04x22 - Operation Mongoose

Previously on Once Upon A Time...

It's dying.

The Dark One can't die.

But Rumplestiltskin can.

Want to find who wrote this book and ask them to write me a happy ending.

Now, then, it's time villains finally win.

[ Scarsdale - Past ]

(A knight rides his horse on TV. Isaac tries to sell a new TV to a couple.)

Man: I don't know. Do we really need color?

Isaac: "Do we really need color?" Do we need to settle for what came before? Don't you want to really see the world? It's a complicated place, and people are complex creatures. Their interior lives are painted with many different hues and shades. And the Zenith Marseille color TV... It brings the profound complications of the universe right into your living room.

Man: Does it have a clicker?

Isaac: What?

Man: A clicker.

Boss: You mean the space command remote? Why, that's included in the price, sir.

Man: Now we're talking.

Boss: Hey. Were you a ranger?

Man: Damn right. 25th infantry division. You were in the service?

Boss: You bet, 187th airborne, company "A." We heard a lot about your unit. You guys were real heroes. Tell you what... Why don't you take this out for a test drive, huh? See how it feels.

Boss: What the hell are you doing, Isaac? Huh? Rambling on about weird technical crap? Isaac: You're supposed to be selling.

(I was.)

Boss: No. No. You were sending them across the street to Gimbels. Now, I hired you because you said you wanted to be a writer.

Isaac: I'm a writer.

Boss: Stacks of rejected manuscripts in the break room don't count. But I figured you knew something about telling stories. That's how you sell. But now I get why you don't have a picture on the back of a book yet. You don't tell stories people want.

(Isaac searches in the mails.)

Isaac: Maybe that's about to change.

(Isaac enters in Star Publishing's office.)

Isaac: Hello?

The Apprentice: Over here.

Isaac: Oh. I-I'm Isaac Heller.

The Apprentice: Yes, I know who you are. Please... Take a seat.

Isaac: Mm... I've never met a publisher before. I'm not sure exactly how this works. So, you want to publish a book. Is there a contract...

The Apprentice: You may find that our organization does things a bit... Differently... Choose one.

Isaac: Oh, actually, I'm more of an IBM Selectric kind of guy.

The Apprentice: Choose one.

Isaac: Okay. Okay. What is this? Some kind of signing bonus? The last time I got a fountain pen was for my bar mitzvah.

The Apprentice: This is a test. We need to know what kind of writer you really are. Choose the one that calls out to you.

(Isaac takes the quill.)

Isaac: Uh... What the hell was that?

The Apprentice: It is a sign... That you are to be our next Author. You see, the last one... Well... He just recently passed away.

Isaac: Author of what?

The Apprentice: There is much to explain. How would you like to take a trip?

Isaac: I-I-I'm not so great with travelling. I-I've never been further than Scarsdale.

The Apprentice: Yes, I know. But that is about to change.

(The Apprentice makes appear a door.)

The Apprentice: The time has come to stop selling televisions. The time has come to take on the most important job in all the realms.

Isaac: What the hell?

The Apprentice: You can see that?

Isaac: I see it, but I don't believe it.

The Apprentice: Actually, the fact that you can see it tells me that you do believe.

Isaac: Believe in what?

The Apprentice: In magic. I think it is time that you find your destiny. Come with me. All of your questions will be answered.

[ Storybrooke ]

(At the library in the Sorcerer's mansion.)

Regina: Nothing. They're all still blank. Whatever the Author is writing, it's not appearing in the books. This is useless.

Robin: Easy. This is not your fault.

Regina: Even so, tomorrow, thanks to Gold and the Author, I can wake up a talking frog.

Hook: At least you'll wake up. I don't doubt whatever the Dark One has in store for me is a far worse fate.

David: Well, there's no use speculating what he wants. We just need to stop it. And if there's nothing useful here, we need to move on, find something else that can help.

August: I might know just the thing.

David: August. I thought you didn't know anything more about the Author.

Emma: He doesn't, but he knows someone who does. That's why I called him here.

Mary Margaret: Who?

August: The man who gave him his power... The Apprentice. I met him once when I was living in Phuket. He was the one who told me about the story book and that I should learn everything about it.

David: If he was in Storybrooke, could you find him?

August: Well, I haven't seen him. But... That's what he looks like.

Hook: I know this man.

Emma: You do?

Hook: More importantly, I know exactly where to find him.

(At the Apprentice's house.)

Hook: I trapped him in there. I didn't know.

Emma: It's okay. It was Gold, not you. Blue was in there. She can get him out.

Hook: Don't you need the Dark One's dagger?

Mother Superior: Well, not if I have something that belonged to The Apprentice.

(The Mother Superior frees the Apprentice.)

Emma: Are you...

The Apprentice: Yes. And there is no time to waste. Isaac has abused his power for too long. The time has come to set... Things right.

Regina: How?

The Apprentice: By putting him back where he can't harm anyone... In the book. I will need the page with the painted door and the key. We shall return him to his prison. And this time, I would wager none of you will set him free again. The page.

Henry: It's back in the loft.

Emma: Mom, dad, Killian, watch Henry. If Gold's smart, he'll go after the page, too.

(At Mr Gold's shop.)

Mr Gold: Are you, uh... Close?

Isaac: Hang in there, Dark One. Don't let that heart turn to coal just yet. You'll be fine. Better than ever.

Mr Gold: Why help me? You have the quill now. You don't need me anymore.

Isaac: We're a lot alike. We've both struggled mightily for happiness all our lives. You got power, became the Dark One, but you've never been the content one. I know what that's like... To always have dissatisfaction gnawing at you, watching other people's happiness bloom. It's time for a world where up is down, where villains can have happy endings.

Mr Gold: And what does your ending look like? A castle? Treasure? Power?

Isaac: In the enchanted forest? Do you think I like dysentery and a 40-year life expectancy? No, no, that's your world. I like room service and indoor plumbing. You're welcome to a happy ending in your land. I'll take one in mine.

