05x08 - Birth

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

Merlin: Emma, there is a way to make Excalibur whole again. A spark from mankind's original fire, the Flame of Prometheus. Its heat forged Excalibur.

Hook: You know I'm a survivor. This ring is why. Be careful, Emma.

Zelena: What an ingenious recipe for a tethering potion. It can control the world's greatest wizard.

King Arthur: Merlin! How kind of you to come when called.

Queen Guinevere: You lied to him, to David.

King Arthur: And it brought me no pleasure. He's a good man. But I must think of my kingdom first.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Woods.

David: That's Arthur's tent. I'll go in first. You two stand guard. ( Gun cocks )

Robin Hood: And if our dishonest king should put up a fight?

Hook: We'll make him wish he hadn't.

David: Arthur.

King Arthur: David! Good to see you, my friend. Come, sit. Join us.

David: Why don't you explain why you lied to me? Why you tried to burn the Crimson Crown.

King Arthur: So, you found me out.

David: Yeah, I found out... Friend.

King Arthur: Now, that part was real. Ah, it doesn't matter. Not anymore. ( Sighs ) But I want answers. See... There was a message in there for Merlin. It said there was only one person who could destroy the Dark One, named Nimue. You tell me who that is.

King Arthur: ( Grunts )

David: He's getting away!

( Grunts )

( Breathing heavily )

( Panting )

( Arthur runs through the woods with Hook in hot pursuit. Arthur trips over a log, but trips up Hook when he approaches. )

King Arthur: Look at that. Seems you brought a hook to a sword fight.

Hook: Actually, I brought a sword, but I seem to have misplaced it.

King Arthur: Shame. It's always the simple mistakes that get us killed. ( Grunts )

[Arthur moves to smite Killian, and Emma appears, blocking his sword with Excalibur.]

King Arthur: Excalibur. ( Breathing shallowly ) It's whole.

Emma: Yes, it is. But it's not going to help you. This sword doesn't control anyone now.

King Arthur: Aah! ( Grunts )

( Emma throws Arthur against a tree. )

Hook: ( Breathes deeply ) I suppose I should say "thank you."

Emma: You don't need to say anything. Just don't do that again.

Hook: I should apologize for what I said that day aboard my ship.

Emma: For when you refused to accept me or when you said you did not love me?

Hook: It's a bit more complicated than that.

Emma: Doesn't matter. I'm the Dark One.

Hook: You're more than the Dark One. You're still you. You saved me. That was Emma.

Emma: What do you want from me?

Hook: I want to help you. And I need your help to do it. Who is Nimue, and how can she defeat the darkness?

Emma: Nimue doesn't matter anymore. This will all be over tomorrow.

Hook: What will be over? And why do you need that damned sword? Ah. All this power, and you don't even have the courage to answer one simple bloody question. Why do you need Excalibur? I know you're still in there, Emma, and I know that despite everything, you always have your reasons!

Emma: You're right! I do! You want to know why I'm doing all of this? I'm doing it for you.

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Granny's

Henry: Mom, did you do it? Did you find the Spark of...

Emma: Prometheus, yes. Now we can use it to fix Excalibur.

Granny: Finally some good news.

Henry: That's great, Mom. Let's get that darkness out of you.

Emma: Yes, let's. Where's the sword?

Henry: I don't know. No one's come back with it.

Emma: Really? They should've been back hours ago. Have you seen Merlin?

Henry: I thought he was with you.

Emma: He was, but then he vanished. Something's wrong. I don't think we're safe here anymore. Granny, let's close up shop.

Granny: One step ahead of you. Henry, lock the front. I got the back.

[Granny throws the key to Henry, but they are both frozen by magic.]

Emma: Henry?

Merlin: He'll be fine once we're done. I'm sorry for the theatrics. It's not usually my style, but... I had to follow orders.

Emma: Orders? Who's orders?

Merlin: Arthur's. My wayward pupil has done something I did not foresee. He's tethered me to Excalibur. Arthur has ordered me to re-forge Excalibur into a whole sword, which means I will need your dagger and the Promethean Flame.

Emma: No.

Merlin: Then he will order me to kill your family, and Emma, as much as I hate it, I will obey him.

Emma: Arthur has my family?

Merlin: Yes. Because of me. I'm sorry. He wants to make a trade in the heart of the Caledonian Forest in one hour... Their lives for the dagger and the flame.

Emma: That's not enough time. This isn't even a flame yet.

