04x06 - Family Business

Previously on Once Upon A Time...

Robin: Marian!

So, how do we break the spell?

Regina: True love's kiss.

There's a reason that kiss didn't work.

I'm in love with someone else.

She's still your wife.

Soon I will have what I want.

A family that loves me.

[ Enchanted Forest - Past ]

(Colette takes off of the library books.)

Soldier: The wall... It's fallen. We must leave now. The town will soon be overrun.

Colette: These books are too valuable to leave to those monsters.

Soldier: My lady, please.

Colette: Take these trunks to the carriage. I'll be just behind you.

Soldier: And your daughter?

Colette: I will find her. Now go. Darling, we must leave, quickly! Where are you?

Belle: I'm right here, mother! I'm sorry, but I couldn't leave without this. It's the first story you ever

(read to me, remember? It's what made me fall in love with books.)

Colette: Of course I remember, my Belle. Quickly, we must flee befo...

(They hear a noise.)

Belle: They're here.

Colette: We will hide till they pass.

(Colette and Belle are hiden under a table. An ogre enters.)

Belle: Ogres!

(The ogre walks in the library seaching for something.)

Colette: Shh! It's going to be all right.

(The ogre discovers Colette and Belle under the table. Colette screams.)

(Belle wakes up in her bed.)

Belle: Mother?!

(Belle is walking in a hallway. Her father sees her and goes to see her.)

Maurice: Belle, why aren't you in bed?

Belle: What happened? W-where's mother?

Maurice: You mean... You don't remember?

Belle: Remember what, father? I...

(Belle sees a coffin.)

Belle: No.

[ Storybrooke ]

(Mr Gold puts the hat's box in his safe with his dagger.)

Belle: Rumple?

Mr Gold: Belle.

Belle: Hey, I've been... Been looking all nover the house for you. Didn't even hear you leave.

Mr Gold: Well, I didn't want to wake you. Just a few things to take care of before we open.

(Belle Well, whatever it is, it'll have to wait. Emma called. She needs to see us right away.)

(At the Sherrif station they watch Emma's video.)

The Snow Queen: Give it back, Kevin. The camera is Emma's, not yours.

Mary Margaret: Emma, that's you. You must be...

Emma: 13, maybe 14.

Regina: Are you missing the part where she's with the Snow Queen? Emma, you knew her before you came to Storybrooke?

Emma: Apparently my run-in with her in town wasn't the only memory she erased. All this time in this foster home, or whatever that place was... It's gone.

Belle: Look, I-I just don't understand how she even ended up in this world.

Emma: We were hoping Gold could tell us that. You spent more time trying to get here than anyone. How the hell did she do it?

Mr Gold: Considering the time I spent on the same task, I'd love to know.

David: Does it really matter how she got to Emma? I mean, shouldn't we be more concerned about why?

Regina: Obviously, she needed her for something. But what? Well, that's our next problem.

David: Well, we know she's hiding somewhere in the north woods. We combed every inch of her shop. We tore apart her house. She must have cleared everything out days before.

Hook: Which means she must be hiding something.

Emma: But where?

Henry: What about her ice-cream truck?

Emma: Whoa, Snow Queen has an ice-cream truck?

Henry: I'm a kid. I notice these kind of things.

David: Then we split up into groups. We search the town, the woods. Hook, Regina, Emma, you take the west. Gold, you're with me for the east.

Mr Gold: I think we all know I work best alone. Well, no time to argue that. Belle, how are you at tracking?

Belle: Uh, actually, I-I think I'll be more helpful at the library. Maybe I can dig something up on the Snow Queen.

Elsa: I'd like to come with you, Belle, if that's okay. Maybe something about my sister will be there, too. Unless you'd rather not have the company?

Belle: No, n-not at all. I would love some.

[ Enchanted Forest - Past ]

(Belle is reading in her bedroom. Her father comes in.)

Maurice: It's late. You should be in bed.

