05x16 - Our Decay

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

Hades: Our secret remains safe.

Regina: The author's pen?

Henry: I'm gonna write the stories as they are, and I'll start with Hades.

Hades: She's pregnant. You two had a contract, which he just signed over to me. At any time, I can cash in and take... your... baby. You work for me.

[ Land of Oz - Past ]

(It's Zelena's birthday, and she is spending it alone with a cupcake. Through a mirror, she is watching Cora abandon her as a baby)

Cora: Poor babe. Now I must give you away to give me... (Voice breaking) my best chance.

Wicked Witch: (Angrily stops the scene in the mirror) You gave away the wrong child, Mother. Soon, you'll see. Soon. (Blows out the candle.)

(The door suddenly bangs open and a flying monkey enters, carrying the scarecrow as a prisoner. Zelena turns to face them.)

Scarecrow: Aaaah! Whoa! No, no, no, no, no! Unh! (Lands on the ground with a thud)

Wicked Witch: (Walks towards him) Well, isn't this nice?

Scarecrow: (Stands up) W-W-What do you want?!

Wicked Witch: Why, you, of course. You're going to help me create a very special spell, one that no sorcerer has yet to achieve... a time-travel spell. I just need the ingredients... symbols of innocence and love and courage and wisdom. A symbol of innocence could be a baby, for instance, and a symbol of wisdom... could be a brain. (Chuckles evilly

Scarecrow: (Gasps in fear)

Wicked Witch: Your brain, to be exact. (Moves to take his brain)

Scarecrow: (Cowers in fear) Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no!

Dorothy: (Enters and hurriedly walks to the two of them) Stop!

Wicked Witch: Dorothy? (Gasps) Didn't I send you back to Kansas?

Dorothy: Well, witch

Scarecrow: (Runs away)

Dorothy: I'm back.

Wicked Witch: Those slippers. They were supposed to be a one-way ticket home!

Dorothy: You left me no choice. I had to return. When I got word that you were alive, and had taken over Oz, I had to stop you.

Wicked Witch: You got word? Munchkins. I hate those mouthy, little vermin!

Dorothy: Let the Scarecrow go.

Wicked Witch: Yes. Sorry. Think I'll hold on to him.

Dorothy: You will never defeat me, Zelena, because I have the most powerful weapon of all... The love of the people.

Wicked Witch: (Laughs) Aww. Well, then... (Produces a green fireball and fires it, which hits a guard and kills him)

(In the process of this, Toto breaks free of Dorothy's bag and causes a curtain to fall on the wicked witch, allowing for Dorothy and the Scarecrow to leave unscathed)

Wicked Witch: (Sees them running out) No!

[ Underworld - Present Day ]

(Hades is walking by the fallen clock-tower and he is holding page from the book with an illustration of him and Zelena on the front. The hands on the clock move)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Hades enters his chambers where Mr Gold is working on a potion to help open a portal)

Hades: You'd think a desperate man would work a little faster.

Mr Gold: Magic cannot be rushed. Creating a portal is no simple task.

Hades: Yes. Yes, I know. But we don't have a dark curse or a magic bean or silver slippers. We have something better... your Dark One-tainted blood. It got you down here. It can reopen the portal.

Mr Gold: Why do you even need a portal? You can come and go as you please.

Hades: But I can't bring anyone back... alive. By combining our powers... that can change. And I don't care how painful it is for you. So, if you want me to tear up this contract so your child-to-be is your child-to-be... you won't care about the pain, either.

Mr Gold: You must tell me where you want this portal directed.

Hades: Oh. Why, Storybrooke, of course.

[ Storybrooke - Present Day ]

(Belle is inside the sorcerer's mansion, attending to Baby Hood and Baby Neal)

Belle: Why, hello, little ones. Hey. Did you sleep well? Yeah? (Gasps) Hi.

Zelena/Mother Superior: (Disguised and enters to see Belle) Belle. What are you doing here?

Belle: (Holds up two bottles) Uh, formula for the babies?

Zelena/Mother Superior: (Laughs) Of course. Here. I'll help. (Goes to use the clear one on Baby Hood)

Belle: Uh, the red one's hers.

