05x17 - Her Handsome Hero

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

Hook: Hades told me to pick three names and chisel them onto the headstones. He said whoever I picked would remain in the Underworld.

Hades: Get me Zelena's baby. I'll rip up the contract, and you can tell Belle she's pregnant without also having to tell her she owes her baby to me.

Rumplestiltskin: My price is her.

Gaston: The young lady is engaged to me. I am Sir Gaston. You, Beast, have taken my love.

[Past. Enchanted Forest]

(Belle enters the stables where her father, Sir Maurice is waiting quietly).

Belle: Father? Father, are you in here?

Sir Maurice: (Turns to face her). I'm right here, Belle.

Belle: We're supposed to go riding today. Why aren't you dressed for it?

Gaston: Plans have changed. We have a visitor in the castle today. The eldest son of Lord LeGume.

Belle: Father, no. I do not want to meet any more suitors, especially not that cretin.

Gaston: So you know him?

Belle: Well, I know of him. He's supposedly the vainest man in all the land. Fancies himself quite the hunter, both of animals and women.

Sir Maurice: At least give him a chance. Don't judge someone until you know their whole story.

Belle: Well, I know enough. (Turns to leave).

Sir Maurice: Belle, wait. There's more at stake. On our northern borders, there have been skirmishes with the ogres. Good men have died.

Belle: That's horrible.

Sir Maurice: But Lord LeGume has a powerful army. If you were to marry his son...

Belle: What, marry him? Are you mad? (Chuckling) What does Mother have to say about this?

Sir Maurice: She agrees with me. I'm not arranging a wedding, Belle. I simply want you to meet him.

Gaston: (Enters the barn). Am I too early?

Sir Maurice: You're right on time. Come in. Meet my daughter. Belle, this is Gaston.

Gaston: (Kisses her hand). It's lovely to meet you, Belle.

Belle: Gaston, I-I've heard so much about you.

Gaston: I'm sorry. This is terribly awkward, isn't it. Do you hate these setups as much as I do?

Belle: Well, since you're asking, yes.

Gaston: I've heard you're a charming and intelligent young woman. And you certainly live up to your name.

Belle: But...

Gaston: You've heard of me, and you're not interested in this, which is fine. I understand. If it is your wish, I shall turn around and head home. No hard feelings.

Belle: Actually, uh... one walk couldn't hurt anyone.

[Present. Underworld]

(Mr Gold is working on something in his shop when Belle enters).

Gold: Belle.

Belle: I won't be separated from this child. I need your help.

Gold: So, you accept who I am.

Belle: I have accepted that no one will fight for a child like its father. You've proven that much. But no dark magic.

Gold: You must have known what you were letting yourself in for.

Belle: When we were in Camelot, Merlin said that perhaps one day someone would be able to wield the power of the Dark One Dagger for good. Show me that you can be that man. Show me, and... and we can save our child, and we can turn the darkness into light.

Gold: Well, that's the thing with dark and light. Depends on your point of view. In the end, you do what you can to protect those you love.

Belle: All right, well, I'd never resort to darkness because that's not what a hero does.

Gold: In the heat of the moment, you do whatever it takes.

Belle: You want a future with me? You have to do this my way.

[Present. Underworld. Emma's Dream]

(In Emma's dream, Emma, Hook and Mary Margaret are standing in front of three grave stones, with Emma's, Mary Margaret's and Regina's names on).

Emma: Hades thinks he can beat us. It's time to prove him wrong. When I burn these names from the graves, there'll be nothing keeping us here. We can all go back home. (Begins to burn their names of the graves with her magic. The wind suddenly picks up).

Hook: (Looking around). Wait. Something's wrong.

Emma: What is it?

Hook: Any captain worth his salt knows when a storm's brewing. And trust me, we need to find shelter now. Go! Go!

(The three run for shelter as a twister forms a few meters ahead. The three of them take shelter behind a grave, and the wind instantly dies down).

