06x21 - 10 Years Later

Hey guys! I'm Josh Horowitz welcoming you to a very special reunion.

Nine years ago, 'Teen Wolf' premiered on MTV and a fandom was born.

This reunion is for you guys.

So let's get right to it and bring this pack back together.


Jeff Davis, creator of 'Teen Wolf',

- say hey!
- Hey, how's it going?

[JOSH] We have Max Carver in the house.

- Hey, Max!
- Yeah!

[JOSH] Charlie Carver, say hey!

Arden Cho is with us, of course.

Goes by Coach, but he also goes by Orny Adams.

- Hey, Orny.
- Yeah!

[JOSH] Ian Bohen aka Peter Hale is with us.

Hello hello.

[JOSH] Khylin Rhambo, say hi.

- Dylan Sprayberry.
- Hey.

[JOSH] Cody Christian is with us, of course.

Shelley Hennig. Hello.

- Hello.
- Hey hey.

- Melissa Ponzio.
- Yeah!

[JOSH] Sheriff Stilinski is here.

- Linden Ashby.
- Yeah!

[JOSH] We couldn't do this without Holland Roden.

- Hi, Holland!
- Hi.

[JOSH] We have Stiles Stilinski here.

- Dylan O'Brien.
- Epic.


And you can't do 'Teen Wolf' without this guy,

- Scott McCall, Tyler Posey.

[TYLER] This is so cool.

Well, that's all the time we have.

- I'm sorry, guys.

- Good, it was good seeing you, guys.
- Peace.

- Okay.
- This is awesome.

Before we get into the actual conversation,

I do want to tell the audience that this reunion is also about giving back and supporting folks in need during this time of crisis.

So if you're able, we want you guys to please click the link to donate to FirstRespondersFirst, which will provide essential supplies, resources and equipment needed for protecting frontline health care workers and their patients.

Good cause. There you go.

So, Tyler, I feel like you're kind of responsible for this.

We all noticed your tweet from a couple months back.

I'm gonna quote it here.

"Hey, MTV, I think it's time to bring 'Teen Wolf' back for new episodes.

First 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation', now

'Teen Wolf' High School Reunion.

I'm ready, and , so it's an appropriate age".

So, this isn't exactly that, but this is the next best thing.

What was going through your head when you tweeted that?

Were you missing the gang, or what?

Yeah, I was.

I was binging 'Jersey Shore' and then I started 'Teen Wolf'.

And I don't know if it's because I haven't seen it in years but I was looking at it from such a different perspective, I cried at every single thing that you were supposed to cry at, maybe more.

And I really was really proud of every single one of us.

We really (BEEP) did a cool, really, really, really, really good job.

That's where that came from.

It's been years and I was in it, we were there,

I knew how cool it was and how hard it was and how fun and how dedicated we all were, but (BEEP) man,

I tip my hat to every single person here, and who also isn't here.

I'm really proud of us.

What's it like to just see all these faces?

This must be so surreal for all of you guys.

I'm loving it.

It's really really, really cool.

I think we probably connect more than people think that we do.

And that, just says a lot about the relationships that we formed but, you know,

Posey and I Zoom almost every week with the thing that we've got going on.

I talk to Holland all the time, Shelley.

We're still kind of like this for the most part, in my opinion.

Who else has watched the show in the last couple years?

[DYLAN] I've been revisiting a lot of the episodes.

It's such a trip, first of all, too.

I mean, it's always amazing to revisit just 'cause the memories and for me too, it's just such a special thing, it was my first thing that I ever did ever as an actor.

So, especially watching those first couple seasons too,

I was saying to T-Pose recently on the phone,

I was literally just like, "It's crazy, dude.

I'm watching you and me learn how to act on the fly".

And that's literally what it was.

You know, I always think about the show being, it was like our school, and I remember being then and starting to act but I'd never had acted before.

I just graduated and was giving it a shot,

and it was not lost on me that this was an amazing opportunity

to try to get really good at

what I wanted to be really good at.

Tyler shared that, and we were the same age,

and Tyler's energy too,

just leading the show from day one was just,

I cannot say how instrumental that is

to the entire series, and how much we all love each other.

How much heart the show had throughout.

That heartbeat was pumped by T-Pose from day one.

So we have to always bow down to Tyler for that.

Remember the first press thing that ever came

out about our show was something like "'Teen Wolf' Rounds

Out Cast with Teen Nobodies", or something like...

(LAUGHING) Nothing ever positive was,

I don't think there was a single eyebrow not raised

when our show was coming out.

[JOSH] Jeff, was this a tough show to cast?

Because as Dylan said, there was varying

degrees of experience.

How do you cast a show like this so well?

[JEFF] Chemistry.

The first person we really needed to cast was

Tyler and make sure that we have a young guy

who could play an innocent-looking teenager,

and also a werewolf that could look like

he could rip your throat out with his teeth.

