02x06 - Frenemy

2x06 Frenemy

Allison: I need you to promise that you won't say anything about what just happened.

Lydia: I'll promise not to say anything about what just happened if you can tell me what the hell just happened.

Allison: It's - it's kind of complicated.

Lydia: Well, how 'bout you start with why was Derek there? Or where Jackson went, or what is wrong with Erica? Oh, do you need a minute to come up with a plausible lie?

Allison: Part of the reason why I'm asking is because Scott and I aren't supposed to be seeing each other, okay? So, it's better if you just keep what you know to yourself.

Lydia: Fine. I'll keep what I know about you and your boyfriend - which is nothing - to myself.

Allison: Hey. He's not just my boyfriend. You get that, right?

Lydia: Let me go.

Allison: Just for one second, please, try and remember -

Lydia: Remember what?

Allison: Remember what it feels like. All of those times in school when you see him standing down the hall, and you cannot breathe until you're with him. Or those times in class when you - you can't stop looking at the clock because you know that he's standing right out there waiting for you. Don't you remember what that's like?

Lydia: No.

Allison: What do you mean, "no"? You've had boyfriends.

Lydia: None like that.

Stiles: What do we do now?

Scott: Holy cr -

Stiles: Wha - sorry, I'm sorry. Did you see where he went?

Scott: I lost him.

Stiles: What? You couldn't catch his scent?

Scott: I don't think he has one.

Stiles: All right, any clue where he's going?

Scott: To kill someone.

Stiles: Ah. That explains the claws, and the fangs, and all that. Good. Makes perfect sense now. What? Scott, come on. I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense.

Scott: Just help me find it.

Stiles: Not "it." Jackson.

Scott: Yeah, I know. I - I know.

Stiles: All right, but does he know that? Did anybody else see him back at your house?

Scott: I mean, I don't think so, but he already passed Derek's test anyway.

Stiles: Yeah, but that's just the thing. How did he pass the test?

Scott: I don't know.

Stiles: Maybe it's like an either - or thing. I mean, Derek said that a snake can't be poisoned by its own venom, right? When's the kanima not the kanima?

Scott: When it's Jackson.

Stiles: Uh - dude. See that?

Scott: He's inside.

Stiles: What's he gonna do in there?

Scott: I know who he's after.

Stiles: What, how? How? Did you smell something?

Scott: Armani.

Stiles: Aw, come on. All right, maybe there's, like, a, uh - like, a window we could climb through, or some kind of - Handle that we could rip off with supernatural strength. How'd I not think of that one?

Scott: Dude, everyone in here's a dude. I think we're in a gay club.

Stiles: Man, nothing gets past those keen werewolf senses, huh, Scott?

Barkeeper: You're better off without him.

Danny: Still doesn't feel good.

Barkeeper: You know what will feel good? That guy.

Stiles: Two beers.

Barkeeper: IDs. How 'bout two cokes?

Stiles: Rum and coke? Sure. Coke's fine, actually. I'm driving anyway.

Waiter: That one's paid for.

Stiles: Oh, shut up.

Scott: I didn't say anything.

Stiles: Yeah, well, your face did. Hey, I found Danny.

Scott: I found Jackson.

Lydia: Okay. I love you. Go. Go. Let's go, Prada. You're all of six pounds. There can't be that much to come out of you. Prada, let's go! Prada? Prada. Prada?

Peter: Lose something?

Scott: Get Danny.

Stiles: What're you gonna do? Works for me.

Stiles: Danny! Danny! Danny.

Scott: Jackson! No, don't!

Scott: What do we do with him now?

Lydia: So, should I call the police, or is there a non - rapist explanation for being in my yard in the middle of the night?

Peter: I heard him barking, and I live in the house back there. Is that okay, or should I start running?

Lydia: Well, thanks for bringing him back.

Peter: Everything okay?

Lydia: "Okay" meaning what?

Peter: Meaning - are you all right?

Lydia: Meaning the other day in class? I'm not crazy. I may be the girl who sleepwalks naked and writes backwards on the chalkboard, but at least I'm not one of those desperate Vicodin - popping wrist cutters at school.

