04x04 - The Apprentice

Previously on Once Upon A Time...

Anna: My parents... they had a problem with magic. Would there be someone who could help them with that kind of a thing?

Ruth: There is one man a very powerful wizard.

Regina: Want to find who wrote this book and ask them to write me a happy ending.

Henry: It'll be our own secret mission.

Hook: I've hunted you a long time, my old crocodile. I know that that dagger you gave Belle was a fake.

[ Past. Enchanted Forest. A Long Time Ago.. ]

(The Apprentice is in the process of sweeping the floor, when suddenly the fire on the torches go out. The Apprentice stops what he is doing and looks up, drops the broom on the floor and draws his sword.)

Apprentice: Show yourself, Dark One. (Turns to the entrance)

Zoso: (Walking into the vault) You... Are not... the sorcerer.

Apprentice: No. I am his apprentice. (Sees Zoso holding his dagger) And you are not the first Dark One I have faced. (He moves to strike the Dark One, but Zoso disappears. He once again goes to strike)

Zoso: (Uses his magic to throw the Apprentice back, before stepping up onto the podium and focuses on a small box)

Apprentice: You don't want to know what you'll unleash if you open that box.

Zoso: (Removes his hood and turns to face the Apprentice) Then the sorcerer should not have put his faith in someone like you. (He turns back to the box and attempts to open it with his magic, but he is suddenly thrown back by an invisible force, and he lands a few metres away)

Apprentice: (Stands up again and looks down at Zoso) Fortunately, Zoso... I am not the only thing he puts his faith in.

Zoso: (Angry) An enchantment!

Apprentice: Cast by the sorcerer himself. And no one who has succumbed to the darkness in their heart can ever break it. Now be gone. (Sheathes his sword again)

Zoso: (Defeated, he magic’s himself out of the vault)

Apprentice: (Turns back to the box) Every dark one has tried, but no dark one will ever possess what is in that box.

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(The camera cuts to Mr Gold who is standing in his shop, the same box is on the table in front of him. He successfully opens the box using his dagger and it transforms into a magical hat.)

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Emma and Henry are in Emma’s bug, and Emma stops out the front of Granny’s diner, both getting out of the car and standing on the pavement, looking at Granny’s diner.)

Emma: You sure you're okay with this?

Henry: No, but I want you to be happy. (Gently pushes Emma towards the diner)

Emma: (Enters the diner, and closes the door behind her. She sees Hook playing darts)

Hook: (Stops playing and turns to face Emma, watching as she walks towards him) The Snow Queen turn up? Did I miss the search party?

Emma: (Slightly nervous) Oh, n-nothing to miss. There's no sign of that ice witch yet.

Hook: That's all right, Swan. You'll find her.

Emma: Yeah, I know. Uh, that's not why I'm here.

Hook: (Looks at her curiously) Then why are you here?

Emma: Well, I thought about what you said last night about being a survivor, and you're right.

Hook: (Turns back to the dart board) It's like I said, love, you don't have to worry about me.

Emma: Good, 'cause I'm here to ask you out.

Hook: (Throws a dart, but it hits the wall, he appears surprised and bit flustered by Emma’s question)

Emma: To dinner or something.

Hook: (Turns back to face her) Shouldn't I be the one asking you out?

Emma: Should have known you'd be old-fashioned, given your age... what are you, like 300?

Hook: Curses and Neverland may have given me experience. But as you can see, I've retained my youthful glow.

Emma: (Scoffs, but has an amused look on her face)

Hook: I happily accept on one condition... you let me plan the evening.

Emma: I know how to plan a date.

Hook: You know how to chase a monster. I know how to plan an evening out.

Emma: (Blushes) Well, I don't pillage and plunder on the first date, just so you know.

Hook: (His facial expression turns to one of seduction, and his voice becomes lower and more flirty) Well, that's because you haven't been out with me yet.

Emma: (Chuckles slightly)

Hook: See you tonight.

Emma: (Gives him one last smile, before turning and leaving the diner. She walks towards her car, and as she reaches her car, she steps in a puddle which is near her door) What the hell? (She glances around briefly for a few moments, before getting into her car and starting the engine)

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Mr Gold returns into his shop, and he stops when he sees that Hook is sitting on the countertop, playing with something in his fingers, clearly awaiting his return. Mr Gold does not look happy to see him.)

Mr Gold: Making yourself at home, are we?

Hook: I'm here to make another deal.

Mr Gold: Not interested.

Hook: Oh, you will be, unless you want Belle to learn the truth about your precious dagger.

Mr Gold: (Begins walking towards Hook, and looks rather menacing) Tread carefully. I might just take your other hand.