We knew it was gonna be really good,

and I think the cast knew it too.

And then the day of the the network test,

when we saw Tyler and Dylan together and

knew that they had such good comic timing,

and such good rapport,

and the romance between Posey and Crystal, I thought,

"Okay, we've got a chance".

For the quote unquote, "adults"

that were on the show at the beginning,

was it weird to be working with a bunch of young people?

Were you worried about the prospect of working

with kids that were teenagers,

that were sort of still finding their way?

In the cast read through,

you go in and it was just like, I went,

"Wow, this is something".

And then I think I asked you guys if you wanted to go get a beer.


And they're like, "We can't get a beer".

At .

We were .

[DYLAN] Me and Tyler still talk about that to this day.

We loved that he asked us that and we looked

at each other and we're like, "We're !"


[JOSH] Jeff, you can speak the truth now.

Who gave you the most headaches over the years?

Who was just a nightmare?

Honestly, Tyler Posey's hair.


Just figured out how to style it. Look. Just figured it out.

I got inspiration from Shelley.

The first season, we couldn't understand it.

He looked different pre-shot.

And we started calling it a living creature.

We're gonna give it its own cast chair.


By like season three we learned,

the hair people learned how to finally do it.

My hair's so dry it needs leave-in conditioner.

Like a (BEEP) load of leave-in conditioner.

I remember Russel saying, "He looks good wet".

Yeah, so dry otherwise.

By now obviously,

you guys have worked on all sorts of different projects.

How is the 'Teen Wolf' set, in particular, different

than other kinds of shows?

The way they're run or the vibe?

[HOLLAND] It trained us really well.

It was so cold, and we had to get so many stunts

and dialogue at the same time that I feel like,

I don't know, other people have done a lot of action

on this Zoom.

So yeah, but I don't know,

I feel like really well trained coming off 'Teen Wolf'.

Cody, what about for you? Was it different?

It was an adventure, man.

This set has been, by far, one of my most favorable to be on.

It was work, but it never felt like work

and I think that's the best type of work, man.

And that's as simply as I can put it.

Everybody was on point, showed up,

did their thing, but everyone enjoyed the process so much.

No one ever wanted to leave.

And that's one of my fondest memories,

finishing a day's worth of work and then staying

on set for three to four hours just to hang

out with everybody, just to have conversation,

just to be in that sort of environment, man.

There's a certain energy, there's a certain tone on set,

you know what I mean? It was a very loving place.

So, very, very fond memories of it.

Orny, when you were hired, was it always

under the thought that you were gonna get some room

to play around with the dialogue,

that you were gonna be able to improvise?

I didn't really ask.

I just sort of did my thing.

I think there was a lot less improvising

than some people probably think.

The scripts were really tightly written.

And the actors are prepared for those lines.

So I would try and get away with stuff.

I would run lines maybe to Jeff or other writers

the night before, and maybe they got in.

But for the most part,

that show was really tightly written.

And it's a tribute to the writers.

[JOSH] I'm curious, was there a turning point

for the original cast here of when you realized

it was resonating with an audience?

Because I think back to,

I saw a bunch you guys had a bunch of Comic-Cons.

That was always a huge event.

What were the moments that really felt like, "Oh,

it feels good on the set but it's working with the audience?"

I honestly don't know, dude, it's such a blur.

It was such like a whirlwind of just working

constantly busy and flying off to somewhere

to do promotion.

It was all so much fun.

It's hard to encapsulate that moment in one moment,

but I think it was Comic-Con when we first walked out,

I think it was our second year going,

and we walked out and saw there was this massive,

I don't know how many kids were there.

Yeah, yeah.

I mean the first time we went to Comic-Con,

it was right before the show even came out, right?

We'd just done the pilot, Jeff, is that right?

- Yeah.
- We had to get snuck in.

[DYLAN] Yeah, we happened to get a slot in a big hall.

It wasn't H, was it?

Because it was empty.
It was just (BEEP) empty.

No matter what it was.

It was an empty hall.

No one knew what our show was gonna be.

And again, I don't think people had high expectations

for it or anything, and then flash forward one year later,

and all of a sudden we're just like,

getting grabbed at and stuff.

It was kind of overwhelming.

But it was cool to see that we had such a strong

kind of cults following.

How this little show that could, kind of just

hit in a way that,

I think we all sort of in our own little bubble

when we were doing it, knew it could and had faith in it,

and had faith in each other,

but to see it actually land was just (BEEP) nuts.

I would also imagine when you start to see fan art,

tattoos. How many "be your own anchor" tattoos

have you seen over the years, right?

[TYLER] The tattoos are sick.

It's amazing.

The tattoo part is really, it's amazing.

I mean, I'm sure other people have been asked,

"Can you write something down

'cause I wanna make it into a tattoo?"

I mean, our fans are hardcore.

Did you guys know that that scene,

that that line would resonate at the time?

"Be your own anchor?"