Peter: Oh, is that what the other girls are like? Why'd you do that?

Lydia: Do what?

Peter: You - you stepped back.

Lydia: You stepped forward.

Peter: Maybe I wanted to kiss you.

Lydia: Maybe I don't want you to.

Peter: Does that mean - Maybe I could?

Lydia: If you want me to punch you in the throat.

Peter: Could I hold your hand?

Lydia: What am I, nine years old?

Peter: Uh, could I give you a flower? Promise to keep it? If I ask you tomorrow if you have it, and you say, "no," I'm gonna be really hurt.

Lydia: Well, if I don't, I'll lie.

Scott: Danny.

Danny: McCall, what are you doing here?

Scott: Just, uh, seeing if you're okay. And, um, I'm wondering if anything weird happened to you today. Besides being paralyzed from the neck down.

EMT: Sorry, but we need to get him to the hospital.

Scott: One more question, just one. Are you okay?

Danny: Did it happen to my ex too?

Scott: Yeah.

Danny: Then I'm great.

Scott: Couldn't get anything out of Danny.

Stiles: Okay, can we just get the hell outta here now, before one of my dad's deputies sees me?

Stiles: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Could this get any worse? That was rhetorical.

Scott: Get rid of him.

Stiles: Get rid of him? We're at a crime scene, and he's the sheriff.

Scott: Do something.

Stiles: Hey.

Jackson: What's - what's going on?

Scott: Jackson, Jackson, be quiet.

Sheriff: What're you doing here?

Stiles: What do you mean what am I doing here? What? It's a club. It's a club, we were clubbing, you know? At the club.

Sheriff: Not exactly your type of club.

Stiles: Uh - well, dad - There's a conversation that we -

Sheriff: You're not gay.

Stiles: Wha - I could be.

Sheriff: Not dressed like that.

Stiles: Well, what's - uh -

Scott: Jackson, be quiet.

Sheriff: This is the second crime scene that you just happened to have shown up on. And at this point, I've been fed so many lies, I'm not sure I know the kid standing in front of me. Now, what the hell is going on?

Jackson: What's happening?

Scott: Jackson, I'm sorry, but - Oh! Hey.

Stiles: Dad, I - I -

Sheriff: The truth, Stiles.

Stiles: The truth, all right. Well, the truth is that we were here with Danny. Yeah, 'cause he just broke up with his boyfriend, so, you know, we were just trying to take him out and get his mind off things. That's - that's it.

Sheriff: Well, that's really good of you guys. You're good friends.

Chris: Seven paralyzed. The rumor is drugs. Probably hallucinogens, since witnesses say they saw a demonic monster on the dance floor.

Gerard: Now, who would believe something like that?

Chris: You know what I'm having trouble believing? How you just stood there while that thing circled you, and did nothing. You want to explain that to me?

Gerard: Intuition.

Chris: Then you know what it is.

Gerard: I have a suspicion. And if I'm right, it plays by certain rules. Rules that don't bend easily.

Chris: Do we need to put a hold on Derek to figure this thing out?

Gerard: Not necessarily. Tonight's the first time you had a glimpse of him since Kate died, am I right?

Chris: Unfortunately.

Gerard: And the only other tie we have to him is Isaac Lahey.

Chris: What are you thinking?

Gerard: That if this thing bothers Derek enough to bring him out of his little hole, then we might have an opportunity. What did I teach you is the best way to eliminate a threat?

Chris: Get someone to do it for you.

Stiles: Uh, what about your house?

Scott: Not with my mom there. We need to take him somewhere where we can hold him long enough to figure out what to do with him. Or long enough to convince him he's dangerous.

Stiles: I still say we just kill him.

Scott: We're not killing him.

Stiles: God, f - Okay, okay. I got an idea.

Scott: Does it involve breaking the law?

Stiles: By now, don't you think that's a given?

Scott: I was just trying to be optimistic.

Stiles: Don't bother.

