03x18 - The Singularity

Coulson: Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...

Fitz, it's been 10 years. We can't waste any more time.

Alisha came to us. She was worried about her friends.

Nobody saw that attack coming.


Lincoln: His name's James.

He was never given powers.

That's Kree.

What does it do?

Well, if I could figure that out, I would be doing that instead of this.

He connects to the Inhumans, and they instantly joined the hive.

I have to get back to the base. They have something we need.


[Metal creaking]

3x18 - "The Singularity"

[Alarm blaring]


Man: All right, hold on! Hold on!

Man #2: Almost there!

[Shouts indistinctly]

How's it coming?

Just needs a quick reboot.

[Generator humming]

Thank you.

Tests come back?

Daisy's the only one infected.

So Joey and Elena...

Touched down at the Cocoon. But Lincoln...

Refused to leave. I know.

How's he holding up No one comes to me with their feelings.

Yeah, that makes sense. What about the base?

Still working on fortifying it. In the meantime, all vital data's been transferred to Zephyr One.

And we're easy prey.

Daisy could lead that giant maggot here any second.

I thought he was a parasite.

Yeah, but aren't maggots ...

I don't really ...

Me either.

My take? That thing could care less about S.H.I.E.L.D.

You think this because...?

No one's digging any graves.

We both know Daisy's strength, what she could've done.

Mack: Yeah, she took the Terrigen and that ancient Kree whatever it is.

And then she left.

Yeah, but not before she busted the hydraulics on the hangar doors. We lost our exit.

Because she doesn't want us to follow her.

Daisy's my partner.

I should've known. I should've seen ...

Don't. We've all taken enough beatings as it is.

I noticed Coulson wasn't in the med bay.

He shouldn't be up and around.

He's readying the Zephyr.

You saw the bone sticking out of his leg, right?

I mean, he should be ...


I told him that. Didn't sit well.

He said he needs everyone in the air.

The hangar doors are still jammed.

We managed to pry them open halfway, but until I get a new feed pump, we're grounded.

Not necessarily. Coulson has another way.

But it's risky and irresponsible.

Then, why are you smiling?

Daisy's still one of us.

What she did here was not of her own free will.

Hive infected her. She's his hostage.

We need to remember that.

But this alien creature messed with the wrong team.

It thinks if it breaks our legs, we'll stop fighting, but it doesn't know how damn stubborn we are, especially when it comes to protecting our own.

Hive is building an Inhuman army, but we're not gonna let that happen.

So strap in.

Because you might feel a little sick after this.

You came here often. I see why.

I was a different person the last time I was here.

That's how you know about this place, right?

'Cause I told my S.O.?

You used to drive your van up here to sleep.

You don't just have his face.

You have his memories.

He was fond of you, Grant Ward.

And I'm glad he's dead.

He is, too. In a way.

Grant was a thirsty soul. And he suffered for it.

You're so different from him.

Just being around you, I can feel it.

It's like this emptiness I've always had is gone.

Coulson: You're saying Daisy's addicted to this thing?

It's the closest scientific explanation that we've got.

She said she was happier than she's ever been.

Wanted me to experience the same thing.

Most parasites have one goal ... attack and weaken its host.

But Hive does the opposite.

Its parasites swarm the brain's pleasure center, releasing so much dopamine that ...

Infected Inhumans not only feel bulletproof, they actually are.

Well, at least when it comes to a dendrotoxin.

We took tissue samples from Lucio and ...

So ICERs don't work on them.


I'm afraid not.

Okay. Then, how do we disinfect Daisy?

Well, meet Dr. Holden Radcliffe, a fellow Scotsman.

He was lead researcher on parasitic organisms at the agrochemical lab we raided. Based on his expertise, we believe he's our key to finding a cure for Daisy.

That facility and everyone in it were wiped clean.

How did Radcliffe escape?

He didn't have to, 'cause he wasn't actually there.

He was asked to step down a month before for conducting irregular experiments.

"Irregular" meaning...?

He's a rumored transhumanist.

A what?

People who believe in using science and technology to transcend our biological limitations.

Their goal is...

Become more than human. Timely.

Digital immortality, superintelligence...