Are you surprised that the shelf life that's had

and how it means so much to so many people?

[ORNY] I have a confession.

I don't think I read a script after season two.


It's the truth.

Jeff, I'm gonna say something else

because I thought of this earlier.

I'm pretty sure I couldn't name all the characters

on the screen.

If I looked, obviously I know

that's Dylan, Stiles,


you know, but like, some of these people,

I don't even remember working with them.


And I was never gonna tell this story,

but and then I'll leave it alone.

But there were times, not only did I not read the scripts,

but I thought I was allowed not to read

the scripts because Coach had no idea what was going on

outside of his universe.

So I thought this kept it pure.

But, there was a line that I never understood in the script.

And I asked another director, a friend of mine, I said,

"I don't know what this line means".

And the director said, "Just show up on the set,

say it the way you wanna say it, and if it's wrong,

they'll correct you".

And I did it,

and it's one of the most quoted lines on the show

and the line is, "The bigger they are, the bigger they are".

And here's the thing... [JEFF] I love that.

Jeff and I got together recently and Jeff said to me,

"The minute I knew you understood your character was

when you nailed that line.

"The bigger they are, the bigger they are".

And I didn't have the heart to tell you,

Jeff, and I'm telling you right now,

I have no idea what that line means.


I think that's the beauty of it.

I think that's why it works.


Most of my direction for Orny was,

"Just have him yell it".

- [JOSH] Louder.

Orny, also I love the from you like, literally

just went on about how great the scripts were

and how tight it was and then you just said

that you didn't read any.

Well, because I read the first season and I trusted

the script and the writers, and I knew, I knew.

I mean, when people say,

"Your character's so funny on 'Teen Wolf',"

I really credit the writers because I think

it's the way they put me in that show.

The fact that people say there should be more Coach,

they're probably wrong.

The fact that there was less is why it probably works.

Okay, for the folks that did join a little bit later,

were any of you guys watching the show prior to joining?


I, man, it was so crazy.

I remember one of my best friends,

we would skate, and literally he was teaching me

how to do a skating trick.

I was just getting it.

And he was like, "Yo, what time is it?"

I think it was like eight or something.

He sprinted.

He literally just sprinted.

"I gotta go watch 'Teen Wolf'".

And I was like, "Oh my God".

So, I ended up going to watch it with him,

and then years later, I'm on the show.

I'm extremely nervous, but like everyone said, dude,

everyone's so cool, everyone's amazing.

So, that nervousness just, and it was just fun.

It was like a school, it was a vacation, it was therapy.

So it was all-encompassing for the artists

and for the audience, and glad to be a part of it for sure.

- I (BEEP) love you, dude.

[CHARLIE] There is something actually,

kind of what you just said,

the fact that you're in all of these high school sets,

I feel like, I remember joining the show

with Max and suddenly you have that mindset as both

the actor and as the character, it's like,

"Oh, I'm going back to school".

I was a kid again.

I was a kid.

I was allowed to be.

Everyone had this youthful,

just energy that was encouraged, that I actually was just,

it was a relief, and I think it was also, you know,

we were on the high school set,

but everyone was just so comfortable with themselves and just, yeah,

it was very freeing to be a part of it.

You're talking about me, right?

With the youthful thing?


- Especially with the 'stash.
- Oh that 'stash.

[SHELLEY] I don't think I knew what I was

getting myself into.

I feel like I kind of stole from what you guys started.

I just joined season three and here was all

this amazingness and I was like, "Oh my God".

I had no idea.

All I knew is that I'd heard the actors

were amazing on the show.

So I was excited about that,

because at the time, that's all I cared about.

Just cool people, a nice place to be.

And then I got there and I was like,

"Holy (BEEP), this is a proper,

incredible (BEEP) show with amazing people".

I didn't know about the fandom.

I didn't know that that was a thing.

I didn't have an Instagram when I joined 'Teen Wolf'.

Everything's just completely changed.

I think it changed a lot of our lives.

[MAX] It reminded me a lot of high school as well.

Kind of like, when I was a freshman and I'd go

into the changing room, and you're like,

"Oh, I'm in high school now".

And then everyone would just be huge,

and you're like, "Oh, oh".

- I remember the main part,

I remember getting a job and I'm like, "All right,

it's gonna chill. It's 'Teen Wolf', whatever".

And Jeff, you created

the most hyper-erotic masculine show.

I think you invented male shirtlessness on television.

[JOSH] You guys all miss the shirtless scenes?

I'm surprised no one's shirtless today.

I don't think I did a shirtless scene.

I was actually shirtless a lot.

[JEFF] Tyler will do it.

[SHELLEY] I came in that way and left that way as well.

Who do you think was shirtless the most?

Who logged the most hours?


- I think Kelley.
- I think too...


- Ryan.
- Yeah.

Arden, for you, I mean,

had you ever done that degree of stunt work

prior to coming to a project like this?