Hook: It's funny you say that 'cause my hand is exactly what I'm here about.

(The scene flickers to moments later. Mr Gold is now behind the counter and a glass jar is sitting on the counter, with Hook’s magically preserved hand inside. Hook is looking at it.)

Hook: You kept it all of these years?

Mr Gold: Only to remind myself I should have finished the job when I had the chance.

Hook: Can you reattach it?

Mr Gold: Indeed. But the question is, why?

Hook: (His expressions softens slightly) I've got a date with Emma. Should things go well and she wants me to hold her, I want to use both hands.

Mr Gold: (Still doesn’t look impressed) Oh, I see blackmail brings out the romantic in you. But this hand may bring out the worst.

Hook: What the devil does that mean?

Mr Gold: This hand belonged to the man you used to be... cunning, selfish pirate. If I reunite this with your body, there's no telling what influence it could have on you.

Hook: (Stares at Mr Gold for a few moments, before laughing) Sorry, Dark One. I'm not gonna fall for your tricks today. Nothing can change me back. Now give me my hand, or Belle finds out exactly who she's married to, because unlike me...You haven't changed one bit...Crocodile.

Mr Gold: Very well. (Waves his hand and reattached Hook’s hand) Don't say I didn't warn you.

Hook: (Looks at his hand in wonder, before leaving Gold’s shop)

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(At the Blanchard apartment, Mary Margaret, David and Elsa are going through record books of everyone in Storybrooke, in hopes that they will come across Anna’s name, thinking that she might be in town.)

Mary Margaret: From the first and second curses. If Anna was ever in Storybrooke, we'll find some trace of her here.

Elsa: Your curses are very... thorough.

Mary Margaret: That's just "a" through "e."

David: (Walks up, carrying more books.) Here are the rest of them.

Emma: (Walks into the room and she is ready for her date, wearing a beige dress and heels, and she’s done her hair) Okay. I want honest opinions. What do we think?

Mary Margaret: Wow.

David: What your mother said.

Elsa: (Curious) Is that just the corset? Where's the rest of it?

Emma: (Looks down at her dress and is a little confused at Elsa’s question) This is the rest of it.

Mary Margaret: (Places Neal down in his cot) Someone's sister is going on a very big date tonight!

Emma: Let's not oversell...

Mary Margaret: (Takes a picture of Emma with her phone)

Emma: (Chuckles, slightly embarrassed) Wow, I really need to get my own place.

David: Cut your mother some slack. It's not like we got to send you to a ball.

Emma: You sure you guys don't want help? Maybe I can get Hook to stay in for the night.

Elsa: My sister put her wedding on hold because of me. I don't want anyone else to stop living their lives on my account.

Hook: (Is on the other side of the door and knocks)

Mary Margaret: (Sing song voice) Here we go.

Emma: Okay. (Walks to the door and opens it. Freezing when she sees Hook) Uh…

Hook: (Has now changed into modern clothes. Black jeans, modern leather jacket and button up shirt, with a leather waist coat. He also looks taken a back when he sees Emma) You look stunning, Swan.

Emma: (Stuttering) You... Look...

Hook: (Smiles and steps into the room)I know.

Emma: (Scoffs, but she is still smiling)

Hook: Now that I'm settling into this world, I finally thought it was time to dress the part. (He holds out a single red rose for her, with his left hand)

Emma: (Doesn’t notice his hand and chuckles, accepting the rose) Wow, you really went all out.

Mary Margaret: (Notices Hook’s hand) Uh, Emma...

Emma: (Looks down and finally notices) Is that...

Hook: Mine? Yeah. The Dark One kindly restored what he once took from me. It seems he has indeed changed his ways.

Emma: (Flirty) So, what do I call you now... "Captain Hand"?

Hook: "Killian" will do.

Emma: Okay, Killian. We should get out of here before David decides to give you his overprotective-dad speech.

Hook: Well, you can spare yourself the trouble, mate. I assure you, your daughter couldn't be in better hands.

David: That's exactly what worries me, especially now that you have two of them.

Emma: (Starts walking towards the door) I can take care of myself.

David: You sure you don't want me to drive?

Emma: Goodbye.

Hook: (Smiles cheekily at David as he places his hand on Emma’s back, guiding her out of the apartment)

David: (Shuts the door behind them) I wasn't too hard on him, was I?

Elsa: You should have seen me when Kristoff started dating Anna. It's the only time in my entire life that I've ever made someone sweat.

Mary Margaret: (Chuckles) Speaking of which, let's see if we can figure out what happened to your sister.

[ Past. Fairytale Land. Enchanted Forest ]

(Anna enters Rumplestiltskin’s dark palace, and she is in the foyer, looking for him. Rumplestiltskin is in the assumedly dining room, the crystal ball still in front of him.)

