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05x03 - Siege Perilous
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SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Mines.

(Men whistling "Heigh-Ho")

Grumpy: Our yield's way down, boys. I know Dopey's a tree, but we got to be more productive since he can't.

Happy: He's producing oxygen. (Laughter)

Grumpy: Hey. Let's stay focused.

Emma: Yes. No one wants a nasty surprise.

Grumpy: You're not getting any dust, sister.

Emma: Actually, I'm shopping for something else today. Something with... edge.

Happy: My axe.

Emma: Oh, Happy, there's something I learned as the Dark One. If your name is on something, hold on to it.

SCENE: Camelot. Six weeks ago. Merlin's tower.

Regina: If we're going to free Merlin, we need witchbane.

Belle: Yeah, but the labels are all faded.

Emma: Forget the decloaking potion. It's not a glamour anyway.

Regina: You sure?

Mary Margaret: If I'm getting this right, the tree could actually be him transfigured, right?

Belle: We could find out with a sample.

Regina: Yeah, and when we snap off a twig and it turns into a finger, who's crying then? Come on, someone. Witchbane.

Emma: You guys sure you don't want me to just wiggle my nose and get him out of that tree?

Mary Margaret: No.

Regina: Your magic is dark now. It's not worth it. I'll just keep pretending to be the savior destined to free him, and we can do this together.

David: Regina's right, Emma.

Arthur: I heard someone say a woman is right. That's always a safe assumption, isn't it, David?

King Arthur: How are you progressing, Madame Savior?

Regina: Um... progress. Slow but sure.

Belle: It's, uh... marvelous having Merlin's own books to work with. It's like talking with the master.

Mary Margaret: Oh. What if we could talk to him?

Emma: What?

Regina: Yes. (Chuckles) You are... very occasionally... a genius.

Belle: Yes, if we talked to him, he can tell us how to get him out.

David: A mushroom.

Regina: Toadstool, actually. Deadly poison. Extremely useful in communicating across barriers, even through spells. Says here it's called the Crimson Crown.

King Arthur: Yes, I know this name. It's rumored to grow in Brocéliande, the Forest of Eternal Night. Its existence is the stuff of legend, though. Almost certainly fiction.

David: People say the same thing about us. How far?

King Arthur: A half day's ride. But if it is there, it'll be protected by magical forces.

Mary Margaret: You know what, David? Wait until we know more.

David: It's not like I'm needed here. It's a chance.

Mary Margaret: Oh. Aww.

David: I'm taking it.

(Indistinct conversations)

King Arthur: Hold!

David: Your Majesty. Don't try to talk me out of this.

King Arthur: I wouldn't dream of it. I just wanted to propose, Prince David, if it's quite all right with you, that I come along and lend aid. Come with me and we can get ourselves outfitted, and then we can quest together as brothers.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Sheriff's station.

Regina: This question mark... That's my handwriting. I must've marked this page in Camelot. I don't know if this is the right answer, but these books came from there. I think we were looking at this for answers.

Grumpy: We've been violated!

David: What's the problem?

Grumpy: What do you think it is? Your kid.

Happy: She took my axe.

Regina: Uh, dwarfs are your department. I'll stay on this.

Mary Margaret: What do you want us to do about it, Leroy?

Grumpy: Help us. We know she's your daughter, but you got to do something, 'cause if you won't, we will.

Mary Margaret: Do not hurt her.

David: It's okay. They can't.

Grumpy: Like that's all that matters? Stop being a scared parent. Be our sheriff again. We need you.

David: I'll see about getting the axe back. Thanks for letting us know.

Grumpy: Looks like just another insult for us to swallow down. For now.


(Indistinct conversations)

Mary Margaret: Why does she need an axe? That's alarming, right?

David: I don't know. I mean, what could she do with an axe that she couldn't just do with her powers?

(David kicks a chair)

Mary Margaret: David!

David: Just wish she'd talk to us.

Mary Margaret: I know. Me, too.

David: Worst part is... we can't save her.

Mary Margaret: Yet. We're trying.

David: How? What am I doing?

Mary Margaret: You're leading.

David: Nobody seems to be following.

Mary Margaret: Oh, don't worry about the dwarfs.

David: I'm not. I'm worried about Emma and how this is my fault.

Mary Margaret: She made the choice to save everyone.