Was there a big learning curve for you?

No, I had not done that much stunt work.

I was really thrown into it.

I remember the best part of leaving set would be like,

if I have to get gas, and I'd be covered in blood,

and dirt, and I'd forget because we'd been on set for hours,

and I'm pumping the gas, and I just see

people staring at me looking at me like

I just left a murder crime scene.

I'm just like.

It's 'Teen Wolf'.

Sprayberry, who was the first person you bonded with on set?

I swear to God, if you don't say me,

I'm gonna come over to your house

and I'm gonna put my foot in your in ass!


[DYLAN] Come on over!

Oh God. Anyways.

Wow, I got all hot and sweaty.

When I auditioned for Liam, I went to the networks,

and I met Dylan and Tyler on the same day.

They came in to read with me and it was really, really fun.

But yeah, I met them and we were talking

about skateboarding, and talking about poop,

and talking about punk music, and I was or .

I literally came from school and I was so nervous.

I was the type of kid that was getting nervous

at every single audition,

shaking and just freaking out, and they made me feel so like

I was with my friends at school.

I just feel like that was even just a really big part

of why I did well.

'Cause I bomb auditions so much from just being nervous.

And it was one of the very few auditions that I ever did,

where I didn't feel nervous at all.

And it was because of them.

[DYLAN] It's always funny to hear from the actor's perspective

of how the audition goes, right?

Because I mean, it's obviously always

completely different and completely doubting yourself.

Because, Jeff, confirm if I'm wrong,

but I mean, I don't think there was a single second

that after Dyl left the room that any of us were

not looking around going,

"Yeah, I mean, that's completely the kid".

You left the room and it was over.

You walked into the room and it was over.

I remember when your mom stopped showing up.

- [DYLAN] Yeah.
- I had to really fight for that.


Who took the most stuff from the set?

Who's got swag in their house?

Wait, Dylan, you have the best one.

Yeah, Dylan do you have the Jeep?

I have the Jeep, yes, I do.

It's among other things I have,

including what I'm wearing right now,

which is the first shirt that you ever see

Stiles in on 'Teen Wolf'.

So I thought that was really,

this one was a special one to me, I wanted to keep it.

Also I love the shirt, it's awesome.

Stiles had a lot of cool shirts,

especially in the first couple seasons.

I grabbed a bunch of them but yeah,

it was important for me to take a lot of things from the show.

I mean, everyone who knows me closely,

knows that my heart lies and dies with 'Teen Wolf'.

So yeah, I mean,

there was no way I was not taking that Jeep.

Luckily there was not exactly a premium on it.

They were like, "Take it".

I want there to be a day where I'm just sitting

in a light in the jeep.

That would be a fan interaction that I would just cherish.

I mean if someone points it out, and sees it, and notices it,

I mean, it'd be so cool to me.

[TYLER] Shelley, what you got over there?


Oh, my God, amazing.

[SHELLEY] What're you talking about?

- [Tyler] Is there a full moon?

[JOSH] Something in your mouth, I think.

[SHELLEY] I'm gonna mute myself.

I don't know what you guys are talking about.


They look insane!

I've not worn them since, I'm spitting everywhere.

Did I spit on you guys?

[TYLER] Yeah, all the time.

[SHELLEY] Oh, all right.


[SHELLEY] That's what I took. That's it.

I wanted the American flag shorts

but I don't know where they went.

I took them.


[SHELLEY] You got my hair, you're wearing

my (BEEP) shorts.

Come on, Tyler, what's going on?

I'm working my way there.

I'm trying, trying hard.

I have a couple swords I think.

Arden, did you steal any swords?

No, I want one!

I wanted the belts or like the glow-up nunchucks.

I didn't get anything!

I bet I can find you the belt.

I think I'm the only person that has a map

of Beacon Hills.

I had the art department print it out.

[LINDEN] Nice.


[DYLAN] So cool.

I've got my uniform, and I've got the...

the little name thing from my desk.

[DYLAN] Yes!

I wanted the couch from my office

because I slept on that thing a lot.

[TYLER] Oh, yeah, we all did.

[LINDEN] Yeah, that was a good couch.

[TYLER] That was lunch nap couch.

Yeah, there was a lot of napping on that couch.

Shelley, do people still send you a bunch of GIFs,

like the one liners, et cetera?

Do you still see a lot of that on social media?

Of course.

I mean, there's so many good moments

that Jeff created for all of us.

I really enjoyed the "Stilia",

like the unique scenes that Dylan I got to do,

the frickin' highlighter stuff.

There's so many photos of me online with highlighters,

which if you're not a 'Teen Wolf' viewer,

you've no idea what that's about.

You're missing out.

People always want me to say "Deer".

That one line when I think Stilinski asked me

what we wanted for dinner or something and I said, "Deer".

And obviously Stiles got concerned, blah blah blah.

Who wants to nominate a favorite episode?

