03x10 - Witness

"There once was a serpent...

"who only traveled one direction.

"Always forward, never backward.

"Until one day, the serpent came upon a demon." What's it mean?

I don't know.

I didn't write it.

What's she look like?

They say she's pale.

Like a corpse.

Black eyes hidden behind long, stringy hair.

Like in one of those Japanese ghost movies.

In there.



Aw, hell.

Just a bloody bag lady.


Chocolate ones are good.

We heard you're a spook, not a squatter.

I'm a lot of things, kiddo.

Brainiac mental patient, CEO/corporate terrorist, future-psychic gypsy pirate, but I ain't no squatter, bro.


I own this place now.

Took me forever to find it.

It's complete shite.

Why do you want it?

We all have a purpose.

I'm supposed to be here.

Fate's a real bitch that way...

Rarely puts you up at the Ritz.

Any day now!

What are you waiting for?

A dying man.

I think you're too late, lady.

Or too early.

All right, shitheads.

Get out of here!

Off to Hogwarts with ya!

Here's Johnny!

- Athan...

Mother, Father, After all this time, here we are together...

at the end.

We're not here to hurt you.

This time.

You're too late.

What's done cannot be undone.

I feel nothing for you.

And there is nothing in morality or causality to stop me from killing you.

So go live your lives.

What little you have left of them.

Eliza wouldn't want you to do that.

You may have given me my name, Mother.

You will not take hers.

Mind yourself.

I remember when you came to me.

You tried to save her.

Again and again.

Your red forest...

No, Athan, it's not salvation.

- It's...

- The death of a thief!

Your words, Mother.

Not mine.

I wanted to be blind.

I didn't want to witness...

But for her...

For her, I will return to Titan.


You have a choice.

Tender words spoken by a man just years removed from picking the bones of those weaker than he.

I've denied what I'm supposed to be.





It never felt like me.

But today, it does.

And you can't stop me.

- Cassie...

- Synchronized.



- What is it?

- We have new movement.

- Where?

- London!

I have multiple time signatures.

They found him.




God save the king.

- When are we?

- It's The Blitz.

- Where is he?

- He didn't splinter.

He's gotta be here somewhere.


You'll have seconds to save her.

Or you can follow me.

It's really up to you.

No, no!

We lost them.

What happened?

Dr. Railly's signature just vanished!

What about the other two?

We don't know their temporal signature.

We only had the one suit in our possession.

So we can't track them anymore?

Are you still locked on?


We go tandem.

We can't just keep chasing him.

♪ It's all about a dream, you start off with a dollar ♪ You let her die?

You've stopped nothing.

- I will return home.

- You're right.

So what do we do now?


Listen to the voice of your daughter, Katarina.

You're a mother.

Now think like one.

The Guardians are gone.

James and Cassandra have found their son.

What would you do?

Where would you go?

Somewhere safe.


The lions are taking their cub back to their den.

There is place sacred to the men like my brother...

Their home.

A house.

Of cedar and pine.

The origin of the Witness.

The moment itself exists outside causality.

The house is real, right?



I can give you the location, but for the exact when...

I'll need something from you.

Why don't you sit down, make yourself at home?

When are we exactly?

December 26, 1959.

Right after I undid our lives here.

This would've been your home.

Chased through time by sentimentalists.

Sit down, you little sh1t.

So what happens now?

A scolding?

A lecture, perhaps.

I'm about to be talked wit and wisdom by two people younger and less traveled than myself.

There's a turnout for the books.

I thought you were inevitable.


Every little kick was like...

a knife in my heart.

When you left me, I felt...


But then I saw you.

Only for a second.

You were crying.

And small.

And I knew that you were...



You were nothing.

Not yet.

Whoever you are today is not who you have to be tomorrow.



But that's all I know.

That's all Magdalena and Sebastian taught me.

"Tomorrow, you will do such things." There is nothing that you can say or do, either of you, that will undermine my decision.

What are you doing?


We've been here before, you and I.

History's full of second chances.

So get it right this time.

Pull the trigger, or I will kill you both.



Please, I'm begging you.

Whatever love you have for her is the reason that you must pull the trigger.



Do it.

Cole, don't!