Merlin: I've seen the strength in you, Emma. When you're ready to light the spark, it will burn. And Arthur will have what he wants. The sword will be whole once again.

Emma: So, I'm just supposed to give up without a fight?

Merlin: Acceptance is a form of strength. I know the darkness lives in you, Emma, but I beg you, please. Do not seek vengeance. Do not make the same mistakes as Nimue.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Jail. Arthur is in a cell.

Hook: Who is Nimue? What the hell happened back in Camelot?

King Arthur: I wish I knew. That blond demon took my memory, same as yours.

Hook: The why destroy Merlin's message? What aren't you bloody telling us?!

David: That's enough! He doesn't know anything. He's a king with no kingdom. As much as he hates it... He's not important anymore.

Regina: Feel any better?

Hook: I'll feel better when I have some answers. Emma said this whole thing was about me.

Regina: ( Chuckles ) Are you really that naive? She's manipulating you. That's what the Dark One does.

Hook: No. This was Emma talking.

Mary Margaret: There may not be any Emma. Not anymore.

Regina: She's right. This Dark One, she has Excalibur, and she is going to destroy all light magic.

Hook: So, that's what you think it's about? A sword she hasn't actually used?

Regina: Well, obviously, she needs another ingredient to cast the spell. So, we figure out what that is and stop her from getting it. And we get our Emma back.

Hook: You can all look at magic spells till you're blue in the face. But something happened between me and her in Camelot. The only way to help Emma is to find out what the hell it was.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Gold's shop.

( Doorbell jingles )

Hook: Crocodile, we need to talk.

Mr. Gold: Didn't you hear? I'm not that man anymore. Belle, you can, uh...

[Belle lowers a crossbow pointed at Killian.]

Belle: Yeah. Sorry, I thought you might be Emma.

Hook: It's a good thing I'm not. A crossbow wouldn't do you much good.

Mr. Gold: Well, best we could manage. I did have some squid ink set aside for a rainy day, but, uh, unfortunately... she found it.

Hook: Dark Ones are clever like that, clever enough to make everyone believe that they've really changed. I need to know what's going on inside Emma's head now. She said she's doing all this because of me.

Mr. Gold: This isn't about what you did. It's about what she did.

Hook: You're sure of that?

Mr. Gold: I've seen the look on her face. One that I-I know only too well... regret. I became the Dark One to save my son. Committed countless sins along the way, convinced myself I would atone for them all once I'd found him. But things never work out the way you think they will. If you want to find out what Emma Swan is after, find out what she's atoning for.

Hook: And how do I do that? I've been looking all over for her. She doesn't want to be found.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Outside Gold's shop.

Hook: Emma! ( Door closes ) What happened between us? What the hell do you want from me?

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Outside Granny's.

Darkness: I wouldn't light that if I were you. Which as a matter of fact, I am. If Arthur uses that to forge Excalibur, he will kill you, and that's bad news for those of us in your head.

Emma: I don't have a choice. I need to ignite this spark to save my family. I can't risk their lives. ( Sighs ) What the hell's wrong with this?

Darkness: Wrong with it? Or wrong with you? Merlin said you can only light that when you're ready to let go of the darkness. So, perhaps you're not.

Emma: You're wrong.

Darkness: Well, prove it then, dearie. Light the flame. Go on, do it. Just... just do it. Just... just light it!

Emma: I'm trying!

Henry: Hey.

Emma: Henry. You weren't supposed to see that.

Henry: What were you trying to do?

Emma: Get this flame lit.

Henry: Well, what do the voices say?

Emma: That I can't do it because I don't want to give up the darkness.

Henry: Maybe you just need a little motivation. Here. I've got something to show you.

[Henry hands her a newspaper's wanted ads section with a red circle around one ad.]

Henry: A little project Hook and I were working on. Operation Light Swan. He was looking for a house you'd like so when we get back home...

Emma: ...he can ask me to move in.

Henry: He said that the house is a promise, kind of like a plan for the future.

Emma: You know what? That voice in my head was right. I don't want to give up the darkness. Not yet.

Henry: What?

Emma: I need to use it one last time.

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Woods.

( Chains rattle )

Emma: I brought the dagger and the flame, but you don't get it until you free my family.

Arthur: No. You will hand it over now, or I unleash Merlin.

Merlin: Emma, please. I don't want to fight you.