Belle: How can I possibly sleep when I can't even remember what happened to mother?

Maurice: Perhaps that's for the best.

Belle: No! I need to know what happened to her after I blacked out.

Maurice: You won't find the answers you seek in the pages of a book.

Belle: But I already have, father. According to this, there are creatures who can restore memories that have been lost. If we journey to them, maybe they can help me remember what happened to mother.

Maurice: I can't allow you to do that.

Belle: Why not?

Maurice: Because there's something this book doesn't tell you. Magic always comes with a price. And whatever that price is, I don't want you to have to pay it. I'm sorry, Belle, but I've already lost your mother to this infernal ogres war. I can't lose you, too.

Belle: But father...

Maurice: You heard me!

Belle: No, no!

Maurice: Forget this nonsense! You are not to leave this chamber until the doctors say you're better!

(Maurice leaves.)

Belle: I'm sorry, father, but I need to know what happened. And this... Is the only place where I'll find the answer. Arendelle.

[ Storybrooke ]

(At the library.)

Elsa: There doesn't seem to be anything on Arendelle here. Do you know where to look?

Belle: No, I'm... I'm sorry. I'm... I'm really not that familiar with Arendelle, O-or... Or your sister.

[ Arendelle - Past ]

(Elsa is in her castle, she is practicing magic when Anna enters.)

Anna: Elsa?

Elsa: Anna! Oh! Oh, I was worried I'd never see you again.

Anna: I'm afraid you're stuck with me. I'm sorry I left without telling you.

Elsa: Oh, and I'm sorry I made you feel like you had to. I know you did it for me, to try to make me feel better. So, what did you learn? Did you discover why our parents went to the Enchanted Forest? What is it, Anna? What did you find?

Ana: Nothing. I mean, I'm still waiting on some answers from a few people I met, but I wouldn't expect anything anytime soonnbecause they have to find it out, then get on a ship and come here. It could take a while, a long while, and... Wait, no flurries? No frost on the windows? Usually a conversation about our parents ends with a chill in the air.

Elsa: I've been learning to control my powers when I get upset.

Anna: Really? How?

Ingrid: By training with me.

Anna:Who is that? I mean, who are you? I-I mean... Hi.

Elsa: She's our aunt.

Anna: Our what?

Ingrid: Your aunt. My name is Ingrid. Your mother and I were sisters. You look exactly like her.

Anna: But our mother doesn't have a sister. At least, she never told us about one.

Ingrid: I'm sure it was too painful for her to talk about. You see, many years ago, I was trapped in a magical urn by... People who didn't exactly understand me.

Anna: Didn't understand you?

(Ingrid uses her powers.)

Ingrid: Our gift runs in the family.

(In the stables.)

Anna: I'm telling you, that woman is up to something.

Kristoff: What, you mean your aunt? What makes you think that?

Anna: 'Cause it's weird and Strange, her being here. And because I'm a good judge of character.

Kristoff: Yeah, says the girl who agreed to marry hans 10 minutes after you started talking to him.

Anna: I was young and naive.

Kristoff: You met me the next day.

Anna: Young-er. Anyway, I just want to make sure we're asking all the right questions.

Kristoff: Like what?

Anna: Like, is she really even my aunt, or is she just some imposter trying to worm her way into our family?

Kristoff: Anna, look at her. You can't see the resemblance? Oh, yes, the ice-power thing, there's that.

Anna: Maybe, but if she's really my aunt, why isn't she in the family portraits, the royal records? There's no trace of her. It's like she never even existed. There has to be an explanation for all this.

Kristoff: Yeah? And how do you think you're gonna find it?

Anna: Your family.

Kristoff: Careful. Grand Pabbie's still a little miffed that you postponed the wedding.

Anna: I can handle grand Pabbie. Will you go back to the castle and cover for me... Watch Elsa while I'm gone?

Kristoff: If it'll put your mind at ease, of course.