Mr Gold: Continue with the writing, if you please.

Isaac: Of course. I-I just need one last detail. Your son... Baelfire.

Mr Gold: Don't toy with me, scribe. Magic can't bring back the dead.

Isaac: No. It can't. This quill and ink can only change a past it has created. Which is why I have to write your new story from this moment forward and into the future. But... In your new life, I can make you forget him.

Mr Gold: No, never. I want my memories of him. But maybe with a... Slight adjustment. I would like a world where I remember doing right by my boy. Where he may be gone, but I can live with that loss. Where Bae sees me as a hero right at the end.

Isaac: I think I can do that. And with that last piece, it's time to finish.

(Emma, Regina and the Apprentice are walking to Mr Gold's shop.)

(David, Mary Margaret, Hook and Henry are looking for the door's page at the loft. Hook finds the story book.)

(Isaac finishes writing his story.)

Isaac: "The end."

(There are an earth quake and light.)

(Henry wakes up at the loft, he has the key.)

Henry: Grandma? Grandpa! Hook!

(In the streets, everybody is gone.)

Henry: Hello?! Hello?! Is anyone here?! Hello?!

(Henry comes in Mr Gold's shop. He stops the gramophone.)

(Henry leaves Storybrooke.)

[ On the road ]

(Henry parks the car and enters in a restaurant.)

Waitress: Nice parking job. You old enough to drive?

Henry: Yeah. Are you? I need some help. Have you seen any of these people?

Waitress: Mm... No. No, I haven't.

Henry: It's my family. Are you sure?

Waitress: Look, why don't you wait here, and I can, um... I-I'll ask some of the others... Yeah, I've got someone here. Yeah, I-I think he's a runaway.

(Henry takes his photos and sees the book "Heroes and Villains" on a sales stand.)

[ New York ]

(Isaac makes a speech.)

Isaac: Thank you. Thank you very much! Please. Please, please. I-I-I'm not worthy... Someone once told me I don't tell stories people want. But I say, write what you're passionate about. That's what matters most. "Heroes and Villains" is close to my heart. It's been a passion project for longer than you would believe. I wrote it because I think folks are sick of heroes getting everything in these classic fairy tales. Hence, the radically different endings for Snow White, Prince Charming, and all the rest... Something different for a modern audience. What happens when villains win the day?

(Isaac signs books.)

Isaac: Thank you... Thank you.

Woman: Long live Regina. Please, can I give you a present... A little token of my love for the world that you've created? Regina... She's my favourite character.

Isaac: She's a real doozy, isn't she?

Woman: Her life is just so unfair. Is she gonna get a happy ending in the sequel? Please, you have to tell me.

Isaac: Sure. I can tell you. She... Sorry. No spoilers. You'll have to buy the next book when it's finished.

Woman: All right.

(Henry puts the page's door on the table.)

Isaac: What are you doing here?

Henry: What did you do with my family? And where are they?

Isaac: I, uh... I have no idea what you're talking about.

Henry: Unh-unh. You're lying. Now, you know what this does, so you either give me some answers or I open this door again and you get a whole new ending.

(In the back stage.)

Isaac: Okay. Much to the chagrin of my publicist, you have my undivided attention.

Henry: Where's my family?

Isaac: You really want to know? Look around you. They're all right there... In my best-selling book.

Henry: What does that mean? Are they still alive?

Isaac: Tut-tut-tut-tut-tut. Easy with the key, cowboy. Your family is fine. If you want to get technical... They're in here. See? The original copy of my book... The one that I always wanted to write. They all live in here now in kind of an alternate reality.

Henry: You made them miserable.

Isaac: I see that you've read some of my book. Good. Good. Then... Then you know that everyone got the ending they deserve. Except Emma, of course. You won't find her in the book. There was no room for a saviour in my world.

Henry: Bring them back, or I use this.

Isaac: Ch, ch, ch, ch, ch. I can't. I don't have the power. The cardinal rule of the Authors is "don't write your own happy ending." As you can see I broke that rule. So this... It's just a pen now. And me? Ohh. Well, I'm nothing more than a best-selling writer with legions of fans and a penthouse over central park.

Henry: If you can't get them out, then give me the book and I will.

Isaac: You? Do you know why you're still out here, kid? Because you're not from a magical world. So take it from me... You will never be a knight in shining armour. You're just a poor, innocent child who needs saving. So, why don't you put the key away and, uh, stick to the role you're best at?

(Henry attacks Isaac and takes the book.)

Isaac: Now what? You're gonna tear up the book?

(Henry opens a door to get inside the book.)

Isaac: Wait! Don't be stupid!

(Henry and Isaac are sucked in the book.)

[ Enchanted Forest ]

(Henry and Isaac appear in a village.)

Henry: Unh! Cool.

Isaac: Feel like a real hero now? Don't get used to it.

(Isaac knocks out Henry.)

(Henry is tied.)

Isaac: So, now we're both trapped in the book. Congratulations. Let me tell you about this place. It's cold, there's no running water, and things are always trying to kill you.

Henry: Let me go!

Isaac: Not a chance. This book we're in, it's worked out quite nicely for me. I don't need you running around changing things. This is my story. And no hero gets a happy ending.

Henry: Why? Would that somehow destroy the book? That's what you're afraid of. Isn't it?

Isaac: Doesn't matter. You brought us into the final chapter. How do you know? I know because I wrote it. And I know how it ends... With the loud tolling of bells at sunset. When you hear that sound, it'll mean we've reached the last page. The book will end, and everything will remain exactly how I wrote it.

(An ogre arrives.)

Isaac: There we are. Right on time.

Henry: What is that?

Isaac: Oh, the inciting incident of this chapter... An ogre attack. And you know what they say... You don't have to be faster than the ogre. You just have to be faster than the next guy.

Henry: Wait! Help! Help me!

(A knight arrives and defeats the ogre with magic.)

Woman: The monster is dead. The ogre slayer saved us! Thank you. If there's anything my family and I can do to repay you...

