02x12 - Who You Really Are

Coulson: Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

You know, you have that secret to keep under wraps.

This again? Oh, now Mack's in on it.

I'm just wondering if it means you're bringing Hunter in on the other thing.


I shouldn't have to ask any of you to save one of our own.

You never ask!

That's enough!

Fitz: You survived the destruction because... you caused it.

I'm pretty sure the DNA results we're running right now are gonna confirm it.

There's something wrong with you.

Her DNA is an exact match to what it was before. She's clear.

What did you just do?

Switched your blood results with your old samples.

The new samples are different?

Drastically. For now, we should just keep it between us.


There's something very wrong with me.

2x12 - "Who You Really Are"

[guitar playing]

[guitar stops]


I must find Kava.

Sorry. I don't know who that is. Do you guys?


A pretty lady like you shouldn't be out here all alone.

I can help you find Kava.

I can help you with anything else that you need.



Who the hell are you?!

I do not know.

[both grunting]

[both breathing heavily]

Not bad.

But once I'm pinned, you should try for a finishing blow.


You want full "Mortal kombat"?

I want you to stop holding back, Skye.

I didn't want to hurt you.

I didn't want to try to hurt you.

I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of... I don't know.

Look... we lost Trip, and it hurts like hell, but you can't shut those feelings out.

Can't sustain that.

Well, what's my option? I just lose it right here?

We've talked about this. Control.

Embrace your emotions, your nerves.

Use them... on your terms.

I don't know. [sighs]

What I'm feeling is pretty... dark.

I'm afraid I'm gonna go postal and tear your head off.

Go for it. I promise you won't.

Fitz: Maybe Skye needs a break.

Training is not a group activity.


I just came down to... Have ... Uh, see what... I-it's about.

I'll tell you what, Fitz ... come back in an hour.

I'd be happy to show you what it's all about.

I'm fine, Fitz.


It would be pretty funny to see you and Fitz go at it ...

Okay. Guess we're back on.

And not holding back.

[both grunting]

[both sighing]



So... Coulson calls me into his office the other day.


I thought he was gonna read me the riot act ... S.H.I.E.L.D.'s rules about fraternizing with fellow operatives.

[chuckles] They're strict.

But... he made me an offer.

Wants to make my position here permanent.

He's shorthanded now.

[grunts] You thinking about it?

Well, wasn't thinking of leaving anytime soon.

And I wouldn't mind taking on some more responsibility.

[zipper closes]


Did you hear the words that just came out of your mouth?

Yeah. That sounded a bit strange, didn't it?

Yeah. Who is that guy?

I don't know. But I do not trust him.

Anyhow, can't hurt. Plus, this is fun.

Oh. Fun was never a problem for us.

No, you're right.

That part was always easy. Till things go South.

Yeah, then you turn into a bit of a nightmare.

I remember it well.


You tell me.

It seems the thing that always came between us was your dedication to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Now we're on the same team.

It's simpler.

[door closes]

The last Stark copper jackets.

I'll make sure hill puts them on the list.

Anything else?


Sir, I can handle inventory myself.

And I hope this isn't about my reaction after ...

No, I told you ... we're fine.

After Puerto Rico, we need to take stock.

What happened out there was ...

Yeah, I don't like thinking about that.

I don't blame you, but I have been thinking about it, and I realized I've been wasting your talents.


Look, I know you love it under the hood of a car, but... I could really use you out in the field.

You're a force to be reckoned with, Mack. Believe me.

Okay, but violence isn't really my thing.

You know, that alien crap made me into something I'm not.

I know. But have you seen yourself?

You're a little bit of a beast all the time.

A blue-dot operative in Portugal phoned in.

You should hear what he has to say.

Looks like you're starting now.

Oh, you'll want everyone on the bus for this.

[seagulls crying]

[indistinct conversations]

Thank you for watching her.

Carvalho: I hear from the prime minister's office I'm to hold this crazy lady here for you, I hold this crazy lady.

How did you subdue her and get her to wait?

No subduing. She stayed willingly once I told her I'd found "Kava" and he was on his way to meet her.