Anna: Rumplestiltskin? Are you here? The door was open.

Rumplestiltskin: End of the hall, first door on your right. Come on in, dearie.

Anna: (Enters the room and walks to where Rumplestiltskin is sitting) My name is Joan. I was hoping you could help me. (Looks at Rumplestiltskin is curiosity) Is there something wrong with your skin? Not that it looks like anything's wrong with your skin. (Chuckles) You know, I have a cream...

Rumplestiltskin: (Interrupts her) Your name isn't Joan. You see, uh, names are my stock and trade, dearie, and yours is...Anna of Arendelle. No need to keep secrets from me. I know more about you... than you think.

Anna: So… (Chuckles) You know why I'm here?

Rumplestiltskin: You want to know why your parents ventured into this strange land.

Anna: My sister thinks it was because of her, but I know she's wrong. Can you help me? A

Rumplestiltskin: s it happens, your parents paid me a visit on their journey. It would seem when one needs answers, I'm the place to go.

Anna: What answers did they seek?

Rumplestiltskin: Well, I can't just tell you, dearie. You see, aside from names, I also have a penchant for making deals.

Anna: A deal? Sure, I'll make a deal. I'll do whatever it takes to help my sister.

Rumplestiltskin: (Laughs) Whatever it takes? Oh, I love it when they say that. At the foot of the dark mountains lives a very old man... prickly sort, probably eats children for breakfast. I want you to put this in his tea. (Passes Anna a small vile)

Anna: What will it do to him?

Rumplestiltskin: Sorry, dearie. That's not part of our agreement. Oh, speaking of which... our contract. Sign here, and I shall tell you why your parents came to see me. Do we have a deal?

[ Past. Enchanted Forest ]

(Anna is standing a few metres away from the old man’s cottage. The small vile is still in her hands, and she’s looking at it. After a few moments, she sighs and pockets it, before walking over to the door, and knocking.)

Apprentice: (Answers the door) Can I help you?

Anna: Yes... uh, maybe. I-I-I mean... Can I come in?

Apprentice: I just put a kettle on the fire. Join me for tea and biscuits. (Opens the door)

Anna: (Enters and looks around) Biscuits. You mean you don't eat children?

Apprentice: (Chuckles) Is that what they're saying about me these days?

Anna: Yes. No! Well... Sorry.

Apprentice: (Starts sweeping the floor) So, what brings you so deep into the woods to the home of an alleged devourer of children?

Anna: I'm on a quest to help my sister, but I seem to have gotten myself a little bit turned around.

Apprentice: Well, you're welcome to stay as long as you wish. I assure you, the biscuits are delicious, and they are made with flour.

Anna: (Walks over to the kettle when it starts whistling. She pulls out the vial to pour it into his tea, when she changes her mind and empties it into the fire. She stands and turns back to look at the Apprentice) Do you take sugar?

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Emma and Hook have arrived at the restaurant that Hook has booked for their first date. It’s a romantic Italian place, and many couples are dotted around. They begin walking towards their table, where a waiter is waiting for them.)

Hook: Well, Swan, what do you think?

Emma: I like that it's not granny's.

Hook: (Rushes forward and pulls out Emma’s chair for her) I've only seen you go on one date, and that was with a flying monkey. (Leans down, before making his way to his own seat) Thought I had to top that.

Emma: (Opens a menu and chuckles) He set the bar pretty high. He proposed that night.

Hook: (Removes his jacket) He also tried to kill you. (Sits down)

Emma: Right. There's that.

Hook: (Clears his throat and looks towards the bar) Shall I order us some drinks?

Emma: Not tonight.

Hook: (Gives her a sultry/look pose and his voice is flirtatious) Why, love? You a bit worried you'll find me even more irresistible after a few libations?

Emma: (Blushes and chuckles) No. I want to stay sober tonight just in case the Snow Queen decides to crash our date.

Hook: (His smile falters) You still think her being here has something to do with you.

Emma: I don't think it. I know it. There was a puddle next to my car this afternoon.

Hook: A puddle? What does that prove? (Senses that he’s upset her a bit, and reaches across the table, taking a hold of her hands) Look, Swan. I didn't bring you here to worry about the Snow Queen. I brought you here to show you a good time. (He makes her smile as he raises an eye-brow, before signalling the waiter)

Will: (He’s sat the bar having a drink when he sees Emma and Hook) Oh, bloody hell. What's the sheriff doing here? (He exhales sharply and quickly finishes the rest of his drink, before ducking behind a waiter, hoping to sneak past) Sorry.

