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04x20 - Lily
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Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

I'm Emma, by the way.


While your precious Robin thinks it's his wide-eyed wife, it's actually me.

One phone call from me, and your beloved dies at the hands of your sister.

Now forget all this and run along home.

So, I'm headed to New York now.

And if you breathe one word of this to Zelena, I take this heart and squeeze.

Mary Margaret: Cruella can't kill anyone.

David: Emma doesn't know.

Which means Gold wants her to...



[ The Infinity Forest - Past ]

(The Apprentice meets the Sorcerer.)

The Sorcerer: What brings you here?

The Apprentice: The Author... He has violated the rules. He has changed things. The saviour... He made me channel her potential for darkness into Maleficent's child. There must be a way to undo it.

The Sorcerer: I'm afraid not. What's done is done, my apprentice.

The Apprentice: But what now of the girls, their fates?

The Sorcerer: Remain entwined, as they always were and always shall be.

The Apprentice: Of course.

The Sorcerer: Our concern now is the Author.

The Apprentice: I have taken care of that, master. Our mistake has been rectified. He is in the book, where he can no longer alter our world... Only record what happens.

The Apprentice: You must see to it there is no more damage. The Author must never be allowed to toy with fate again.

[ Storybrooke ]

(At Cruella's funerals.)

Isaac: I'll miss her. Furs and all, I'll miss her. She was good to me... In her way. Made me who I am.

Mr Gold: Well, someone had to die at the saviour's hands.

Isaac: Did they?

Mr Gold: We won't have what we need to rewrite the book, to secure our happy endings, until Ms. Swan has completed her journey. The saviour has taken the first step down a dark path. And we have to make sure she stays on it... For both our sakes.

(Emma is watching Mr Gold and the Author.)

(At Granny's diner.)

Emma: I'm going after Gold. He made this happen. He needs to answer for it.

Hook: Careful. Don't go off half-cocked.

David: Hook's right. He wants you angry.

Emma: Yeah, well, I am angry. That doesn't mean he's gonna get what he's after. Do I wish I could change what I did to Cruella? Yes. But that's regret, not darkness. I think we've all done things we regret. Right now, we need to focus on one thing... How to keep Gold and the Author from causing any more damage.

(Maleficent enters.)

Maleficent: I might be able to help with that. It now appears we have a common foe... Rumplestiltskin.

David: He resurrected you.

Maleficent: To help himself, not me. Cruella's death only confirmed that.

Hook: Oh. Now you want to turn on him before he turns on you.

Regina: I knew Gold couldn't keep the dragon on her leash for long.

Mary Margaret: What do you want?

Maleficent: Nothing from you. But your daughter, I hear, has a talent for finding people.

Emma: Yeah, I do. Who do you want found?

Maleficent: My daughter.

Mary Margaret: She's alive?

Maleficent: Yes. She survived the journey to this land... The journey you sent her on. You want to prevent Rumplestiltskin from achieving whatever he wants. What better way than leaving this town and helping me?

Emma: I'm not running away from Gold.

Maleficent: It's not running from him. It's hindering him.

Emma: What do you know about her?

Maleficent: Just what the Dark One showed me... That she was banished to this world 30 years ago, to a place called Minnesota, where she was adopted by a couple. And they named her Lilith.

Emma: No.

Hook: Emma? What is it?

(Emma leaves.)

(Emma is watching microfilm.)

Emma: Lily.

[ Mankato, Minnesota - 1999 ]

(Emma and her foster home are preparing for vacation.)

Max: Mom said I could have it!

Emma: Flashlight...

Zach: No, she didn't!

Emma: Batteries... Canteen...

Max: I want it!

Zach: I want it, too!

Emma: Matches...

Katie: Both of you... stop it!

Bill: How's the checklist going, Em?

Emma: Good, I think. Uh, what's "G.O.R.P."?

Katie: "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts." It's trail mix.

Zach: Haven't you ever been camping before?

Emma: I've never even been on a vacation before.

Bill: Not everyone was lucky enough to grow up the way that you and your brother have. Emma, we're just happy that you're gonna spend your first family vacation with us.

Emma: So am I. Oh. I almost forgot... Sleeping bag.

Bill: Oh.