David: I should've stopped her. I am her father, and now I'm... I'm paralyzed. There's nothing I can do, for her, for you, for anyone.

Mary Margaret: You are doing something. You are helping our people the best you can.

David: That's kind of the problem.

Mary Margaret: Hey. In any world, you are my hero. Remember?

David: Of course. Go. I've got it.

(Door opens)

King Arthur: Good morning to you, Sheriff.

David: Your Majesty. How can I help you? Any luck finding your blade?

King Arthur: No luck finding Excalibur, I'm afraid, but I'm coming to you with something far more urgent. Our reliquary's been robbed.

David: I'm sorry, your what?

King Arthur: Magical relics collected by the Knights of the Round Table. They're all very precious. I had no idea it was here until it turned up in this land nearly empty.

David: When you say precious...

King Arthur: There was a magic bean inside. This bean can take my people home in an instant. I have to tell you I will find it if I have to search every residence in your city.

David: You don't have to do anything alone.

King Arthur: You can help?

David: I'll get you back to Camelot. I promise.

King Arthur: Thank you.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Emma's house. Basement.

(Emma goes to swing the dwarf axe at the Stone of Destiny which is holding Excalibur.)

Darkness: A dwarf axe. Now, that's a creative path to failure.

Emma: Dwarf axes cut through everything.

Darkness: Nothing cuts through magic. Except maybe a kiss. Have you thought about kissing it out?

(Laughs as the axe breaks on the stone)

Darkness: You're running out of options, deary. You see, we want you to, uh, snuff out the light. So, we need a hero to pull Excalibur from the stone. Now... and let's face facts that's not gonna be you. So, why don't you stop messing around and go get the hero we need? Oh, and, uh, you and I both know who that is.

SCENE: Camelot. Six weeks ago. Merlin's tower.


Robin Hood: It's all right. You'll get it. Perhaps it's time for a spot of tea. Calm nerves lead to clear thoughts.

Regina: You're here so I can keep an eye on you, mute handmaiden. I don't need you rolling your eyes at me. We need to clear the air. Fine. (Whoosh)

Zelena: Ah! (Laughs) Oh, there you are, my lovely voice. It's so... light and feminine.

Regina: Enough. Now... let's have a little chat about you trying to escape back to Oz. Zelena... you know you can't take that child away from Robin.

Zelena: Can you blame me? You're going to take it from me. This child could be my only chance for someone to truly love me, and... you got a second chance. Why can't I?

Regina: Oh, I'm sorry. But you've had a second chance and a second second chance. You can't keep painting yourself as a victim. It's absurd.

Zelena: You can tell me that life is fair all you want. All I can tell you is that from in here, I'm still seeing one sister with all the toys...


Regina: Be quiet and listen for once in your life.

Zelena: (Stomps foot)

Regina: You forgot who I am. The Evil Queen. I can be a far greater nightmare than you can possibly imagine. But now... my gift to you is a promise. I will make sure your baby is fine and loved and safe. Just as I promise... The same will certainly not hold for you.

SCENE: Camelot. Six weeks ago. The Round Table.

David: Wow.

King Arthur: I like to be prepared.

David: Is that... Percival chair?

King Arthur: Yes. But no need for more apologies. A leader does what needs to be done. I'll find a man worthy to fill that seat.

(Arthur gestures to the tallest chair at the table.)

King Arthur: This is the one that will stand empty forever.

David: I assume that was your chair. Suitable for a king.

King Arthur: No. Mine is no different than the others in the same way that the table is round. Many of our order are kings and princes in their own realms. Nonetheless, happy to sit shoulder to shoulder with the rest of their knights. No one of us above the other. Except for this one. This is the Siege Perilous. Reserved for the knight with the purest heart, the one destined to carry out the most sacred quests. Belonged to a man I trusted more than a brother. But he betrayed me. It's been vacant since.

David: Lancelot.

King Arthur: You've heard of him.

David: Well, all of you are kind of legends.

King Arthur: Really? I shudder to think what our tale must be.

David: Oh, only one of the greatest romances of all time. Your love for Guinevere was ripped away by your best friend, Lancelot. It's a tragic story that clearly had a happy ending. The two of you seem like all that's in the past now.

King Arthur: Yes. Lancelot was a good man. The situation was difficult.

David: I understand. Actually, Snow... Mary Margaret and I, we met him.