Oh. But I'm not Kava.

I'm glad I'm not the one who has to tell her that.

Pick up her sword from booking before you go.

So you are not Kava.

No. But I'm a friend.

"Son of Coul"? See?


We've worked together before.

I apologize. I do not remember.

You have no memory of who you are?

I-I know I am from Asgard.

But I do not remember my home there.

You tell me my name is Lady Sif, but... why I left Asgard, what brought me here to Midgard... why I wear these hides instead of armor... a mystery.

One I'll help you solve.

I'm sure a clue will turn up somewhere.



Skye found it.

[crowd screaming]

[swords clanging]

That's me. I don't remember this.

I'm a decent fighter.

May: This guy can hold his own against you. Impressive.

Last time you were here, you came to collect a rogue Asgardian.

That would explain his strength.

Regardless, she traveled across the universe to find him.

He's dangerous.

[electricity crackles]

[crowd screaming]

Make that more than dangerous.

We know you were after him. Question is, what's he after?

Take me to your supplies, powering elements... fuel!


Do not try and fight me.

Someone on your world has changed. I am here to hunt them down.

What do you ... What do you want from me?

Don't worry.

You won't remember.

We found a couple of other videos of the fight, and we've been analyzing them frame by frame, which ... Which didn't get us much in the way of, um... Of anything new.

Yeah. Thanks.

Um, until we get to... here.

I do very much enjoy that part.

So, he ... he's ... he's wearing something ... something mechanical, and she nailed it.

And there's more.


What is that?


Hope so. It could give us a lead.

Well, there's no way to know from the video.

Once we land, Fitz, you go with Hunter and Mack, handle forensics.

I need you and Bobbi to talk to witnesses in the area, see if we can track down where this guy went.

Sir, the science division has loaded the team with heavier suppression artillery. After Raina's vanishing act, we advise that when you find this... man, you contain him first, ask questions later.

New icers are still in development.

Very good. Keep me posted.

New icers?

Oh. [sighs]

The mechanical design is still top-notch, but we're looking into a more concentrated dendrotoxin formula.

And wouldn't that be dangerous?

But effective.

Given these elevated threats, we can't risk it not being.

My mind is that of a lost adolescent.

I can provide no information of value.

Not totally true.

Judging by your clothes, we know you were undercover, probably something you learned after your last visit here.

Your usual full-armor look is a little more... conspicuous.

So you're saying I wear that armor most of the time?


Does this mean I'm a warrior?

A good one.

A great warrior.

It's just details that you're missing.

You must remember things about your home world, right?

Only basic lessons a child could learn.

The name of your sword?

What about Thor?


Um... I do not know this word, yet when you say it, I... want to smile.


Who can explain the mysteries of the Asgardian brain?

I can.

I can't see any blood.

Fitz, isn't there some special light that finds blood?

Not blood.

What's up, Magnum, P.I.? You enjoying this?

Who doesn't like a good mystery?

Guess we're both embracing new challenges.

That mean you're taking the permanent position that Coulson offered?

He's a man down.

I know you have your reservations, but I like the guy.

Don't you want to see how this plays out?


What's that?

I don't know.

This is about where the big guy was standing When Sif nailed him with the sword, right?


Look at this.


I-I barely touched it. I swear.

Trust me ... there is no universe on which I think you did that on your own. Turbo, what do you think?


Simmons: Yes, Fitz.

We're uploading some information to you.

Whatever came out of that guy's chest... [beeping] ... I'm guessing it wasn't blood.

I'll give it a look.


Who doesn't like a good mystery?

[indistinct conversations]

You speak Portuguese?

I'm no expert. It's a pretty language.

It's hard to gauge if someone's lying.

Are you an expert at that?

At lying or telling if someone's lying?

I have a feeling you're probably an expert at both.

Can I help you?

Hi, yes, we're looking for anyone who may have been injured in the incident at the pier or may have seen this man.

Hmm. No, he does not look familiar to me.

As far as the injuries, I can ask around.

The nurse who was working earlier took ill.