Zelena/Mother Superior: Oh. (Chuckles) Right. I don't know where my head is today. (Chuckles)

Belle: (Suspicious) Uh, Mother Superior, what... what's going on?

Zelena/Mother Superior: Nothing. Everything's fine.

Belle: Mm...

Mother Superior: No, it's not.

Belle: What...

Mother Superior: (Stops in front of Zelena) Who are you?

Belle: Zelena.

Zelena/Mother Superior: (Chuckles) You really are a clever girl.

(Zelena morphs back into her normal appearance)

Belle: (Gasps) No, no, no. Regina sent you back to Oz. Ho-How did you...

Zelena: All you need to know is that my sister can't keep me down. I've come for my baby. So, if you wish to remain alive, step aside.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Mr Gold is still working on opening the portal)

Mr Gold: Zelena's baby? What do you want with her child?

Hades: Well, you of all people should know the value of keeping your reasons your own. I don't have to tell you anything.

Mr Gold: (Chuckles) And yet you keep doing so. Some might call that the mark of an insecure man.

Hades: We're done here. Get me Zelena's baby. I'll rip up the contract, and you can tell Belle she's pregnant without also having to tell her she owes her baby to me. I hear new expectant mothers hate that. Almost as much as they hate hearing their husbands are still the Dark One. Now do it.

[ Storybrooke - Present ]

(Zelena picks up her daughter who is crying)

Belle: Put her... put her down.

Zelena: Or what? Hmm? You'll smite me with your book learnin'?

Mother Superior: (Pointing her wand at Zelena) Oh, I have something more than that.

Zelena: Please. Neither of you would dare risk hurting my child.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Mr Gold uses his blood to open the portal)

[ Storybrooke - Present ]

(Belle is panicking because she thinks Zelena is going to hurt baby Hood)

Belle: (Breathing heavily) No, you... you don't want to hurt your baby.

Zelena: No. But I don't mind hurting you.

Belle: Okay. We'll see.

(Belle reaches to try and grab Baby Hood back, but the ground suddenly starts to shake violently, and the three of them try to hold onto the grip to keep steady. Belle thinks Zelena is doing this.)

Belle: (Shouting) Stop it! Stop it! You're endangering everyone!

Zelena: It's not me that's doing it!

(A portal opens, and in Zelena's surprise, Belle manages to grab Baby Hood but ends up falling through the portal)

Zelena: No! (Jumps through the portal)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Hades and Mr Gold watch the portal close)

Hades: Okay. Where's the baby?

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Zelena and Belle land in the Underworld, and Baby Hood is crying. They are out the front of the sorcerer's mansion Underworld version)

Belle: W-What happened? (Groans) How did we get out here?

Zelena: (Gasps when she sees her daughter crying.) My baby. My baby! Is she hurt?! Aah! (Attempts to move towards Belle, but can't stand because she's injured. She attempts to heal herself with her magic, but it doesn't work.) Oh, my magic!

Belle: Zelena, what did you do to us?

Zelena: I didn't do anything! This wasn't me!

Belle: Okay, then, if it wasn't you, then who was it, and... and where are we? And why is the sky red?

Zelena: No, no, no!

Belle: What?

Zelena: (Sighs) We're in the Underworld.

Belle" (Sighing) Okay. Then, uh, t-then Rumple must need my help. That's why we're here. )(Stands up)

Zelena: Wait. Hades. We're here because of me. And now I know why... my baby.

Belle: What? Hades wants your baby?

Zelena: Hand her over. Please.

Belle: No. No, nothing good ever came of anyone trusting you. (Starts walking away with Baby Hood)

Zelena: (Tries to follow her) Give her to me! Belle, please! Give her to me! I can keep her safe! Please! Aah! Belle?! (Groans because she can't stand and she's injured.) Belle?!

[ Land of Oz - Past ]

(The Wicked Witch is interrogating the Munchkin's)

Wicked Witch: So, I heard someone of the Munchkin persuasion tipped off Dorothy that I was still alive. Since you're all so fond of tattling, I'll give you the chance to make it up to me. Where can I find the Scarecrow?!

