04x03 - Uprising

Coulson: Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."...


What are you?

Mack: This woman caused a disturbance in Chen and his people with a touch?

Fitz: Yeah, it seems to have something to do with physical contact.

[yelling] Get away from me!

What treatment are you implementing?

How long will ...

Hey. Hey. I'm sorry. That's classified.

Mack: Some of our medication supply is missing.

It's Yo-Yo. She's stealing it, and... you two have been in touch this whole time.

Daisy: There's a group called the Watchdogs.

They're hunting Inhumans.

And who knows what kind of w*apon they stole from the energy lab in Pasadena.

You want to know what's connecting these things.

I think it might be me.

[Tires screeching]

4x03 - "Uprising"

[Dance music playing]

[Laughter, indistinct conversations]

Now you see it.

Now you don't. [Gasps]



[Speaks Spanish]

How did you do that?

I was born with a gift.

Well, can you magically turn Elena's clothes into a pretty dress?


How long have you known me?

I know.

10 years.

When have you seen me wearing a dress?

I know. Never.

I just thought L.A. would liven up your fashion sense.

You do know you have to wear a bridesmaid's dress at the wedding. [Cellphone rings]

I know, I know. [Chuckles]

[Speaking Spanish] somebody sexy?

He's just a friend I work with.

The kind of friend you'll be bringing to the wedding?

No, Maria, not that kind of friend.

Then I'll invite him.




Mack: Yo-Yo?


I can't hear you.


Where are you right now? Yo-Yo, are you ...

[People gasp]

[Electricity powers down]

It's a blackout. How cool is that, huh?

This is really bad. No more blended drinks.


You guys.

[Helicopter blades whirring]




[Distorted voice] Do we have your attention now?

The blackout in Miami was just the first.

We will continue to attack you, city by city, hour by hour until our voices are heard.

We are the Inhuman Resistance, and we will no longer allow our kind to be treated as freaks and criminals.

Unless the governments of the world end Registration and allow us to live in peace, we will use our powers to fight you.


Damn it.

Is this some lone nutjob, or are the Inhumans really organizing?

Man: We have no real information, sir.

Fitz: The broadcast was untraceable. It's quite sophisticated, really, which rules out both lone and nutjob.

And the blackout, was it caused by an Inhuman's power or sabotage?

There's only one Inhuman capable of short-circuiting an entire city.

Lincoln Campbell. He was one of the good guys.

I know, and we owe him a great debt.

There's no one else with his powers?

Mack: Could be one we haven't found.

Yeah, but it's most likely an EMP device.

So the threat was credible? They could black out more cities?

Yeah, if there's more than one EMP device, it's more than credible.

This is a PR nightmare.

We're only a month away from reintroducing S.H.I.E.L.D. to the public.

People's lives could be at stake, and you're worried about bad publicity?

Who the hell are you, anyway?

That's Burrows from Public Relations.

It's his job to worry about bad publicity.

So let's just [Inhales deeply] take a b*at [Exhales] calm down.

A team divided is a team defeated.

Right? Right?

We have an Inhuman asset in Miami ... Elena Rodriguez.

I lost contact with her an hour ago.

Now, if this thing escalates ...

Then we have to de-escalate it, pronto.

I want you two and Phil in the air and on the way to Miami within the hour.

Well, you need to be the one to give him that order.

He wasn't too happy with the last one.

Come on, May. Fight this.

Please, I need to speak to someone about Agent May...

...and, actually, I have a remote feed from your facility.

I'm looking at her vitals right now, and she is clearly not stabilizing!

Her heart rate is erratic.

Her ... Her bl*od pressure is continuing to rise. Adrenaline's spiking.

[Sighs] Who is in charge over there?

Does anyone know what the hell the... Hello?


[Cellphone thuds]

[Sighs] They hung up. They're clueless.

[Sighs] Not that I have a solution without actually getting inside her brain.

Where is she? Who the hell's treating her?


I'm so sorry, but it's classified.

Without the Director's permission, I can't ...