Rumplestiltskin: Good deeds have their own reward. This comes with no price.

(Rumplestiltskin unties Henry.)

Rumplestiltskin: Are you all right, boy? What's your name?

Henry: Uh, Henry.

Rumplestiltskin: I am Rumplestiltskin, a knight at your service. Do you have any family around here?

Henry: Y-yeah. I think so. Yeah.

Rumplestiltskin: Then I suggest you run home for your supper, Henry, because I... I have another village to save.

(Henry is walking into the wood.)

Henry: "Many deadly traps were set to protect the forest hideaway, a pit trap under the cedar tree... a falling log hung just beyond... and finally, at the center of the willow forest, there was a rustic version of... Home."

(Henry sees a stump.)

Henry: Hello? Is anyone here?

Regina: Turn around slowly. Who are you? What do you want?

Henry: My name's Henry. And I'm your son.

(At the village.)

Isaac: Come on, Henry. Please be dead. Please be dead. Please be dead. I should have remembered. I wrote the book. The ogre slayer.

(In the stumps.)

Henry: But I'm telling you...

Regina: That we're trapped inside a book?

Henry: Yeah.

Regina: And I'm supposed to live in a place called Maine? Where I became your adopted mother after someone named Emma gave you up?

Henry: Come on, mom. You can remember.

Regina: Well, now that I think about it... This does make me wonder one thing. Who sent you?

(Regina threats Henry with a knife.)

Henry: Mom, please. Nobody sent me.

Regina: Stop calling me that! Are you working for the queen?

Henry: No. I'm trying to help you.

Regina: Help me what?

Henry: Find your happy ending. In my world, we called it "Operation Mongoose."

Regina: That is a very silly name.

Henry: Well, it was your idea.

Regina: You actually believe this. So you're crazy.

Henry: I'm not, and I can prove it. This is a copy of the book we're trapped in.

Regina: Let me see... This... This says I'm... Going to rob a royal tax carriage today to buy passage out of the kingdom... How did the book know all that? It can see my future?

Henry: Something like that.

Regina: Then I don't want any part of it.

(Regina throws the book into the fire.)

Henry: No!

(Henry saves the map.)

(Into the woods.)

Regina: Don't follow me! Whatever world you think you're from, go back there.

Henry: I can't... Not until you find true love.

Regina: Then you're stuck. Never gonna happen for me.

Henry: His name is Robin Hood. I-I think the only way for us to escape this book is for you to find him in a tavern and kiss him. True love's kiss... It can fix anything.

Regina: Wow. You are crazy. If I ever meet Robin Hood in person, the only thing he gets is a broken nose.

Henry: Wait... What are you talking about?

Regina: He's my competition. Every robbery I plan, he beats me to it. He's the reason I'm stuck in this kingdom. Why am I still talking to you?

Henry: 'Cause I'm your son.

Regina: Look, kid. If you read about me in that book, you know I got to go. The queen wants me dead. She thinks I ruined her life.

Henry: Did you?

Regina: Yes. So... If it's happy endings you're after, look someplace else.

(Into the woods.)

Isaac: Henry! Where'd you go? Come on out! I can help you!

(The seven dwarves trap Isaac.)

Isaac: Oh, no. Not these guys.

Grumpy: Welcome to the queen's woods, trespasser.

Isaac: Don't kill me! Don't kill me! Don't kill me!! No, don't kill me!! No, no!!

(Grumpy frees Isaac.)

Isaac: Unh!

Grumpy: Search him.

Isaac: No. No. No!

Happy: Oh, goody. Look at this.

Grumpy: "Long live Regina"? So, you're a trespasser and a traitor.

Isaac: That's not mine. I...

Grumpy: Hi-ho, boys. It's off to work we go.

(Grumpy brings Isaac to Snow White in her castle.)

Snow White: You... Speak.

Grumpy: We found him in the queen's woods, your majesty... With this.

Snow White: "Long live Regina"? Not very likely... Although, she'll certainly live longer than you... Now, what do we remove first? Your fingers? Or your ears?

Isaac: No removing. Please. I-I hate Regina as much as you do. I'm on your side.

Snow White: Technically, you're at my feet.

Isaac: We want the same thing... To keep everything in this realm exactly how it is, with you in charge. A boy just arrived in this land. He fancies himself a hero. He wants to take away everything you have. Somebody has to stop him.

Snow White: Get in here!

Isaac: Finally... Someone listens to me.

(Charming arrives.)

David: No need to yell, Snow. I will always find you.

Snow White: I'm sorry... You will always find me, what?

David: I will always find you, your majesty.

Snow White: Mm! That's better. Now, will you please help me with something? Remove his head.

David: Of course, your majesty.

Isaac: No, no, no! You don't understand! I can help you! I know things! I know who Snow White really loves! Ah. Aah.

David: What did you say?

Isaac: You had a twin brother... James. He was the one who snow truly loved... Before the tragedy.

Grumpy: Want me to kill him, your majesty? Save you both the trouble?

Snow White: Let him speak. How do you know this?

Isaac: A magical book told me everything about this land. James was cruel... Like you. You understood each other. You fell in love. It was everything. But then, because of Regina, he died. So you took Charming's heart and you forced him to be yours, but it never satisfied you. He's just a pale imitation of his brother. It's a sad story. But it can still have a happy ending.

Snow White: How?

Isaac: I know exactly where to find Regina. Revenge can be yours.

Snow White: And what is it that you want in return... Aside from your life?

Isaac: The boy I told you about... Henry... He'll be trying to help Regina. I want you to kill them both.

Snow White: Gladly.

(Regina attacks a carriage into the woods.)

Regina: Unh! Snow White.

Snow White: Surprised to see me? Charming, disarm her.

Regina: Ohh!

Snow White: I've waited so long for this moment. Your head is going to look lovely in my trophy room.

Regina: Please, Snow. How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?

Snow White: Once more... From your grave.