Bog: We don't know! We swear!

Wicked Witch: Fine. Have it your way, Boq! (Uses her magic to make him disappear and turns to the other Munchkin's) Did that loosen your bearded lips? Or would you like to turn into a pile of ash, too?!

Hades: (Appears) Now, now. No need to make more of a mess.

Wicked Witch: Who the hell are you?!

Hades: Who the hell am I? That question is more appropriate than you know. Please... allow me to introduce myself. I am Hades.

Wicked Witch: Really? King of the Underworld?

(Hades lights his hair on fire and the Munchkins begin screaming and quickly hide)

Hades: Yes. (Chuckling) My reputation precedes me. (Kisses her hand)

Wicked Witch: And to what do I owe this visit?

Hades: Your handiwork has impressed me. You've sent so many my way. That last headless guard... You have panache.

Wicked Witch: True.

Hades: Huh.

Wicked Witch: But I sense there's something else.

Hades: I heard a rumor that you're dabbling in time travel, trying to achieve the unachievable.

Wicked Witch: It won't be achievable for long.

Hades: Which is why I'm here. I believe in you.

Wicked Witch: (Laughs) Is the devil flirting with me?

Hades: (Laughing) Yes. Uh, I'm not the devil. People are always conflating us. No, I want to help you. This Scarecrow... he is one of the ingredients you need?

Wicked Witch: Yes. And I had him until a meddling farm girl got in the way.

Hades: Ah. Dorothy.

Wicked Witch: You know her?

Hades: Well, I did my research before I came, and from what I hear, she's a powerful woman.

Wicked Witch: So am I.

Hades: (Chuckling) Yes, yes, I know. I know. But she has one thing you don't... The love of the people. And pardon me for saying so, but no one loves you. But there is a way to defeat her. (Chuckles) With an ally.

Wicked Witch: And what does Hades need with a time-travel spell?

Hades: Ah. All in good time, Zelena. All in good time.

Wicked Witch: I don't need anyone's help. (Poofs away)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Mary Margaret and David are in the diner, when the Blind Witch places toast in front of David and oatmeal in front of Mary Margaret)

Mary Margaret: We haven't ordered yet.

Blind Witch: One dry wheat toast, one oatmeal. I know the orders of all the regulars. I'll get your cocoa.

David: What?

Mary Margaret: David, we're regulars. We were only supposed to be here for a day, and now we're regulars at the diner in hell. Um, on the way to hell. You know what I mean.

David: (Sighs) You're thinking about Neal. I do, too... all the time.

Mary Margaret: If only we could talk to him. If he could just... hear our voices...

Blind Witch: (Places their hot cocoa in front of them) Oh. You can do that. It's a simple Level 1 haunting. Lots of people do it here until they lose interest in life and people and... joy. I know where a booth is.

David: A booth? For haunting?

Mary Margaret: Where?

Blind Witch: Oh, here and there.

Mary Margaret:What do you want?

Blind Witch: (Pulls out a glass vial) Breathe into this. The breath of the living buys a lot on the black market here.

David: (Breathes into the glass vial)

Blind Witch: (Sighs) Okay. Um, the booth is by the bus stop. Just pick up the phone and tell the operator who you wish to haunt. Happy haunting!

David: Let's go, Snow. Let's talk to our boy.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Emma, Hook, Robin, Henry and Regina are in the Blanchard apartment, figuring out a way to re-write Hades's story. A page has appeared about David and Snow that Henry can't remember writing.)

Hook: (Sighs) Riveting tale. Snow likes oatmeal. Is my morning breakfast in there, too? Henry, I thought you were gonna use your author powers to get us to defeat Hades.

Henry: I don't even remember writing this. I just woke up and had it done.

Emma: Okay. It's... really well-written.

Regina: Yes, and the illustrations are lovely.

Emma: Maybe if you focus harder...

Henry: (Annoyed) Oh. So you're all authors now? Everyone's a writer. Everyone's got an idea. I'm doing my best. Maybe if you just laid off for a little bit... (Grabs his papers and heads towards the stairs)

Regina: Henry, where are you going?

