03x04 - Brothers

Previously, on "12 Monkeys"...

We honor time with patients.

- Open up!

- That isn't someone who's ever been anywhere she didn't wanna be.

One chance.

I can tell you how to kill the Witness.

Gentlemen, I'm splintering you to the Emerson Hotel, 2007.

You shouldn't go.

All of this is wrong.

Whatever you see is what she wants you to see.

You'll devise a plan, kill the Witness.

You gave me a butterfly.

The house, it was cedar and pine, it was our home.

James and Cassandra are the origin of the Witness.

Can you kill Cassandra Railly?


You can't outrun me, Cole.

I am outrunning you, shitbag.

You're growing faster but running slower.

That's funny, you little asshole.

Hey, Ramse, check it out.

What is that?

A library?

Do libraries have food?

No, that place probably cleared out a long time ago.

Let's check it out.

No, no.

No, it's getting dark out.

Let's head back.

We'll scope the place out tomorrow and make sure no one's around before we head inside.

I'm starving.

You can stay here if you want.

I'm going to check it out.


This whole thing could be a trap.

I mean, all this time we're after the Witness.

It's like chasing a ghost.

All of a sudden, Olivia shows up, tells us exactly when and where to find them and kill them.

It's too easy, right?

Yeah, but she also said that the Witness was gonna be surrounded by 100 of his followers.

That's not easy, right?

She was with the 12 Monkeys for her entire life.

sh1t, they're the whole reason she even had a life.

Why would she betray them?

You know, the Witness took everything from her.


When you have nothing left...

All that time you spent with the Monkeys, with her...

I mean, you'd know if this was a setup.

She wants what we want.

Miss Goines!

Get out of there at once.

The machine room is not a dormitory.

You have quarters.

Sleep there.

You sleep there, 3PO.


ends up eating his tail...

Six or seven, six of them.

What is it?

Climb the steps.

Ring the bell, and then...

This is my chair.

And this is not a zoo.

- Okay.

- What is this?

If I knew, maybe I'd be able to get a decent sleep around here.

This is an evidence board, not your portrait studio.

I have a system here.

Looks pretty random to me.

Miss Goines...

What is this image?

A dying man.


I don't know.

So the Witness is at a compound here.

We come up from the south, take out anybody position on side at the house.

Sure, but it's gonna be wellprotected.

You and me and a couple of revolvers ain't gonna get it done, we're gonna need real firepower.

Yeah, I had an idea about that.

You remember Otero?

Deacon's guy?

His dad was a gunrunner.

He used to run the whole operation out the back of a bakery.

Ha, let's get a taste, brother.

That don't look like bread, cupcake.

Who the hell are you?

Health inspector, shithead.

Surprise inspection.

Drop your gun.

- Health inspector?

- What?

I just think you could have done a little better.

- That's all.

- Well, if your plan wasn't halfbaked...

Nice, got me when I yeast expected it.

All right, buddy, you've got to stop.


Looks like you boys got some guns in the oven.

Seriously, stop.

Looks like for once Otero wasn't exaggerating.

You know Otero?

His kid.

- Danny?

- Yeah.

He's four.

Kids these days?

Look out!

Well, that plan's gone arye.

You win.

Hey, I'm gonna circle around the other way.

We get separated, meet you back at the Emerson.

You got it.


- Forget about me?

- Deacon...

You ready to get the hell out of here?

You okay?

Is Cole with you?

Nope, just me.

How are...

That's a long story.

Grab his knife.

It's this way.

How do you know that?

The mysterious Mr. We Honor Time With Patience...

- Yeah, we've met.

- His bedside manner and culinary skills are for sh1t, but he gave me directions out of here.

But we've got to move.

We don't even know what year it is.

It's 2047.

When we left, it was 2045.

Yep, but the ship is about to leave this port to God knows when, and we've got to get off now.

She had help.

How was this not foretold?

Find them.

They can't escape before our next jump...

Ready Titan.

Time to go.



Where the hell are you?

Hospital dispatch.

Hey, we're getting slammed down here in the ER.

Could you send down Dr. Cassandra Railly, please?

All right, I'll page her now.

Thank you.

Dr. Cassandra Railly to the ER.

Dr. Railly to the ER.

I thought you didn't want to see me.