Mace: She's in upstate New York.

Agent May is at one of the best CDC facilities in the country.

Why keep that from me? I could be there now.

And would be.

I know how much you like to make unauthorized trips, but I needed you here in case of a crisis, and now there's a cris...

[Alarm beeping]


Hold him down! Hold him down!

[Beeping, grunting continue]

It's okay.

Man: Get away from me!



He's gone.

What just happened?

[Flatline stops]

Exactly what's going to happen to May within the next 24 hours.

The CDC's at a dead end.

Unless we take some kind of drastic measure... we'll lose her.

Do you have something in mind?

[Sighs] It's a long sh*t, but yes.

Maybe there might be someone who ...

Whatever you need. Make it happen.


I'm going with her.

Negative. You're going to Miami.

You're the best agent I have to deal with the Inhumans.

If this blackout is legitimate and there are more to come, we could have a huge international problem on our hands.

It's the call you'd make if you were in my shoes.

[Indistinct conversations, screaming]

[Sirens wailing in distance]

My poor fiancé's out there somewhere, and I have no way to reach him.

How does a blackout k*ll your phone?

It was probably an EMP.

[Speaks Spanish] What?

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Word from downstairs is that we're under attack.

Inhumans caused the blackout, and people are starting to riot.

We got to go.

No, no, no.

We're safer up here.

No, we're trapped up here.

We got to get someplace with power.

I'm going. I need to find Sammy.

We can't let her go alone.

30 flights of stairs in heels? Really?

That's why I don't wear them.

[Engine revs]

Where are we going?

Look, I know you're doing this whole mysterious-silent thing, but if we're gonna work together on this, you've got to fill me in.

[Gear shift clicks]

You know someone that worked at that Momentum facility?

[Sighs] My uncle.

I'm going to go see him.

Uncle? Uncle Elias Morrow?

Doing time at South Ridge Penitentiary?

I like to vet my vengeance demons before I hop in a car with them.

He's a good man. He did a bad thing.

Attempted manslaughter. Yeah, I'd say so.

What'd he do at that lab?

He was an electrical engineer.

His work was way above my head, but I think it's time we figure it out.

Man: Suspect at large.

We now have two confirmed blackouts ... Miami and London.

The Inhumans claiming responsibility threatened to black out a major city every hour if their demands are not ...

You hear that?

I don't believe it.

[Sighs] Hope they don't hit L.A.

You afraid of the dark?

No, my little brother rides the metro.

He's gonna be stuck in a bad part of town.

You know what happens to people during a blackout.

They think they can get away with whatever they want.

That nothing can stop them.

So we're gonna have our hands full if it hap... [Electricity zaps]


[people shouting]

If it happens here.

Plug the F1 EEG cables and the ISO-GND cables into the mini-M.E.G. and initiate the CBR sequence.



I'm searching the encyclopedia for the acronym references.

Right. Take the red cables and the green cables.

Put them into the back of the black box and push all the little buttons!

[Sighs] Sorry if I'm being a snappy cat.

I've just been caught a little bit unprepared, that's all.

They say Agent May is very ill. And it doesn't look good.

Define "snappy cat."

It's... not worth defining.

You should probably never use that.

I should probably never use that.


Unfortunately, that means I'm gonna have to put you to sleep.

I understand.

You've been so helpful.

I really hate to do this... [Remote beeps] ...but you're not quite ready for what's coming.

S.H.I.E.L.D. are on their way.

I'll do all I can to help. I hope I can.

Perhaps then we won't have to hide you away.

They're here.

[Doorbell buzzes]


[Click, Aida powers down]

Stay away from me!

Hold her down.

No! I know what you are!

Get away from me!

Hold her down.

Let go of me! Get away!

[Gasping, screams]

[Breathing heavily]

Have you determined whether it's chemical, biological?

We've eliminated every probable cause, unless you want to consider Mack's theory.

Which is?

She was touched by a ghost.

A ghost?

Well, it was definitely something of an incorporeal nature.