Henry: Upstairs. (Heads up to his room)

Emma: Well, we officially have a teenager on our hands.

(A loud knocks comes at the door, and Emma moves to answer it.)

Regina: And a visitor in our Underworld apartment.

Emma: (Hesitates before opening it to reveal Zelena)

Robin Hood: Zelena?!

Regina: So... someone finally did you in.

Zelena: Sorry to disappoint, but I'm very much alive.

Robin Hood: Then how did you get here?

Zelena: Through a portal. And I didn't come alone.

Regina: Who else is here?

Zelena: Our baby. And she's in danger.

[ Land of Oz - Past ]

(The Wicked Witch enters her chambers to see Hades holding her green cupcake)

Wicked Witch: You again?

Hades: Is it your birthday? (Stands up, still holding her cupcake)

Wicked Witch: I didn't know the king of the Underworld was so nosy. I don't know the day I was born, but thank you for reminding me.

Hades: That's actually a sad story.

Wicked Witch: I only know the day that my mother abandoned me.

Hades: Ohh. Getting sadder. So, this is, what, celebrating Abandonment Day?

Wicked Witch: I'm not celebrating anything! (Walks forward and angrily blows out the candle) Please go!

Hades: You know, when I offered to help you, yes, it was coming from a place of self-interest, but I really do think I can help. You're thinking about your sister. Aren't you?

Wicked Witch: How did you know that?

Hades: I know exactly how you feel. She got everything you ever wanted. (Blows) (echoes) And you got nothing. Am I warm? Yeah, you know how some people say they look up to their older siblings like gods? Well, my older brother is a god... Zeus. Ever hear of him? He got everything he ever wanted. He rules Mount Olympus, while I'm trapped ruling the Underworld. He stopped my heart. Love, happiness, joy... They've all been taken from me. What I'm left with is only anger and a thirst... for vengeance.

Wicked Witch: I've survived on that for quite some time.

Hades: Only the kiss of... true love can restart my heart and allow me to return a fully formed man, free of this curse. But... (Chuckling) well... true love, hmm? No one is more hated than the Lord of the Underworld.

Wicked Witch: I could give you a run for your money.

Hades: Yeah. Which is why... we... must find your ingredients. I know where this Scarecrow is. Let me help you. Let me help us. If I can travel back... I can see to it that it is me who winds up on Olympus and my brother... who suffers.

Wicked Witch: Well. You might just be as vindictive as I am.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Regina and Robin are getting ready to go and find Baby Hood and Belle)

Zelena: Where are you going?

Robin Hood: To find our daughter.

Zelena: What about a tracking spell?

Regina: We don't have anything of the child's.

Robin Hood: I don't need magic. I can find her. I lived for years in the forest. I can track anyone. I will find our daughter.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Belle enters the library carrying the baby)

Belle: (Sighs) God. What is this place?

(The elevator suddenly starts coming up and Belle hides behind a bookshelf. Mr Gold steps out.)

Belle: (Gasps) Rumple.

Mr Gold: Belle. What are you doing here? Y-Y-You're not. Y-You didn't...

Belle: Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm... I'm alive. A portal brought me and... and the baby and... Zelena.

Mr Gold: That's why the spell didn't work as I thought. Brought over three bodies instead of one.

Belle: Well... you... You did this. Who were you trying to bring if not me and you didn't know Zelena was back and... No! Why would you steal a baby?

Mr Gold: No, no, no. It was It was Hades. He used leverage to force me. Look... (Sighs) a long time ago, long before we even met... I made a deal... One I never thought would rear its head.

Belle: What did you do?

Mr Gold: My boy was sick. In exchange for Baelfire's life... I made a deal to give up my second-born child.

Belle: But you don't have a second-born child.

Mr Gold: It happened, Belle.

Belle: N... I'm... I-I'm pregnant? (Sighs, sniffles) W-We're gonna have a baby? A-a baby... A-a baby that you've already sold!

Mr Gold: Yes, but... but w-we can fix that. I'll use all my power. W-We can fix this.