So we are short-staffed. It may take a while.

Okay. Well, we'll be here.

Wait. Is that woman all right? What happened to her?

Lady Sif: Yet you do not serve a king?

Not really how it works with us.

I wonder if I serve the king as the great warrior you say I am.

Odin? Oh, we know you do. You've met him.

Shut... up.

Cardozo: It's her!

I was just conducting my interview with Mr. Cardozo here, asking him what he saw the other day, when ...

You are a dangerous monster.

I am no monster.

I am sometimes dangerous, but only toward those who are deserving.

I do not actually know. Is it only toward those who are ...

No, that was right.


Answer his question, elderly man.

Look, just tell us what you saw after they fought.

The man destroyed my booth!

What does he want with balloons?

He went for my helium, broke off the valves, and took them!

What does he need those for?

Simmons: Sir, the boys were right.

That definitely wasn't blood.

What are we talking about?

It was liquid nitrogen.

The post was frozen solid and cracked.

He must have been carrying a supply, and Sif must have damaged his containment hardware.

So that's what he needed the tank valves for ... to repair it.

Why carry nitrogen?

Might have needed it for fuel, might have needed it for a weapon.

If he's alien, he might need it to breathe.

Not to breathe.

Only seven intelligent species across the known realms require heightened levels of nitrogen gas, none humanoid.

I learned this as a child. Did you not?

[cellphone ringing]


Bobbi, anything?

Bobbi: Sir, we have evidence he's here at the hospital.

It's a big place, though. He might be hiding anywhere.

Well, we know he needs nitrogen, and they use it in hospitals to power surgical equipment.

Let's start there.

[gas hissing]

[door creaks]


[gas hissing]

You do not want to fight me.

We just have some questions for you.

[gun cocks]


Simmons is tending to Bobbi. She's gonna be okay.

Skye: The guy was blue, like "he just tested some Willy Wonka gum" blue, and he needed nitrogen for whatever device turned his skin pink.

Do you think he's a Kree?

You told me last year the Kree had not visited our realm.

If a Kree came to your world unannounced now, I would assume he's up to no good.

He attacked Bobbi and Skye, so that's a yes.

Yeah. The guy throws a mean punch.

Let's assume you were here to stop him. We still don't know his objective.

No, but knowing he is Kree helps. Kava, for example.

I thought it was a name. 'Tis a Kree word.

You also learn other species' entire languages as a child?

"Kava" means "keys."


A device used to unlock ...

Yeah, I know keys. It's something. Let's look into it.

Skye... thank you for engaging my enemy.

You are quite brave.

[keyboard clacking]


The whole room was shaking, Fitz.

The gun in my hand exploded.

Oh, god.

I-I thought that I could handle it. But I can't. It's too much.

I-I think we have to tell Coulson what's happening.

Hang on. Wait. Just wait until I've or... analyzed ...

I can't control it when I get upset or nervous.

I'm running that diagnostic on your blood samples right now.

Hopefully, when it's done, we'll have a solution.

There's nothing you ...

[footsteps approach]

Sorry to interrupt... whatever this is.

Just wanted to check out the new toys from sci-tech.


I'm... gonna... scour the web for "key" references.


Yeah, you do that.

You, Ms. Morse, will live.

That's a relief.

I'll get you some antibiotic cream so we can keep you nice and uninfected.


Stay here.

[sighing] Ah.

[clicks tongue]

There goes your modeling career.

You should talk, pretty boy.


You talk to Hunter?

I did.

He's thinking about sticking around.

I heard.

I think it's good. Things are good.

Maybe... we should bring him on board.

No chance. That ship has sailed.

Besides the fact that you two have a pattern that repeats itself, you didn't tell him in the first place because you didn't want him to know that you'd been lying to him.

Trust has never been our strong suit.

And ... And we're building something real here.

I know he thinks so.

But how is he gonna feel if you tell him now?

Well, you can't risk it. He'll react badly.

And it could blow up in our face in a big way.

You can't bring him in on this, Bobbi.