What episode would you guys nominate as the best

episode of 'Teen Wolf?'

Dude, there's some heavy stuff with when Dylan's going,

when he's turning void.

Like before, it gets really evil and dark,

it's really, really emotional.

Like Jeff, dude, I don't know

if it's because I'm in a different place now,

but that whole sequence, especially

when he confuses Melissa for his mom, it's beautiful.

It's sad but not, it's just beautiful.

And that I think is a contender

for one of my favorite episodes.

I've always said,

I think the episode's titled "Hotel California",

where it ends in... "Motel California".

The motel.

And, you know, he's got the gas on him and just everything

that happens intricately throughout those sequence

of episodes leading up to it, to that moment.

When I saw that on TV after having been there and read it

and all that, and then when I saw it, I was like,

"Oh, we're onto something here".

So, I think that's my favorite episode.

That was the first one that we had a "Parental Advisory".

It was like, "Viewer discretion advised". And I thought that was...

Yeah yeah yeah.

I love that script.


[JOSH] Did you read that one?

[ORNY] That's my favorite.

"Motel California".

I think for me, it's the first episode.

- [JEFF] Yeah.
- [ORNY] I agree, I agree.

[LINDEN] Because I watched that and I went, "This is (BEEP) great".


It's like, when anything works in this business, it's like,

"How did that happen?"

[JEFF] More than luck, yeah.

The hardest ones to write, but also the most fun too,

were the finales.

Trying to bring everything together.

I loved the first season finale.

I didn't even have it in the script as Tyler hits Ian,

his face sort of changes.

That was Russell's idea.

And when we did it, I was like, "Oh, this is perfect".

The finales for A and B, those were

so much fun to do.

They were so hard to do, as well.

We would often have three units shooting at the same time

and everyone like, scrambling to get it done

as quickly as possible.

But yeah, there's a special place in my heart

for the pilot, too.

So, it was those first moments of seeing just how good

they all were together.

Like Dylan saying, "No, a body of water.

Yes, dumb ass, a dead body".

And Tyler and Crystal together.

So many moments, my God. I'm getting nostalgic.

[JOSH] What about the ending?

For those of you that that were in the final scene

in the parking lot in the rain, tough to let go?

What do you remember about shooting that?

Was that the final thing shot?

The final scene was at the stages at night

in the parking lot, and it was... Who was in that?

Because I got to watch.

- [HOLLAND] Posey and I?
- [TYLER] Holland and I?

- [MELISSA] Posey.
- [SHELLEY] Yeah, Tyler and Holland.

Yeah. Me, Shelley, and Holland were all stone

or something, right?

I remember saying goodbye to everybody,

like crying with the stone makeup on my face.

I'm like picking off all these like, rocks and (BEEP)

[LINDEN] I got a confession.

I never watched the final episode.

[TYLER] Oh, that's awesome.

[LINDEN] I just was like, "Nah".

I didn't want to.


- So, it's still going on for me.

Some of you guys have talked about watching the show

in the last couple of years.

Let's see how well you remember your own show.

I'm gonna ask each of you a trivia question.

Josh, I have a technical question.

Are we taking a break now

and then announcing season seven?


Orny, we were saving that till the very end.

[ORNY] Yeah, okay.

Let's start with you Orny, actually.

[ORNY] Oh, don't because I know nothing.

I'm not even kidding.

Start with somebody else.

[JOSH] No, no, you got this. You got this.

- [TYLER] No, you can't just pull out.
- [MELISSA] Yeah, Orny.

- [HOLLAND] Do one or two.
- [MELISSA] Come on Orny, you can do it.

[JOSH] These are pretty easy.

Who does Coach hate most on the lacrosse team?


It is Greenberg.

Greenberg, correct.

To the Dylans and Tyler, what were your lacrosse numbers?




[JOSH] Correct.

- [DYLAN] Yes!
- [JOSH] Tyler, still on you.

What was the password on Scott's computer?


- [JOSH] Well done.
- Easy.

And the username.


[TYLER] Right, that was the joke.

You still want him in your pack?


[JEFF] Yes, very good, Ian.

[JOSH] Charlie and Max, can you name all the members

of the twins' original alpha pack?

[DYLAN] Oh wow.


Max, why don't you go for it?

Oh, man.

- [JEFF] I'll start you off.
- [CHARLIE] Deucalion.

[MAX] Deucalion.


[MAX] No.

- [JEFF] Kali, yeah.
- [CHARLIE] Yeah.


[MAX] Ah, (BEEP).

[MELISSA] Greenberg.

[MAX] Greenberg.

Who was the guy? Uh, no.

There's one you're not gonna guess.

- Fail. Give us a hint, Jeff.

It was Kali.

Deucalion, Ennis.

When was this?

[JOSH] There we go. We got there.

Melissa, what season does your character

first see Scott as a werewolf?

That would be season two.

[JOSH] Correct.