King Arthur: You did? How is he?

David: I'm... very sorry to tell you this, but we... learned that he died. I'm sorry.

King Arthur: Lancelot failed to resist temptation, but he was a good knight. He tortured himself for his sins far more than I would've done. I wished him happy. Just not with my wife.

(Door opens)

Arthur: (Clears throat)

(Trunk thuds)

King Arthur: Careful. This... is our reliquary, containing our sacred magical items our knights have recovered.

David: I've never seen magic like that.

King Arthur: It's the Unquenchable Flame. Said to be part of the burning bush itself. This will light our path, and where we're going, we're gonna need it.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Camelot camp.

Squire: The reliquary, Your Majesty.

David: So, you're the one who found this broken into? Any theories?

Squire: Me? Oh, well, um... everyone speaks of the Dark One in this place. Perhaps...

King Arthur: Stop being a fool, man.

David: Arthur, to be honest, she did take a dwarf axe.

King Arthur: And, as you're about to say, the Dark One doesn't need tools. This lock was pried open. You can see the scratches.

David: You're right.

King Arthur: This is your land. What are you thinking?

David: I'm thinking I may not know who did this. But I think I have a good idea of what their next move will be.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Granny's.

Hook: Ah, I know that look. Button on the top turns it on.

Robin Hood: I know how to use a phone.

Hook: What's that, then?

Robin Hood: It's a picture from up inside Zelena.

Hook: Whoa, mate.

Robin Hood: No, n-no. It's of the baby. They... they call it a sonogram.

Hook: Oh. Mixed emotions, I bet.

Robin Hood: (Sighs) I mean, I know it's painful for Regina. Her evil sister carrying my child. It's painful for me. And yet there's some part of me that can't help but feel happy. It's my child. And I sure don't want Regina to know that. I don't want her to misconstrue my happiness for, well...

Hook: You got yourself a complex situation there, that's for sure.

Robin Hood: Hmm. Unlike your simple love life.

Hook: Ha. About that. She's not the same. Her new house, there's a door in there that she doesn't want me anywhere near. What do you suppose she's hiding? I was thinking that may...

Granny: Order up.

Hook: Order? I didn't order anything.

Robin Hood: What does it say?

Hook: "Meet me on your ship. Emma."

Robin Hood: You're right. Things are complicated all over.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Jolly Roger (the real Lady Washington) at the docks.

(Hook enters the cabin.)

(Floor creaks)

Hook: That's not funny appearing like that.

Emma: Sorry.

Hook: What's going on?

Emma: I know this has all been really confusing and I have not made it any easier. I wanted to apologize for overreacting last time. I know you're just trying to help. So, I thought... We could just talk and have lunch, like old times.

Hook: I'd like nothing more. But this is hardly like old times.

(Hook sets the bag of food down on the table, which is transformed into a banquet with a checkered table cloth. Emma is now in her pink dress, with her undyed blonde hair in a pony tail.)

Emma: Better? Come on. You know you can trust me.

SCENE: Camelot. Six weeks ago. Brocéliande, the Forest of Eternal Night.

David: What is it, noon? You weren't kidding about eternal night. I'm glad we have a torch.

King Arthur: I'm glad we sent Grif home with the horses. These woods would make him restless.

David: Your squire works hard, Your Majesty.

King Arthur: "And you don't thank him enough." I can hear you saying it even when you don't. You're right, though. I don't even have the excuse of ignorance. I was born a common man and I've been in service myself.

David: You weren't born noble?

King Arthur: (Chuckles) I'm as peasant as they come.

David: Shepherd.

King Arthur: Ah. (Chuckles) I can feel my backbone relaxing already. Let's stop with the "Your Majesties," shall we?

David: Of course.

King Arthur: As for my squire, I assure you Guin more than makes up the difference. Showering him and the others with gifts. She really is the kindest woman I've ever met.

David: Sounds like my wife. When she decides you're family, she'd die for you.

King Arthur: That's not to say Guin doesn't have her fierce side. With a bow and arrow, I've seen her take out the eye of a dove in flight.

David: Mary Margaret could do that. She wouldn't, but she could.

King Arthur: We should have a tourney. Get them to compete.

David: (Chuckling) Right. 'Cause I'm sure they'd love to be pitted against each other to let us feel good about ourselves.

King Arthur: Here. Then perhaps there are better ways for me to show off.