Emma: (Sees the waiter about to place a bowl of breadsticks on their table) Thank you.

Will: (Knocks the waiter)Oh! Oh, my God. Are you all right, mate?

Waiter: (In the process, he drops the wine over Emma)

Emma: Really?

Will: (Tries to hurriedly help the waiter)There you go. Take your glass there, mate.

Hook: (Suddenly reaches across the table and grabs Will by the collar, pulling him to him in an aggressive manner) Apologize to the lady, mate.

Emma: Killian, look, it's okay.

Hook: (Quickly lets go of Will and looks at his hand)

Emma: (Recognizes Will) You. You're the thief that took off from the ice-cream shop.(Stands up, ready to chase him, as Will has run. She stops herself and sits back down) Nope. Not gonna do it. We are on a date. And I am not gonna let some petty fairy-tale thief ruin it. And there's an ice wall around the town... He can't get away. I'll find him, but he is not gonna ruin this night. (She notices that Hook is still distracted, so she reaches across the table and takes a hold of his hand, lacing their fingers) Killian? Hey. Look. It's okay. It was just a glass of wine.

Hook: (Smiles at her, but it’s not his normal smile) Sorry, love. I, uh, don't know what got into me.

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Regina is in her vault, still reading up on how to save Marian, when Henry enters and looks through some of her potion ingredients.)

Henry: Eye of newt? Dragon scale? Adder's fork? Lizard's maw?

Regina: Careful, Henry, unless you want to spend your teenage years as a toad.

Henry: So, which one of these is gonna unfreeze Marian?

Regina: (Slams the book she’s reading shut in frustration) None of them. I don't think I have anything powerful enough to counteract the snow queen's magic.

Henry: Is it because Robin Hood still loves you?

Regina: Who told you that?

Henry: No one. But I know how this stuff works. I know that true love's kiss didn't work on Marian because he still loves you. But isn't that a good thing? Shouldn't you be happy?

Regina: In this case, Henry, I'm afraid this may be something you're just too young to understand. (Sighs)

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Emma and Hook have finished their date, and are walking back up the stairs to Mary Margaret’s apartment. Emma is wearing Hook’s jacket, and they stop outside the door to the apartment.)

Emma: (Turns to face him) Well... Not bad. You actually managed to make me forget that Storybrooke was under siege from an evil Snow Queen.

Hook: I was worried that our run-in with that thief might have cast a pall. I apologize for overreacting.

Emma: (Runs her hands down his arms, before holding both of his hands) Hey. It's okay. (Blushes, and looks gives him a flirty look) You want to come in and have coffee with my parents, a newborn, and a human ice maker? (They both laugh) I really need my own place.

Hook: I suppose we'll just have to wait till next time.

Emma: Next time? I don't remember asking.

Hook: That's 'cause it's my turn. (He turns serious) Will you go out with me again?

Emma: (Looks at him for a few moments, before leaning into kiss him)

Hook: (Kisses her back, and gets to hold her with both hands)

Emma: (After a few moments she pulls back) Okay. (Sighs and hands him his jacket back) Good night, Killian.

Hook: (Smiles softly and watches as she enters the apartment) Good night.

Emma: (Enters the apartment and closes the door behind her. She doesn’t notice Mary Margaret and David sitting on the ouch)

Mary Margaret: So, how was it? Y

Emma: (Surprised) You guys are still awake.

Mary Margaret: (Chuckles) We want to hear everything about the date.

David: Just for the record, some of us don't want to hear everything.

Mary Margaret: (Enthusiastic) How was the restaurant? Did you go anywhere after? Was there a good-night kiss?

David: That, for instance, is one of the things I don't want to know about.

Emma: (Starts walking towards the stairs) I really need to get my own place. Good night, guys. (Heads up stairs)

Mary Margaret: (Sighs) She seems happy.

David: I guess he really has changed.

Emma: (From upstairs) I can hear you guys.

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(After leaving Emma at the door, Hook is walking through Storybrooke, still holding his hand. He comes across a drunk Will Scarlet who is now trying to break into the library. It’s late and they are the only one’s out.)

Will: Oh. We'll see about that, won't we?

Hook: Bloody hell. (Sees Will)

Will: That's what I say. (Looks up and sees Hook, and he suddenly looks a bit nervous) You.

Hook: I've been a pirate long enough to know there's nothing worth stealing in there.

Will: That's what you think.

Hook: You're drunk, mate. Go home. (He tries to move Will away from the door)

Will: (Shrugs Hook off forcefully) Get off me, man.

Hook: (Suddenly shoves Will back and punches him across the face)

Will: (Holding his bloody nose) What the hell, mate?