When you eliminate the improbable...

Then we've got to consider the impossible.

I'm thinking if we use the transcranial head apparatus you recently developed, maybe we could find some sort of ...

Well, with both our big brains examining hers, I'm sure we'll find a solution.

Any idea how much time we have?

Based on the other cases we've observed, I'd say... less than six hours until certain death.

[Breathing shakily]

Nadeer: It was only a matter of time before this happened.

We can no longer pretend like the Inhuman threat doesn't exist.

Each and every one of them is a lethal w*apon, and now those w*apon are aimed directly at us.

Make no mistake. This is an act of w*r.

Unless we take a stand and fight back now while we can, we will be complicit in our own extinction.

[Tablet beeps]

She may as well start handing out the pitchforks and torches.

Four cities blacked out in five hours ...

London, Los Angeles, Moscow, and Miami.

You know what they have in common?

Yeah, we relocated Inhumans to all of them, but do you think this is for real? They're organizing an uprising?

Doesn't look good, but it also doesn't feel right.

Whoever it is, we'll flush them out when we turn Miami back on.

They're definitely using EMP devices.

The blackout zone encompasses the same amount of area in all four cities.

Now, the effect is randomly dispersed, making it difficult to pinpoint the source, but I have everything I need right here to locate it, to disable it, and trace ...

Trace it back to whoever's responsible.

Exactly. So it should be quick and easy.

Mack: It better be. It's getting bad out there.



[Car windows shattering]



Every other vehicle's dead.

[Tires squeal]

Daisy: Phone's dead, too.

We're lucky this car's pre-1980, no electronics.

The Inhumans would never do this.

Isn't that what you are?

It only takes one to start a revolution.

[Engine revs, tires squeal]

Calm down before you go all Carrot Top again.

Stress has nothing to do with it.

What exactly is "it"?

Because I still don't buy the whole "sold my soul" story.

Well, I don't give a damn what you buy.

I'm the one stuck with it.

So you want to get rid of it.

I thought that if I settled the score, took down the gangbangers that put Gabe in a wheelchair, it would go away. Didn't happen.

So I started settling other people's scores.

The X's on the mural.

That didn't work, either.

I figured if I settled my uncle's score ...

Your uncle? Don't think he was the v*ctim in that situation.

[Tires squeal] He always said the guy he b*at up was the real criminal.

So you think that if you right whatever wrong your uncle was trying to fix that you can get rid of... it.

Or else I have to ride with it forever.

[Engine revs]

[Baseball bat clunks]

Out of the car. Now!

[g*n tapping]

What you looking at, Hot Wheels?

These cars ain't going nowhere.

Maybe we should take his wheels.

[Tires screech]

[Engine shuts off]

Even better.

I wouldn't touch it if I were you. Owner's a bit of a hothead.

It's a shame to see something this nice in the hands of someone who can't take care of her.

What I'd really like to do is get a look under the hood.

Hey, hands off.

Just admiring her, holmes.

Nothing wrong with that, is there?



She runs a little hot.

[Rumbling, arm snaps]


[Both panting]

Was ... Was that "it"?

[panting] No. That was me.

You good?

Still standing. You?

Sunshine and rainbows.

You must be Gabe.

Gabe, this is Daisy. Come on.

Let's get you home before it gets dark.

[Indistinct conversations]

I think we should stay here.

Sammy wouldn't want you going outside, and the power will be back on soon.

I'm not waiting.


[All gasp]

Everybody get back!

Stay calm and no one will get hurt.

Take it, and I'll be on my way.

Just ... I'll be on m...

We're not here for your money.

We're here for the Inhuman.


Radcliffe: The framework could create a nice pastoral scene to help her relax, but who knows what her brain will make of it now.

Could end up being land of the dinosaurs.

So we're just gonna use it for feedback.

[Keys clacking, hologram beeps]


You know, it's a myth that we only use 10% of our brains.

However, it is true that it's only a few neurons that make all the noise.

The rest keep quiet. Look at this here.