David: You're a competitive man for someone with a round table. I thought the idea was you didn't want to sit above anyone.

King Arthur: Someone who isn't competitive doesn't need a two-ton table to remind him to be humble.

David: (Chuckles)

King Arthur: I know my weaknesses. Lancelot and Guinevere weren't the only ones to blame for what happened to them. I was a difficult man to live with. But I made a conscious decision to fix things.

David: I understand that.

King Arthur: This way.

SCENE: Camelot. Six weeks ago. Brocéliande, the Forest of Eternal Night. Lake.

King Arthur: Look upon that, brother.

David: So it is real. Crimson Crown. (Spyglass closes)

(David steps on the bridge, and sinks into the water.)

David: It'll never take both of us. I'll go.

King Arthur: I'll wait here. Let the torch be your beacon back.

David: Thank you.

(Wood creaks)

(Chuckles softly)

(Wood cracks)

(David starts to cross the bridge, and falls. Armor shines in the water.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Gold's shop.

David: How's he doing?

Belle: Not well.

David: I'm sorry.

Belle: Yeah. But I-I found a healing spell in one of his old notebooks, and I've got everything put together except for one last ingredient. I, uh, I need an object that touched him when he was still a man, before he became the Dark One.

David: You must have something.

Belle: Well, nothing I can find. Still more to look through, though.

David: You want me to get you some help?

Belle: No. I'm the only one who knows this place, knows his things, and I need to keep doing something.

David: Well, then we'll make this quick. Has anyone come in to pawn anything today?

King Arthur: Especially a magic bean.

Belle: Uh, a bean? No. No one's come in. Sorry.

David: Ah, it was worth a shot. That's all right. You have something else I need. May I borrow this?

(David picks up a silver chalice.)

Belle: Uh, yeah.

David: Good. This is gonna point us right at our culprit.

King Arthur: What is it?

Belle: It's not magic, though. It's just a souvenir from Doc's birthday party. It says "Doctoberfest" on it.

David: I'm very well aware. Don't worry. I've got this.

(Bell jingles)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Camelot camp.

David: Attention, subjects of Camelot! In my hand, you see the Chalice of Vengeance. There's been a theft in your encampment.


David: The chalice will tell me which among you is the thief. So, line up for your chance to drink from the sacred cup.

(Footsteps running)

(Crowd gasps, murmurs)

(Horse neighs)

Squire: Hyah!

(King Arthur's squire rides off on his horse, and David grabs his truck to pursue. King Arthur calls shotgun.)

David: Hold on!

Squire: Hyah! Hyah!

David: Take over! Speed is feet, direction is hand.

(David climbs into the back of the truck as King Arthur takes the wheel.)

(Horse neighs)

David: Circle around!

(Horse neighs)



(David uses a wooden plank as a joust to knock the squire off the horse.)

SCENE: Camelot. Six weeks ago. Brocéliande, the Forest of Eternal Night. Lake.

(David cuts the mushroom from the island, while the armor underwater starts to move. The armor rises out of the water and attacks David. One armor pulls David underwater, and King Arthur saves him by pulling David up.)

David: Thank you.

King Arthur: Think nothing of it. It would appear you did it. Well done.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Jolly Roger (real Lady Washington). Cabin.

Hook: I have questions.

Emma: You want to know if I'm still the same Emma.

Hook: I imagine that's not a simple answer, so let's start easy. Your new house. What's behind that locked door?

(Emma just looks at Hook.)

Hook: You know I want to trust you, Emma. Why don't you help me?

Emma: So trust me. With my powers, I could hide anything from your prying eyes, anyway.

Hook: Well, you've answered my first question, too. You're not the same Emma. She didn't play games.

Emma: (Clears throat) Yes. I'm different. I'm better.

Hook: As the Dark One.

Emma: I used to be scarred and judgmental and closed off. Took me forever to see the magic in this place. And now I... I see things clearly. I'm not scared anymore. Honestly, I'm an open book, if you're willing to take that trust step.

Hook: Are you really suggesting that we move forward in a real relationship?

Emma: Gold and Belle loved each other.

Hook: I don't think you should use the Crocodile as your example.

Emma: But think about it. He was born a coward. He didn't find true love until he was the Dark One. You told me how the man he was groveled and cried on the deck of this ship. He changed for the better, too.