(Emma is in the garage, she hears noise, she finds Lily.)

Lily: Emma, wait.

Emma: Lily? What are you doing here?

Lily: I know I'm probably the last person you want to see right now. But, I... didn't have anywhere else to go.

Emma: What's wrong? What happened?

Lily: It's bad, Emma. I know I've lied to you before, but I really need your help.

Emma: Why should I trust you now?

Lily: Because I am in big trouble. You once said we'd be friends forever. Did you mean it? 'Cause I did.

(Bill enters.)

Bill: Emma? Who's this?

Emma: This is... Lily. My friend.

Bill: You never told me that you had friends in the neighbourhood.

Lily: My foster family just moved here. I thought I would surprise her.

Bill: Ah. Well, Lily, would you like to join us for dinner?

[ Storybrooke ]

(Regina joins Emma.)

Regina: Ain't fate a bitch? You know this girl. How?

Emma: She was my friend.

Regina: Oh, the one you told me about. Who you said you pushed away?

Emma: How is this possible? Of all the kids in the world, the one I end up friends with is the one my parents banished?

Regina: Emma, there are powers beyond our understanding, and your parents messed with them.

Emma: So the only friend I ever had wasn't even my friend by choice.

Regina: I know. It hurts, doesn't it? I've been there, too.

Emma: Yeah?

Regina: You think it was a coincidence that I just so happened to adopt the saviour's son? Our actions are our own, but fate pushes us. Maybe it's time to push back.

Emma: How?

Regina: Well, I have to go to New York to rescue Robin from my insane sister, and you have to find this girl to redeem your parents and show Gold he's wrong about you... That he can't change you. What do you say we help each other?

Emma: What, like a road trip?

Regina: Well, if that's what you want to call it.

Emma: I'm okay, Regina. I don't need a babysitter.

Regina: But maybe I need you. You lived in New York. I've barely been outside of Storybrooke. How about it, Swan? How about we make today the day we both leave fate?

(Isaac gets in Mr Gold's car.)

Isaac: You're letting them leave town?

Mr Gold: For our purposes, where the saviour turns dark is of little consequence. I'm confident her latest mission will darken her heart faster than we ever could.

(Mr Gold sees Belle and Will walking.)

Mr Gold: Now, if you'll excuse me, there's something I need to take care of.

(Emma and Regina say goodbye.)

Emma: Be good, kid. I'll see you when I get back.

Hook: Be careful, Swan. As someone who started on the side of good and went dark, take my advice... Vengeance is tempting. The darkness always is. Resist it.

Emma: Why couldn't you?

Hook: I didn't have anything to live for. You have your parents, Henry...

Emma: You.

Hook: Aye... Me. And I, you. That's what's kept me on my path now. Use whatever it takes to stay on yours.

(They kiss.)

Mary Margaret: Emma...

Emma: Take care of Henry.

David: Of course.

(Regina hugs Henry.)

Emma: Did you get what you needed?

Regina: I'm not going into a land without magic without bringing some of our own. The Snow Queen's scroll... In case we have any trouble getting through the cloak put around this town.

Emma: Sounds good. Let's get out of here.

(Regina and Emma get in the yellow bug.)

Regina: What is it? Something on Lily?

Emma: Yeah. One of my contacts found an address. But it's five years old.

Regina: Emma, what is it?

Emma: This is in Lowell, Massachusetts, which is less than 30 miles outside of Boston, which is where I lived five years ago. Lily and I grew up in Minnesota, separated as kids, and ended up living less than an hour apart as adults?

Regina: Like I said... Fate. You're connected. It's been pushing you together.

Emma: It may have been pushing us together as kids, but... Last time I saw her, I'm the one who pushed her away.

Regina: What exactly happened between you two?

[ Mankato, Minnesota - 1999 ]

(At dinner.)

Bill: We are thankful Lily could join us to be our guest, and let these gifts to us be blessed. Amen.

Katie: Amen.

Emma: Amen.

Katie: Sorry about the takeout, but with all the packing...

Lily: Hey, I love it. The whole vibe. Homework, chore wheel, house rules. Like Norman Rockwell blew up in this place... Emma seems really lucky to have ended up with you guys.