Regina: I didn't know what would happen to James. I was a child. I was only trying to help you.

Snow White: You broke a promise. Because of your poor, poor judgment, my true love is dead.

(Snow White is about to rip Regina's heart.)

David: Your majesty, before you rip her heart out, perhaps you should ask her about the boy.

Snow White: So, you do have a brain somewhere in that pretty head. Where's the boy? Where... Is... He?

Regina: When does this end, Snow? This blood feud... When does it stop?

Snow White: When I've killed you and every one of your followers.

Regina: You lost one happy ending. And I'm sorry for that, but... All this killing will only bring more hatred into your life, and all you'll be left with is a hole in your heart... And no hope of ever finding true happiness.

Snow White: You... Know nothing of my happiness.

(Snow White makes a fire ball.)

Regina: Unh!

(She's about to kill Regina when Robin casts an arrow and stop Snow White.)

Robin: Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Come on!

(Regina runs away with Robin.)

Robin: Milady. Hyah!

Regina: I had the situation under control.

Robin: A simple "thank you" would suffice. Hyah!

(Robin and Regina enters in a pub.)

Regina: I told you I didn't need rescuing.

Robin: Believe me, I'm already questioning helping the competition.

Regina: Competition? Robin Hood?

Robin: Well, I'm not friar tuck. Now hold still, please, milady.

Regina: Why?

Robin: Because this may sting a little. Now sit down before you pass out.

Regina: I'm fine. It's just a scratch.

Robin: What's that?

Regina: Your cut.

Robin: You still can't say "thank you," can you?

Regina: Thank you.

Robin: And thank you. So, to... New friends and old rivals... What is it?

Regina: Just thought you'd be... Dirtier.

Robin: Well, thank you. I'll choose to take that as a compliment. Regina, while we may never have met, I always admired your skills... I'm getting out of this game, and I have a proposition for you. I'm in search of someone to take my place as leader of the merry men.

Regina: Oh. I'm flattered, but... Can't accept. This forest isn't the place for me anymore.

Robin: Well, that's a shame.

Regina: So, what's driving you out of the business?

Robin: Have you ever met someone that you would change your entire world for? Someone whose eyes you just knew you were born to gaze into?

Regina: Uh...

Robin: I have. And that's why I can't be a thief anymore. It wouldn't be fair to my new bride.

Regina: Bride?

Robin: Well, she will be when we marry later today.

(Zelena comes in.)

Zelena: Hello, darling.

Robin: Mm.

Zelena: So, who's this?

Robin: Regina, I'd like you to meet my fiancée. This is Zelena.

Zelena: I just can't believe I'm finally meeting the bandit Regina.

Regina: Thank you, but I should go.

Zelena: Oh, w-well, why don't you stay for the ceremony? I mean, it'll be a simple affair, but... We'd love to have you there, wouldn't we, darling?

Robin: Of course. It would be our honour.

Regina: O-oh, I... I should try to get a head start on Snow White. I'm sure she has the entire black guard looking for me... Thank you... For saving my life... Congratulations again. Both of you.

(Regina leaves.)

(Outside the pub.)

Henry: Mom!

Regina: You have to stop calling me that. How do you keep finding me, anyway?

Henry: I figured if my plan worked, you'd be in Sherwood forest with Robin Hood.

Regina: I hate to break it to you, but Robin's already found his true love. And they're getting married... Today.

Henry: No, no, no. T-this is all wrong. That's Zelena, your siste...

(In the streets.)

Henry: Wait. You have to listen to me.

Regina: I heard enough. I don't have a sister. My mother abandoned me when I was a baby.

Henry: No, your mother abandoned Zelena. Everything's flipped. This must be Zelena's happy ending.

Regina: Look, I have to go. And you should, too. Snow White's looking for you.

Henry: Wait. You can't tell me that you didn't feel anything when you met Robin Hood... See? That's proof. He's your true love.

Regina: No. It's proof that I'm not the kind of person that gets a happy ending. I'll never have true love. But you... You gave me the worst thing you can give anyone. Hope. Now, I'd like to get far enough away that I don't have to hear Robin and Zelena's wedding bells proclaim their love.

Henry: Wait... Did you say "wedding bells"?

Regina: Yes. Now please let me be.

Henry: The bells... From the end of the book. That's what he was talking about. Those bells... This wedding... It's our last chance to stop this from becoming real forever!

Regina: It already is real.

Henry: Not yet. We have to stop this wedding.

Regina: Look... You seem like a nice boy. And clearly, you believe all this... Nonsense. But didn't you say I was your adopted mother? That you have another mother out there, named, uh... Emma? So, if you want help, maybe you should start by finding her.

Henry: I tried. She wasn't in the book. And if she were, believe me, you'd know. She's the most powerful sorceress there is.

Regina: The only sorceress in this land is Snow White.

Henry: She's more powerful than her. She has, uh, special magic.

Regina: Special magic?

Henry: In our world, she was called "the saviour."

Regina: Never heard of her.

Henry: Mom. No, I know that face. What aren't you telling me?

Regina: There were rumours once of a woman who called herself that. The saviour.

Henry: Isaac lied. He couldn't write her out of the story. Where can I find her?

Regina: You can't. Snow White locked her up years ago. No one has set eyes on her since. The prison she's in is impenetrable.

[ The Tower ]

(Emma is locked in the tower on an island.)

[ Enchanted Forest ]

(The Light One goes back to his home.)

Boy: Look! It's him!

(Rumplestiltskin comes in his house.)

Rumplestiltskin: Belle!

Belle: Sounds like someone else wants to celebrate your return.

Rumplestiltskin: And how is the newest member of our dear family?

Isaac: With any luck, he'll grow up to be just like dear old dad.

Rumplestiltskin: Belle. You didn't tell me we had a visitor.

Isaac: Name's Isaac. I was travelling through your village, when your wife invited me in to slake my thirst. Mm. Not to be too picky, but the water tastes a little murky.

Belle: Oh. I'll get some that's fresh from the well.