Hook: You're wrong. I was the villain in that little drama, Swan. He was a good man trying to keep his family together. I took this cutlass and put it to his head and taunted him. I was the only one there who's changed for the better. He became an evil, manipulative killer.

Emma: Do you remember when we were in the Storybook and I taught you how to swordplay?

Hook: More games. Enough, Swan! All I wanted was your honesty. But I'm done... humoring you. Answer me. And start by why you brought me here. It wasn't because this is what we used to do, because that you isn't here. You need something, Dark One. Tell me what it is.

Emma: All I need is your trust. I promise.

Hook: I liked you the way you were. I liked your walls. I liked being the one to break them down.

Emma: The person you found inside is still me. I have a question for you for once. Do you love me? If you tell me you don't love me, I will let you go.

Hook: I loved you. I guess I'm either steering home or swimming home. Tell me which.

Emma: The ship's yours.

SCENE: Camelot. Six weeks ago. Brocéliande, the Forest of Eternal Night. Lake.

(Both panting)

King Arthur: David, what is it?

David: The toadstool. It's gone. Either the phantom knights took it, or it was lost in the bog.

King Arthur: We could search for it.

David: No. It's gone.

King Arthur: The word "quest" means to seek, not to find. It's the seeking that matters.

David: You believe that?

King Arthur: Not truly, no. If the finding is what makes a difference in this world, then that's what I want. I'm sorry.

David: (Laughs) My father, he drank his life away. My brother accomplished nothing but evil. There was a time I thought I'd be different. Change the world. But I just... I don't want to only be remembered as the man who kissed a sleeping princess awake 30 years ago.

King Arthur: I understand.

David: You do?

King Arthur: (Sighs)

David: You're King of Camelot.

King Arthur: (Chuckles) Yes, some large rock decided I was a hero. Prophecy fulfilled.

(Both chuckle)

King Arthur: But since then, I've had victories and I've had losses. And I've learned that it's the losses that require us to be brave. So, if anything will make us heroes...

David: It's the never giving up. Even after a loss.

King Arthur: Indeed.

David: Well, we might as well get out of here. There's work to be done. And it's not here.

King Arthur: Good man. David, if you want to be part of something, do something that matters, I have a place for a man like you.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Camelot camp.

Squire: I never saw a bean.

David: Just forget the bean for now. Just tell us why you took these things.

Squire: I was tired of how I was being treated... How we were all being treated. Breaking our backs for him, for love of Camelot. I wanted to hurt the king.

King Arthur: Grif, I had no idea. But, you see, you've hurt everyone. We need that bean to get home.

Squire: I didn't see a bean, Your Majesty.

King Arthur: I'm always betrayed by those closest to me.

David: Look, you know this guy. Is he lying?

King Arthur: I don't believe so. And of course, it is possible there was no bean if it was removed during the six weeks we can't recall.

David: Okay, well, we'll find another way to get you home.

King Arthur: Working together?

David: Absolutely.

(Chuckles softly)

David: Let's go tell this guy he's gonna make his home in our cell for a little while.

(David finds the Crimson Cap toadstool under the tent.)

David: What's this?

King Arthur: Must've fallen out when we emptied his bag. If that was in the trunk, it was added after the time we lost.

David: I recognize this.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Ragina's Vault.

Regina: That's the one in the book from Camelot. The one I found this morning. That's what we were looking for back there.

Mary Margaret: But why?

Regina: It's used to communicate through magical barriers. We must've been trying to communicate with Merlin.

Mary Margaret: I wonder if we did.

David: Let's use it. Let's find out. If we can talk to him now...

Mary Margaret: He can help us save Emma from being the Dark One. David, you did it.

SCENE: Camelot. Six weeks ago. The Round Table.


King Arthur: I dub thee Sir David of the Enchanted Forest. Now of the Round Table. I know "Knight of the Round Table" is pale fire, indeed, next to the title of prince.

David: No. I am beyond honored.

King Arthur: Then rise, Sir Knight. Take your place.

(David moves towards Percival's chair, but King Arthur clears throat and points to the Siege Perilous chair.)


David: Really?

King Arthur: I never thought I'd find anyone I trust enough to fill that seat. But it's yours. It will bear your coat of arms. Not bad for a shepherd, eh?

David: (Chuckles) Thank you.