Hook: (Realizes what he has done, and steps away from him) You tell anyone about this, you're a dead man. (Moves to the side and leans against the side of the library, looking sown at his hand) Bloody crocodile was right.

[ Past. Enchanted Forest ]

(Anna is back from the Apprentice’s cottage and is back with Rumplestiltskin in his Dark Palace.)

Rumplestiltskin: (Holding the now empty vile) So, you poured it in the tea?

Anna: Just as you asked.

Rumplestiltskin: And he drank it?

Anna: Every last drop.

Rumplestiltskin: Good! Then he'll live!

Anna: So, now can you tell me why my parents came...(Realizes what Rumplestiltskin just said and stops) Wait, what? What do you mean, "live"?

Rumplestiltskin: He'll live because he drank the antidote you gave him.

Anna: Antidote? To what?

Rumplestiltskin: Uh, poison.

Anna: I thought it was poison.

Rumplestiltskin: (Laughs) No! The poison's what he drank yesterday! What you had was the cure for that.

Anna: I didn't give it to him.

Rumplestiltskin: (Fakes sadness) Well, why not? We had a deal.

Anna: We need more antidote. We have to go back to the cottage. We have to help him.

Rumplestiltskin: Well... I'm afraid it's far too late for that, dearie. You should have listened to me when you had the chance.

(The scene changes to Anna running back towards the Apprentice’s cabin, and she enters without knocking, hastily searching for the Apprentice.)

Anna: (Looking around frantically) He's got to be here somewhere.

Rumplestiltskin: (Appears) Careful you don't step on it!

Anna: (Jumps and sighs) We have to find him. You have to change him back.

Rumplestiltskin: Oh, but I can't, dearie.

Anna: (Stops looking and turns to Rumplestiltskin) Why?

Rumplestiltskin: Because I don't want to. He was protecting something that I need.

Anna: You were the one who poisoned him.

Rumplestiltskin: (Giggles)

Anna: (Sighs) Then why did you send me there with an antidote if you wanted to turn him into a mouse?

Rumplestiltskin: It was never about him. It was always about you.

Anna: It was all a test?

Rumplestiltskin: And one you performed admirably. You see, he's but the first line of defence. And what he protects is also guarded by an enchantment... a spell that can only be broken by someone who has been tempted by their inner darkness and turned away from it, someone just like you. I knew you wouldn't do it. I knew you'd see the best in the old man.

Anna: I never faced my inner darkness.

Rumplestiltskin: What?

Anna: As soon as I met the old man, I knew what I had to do. I could never hurt someone to get what I want. Elsa wouldn't want me to. So I was never even tempted by that inner darkness you speak of. In fact, I don't even think I have one. I'm, unlike you, nice.

Rumplestiltskin: Well, then, dearie, I hope you're gonna enjoy spending the rest of your life locked up in my tower. It was part of our deal. (Produces the contract and holds it out in front of Anna)

Anna: But I have to get back to Elsa.

Rumplestiltskin: Then you should never have left home in the first place. Imagine the guilt she will feel when you don't return home from your journey... a journey you only took because of her. She will finally become that monster everyone fears she is. (He gasps in a mocking manner) I suppose the wedding's off.

Anna: (Grabs a sword from the wall) No! Rip it up. Rip up the contract now!

Rumplestiltskin: Well, I can't do that, dearie. No, I'm afraid the only way for you to escape your fate is by killing... Me. And we both know... You're just... Too... Nice.

Anna: (Presses the sword against him)

Rumplestiltskin: (Begins taunting her) Do it. Go on. Right through me. Do it. Do it. Do it! Do it! Do it!

Anna: (Whimpers and drops the sword, before falling to her knees)

Rumplestiltskin: You may never have considered dosing the old man... but you just thought about killing me. (Giggles) And now I have exactly what I need... the tear of someone who has faced their inner darkness and turned away. The love for your sister was all I needed.

Anna: I should have known. I should have known the moment I met you... you're a monster. You take the most precious thing in this world... Love... and turn it into a weapon.

Rumplestiltskin: Love is a weapon, dearie. Always has been. It's just...So few people know how to wield it.

(The scene flickers to Rumplestiltskin entering the Apprentice’s vault, and he walks towards the magic box, and he manages to open it.)

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Mr Gold has been working late, and he leaves his shop, holding a bunch of flowers and gets into his car. Moments later, the passenger door opens, and Hook gets into the car, slamming the door.)

Hook: You were right.

Mr Gold: Get out.

Hook: I don't want this infernal hand anymore. It's taken possession of me.

Mr Gold: You should have heeded my warning when I offered it.

Hook: I can't control it. Remove the damned thing before it makes me do something you'll regret.