Okay, I'm glad everyone knows what it is.

So, where is Dr. Radcliffe?

We think Romania, but his exact whereabouts are unknown.

Okay. That's enough to go on. You two are taking point.

I'll send Mack with you to run back-end, whatever you need.

Just find Dr. Radcliffe and get us a cure.

You're awfully quiet.

Just got a lot on my mind.

I'll see you in the Quinjet, buddy.


Uh, Jemma, uh, I know it's not a good time, but can we speak about what happened between us last night ... professionally speaking, I mean.

Of course, Dr. Fitz.

We are colleagues, after all.

That we are, Dr. Simmons, and, um... that we are.

It's that working relationship which I would like to keep intact.

Yes, we wouldn't want anything to interfere with it.

Exactly. Um, so, that's why, as ... as ... as things progress with our, um...

We should consider all variables as we move forward, because things are bound to get... complicated.

You mean once we have s*x?

May: Simmons.

Gosh, I'll see you in the Quinjet.


Here. Remember your training.

But we're just going to have a chat with a scientist. [chuckles]

And how would I ever know if I need to ...

If it makes sense here.

Sorry. I'm not sure where you're pointing.

Your gut.

You think they'll come after you?

I don't know. Coulson, he's ...

A driven man.

Especially when it comes to you.

He thinks I need protecting.

It's a shame he doesn't know how strong you are, Skye.

But your home is with me now.

It's ... It's actually Daisy.

My name is Daisy.

Grant knew you as ...

Yeah, I changed it.

Or I guess you could say I... found it.

It was the name they always intended for me.


I got so used to being alone, you know?

And then my dad made good on his word, and for a second, I had parents.

Ones who wanted me.

They weren't what I imagined, but they were real.

Not some fantasy that I drummed up, you know?

But it didn't end well.

I just...

I don't have parents anymore.

I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm telling you all this.


You and I are one organism now.

Look, this is real world, Coulson. Malick's intel is actionable.

I have some other matters to attend to.

What could possibly be more important?

This is Hydra we're talking about. You started this, Director.

You need to see it through.

You have all the resources you need.

Update me as you learn more.

Update ...

Feel like sharing?

If it becomes a thing, I'll let you know.

You didn't tell him about Daisy.

No, I didn't.

So you think they'll go after Alisha?

After Lash killed one of her doubles, I put her in protective housing to give her time to recover.

Hypothetically, I'm the only one who knows where she is, but...

Daisy has her ways.

And Alisha's four Inhumans for the price of one.

We need to get to her before Hive does.

Humans, especially those with war in their hearts, presume I want an army.

But there's no need for war when everyone shares a common goal.

And after we're finished... there will be no more war.

No more pain. Especially now that we're together.

It's time we took back this planet.

Make it the home Inhumans have always deserved.

Simmons: Under the communist regime, public gatherings were prohibited in Bucharest, and people were forced to meet in private homes or secret clubs.

Satellites caught Dr. Radcliffe entering one of those old clubs an hour ago.

We think transhumanists have turned it into a... upscale black market for emerging technologies.

Oh, good.

So Simmons and I will pose as top-level geneticists looking to make a sale.

Okay, but, remember, this is a high-class establishment, so you got to dress the part, which means no lab coats on this one.

Well, do you think scientists only wear lab coats?

Are we wearing them now?

Yeah. What, we walk around all day with goggles and gloves on, do we?

I'm sorry.

Well, like you, Radcliffe's not easy to please.

He has refined tastes when it comes to human modifications.

Yeah, and he's also a known recluse, which is why I'm hoping these little cybernetic bad boys will pique his interest enough to get him out of his shell.

They're a variation of what's inside Deathlok.

That's a different kind of carrot on a stick.

Innovation's the quickest way to a scientist's heart.

If we can get him to appreciate what we do, hopefully, he'll help us with Daisy.

Yeah, and if that doesn't work, you can go and beat him up and drag him out, 'cause all you are is big and strong, hmm?

Okay. Okay, I'll never say another word about the lab coats again.

All right, this room is our rendezvous point.

If we get Radcliffe...

We bring him back here.

And if something goes wrong...

We meet here.


'Cause I'm not ready to lose another teammate today.