Anna: Oh, but, Kristoff, you have to be careful what you say around her. I...Might not... I might not exactly have told her what I discovered in the Enchanted Forest.

Kristoff: You lied to her?

Anna: Ohh, I didn't lie. I just... Withheld the truth. Telling her our parents wanted to take away her magic... I just have to find the right moment. That's all.

Kristoff: Right, right. Of course. Yeah. You know I'll support you no matter what. Unless I think it's really dumb. Then I'll tell you.

Anna: Thank goodness I haven't hit "really dumb" yet.

Kristoff: Can I get you supplies for your journey?

Anna: You're sweet, but no. I'll stop by Oaken's on the way. You'll see me as soon as I return.

(She kisses Kristoff and leaves. Ingrid was listening to the conversation.)

[ Storybrooke ]

(Into the woods, near Robin's camp.)

Emma: David, call off the search party. We found the truck near the merry men's camp. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

Robin: Gladly. You're the first sheriff I don't mind assisting. Uh, Regina, I was hoping we could talk.

Regina: Um, in case you haven't noticed, I'm about to storm an evil ice-cream truck.

Emma: You could have just said, "maybe later."

Regina: I know you're trying to make everything better, but staying out of it is your best bet. It's bad enough I'm stuck with you and captain guy-liner making eyes at each other.

Emma: I don't make eyes.

Hook: Ready, love?

(They opens the truck.)

Hook: It appears she beat us to it. She's cleared out the vessel.

Regina: What now? Should we question the cows she gets her milk from? Maybe search the waffle-cone factory?

Emma: Hang on. Look. Who locks their freezer? Was she afraid someone was gonna steal the Rocky road?

Hook: Stand back.

(He breaks the locker. Emma opens the freezer and finds a file.)

Emma: Looks like the dairy Queen's been following me for a long time.

Regina: Since before foster care?

Emma: Since I landed in this world.

(At the library.)

Belle: Are you okay?

Elsa: This is pointless. I don't know why I thought I'd find anything about Anna in here.

Belle: You know she's somewhere. You know she's alive. You heard her heartbeat with Bo-peep's staff, right?

Elsa: But if what the snow queen told me is true and Anna is the one who put me in that urn, then maybe she doesn't want me to find her.

Belle: That's not true, Elsa.

Elsa: You're just saying that to make me feel better.

Belle: No, I promise you, I'm not.

Elsa: How would you know what my sister thinks? You've never even met her.

Belle: Well, just from what you've been saying, I-I feel like I know her. You two were very close. Something must have pulled you apart... Something beyond your control.

Elsa: But my memories are gone, and no one in this town has even been to Arendelle. I need to face the truth, Belle. No one here can help me, and I'm afraid that means I might never see Anna again.

Belle: Okay. You will. I know it. Now, keep looking. I'll be back.

Elsa: What? Where are you going?

Belle: There's something I-I need to take care of. We will find Anna.

[ Arendelle - Past ]

(Anna enters in Oaken's. Belle is here.)

Oaken: You want to find trolls? You know they're dangerous, yeah?

Belle: Oh, no, no, no. Rock trolls, not bridge trolls.

Oaken: Oh, yeah, they're quite nice.

Belle: So, you can... You can direct me to them?

Oaken: No. I've never met them. Yoo-hoo!

Belle: But y-you just said they were nice.

Oaken: I've heard.

Belle: Please help me. I-I just lost my mother.

Oaken: Oh, I'm... I'm so sorry. Uh, trolls can't bring life. But I can help soothe you. Have you tried the sauna?

Belle: Uh, no, no. Thank you.

Anna: Need some help?

Belle: Uh, well, I was trying to find my way to the rock trolls, but this map is not being too helpful.

Anna: Oaken means well.

Oaken: Yeah!

Anna: But you don't need him or a map. I can help you. I'm on my way to see them. Come with me.

Belle: Really? Thank you. Uh, I'm Belle.