Jackson: Stiles! McCall! I'm gonna kill you!

Stiles: Okay, I bought you some foo -

Jackson: Let me out now!

Stiles: You know, I put those pants on you, all right, buddy? One leg at a time. Being all up - close and personal with your junk wasn't exactly a highlight of my day. So don't think this is fun for me either. You know we're actually doing you a favor?

Jackson: This is doing me a favor?

Stiles: Yes. You're - you're killing people. To death. Yeah. And until we can figure out how to stop you, you're gonna stay in here. I'm sorry. Now - you want the ham and cheese, or the turkey club?

Jackson: You actually think my parents won't be looking for me?

Stiles: Uh, well - not if they don't think anything's wrong. Yeah.

Sheriff: Mr. Whittemore, maybe I'm missing something, but, uh, this doesn't exactly spell foul play.

Mr. Whittemore: It reads, "stayed at friend's house last night. Everything fine. Love you." Now, while we're as close as any family can be, there are certain things Jackson has not been able to say since the day we told him he was adopted.

Sheriff: Things like what?

Mr. Whittemore: Jackson never says, "I love you."

Sheriff: Never?

Mr. Whittemore: Not once in 11 years.

Gerard: So, who did you say you were studying with tonight?

Allison: Just Lydia. We're prepping for our world history midterm.

Gerard: History was one of my favorites. Especially military history. Ever hear the phrase, "know thy enemy"?

Allison: It's from the art of war by Sun Tzu.

Gerard: Very good. Know what it means?

Allison: In order to win a battle, one must know everything they can about their enemy.

Gerard: Right again. Your father and I happen to be having that very problem. We've got an enemy about which we know next to nothing. It's killed one of our own, among others.

Allison: I've heard.

Gerard: Did you hear Jackson Whittemore didn't show to school today?

Allison: He didn't?

Gerard: His parents called and so did the police. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you? Well, let me tell you what I know. I know that a teenager's first instinct is to protect their friends. And I believe my granddaughter would always want to protect her friends, even if it meant lying. So, I want to ask one more question, and this time, with a small advantage. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to get a sense of your pulse. Think of it as a game. All you have to do is tell the truth. Do you know anything about Jackson being missing?

Allison: No.

Gerard: Is he in trouble?

Allison: I - I - I - I don't know. I don't know.

Gerard: Does this have anything to do with Scott?

Allison: No. I mean, I don't - I don't know.

Gerard: Your pulse jumped.

Allison: It's because you're scaring me.

Gerard: Oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart. That was definitely going way too far.

Allison: No kidding.

Gerard: It wasn't right for me to use tactics like that. I'm sorry. You can go back to class. Go ahead.

Allison: Scott. Scott.

Victoria: I'm afraid your teacher was feeling ill today, and had to leave early. So, unfortunately, you're stuck with me as a substitute. Can anyone catch me up to speed on where we are? Mr. McCall, how 'bout you?

Jackson: Scales? Like a fish.

Stiles: No, more like a reptile. Um, and, uh, your claws have this liquid that paralyzes people, and you have a tail.

Jackson: I have a tail?

Stiles: Yeah, you have a tail.

Jackson: Mm. Does it do anything?

Stiles: No, not that I know of.

Jackson: Can I use it to strangle you?

Stiles: Yeah, you still don't believe me. All right. The night of the semi - final game, what did you do right after?

Jackson: I went home.

Stiles: Are you sure about that?

Jackson: Yes, you idiot. What the hell else would I do?

Stiles: You attacked me and Derek at the school, and you trapped us in the pool. You also killed a mechanic - right in front of me, by the way. That was lovely. And one of Argent's hunters. Oh, and last night, you tried to kill Danny.

Jackson: Why would I want to kill my best friend?

Stiles: Well, that's what Scott's out trying to figure out right now.

Jackson: Mm. Well, maybe, he should be trying to figure out is how he's going to pay for a lawyer when I prosecute your asses all the way to jail!

Stiles: All right, well, tell me this. On the night of the first full moon, what happened?