[Hologram whirs, beeping]

The reticular activating system, primarily involved in the sleep/wake transition.

[Hologram whirs]

Extremely hyperactive.

[Hologram whirs]

I suspect this is what's causing her hallucinations ... vivid waking nightmares that are sending her adrenal system into overdrive, putting her in a state of extreme fight-or-flight.

[Hologram whirs]

[May panting]

They were all scared to death.

Mm, precisely.

Well, how do we stop it?

How do you cure fear?

Coulson: We're 2 minutes from the blackout zone and 10 minutes from the hotel Agent Rodriguez called you from.

We'll grab her first, then Fitz can do his thing.

Mack: It doesn't make sense.

The EMPs only short-circuit electronics that have been turned on at the time.

Your point?

Well, I haven't heard from her since.

I mean, she ... she can't find a phone that was turned off?

Does the backseat science department care to weigh in on this?

She's at a bachelorette party.

She's probably having a good time, dancing and drinking with all those sexy Latino guys.

No, I'm not taking that bait.

We're here to protect you.

Inhumans are attacking our cities, and we have to fight back.

We have reliable information there's an Inhuman here in this hotel right now.

If anyone knows who it is, it's your duty to turn it in.

[Speaks Spanish]

[Speaks Spanish]

If one of those freaks of nature was here, we'd know.

They're people, too.

They deserve to be here as much as we do.

Are you serious? Is this what L.A. did to you?

Please don't tell me you're vegan, too.

Hey. Hey.

I'm on your side, brother, and I think I know who it is.

He calls himself the Amazing Mertz.

He was doing all kinds of weird stuff earlier.

Claims it's a gift.

W-What are you doing? I-It's not me. [g*n clicks]

I swear I'm not one of them.

Briggs: Tell us the truth!

I swear!

They've hit six cities now. It's getting messy.

There's rioting, looting.

People are demanding action.

I've got agents headed to every location.

We're just entering the blackout zone now.

Give us time to ...

I need a win, Phil, with a capital "W."

Been on the phone with the President.

He says if we don't have answers soon, he's gonna do something...

[Engine stops]

What the hell happened?

Oh, we must've got hit with another EMP pulse when we crossed into the blackout zone.

It's either that or ...

No, that's it.

[grunts] Can I get some help here?

That's worthless.

Oh, that's worthless! Worthless. Worthless.

It's all worthless, everything.

What's going on, Fitz?

It wasn't a second pulse.

It's an ongoing series of them, which means it's a continuous-pulse EMP, which is extremely advanced, which means none of our tech is gonna work!

So how are we supposed to find a source without your toys?

We do it old-school.

So... no tech, no transpo, no w*apon, and our only hope is the professor's slide rule?

Yeah, that about sums it up.

[Case closes]

Fitz: You know what's a good light source?

A guy with a flaming head.

Coulson: Really bummed I missed that.

Mack: No, you're not.

Fitz: Sir, it was quite unsettling.

We need to do something about your arm. I heard it snap.

Can't believe you haven't passed out.

I can't go to the hospital.

Yeah, well, I figured that much.

What do you do when you get hurt during your... "night job?"

Do you have a guy who takes care of it?

A guy? No.

No, I don't get hurt.

You gave me a pretty bad gash at the junkyard.


Not a scratch.

I've been stabbed, sh*t, run over ... twice.

Next day, I'm good as new.

Lucky you.

"Lucky me."

Point is, I don't know how to help you.

I can get you medicine and some supplies.

Might as well take advantage of the darkness.

[Ice cubes clattering]

The man in all the pictures ... is that your dad?

Uncle Eli. He raised us.

Yo, I got to head to Canelo's.

This late? Why?

With all the power out, there's gonna be looting.

[whispers] Gabe doesn't know about the night job.

And he never will. Understood?

Plates in the cabinet, forks in the drawer ... if you want some.

[Door opens]

[Grunts] Tell us the truth!

I am. I'm not one of them.

I don't have powers.

He's lying. We all saw him.