Zelena: No, but I do. So, now that mommy's got her magic back... tell us, Dark One. What are you gonna do?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Hospital basement.

Zelena: And then the witch opened the oven, stoked the flames, ready to put Gretel inside. Oh. Felt that one. You must like this book as much as your mom. Ow!

( Chuckling ) Okay, steady on.


( Breathing shallowly )

( Grunts ) Something's wrong. Something's wrong!

( Grunts )

Zelena: Help! I need help! Aah! Somebody help me!

( Cries )

( Grunts )

Zelena: Let me out!

Robin Hood: What's wrong? What happened?

Severe Nurse: A bit difficult to explain. You better see for yourselves.

Regina: Careful. It could be another one of her tricks.

Zelena: ( Grunts, breathing shallowly ) Well, don't just stare! Help me!

Robin Hood: How... how has this happened? You're only two months pregnant.

Zelena: Well, how do you think? Dark magic. Aah!

Regina: Who's dark magic?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Roof of the library.

Hook: Emma Swan! Emma Swan! Emma Swan! I guess we'll have to do this the hard way.

[Killian jumps from the roof, and Emma transports him safely to the ground.

Emma: You were sure I'd save you?

Hook: Well, I'm either optimistic or desperate or both. I need to know what happened between us in Camelot. Just tell me.

Emma: It's not that easy.

Hook: It can be. Whatever you did, whatever you are trying to atone for, I already forgive you.

Emma: I don't need forgiveness.

Hook: Then come clean. I assure you, you've done no worse than I. I was a pirate for hundreds of years.

Emma: And you think it's the same?

Hook: You see this? Belonged to a man named Barnaby. Called me "One Hand Jones." I killed him in front of his wife, took his ring. This one, Edgar. Fine sailor. I caught him drinking the captain's wine. I drowned him. Every ring is a sad story.

( Emma shows the ring that Killian gave her in Camelot. (

Emma: What about this one?

Hook: You have it. I thought I lost it in Camelot.

Emma: You gave it to me to keep safe.

Hook: It's the saddest story of all. Belonged to a better man than I... My brother Liam.

Emma: You can have it back now.

Hook: Keep it. You know, I used to wear these rings as trophies. But all that changed when I met you.

Emma: What are they now?

Hook: A reminder. That all sins can be forgiven when someone loves you. And I was absolutely wrong before. I love you, Emma Swan, no matter what you've done.

Emma: So, you really want to know the truth no matter how awful?

Hook: I do.

Emma: Then there's something I need to show you.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Emma's house.

Hook: I've already seen your home, Swan. Why are we here? You promised me the truth, not a bloody tour.

Emma: The truth is tricky. You have to look for it.

Hook: ( Sighs ) All right. I'll play your game.

[Killian walks over to the telescope and looks outside.]

Hook: Oh. I guess being the Dark One has its perks. That is a stunning view of the sea. There's no sight like a full moon on the waves.

Emma: Back in Camelot, you said the ocean calmed you. I thought you might like to see it.

Hook: You picked yourself a fine home. I give you that.

Emma: I didn't pick it. You did.

( Killian picks up a newspaper's wanted ads section. )

Hook: That's my handwriting.

Emma: You said this was our future together. Everything I've done has been to keep that future alive.

Hook: Well, then I guess this is the moment that you tell me the truth.

Emma: Almost there. Almost.

( Emma kisses Killian. )

Emma: I can't tell you everything that happened between us until it's all over.

Hook: Why not?

Emma: Because if you knew what I was really after, you'd do everything in your power to stop me.

Hook: ( Groans ) ( Grunts ) ( Groans, breathes shallowly ) What did you do?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Hospital.

Robin Hood: You have to stay calm and breathe.

Zelena: Shut up! I was a fake midwife. I know the drill.

Regina: Zelena, why would Emma do this?

Zelena: I have no idea!

Regina: Are you sure it was her?

Zelena: Let's just say when the Dark One offers you onion rings... Aah!... Don't eat them!

Zelena: ( Screaming ) ( Screaming continues )

Dr. Whale: Someone scream for a doctor?

Zelena: ( Panting ) There is an angry baby inside of me. Get it out!

Dr. Whale: You know, the last time I delivered a baby, you tried to steal it. But why try to steal one when making one is so much more fun, right? Dr. Whale.

Regina: We really need another doctor in this town. And what's with the dye job?

Dr. Whale: Oh, so... so Emma changes her hair and no one makes a fuss, but I get ridiculed? Yeah? Come on. You know you like it.