Mr Gold: Was that a threat?

Hook: Aye, mate. Take it back, or Belle learns that the dagger she has is as fake as your new disposition.

Mr Gold: Oh, is it? Is it what? Fake.

Hook: Well, you wouldn't have given me the hand if it weren't.

Mr Gold: After you extracted that price, I switched the real dagger back.

Hook: No, you're lying.

Mr Gold: Am I? Seems you've lost that leverage you once had. So if you want to part ways with that hand and get this back, there's only one way I'll help.

Hook: Damn. What do you want?

Mr Gold: All in due time.

Hook: And you think I'm daft enough to agree to that without knowing the terms? I'll find another way to rid myself of this damned hand.

Mr Gold: I'm afraid that's easier said than done. You see, my magic put that hand on, and only my magic can take it off.

Hook: (Suddenly burries his hook into Mr Gold’s chest, and he breathes shakily at the sudden anger that just overtook him)

Mr Gold: You'd think you'd have learned the first time you buried that hook in me... it never sticks. (Waves his hand and the hook disappears)

Hook: That wasn't me.

Mr Gold: You're losing control, dearie. Next time, you might do something to someone who can't be so easily fixed. (He’s referencing to Emma)

Hook: You have a deal. I'll do whatever it takes.

Mr Gold: Oh, I do love it when they say that. Meet me at the docks tomorrow morning, captain. We have work to do.

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(It’s the next morning, and Emma is driving through the streets of Storybrooke in her car, and the radio is on, giving the news.)

Radio Man: That was "left of the dial" by the replacements coming to you here on w-o-l-f 98, home of the original party animals. Current temps in the Storybrooke Metro area are 70s in midtown, dropping to low 30s out by the ice wall. Ain't it always something at the town line?

(Ice suddenly appears on the road, and Emma’s car goes out of control, and she manages to safely stop the car. She is breathing heavily.)

Radio Man: But don't sweat it, not that you can. Wherever you are, chill out with us... as we head into another five in a row, brought to you by granny's diner. Granny's diner... it's better than you remember. All right, we've got a request here from Mr. rip van winkle, who is looking for something classic to wake up to. Well, the doctor is in.

Emma: (Get out of the car and sees all the ice) I knew it. (Follows the ice trail and comes across the Snow Queen. She draws her gun and points it at her) Why the hell are you following me?! Hey! Stop! (She follows the Snow Queen into a small courtyard, but she has disappeared) What the hell? (Her cell phone starts ringing and she answers it) Now's not a great time.

Belle: (On the phone) Emma, I need you to come down to the library. We have a situation.

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Hook is laying on a picnic table at the docks, waiting for Mr Gold to arrive. He’s clearly been sleeping there.)

Mr Gold: Good morning, Captain.

Hook: (Sits up and looks at Mr Gold)

Mr Gold: Well... I trust you're ready.

Hook: I'm ready to pay the price and get this over with.

Mr Gold: Good. (He uses his magic to produce the Apprentice’s broom)

Hook: What are we gonna do with that?

Mr Gold: This is gonna help me find an old friend. (The broom begins walking) After you.

Hook: (Doesn’t look amused, as he stands, placing his jacket on, grabbing his hip flask, before following the broom, Mr Gold behind him)

[ Past. Enchanted Forest ]

(Anna is still locked in the Apprentice’s house, when Rumplestiltskin arrives back carrying the magic box, shutting the doors behind him. Anna quickly stands.)

Anna: I helped you get what you want, so give me what you promised. Tell me about my parents.

Rumplestiltskin: Well, dearie, the King and Queen of Arendelle landed on my doorstep with an itsy-bitsy problem... your sister. They wanted something to take away her powers... Forever.

Anna: My parents loved Elsa.

Rumplestiltskin: Sounded more to me like they feared her. It's a thin line and, oh, so easy to cross. You must have known. They always wished she had been born a little bit more... Normal.

Anna: Did they find what they were looking for?

Rumplestiltskin: I'm afraid not. No one could lay their hands on that kind of magic... Until now.

Anna: So, that's what the box does.

Rumplestiltskin: Not the box, what's inside... a hat, crafted thousands of years ago by a sorcerer for one purpose... to steal magical power... and guarded all these years by his apprentice.

Anna: What are you going to do with it?

Rumplestiltskin: When the hat has collected all its ill-gotten power and is fully charged, I will be unstoppable.

Anna: I thought the dark one was already unstoppable.

Rumplestiltskin: There are limits, however small.

Anna: No. You can't. That mouse... that apprentice... he dedicated his life to keeping it out of the hands of people like you.

Rumplestiltskin: Too bad he's not here to stop me.