None of us are getting off that easy.


You had your chance.

Could've gone out...

one blink.

One happy family, time victorious.

Now I will take back all the might've-beens time has stolen from us.

It's been decades since I've done this, but this is how we were able to communicate with him.

The Witness of the future?

The one who has already returned to Titan.

The Witness who gave us orders through time.

He will try and stop me.

When are you gonna reach your threshold for batshit?

You want to send her consciousness up the time stream?

Can you find them?


Then proceed.

Where are you right now?


Show me.

Sit down.

Make yourself at home.

When is this moment?

When are we exactly?

December 26, 1959.

Right after I undid our lives here.

This would've been your home.

I know when they are.

Oh, no.

It's now.

It's here.

The end.

They're coming for me.

For you.

Ready the machine for December 26, 1959.

Roughly 1900 hours.



Deacon and I shall go.

Hannah, we need a team of your best.

Let's go!

Grab your weapons.

Thank you for everything.

I'm afraid I can't leave you here unattended.

I understand.

Initiate splinter sequence.

You're in great danger.

Nothing is written.

When I was in Titan, there was a room...

Filled with pieces of your life.

It's broken.

It's stuck.

She gave it to you to remind you that...

There's only now.

There's only today.

Too late.


We're okay.



So this is all that is left for us.

Killing one another for what we believe?

When I first met you, I had nothing.

You're the one who gave me something to believe in.


That the life of one is not worth that of seven billion.

Was to you.

Deacon still hasn't splintered in.

Something wrong with the machine?

We can't wait for him.

This ends today.


What are you doing?

- Upgrading.

- Just use the bloody suit.

They'll never stop chasing us.

Mr. Cole!

What happens next happens last.

Listen to me.

These people are you family.

You've known them a lot longer than I.

Let me go.

I never knew my mother.

My dad used to say a thing...

"The only failure is giving up." What shall it be, Mr.


You can't have him!

I told you.

My family have come for me.

They're coming for him.

No matter what happens, we have to stop him.



What are you doing?

Go someplace safe.




I'm begging you.

Mother to mother.

Don't do this.


I'm sorry.


We're still here.

What have we done?

Don't come back for me.


Cassandra, come out!

Did you find your son?

Yes, but...

he was shot.

The suit malfunctioned, I think it triggered immolation, but we can go back.

- Use Titan to...

- The Witness...

is dead?



You wanted me to save him.


I wanted you to find him.

Take them.

Burn down the house.

It's served its purpose.




You told me the Witness would always be there for me.

You lied.

I'm afraid I can't leave you here unattended.

I understand.

Initiate splinter sequence.

Match coordinates.

Follow sequence.

The Daughters...

A rather maudlin name for a tribe of savages, don't you think?

Mr. Deacon?

Mr. Deacon, is something wrong?


That is not a woman.

It's a chameleon.

Whatever you see is what she wants you to see.

That isn't someone who's ever been anywhere she didn't want to be.

Is that what you think I'm doing here?

Playing God?

Playing God lacks ambition.

Why play at something when you can simply become it?

It's unnatural.

No one should have strength like this.

This isn't science; it's witchcraft.

Fire alarm.

Olivia's cell.

Nothing stays in a box forever.

There's an expression I'm fond of...

One I teach those who follow me.

We honor time...

With patience.

That's what this was?

Just a long con.

What were you made to be?


Look what they've turned you into.



Everything that you are is wasted on them.

Not on me.

I can give you the location.

But for the exact when, I'll need something from you.

Initiate splinter sequence.

It worked?

I found him.

At last, the day is upon us.

The hour of reckoning.

The moment of return.

And I know that many of you have doubted and feared and waited in great anticipation in this timeless place, but wait no more.

For the Witness has returned.


Show me your face.

Katarina shot Athan Cole just as his suit initiated immolation.

We have confirmed the sequence.

The Witness is dead.

Not long ago, I stood on a hill and watched the skies turn red.

I saw the storms...

My purpose...

All I'd ever known...

Rushing toward me.

For a moment, I was humbled...

And I closed my eyes, felt the winds of time against my face.

And then...

It washed away.

Storms weren't proof of the Witness's power.

They were evidence of his failure.