(Baby crying. Mary Margaret steps outside the room with Neal, and sees a shadow move.)

Mary Margaret: Someone there? Can't be.

Lancelot: It is.

Mary Margaret: Lancelot. We thought you were dead.

Lancelot: That is a long story. But trust your eyes... it is me. And right now, my struggles don't matter. What does is that there is a terrible villain in Camelot.

Mary Margaret: The Dark One. We know. It's our daughter. We're going to fix it.

Lancelot: No. There's another villain. Arthur.

Mary Margaret: What?

Lancelot: Trust me. Camelot is not what it seems.


SCENE: Camelot. Six weeks ago. The Round Table.

King Arthur: Today was a difficult day.

Queen Guinevere: You lied to him, to David.

King Arthur: And it brought me no pleasure. He's a good man. A noble man, but I must think of my kingdom first.

Queen Guinevere: Of course you must.


King Arthur: That is always the burden of a king.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Sheriff's station.

Squire: Your Majesty, thank goodness you're here. I-I don't understand what's going on. I did only what you asked. I took the items, and I kept them safe. I said maybe there was a bean, even though you and I know full well there was never a bean, and I did it exactly as you said. Can you please let me out now?

King Arthur: Not just yet, Grif. There may not have been a bean, but we can't have them learning that, now, can we?

Squire: No. No, of course not, Your Majesty.

King Arthur: They trust me now. So I must use that trust to protect my kingdom. These people may seem friendly, but they threaten everything we hold dear. David likes to imagine his quest a noble one. But his daughter is the Dark One. They lied to us in Camelot. They brought her into our castle. They are responsible for tearing us away from our home, a home we must now reclaim.

Squire: But how will we ever get back without a bean?

King Arthur: I'm afraid we cannot get back. That's why we must build a new Camelot here in Storybrooke.

Squire: Then you can trust me to help. I would do anything for my kingdom.

King Arthur: I know you would. As would I. Which is why I need you to drink this.

Squire: Poison from the Agrabah vipers. But why? I won't tell these people a thing.

King Arthur: Not of your own free will, but they have magic on their side. In time, they will make you talk.

Squire: There must be some other way.

King Arthur: I wish there was. Truly, I do. You told me you always dreamed of sitting at the round table one day. Well, now I'm offering you something greater. A chance to die in service of Camelot. Your death will be the cornerstone of a great new kingdom. If you take this.

Squire: For Camelot.


King Arthur: For Camelot.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Granny's.

(Bell jingles)

Hook: Good, you're still here.

Robin Hood: You need me?

Hook: Yeah. Remember how I told you about that door in Emma's place? I want to know what's behind it.

Robin Hood: I take it asking her didn't work.

Hook: She's beyond that. I need a thief.

Robin Hood: Former thief. Those days are behind me.

Hook: Take it from a former pirate, those days are never behind you. Will you help me?

(Bell jingles)

Belle: Granny, have you got my lunch ready?

Granny: Yeah, but, girl, you're gonna need more than that. Sit down for some real food.

Belle: I can't. Oh, my god, look.

(The last petal is on the stem.)

Belle: Yeah, I have to get back to him. Just forget the soup. I'm sorry.

Granny: Hang on, is it supposed to do that?

(The rose petals start floating back into place.)

Belle: What? He's waking up.

(Plate shatters)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Gold's shop.

(Belle finds Rumple's bed empty.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Emma's house. Basement.

(The darkness looks at Rumple.)

Darkness: You know, he doesn't look too good... if I do say so myself. Quite a stroke of luck, you finding something that touched him when he was a man.

Emma: It wasn't luck. I worked hard for this.

Darkness: That's true. You crushed Hook's heart even more firmly under your, uh, impractical boot heel.

Emma: Quiet.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Gold's shop.

(Belle watches as the rose becomes whole.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. Emma's house.

(Rumple breathes deeply and wakes up.)

Mr. Gold: What do you want from me? You are the Dark One now, not me.

Emma: That's right. You are not dark. You are also not light. You are nothing. Your heart is a blank slate. And that, little man, makes you useful. Because now I can make you into the last thing you ever thought you would be. A hero. And not just any hero. The purest who's ever lived. and then...

(Emma looks at the Darkness, who nods eagerly. Rumple looks confused at the empty space behind the Stone of Destiny.)

Emma: and then I have a job for you.

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