Lincoln, what are you doing?

Alisha and I are friends. She trusts me.

Hive can infect you. You can't come.

I won't let him get to me.

You think you have a say in that?

You think Daisy did?

He's coming.

With one caveat. You want in, you wear this.

It's lined with nano-thermites.


They're miniscule explosives.

You want me to wear a suicide vest?

It's only if Hive infects you.

And, technically, a suicide vest is something you control.

So it's a murder vest.

This watch is the trigger.

Phil. [Sighs]

If Hive gets its hands on him ...

I go kaboom? That'd make you both real happy, wouldn't it?

Then you'd get Daisy back, and the three of you can live as one small, messed-up family again?

It's a last resort.

It's insane.

I want your help. I need it.

But if Hive sways you, that's it.

No one's gonna force you to do anything you don't want to do.

That's the whole point.

But if you want in the field, then this is a risk you've got to be willing to take.

[Mid-tempo music plays]

[Indistinct conversations]

What is it? Do I look weird?

I feel a bit weird all dressed up like this.


You look nice. That's all.

[Glasses whir]

Mack, do you have a visual?

Affirmative. I see what you see.

Turn on multi-spectral imaging.

All right.

[Monitor whirs, beeping]

I don't know what I expected, but...

this is not what I expected.

Let's just say most of the people in this room are more than what they seem.

You two stay alert.

I'm not sure what you're walking into.


Looks clear from out here. Lincoln?

Lincoln: I'm in position by Alisha's car.

You take the stairwell. I'll follow you in.

What happens if they show up?

We neutralize Hive and extricate Daisy.

It's that simple, huh?

We'll figure it out. We always do.

And if Daisy won't come quietly?

What are you getting at?

This is a potentially volatile situation, and I need to know what you expect from me.

[scoffs] You're always so quick to the trigger, you know that?

Excuse me?

If you're asking whether you shoot Daisy, the answer's no.

Daisy is not Andrew.

I pull the trigger because you order me to.

You're the Director.

I didn't ask for the kill switch to Lincoln's vest.

You gave it to me.

Because somehow, sacrificing him is okay with you.

That's not what I meant.

I'll do your dirty work, Phil, but don't you dare pretend your hands are clean.

[Elevator bell dings]

Lincoln? How'd you know where I was?

Have you seen Daisy recently?

No. Why?

I thought they'd come for you.

How you been, James?

Oh, you know, just catching up on my soaps.

What brings you out here to the middle of nowhere?

Did you break things up with blondie? You're looking for a lap to cry on?

Are you drunk?

Well, I'm Australian, so yes.

[Scoffs] Who's Aladdin?

This is actually the ancient Inhuman you were telling me about.

Thought you two should meet.

Lincoln: He looks like Grant Ward, but he is most definitely not Grand Ward.

I know it sounds crazy, but he controls Inhumans, forces us to do things we wouldn't otherwise do.

I can keep you safe, but...

[Electricity crackles]

You're not the first one we've paid a visit to.

But don't worry. I didn't forget about you.

Hey, flower, I get that you're attracted to danger. I know the type.

But if Jiaying feared this guy, it was probably for a reason.


Daisy showed me the Kree artifact you gave her, and it's missing its companion piece.

But you already knew that.

What? No, no, no, no.

I ... I gave this chickadee everything. I swear on my nana's life.

I-I-I'm not the type to sell you some bill of goods.

And that reminds me of a story that I think you'll particularly dig, 'cause it's absolutely ...

The hell?

You talk too much.



We don't want to have to hurt you.

We want you to join us.

Hang tight, Lincoln. I'm almost there.


On my way.

[Tires screeching]

There's no reason for you to stay loyal to humans.

They're a lesser species.

Lesser species, my ass!

Where's the original?

We can find her and... [grunts]

Lincoln: Stop!

Gun down! Now!

[Electricity crackles]


Where's Daisy?


Tell me now, or I swear to God, I'll make her suffer!

We can't. Hive won't let us.

I just need to get her back. Whatever it takes.

No. No. Oh, my God.

Wh-Why would you...?

You made us.

No! [Gunshot]


No. I lost them. I lost them.