Bill: Well, we are lucky to have Emma in our family.

Max: What's that?

Bill: Max. That's not polite.

Lily: It's okay. It's just a birthmark.

Katie: So, Lily, tell us, how did you and Emma meet? It was a group home?

Lily: Uh... Yeah... Back in Falcon Heights. We hit it right off. Best friends forever.

Bill: It's a shame you two were split up.

Lily: Yeah. Emma was the first person who ever really understood me, you know? Like we were meant to come into each other's lives.

Emma: Can, uh, we get seconds?

(Emma and Lily leaves.)

Bill: Max, can you pass me the gravy, please?

(In the kitchen.)

Emma: What are you doing?

Lily: Making a good impression.

Emma: By lying to my foster parents about how we met?

Lily: Would you rather I told them the truth... That you were shoplifting pop-tarts and I was giving you tips?

Emma: I was hungry and... I mean, that's not the point. I'm finally in a good situation. I don't want to mess it up.

Lily: Yeah. No, it's nice here.

Journalist: In skyline, a local tom thumb robbed by two armed assailants is the subject of an intense police investigation. Both suspects had their faces obscured by masks. If you have any information, please call the Mankato we-tip hotline.

Lily: I can explain.

[ Lowell, Massachusetts ]

(Regina and Emma explore a building.)

Regina: Why did I go through the trouble of creating Storybrooke when I could have cursed everyone to live here?

(Emma knocks on a door.)

Landlord: Yeah?

Emma: Oh. Sorry to disturb you. We're just looking for Lilith Page. Is she around?

Landlord: No, she ain't around. Not for years.

Emma: You know where she moved?

Landlord: Lady, she ain't moving nowhere. She's dead.

Emma: What?

Landlord: Car wreck a couple years back. Pretty sure she was drunk. Not that anyone missed her. I mean, she was a weird one. Kept to herself. 'Course, she had one of those personalities that you wanted to stay far away from. A real loser.

(Emma attacks Landlord.)

Emma: She was my friend!

Regina: Emma! Emma! Emma. It's not worth it. Hey. You okay?

Emma: I'm fine. I'm absolutely fine.

[ Storybrooke ]

(At Mr Gold's shop.)

Belle: So, uh, you sure you don't mind? David and Mary Margaret just need me to watch the baby for a bit.

(She kisses him.)

Belle: Bye.

(Belle leaves, Mr Gold shows himself.)

Mr Gold: When you walk into a man's home... You should ask if you've been invited.

Will: If you've come here to hurt me, you best get on with it. But I warn you... I'm scrappy.

Mr Gold: All right, scrappy. Believe it or not, you may be of some use to me. You're a thief, and I need something stolen.

Will: And what might that be?

Mr Gold: Belle's heart.

Will: Already in the process of doing that. Sorry, mate.

Mr Gold: As close as you think you have grown to my wife, you're clearly not close enough to realize the truth. Her heart is gone.

Will: You mean it was ripped out of her chest? Who the bloody hell would do that?

Mr Gold: Regina. She has her watchdog, Maleficent, caring for it in the Mayor's office. Now I need you to go and get it back.

Will: Give it to you? Not likely, mate.

Mr Gold: No, you're mistaken. I'm not asking.

[ On the road ]

(Emma drives back to Storybrooke.)

Regina: Want to talk about what happened back there?

Emma: Nope.

Regina: You nearly put that guy through a wall.

Emma: Look, I know what you're thinking, but what happened back there wasn't me turning dark. It was... Mourning a friend. Can you understand that?

Regina: Emma, you know you're not responsible for what happened to her.

Emma: You sure? You heard what that guy said. Her life wasn't pretty. It was dark. That darkness was meant for me. Or could have been or...

(There is a wolf on the road.)

Regina: Emma!

(Emma avoids it. The wolf leaves.)

Regina: You okay?

Emma: This has happened before, the wolf in the road and an accident... The first time I tried to leave Storybrooke.

Regina: Stop overthinking. It's not fate. It's just a flat. We need a new tire. Unless fate wants you to go to the coffee mug diner for help, I'd chalk it up to "accidents will happen." I'll get a tire. You get some coffee.

(Emma comes in the coffee mug diner.)

Emma: Hi.