Anna: What if he is? (She looks up where the Apprentice, who is now a mouse is, who jumps down and lands on Rumplestiltskin’s hand, biting him)

Rumplestiltskin: Aah! Aah! (From the pain of his bite, he drops the box and the dagger)

Anna: (Quickly picks them up and points his dagger at him) Don't come any closer! (Looks confused when Rumplestiltskin obeys her) Wait... You're not coming any closer just because I told you not to? (Looks down at his dagger) I get it. As long as I have this wavy knife, you have to do as I say, don't you?

Rumplestiltskin: Yes. That's how it works.

Anna: Is that one of the limits you spoke of? Is that why you want the hat... to free yourself from the control of this dagger? Answer me.

Rumplestiltskin: To be free of the control and to keep my power. Yes.

Anna: Yeah, I can't let you walk out of here with that. So, please, give me the box.

Rumplestiltskin: Remember, dearie, you can't keep hold of that dagger forever, and you don't want to be on the other end of it when I get it back.

Anna: Then I command you send me and this box home to Arendelle.

Rumplestiltskin: If I must.

Anna: Wait. And, also, you can never hurt me. Or my sister. And you have to turn the mouse back into a man. Okay. Now I'm ready.

Rumplestiltskin: (Obeys her, and sends her back. Once his dagger lands on the ground, he picks it up and screams in frustration when realizes he’s lost the box)

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Hook and Mr Gold are still following the broom, now down a street, before it turns up a path and heads towards a small cottage, which is secluded away behind some bush.)

Hook: To whom is our bristled guide leading us?

Mr Gold: Someone who wronged me long ago. And today, he's going to pay the price. (He knocks on the door and moments later it opens, to reveal the Apprentice, who doesn’t look happy to see him) Hello, old friend. Captain, please see our host a seat.

Hook: (Takes a hold of the apprentice and forces him into the house and into a seat and continues to hold him down)

Mr Gold: (Enters the room, carrying the magical box. He places it on the ground and unsheathes his dagger, before opening the box, it transforming to a hat)

Apprentice: (Looks surprised to see Mr Gold holding it) You have it.

Mr Gold: Don't tell me you doubted me.

Apprentice: Every dark one tries. Every one fails.

Mr Gold: Might be time to update the motto.

Apprentice: You may have the hat, but we both know you will never collect enough power to do what you want.

Mr Gold: Oh, I will. But, alas, you won't be there to see it. (He turns the hat over and it begins to suck the Apprentice into it)

Apprentice: No! (After a few moments, he disappears inside the hat)

Hook: (Looks down at the hat, shocked and confused) Where the hell did he go?

Mr Gold: (Picks up the hat and sighs) Exactly where I need him.

[ Past. Arendelle ]

(Kristoff is in the stables with Sven and trying to feed him carrots. It appears Sven is down about something and won’t eat the carrots.)

Kristoff: Come on. Just one? Sven, stop pouting. You love carrots. What is wrong with you?

Anna: (Standing behind him) Think maybe he missed me? Hmm?

Kristoff: (Chuckles and walks over to Anna and they hug tightly) Oh! Not nearly as much as I did. (They kiss and Sven grunts) Not now, Sven. What is it? I took a bath this morning, I swear.

Anna: No. No, you smell wonderful. It's just... my mission didn't go as planned.

Kristoff: So they did leave because of Elsa?

Anna: They got on that ship because they were afraid of her. They wanted to change her. They were looking for a way to take away her powers... With this.

Kristoff: That is...

Anna: (Interrupts) Horrible? Terrible? The worst news you've ever heard, and the world might as well end right now?

Kristoff: I was gonna say "bad," but, yeah, what... what you said. What are you gonna tell her?

Anna: (Sighs) I... I don't know.

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Hook and Mr Gold are back in the pawn shop. Mr Gold places the glass jar back on the counter with the water in.)

Hook: Okay. We're done. I've fulfilled our deal. Now take it off.

Mr Gold: (Waves his hand, and Hook’s hand appears back in the jar) Our deal actually isn't complete.

Hook: I say it is. You can no longer control me, mate. I just saw you use the real dagger, so I know you're lying to Belle. You've got nothing on me.

Mr Gold: (Pulls out a tap) Security tape... from the house we just left. How do you think Miss Swan is gonna react when she finds out what you did to that kindly old man?

Hook: (Narrows his eyes) I know how that device works. And if I'm on there, so are you.

Mr Gold: (Uses his magic to remove any evidence of him on the tape) And now I'm not. But you are.

Hook: I only did what you asked so I could rid myself of that cursed hand so I could become a better man. Emma will understand that.

Mr Gold: Even when she finds out the truth?

Hook: What truth?