(Belle gets out.)

Rumplestiltskin: You didn't come here for the water.

Isaac: Perceptive in all worlds. Good. Yes. I came here to warn you. Your happiness is in danger.

Rumplestiltskin: From what?

Isaac: A boy. He's on a mission to help the bandit Regina. If he succeeds, everything you have will be destroyed. Not to mention what I have.

Rumplestiltskin: Ha! What nonsense. How can some stranger's actions affect my life?

Isaac: Because your happiness, your entire life... It's not real. I know because I am the one who created it... With magic. And it is all about to crumble. Regina's true love is about to marry another. She's going to try and stop the wedding. You cannot let her succeed. You have to kill her.

Rumplestiltskin: Demon! You've been sent here to try to corrupt me.

Isaac: You have already been corrupted. Before all of this, you were a villain... Maybe the worst one of all. Which is why you had me use magic to rewrite your story. Look, I can prove it to you. I-I know things... The secrets that you've kept from Belle, the ones about your first son... Baelfire.

Rumplestiltskin: Where did you hear that name?

Isaac: In this story, he was killed in the ogre wars despite your heroic efforts. But in reality, he died because of your cowardice.

Rumplestiltskin: No, no, no. I... I protected him. I did my best. I... I was honourable.

Isaac: No. You weren't. He died because of you.

Rumplestiltskin: Liar! Get out of here... Now.

Isaac: All right. I'll go. But deep down, you know I'm right. You're not really a hero. And if you don't kill Regina and keep her from her happy ending, then everyone, including Belle, will know, too. I know you'll make the right choice, Rumple. You always do.

(On the Jolly Roger.)

Henry: Ahoy! Is anyone here?!

Hook: Careful, boy. No one steps aboard the Jolly Roger's decks without an invitation from its captain first.

Henry: Are you gonna make me walk the plank?

Hook: All depends on why you're here.

Henry: I need a ship to take me to the bottomless sea.

Hook: Now, those are treacherous waters. There must be something of great value there to be worth taking the risk.

Henry: "Someone." Her name is Emma. She's my mom. And she was put there by the queen.

Hook: Well, then, I'm sorry for you. Even if I wanted to, I can't help you.

Henry: Why? You're a captain. Can't you take your ship wherever you want?

Black Beard: A captain? Is that who he says he is? I thought I told you to be done swabbing the decks when I return.

Hook: I'm sorry, captain Black Beard.

Henry: Wait... He's the captain?

Black Beard: Indeed. Unless deckhand Hook wants to keep playing pretend. What do you say, Hook? Beat me, and the Jolly Roger is yours. Or are you still a one-handed coward?

Henry: What are you doing?! Stand up to him! You can beat him.

Hook: I'm afraid you don't know me very well. I'm sorry. I can't help you.

Henry: Then I'll have to help you.

(Henry cuts a rope and a pulley knock out Black Beard.)

Black Beard: Ugh!

Hook: What the bloody hell are you doing?!

Henry: Getting you your ship back. Come on. Let's dump black beard and go.

Hook: You think it's that easy? I can't sail the Jolly Roger alone.

Henry: I can help.

Hook: How do you know how to sail a ship?

Henry: I had a great teacher... You.

(On the see.)

Henry: Look! We found it!

Hook: There's a black knight standing guard.

Henry: Only one. We can take him out.

Hook: Well, you perhaps you hadn't noticed, but I'm a deckhand, not a soldier.

Henry: Then maybe we don't need to fight.

(Hook brings Henry to the black knight as a prisoner.)

Hook: I'm here on official business for the queen, delivering a dangerous prisoner from the kingdom of Kashyyyk.

(Henry hits the black knight.)

Hook: Well done, lad.

Henry: The Wookiee prisoner gag... It always work.

Hook: The what?

Henry: Never mind. Lock the guard in the cell. I'll be back with my mom as soon as I can.

Hook: What...

(In Emma's cell.)

Henry: Hi. My name is...

Emma: Henry.

Henry: Mom?

Emma: Henry.

Henry: You... You remember.

Emma: I knew you'd find me.

(Emma hugs Henry.)

Henry: I don't understand. How do you remember when no one else does?

Emma: Must have been part of Gold's plan. My punishment in this world is that I know the truth but I'm powerless to do anything about it. In this world, I'm no longer the saviour. I've got no magic.

Henry: That's all right. I think I know what to do. Now, come on.

(Emma crashes into Hook.)

Emma: Oh! Oh!

Henry: Uh, Killian, this is my mom. Mom, Killian.

Hook: Uh... Yeah, um... Pleasure.

Emma: Yeah. Right. Look, we need to... Get going. We've got a wedding to stop.

(On the sea.)

Emma: Thank you for your help, Killian.

Hook: Uh, yeah, of course. I'm pleased you regained your, uh, your freedom.

Emma: Me too. Unfortunately, it's not gonna last unless we put some distance between that tower and us before the guard wakes up.

Hook: Why?

Emma: Because that was not any ordinary black knight. Her name is Lily. She's dangerous.

Hook: I don't understand. What's the problem with Lily?

(The dragon blows up the tower.)

Emma: Henry, get below now! I need you to load the cannon with a chain shot. Come on! Now!

(Hook prepares the canon.)

Emma: Hold your fire till I tell you! Lily, over here! Hey! Come on, Lily! Come on!

(The dragon arrives.)

Emma: Now!

(Hook shoots and the dragon eats the canon ball. She falls under the see.)

Hook: That was close. Cheers. You did it.

Emma: We did it. What is that?

Hook: It's goat's milk.

Emma: Where's your rum?

Hook: I'm allergic. Never touch the stuff.

Emma: Of course you are.

Hook: Can I ask you a question? You trusted me with your life just now. Why?

Emma: It's complicated. Might take a while.

Hook: My schedule's pretty clear.

Emma: Okay. Let's first work on your fighting skills. Then we've got to help Regina stop that wedding.

(At the Dark Castle.)