And I thought to myself...

"Well, sh1t, if you want something done right"...

I was a fool to trust you.

No, Katarina.

You were the equal who made me better.

You did what I couldn't.

You killed the Witness.

Ramse, Sam...

It was all a game to you.

Your brother was proof of concept.

When you returned without him, I knew I'd found the very weapon I needed to eliminate the Guardians.

Only the mother could find the son.

You were never a fool, Katarina.

You were just beaten.

Now I will fulfill my purpose.

Free of you.

- Agh!

- No!

And free of him!

From the beginning, the Witness was nothing more than a dying man.

The Witness shall never return.

Save the dying man.

Save the dying man.

Save the dying man.

I'm the dying man.


I'm the dying man.


The mausoleum...

She waits for me there.

Athan is the dying man.

Athan is the dying man.

Go get help!


It's okay.

It's okay.

I'm here.

I'm here.




No one's gonna die.

Not them.

Not you.

No dying.

I'm here.

No dying!

What is this?

You're Primary.

You can see time, right?

Glimpses, windows.

Back to front...

like me.

So let's fast forward.

Skip to the good part.

It's all right.

Keep going.

Just a little bit further.

We can do the middle later.

You're up?

Thank you...

for everything.

It's time.


Time to go!

Just had the bloody thing fixed as well.

- Athan, are you okay?

- It's just the suit.

- Oh, sh1t.

- This is the part where we run.

James, Athan, go!

This is yours now.

I'll hold them off.

They'll kill you.

This is where I'm meant to be.


I wish I could've known you.

Another life.


Come on!

Come on, we're getting out of here together.


- What are you doing?

- This is your window.

Nothing is written.

Now go.



- Athan...

- Please, Mother, go.

I'll see you soon.




Come on!

Cassie, come on!

All right...

Let's play nice.

You know, it's so hard to tell you guys apart.

Is that Roger?

Where are they?

Better run.

You two...

take him to Olivia.

The rest of you, come with me.



Well, I love what you've done with the place.

It's a remarkable collection.

I'm almost flattered.

I've always wondered...

Why the mask?

If you're gonna promise death, best look the part.

Now, I supposed...

That's your job.

Surely you've realized by now.

Took me so long to see it.

The thing I believed I was meant to become...

A sad, lonely, demon at the end of time...

Was never me.

Ensuring my own creation meant ensuring yours.

The promise of a timeless realm.

The deceiver...

It was always you, Olivia.


I haven't done those things.

Not yet.

But you will.


I haven't given orders through time.


I prayed to you.

I worshipped...



You are the Witness.

No, that's where you're wrong.

But I witnessed.

It just took her for me to see.

Life isn't measured by clocks.

And though you have an army at your back...

You are alone.

That is why you will lose.

Air raid siren This is an international multicast from the American CDC.

Doctors at the Baltimore CDC are working day and night to develop a vaccine.

We won't stop until we have one, but we can't do it alone.

If you're one of the immune, you're vital to our research.

The suit's repair is complete.

I'm going to have to leave you now.

I must return to Titan.


For James and Cassandra.

You'll need them.

And they'll need you.

How does one stop what never began?

I think you're the answer, Jennifer.

I'm not like you.

I can't see the whole puzzle.

I don't know what all this means.

You are not like me.

You are better.

Whatever these are...

These symbols.

This is your mission now.

Athan Cole is dead.

His cycle begets our own, and together, we will begin another.

We will have our forest.

Our peace.

Our eternal now.

I will make for you what he could not.

But first...

We shall destroy our enemies where they live.

You wanted the Witness to return.

She has.

The Witness is safe!

The Witness is safe!

The Witness is safe!

It's the beginning...

Beginning of the end.

They're coming for us.

When the four travelers went in search of the witch, "she had seen them coming, and so sent the winged monkeys after them." All right, James.

Bedtime for Bonzo.

Keep going.

I know there's more.

Yeah, there's the whole ending here.

What's that?

Let's see here.

"There once was a serpent...

"who only traveled one direction.

"Always forward, never backward.

"Until one day, the serpent came upon a demon." What's it mean?

I don't know.

I didn't write it.

Who did?

Your mother.