It's sleight of hand, you moron, not a superpower.

Let's see if you can make a b*llet disappear.

You want to do the honors?

Where the hell is it?

Who took it?

It's him!

Darryl: I told you he made it disappear.

I didn't do anything. I swear.

[g*n cocks]

Now you see it.

[Spectators gasp]

Woman: Whoa.


Elena, how did you ...


Get away.


It's her. She has the g*n!

She's the Inhuman.

[Lightflare whooshing]



Stop or she's dead!


You see? You don't have to be scared.

Stay away from me.

Maria, it's still me. I'm still the same.

No, you're one of them.

Yes, but I'm still Elena, your friend.


[Sighs] You okay?

At least I don't have to wear a stupid dress.

Coulson: Any idea who they are? Why they're here?

They were here for me.

They knew I was in Miami in this hotel.

How is that possible?

I thought us registered people were protected.

Search these guys.

I think my worst nightmare may have just come true.

No, let ... [beeping] stay away from me!

We're running out of time!

We need to do something, anything!

It's okay.


I think I know how to solve all our problems.

How? What is it?

We're gonna have to k*ll her.

One chimpanzee, two chimpanzee.

One chimpanzee, two chimpanzee.

How did you know there was an Inhuman here?

Who do you work for?

I'm just a concerned citizen.

Then we have something in common, because right now, I'm concerned about vigilantes who target Inhumans during a blackout.

Whose side are you on?

Not yours. [g*n]

Mack: What the hell are you doing?!

Concerned citizens don't walk around wearing battle gear.

This isn't your average weekend-warrior vest.

This is advanced military tech.

Just like the EMP.

This isn't the Inhumans. It's a setup.

They're being hunted.

And guess who's doing the hunting.

So, how do you know Robbie?

I don't. He gave me a ride.

He never gives anyone a ride, and you're definitely not from this hood.

I don't know. Maybe he felt sorry for me.

Damsel in distress.

How'd you hurt your arm?

Hit by a car. How'd you end up in a wheelchair?

Wrong place, wrong time ... years ago.

I made peace with it, though.

And Robbie takes care of you?

Takes care of me? I take care of his ass. [Chuckles]

What, is that funny?

I just wonder what he would say to that.

Doesn't seem like he needs it.

Without me, his wheels, they would come off.

You know, he's always out at night, always alone.

Thought it was gambling, maybe racing again, maybe drugs.

I don't know.

I do know bad things come from bad people.

And you think I'm one of them.

[Speaks Spanish]

The Watchdogs are behind this?

Coulson: Or someone's behind them.

This was an orchestrated worldwide attack.

Their turf has always been domestic.

Found something.

Asset numbers and addresses.

This is what I was afraid of.

This is from the Inhuman Registration List.

And every time an asset's on the move, it's automatically updated.

That's how they knew she was here.

How'd they get it?

Pretty sure it didn't come out of S.H.I.E.L.D., but we're not the only agency that has it.

Not to mention every nation that signed the Accords.

Well, no matter how tight security is, things have a way of disappearing.

Lists, w*apon, meds.

And if they're hunting Inhumans here, they're hunting them in the other cities.

With communications down, we have no way to warn them.

Yeah, well, might not be that much longer, 'cause I think I can solve this.

By getting t*nk?

What? No, I just need the corks.

And I'm also gonna need some needles and some bowls of water.

What, didn't any of you guys go to the Scouts?

We're making compasses.

Oh, come on. It's rudimentary science.

Yeah, no big deal.

Just rudimentary science. Maybe saving the day.

[Breathing rapidly]

Radcliffe: Think of her brain as a computer that's been compromised by ... by bugs and glitches.

If we shut it down and reboot it, then the parts of her brain that have been hyperactivated should reset back to default.

This is crazy.

Without a doubt, but we're out of time and out of options.

[Sighs] Okay. Well, once her heart stops, we'll have approximately seven minutes before she has irreparable brain damage and can't be brought back at all.