Snow White: Where is Regina's heart? No one? And what of the child? Surely you imbeciles aren't all stupid enough to report back here empty-handed.

David: Actually, your majesty, they are exactly that stupid.

Grumpy: We would have caught the bandit if Blue and her gaggle of uglies hadn't laid a trap of dark fairy dust, paralyzing our axes.

Granny: Always blaming the fairies. Maybe you should try and take responsibility for once, dwarf.

Grumpy: You mangy, flea-infested wolf. I should get a muzzle...

Snow White: Silence. We aren't here to fight. We're a team.

Grumpy: So you're not... Mad?

Snow White: Of course not. It's not your fault. It's mine. You see, I am your leader, and I have to lead by example. We have to go to extreme lengths to succeed. And to do that... I have to show you how. I have to motivate you.

(Snow White rips Doc's heart and kills him.)

Doc: Aah!

Snow White: Well, now you're down to six. Do you want to make it five? Find Regina and the boy and kill them.

(In the street.)

Hook: You're telling me that... In this other reality, I'm an expert with such a weapon?

Emma: You're a regular Jack sparrow.

Hook: Is that good?

Emma: Here. Let me show you how to use it.

Hook: What: Oh.

Emma: They say once you become an expert, your subconscious takes over.

Hook: Ah.

Emma: Back in my world, that's what we call muscle memory.

Hook: Tell me more about this reality you want to return to. Us, for example. I sense that we, uh... We may be close.

Emma: Very.

Hook: Really? Well, I'm starting to get jealous of the other me.

Emma: Let's see what food Henry's discovered. I'm starving.

Lily: There they are. It's as I told you, my queen. The one-handed pirate was helping them. And the boy was with them, as well.

Grumpy: Tell us where the child is hiding!

(Grumpy attacks Hook.)

Emma: Hey! Back off, dwarf! Or they'll change your name to "stumpy"!

Snow White: I know you. You're... Emma. The mad hag who was locked in the tower. I almost didn't recognize you out of your chains.

Emma: You're the one that's hard to recognize... Both of you. This isn't who you are.

Snow White: Tell me... Who are we?

Emma: You're my parents. I'm the product of your true love. You taught me how to be a hero, you taught me how to believe in hope. And I do. And now I need you to believe in it, too.

Snow White: You're right. Emma. Hope is a very powerful thing. Which is why I'm going to have to snuff it out of you and that awful son of yours. Kill them.

David: Wait! There he is.

Snow White: My, my. I am going to enjoy watching him die in front of his mother.

Hook: Save Henry.

Emma: Killian, you can't beat them.

Hook: If I can help return things to how they were meant to be, then what happens to me here won't matter, will it? Now go. Save your boy.

David: Is she worth your life, pirate?

Hook: I'm willing to find out.

(David attacks Hook and Hook wins.)

Hook: What do you know? I'm a natural.

(Snow White approaches.)

Hook: Hey! What about you, your majesty? Shall I make quick work...

(David stabs Hook.)

Emma: No!

David: I never did like pirates.

Henry: Mom! We have to get out of here! Mom!

(Hook dies. Snow White casts a fire ball and Emma and Henry runs away.)

(At Rumplestiltskin's home.)

Belle: What... What's wrong?

Rumplestiltskin: I've just learned... Of a threat to our realm. If left unchecked... It'll destroy all that we've built together. All our happiness.

Belle: But you're the Light One. Whatever this force is, you'll overcome it.

Rumplestiltskin: It's more complicated than that. Eliminating this threat means I have to make a difficult choice. And if I make the wrong one...

Belle: But... You won't. You never do. You're a hero, Rumple.

Rumplestiltskin: Yeah, but what if I'm not?

Belle: Here. Things never seem quite as bleak after a cup of tea.

(Rumplestiltskin lets the tea cup fall.)

Rumplestiltskin: Belle, I'm so sorry.

Belle: It's all right. It's fine. See? It's just chipped. We can fix it.

Rumplestiltskin: I'm not so sure it's as simple as that.

(In the stump.)

Henry: Mom! I knew you'd still be here.

Regina: You again? Listen, I-I don't have time for stories. I need to hit the road before the Evil Queen has my head.

Henry: Wait. I brought someone else this time. Maybe you'll listen to her.

Emma: Regina.

Regina: Let me guess... You're his other mother.

Emma: Emma.

Regina: I have to give you credit. Breaking her out of that tower couldn't have been easy.

Emma: Henry, can you give us a minute?

Henry: Sure.

Regina: You know, your son can use some reining in. He's been running around the forest, getting into trouble, spouting nonsense.

Emma: Regina, everything he said about this reality... It's all true.

Regina: I doubt that. I don't know why I'm wasting my time with a madwoman who... Calls herself the saviour.

Emma: Because I can help. Your happiness is still a possibility. Your first step is going after the man you love.

Regina: My happy ending isn't a man.

Emma: Of course not. But love is a part of all happiness, and you have to be open to that. Go to Robin Hood. All you have to do is tell him how you feel.

Regina: Oh, is that all? You forgot to mention the part where I'd have to crash his wedding.

Emma: What does your heart tell you?

Regina: I know what my heart says. But what if his doesn't say the same thing?

Emma: Isn't that a risk you're willing to take? I just watched the man I love die.

Regina: I'm... I'm sorry. That's horrible.

Emma: The worst part is that I never told him I loved him. Not once. I was too scared. Too scared that... Somehow, saying it would make it real... And change everything. But now I'll never have a chance to take that next step with him, because he's gone. My only chance with him is if you don't make the same mistake I did.

(Zelena enters in the church.)

(Outside the church.)

Henry: We haven't heard the wedding bells yet. There's still time.

(Zelena walks to Robin.)

(Outside the church.)

Regina: I don't even know what to say to him.

Emma: I think, in this case, actions speak louder than words.

Henry: Once you and Robin share true love's kiss, everything should be great again.

Regina: Okay. What?