Shelly, how long was Malia missing from her family

when we were introduced to her?

[JEFF] I don't know that one either.


Three years?

[DYLAN] I think I know. I think I know.

[SHELLEY] Eight years?

[JOSH] Jeff?

I think it was eight, yeah.

[LINDEN] It was eight because I talked about

that this girl's been missing for eight years.

[SHELLEY] I thought she was eight she went missing?

I don't know.

[LINDEN] But then you're sixteen...

[DYLAN] I think that adds up.

- [LINDEN] I think.
- [SHELLEY] That adds up.

[JOSH] Arden, how did Kira discover her true powers?


- Why can't I...

I don't remember. I think it has something to do with Scott.

[JEFF] Come on, Arden!

Was it when she got mad?


Shoot, I don't remember.

Wait. Oh my gosh, I honestly don't remember.

I feel like it was so long ago. I'm trying to think.

Was it with the naked ladies?
The ones that went in the...

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Oh, it's when Kira gets kidnapped

and then she accidentally electrocutes that one bad guy.

[JEFF] Yes, yeah.

[JOSH] You got there.

- You made it.
- Oh, okay.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[ARDEN] Yay.

[JEFF] She starts glowing.

[ARDEN] Right, she starts glowing

and that's when Scott's like, "Whoa,

she's definitely not average or normal".

"Whoa, she's hot!"


That's what I thought.

I was like, "Whoa, she's so hot, she's glowing".

[JOSH] Holland, you're in the hot seat next.

Holland, what color is Lydia's homecoming dress

in season one?

It is champagne with a black ribbon.

[ARDEN] Ooh.

[JOSH] Very specific.


[JOSH] Wow. Well done.

I thought it was silver.

I thought it was blue-y silver color.

Allison was silver.

[JOSH] Jeff, what would you say?

What color was it exactly?

I would never argue with Holland Roden.


Ian, who brings Peter Hale back to life?


[JOSH] You got it.

Linden, I know you won't know the name

of the last episode,

what was the name of the first episode?

"Teen Wolf?"

I don't know, I never looked at the names of 'em.

[HOLLAND] "Alpha?"

[LINDEN] What was it called, Jeff?

[MELISSA] "Alpha Pack?"

[TYLER] "New Moon?"

[JEFF] Does anyone remember?

[TYLER] "New Moon?"

[JEFF] It was a moon.

[TYLER] What moon?

[MELISSA] "Full Moon?"

- [JEFF] "Wolf Moon".
- [DYLAN] "First Moon?"

[MAX] "Wolf Moon".

[DYLAN] Never would have gotten that.

[LINDEN] Oh man, I blew it.


[JEFF] I spent a lot of time writing the titles.

I titled every episode.

Khylin, do you know the title of the last episode?

Yeah, I'm definitely with Linden.

I never even read the titles.

It's definitely...

[SHELLEY] "Finale?"

[KHYLIN] "Adolescent Wolf".

Because they evolved from teenagers into adolescence.

[TYLER] Mute him.

[JEFF] Not it.

"New Horizon", something like that?

"Letharia Vulpina".


[DYLAN] I just always remember that one, I don't know why.

- [TYLER] What did you say?
- Oh, no, I was just saying random word.

I'm gonna mute my mic.

[TYLER] Are you asking Google?

Wait, what? I can't remember.

Alexa, what the (BEEP) is our show called?


[JEFF] Hey Josh, what was it?

- It was...
- "Wolves of War".

There you go.

[TYLER] "Wolves of War?"

[JEFF] Wolves of War.

[MAX] I love how you're congratulating someone for googling it.

Cody, you get the last question.

How many episodes of 'Teen Wolf' were there?

, all together?

- [JOSH] Correct, well done.
- [JEFF] .

[JOSH] Well done.

We even had a cake.

One day at the end.

They had cake versions of ourselves on the cake.

[SHELLEY] We ate ourselves.

[IAN] Yeah, we have photos on Instagram.

How many shows go episodes?

I mean that's a real milestone.

Like, to be part of a show that went episodes,

it's something I'm proud of.

Jeff, what does the future hold for 'Teen Wolf?'

Have you thought...

[JEFF] You guys have no idea how many messages I get,

"Where's season seven of 'Teen Wolf?'"

I'm like, "oh my God".

I couldn't imagine writing another episode.

Have you thought seriously about any new iteration

of 'Teen Wolf?'

Well, I know that there are entities

out there that want it,

but whether it's from me or someone else, who knows.

But, we're in a reboot culture,

so everything gets made again eventually.

Let's go around one last time,

I wanna hear from you guys about where you think

your characters would be today.



Oh, f...


[JOSH] Where's that mute button?

[DYLAN] Yeah.

[JOSH] Orny, where is Coach today?

How's he doing, what's he up to?

Still there, nothing changes.

You know, in my mind, Coach was a character that had been in

Beacon Hills for hundreds of years and just saw, you know,

these idiots cycle through every few years.