Zelena: Oh, my God, stop talking! Didn't I kill you the last time I was here?

Dr. Whale: No, you just threw me across the room. I hope that doesn't happen again this time. Okay, all business today. Got it. Uh, let's get those vitals going, get that baby out of you.

Mary Margaret: Everybody get ready. We have to protect that baby from Emma.

Robin Hood: She's here?

Belle: She will be soon. And we found that spell to destroy light magic in Merlin's spell book.

Mary Margaret: The only thing she needs other than Excalibur is...

Regina: Cries of a newborn child.

Robin Hood: Well, she's not taking this baby. Not while I'm still alive.

Zelena: Regina. Take this cuff off so I can defend myself and my child. Please.

Regina: You are far from trustworthy. But worry not. I'll protect the baby. What happens to you, well...

Zelena: ( scoffs ) Just do something! ( Screaming )

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Woods.

Zelena: So, Dark One, who should I execute first? Hmm? Your boyfriend or your father?

Emma: You can have the flame.

Arthur: Zelena, make sure that's real.

( Dark ropes erupt from the box and tie Zelena to a tree. )

Emma: Now you want to give me my family? Or keep fighting?

King Arthur: Merlin!

Merlin: Please, Emma. Give him the flame. This is a battle you cannot win.

( Crackling )

( Grunting )

Merlin: I wish you could defeat me, Emma. But I've played this game for too long.

( Emma loses the magical struggle and is knocked back. )

Emma: Aah! ( Grunts ) ( Groans )

Arthur: Merlin, kill her mother.

( Merlin conjures a vine that snakes around Mary Margaret's neck. )

Mary Margaret: ( Gasps )

David: Mary Margaret!

Robin Hood: It's no good. They're too strong.

Regina: Keep trying.

Emma: Merlin, you have to fight it.

Merlin: I can't!

Mary Margaret: ( Gasping )

Emma: You are the greatest sorcerer that has ever lived. If you cannot fight off the darkness, no one can.

Merlin: Aah!

( Gasping )

Arthur: I said kill her! By the sword, I command you! Kill her!

Merlin: I can't hold him off much longer.

( Killian removes his hook and escapes his chains. )

King Arthur: You... will... kill her.

Hook: Not today, mate.

King Arthur: Aah! ( Grunts )

( Killian steps on Arthur's hand to keep him from picking up Excalibur. )

Hook: I know someone else who needs that.

( Arthur unties Zelena. )

King Arthur: Get us out of here.

( Whoosh )

Snow White: ( Groans )

Mary Margaret: I'm okay.

Emma: Thank you.

Hook: Easy, Swan. You got tagged pretty good there.

Emma: So did you.

Hook: This thing? Well, I've had worse cuts itching my nose with the wrong hand.

Emma: Shh. Hold still.

Hook: Thank you. Didn't even sting. Look at that. There's a sword.

Emma: Killian, we did it. Now all I have to do is light the spark and then we can get the darkness out.

Hook: Well, then let's do it and go home.

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Granny's

Henry: You punched him? Awesome.

Hook: Gave him a left hook, if you know what I mean.

David: Well, the woods are clear. Zelena and Arthur must have retreated somewhere far from here.

Belle: I'm afraid Merlin won't be much help. Resisting Excalibur has taken its toll on him.

Regina: And Emma? How's she doing with the spark?

Mary Margaret: Well, she said she needed some time alone. She took it outside.

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Outside Granny's.

Regina: Need a light?

Emma: Regina.

Regina: I thought you could use a friend.

Emma: ( Sighs ) He's playing with me. He said I can't light it because I'm not ready to let go of the darkness.

Regina: Are you?

Emma: Regina.

Regina: Hey. No one knows the lure of darkness better than I do. You can lie to your parents, you can lie to yourself. But you can't lie to me.

Emma: I don't know.

Regina: Feels good, doesn't it? Indulging every impulse, wielding great power, doing whatever you want.

Emma: Yes. Yes, it does. Is that wrong?

Regina: ( Sighs ) Of course it is. But it's also human. Look, I know you, Emma. It took a long time, but I really know you. And you're not as weak as I once was, so if you're clinging to the darkness, you have good reason, and it's beyond temptation, so what is it?

Emma: I don't know.

Regina: There's a difference between not knowing something and not wanting to admit it. Those walls you put up, Emma, it's time they come down.