Starla: Hey.

Emma: Two cups of coffee and a pack of Advil. Make it two packs.

Starla: Tough day?

Emma: You don't know the half of it.

Starla: I'll leave the pot here, then.

(Emma sees Lily's birthmark on Starla.)

Starla: I'll be right back with your Advil.

(Regina enters.)

Regina: Car's being towed in. What's wrong? See another wolf?

Emma: It's... It's her.

[ Mankato, Minnesota - 1999 ]

(After dinner, Lily and Emma get back to the garage.)

Lily: It was my boyfriend's idea, okay? I swear. One minute, I think we're making a snack run, and the next, he tosses a gun at me and tells me to watch the door.

Emma: A gun?! Are you out of your mind?! You didn't have to go along with him!

Lily: I know. I know. I-I don't know how to explain it. It doesn't matter what I do. It's like every decision I make seems right, but it's wrong.

Emma: You got to leave. The police are probably looking for you right now.

Lily: You're my only friend. I don't have anywhere else to go.

Emma: You can't stay here. Look, I've got some allowance stashed away. It'll be enough for a bus ticket.

Lily: No, I can't leave without my stuff. It's at the house I was squatting in with my boyfriend.

Emma: Forget the stuff. Forget him. I'll give you some clothes.

Lily: No, you don't understand... There's this necklace, and it's the only thing I have from my birth mother, and I cannot leave it behind. I can't. You got to help me. I would go, but my boyfriend is the last person I want to see right now.

Emma: Okay. I'll get your necklace. But then you're gone!

[ The Coffee Mug Diner ]

(Emma goes talk to Lily.)

Emma: Hey. Starla.

Lily: Is something wrong? Did I bring you decaf by mistake? I'm so sorry. I always get the pots mixed up.

Emma: Starla isn't your name, is it? Lily.

Lily: How do you know that?

Emma: This mark. You showed it to me a long time ago outside a crappy cub foods in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Lily: Emma?

Emma: I thought you were dead. What the hell happened to you?

Lily: I... Got into trouble, uh... With some bad people a couple years ago, and I needed a fresh start. But I've been careful. How did you find me?

Emma: Fate.

Lily: What?

Emma: I know this is gonna sound crazy, but remember when we were kids, you used to say you and I were connected? Like something was drawing us together?

Lily: Yeah, that's something teenage girls say, and then you braid each other's hair and become BFFs.

Emma: What if you were right? What if... There's a reason your life has been on a downswing ever since we met? That all your problems are not your fault, they're... Mine?

Lily: You're right... That sounds crazy.

Emma: It's complicated, but I can explain it if you come with me. I just need you to trust me.

Lily: Look, I don't know what kind of 12-step program you're in, but I've moved on. I'm fine.

Emma: You're living in the middle of nowhere under an assumed name. I can help you.

Lily: I don't need your help. And my life is great, thank you very much. I have an awesome daughter and a loving husband. The last thing I need is for you to come into my life and just blow it apart again, so... If you'll excuse me, that's my daughter's bus.

Emma: I-I'm sorry... For... Everything.

Lily: You don't need to apologize. We were kids. To be honest, I haven't even thought about you in years.

Emma: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah. Hey, sweetie!

(Lily goes see her daughter. Regina goes talk to Emma.)

Emma: Tire's being fixed. So it was her. Well, Emma, looks like you didn't ruin her life after all.

(Near the school bus.)

Lily: You know me from the diner, right? Free burgers for a week if you smile, take my hand, and walk around the block with me. But you have to decide now.

[ Storybrooke ]

(At Regina's office.)

Mary Margaret: Maleficent?

Maleficent: Go... Now. I don't want to see either one of you.

David: Just hear us out... Please.

Mary Margaret: We realized we've been so concerned about earning Emma's forgiveness that... We forgot the person we hurt most.

Maleficent: So you're here to apologize. I'm afraid I'm not the one whose forgiveness you really need.

Mary Margaret: Your daughter.

Maleficent: She was an innocent. It's her you need to apologize to.

Mary Margaret: We will. We will do everything we can to make it up to her.

David: Whatever it takes.