W-what am I supposed to do? I can't bring him ... I don't want him here in case he takes their side.

He's a friend. I don't want him fighting against us.

He would never.


He loves you, and he probably will always love you.

But I still think he might be capable of killing you.

You're telling me to push him away.

I'm saying it's the only way you'll ever have a chance to be together, to make it work someday.

You remember what it felt like when our friends turned out to be Hydra.

We're not Hydra.

You remember how it felt.

The best thing would be if he decided to leave... and he wasn't anywhere near here when we pull the trigger on this thing. And then... maybe there's a world where we're all friends in the end.

Coulson: I'm saying I can't find any particular keys that would be hugely important, not literal keys, not metaphorical keys, not as in "to the city." It doesn't mean that I ...

Wait. Look at this.

"Chaves." A city known for its sedimentary basins. I don't ...

Guess what "chaves" means in English.

Let me guess. "Keys."

That's where the Kree was heading.

That's where I was chasing him. That was my mission.

But Chaves, Portugal ... we've seen that name before.

It was in Whitehall's SSR file.

The site of his dig back in 1945, where he first found the Obelisk.

That's where we have to go.


I'd like to sit this one out, please.

You all right?

Yeah, just after my run-in with blue man group, I still feel a little banged-up, and I'm just worried I'm not gonna be much help out there, so...

Okay. Whenever you're ready.

Is it really about being hurt, or is it about your nerves?

I promise, it's just about the guy making me see cartoon birdies all around my head. That's it.

Have Simmons give you one more check while we're gone.

Let's make sure there's nothing serious.


Pull up the SSR file.

I want to pinpoint exactly where this Kree guy's going.

[guns cocking]

Coulson: Stay right there.

Put your hands up.

You will not stop me.

Hunter: Want to bet?


I am here to help.

Is that why you attacked me, Kree?

You were the one who attacked.

I had to take your memory to keep you from tracking me.

How did you track me?


You do not ask the questions, Kree. You do not talk.

Actually... we need him to talk.

Look, I-I can prove that ... that I'm not a threat and that I'm here to help.

Bring me my truncheon.

How very Kree.

He needs a weapon to make a point.

My truncheon can restore her memory.

Would that not be a-a gesture of my noble intentions?

I'll consider it once we know that thing does what you say it does.

Do you have a name?


And I will earn your trust.


Simmons left you with truncheon duty?

Funny word ... "truncheon."

She wanted to take more precautions before investigating it, but I figured, hell, there's certainly more to it than meets the eye.

Been saying the same about you for years.

Supposedly, the Kree used this to wipe Lady Sif's memory.

There's a dial on the bottom, but none of our equipment can detect any electrical or spectrographic signals.

Is that your fancy way of saying you don't know how to turn it on?

Or if it can.

Well, I know something else we could try turning on.

Hey, careful with that. You don't want to erase my hard drive, do you?

Like I said, it doesn't seem to be working.

All right, then... well, maybe I can help you with it.

The sooner we get it done, the sooner we ...

How are you gonna help me?

Can I just get a little space, please?

Ah. There she is.

I need time figuring this out.

Well, it seems like you already have.

Not at all.


I just think that we... should slow things down a little bit.

[scoffs] Yeah, okay, I get it.

Just a bit of fun, yeah?

Though, usually, things get a little more heated before you turn frosty.

Okay, sweetheart. Consider it slowed.

Don't die out there, yeah?

Hey, Hunter.


It's possible that only he can operate it.

We've seen other alien materials react to biology or DNA.

Don't remind me.

Or me.

We've all been there, done that.

Fitz and Simmons will examine the case. If this guy's telling the truth, we might finally get the answers we've been searching for.

Tell us how the truncheon works, Kree.

The Kree has a name.

And that only works when in my hand.

Hmm. That's convenient.

It has a-a dial on the bottom.


[electricity crackles]


Sorry. The argument was going nowhere.

You back with us?

Yes. My memories have returned.

I am Lady Sif of Asgard, friend of the S.H.I.E.L.D.



Asgardian ... well, that explains a lot.