Jackson: Nothing. Nothing happened.

Victoria: Allison. We've noticed quite a few calls from your phone to the odd one. Stilinski.

Allison: Oh, you told me to keep an eye on Lydia, and, um, he's had a crush on her since, like, third grade, so, I'm gonna have to talk to him.

Victoria: I know it's hard - Sitting here - Trying not to look at him. But think of how strong it makes you. Especially when all these other girls are just letting their entire high school lives be defined by some boy they're just praying will take them to senior prom.

Allison: Can't I be strong and go to prom?

Victoria: Of course. But with someone else. Remember, so long as you stay strong, we won't have to kill a 16 - year - old boy.

Stiles: Oh, my God.

Allison: They know.

Stiles: What?

Allison: They know Jackson's missing.

Stiles: No, they can't. I've been texting his parents since last night. They don't have a clue.

Gerard: My grandfather told me his parents went to the police. They know.

Stiles: Oh -

Dispatch: All available units proceed to Beacon Hills Preserve as instructed. Proceed with caution until Sheriff Stilinski's arrival. Proceed with caution.

Allison: Where are we going?

Stiles: Somewhere very far from this.

Mrs. Whittemore: Jackson?

Scott: You sure everything's okay between you and Jackson?

Danny: Yeah, everything's fine. Did the cops have to take my fake ID?

Scott: You didn't do anything to make him angry?

Danny: How angry?

Scott: On a scale of one to ten - one being "kind of irritated," and ten "wanting to kill you violently."

Danny: Jackson's kind of always at a four, but we're good. I was actually doing him a favor.

Scott: What favor?

Danny: I was recovering a video for him. I put it on my tablet. Which is in the trunk of my car, and probably still at the club.

Scott: What was on the video?

Danny: I'm not really supposed to say.

Scott: Danny, what if I told you this could be a matter of life and death?

Danny: I'm not supposed to say.

Scott: Okay. What if I told you you can get your fake ID Back?

Melissa: While I think you being here to check in on your friend is all sorts of commendable, I've gotta play tough mom right now, even though I'm not very good at it.

Scott: Right now?

Melissa: Yes, right now. I got a call from your principal. You are failing two classes?

Scott: I - I know. And that's why I'm studying with Stiles right now.

Melissa: Do you know that if you fail even one of your midterms, that they're gonna hold you back?

Scott: He said that?

Melissa: Yes. All of your friends are gonna be juniors, while you are still a sophomore. Do you understand, Scott? You cannot fail.

Scott: I know.

Melissa: Okay. Thank you.

Scott: If Jackson doesn't remember being the kanima, he's definitely not gonna remember stealing Danny's tablet.

Stiles: Why would he steal the thing if he doesn't even know what's on it?

Allison: What if someone else took it?

Stiles: Then somebody else knows what he is.

Scott: Uh, which could mean someone's protecting him.

Allison: Like the bestiary says, "the kanima seeks a friend," right?

Stiles: Okay, hold on. So, somebody watches Jackson make a video of himself turning into the kanima, and then just erases part of it so he wouldn't know? I mean, who would do that?

Allison: Somebody who wanted to protect him?

Scott: There's something else. You said the only thing you found online about the kanima is that it goes after murderers. What if that's actually true?

Stiles: No, it can't be. Tried to kill all of us, remember? I don't know about you two, but I haven't murdered anybody lately.

Scott: But I - I don't think that it was actually trying to kill us. Remember when we were at Isaac's the first time, it just went right by us, didn't it?

Allison: You're right, it just ran off.

Scott: And it didn't kill you in the mechanic's garage.

Stiles: Well, yeah, but it tried to kill me and Derek in the pool.

Scott: Did it?

Stiles: It would've. It was waiting for us to come out.

Scott: What if it was trying to keep you in?

Stiles: Why do I feel so violated all of a sudden?

Scott: Because there's something else going on. We don't know what it is. We don't know anything about what's going on with Jackson, or why someone's protecting him.

Allison: "Know thy enemy." Just something my grandfather said.