Maleficent: Do you think that'll be enough? Well, you've been so worried that the Dark One might turn Emma into a monster, you forgot... That's exactly what you did to my Lilith. So, if I won't forgive you, why would she?

[ The Coffee Mug Diner ]

(Outside the coffee mug diner.)

Regina: Emma, what are you doing?

Emma: I just swiped Starla's time card. It has her real address.

Regina: But she said she didn't want our help.

Emma: And she was lying.

Regina: You saw her with her child.

Emma: A child. You know me. I know when someone's lying, and she was. She always has.

(Why would she be any different now? Something's wrong. We have to go find her. I'm gonna help her this time. I'm gonna get her back to her mom.)

[ Mankato, Minnesota - 1999 ]

(Emma enters in the squat and finds Lily's necklace.)

(Emma gets back to her fosters home.)

Emma: Lily? Lily? Lily?

Bill: Emma? Where have you been?

Emma: I just... Was in the garage, looking for a lantern. Where's Lily?

Katie: We were hoping you could tell us that.

Bill: She broke into my desk, and she stole our vacation money.

Emma: That's why she sent me for this... To get me out of the house. I had no idea. I swear.

Bill: We called your social worker, and she told us that you and Lily were never in the same group home. She said that you know each other because you were both... Caught for stealing.

Emma: I can explain.

Bill: We also called the police once we realized that the money was missing. You know what they said? Lily is a suspect in a robbery.

Emma: I know. And that's why I told her she had to leave.

Bill: You knew? You brought a criminal into our home? You endanger our children?

Emma: "Our" children?

Katie: Emma, he didn't mean it like that.

Emma: No, I think he meant it exactly like that.

(Emma takes a bad and leaves.)

Bill: Emma! Wait! Wait!

[ Lily's home ]

(Emma and Regina come in Lily's place.)

Emma: No kid's stuff. No sign of a husband.

Regina: Okay. Well, if you want me to admit you were right... Well, you were right.

Emma: Can't blame her for running off. I was about to tell her she was Maleficent's daughter.

Regina: Yeah, that might have been tough to swallow.

Emma: Yeah, well, you know how long it took for me to believe, and that was in Storybrooke. For her, it's not gonna be simple.

Regina: Emma.

Emma: What?

Regina: It might be simpler than you think.

Emma: Son of a... She knew. She already knew.

Regina: And she was looking for you.

Emma: No. My parents... She knew everything. She wants revenge.

(Lily steals Emma's car.)

Emma: Really?! Lily!

Regina: Emma!

Emma: The apprentice's scroll... It was in my bag in the car! She wanted a way into Storybrooke. Now she's got one.

Regina: What are you doing?

Emma: That girl destroyed my life with one family. I'm not letting her do it again.

(Emma steals a car and drives after Lily.)

[ Storybrooke ]

(Mr Gold visits Maleficent at Regina's office.)

Maleficent: Looking for your wife's heart? Why don't you come inside and get it?

Mr Gold: I'm smarter than that, dearie.

Maleficent: Our work together is done. Regina and Emma are tracking my daughter as we speak. Soon, I'll have her back. And the saviour will be just fine.

Mr Gold: Really? Now, did you ever think that your Lilith might be the one who keeps Ms. Swan on her dark path? That two people tied by fate and history might just have a way of... entangling themselves?

Maleficent: You can try to scare me all you want. I won't return your wife's heart.

Mr Gold: No, no, dearie. You misunderstood. I already have it.

(Will runs away with a box.)

Mr Gold: Regina's protection spell might keep me out, but it doesn't account for the common thief.

[ On the road ]

(Emma drives after Lily.)

Emma: She's doing it again, Regina. Every time I let Lily in, she rips apart my life. Now she's going after my parents. I have to stop her.

Regina: You will, but you can't go in with a head of steam. You'll end up doing something you regret.

Emma: Really? Tell me, your majesty, what are your plans for Zelena? A nice chat over tea?

Regina: That's different.

Emma: How? If Zelena lays a hand on Robin Hood, you'll destroy her, right? Right. So I'll do the same thing to Lily.

Regina: Careful, Emma. You're starting to sound like...

Emma: Like what? A villain? This is the real world, Regina. There are no heroes and villains... Just real people with real problems. So if you're gonna try to stop me, you can find your own way back to New York.