And I could give a (BEEP), I could give a (BEEP)

about any of them because in a couple years,

there'll be more people.

I mean, Coach is Beacon Hills.

[TYLER] Oh my God.

[JOSH] Shelley, where's Malia today?

Is she still with Scott, what's she up to?

Oh, right, relationship-wise.

I didn't even think about that.

I feel like she's playing both of 'em.


[DYLAN] Oh (BEEP), I gotta mute myself.

[SHELLEY] Scott and Stiles... No, I don't know.

No, I was prepared to say I've always imagined

Malia working as like, a prison guard.

Like, just likes the discipline,

likes to assert her aggressive nature.

But yeah, I think, well, you know she ended with Scott.

Maybe she's there, but maybe they're in throuple.

Or what's a foursome with Lydia.

I don't know.

We've got options, guys.

Somebody else go.

Arden, have you thought about where Kira would be?

I hope Kira's somewhere kicking (BEEP),

but I think last she was with the Skinwalkers?

[JEFF] Yes.

[ARDEN] I don't remember what happened.


[JEFF] Kira's back in Beacon Hills,

- fighting other kitsunes.
- [DYLAN] Is that true?

Did we just leave you with Skinwalkers?

Is that what happened?

[ARDEN] I think so.

I think she was like, "Be right back, Scott".

I think Kira has to do something epic though.

She had way too much power to just be like,

"I'll be right back".

- [JOSH] Yeah.
- [SHELLEY] Yeah.

We wanted to do a spin off with Kira.

Let's do it, I'm ready.

Let's hear from Dylan Sprayberry.

What do you think of Liam's future?

I feel like he was always really serious about lacrosse.

I think that was always something he intended to do.

I always kind of felt like, maybe he would have ran off

to London to go find Hayden,

his ex-girlfriend.


I always thought that'd be such like, a romantic,

you know, film-type thing to do.

Did Hayden also go to London?

[DYLAN] What?

Did she? She went to London, didn't she, or no?

- [JEFF] No.
- [CHARLIE] Everyone went to London.

[DYLAN] Did we send multiple characters to London?

I went to London.

- [SHELLEY] What's in London, Jeff?
- [TYLER] London.

[JEFF] No, Jackson ended
up in London with Ethan.


And we're still there, since you're gonna ask me anyway.

We're shacked up in that beautiful apartment.

I don't know how two
-year-olds could afford,

but we're quarantining together, making sweet, sweet love.

Things are good.

And we have a seance

for Aiden every once in a while

because Rest In Peace, brother.


Khylin, where's Mason today?

I think Mason is like, hopefully going strong with Cory.

And dude, I think he can't go back.

Like, you can't go do normal human stuff after you get

slammed by a big Berserker and turn invisible.

Nah, yeah, he's doing something like, he's like investigating.

He's super smart, smarter than me, dude.

So, I don't know.

He's probably doing some kind of like,

maybe studying like, psychology, mythology.

And just being like a Beacon Hills

beacon of wisdom. Supernatural wisdom.

That's where Mason wants to be.

Let's hear from Ian.

Ian, where's Peter?

I think Peter got so wrapped up in all the action,

and all the characters and people,

that he's probably trying to get that going again.

So, I imagine he split

to Paris and he's like, wandering around outside

the Moulin Rouge late at night,

looking to wrangle up some new gear, and then

just start the whole thing all over again.

No, no, this is "Where's Peter?"

Not, "Where's Ian?"


[IAN] I'm sorry, what?


[JOSH] Fine line.

Max, I guess we don't have a answer from you.

I mean, I guess we know the answer.

Where would you have liked him to be

if he were still around?

Alive would be nice.

[JOSH] Yeah, I guess, yeah, that's a stupid question.


[DYLAN] Again, just in reviewing the show,

Aiden's death is one of the all time greats, as well.

That scene, holy (BEEP)


[TYLER] True.

Thank God you said that.

- [DYLAN] %, right?
- [TYLER] It was (BEEP) nuts.

[DYLAN] Your guys' performance in it,

I mean, it's the whole thing, and then Holland running

out after, and just the whole...

I mean, it's an amazing scene.

It really is.

It's up there with one of the all time 'Teen Wolf' deaths,

if not possible top.

[TYLER] Might be.

[JOSH] Cody, have you thought about what happens

with, or where Theo is today?

Yeah, I'm just looking for some friends, man.


That's it.

Just a nice little pack to feel at home with.

[JOSH] He's still friends with Scott?

[CODY] Maybe, I don't know.

Maybe he's thinking about texting him, probably doesn't.

Casually run in, like "Hey, man.

You got any open spots available for me?"

Linden, how's the Sheriff?

How's Sheriff Stilinski?

Is he still protecting Beacon Hills?

Yeah, I probably just came home from the station

and cooking dinner for Melissa, and then

Scott and Stiles are coming over for dinner.