It is true. We do not trust Kree.

That is why I am here.

When Heimdall saw that one landed on your world, Odin charged me with retrieving him.

So you came to pick a fight.

We know enough about Kree history to be concerned.

Well, then, if you know Kree history, perhaps you've heard the tale of Terrigenesis.

Of course. Ancient Kree descending on planets, altering the inhabitants to fight their war.

And Earth was one of them.

Blue angels who fell from the sky.

Eons ago, the Kree waged a very long war.

The casualties were high, and they needed more soldiers.

You mean cannon fodder.

We needed killers.

One vicious faction among the Kree genetically modified other creatures' DNA.

These modifications can be activated with Terrigen crystals.

We know these torturous experiments failed.

Not on Earth. Here, we had to shut them down.

This faction had built a city.

They brought with them the Diviners, which hold the crystals.

Their plans were discovered and thwarted by the better of my kind, putting an end to that dark chapter of our past.

Until now.

When I saw that an ancient signal had been triggered, I knew it had to be a Diviner. If the Kree empire learned that these experiments were a success, they would be likely to renew them.

Why did you come here?

These transformed beings are... abominations.

I knew that I had to find the remainder of the Diviners before another monstrosity occurred, and erase any knowledge of it.

How many Diviners are supposed to be in that crate?

Enough to create an army.

Simmons: Sir, the crate is empty.

My worst fear has come true.

Simmons: We have to assume they were all taken at the same time back in the '40s. Does that mean Hydra has them?


Fitz: And if Hydra doesn't, who does?

Fitz, what is this?


Oh! Uh ... uh, that's... nothing.

It's just a ...

It's remarkable.

Extra macromolecules just like in Raina's blood but... different ones. Whose DNA is this?

It's, uh ... it's, uh... a simulation that I created ... or a-a theory of, uh ...

A simulation? Fitz, this is uncanny!

Can I have it back, please?

The precision, the detail ... it reads as real.

Yeah, but it's just a simulation.

We must find the remaining Diviners, as well as anyone who's transformed.

We drowned the temple where the Diviners were activated, so that's a plus. And we do know the woman who was changed.

So, someone was transformed.

A Kree slave warrior created. Have you put it down?

No. She disappeared.

What do you know of her?

We don't know much about Raina's transformation.

Skye witnessed it but didn't see much.

You were there?

What did you see?

I-I didn't ... I mean, n-nothing.

Were there others with you? The changes may not be on the surface... but buried inside.


You must understand, these creatures are weapons ... abominations ... even if they don't know it.

[rumbling intensifies]

[metal clattering]

[electricity crackles]

Another one?

Son of Coul, what is this?

Skye... you want to talk to us?

Skye, what's doing this?

[shakily] I am.



Hand her over. I will take her to Asgard.

It will be safer for all of you.

We will do no such thing.

Vin-tak: The weapon has been activated.

It needs to be eliminated before it hurts someone.

Skye is not a weapon.

Coulson, no one is saying Skye chose this, but she is dangerous.

I don't want to be this way.

Imagine what will happen if your powers grow.

It may not stop at breaking glass.

You could bring down buildings, tear continents apart...

I can get a handle on it.

Vin-tak: That's not what you were designed for.

You were designed to destroy, which is why you must be put down.

Yeah, well, that sounds an awful lot like killing to me.

This is not your concern...

Skye, let's go.

Fitz, we need bambino! You want her, you go through me!

[electricity crackling]

W-What's going on?

Jemma, I'm so sorry.


You knew.

[rumbling continues]

Uh, Lady Sif and the Kree are trying to take Skye away.

Sif, you've got your memory back. You know we're friends.

Consider what you're doing.

This is for the protection of your people.

Enough! [roars]

Your friend Skye is an atrocity, and I must go put an end to this.

We'll decide what she is. But for now, you're not going anywhere.

This is not your fight.

It kind of is now.

Maybe we should call in some real backup.

This is twice now, you and me.

You must really love fighting.

Love fighting? No.

But you're coming after one of my people,

so I'm willing to fight.