( Regina grabs the Dark One dagger. )

Emma: What are you doing?

Regina: Helping you break the walls. As your friend, I command you, Dark One, tell me, why are you so afraid to give up the darkness?

Emma: Once I let it go, I won't be able to protect my family.

Regina: That's another wall, Emma. Now... the truth.

Emma: It is. Regina, please.

Regina: No, it's not. You just have to be brave enough to knock down all those walls you're hiding behind. The dagger can make you look, but you... you have to choose to see. Now come on. Come on, Emma. See. Tell me what you're really afraid of!

David: Regina, what are you doing?

Regina: I'm getting answers.

Hook: By controlling her? That's enough.

Regina: ( Scoffs )

Hook: Are you all right?

Mary Margaret: You really think you're helping her by being cruel?

Regina: I wasn't cruel. I've been cruel. And trust me, you'd know it. I was getting to the truth. It's not my fault that it's painful.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Hospital.

Zelena: ( Grunts ) ( Panting )

Dr. Whale: Push.

Zelena: ( Groans )

Dr. Whale: You're almost there. You're doing great. One more push. ( Grunts )

( Baby crying )

Dr. Whale: Congratulations. It's a baby girl.

( Crying echoes )

Regina: I can't believe it's come to this. Am I really helping Zelena?

Mary Margaret: It's the right thing to do, Regina. So, are you ready to meet the newest member of your family?

Regina: Honestly... I don't know.

( Knock on door )

Regina: Robin.

Robin Hood: Regina. I have a daughter.

Regina: ( Chuckles ) That's wonderful.

Zelena: Look who's green with envy now?

( Whoosh )

Emma: Look who's glowing. Congrats.

Robin Hood: I will not let you take this baby.

Regina: Not without a fight.

Emma: That would be a problem if it was the baby I was after.

[Emma disappears with Zelena.]

Hook: ( Grunts )

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Emma's house. Basement.

Hook: ( Coughs, groans ) ( Sighs ) ( Breathing heavily ) Zelena. Why are you here?

Zelena: Your insane girlfriend sped up my pregnancy, kidnapped me right after giving birth, and separated me from my little girl. And they say I'm wicked.

Hook: Why would she do that? What does she need you for?

Zelena: From the looks of things, she's casting a spell to steal my magic.

Hook: Why does she need more dark magic?

( Whoosh ) Emma: I don't. I'm not taking Zelena's magic. I'm giving her mine instead.

Zelena: What?

Emma: Killian, you were right. My plan is not to destroy light magic. It's been to destroy dark magic... The dark magic that's inside of me.

Hook: If that were true, why keep it secret from me or the rest of your family?

Emma: Because I knew you would never let me do what was necessary to get the job done.

Zelena: And that's where I come in.

Emma: Yes. The darkness needs to be contained in a vessel... you.

Hook: Emma, what are you going to do?

Emma: What needs to be done. I'm going to cut her down with Excalibur's enchanted blade, and the darkness will be vanquished forever.

Zelena: That's why you needed my baby out.

Emma: I don't want anyone to get hurt who doesn't have to. There are limits.

Hook: You call those limits, Emma? You're still talking about cold-blooded murder.

Emma: Killian, she killed Neal and Marian. Given time, she will kill you, too.

Zelena: After today, you can be certain.

Hook: This isn't about Zelena, Emma. It's about you. We went to Camelot for Merlin's help. Surely he has a solution to the darkness that doesn't require this.

Emma: Merlin can't help us anymore.

Hook: Why not? What happened there? Why are you really doing this?

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Outside Granny's.

Hook: There you are. Been looking everywhere for you.

Emma: Dagger's right here. Regina was going to use it on me. Why not you?

Hook: What she did was wrong. I'm sorry it had to happen.

Emma: It's funny. I'm not. She was right. I do know why I'm scared to let go of the darkness. Because of her, I finally admitted it to myself.

Hook: What are you so afraid of, love?

Emma: This. Our future.

Hook: I see you talked to Henry. Sometimes I forget that boys can't keep secrets.

Emma: Don't blame him. He just thought it would help if I knew what I had to look forward to when we got home.

Hook: What are you trying to tell me? That you can't ignite the Promethean Flame because you're afraid to take the plunge and move in with me?

Emma: It's not about moving in. It's... everything. When I told you I loved you back in Storybrooke, it was because I thought I was never going to see you again. It was the same way with Neal. I could only admit my true feelings when I thought I was losing him... and you.