How cute.

And we're just kind of living life.

Melissa, what do you think?

Is Melissa still a nurse?

Yes, she was one of the only employees

at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital.


She's still giggin' it there.

She can't leave.

Might be a great time to mention

the frontline workers that we're supporting again.


- [CHARLIE] Melissa needs her PPEs, so donate.
- [MELISSA] Well done.

There you go, FirstRespondersFirst.

Click on that button.

[MELISSA] Wherever that button is.

- [JOSH] It's right there.
- [MELISSA] Time to click it, okay?

Click that button, y'all.

[JOSH] Do the right thing.

I think every single character spent some time

at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital

and the hospital was a character, really, on the show.

And I know that everybody wants to thank

the first responders here.

Thank you very much during this time.

We wouldn't be here without them.

Claps all the way around.

[JOSH] Definitely.

Holland, we know Lydia had been accepted to MIT.

Beyond that?

Well, obviously in ,

she's solving the corona vaccine

and telling people not to inject themselves with Lysol.

I'm gonna go ahead and put that out there.


Mr. O'Brien, where's Stiles today?

I've been thinking during this and I think I would

like for him to have like, taken over as Sheriff.

Linden, I mean, if you're cool with being retired at this point.

It hasn't been that long.

[LINDEN] No, dude, I think that that'd be great.

I think I can be retired.

You're doing it now.

Alright, so I relieved my dad.

I like the fact that I took over the Sheriff spot

for Beacon Hills and I refuse to drive a squad car,

I drive the Jeep.


[LINDEN] Bingo.

Yeah, and me and Tyler are stepbrothers

and that's what we always wanted to be.


[DYLAN] What a life.

[TYLER] It's kind of how it is now.


[TYLER] Kinda, no?

[DYLAN] Yeah, I'm a Sheriff and we're stepbrothers.


Tyler, where's Scott now?

I didn't have an answer for this because I have no idea.

Like, it'd be cool if he stayed on the path of like, the hero

and like, I don't know, the president or some (BEEP)

But I think he was pretty stressed out.

I think he needs a break.

I think he needs to live in his s for a little bit.

So, I think that he takes a little break

from everything and just goes to Hawaii,

and just like, lives there and relaxes

for (BEEP) five years or something like that?

Until he's like ?

And he has his stepbrother,

and his stepdad, and his mom there, and we're like, making

macaroni salad and barbecue,

and we're surfing. And he needs to take a step back and like,

take everything in and...

[LINDEN] Okay, I got a suggestion.

Why don't we just do this?

I'm ready.

We'll go to Hawaii, hang out,

and surf, and eat macaroni salad.

We eat, play, lunch, brother.

[TYLER] Yes, sir.

Jeff, do you know where the characters are?

I wanna hear your take.

Oh yeah, Jeff, what do you got?

Good God, I have no idea.


I imagine...

[MELISSA] You better start writing!

I imagine Scott is off somewhere leading a new pack

and leading the the world, as always.

It was always supposed to be a sort of,

"And the adventure continues", sort of storyline.

But, yes, the writer himself is taking a break.

[LINDEN] Don't chicken out on this.

You're just dodging. You dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge.

[JOSH] He's got ideas up there, I can tell.

Tyler, have you been practicing a new song for us,

a new tune?

Yeah, I actually learned the 'Teen Wolf' theme song

one night and I didn't know how hard it was gonna be.

It took me like, three days to nail it and I burned

a blister into my finger, and tore my callus off

that I've been working on for like years,

since I started playing guitar.

But I learned it, and I'm probably gonna (BEEP) it up.

But I recorded it, also, and it's really cool.

So, I'm gonna put that out.

[JOSH] Before we say goodbye,

I wanna remind the folks watching,

please click the donate button

if you're able to and contribute

to the FirstRespondersFirst.

We're obviously all in this together.

This is a crazy time and, you know, do what you can,

if you're able.

I wanna thank all of you guys.

Obviously, we've talked about, you know, the love you guys have

for this show, but we wouldn't be here if the fans

didn't have this passion for the show that remains.

It's rare for a show to connect with fans

in the ways that this show did.

I could always tell when I saw you guys

at Comic Con and other places and I'm so thrilled.

It speaks volumes that you guys wanted to come together

for this cause and just to see each other.

So, thank you all for your time today.

This was a blast. I hope you guys had a good time.

[DYLAN] Thank you, Josh.

[SHELLEY] Thank you, Josh.

Thank you, Tyler for putting this together.

[LINDEN] I love all you guys.

Tyler, play us out.

Here we go.


[HOLLAND] Amazing.

[DYLAN] Yes!

[JEFF] My God, that's amazing.

Oh, (BEEP)




- Oh, (BEEP).
- [DYLAN] The greatest.


Oh (BEEP) damn.

- [DYLAN] Yeah!
- [CODY] That's crazy.

[TYLER] Thank you.