During which time we monitor her brain activity, and once it reaches minimum threshold...

We'll shock her back to life and hope that your theory is correct.

Exactly. Then we'll go and have lots of drinks.

Right? You ready?

Hell, no, I'm not ready!

We're about to k*ll May.

We're about to save May.

[Heart monitor beeping steadily]

[Breathing shakily]

It's okay. I'm so sorry.

[Beeping quickens]


Fitz: The EMP releases a pulse every two seconds.

And for that one moment, it becomes magnetic north, causing your needles to move a few degrees in that direction.

Now, based on how much they move each time, I should be able to triangulate the source of the EMP or at least get in the ballpark.

Ready when you are, Slide Rule.

Yeah, okay.

Okay, call them out as they move.

35 degrees east.

5 degrees west.

10 degrees east.

Okay, here it comes again. Look alive.

We have less than two minutes.


We're approaching minimum brain activity threshold.

Get ready.

[Breathing heavily]

[Defibrillator whirs]

One, two...

[Electricity powers down]

[Gasps] What the hell happened?!

I don't know. We've lost power.

Okay. Not now.

I don't understand.

The backup generator should've kicked in.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Come on, May. [Grunts] Come on.

Oh God.


Come on, May. Come on!

Radcliffe: I don't understand. What happened to the bloody power?


Burrows: We just lost part of D.C.

[Telephone rings]

Yes, Mr. President?

Uh, watching now, sir.

[Tablet beeps]

We now control seven cities.

If you do not end the Registration of Inhumans in 24 hours, we will black out seven more.

Yes, Mr. President.

I understand the gravity of the situation.

Just give me one more hour.

Agent Coulson and his team are on the case.

Thank you, sir.

The President wants to send troops into the blackout zones, take out the Inhumans by any means necessary.

Come on, Coulson.

Bring me that win.

30 degrees east.

10 degrees west.

10 degrees east.

Okay, got it.



"X" marks the spot.

All right, let's go.

You have to come back!

I'm not losing you. I... promise.

Do you hear me, Agent May?! You have to come back!

That's an order!

We need ice. We need to keep her cold.

That's really not...

I mean, at this point...

If we could only jump-start a battery or...




[sobbing] I'm so sorry...

What is it?

It's a self-sustaining, magnetically shielded clean-energy device.

It's a prototype of something I've been working on in my spare time.

Might just do the trick.

[Defibrillator whirring]


Come on, May! Fight it!


Wake up! Come on, May. Fight!

Wake up! Wake up. Wake up.

[Coughing] Wha... ?

Oh, where am I?

[Restraints squeak]

Get this crap off of me!


Welcome back, Agent May.

Did I miss something? [Chuckles]


Mack: Looks empty. You sure this is the right place?

I said I'd get us in the ballpark.

I don't know, Turbo.

[distant voices]

Coulson: Halt.

[EMP whirring]

Well, the good news is, Fitz was right. The EMP is here.

Yeah, the bad news is, we're g*n.

Any suggestions?

Are you seeing this?

What the...

Man: Are you seeing this?


She's over there!


My g*n's gone!

Where's my g*n?





[EMP powers down]

Fitz: Okay. All set. Let there be light.

[power up]



Ah. Welcome back, fellas.

So many people looking for an excuse to hate.

It's spreading. Passports, visas.

Somebody's taken the Watchdogs global.

[Cellphone beeps]

Yeah, this is Agent Coulson. Get me the Director.

We have a solve.

They were saying on the news earlier that the Inhumans caused the blackouts.

Think that's true?

No idea. I've never met one.

Just know that people don't like them 'cause they're... different.

I've been there.

That doesn't look so great. [Exhales slowly]

I don't know why you're not at the E.R.

It won't do any good. There's no power.

[Electricity buzzes]


Looks like someone's watching out for you.

That excuse won't work anymore, Daisy, if that's your real name.

I've had a few.

Yeah? One of them Quake?

Look, that guy who had the g*n to my head went flying.

How did that happen?