Anna: I'm Anna.

Oaken: Friend of Anna's? Half price on the sauna.

[ Storybrooke ]

(Into the woods, near the ice-truck.)

Robin: I can't help but think you're avoiding me.

Regina: Well, not very well, it seems.

Robin: You're upset because of what I said... That I'm still in love with you. I suppose I should never have told you, not after I asked you to find a way to save my wife.

Regina: That's not why I'm avoiding you.

Robin: Then why can't you even look me in the eye?

Regina: Because I don't know how to tell you the truth.

Robin: You know you can tell me anything.

Regina: I've read every spell book in my possession, experimented with every potion in my vault. I even tried to defeat the Snow Queen so I could force her to reverse the spell. But... Nothing I do seems good enough.

Robin: But it will be, Regina. I have faith in you. You will figure out a way eventually.

Regina: That's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm not sure I can figure it out. Robin, I'm sorry, but if you truly want to save Marian... You're gonna have to forget about me... And... Find a way... To fall in love with your wife again.

(Into the woods.)

Mr Gold: You can show yourself, dearie. I'm not the one you're hiding from.

The Snow Queen: No, you're not. To what do I owe this intrusion?

Mr Gold: A warning. Emma Swan is onto you. She knows your history began long before you came to Storybrooke.

The Snow Queen: I'm aware. Do you really think she would have discovered that if I hadn't wanted her to? It's all part of my plan... A plan you thankfully know little about.

Mr Gold: You're being awfully secretive.

The Snow Queen: You didn't come to warn me. You came to find out my secrets.

Mr Gold: YOr offer up a deal. Whatever suits you best. But if you decline, I'd be careful.

The Snow Queen: There it is. There's the warning. You want something out of me? Why don't you just ask for it?

Mr Gold: If I wanted something out of you, dearie, believe me, I'd take it.

The Snow Queen: But you can't, can you? Otherwise you would. You and I both know... To get what you want, you need one thing that I have and you're sorely lacking... Leverage. And until you get that... I have a warning for you. Stay out of my way.

(At Mr Gold's Shop)

Belle: Don't worry, Anna. I'll find you.

[ Arendelle - Past ]

(Into the woods.)

Anna: So, Belle... I couldn't help overhearing... Well, actually, I could, but I'm naturally curious. Anyway... I heard you lost your mother.

Belle: Yes, in the... In the ogres war.

Anna: I'm so sorry. I lost mine, too. There are no words.

Belle: No, there aren't, especially when you don't know what happened. I was hoping the rock trolls could restore my memory so that I can finally be at peace.

Anna: Sometimes the answer isn't what you want.

Belle: Which is what?

Anna: One that makes you feel better. But if grand Pabbie can help you get what you need, I'll make sure he does.

Belle: Thank you. Uh... So, now what?

Anna: Now we climb. Okay.

Belle: Okay.

(Anna tries to climb but falls.)

Belle: You okay?

Anna: Ohh.

Belle: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Anna: Whoo! Oh! Kristoff makes this look easy!

Belle: Here.

Anna: Careful! Careful.

Belle: Why? W-what's inside?

Anna: A hat which can strip the magic from the most powerful of sorcerers.

Belle: Why do you have such a thing?

Anna: I sort of stole it from an evil sorcerer when I was back in the Enchanted Forest. I went to him to help with my sister, but things didn't exactly go according to plan.

Belle: Why? What... What happened? Who... Who is this person?

Anna: I-I'd really rather not get into it. The less you know, the better. I just pray you never cross paths with that twisted man.

[ Storybrooke ]

(At Mr Gold's shop.)

Mr Gold: Belle. Where are you headed?

Belle: To the north woods, where the snow queen's hiding.

Mr Gold: And what business do you have with her?

Belle: I have to fix a mistake that I made a long time ago.

Mr Gold: What are you talking about?

Belle: I'm afraid I can't tell you. You wouldn't understand.