Hook: Well, I guess it's even worse than I thought. You can't even see any future at all with me.

Emma: That's not it. Don't you get it? I'm afraid because I do want a future with you.

Hook: You do?

Emma: Yes. And the minute you take away the darkness, that future begins. I know it sounds crazy.

Hook: Doesn't sound crazy at all, Emma. That sounds like music to this pirate's ears. You just have to trust me. The future's nothing to be afraid of.

[The Promethean flame ignites when Emma and Killian kiss.]

Hook: See?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Outside Emma's house.

Mary Margaret: I don't understand. How can Emma destroy light magic using Zelena?

Regina: She can't.

David: What is she planning?

Regina: Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is no one hurts my sister but me.

Mary Margaret: What are you planning to do once you find Emma?

Regina: Oh, it's simple. I'm going to show the Dark Swan what dark magic really looks like.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Emma's house. Basement.

Zelena: Do you hear Emma pacing around up there? You're her boy toy. What do you think she's up to?

Hook: I'm no one's toy. We need to find a way to get rid of these iron shackles before Emma gets back.

Zelena: Those shackles aren't the problem. This one is. When Regina put it back on, she enchanted my wrist, and I can't cut it off. Without magic, we're never gonna get out of here alive.

Hook: It's a good thing I happen to have some then.

Zelena: What? You've got magic?

Hook: No. My hook does. As you recall, I imbued it with magic to rip your heart out.

Zelena: Well, go on, then. What are you waiting for? The last time I tried helping you, you betrayed me. How do I know I can trust you now?

Zelena: You don't. But you also don't have a choice.

Hook: Fair point. Well, then, here's to trust.

Zelena: ( Sighs )

( Whoosh )

[Zelena transforms into Wicked Witch clothes.]

Zelena: Ahh. Ahh. Ooh. Feels so good to be back. Now, about that deal we made.

( Whoosh )

Zelena: Shall we get out of here?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Outside Emma's house.

David: Regina, she's still our daughter.

Mary Margaret: We can't go to war with her.

Regina: If you don't have the stomach for this...

Mary Margaret: I'm not going to hurt her.

Regina: This is exactly why she gave me the dagger. She knew I'm the only one who could do what has to be done. Now, stand back, or I'll make you stand back.

Mary Margaret: No, we are coming with you. And not only will we stop her, we will save her.

( Door opens )

Emma: I don't need saving. You're gonna have to trust me. By the time I'm done with Zelena, you'll all be thanking me, especially you, Regina.

Regina: And why would I thank you?

Emma: You don't remember this, but back in Camelot, you helped me admit some things about myself. And now I'm ready to repay the favor. Because deep down, we both know you'll be happier when Zelena is gone.

Regina: Gone? This is not the way, Miss Swan, and you know it.

Emma: We're back to Miss Swan?

Regina: Well, start acting like Emma again and we'll talk.

Emma: I am Emma.

( Emma thrusts the reunited Excalibur into the sidewalk, which puts a magical barrier around the house and freezes her family. )

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Emma's house.

Zelena: Good, she's busy. We'll have to sneak out the back.

Hook: I'm not coming with you.

Zelena: Are you joking? I actually keep my word, and you decide to go down with the ship.

Hook: If I don't stop Emma, she'll just find somebody else to put her darkness into, and if I leave now, I may never get the answers I need.

Zelena: And how are you going to get them? I don't think she's in a sharing mood.

Hook: Emma stole squid ink from Gold's shop. If I can find it, then I can get her to tell me what I want.

Zelena: Well then, you better hope she doesn't find you first. Ta-ta.

( Hook searches, and removes a painting from the wall. )

( Door opens, closes )

Emma: Really? I was trying to help you.

Hook: Swan.

( Hook sees the squid ink taped to the back of the picture and throws the contents of the bottle at Emma. )

Hook: I'm sorry, love. You've left me no choice. Regina was right. You are a villain now, and now you're gonna tell me exactly what happened in Camelot to make you that way. How are you going to make me do that?

Zelena: I've got some ideas. I see you found the squid ink, Captain.

Hook: Zelena, why the hell did you come back?

Zelena: I thought about how you said you couldn't run until you got some answers, and I realized I couldn't run either... Not without making the Dark One pay.

Emma: Whatever you think you're doing... No! No!