Emma: You don't remember this, but I promised you once I'd help you find your happy ending. Just glad I'm here to see it. You got this, Regina.

Rumplestiltskin: I'm afraid none of you are crashing this wedding... Dearies.

Emma: Go. I got the Dark One.

Rumplestiltskin: "Dark One"? I'm afraid you have the wrong name, dearie.

Emma: We'll see about that. Regina, go!

(Emma and Rumplestiltskin are fighting.)

(Regina opens the church's door.)

Pastor: Let all who have gathered here...

(Emma and Rumplestiltskin are still fighting.)

(Regina watches the wedding.)

Pastor: Do you, Zelena, take Robin to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Zelena: I do.

(Rumplestiltskin defeats Emma.)

Henry: Mom!

(Henry takes the sword.)

Rumplestiltskin: Out of my way, boy.

Henry: You have to get through me to get to her!

(At the wedding.)

Pastor: And do you, Robin, take Zelena to be your lawfully wedded wife?

(Robin sees Regina.)

Henry: Go! You have to stop that wedding!

(Rumplestiltskin defeats Henry.)

(At the wedding.)

Zelena: Robin?

(Outside the church.)

Henry: You won't hurt me. You're supposed to be a hero here.

Rumplestiltskin: And that's exactly why I must do this... To ensure I remain one.

(Rumplestiltskin is about to kill Henry but Regina protects him and is hurt.)

Regina: Unh!

Henry: Mom.

Rumplestiltskin: It's done.

(Rumplestiltskin leaves.)

Henry: Mom?

Emma: Regina?

Henry: Mom. Why didn't you go into the church?

Regina: I... I couldn't let you die.

(The bells rings.)

Emma: We're at the end of the book. We're not gonna be able to change anything now.

(Robin and Zelena gets out the church. Robin sees Regina is hurt and runs to her.)

Robin: Regina? Regina!

Zelena: Robin? What's going on? Oh! Oh, now I've got blood on my dress!

Robin: Can't you see she's injured?

Zelena: This is supposed to be my day! And she's ruined it!

(Zelena turns green and runs away.)

Robin: It's okay. You're gonna be all right.

Regina: No. No, I'm not.

Henry: o.

Robin: At least I can promise you... You won't die alone.

Isaac: Too little, too late.

(Emma punches Isaac.)

Emma: Then you're gonna change things. Return them to the way they were. Bring back Hook. Save Regina.

Isaac: I can't. I'm not The Author anymore. I can't change a thing.

(Henry takes the quill.)

Emma: Whoa. Kid, what the hell?

Isaac: No.

Emma: What's happening?

Isaac: He's the next Author.

Henry: I-I can feel it.

Emma: Henry. Fix it. Write everything the way it was.

Isaac: Without ink, he's not writing anything.

Emma: My blood. It was supposed to work last time.

Henry: Yes, when mixed with darkness, but you're not the saviour here. Because of him. But that doesn't mean we didn't find one. And in this world, we don't need a dark saviour. We need a light one. Hold on, mom.

Isaac: No, don't!

Emma: Henry, do it!

(Henry takes Regina's blood and writes.)

Henry: "Thanks to the hero Regina's sacrifice, Isaac's villainous work was undone."

[ Storybrooke ]

(Regina wakes up in the street of Storybrooke.)

Regina: Henry? You did it.

(Regina hugs his son.)

Henry: No, mom. We did.

(Robin arrives and hugs Regina. Henry runs to Emma.)

Henry: Mom!

Emma: Henry.

(She hugs Henry.)

Emma: Hook.

(She runs to her apartment.)

(At the Charming Family's loft.)

Emma: Where is he? Where's Hook?

David: Uh, h-he was there... Right before we got dragged away.

Emma: Everyone reappeared where they were before this whole mess started... No.

Hook: Yeah, sorry about the mess. I really needed to find that book, and I'm usually a bit tidier.

Emma: Killian.

(Emma hugs Hook.)

Hook: Oh!

(They fall on the bed.)

Hook: How many times do I have to tell you, love? I'm a survivor. Look, I didn't mean to cause any panic. I awoke moments before your parents and came up here, looking for your boy.

Emma: He's fine. Henry's fine. I'm just... Glad you are, too.

Hook: What is it?

Emma: When I... Watched you die... I was afraid I was never gonna get a chance to tell you something.

Hook: Tell me what?

Emma: That... I... Want to thank you for sacrificing yourself. Henry and I wouldn't have succeeded without you.

Hook: Of course, love. It's all in a day's work for a hero.

(At Mr Gold's shop.)

Mr Gold: No. W-w... Wait a minute. Where are you going?

Isaac: Sorry... Can't risk that bum ticker of yours slowing me down. He's all yours, lady.

(Isaac runs away and Belle enters in the shop.)

Mr Gold: Belle. You came back for me.

Belle: I came back to make sure you weren't going to try to hurt anyone else.

Mr Gold: No, Belle. Y-you don't understand. I only did what I... I thought was...

Belle: Rumple? Rumple?!

(Isaac drives away but he's stopped by Mary Margaret and David. They arrest him.)

Isaac: Wait. I need to see...

David: Not on that list? No best-seller, no fans, no awards.

Isaac: It's all gone. My life.

Mary Margaret: I need to know. Years ago, you set us on a path to hurt Maleficent and her daughter.

David: Why'd you want to hurt us so badly?

Isaac: The truth, "Charming"? It's not you, but who you represent. You remind me of a boss that I once had.

David: One bad boss started all this?

Isaac: A lifetime of bad bosses... Of people like you, who fancy themselves heroes, pushing around people like me. It was my turn to win. To be the hero.

Mary Margaret: But you became a villain. 'Cause that's what villains do... They make themselves happy at the expense of others. But it just makes them more unhappy. I know what it is to feel your heart go dark. And that... That isn't something to idolize. It's something to pity.

(At Regina's office.)

The Apprentice: It is tempting, is it not? The power of the quill?