[ Mankato, Minnesota - 1999 ]

(Emma is waiting the bus at the bus station. Lily arrives.)

Lily: Emma?

Emma: Of course you knew where to find me. You knew your little stunt would get me kicked out. Just do me a favour and stay the hell away from me.

Lily: Is that how you say "thank you"?

Emma: For what? Ruining my chance to be a part of that family?

Lily: For setting you free, chore wheel. With this cash, we can go anywhere and do whatever we want.

Emma: I wanted to stay there. They cared about me, Lily.

Lily: The moment they found out the truth about you, they turned on you. They were frauds.

Emma: You're the fraud, Lily. You play the orphan card, but you have no idea what it's really like. You think it's fun pretending to be a runaway. This is my life!

Lily: Emma, it's not like that.

Emma: Here. Here's your stupid necklace. Now just go back to your lake house and your credit cards and your... Family... And leave me alone.

Lily: I can't go home. They kicked me out.

Emma: Right.

Lily: Emma, it's true. I don't know how to explain it, but... Ever since you left, everything has gotten worse. My life, no matter what I do, is just wrong.

Emma: And that's my fault? Maybe try making better choices.

Lily: I do. I swear. But every time I try, it just blows up in my face. It's like I'm cursed or something.

Emma: That's stupid.

Lily: It's true. It's like my whole life is darkness, and... When you're around, things are brighter... Emma, please don't walk away again. I'm begging you. Please help me.

Emma: I'm done helping you, Lily. I'm better off alone.

(Emma leaves.)

[ On the road ]

(Emma and Regina catch up Lily.)

Regina: There she is.

(When Lily sees Emma; she goes faster.)

Regina: Swan, watch it!

(Emma stops Lily. They all get out of the cars.)

Emma: Hey! Hey! You know. You know everything. Did you know when we were kids?

Lily: Of course not.

Emma: But now?

Lily: Yeah. I learned it all.

Emma: How?

Lily: Does it really matter? It doesn't change anything. You screwed me over before we were even born.

Emma: I had no more say in what happened than you did.

Lily: But your parents did. And the minute I get to Storybrooke...

Emma: You lay a hand on them, I end you!

(Emma hits Lily.)

Regina: Emma, stop!

Lily: Yeah? And how are you gonna do that without your magic, saviour?

(Lily hits Emma and the lightning and thunder fall.)

Lily: Your parents are monsters, Emma. They banished me and threw you in a wardrobe. And now here you are, ready to die for them, because you're so perfect. The saviour. Well, they deserve to be punished. And there's only one way to stop me, and you know it.

(Emma and Lily fight, Emma pushes Lily away and targets her.)

Lily: Of course it ends this way. This just makes too much sense.

Emma: I'm just trying to stop you from doing something you'll regret.

Lily: You can't. Thanks to you, I'm hardwired for bad decisions. So come on... Just put me out of my misery. You know the truth. We both know my life isn't worth saving. And if you let me go, I will destroy everything. It's what I do. So come on... Be the hero and end this right here before it even starts... Come on, Emma.

Regina: Swan. Put the gun down. If you pull that trigger, you will be the one who ruins your life this time. And Henry's and your parents' and everyone else's.

Emma: I have to protect them.

Regina: Then lower the gun. Your parents need a hero, not a murderer.

Emma: I'm already a murderer.

Regina: Cruella was an accident. But if you cross this line, the journey back isn't easy. Trust me... I know. This is what Gold wants you to do. So don't... Emma. You're better than this.

(Emma puts down her gun.)

[ On the bus to Pittsburgh - 1999 ]

(The Apprentice sits next to Lily.)

The Apprentice: That's a lovely necklace.

Lily: Thanks.

The Apprentice: Did you ever notice how it complements the birthmark on your wrist?

Lily: How did you know that?

The Apprentice: I know about a lot of things, Lilith. Don't be alarmed, child. I can see that you have many questions. Fortunately, I have many answers.

Lily: Answers?

The Apprentice: About who you really are and why your life has always felt so... Wrong.

Lily: And who am I?

The Apprentice: A victim of the unfortunate vagaries of fate, for which, I'm afraid, I am partially responsible. In fact... I shouldn't even be telling you this.