I don't.

I got into your head.

But you quite literally got beneath my skin.

Some might consider us even.

We're about as even as...

Prime number?

Your brain has a rhythm to it.

The same way that fractals have...

Stop that.


Please stop talking like a super villain.

My directness makes you uncomfortable.

I stabbed you.

I pushed you into a pool.

And still you didn't break.

Only my spine.

But a couple of months in the dark, and you break wide open.

You think I'm proud of that?

No, I think you're unbreakable.

That's what makes me uncomfortable.

Because of you, my friend is on a mission, and now I'm having these nightmares.

Someone is gonna die, right?

What makes you think I have answers for you?

Because you know everything.

Yet here I am locked up.

I was locked up once, not by choice.

But you...

I don't think you've ever spent a day anywhere that wasn't exactly where you wanted to be.

Heyya, ladies.

Do me a favor.

Point those boom sticks right at her temple.

Itchy fingers right on the trigger.

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

I'm having trouble sleeping.

And I want you to tell me a story that's gonna make the nightmares go away.

Dr. Cassandra Railly to the ER.

Dr. Railly to the ER.

What are they paging her for?




Dr. Cassandra Railly to the ER.

Where the hell were you?

There was this other guy.

I started chasing after him.

We got into a scuffle.

He gets loose.

I got lost.

You know, sh1t happens.

That was hours ago.

I got lost, okay?

I saw Penn Station, then I got on a train, and before I knew it, I was going downtown.

You went to see your mother?

Are you out of your goddamned mind?

Good old Roberta.

What did she say?


Never saw her.

I never went in.

Just being close enough where I could almost knock on the door, you know, almost see her face, that was good enough for me.

Should be for you too, buddy.

You know Cassie's somewhere here in New York, right?

You should take a couple hours and go to see her.

I'll go with you.

I'm pretty sure Jones would kill me if she knew I was even thinking about it.

Anyway, Cassie doesn't even know me yet.

I think you owe it to yourself.

You might not get a second opportunity.


No, I don't need to go screwing up her life just yet.

She's got enough on her plate right now as it is.

Like what?

Winter of '07, there was an outbreak at some community center in New Jersey...

Parsippany Community Center.

Anyway, she was there for months, sounded awful.

That's that, then.

We don't go.

I'm not staying here.

That makes two of us.

- Okay.

- All right.





Find your son.

You remember what you were saying about...

About that it might be a trap?


What changed your mind?

I'm just thinking about her.

I'm thinking about...

About Olivia, that the...

the smart play is, we've got to plan for it.

Look, right here there's a rest stop a mile out from the compound.

You drop me off right here.

And I go the rest of the way on foot.

I'll suss it out, see if there's a trap.

If there is, I'll fire off two shots.

- You've got one.

- Just like old times.


What do you got?

What'd you come for?

This is my spot.



You sure you want to do this?

Like this?

Splitting up?

It's the only way, brother.

About time we set things straight.

See you on the other side.

I know this area.

The facility's not that far.

What the hell did they want with us anyway?

Why'd they keep us locked up for so long?

It doesn't matter now.

What the hell happened to you in there?

The Mother is gone.

If we were able to undo her escape...

I thought the suits only were to be used for the protection of the Witness.

If we alter Titan's timeline to retrieve Cassandra Railly, it could have a serious impact.

No, of course, you're right.

And there will be repercussions, naturally.

There's already unrest amongst some of the faithful.

Aside from Olivia, I don't know of any.

We destroyed her camp.

It's doubtful she's still alive.

My sister has certainly caused enough damage.

And if the faithful are aware the Mother has gone...

Don't tell them.

Secrets are delicate and tenuous.

The Witness' return is imminent.

Let the faithful regale in that.

I must execute everyone involved in her imprisonment.

I mean, besides yourself.

Of course.

This ought to be interesting, showing up a year later.

Two years for them.

My God.

It's been destroyed.

I've seen a dying man, or woman.

Is it Cole?


I'm not the one who can see the future, Jennifer.

You tell me.

- This mission is a trap.

- Life is a trap.

What we decide moment to moment determines our survival.

How's that working for you?

I'd call it misfortune.

You smell that?


Ladies, you smell that?

Ooh, hose this one down, 'cause she's covered in bullshit.