Belle: P-Power? What... You're the Dark One again. No.

Mr Gold: Yes. See, the thing is... I love this dagger. And I also love you. Both are possible. Look, y-you wanted me to be... a better man. A-A-And you've done that. But if you want me to be a different man... I'm sorry. This is who I am.

Belle: You weren't always.

Mr Gold: Yes, I was. Even when I was a coward, I craved power. The only difference is, now I have it. And I won't let it go. Not again.

Belle: Right. Not even for me?

Mr Gold: Belle, there's something you must realize. (Sighs) Falling in love with the man behind the beast... isn't really what happened to you. You fell in love with me... because there was a man and a beast. Neither exists without the other.

Belle: No. No. I-I can't condone you being like this. Not again.

Mr Gold: Yes, you can. You just have to choose to. And if you do... we can have what's important... Family, happiness. It's your choice.

Belle: No, I'm, uh... (Sniffles) I'm not making any choices... not now. (Inhales shakily) Not until you get me back to our friends... and you've fixed... all of this.

Mr Gold: Then that's what I shall do. But you'll see I'm right. You'll see.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Mary Margaret and David are in line for the phone booth.)

Mary Margaret: I mean, how does this even work? I don't know how much time it give us. Do we just talk, or... Oh! Maybe we should sing a little song. He likes our singing.

David: I don't think it really matters. I think it's just about Neal hearing our voices.

Mary Margaret:Yeah, but how does that work, anyway? Does it go directly into his ears? Does it repeat on a loop?

David: Uh, excuse me. Do you know how this works I mean, on the other side?

Man: No idea. I don't even know if the messages get through. I hope so. Or I've wasted a lot of time these past 30 years.

David: All right, come on. (Guides Mary Margaret into the booth)

Mary Margaret: (Sniffles) Okay. (Picks up the phone)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Robin, Regina and Zelena are looking for the Belle and the baby in the woods)

Zelena: Before we find my daughter, would you do me the courtesy of sharing with me whatever horrid name you've saddled her with? Probably something dreadful like Brittany or Nancy or... Oh, God, not Marian!

Robin Hood: Zelena... I haven't named our child because I need to know her first to find out who she really is, which I haven't been able to do because I've been too busy protecting her from you!

Zelena: You weren't protecting her at all! You just left her so you could go on some heroic quest. I mean, how is finding some pirate more important than our child?

Robin Hood: Helping friends, setting an example of heroism... That is important!

Regina: You know, Zelena, I used to be just like you.

Zelena: Oh, please. Don't flatter yourself.

Regina: When I was the Evil Queen, I spent every day not giving a damn about anyone. And in return, no one... cared about me. I thought all I needed was my vengeance to keep me warm at night. But then something happened. My enemies... became my family. And that's when I finally felt happy. That is why I'm here. They need my help, and when family needs help, you step up.

Zelena: In case you've forgotten, there is someone I love who needs my help my daughter! (Sighs) So, if we could get on with finding her, that would be just brilliant!

[ Land of Oz - Past ]

(The Wicked Witch and Hades are by a ruined house)

Wicked Witch: What are we doing here? This is where Dorothy first landed in Oz.

Hades: Sometimes (Grunts as he frees a bike from the wreckage.) to find someone you need the right... tools.

Wicked Witch: What the hell is that?

Hades: Oh, right. They don't have these in Oz. It's called... a bicycle. (Gets on and rides circles around the Wicked Witch)

Wicked Witch: And how is that contraption going to help us find the Scarecrow?

Hades: Oh, well... here, hop on. I'll show you. Oh, please. Trust me.

Wicked Witch: (Gets onto the bike) What is it?

Hades: Nothing. Are you ready? All right. Hold on.

(Hades starts riding the bike and the Wicked Witch is clearly enjoying herself as she is laughing and squealing)

Wicked Witch: It's like a broom with wheels!

(Hades rounds a corner and they are still laughing. Hitting a rock, they both fall off to the ground and land face to face, the Wicked Witch still laughing)

Hades: It's okay. I've got you. Would you like to go again?