Lily: You're crazy.

The Apprentice: You are not as responsible for your own misery as you would believe. The deck has been stacked against you, Lilith, and it's not your fault. Everything you do will be harder. And I owe it to you to let you know why. I owe you the truth.

Lily: Okay, Yoda. Enough riddles. What's the truth?

The Apprentice: Let's start with the necklace. It isn't exactly a stone, but it did belong to your mother. Would you like to hear about her?

[ On the road ]

(Lily and Emma are sitting on pipes.)

Lily: Why didn't you just kill me when you had the chance? I would have.

Emma: I like to think you wouldn't have.

Lily: Isn't that the whole point of saviour and anti-saviour?

Emma: Stop calling yourself that.

Regina: Bad news from home. I just lost my leverage over Gold. We have to get to Robin Hood... Now.

Emma: Coming?

Lily: You still want me to?

Emma: Yeah. I'm not pushing you away this time.

[ Storybrooke ]

(Will goes back to Mr Gold's shop.)

Belle: There you are. I brought you dinner from Granny's... Hey. Will. Is something wrong?

Will: Um... Belle, there's something I need to show you.

Belle: Is that...?

Will: Yeah. Yours. It was Regina.

Belle: Why would she want my heart?

(Mr Gold enters.)

Mr Gold: To use you as a pawn against me.

Belle: Okay. What are you doing here?

Mr Gold: I wanted to be certain that you got your, uh... Heart back.

Belle: What... Y-you two a-are working together?

Mr Gold: We share one thing in common... We both care for you. Belle, I need to say something.

Belle: I'm not sure I want to hear it.

Mr Gold: Please, please. I'm not asking for forgiveness. I spent every day of our marriage deceiving you, when I should have been trying to make you happy. And now it's too late. My heart is nearly black. And if I continue hurting you... Then there's no hope for me.

(Mr Gold takes Belle's heart.)

Mr Gold: I'm gonna return this to you, Belle. But he's the one who's gonna protect it. Because I've proven unworthy.

(Mr Gold return Belle's heart.)

Mr Gold: Goodbye, Belle.

(He leaves. Will takes Belle's hand but the avoid.)

[ New York ]

(Regina knocks on Robin's door apartment.)

Regina: Robin? Robin, open up!

(Robin opens the door.)

Robin: Regina? W-what are you doing here?

(He hugs her.)

Regina: I missed you.

Robin: And I you. What's going on? W-why are you here?

Regina: I can explain everything. But first, where's Marian?

Robin: She's at the store. Why?

Regina: Good. Then there's time. But we have to act fast.

Robin: Wha... W-what's this about?

Regina: Marian... We have to leave before she gets back. She is not who she says she is.

Robin: What?

Regina: She's... My sister... Zelena.

Robin: The wicked witch? But she's dead. W-we all saw that.

Regina: Somehow, she tricked us and went back in time. Robin... She went back, and she killed Marian. She took her place to get back at me.

Robin: No. This is madness.

(Marian/Zelena arrives.)

Marian/Zelena: Robin, what's going on? And what is she doing here?

Regina: It's over, Zelena. I told him everything.

Marian/Zelena: What's she talking about? And who's Zelena?

Robin: Regina, you're scaring Marian.

Regina: Good. Where's the magic? You must have brought something to make this glamour work. Where is it, Zelena? Show me, or I will rip you apart until I find it!

Robin: Regina, that's enough! Look, I know that this is hard... For all of us. But this is the new reality. I'm with her. I'm with Marian.

Marian/Zelena: Actually... Not exactly.

(Marian turns into Zelena.)

Zelena: Hello, dear husband.

Robin: No.

Lily: What the hell was that?

Emma: That was magic.

Regina: Come on, Robin. We have to get you and Roland out of here... Robin. Get Roland and let's go.

Zelena: I think he still wants to stay.

Regina: Robin, what are you doing? Get your son and let's go.

Robin: I-I can't.

Regina: Yes, you can. Just come with me. Come on. Let's go.

Robin: I'm sorry. I can't leave her here.

Regina: What?!

Zelena: Do you want to tell her? Or should I?

Regina: Tell me what? Robin?

Robin: She's pregnant.

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