Stiles: All right, I got it. Kill Jackson. Problem solved.

Scott: He risked his life for us. Against Peter, you remember that?

Stiles: Yes, but what did we just find out? He got the bite from Derek. It's funny how he just got exactly what he wanted by supposedly risking his life for us, it's funny.

Scott: Yeah, it doesn't mean he's not still worth saving.

Stiles: It's always something with him, though.

Scott: He doesn't know what he's doing.

Stiles: So what?

Scott: So, I didn't either. You remember when I almost killed you and Jackson? I had someone to stop me. He has nobody.

Stiles: That's his own fault.

Scott: Doesn't matter. If we can save him, we should try.

Scott: Stiles went to check on Lydia. She still hasn't forgiven him for promising to talk to her, and then ditching her at her car.

Allison: That's not easy to explain.

Scott: Mm - mm. How did your dad know where to be last night? He was there in the alley. Him and Gerard.

Allison: They have people. Guys who monitor every camera in town. ATMs, traffic cameras. Have you seen the ones they put up in school?

Scott: Mm.

Allison: You thought I told him.

Scott: No. No, I just - I don't know, I just -

Allison: I'm on your side, Scott. I'm always on your side.

Scott: I know. I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Just that I thought that things would get back to normal by now. Or at least normal enough so I could pass my classes.

Allison: You'll pass.

Allison: Could you put some music on? Please?

Scott: Uh, you want the radio?

Allison: Uh, use entune. It has Pandora. I felt like I was gonna fall asleep in your arms.

Scott: I like it when you fall asleep in my arms.

Allison: I don't. I wake up, you're always gone.

Scott: That's only because I don't want to wake you.

Allison: I'd rather just wake up with you.

Scott: You will. High school's only two more years.

Allison: Hm. Which is hard enough for normal people to get through.

Scott: Hey, what would you say if I could be normal? I've been thinking about it ever since we saw her at the hospital. Lydia was bit by an Alpha, right? Peter told Stiles that if the bite doesn't turn you, it'll kill you. But nothing happened to Lydia.

Allison: Meaning? Meaning what, she's immune?

Scott: If she is, doesn't that - doesn't immunity mean that you could be cured? Would you want that?

Allison: I - I want anything that lets me be with you. And not just till the end of high school.

Scott: Well, then you better not get into too good of a college. My grades suck.

Allison: Not just to college. I'm serious.

Scott: I know.

Stiles: You guys might wanna come take a look at this.

Allison: I have to tell my father. Scott. He's going to kill someone.

Scott: Okay, tell him. Tell him everything.

Stiles: Scott, I gotta tell mine too.

Scott: This is all my fault.

Allison: It's not. But we have to tell them. We're just a bunch of teenagers. We can't handle this.

Scott: You're right.

Allison: How you gonna make your dad believe all this?

Stiles: I don't know.

Scott: He'll believe me.

Allison: You scared the hell outta me.

Lydia: I've been sitting here for an hour, waiting for you.

Allison: I can't hang out right now, Lydia.

Lydia: I don't need anyone to hang out with. I need someone to talk to.

Allison: I - I understand that it's important, but if it can just wait -

Lydia: Why is everyone always telling me to wait? Why can't anyone have "right now" available?

Allison: Because you can't have everything right now. You know what I need? I need someone to translate five pages of archaic Latin. Obviously, that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

Lydia: I know archaic Latin.

Allison: You know archaic Latin?

Lydia: I got bored with classical Latin.

Allison: Just how smart are you?

Lydia: Just show me the pages.

Stiles: Could you buzz us in? I gotta see my dad.

Sheriff: Scott, Stiles. Perfect timing. Have you met Jackson's father, Mr. David Whittemore? Esquire.

Jackson: That means lawyer.

Allison: Are you sure? Ms. Morrell said that word means "friend." "The Kanima seeks a friend."

Lydia: She was wrong. It means "master."

Allison: "The Kanima seeks a master."

Lydia: Why? Is that important?

Allison: Yeah. Someone's not protecting him. Someone's controlling him.