Henry: I-I just keep thinking... Maybe I could use it just one more time... To bring back my dad.

The Apprentice: Henry... Not even an Author can bring back the dead, no matter how much they might wish it.

Henry: But Hook was dead, and then I brought him back to life...

The Apprentice: Hook's death was never real. That was a fiction created by Isaac. And now, thanks to you, that fiction has been erased. You see? All gone. But your father, Baelfire, died in the real world. And that, sadly, can never be undone. The best way to show your love for those that are gone is to tell their stories. Now, this book, these stories... Can never be erased, because... They are more than stories. They are the truth. And the truth is what you must write. I hope that you can resist the temptation of the quill. The power to change reality is only outweighed by the cost.

(Henry breaks the quill.)

Henry: No one should have that much power.

The Apprentice: It would seem that, this time, we have found the right person for the job.

(At Mr Gold's shop.)

Belle: Hey. What's happening?

Mr Gold: It's my heart. The last human fleck of red... Is disappearing.

Belle: Your ability to love.

Mr Gold: At least, in the end... I got one last taste. We were happy in there. We were in love.

Belle: I was already in love. Everything we had in the book, you... You could have had here. You could have been a good man with a good marriage for real. Why wasn't it good enough?

Mr Gold: Because I didn't believe it. Who could ever love me?

Belle: I knew what I was getting, Rumple. I-I wasn't going to pull back.

Mr Gold: But I made you do just that. There's a whole world out there, Belle, for you. Go with Will.

Belle: I don't love Will. And I'm not letting you die alone.

Mr Gold: Go far away. When the man is gone... Only the Dark One remains. And that is more... That's more dangerous than... You can ever imagi... Aah!

Belle: Rumple! Rumple!

(There is a party at Granny's diner.)

Robin: Hello. So, not to puncture the party, but did you check on Zelena?

Regina: Still locked up, still pregnant. But that's something we'll be able to deal with.

Robin: Together. So, Will is looking after Roland. Perhaps I could take you for a walk in the moonlight?

Regina: Perhaps.

(They leaves.)

David: I didn't mean to kill you. Though, to be fair, I didn't have a heart.

Mary Margaret: So it's my fault? What I think he means to say is... We are sorry.

Hook: Eh, you don't need to be sorry. Although I do intend to hold it over your heads for a very long time.

Emma: I think we both know what happened in that world was not real. Although, seeing you guys as real villains made me sorry for holding a grudge against you for so long. Give me a second.

(Emma goes to Lily.)

Emma: Hey. What's up? Something wrong?

Lily: Do you remember this?

Emma: Yeah. I nearly got hepatitis stealing it back from your boyfriend's rat-infested place.

Lily: It's a piece of the egg I was hatched from. It's also the only clue I have as to who my father is.

Emma: Have you asked your mother?

Lily: She doesn't know, either.

Emma: What?

Lily: It's a dragon thing. You know, it... Happened in dragon form.

Emma: Do you want to find him?

Lily: Do you mind if I stick around Storybrooke and look?

Emma: I think that'd be great.

(Belle enters.)

Belle: Rumple -his heart. He said it's almost gone. And, uh... He said we're in danger.

(At Mr Gold's shop.)

Hook: He tried to use the hat to free himself from the dagger.

The Apprentice: This is not unlike that. We're pulling the darkness from him and containing it.

Belle: Does that mean that his heart will be healed?

The Apprentice: Perhaps... If the strength is there. This is more dark power than the hat has ever been asked to contain.

Emma: Do what you need to do.

The Apprentice: "Purest evil, blackest bloom, darkness, too, can find its doom. Never dying, but contained, bound inside the falcon's chamber, shorn of anger, thornless danger, there forever to remain."

(The darkness from Mr Gold's heart are sucked by the hat. The name of Rumplestiltskin is erased from the dagger. Rumplestiltskin's heart becomes white. The Apprentice puts his heart back in his chest.)

Belle: He's barely breathing.

The Apprentice: Rumplestiltskin was the Dark One for centuries. His return to the man he used to be will not be easy. This will preserve him until we discern if we can help him.

Belle: "If"?

(The darkness get of the hat.)

Emma: Everybody step back.

(The darkness attacks the Apprentice. Emma pulls them out the Apprentice. They escape.)

Emma: Mom, dad! Go after it! Go! I'll be right there. Help me make him comfortable.

(Emma Henry and Hook lay the Apprentice on a bed.)

Emma: What was that?

The Apprentice: Long before... Your stories began... The sorcerer battled the darkness. He was able to keep it from consuming the realms. He tethered it to a human soul that could be controlled with a dagger.

Emma: The Dark One.

The Apprentice: The sorcerer is the only one with the power to destroy the darkness once and for all before it destroys everything.

Emma: Where is he? Who is he?

The Apprentice: He's far, far from here. Find him. His name is... Merlin. You must... Stop... The darkness. Find... Merlin.

(In the street.)

Emma: Where is it?!

David: We don't know.

Mary Margaret: It just disappeared into the night.

Regina: Hey, what's going on?

Hook: The Dark One... It's no longer tethered to the Crocodile.

Regina: What?! Where the hell is it?

Emma: It hasn't gone anywhere. The darkness... It's surrounding us.

(The darkness attack Regina.)

Robin: Regina! What's it doing?!

Emma: What darkness does... Snuffing out the light.

Robin: I'm not gonna let it.

Emma: That's not gonna work on this thing! The Apprentice told me we have to do what the sorcerer did! We have to tether it to a person to contain it!

Mary Margaret: Emma!

Regina: No! There has to be another way!

Emma: There isn't. You've worked to hard to have your happiness destroyed.

David: No!

Emma: You figured out how to take the darkness out of me once. You need to do it again... As heroes.

Hook: Emma! Emma, please! No. Don't do this.

Emma: I love you.

Hook: No!

(The darkness merges with Emma.)

Emma: Aah! Aaaaaah!

(She disappears. There is the name of "Emma Swan" writes on the dagger.)