S.H.I.E.L.D. came looking?

Is Lincoln alive?


And how do you feel?

Happy to make the sacrifice.

Now rest up. We need your strength.

James is breaking out of his husk, like, in a really aggressive way.

Aah! Aah! Oh, no!

What's happening?! Aah!

My insides, they're on fire!

Oh. Oh, crap. I ... I didn't mean to ...


Guess you won't be needing all that C-4 anymore.

My ... my hands! Everything I touch ...



Thank you.

Now... we can't leave here until you give us the missing ...

I buried it.



So, what is it?

The only thing that can destroy me.

Simmons: Well, that's a rather ominous thing to say.

It's true. These guys keep staring at us.

Or maybe they're staring at the case.

Well, they could work for Dr. Radcliffe, presuming he's even here. We've looked everywhere.

There's only one way to find out.

Excuse me. Looking for Dr. Holden Radcliffe.

We're scientists.

Hello. My name is Anon.

Do you have an appointment with the doctor?

Not exactly.

We're fellow geneticists.

Like Dr. Radcliffe, we dabble in... human enhancements.

Mack: Guys, this woman has been heavily modified, in ways you wouldn't anticipate.

Mm, man, I need to get out more.

Are you a patient of Dr. Radcliffe?

We have... quite innovative eye technology.

Perhaps it will serve you, as well.

I can take it to the doctor.

Respectfully, it's for Dr. Radcliffe. Or no one at all.

[Screen whirs, beeping]

Wait in the bar area.

If the doctor expresses interest, I will find you.

Lincoln: Doesn't make any sense.

Alisha never would've killed herself. She feels all of it.

Every death.

It's Hive. That thing forced her.

We've got to stop it.

I'm taking you out of the field until Fitz-Simmons find a cure.

What? No.

Look, I ... I know I went overboard today, and I'm sorry.

Without Daisy, I...

I'll do better. Please.

She'd want me to keep you safe.

You can't do this.

I just did.

You're sitting in here for the view?

You haven't given me a destination.

That's 'cause I don't have one.

How you holding up?

Just another day at the office.

I'm sorry about earlier. I was out of line.

I'm frustrated with the... We all are.

You're not the only one who cares.

I know. And you're right.

The things I expect of you...

On some level, I'm no better than Hive.

No one forces me to do anything.

I took advantage.

When it comes to Daisy, she's young.

I forget that sometimes. And from what Fitz-Simmons have said,

Hive's infections only heightens feelings she already has.

Daisy's always longed for a family, for connection.

I thought I could give it to her with S.H.I.E.L.D.


...you're not her father.


But she's the closest thing I have to a daughter.

Anderson: Sir?

You told me to monitor any unusual seismic activity.

We found ...


South Dakota.

They're after the potential Inhuman.

Mack, are you getting feedback on comms?

Simmons, you hear that?

Oh, yeah, it's terribly loud.

Probably best if we go offline to reboot.

Mack: Looks fine on my end.

Back in a jiff.

[Watches beep]


Got a long history of unfinished conversations, so...

I thought it was about time that ...

We finish one.

So, um...

I've been thinking about it ... about us ... and, um... it clicked.

The crux of our relationship is like the singularity in transhumanism.

It is?

Yeah, think about it.

Singularity is the defining moment.

The point at which a measurable variable becomes infinite.

Right. So, our friendship is linear.

It's simple, comfortable.

Effortless, really.

As soon as we deviate from that path...

Change becomes exponential.

The point of no return.

Just to be clear, um... are you comparing us sleeping together to crossing the event horizon?


It's quite lovely when you think about it like that.

And also terrifying.

Yeah, exactly. So...

...we should stop thinking altogether...

And just do.

Yeah. Of course.

Anon: Hello.

Please follow me.

[Glasses whir]

Back online and on the move.

Mack: Copy that.


This wasn't in the schematics.

You first.

Are we meeting Dr. Radcliffe?

[Button beeps]

[Motor whirring]

After you.

I'm not sure we understand.

You are looking to sell the doctor eye technology, are you not?

Yes, but ...

The doctor will meet you once I've seen the surgery is complete and your cybernetic eye is in place.

Surgery. You want us to remove...

