting with the toffs.

What about Gerard and Robert Brackenreid?

Did they get along?

They hated each other.


They just didn't like each other.

If Brackenreid didn't like you, you knew it.

And Gerard thought Brackenreid was a little ponce.

Made fun of him on account of his dad being a copper.

You were there the night of the fight.

I was.

Could someone else have killed Gerard?


I saw the whole thing.

Bobby started hitting him.

He looked half mad.

He didn't stop until Gerard stopped moving...

That's why we ran.

He told us if we opened our mouths we could expect the same.

And we thought he might come after us whether we opened our mouths or not.

Again, I ask, why?

Was young Brackenreid that dangerous?

Some people are just born bad.

It's not their fault.

But they just are.

And you believe what they told you?

They seemed sincere.

You believe that my boy beat another boy to death?

I believe they were involved in a fight that got out of hand.

The only way to find the truth of this is to talk to your son.

Do you have any idea how to contact him, sir?

What do you think I am, Murdoch, a bloody magician.

I don't know where he is.

Sir, how did you know Pascal Sefert was the eyewitness?

What are you talking about?

When you spoke to the bartender you asked him about Pascal Sefert.

How did you know he was the one who saw what happened?

I'm going home.

Are you sure?

If you two want to stay, you stay.

I'm off.

I suppose we're going back to Hogtown.

Be honest, do you think it's becoming?

I think it'll do for now.

- Is it settled?

- Where is he?

- Thomas?

- I need to take him in.

He needs to face this.

- No!

- Margaret.

Get out of the way!



Bloody hell!

You shouldn't have done that.

And you shouldn't believe strangers over your own son.

He said he didn't do it.

So you just let him run out onto the street.

It's better than giving him over to the police.


There are coppers out there looking for him.

- Armed coppers.

- He's our son!

And I'm trying to save him from getting himself bloody killed.

We'll talk about this later.

- What do you think you're doing?

- I'm coming.

- No you're not.

Stay out of this.

- Did he do it?

- I don't know the whole story.

- So he might have?

Stay with Margaret would you.


If it was her why would she want to make herself known to you?

Because the woman who kidnapped me was not all there, Watts.

And you know it's her?

No, I don't know.

I mean the idea of an identical twin seems far fetched but I can't say for certain.

I mean, what if she's after Effie?

The woman who kidnapped me did show me considerable affection.

Which is a problem I commonly have with women.

Well, you handle it admirably.


What is it?

- Someone reported seeing this boy.

- Where?

Near Station Street.

- Good Lord.

- Detective.

- What have you?

- Someone's spotted young Brackenreid.


I'll take George, you try and find the Inspector.

- Is there a reward?

- Was this the lad you saw or not?

It was.

Where was he going?

Down the pathway to the Don.

- Thank you.

- So there's no reward?


Has the Inspector ever spoken to you about his son, Bobby?

Sir, the Inspector doesn't speak to me much.

Although, he did say that when they were younger he and Bobby used to fish the Don together.

Good as any place to check.

And what do we do if we find them?

Our jobs.


I'm here.

I'm so sorry.

But I actually have plans this evening.

Oh, I see, all right.

- Are you all right?

- I'm fine.

- Are you sure?

- Yes, of course.

I'm sorry.

I'll just go home.

So you're all right?

I'm just so lonely, Julia.

Ever since Raymond...

We used to have such fun together...

I'm sorry to disturb you and your happy life.


Come in.

Oh no, I don't want to be a bother...

You're hardly that, now come in.

Thank you.

Are you sure?

- Yes.

- Thank you Julia.

You know, you and your husband are the only real friends I have left.

Ever since Raymond...

but enough about him.

He's dead and buried now.

Isn't that right?

Yes, I suppose.

And I suppose it's time that I put my past behind me.

Or should I say, our past?

I thought I'd find you here.

Don't move, son.

There's police all around.

And they consider you dangerous.

You have a lot better chance with me than you do with them.

Where are you two off to?

You're in Toronto, now.

This is our business.

I don't think so.

You tromped all over my territory in Hamilton.

Where are you off to?

You won't be rid of me.

After you.

I don't want to go to jail.

What happened?

Gerard was always giving me the gears and I'd had enough.

So you fought.

In the bar, yes.



I waited for him out there and we fought.

His head hit a stone.

I didn't see it.

I didn't mean to kill him.

But you ran from the police.

I was scared.

And you threatened the other boy.

I did.

It's not my fault what happened.

In the eyes of the law, it was Bobby.

I thought you'd say that.

- I should have never come home.

- Don't leave, son.

Why shouldn't I?

You want to throw me in jail for something that's not even my fault.

Go ahead, Father, throw me in jail, if that's what you want to do.

He's letting him get away.

- Let him handle this.

- No.

- Don't.

- He's a murderer.

And I hold rank.

Might be wise if you left this to us lads.

- Goodbye.

- I can't let you go.

Let me go.

I can't.

Please, please let me go.

I can't let you go.

I'll do everything I can to help you.

But I can't let you go.

The Crown Attorney is not going to pursue murder.

That's good.

What would you have done?

I would have done anything to protect my son.

Shame it wasn't enough.

- Where's Nomi?

- I sent her home.

She's not a part of this.

- Where is he?

- Murdoch's writing him up.

He's staying in Toronto.

He's going to jail?

He has to face up to what he did, Margaret.

What will happen to him?

He won't hang.

And he's still a young man.

There's a chance he could have been killed if I had let him run.

Oh, Thomas...

I'm so sorry.



- Mrs. Huckabee.

- Oh, call me Goldie.

Everyone does.

Just have a drink.

William doesn't drink.

Poor him.

- You mean poor me.


Oh, William.

Fabulous news!

Goldie found our pelican.

Somehow it ended up in our house.

I imagine Raymond must have taken it.

He was funny that way.

If he liked something, he just took it.