Mr Gold: Whether or not that's true, the fact remains that she defeated both Emma and Regina. She is far more dangerous than you realize.

Belle: I know. That's why I was... I was hoping you'd come with me.

Mr Gold:I'm sorry, Belle. That's out of the question. I won't let you anywhere near her.

Belle: I was worried you were gonna say that. Because... I really... Really didn't want to do this.

Mr Gold: Belle, I gave you that dagger because I trusted you... Because I thought you would never want to control me.

Belle: I know. I know, and I'm so, so sorry, rumple. But if you won't come with me willingly, what choice do I have? Take me to the Snow Queen.

(Into the Woods. Emma reads the Snow Queen's file.)

Emma: According to this, she was my foster parent for six months.

Hook: Aye?

Emma: That's the longest I was ever in one spot, but I don't remember a second of it.

Hook: You all right, Swan?

Emma: I'm fine. It was all a long time ago.

Hook: Mm, perhaps, but wounds that are made when we're young tend to linger.

Emma: How would you know?

Hook: Believe it or not, I was once a child.

Emma: Yeah, like a million years ago.

Hook: It was more like 200. What is it?

Emma: It's a painting I did when I was in school.

Hook: That so surprising?

Emma: It's not the only one. This crazy woman has a whole file of my old art projects and essays. Just like the one I have for Henry. You don't keep stuff like this unless you care about someone.

Hook: Well, perhaps the Snow Queen wasn't simply using you. Perhaps she'd grown fond of you over time.

Emma: Looks like the feeling was mutual. "Thanks for being the family I never had. Love, Emma." I wrote that to her.

Hook: Looks like you two were close once.

Emma: But she still erased my memories. Something must have happened to change all that. There has to be a clue as to why.

Hook: Perhaps there is... If you can read hieroglyphs.

Emma: This isn't from our world. What the hell was she doing with me?

(Before the Snow Queen's ice cave.)

Belle: This is it? This is where she's hiding?

Mr Gold: Indeed. But she's not at home. I don't sense her magic.

Belle: Good. Okay. You stay here as lookout. I'm going in.

Mr Gold: No, Belle, y-you're not going in there alone.

Belle: Look, I won't be long. I just need to find something.

Mr Gold: What could you possibly want from the Snow Queen's cave?

Belle: A hat... One that can strip a magical being of their powers.

Mr Gold: That sounds like a remarkable object... Almost too good to be true, which means it probably is.

Belle: It isn't, and I know she has it, and I need to get it from her. It's the only way to force her to tell us where Anna is.

Mr Gold: So this is about Elsa's sister? Why are you so invested in a girl you've never even met?

Belle: Because a hero always helps strangers. Now keep watch. I'll call out to you if I need your help.

(Belle enters in the cave.)

[ Arendelle - Past ]

(At the Rock Troll carreer.)

Anna: Grand Pabbie? Grand Pabbie, it's me!

Grand Pabbie: Ooh, Anna, my dear, you're back! Have you come to tell us the new wedding date? I have been working on my speech.

Anna: Not yet, but we can get into that later. First, I want you to meet my friend Belle. She's come a long way to see you.

Belle: It's an honor to meet you. I'm, uh... I'm here because I-I...

Grand Pabbie: I know. I can help you get the memories of your mother.

(Grand Pabbie use his powers on Belle.)

Grand Pabbie: Take this to the place where you lost your memory, then brew a tea with the stone in the kettle. When you drink it, your memories will return.

Belle: Thank you. Thank you, Anna. I-I owe you, as well. How can I repay you?

Anna: You don't have to. Having a new friend is payment enough. All I need is a moment alone with Pabbie. I'll be quick.

Grand Pabbie: What can I help you with, dear?

Anna: Some woman claims to be my aunt. I just don't believe her! Mother would have told us if she had a sister.

Grand Pabbie: Actually, she had two sisters.