( Zelena stabs Killian in the chest with a knife. )

Hook: ( Grunts )

Zelena: ( Laughs ) I bet you didn't see that coming, did you? Of course that's nothing compared to the surprise that you're feeling right now. You're saying to yourself, "I just got stabbed in the chest. Why shouldn't it hurt more? Why am I not dead?"

Hook: What the hell is happening? Answer me, Witch!

Zelena: Well, you could take my word, or you could return the memories that the Dark One stole. See for yourself. I found this outside.

Emma: Don't trust her. I can explain everything, Killian.

Hook: ( Breathes shallowly ) Do it.

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Granny's.

Merlin: Are you ready?

Emma: Yes. Then it's time to destroy the darkness once and for all.

( Crackles )

Hook: Bloody hell.

( Hook collapses before Emma can reunite the sword. )

David: Hook, what's wrong?

Mary Margaret: He's bleeding!

Hook: ( Groans )

Emma: Killian. ( Breathing heavily ) No.

Regina: When did that happen?

Emma: It was Excalibur. But it was just a small cut. I healed it.

Merlin: I'm afraid it only seemed that way. Excalibur was forged to cut immortal ties. A wound from it cannot be healed.

Mary Margaret: What? There has to be something we can do, that she can do.

Merlin: Even Emma's power isn't strong enough, nor is my own.

Emma: Killian, you have to hold on. I can't lose you.

Hook: ( Weakly ) It's all right. Emma, it's all right.

Emma: No. Please, no. Don't leave me. You have to stay. You have to stay. Come on, Killian. What about our future together?

Hook: Our future is now. Reunite the blades so I can see them before I go. ( Grunts )

Emma: No!

Regina: No?

Emma: I'm not gonna let him die when I know there's a way to save him.

Regina: Emma... Merlin said it. There's nothing you can do.

Emma: That's what he said, but it's not true, is it? You told me how powerful I am. Let's use that power. I-I can use the Promethean Flame to release you from Excalibur, and then I can use it to tether Hook's life to it instead. It could save him.

Merlin: Emma, you know what that could do.

Regina: Create another Dark One.

Merlin: It will multiply the darkness so that it cannot be destroyed. Not without you paying the steepest of prices. It will be your final step into the dark.

Emma: I don't care what happens to me.

David: Emma, wait.

Mary Margaret: Please. Listen, you can't.

Regina: Emma, your parents are right.

Emma: If you could've saved Daniel or Robin... Look how far you were willing to go, how far you pushed me to save him! ( Voice breaking ) I'm not gonna lose Killian. I won't let anyone stop me.

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Middlemist field.

Hook: ( Weakly ) Emma.

Emma: Killian.

Hook: ( Grunts )

Emma: You're going to be okay.

Hook: No, please. You have to let me go. ( Groans ) I don't want to pay this price. I don't... I don't want to become that.

Emma: You won't. You can fight the darkness. I can help you. We can do it together.

Hook: I'm not as strong as you are... or Merlin. I'm weak. The things I've done... I've done. I've succumbed to darkness before in my life. And it took centuries to push it away. I don't know if I can do it again.

Emma: But our future...

Hook: I'll just be happy knowing that... that you have one. Aah!

Emma: That's not enough for me!

( Crying )

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Granny's.

( Buzzing )

( Whoosh )

Robin Hood: What's happening?

Merlin: It's too late.

SCENE: Camelot. Three weeks ago. Middlemist field.

Hook: ( Sighs )

Emma: I'm so sorry, Killian. But I did not have a choice.

Hook: No, no, no. No, there has to be some other explanation.

Zelena: Aww. Are you finding the truth hard to swallow? Here. Have a look at the sword. A glamour spell. ( Chuckles ) It was there the whole time right under your nose, and you didn't even see it. ( Laughs ) Ooh, I suppose it's not the Dark One anymore, is it? More like the Dark Ones.

Hook: So, that's why you saved my life twice tonight. I was never in any danger. You just wanted to keep me from the truth.

Emma: I wanted to fix it first to make up for what I had done.

Zelena: By killing me? How sweet.

Emma: It was the only way to destroy the darkness in both of us. Everything I've done since we got back to Storybrooke was to try to save you, Killian.

Hook: This is saving? How could you do this to me?

Emma: I'm sorry.

Hook: So much for our future, Swan.

Zelena: ( Chuckles ) Now, tell me. Are you ready to learn what else happened in Camelot?

Hook: Aye. But first we have to take care of her.