That's noble. Stupid... but noble.



Listen to me ... just me.

We can do this. You can do this.

I can't... I can't make it stop.

You will control your emotions, just like we practiced.

[voice breaking] I can't make it stop.

Everyone is at risk.

Just focus. Skye, look at me. Focus.

It'll stop.

Agent May, release the girl!

[electricity crackling]

You knew you couldn't stop me. So what was the point?

Just wanted the attention.

[electricity crackling]

May, she'll get through.

Ignore it. Remember ... focus!


I can't.



[gun cocks]

[rumbling stops]


She harmed herself!

Even though she knew it meant giving up her freedom.

All to save the rest of you.

Don't you see? She wants to get better.

If you take her away from the people she loves, she'll only get worse.


[engine shuts off]

I know you think I overreacted. But this decision... leaving Skye with you ... it carries real danger.

I want you to understand that.

I do. But we'll help her through it.

Vin-tak: Have we arrived yet?

This... does not seem familiar.

No, this is not your home planet. Lady Sif will take you from here.

I apologize for my forgetfulness. You have been very kind.

Why is my hand not blue?

You are in disguise from the people pursuing you. Remember?

Right. I will keep watch.

I'll return him to his home planet, Hala.

He'll remember none of this. No more trouble should come from there.

But here ...

Yes. There are other Diviners.

But we flooded the city so no one can activate them.

We'll take every precaution.

Coulson... your people make decisions based on logic.


Usually. As do mine.

Leaving Skye with us is the logical choice, I promise.

No. No, that is not what I mean.

Asgard is millennia beyond you in our pursuit of science, of knowledge, and we have learned there are some things that can never be understood.

Is this little talk one of them?

I know you wish to affect the outcome, but it may be ... it may be beyond that.

Are you talking about fate?

I am saying there are tides in the universe that you cannot swim against.

Best of luck, Son of Coul.

Thank you.

Heimdall, open the Bifrost.

Not a lot of laughs, that one.

And when I say that about somebody...

You agree with her.

You think Skye's more than we can handle.

[sighs] Look, most of the time, I believe what I see.

You know that, but...

"But"... you died. You were brought back... with a map to a city encoded in your DNA.

Our team's first mission?

We picked up Skye.

Last week, we took her to that city.

I can't help but remember what Lumley said.

Wherever Skye goes...

Death follows.

Jemma... um... I know you feel that I could have been, uh... a bit more forthright ...

[chuckles] "Forthright."

Fitz, as understatements go, I think that qualifies as an instant classic.

You lied to me.

Okay. So now we're even.

Can you blame me, the way you were going on about Raina, that she's a-a-a plague to be eradicated? I ...

Skye is my friend! She's different.

Oh, yeah. Like I was your friend, and then I changed.

How did you handle that?

Uh, t-the point is, secrets don't help any of us.

Skye should have just come clean.

What, and risk being locked up, studied, or who knows what else?

No, I wouldn't let her.

Oh, you wouldn't let her.

We could have handled her in a way that would have kept everyone safe.

It wasn't fair to us, Fitz. We had a right to know.

A right to know. What ... is that the same way that Sif and the Kree had a right to know?

I think this situation's a little bit different, mate.

No, you would have done to her exactly what they wanted to.

You don't know that!

Yes, I do know that! They would ... you would ... you'd "handle her"! Mack just said it! Like, uh ... like Skye's something to be locked away in a cage somewhere.

We should be protecting her.

No, Fitz!

We're the ones that need protection from her.



[hammering, whirring]

Let's talk.

Hey, what's going on?

You and Bobbi ... what's up?

I-I don't know what you're talking ...

No, I know you're keeping something from me.

I don't know what it is, but here's what I do know.

I know about the flash drive.

I know Coulson doesn't know about it, but I bet he'd like to.

I know there's no support group.

Hunter, listen. It's ...

No, Mack, don't.

Who's "backup"? Bobbi mentioned it to you in the hallway.

Who is backup?


Well, that's... [sighs]


[exhales weakly]

[exhales shakily]

Damn it.