Anna: Wait. What? Mother had two sisters that she never spoke about? Why didn't she say anything? Why didn't you say anything?

Grand Pabbie: Because I was sworn to secrecy.

Anna: Grand Pabbie, I need some answers. Please.

Grand Pabbie: Your mother, Gerda, was the youngest of three. And then there was Helga, and Ingrid was the oldest. As children, the three girls were quite close, often seen playing together in the royal gardens. But then, one day, Helga and Ingrid vanished. No one ever knew what happened to them. It was a tragedy the royal family wanted to forget. And they did, with my help.

Anna: You took the memories of everyone in Arendelle?

Grand Pabbie: Yes. And the royal family erased mention of Helga and Ingrid from every book and record they could find in our realm.

Anna: Why wouldn't Ingrid tell me what happened, or that she had another sister?

Grand Pabbie: Those are questions you'd have to ask your aunt.

Anna: Like she would tell me. If she's keeping these secrets, who knows what else she's hiding. I have to warn Elsa. Belle, we have to go!

Belle: What? Is everything okay?

Anna: I don't think so. It's my aunt. She's up to something.

[ Storybrooke ]

(Into the ice cave.)

Belle: The hat must be in here somewhere.

The mirror: Belle. Belle. Belle! Over here, Belle. Over here, Belle. Over... Here.

(Belle uncovers the miror.)

The mirror: Hello, Belle! I was hoping you'd find me.

[ Arendelle - Past ]

(On the mountain.)

Belle: I wish I didn't have to wait to use this.

Anna: You'll be home before you know it. As soon as we get to town, we'll put you on the first ship back to the Enchanted Forest.

Belle: If any ships are even setting sail. It... Looks like a storm's setting in.

Anna: I don't think it's a storm.

Belle: Well, what else could it be?

Anna: My aunt. I don't think my aunt wants me to tell my sister what I found out.

Belle: Well, if she... Has all this magic and... And you have, well, g-good intentions, then what are we gonna do?

Anna: I have more than good intentions! I have this! She can't hurt us if she doesn't have magic.

(The wind blows. Belle loose her rock. Anna falls and hangs up to the cliff.)

Anna: Belle! Belle! I can't pull myself up!

Belle: Just hold on! I'll be right there!

Anna: Belle, hurry! Please!

(Belle's rock falls and breaks.)

Belle: Oh!

Anna: Belle, hurry!

Belle: I'm coming! I'm coming.

(Anna falls.)

Belle: Anna!

(Anna is on the ground. Ingrid approches. She takes the box.)

Belle: Leave her alone!

The Snow Queen: You'll have to excuse us, but this is family business.

(Igrid leaves and takes Anna with her.)

[ Storybrooke ]

(Into the ice cave.)

The mirror: I'm surprised you were brave enough to come in here.

Belle: I had to. I have to find a way to help Anna.

The mirror: Why? You never really cared much for her before.

Belle: That's not true.

The mirror: Sure, it is. You chose that rock over her. You had to remember what happened to your mother, no matter what the cost.

Belle: I made a mistake. I didn't mean to...

The mirror: Ruin someone's life? It certainly wasn't your most heroic moment. Not that you've ever really been hero material.

Belle: No, please... Please stop.

The mirror: Everyone sees you for what you really are, Belle... A pathetic coward. I mean, why do you think the Dark One married you? You think it was love? He needed someone weak, someone he could manipulate.

Belle: That's not true. He loves me. He gave me this.

The mirror: You truly believe that's real? Deep down, you know what kind of beast you're dealing with.

(Mr Gold enters.)

Mr Gold: Belle! Belle. The Snow Queen's approaching the cave. Belle. Look at me. Don't look in the mirror. Look at me. We have to leave.

Belle: Let me go!

Mr Gold: You don't know what you're doing.

Belle: No! Please, let me go!

Mr Gold: It's okay.

(Back to the shop.)

Belle: Let... Let me go!