Wicked Witch: Yes, I'd like to go again!

(They both laugh and sit up, and the Wicked Witch studies the bike for a few moments)

Wicked Witch: Now... tell me how this piece of tin is gonna help me find my prey. That loathsome farm girl must have him carefully hidden.

Hades: Simple... This bicycle belongs to Dorothy. Just enchant it, and it will take us right to her. And the Scarecrow.

(The Wicked Witch enchants the bike again and they both laugh)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Belle is carrying Baby Hood down a lane when she hears the voices of Robin, and Regina)

Regina: Belle?

Belle: It's okay.

Robin Hood: Belle, is that you?!

(Belle rounds the corner and Robin and Regina run up to her.)

Robin Hood: You have her?! (Takes Baby Hood) Hey.

Belle: Yeah, here. Yeah, she's fine.

Robin Hood: Are you okay?

Belle: She's fine.

Robin Hood: Are you okay? Daddy's got you. Daddy's got you. Oh. Thank you.

Zelena: (Walks up) Yes. Thank you.

Belle: Wait. What are you doing here?

Zelena: Helping them.

Belle: She stole your baby.

Zelena: My baby, which was stolen from me. And now I'm helping.

Regina: It's all right, Belle. She won't hurt anyone.

(Baby Hood begins to cry.)

Belle: But...

Robin Hood: (Attempts to soothe his baby) Oh. Shh!

(Crying continues)

Zelena: I've got a bottle. Give her to me.

Robin Hood: No. Give it to me. I'll do it.

Zelena: I don't have any magic here, Robin. The worst thing that can happen is some mother-daughter bonding. It's all right. There's nothing nefarious in feeding.

Robin Hood: Okay, fine. (Reluctantly hands the baby over) As soon as she's done... you're handing her back.

Zelena: (Chuckles as she feeds her baby).[/i There, there, my little sweet pea. There, there. Are you hungry? Yes, you are. Your mummy knows exactly what you need, doesn't she? Yes, she does.

Robin Hood: Okay. [i](Sniffles) That's it. She's done. Hand her back.

Zelena: (Discovers she still has magic)

Regina: Now, Zelena.

Zelena: No, sis. Not now. Not ever! (Magically knocks them out)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Emma and Hook are sitting on the couch in the Blanchard apartment, and Mary Margaret and David are standing in front of them)

Emma: You... can do that? You can talk to the real world?

Mary Margaret: Yes. Or... well, no. I don't know.

David: Well, at least we tried.

Mary Margaret: I just need him to hear our voices.

Emma: (Stands up) He will. As soon as we make it back home.

Mary Margaret: Emma, when will that be? We went through this with you. For all those years, if you had just heard our voices... would that have made a difference, knowing someone out there loved you?

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Zelena is making her way through the forest alone, and Baby Hood is crying again)

Zelena: (Grunting) Oh, this won't do! (Attempts to soothe her baby) Oh, shh. It's okay. It's okay. I'm gonna find us a safe place, yeah? What is it, sweet pea? (Notices a cut on her baby's face and gasps) Oh, no. Oh. Oh, no, it's okay. Let Mummy fix it. My magic did this. (Starts crying herself) I did this. I'm sorry.

[ Land of Oz - Past ]

(The Wicked Witch and Hades arrive where Dorothy is hiding the scarecrow)

Hades: There she is. Go on. This Dorothy's no match for you. I've seen many powerful women in my day, but none as brilliantly wicked as you. Or clever or witty. (Chuckles) Or beautiful.

(They go to kiss, but are interrupted when the door opens and the scarecrow comes out, joining Dorothy by the campfire.)

Scarecrow: You know, scarecrows don't...

Hades: Go on. You've got this.

Wicked Witch: All right. If that Kansas brat gets in my way, we'll see what gingham looks like with blood spatter. (Laughs and walks up to Dorothy and the Scarecrow.) Give him back!

Scarecrow: (Gasps) Oh, no!

Dorothy: Back off, Witch! You're not taking him from me! (Draws her sword)

Wicked Witch: Yes! Yes, I will. (Magically freezes Dorothy)

Scarecrow: What did you do?!