And replace it with ...

Dr. Radcliffe needs assurance that your technology meets his standards.

The only way to do this is to test it on a live human specimen.

Whenever you're ready.

Uh, can you give us a minute to prep?

This seems extremely unethical.

We've done far more questionable things for our employer.

A third opinion would be welcome.

Well, if Radcliffe's our only way to cure Tremors, you know where I stand.

Then it's decided.

All right, sir, I'm just going to need to numb the area before we begin.

Okay. You might feel a slight pinch.

[Gasps] Jemma.

Ugh. What kind of a sick game is this?

Simmons, what's going on?

It's a prosthetic.

Well, you certainly weren't afraid you were wrong.

What tipped it?

That your eye's not entirely human.


Mammals don't have ciliary muscles in their vascular layer, but that eye does, so what is it?

Some kind of avian hybrid?

Why would ... Why would you ...

Birds' visual acuity is superior to mammals.

I was envious.

But I don't ... Why all the ...

Smoke and mirrors? It's a fair question.

To put it simply, I'm selective about who I work with.

I believe that art and science are entwined.

The devil, and God, is in the details.

I don't want people to see my work and know it's work.

If they give a second glance, I want it to be out of awe, not disgust.

May I?

May: You really are a stubborn b*st*rd.

That's why we get on so well.

I'm telling you, it's fine. It doesn't even hurt.

Check the perimeter.

I'll take point.

[Wood creaking]

They've unearthed something.

Radcliffe: I can see how its surveillance capabilities are appealing.

But there was a company that had something eerily similar.

Cybertek. Heard of them?

Turns out they were Hydra.

We're not Hydra, I assure you.

They connected explosives to soldiers' eyes.

Violence for violence's sake, an ugly misuse of science.

We're S.H.I.E.L.D.

Same thing.

No. That's a common mistake, actually.


You're on comms with someone.


[Keyboard clacking]

Please stop.

Listen, we know about the research you were conducting.

You were genetically engineering animals that can resist parasites, which is quite appropriate, really, because ...

Well, there's a man-eating parasite on the loose.

It can inhabit dead humans and control Inhumans.

It can force ...

Inhumans? They're real?

Take them.

They're not welcome here.


No, hold on. H-Hold on.

Dr. Radcliffe!

Jemma! I'll meet you at the rendezvous point!

Fitz! Aah!


[Panting] You have to hear me out.

We're chasing our own damn tail.


[Explosives beeping]

Clear the area. This place is rigged to blow.

We got to get out of here.

There's no time.

Then, get in.

[Rapid beeping]

[Coulson grunting]

When did you ...

I thought it would be cool if the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a shield.

Fitz agreed, so...


Okay. The leg hurts a little.

Maybe you should get a cybernetic one.

Too soon.

[Cellphone rings]

You gonna get that?

[Cellphone beeps]


Talbot? This isn't a good time.

Fitz: You have to listen to me.

Yes, Inhumans are real.

But that's barely scratching the surface, 'cause I've stood on alien soil, and I've jumped through a portal to get there.

So if it's discovery that you want and the science behind it ...

It's both. It's all of it.

Okay, well, I can give you that.

But first I need your help.

Okay? 'Cause... [Breathing heavily] ...you're the only one that can save my friend.

[Grunts] Stop!

I'm ... I'm not going anywhere without Fitz! [Screams]

You once said the same thing about me.

Whoo! [Chuckles]

[Grunts] Hey, hey.

I just wanted a little sip.

I didn't know you were an officer of the law.

You think you're some kind of designer humans, huh?

But you're just playing dress-up.

You'll never be able to do it.



What? He started it.

Stop! You're that Inhuman.

Where's Daisy?!

That bird has so many male suitors.

And what are your muscles made out of?



Take him.

No. Wait... [groans]

We need to talk.

Stay the hell away from me!

If you try to hurt me, I swear ...

Yeah, I'm doom.

You're hope. Remember?

[Voice breaking] Will?

No, it's not... [Breathing shakily] it's not possible.

Never been able to resist doing something... when the odds are impossible.

Now, I want your honest opinion on this.

What do you think of the name "Inferno"?

I like it, but I don't love it.