- Jennifer.

- Horse puckey.



Hooey and poppycock.

You've got plans inside plans.

You've got lies to explain lies.


your spirit animal is Turducken.

Not everyone gets to be Primary.

The rest of us are doomed to juggle eventualities.

And when the music stops and the balls drop, all you have left is the one in your head.

There is no script.

There is no plan.

- There is no...

- Map.


You had one.

I saw it.

A road map through time complete with expiration dates.

"Word of the Witness." His whole history.

If you're really trying to help us, why didn't you tell Jones about it?

Because it's a riddle, the code where the cypher exists in one man's mind.

No, no.

You're holding back.

You're scared.

You're afraid if this mission goes bad...

the map is your bargaining chip, something else to offer... to save your life.

Juggle, juggle, juggle.

- I'm only human.

- Yeah, but you're not.

That's a lie.

If something happens to my friends, you're gonna need more than a map to save you.

And you're listening to Central New Jersey's allnews station.

It's time for Traffic on the Ones.

An accident on 287 north of Parsippany has one northbound lane closed all the way out past...

Thought you were gonna get some sleep, Dr. Railly.

I thought so too, but they called me back in.

You should try being a little harder to find.

I'm a firstyear resident.

I'm not allowed to be hard to find.

She's not coming.

Toss it.

No outbreak?

There's an outbreak.

It's just three states away.

So when did you know?

I knew the second you showed up with Olivia.

But I wanted to believe you.

I always want to believe you.

And you always let me down.

I always let you down?

I gave you chance after chance to tell me the truth.

And you never did.

And then you asked me about Cassie.

And I knew.

So I gave you one last chance.

I gave you this place.

Hey, Ramse, check it out.

I never noticed the sign that day.

I was busy... saving your life!


You remember what you said to me that day?

That was the first time you called me brother.

You said we were family.

I loved you for that.

What about your other family?

You and Cassie in 1957, the house of cedar and pine.

How do you know about that?

Olivia tell you that?

She told me the truth.

She told you the truth?

This whole mission's a lie.

I didn't come here to kill the Witness.

I came here to make sure he was never born.

I came here to kill his mother.

The Witness...

is your son.

There is no way anybody could have survived this.


We should have never left Titan.

We should have found the Witness and slit his goddamn throat when we had the chance.

- We don't know that...

- That they lost?

Are you sure about that?

Welcome home.

This can't be how it ends.

What are you doing?

There is nothing down there that you want to see.

There has to be.


A way home.

I know that wall.

And that wasn't there before.


That's bullshit.

That's crazy.

Is it?

Think about it.


We were together, but I...

I undid it.

It never happened.

Your Army of the 12 Monkeys, Titan, the virus, the Witness, Sam.

It starts with you, brother, you and her.

- What?

- Why do you think you're still alive all those times they could have taken you out?

No, no.

They were protecting you and Cassie.

They wanted that baby born.

That's why they took her to Titan.

It's got to make sense now, brother.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was trying to protect you.

I didn't think you could handle it.

Let me kill her.

Stop it.

You'll never know.

I kill her, everything will reset.


One life for 7 billion...

You don't get to say that to me!






Ramse, stop!

God damn it.

Why couldn't you just trust me?

I always trusted you.

Jesus Christ.

We always...

try to do the right thing.

We just end up doing it the wrong way, right?


I'm gonna fix this.


don't undo this.

Promise me...

Don't want to undo this.

You're on your own, brother.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.


I'll see you soon.




I know I'm not supposed to be here.

You're hurt.

Let's get you inside.

I don't think I can do this alone.

I need you to come home, Cassie.


Okay, I'm gonna find someone to help you.

Wait right here.

How do you know that this was meant for you?

I know.

You... you okay?

Keep digging.

What is it?

Our way home.

Are you hurt?

What happened?

Mr. Cole, where's Mr. Ramse?

He didn't make it.

Cole, you're alive.

My God.

Are you okay?

Okay, wait, as much as I would love you to blast their brains all over the walls, she knows something.

There's something real.

Cole, Cole, Cole...

There's a map, and it's about the red forest and everything.

We can use it.


He told you.

And you chose her.

You're gonna need me.

For what?

To find your son.

Your secret's safe with me.

I'm home.