Wicked Witch: (Starts ripping out his brain)

Scarecrow: No, no, no! Ah! Aah!

Wicked Witch: (Manages to get the brain, killing the scarecrow and holds it in her hands)

Dorothy: I won't let you win!

Wicked Witch: It's too late.

Dorothy: I'm not afraid of you. Do your worst, but I will never be afraid of you.

Wicked Witch: Not sure where all this back-talk is coming from. What happened to you in Kansas? Actually, I don't really care, because we're finished. You see, I don't need to kill you, and, believe it or not, I don't want to. Because I want every Munchkin, every Quadling, every good witch and bad of Oz to know that the great Dorothy Gale can't protect them. Aww. They need to know that you failed, and then... then, my pretty... you'll have nothing. (Laughs evilly) Hades? Hades, you were right! She... Hades?

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Zelena is inside her house and she sees Belle, Robin and Regina approaching from outside)

Regina: Zelena?!

Robin Hood: Are you in there?! Zelena, enough! It is not safe for you or our child out here!

Regina: Zelena!

Belle: Zelena!

(The door opens and Zelena comes out carrying the baby.)

Zelena: I'm right here. (Crying) It's all my fault. (Sobbing) I can't protect her. Not down here. Not from him.

Robin Hood: You need to tell us exactly what happened with you and Hades.

Zelena: (Sighs) He wants to use her... for a spell. For my time-travel spell. He's got the same thirst for vengeance as I do. You know, he had love in his heart. But because of me, it's gone.

Regina: And she's the ingredient. Symbol of innocence.

Zelena: Take her.

Robin Hood: What?

Zelena: Take her. You can protect her, and I can't. My magic's unpredictable. I don't care if you never let me see her again! You have to save her. Regina, please! It's more important than what happens to me.

Regina: We'll do everything we can to protect her.

Zelena: (Sighs, sniffles) Goodbye, little one. Mummy has to let you go. (Kisses her baby and begins to sob. She hands her over to Robin, before beginning to retreat into her house.)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Belle, Robin and Regina are back in the Blanchard apartment. Regina and Robin are fawning over the baby, whilst Belle sits at the table with Mary Margaret and David, and Emma and Hook sit on the couch together)

Regina: (Gasps) She has your eyes.

Belle: So, does she have a name yet?

Robin Hood: No. Not yet. I can't. Hades can do things with names.

(Emma and Hook get up from the couch and walk over to the others)

Regina: Like put them on tombstones to keep people from leaving here.

Robin Hood: I don't even think it's wise to keep her in this apartment. I mean, what if Zelena changes her mind?

Hook: I hate to be the one to offer optimism, but it sounds like she was sincere.

Regina: She was, but that doesn't mean what she knows can't come back to bite us. Robin's taking her to the forest.

Robin Hood: Honestly, it's the only place I've ever felt really at home.

Henry: (Enters the room hurriedly and he is carrying more papers) It happened! It happened again! (Sighs) Take a look. (Shows the pages, which are of baby Neal)

David: Snow, look at this.

Mary Margaret: It's Neal.

David: Why did you write this?

Henry: It's like before. I didn't, or I just don't remember. It just... wrote itself. Like it does.

Emma: (Takes a page and reads from it) "The infant son of Snow White and Prince Charming looked up at the tiny glass unicorns as they stirred by the wind. But on this night, he didn't hear the chime of the crystal. Instead, he heard the voices of his mother, Snow White, and his father, Prince Charming. They sang a lullaby until he fell asleep as soundly as if he were in their arms."

Mary Margaret: He heard us. (Sighs) He heard us.

David: Thanks, Henry.

Mary Margaret: I don't know about anyone else, but I am really ready to get back home to my family my whole family. No more waiting. We can save ourselves. We're going to take down Hades, and we're going to do it now.

[ Land of Oz - Past ]

(Hades has prepared dinner for the wicked witch)

Wicked Witch: There you are. What's this?

Hades: Dinner. (Blows and lights one candle) To celebrate. (Blows and lights the other)

Wicked Witch: You saw?