I felt the earth rumble. Nothing there but you ...

in a lot of pain but so afraid to go to the hospital.

Hey, don't worry. Your secret's safe with me.

Thanks, Gabe.

As long as you leave and never come near my brother again.

Robbie needs good people around him.

And that's not you.

The man with the list and the ones guarding the EMP, they all had Watchdog tattoos.

And some serious hardware. Someone's backing them.

With big-time resources and foreign involvement.

Whoever it is, they've declared w*r on the Inhumans.

Oh. It's working.

Fear is spreading like wildfire out there.

How do we counter that?

Maybe it's time.

No, it's too soon, Phil. We have a specific plan for the rollout.

Can I offer you some advice... something I learned from Fury?

"It's important to know when to throw out the plan."

And you think this is one of those moments?

That's for you to decide, Director.


No? Okay.

[Speaks Spanish]

I wish Daisy were here to see this.


So you're not gonna come clean?

We know you've been communicating with her, Yo-Yo.

I gave her my word.

What? That you'd lie?

You knew we were out there looking for her!

You could've helped us. You could've made contact.

But instead, you used me to get meds for her!

She's the one who makes contact.

And Daisy doesn't want to be found, so you should respect that.

Look, she's hurt and she's in danger and she's mixed up with that...

I don't know what the hell it is, but it ain't good.

The man on fire?

You knew about this?

[Cellphone thuds]

Angry looks good on you, Mack.

Don't do that.

Don't shrug this off.

There shouldn't be any secrets between us.

Why not? There's nothing else between us.

All right, has everybody seen this guy but me?

I've only heard talk. He's a legend out there.

The, uh, "Ghost Rider."

Eh, most people think it's folklore.

Ah, he's real.

We find anything else?

No, not on him.

I did get a list of faculty that worked at Momentum Energy Labs back when it was operational.

Could be something to look into.

Oh, hey, there he is.

Hello, everyone.

I'm Jeffrey Mace, and the President has asked me to address recent events that have many of you concerned.

You all know who I am.

You know my work with international affairs, but most importantly, you know I'm a straight sh**t.

So let's set the record straight.

The Inhumans were not responsible for the recent blackouts.

They were caused by human extremists hell-bent on spreading fear ... fear of these new members of our community.

They want to turn us against each other, but I'm here to tell you...

...that's not gonna work.

Where's Daisy?

I don't know.

Fell asleep. When I woke up, she was gone.


And it won't work because there's an old friend back in town, here to deal with this threat and any other threat that comes our way.

And last night, that old friend turned all the lights back on, saving countless lives.

And that old friend... is S.H.I.E.L.D.

[Reporters shouting indistinctly]


Hope we're doing the right thing.

I liked working in the shadows.

Well, at least you won't have to live in them anymore. [Cellphone ringing]

Excuse me.

Working closely with some of the smartest minds I've had the pleasure of knowing, Hey. we're in the process of rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D...

Coulson: I hear you're a little bit more yourself.

I feel cranky.

Like I said.

That should be you up there.

No. I'm right where I belong.

So, let's set the record straight one more time.

We're back, and we're here to protect you ... all of you, human... and Inhuman alike.

When others try to tear us apart, it only brings us together.

We're all on the same team, because a team that trusts is a team that ...

Coulson: We'll return in a moment.

Nadeer: S.H.I.E.L.D. was a puppet of Hydra, and now they'll be puppets of the Inhumans.

I have very credible sources that are telling me the Inhumans were responsible for the blackouts, despite what Jeffery Mace may say.

Man: That was Senator Nadeer...

[Cellphone rings]

[Cellphone beeps]

Give me some good news.

[Distorted voice] Even though S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to turn on all the power, we were able to eliminate 17 Inhumans worldwide.

Good. Good start.

I'm at my brother's place, but I'll be heading out now.

I'll call you from the car for the play-by-play.

[Cellphone beeps, clicks]

You want me to turn it off?

You know what? I'll leave it on.

Keep you company. I'll be back in a few days to check in.

Love you.