Mr Gold: This hand isn't cursed.

Hook: No, you said...

Mr Gold: (Chuckles) You were right. Dark one lies. Dark one tricks. This hand is nothing but a lump of flesh. The only thing it did was give you permission, permission to be the man you really are... not some puppy dog chasing after the object of his affection, but a ruthless pirate who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. I did you a favour. I helped you remember the darkness that lies beneath.

Hook: (He is now speaking in a threatening tone) Then you know that that darkness will have no problem crushing Belle's heart.

Mr Hold: If you go after my love... You will surely lose yours. You threatened my marriage, tried to destroy the only light in my life, and for that, you will owe me as long as you live.

Hook: What if I'm willing to take you down with me?

Mr Gold: I think... I know you better than you know yourself, dearie. So here we are, Captain, still in business together. I think... You and I are gonna have some fun.

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(At the Sheriff’s station, Will awakes on a bed in the cell. Emma, David and Elsa are there, still going through the record books. Emma sees he’s awake and approaches the bars.)

Will: Oh, bloody hell.

Emma: Good morning, sunshine. Want to tell me why you broke into the library last night?

Will: The what?

Emma: Oh, that's what that place was?

Will: I just thought it was a poorly stocked pub.

Emma: Okay, I get it... every town needs a village idiot, but your little stunt pulled me away from an important investigation and interrupted my night off. Start talking.

Will: The last thing I remember is running away from you, and then I celebrated my escape with a nice bottle of whiskey.

Emma: (Pulls out the book “Alice in Wonderland”) Did you celebrate with all your friends... Alice and the white rabbit? This was on you in the library. This was in your pocket. Mean anything to you?

Will: Nope. Doesn't mean a thing.

Emma: (Indicates to his black eyes) How about your eye? You get a look at whoever gave you that shiner?

Hook: (Enters the station)

Will: (Sees Hook) Now, that is an interesting question, isn't it?

Emma: (Turns to look at Hook) Where were you?

Hook: Sorry, love. I just got your message. I...

Emma: (Softly) It's okay. I just need another minute here. (Turns back to Will) You were about to tell me who did that to your face.

Will: (Looks at Hook again, before looking back at Emma) It's a bloody mystery to me. Your guess is as good as mine. Must have been some party, eh?

Emma: Well, if you remember anything, I'll know where to find you. (Begins walking towards Hook)

Will: You're just gonna keep me in here because I broke into a bloody library?

Emma: (Turns to look at him briefly) Because you crashed my date. (Stops in front of Hook and smiles) Which turned out pretty good, despite the rude interruption. (Notices his hook is back) What the hell happened to your hand?

Hook: It appears the dark one's magic wasn't all I'd hoped it would be.

David: Emma, there's something I need to talk to you about.

Emma: (Walks up to the desk where David and Elsa are, Hook in tow) Well, make it fast. I want to go after the Snow Queen before the trail gets... cold.

David: The name the Snow Queen's been using in Storybrooke, Sarah Fisher, that name doesn't appear anywhere in the census records.

Emma: What does that mean?

David: You're right... She didn't come here by any curse.

Emma: Then how did she get here? What the hell does she want with me?

[ Present. Storybrooke ]

(Regina is still inside her vault reading up on ways to help cure Marian, when Henry enters again.)

Henry: Mom. How's it going?

Regina: No progress yet.

Henry: Look, I know I might not understand everything that's going on with you and Robin Hood, but there is one thing I understand better than anyone else... Operation Mongoose.

Regina: The storybook?

Henry: We're gonna find the author, make him change it. I think I figured out who has all the answers we're looking for.

Regina: Who?

Henry: My grandpa.

Regina: David?

Henry: My other grandpa, Mr. Gold. Everyone knows Rumplestiltskin doesn't get a happy ending, but look at him now. He just married Belle. He must have figured out how to change his story, which means he might know who wrote the book.

Regina: And I'm the last person he'd ever share that with.

Henry: That's why I'm gonna find out for you.

Regina: How?

Henry: By going undercover.

(The scene switches to Henry standing in Mr Gold’s shop. Mr Gold is behind the counter and is looking surprised at whatever Henry had just said to him.)

Mr Gold: A job?

Henry: You know, after school and weekends. Now that my father's gone, I realized that you're the closest thing I've got to him, but I-if you don't want me around...

Mr Gold: No, well... All right. A few days a week. But, uh... stay out of the back room, and don't touch anything without asking. You can be my apprentice.

Henry: What does an apprentice do?

Mr Gold: Many, many things. First, you can start by sweeping the floor. (Hands Henry a broom)

Henry: (Takes the broom and starts sweeping the floor)

[ End ]