Mr Gold: It's okay. We're back in the shop. We're back in the shop. It's okay.

Belle: No, no!

Mr Gold: It's okay.

Belle: Wait. No. You were outside the cave. I commanded that you wait there.

Mr Gold: You commanded me to keep watch. I sensed she was coming back. I came to find you, and I'm glad I did.

Belle: I... I hurt you. I... I'm so sorry, Rumple.

Mr Gold: It's okay.

Belle: When I f-found that mirror, something came over me, like a... Like a spell. And... And it spoke to me and made me... Made me believe all these horrible things, and it said to me that the dagger you gave me is fake.

Mr Gold: I can assure you that nothing that mirror said is true. It was imbued with the darkest of magic. I-I know you would never wrong me.

Belle: I have wronged you. I've kept a terrible secret from you. I'm the reason... That Anna's missing. I didn't want anyone to know until I could make things right and save Anna. But I couldn't. I failed. And all I managed to do was abuse the dagger and... And take advantage of you, my true love. I-I don't even know if I... If I deserve to be with you anymore.

Mr Gold: No, no, no. You were only doing what you thought was right.

Belle: You... You forgive me?

Mr Gold: Of course I forgive you. Thank you for telling me everything.

Belle: Thank you for understanding. I never should have kept a secret from you, especially 'cause I know that you'd never keep one from me. I love you, Rumple.

Mr Gold: And I love you, too.

[ Enchanted Forest - Past ]

(In Belle's room.)

Belle: Father, I... I-I thought you'd be asleep.

Maurice: I haven't slept in days. How could I when you left without so much as a goodbye? So, did you find what you were looking for?

Belle: No. You were right, father. I should have just left things alone. That trip was a huge mistake.

Maurice: I'm the one who's made the mistake, Belle. I've been keeping a secret from you. I know what happened during the ogre attack.

Belle: Wait, what?!

Maurice: I didn't want to add to your grief. When the ogres stormed the library where you and your mother had been working, the guards heard the commotion. They rushed in. They saw the ogres were about to attack. But your mother, she... She stood in the path of those monsters to protect you. She kept them at bay while the guards pulled you from danger. But by the time they came to save your mother...

Belle: It was too late. She sacrificed herself for me.

Maurice: She loved you so much, and so do I. I'm so glad you're back. I don't know what I would have done if the ogres had gotten you on the road.

Belle: They... They have reached the roads?

Maurice: The war is not going well. But you need not worry of such things. We have soldiers to fight.

Belle: But those soldiers don't stand a chance. They'll only slow down the ogres' advance. We need someone who can stop them once and for all.

Maurice: And who would that be?

Belle: On my journey, I did some reading. And, well... There's a wizard, a powerful, powerful wizard, who may just help us. His name is...

Maurice: I know his name! And I dare not speak it. Trust me, Belle, if we do...

Belle: I know. Magic always comes with a price. But if mother's death taught me anything, it's that sometimes a hero has to sacrifice everything to save the people they love, and I will do whatever I can to save our land. And I can be a hero, just like mother. And if that means summoning Rumplestiltskin... Then so be it.

[ Storybrooke ]

(Into the ice cave.)

Mr Gold: I'm afraid we have a problem, dearie. I caught a glimpse of your mirror today.

The Snow Queen: It's rather impressive, isn't it? I had no idea your bride would be so easy to turn.

Mr Gold: Watch yourself. Now, I don't know exactly when you intend to use this mirror, but you should know this. I won't allow you to hurt those I care about.

The Snow Queen: And I won't allow you to derail my plans because you've suddenly gotten sentimental.

Mr Gold: You only get one warning.

The Snow Queen: Which is more than you get. I can't make any promises over who may or who may not survive.

Mr Gold: You know, you were wrong before.

The Snow Queen: That you needed leverage to get what you want?

Mr Gold: No, that I didn't have it. I do.

(Mr Gold shows the Snow Queen the hat.)