Hades: Of course I saw. You were wonderful. I knew you'd succeed. Come. Sit. (He helps the Wicked Witch to sit down)

Wicked Witch: So... is this also a farewell dinner... before you return?

Hades: No. I'm not going back to the Underworld, Zelena.

Wicked Witch: But you said you needed... Oh.

Hades: Yes.

Wicked Witch: So, you think that you and me are...

Hades: True love. You can't tell me you don't feel something, too.

Wicked Witch: Yes, but we just met.

Hades: I know, I know. But when we were on that bicycle... and I had my arms around you... I felt something I haven't felt in eons. My... (Sighs) my heart... fluttered. Just for a moment. And I truly believe... once we kiss... my heart will start again. I'll be free. And we can be together. (Leans into kiss her)

Wicked Witch: (Pulls away and stands up) No!

Hades: No? What?

Wicked Witch: How could I be so stupid?!

Hades: What... what are you talking about?

Wicked Witch: (Chuckles) I almost believed you.

Hades: It's the truth. I promise!

Wicked Witch: You want me to kiss you to free you from the Underworld! And then you'll have the power to steal this brain and enact my time-travel spell... for you! And only you! (Sighs) Because that's what I would do.


Wicked Witch: You want revenge and until you get it, you will never be satisfied. You need this spell. You need to go back to beat your brother, just like I need to go back to beat my sister! Love is not enough!

Hades: No, Zelena. I don't want that anymore. I want you. I love you.

Wicked Witch: No one could love me. But if you did... you wouldn't want to take away my best chance at revenge. Go back to your brimstone. I never want to see your face again.

Hades: You will regret this... Zelena. (Disappears in blue fire)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Hades approaches the fallen clock tower were Zelena is waiting for him. They slowly walk towards one another)

Zelena: Hello, Hades.

Hades: Zelena. You know, I was looking for you.

Zelena: You were looking for my baby. I was just a happy accident.

Hades: (Chuckling) Yes. Yes, you were. But when I heard you fell through my little portal... I really was looking for you.

Zelena: I know. I thought I'd make it easy. I know that you want my child for your time-travel spell. (Chuckles) If you touch her, I will demolish you!

Hades: There's no need for that. I wouldn't hurt you. I never would've hurt you. That's the thing about true love. I-It endures. It can't be broken.

Zelena: What? So, sending Rumplestiltskin after my daughter had nothing to do with revenge on your brother?

Hades: Zelena. (sighs) I was trying to rescue her from those miserable heroes for you. I didn't know you were there.

Zelena: (Sighs) Despite everything I've done, you've loved me all this time?

Hades: (Laughs) Look around you. I mean, aren't you curious why this... this place... looks like Storybrooke? (Laughing) I did it for you! I saw how much you wanted to cast the Dark Curse to get everything your sister had.

Zelena: (Sighs) You made me my very own Storybrooke?

Hades: (Laughing) I gave you what you wanted, what she had. It's not... perfect. The Underworld is a place of... well, destruction. Despite my best intentions, things don't grow here. They... (Chuckles) decay. But it's our decay. Zelena... wouldn't it be nice... to not be alone... anymore? (Takes her hand) After all these years, I still choose you. (Sighs) What better revenge is there than having it all?

Zelena: (Chuckles) But I had it all. And then I gave them back my baby because I thought that you wanted to hurt her!

Hades: Well, then, we'll just have to go back and get her, won't we?

Zelena: (Breathing heavily) No! No! (Breathing heavily) I-I want to trust you. I do.

Hades: But you still can't. I understand.

Zelena: I'm sorry. It's too much. I will get my daughter back. And I'll do it all on my own. (Starts limping away)

Hades: April 15th.

Zelena: What?

Hades: Your birthday. Just thought you might want to know.

Zelena: How do you know that?

Hades: Tortured it out of a miller's daughter. (Chuckles) Don't worry. I took care of her, too. For you. I know you don't need me. You don't need anyone. But if you change your mind... and decide you want me... I'll be waiting for you... at home. Just like I always have. (Disappears in blue fire)

[ End of Episode ]