Firestarter? Well, feels a little '90s.

And Burning Man ... I mean, that would've been perfect if it wasn't for some bloody desert hippy fest.

How about Blowhard?

Daisy: I don't have much time. [Panting]

This isn't you. We can ...

What are you ...

Stop trying to save me.


I know what I'm saying. I know what I feel.

I finally have a family, Fitz.

You don't need to pity me anymore.

Hive: It happened so quickly.

The storm, the portal opening.

I guess you were right about Fitz, huh?

Stop it.

Jemma, listen.

I'm glad you made it back to him.

All I want is for you to be happy.

Safe. That's why I'm glad we're here now.

I never got a chance to say goodbye.

I don't want anything bad to happen to you, I swear, but you and Simmons ... well, I've seen the future, and someone in S.H.I.E.L.D. is gonna die.


And if you love her, you will leave us alone.

I'm the only thing protecting you.

No, that's not...

He said you'd do anything to fool me.

Jemma, please. I wouldn't trick you.

I don't want you to end up dead like me.

We... don't want that to happen to you.

It's in your best interest... to stay away.

We don't want to hurt you... any of you.

But we will. [Chokes]

This is your last warning.

Next time, I snap your neck.

[Gasps, breathing heavily]

It's time to let me go.

Just because you stole Will's memories doesn't give you the right to be him.

Will is dead.



HQ is fortified. Nothing's getting in here.

It's a thing. This is why Talbot's been so bent out of shape.

Malick's intel?

He gave us everything.

You mess with a man's family, all bets are off.

I don't think aliens get that.

What are you saying?

We're about to take down Hydra's infrastructure.

Want to watch?

Talbot: All units in position, Director. Two mikes to launch.

Roger that. HQ has visual.

All stations report.

Man: Echo 1 ... on your order.

Woman: Red 6 ... prepping to breach.

Man #2: QJ 4 ... locked in and ready.

All operations a go. Commence DECAP.


Oh. Thank God. Is Fitz with you?

[Sighs] No.

But this is the rendezvous point.

Wait. H-Hold on, hold on.

I just got back. He can't be too far behind.

Plus, if you go out there looking for him and he comes back here, then this will go on all night.


Mack: You okay?

You see Daisy?


Hive... or whatever it is.

I shot him.

Doubt it did anything.

Always said I'd shoot Ward.

You think we'll get her back?

We have to.

[Sighs] I guess sometimes it's easier to think the world wants you to suffer than to believe it's got your back.

You should tell that to Fitz.

He thinks we're cursed, which I know is ridiculous, but...

I don't know.

So, how long have you two...?

Oh, no. No, we've ... It's not ...

You know how many times Bobbi and Hunter pulled the "my comms are broken" trick?

Come on.

Right. Well, I ... I don't know.

I ... I suppose it's very new.

No, it isn't. [Chuckles]


Talbot: All stations, targets secure.

The head has been cut.

I repeat ... the head has been cut.

Hydra has been eliminated.

Just like that.

Just like that.

This should've been a great day. [Sighs]


Where have you been?

Looking for you.

Oh, well, I've been here at the rendezvous point like we discussed.

What? And Mack?

In the Quinjet, unloading equipment.

Well, we've got a lot to talk about.




Your hands are freezing.


Are they?

Ooh. They're like little ice buckets, aren't they?


Do you think you can brave it?

I'll do my best to power through.

Coulson: We'll return in a moment.

All right, then what about "Hellfire"?

It's better than "Scorch," but I'm worried it's too much.

Hive: You're a difficult man to find, doctor.

You're Inhuman ... all of you.

Well, technically, I'm one of the first genetically altered human beings on the planet.

Scientifically, humans have advanced almost to the level the Kree reached when they made me.

You, doctor, seem to be the closest.

Very flattering, and I agree. But genome editing ...

we've only just begun that kind of DNA modification.

To ... To make something of your kind, that's... we can only... dream.

You don't need to dream anymore.

We are one organism, seeking change.

And with your help, we're going to redefine humanity.


Is that even possible?

H-How could you ...

By re-creating the same Kree experiment that was done to me.

And this is where it all begins.

Bought us a house?


I bought us a whole town.