The Snow Queen: Where did you get that?

Mr Gold: Oh, that's irrelevant. But now that I know what you're up to, we can have a real talk. You might want to reconsider your position, because I doubt you'd enjoy becoming just another embroidery on this hat. Looks like you've just lost your leverage, dearie.

[ Arendelle - Past ]

(In a jail.)

Ingrid: Anna. It's time to wake up, dear.

Anna: What? Where am I?

Ingrid: Exactly where you belong.

Anna: You can't just lock me in here! Elsa won't stand for it!

Ingrid: Even when she finds out what you were planning to do to her?

Anna: Wait. What?

Ingrid: You were planning to use this to strip away her magic.

Anna: No, that's not why I had it.

Ingrid: Really? Then why didn't you tell Elsa about it?

Anna: Because I-I didn't know how to tell her the truth. I found it with a man that our parents sought out. They went to him looking for a way to strip Elsa of the thing that makes her special.

Ingrid: And you're following in their footsteps.

Anna: I wasn't going to use it on her. I wasn't going to use it on anybody... Until you attacked me. The rock trolls told me what you've been hiding, that you and my mother had another sister.

Ingrid: The rock trolls shouldn't talk about things that they don't understand.

Anna: But it's true. What happened to her?

Ingrid: Some secrets are better left buried.

Anna: I don't understand. What do you want?!

Ingrid: What I have always wanted... A family who will embrace me for who I am. For a brief moment, I thought the three of us could be that family... You, me, and Elsa. But you showed me that plan would never work. You have nothing in common with Elsa and me. You are the odd woman out. And now I suppose I have to find someone else to take your place.

[ Storybrooke ]

(At the sherif station.)

Emma: The Snow Queen is your aunt?

Elsa: According to this heraldry book I found in the library. Her name is Ingrid. I didn't even know my mother had any sisters. I'm as surprised as you are.

Hook: Well, spend a little more time in this town, love, you'll realize just about everyone's related.

Elsa: This book traces the lineage in Arendelle for generations. That's Gerda, my mother. And this is Helga, my other aunt.

Hook: Bloody hell. Look at this one... She looks just like you. Maybe that's why she was so obsessed with you, why she kept all those relics from your childhood.

Emma: She came to this world looking for blondes? There's a lot more than just me.

Hook: Don't I know it.

Elsa: She wasn't looking for a blonde. She was looking for the savior.

Emma: What?

Elsa: This scroll... The writing is runic. It's a prophecy. It says, "the name of the savior is Emma."

Emma: She knew?

Elsa: Before you even did. She knew you were powerful.

Emma: But why?

Elsa: It says it right here... "And the savior shall become Ingrid's sister."

Emma: What the hell does that mean?

Elsa: Well, my mother died, and her other sister... She's not around anymore. I think Ingrid believes in this prophecy. I think she's looking to replace them.

(Belle comes.)

Belle: Elsa.

Elsa: Yes.

Belle: I... I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry, but...

Elsa: What?

Belle: I-I've been keeping a secret. I know your sister, Anna. She helped me once. But when I had a chance to help her, I let her down. And because I did, she was captured by the Snow Queen.

Elsa: What? Where did this happen? When?

Belle: Arendelle... A long, long time ago. And I have no idea where she is now. But, uh, I'm afraid we have a more pressing concern. The Snow Queen has a mirror imbued with terrible magic that can do terrible things.

Hook: Mirror? Easy enough, let's just go smash it.

Belle: It's not that simple. Rumple told me it's part of an awful spell... The spell of shattered sight. If she casts it, its magic will make everyone in Storybrooke turn on one another.

Hook: Bloody hell. The entire town will destroy itself.

Belle: And there'd be no one left.

Emma: Except us.

Belle: What makes you think that she'd spare you and Elsa?

Emma: Because of this.

Elsa: She wants it to be just the three of us.

Emma: Her perfect family.