Emma: Well, that was quick. Everyone okay?

Mary Margaret: Yeah, but something's out there. Something was in that storm. (Draws her bow and arrow and steps out from behind the grave. After a few moments, she is tackled by some form of monster).

Emma: Mom!

[Present. Underworld]

(Emma and Hook are on the roof of the library. Hook is standing watch whilst Emma sleeps. She suddenly wakes from her nightmare and is breathing heavily. Hook watches on).

Hook: Bad dream?

Emma: Yeah. (Stands and starts walking towards him). It was nothing. Sorry I fell asleep. (Stops in front of Hook).

Hook: (Concerned). I'm glad you did.

Emma: It's not the best way to keep watch.

Hook: I've got it under control. Do you realize this is the first time you've slept since you rescued me?

Emma: I will sleep for weeks as soon as we defeat Hades, I promise. (They both notice a light flashing below). That's the signal. They're ready.

[Present. Underworld]

(Inside the library, Regina has finished putting the code on the elevator that will help her and Emma get past. Emma hugs Mary Margaret.)

Emma: Mom.

Mary Margaret: Oh! Is everything okay?

Emma: Yeah. It's just good to see you.

Regina: When you're done hugging it out, Emma, I can use a little help here.

Hook: So this is what you've been working on all night. This is our new plan to defeat Hades and go home... A bunch of squiggly lines?

Regina: Hades put one hell of a protection spell on his elevator, and these "squiggly lines" are the only way to crack it open.

Mary Margaret: Then hopefully that elevator will take us straight to him.

David: Maybe with surprise on our side, we can get a shot at him.

Hook: That's a lot of "maybe"s and "hopefully"s.

Emma: It's all we have right now. Okay. Let's do this.

(Emma and Regina attempt to open the elevator shaft. When it opens there is a solid wall. They've failed.)

David: (Sighs) So much for surprising him.

Mary Margaret: Oh, we'll think of something else. We always do.

What if...? (Turns to face Hook, Mary Margaret, David and Henry). What if I could burn our names off the gravestones that Hades made for us, the ones holding us here?

Regina: I looked for a spell like that. It doesn't exist.

Emma: Actually, it does. It kind of came to me in a dream.

David: In a dream?

Emma: I know it sounds crazy, but I can remember every detail. It would be a long shot, but...

Hook: Well, as for "maybe"s and "hopefully"s, I've learned never to question yours. I'm coming with you.

David: Snow and I will take Henry back to the apartment, keep him safe.

Mary Margaret: No, actually, I'm gonna go with Emma.

Emma: No, no, that's not a good idea.

Mary Margaret: I promised to take down Hades and get back to our son, remember? If this is how we do it, I'm in.

David: Emma, I wouldn't argue with your mother. Trust me.

Regina: Get going, and I'll... I'll meet you at the cemetery. First, I should talk to my sister. Apparently, she has some history with Hades.

Emma: You think she'll talk to you?

Regina: I don't know. But if he does have a weakness, she might be the only person who knows what it is.

[Present. Underworld]

(Hades watches as Zelena walks past the fallen clock-tower. Once she's gone, he starts to walk forward but notices a fully bloomed flower. He picks it and then walks away).

[Present. Underworld]

(Inside the dog shelter, Gaston has just finished feeding the dogs when Hades enters.)

Hades: Now, this is just depressing. Look where Gaston the great hunter ended up, and all because of a woman. Not that I'm one to judge, believe me. I've had my own share of girl trouble lately.

Gaston: Lord Hades. Why are you here?

Hades: There are some visitors in town I think you might be interested in. The beauty you were once engaged to and the beast who stole her and then murdered you.

Gaston: Rumplestiltskin. So the Dark One is finally dead.

Hades: Mm, not quite yet, but how would you like to finally get your shot at revenge?

Gaston: Why are you coming to me? What's in it for you?

Hades: (Sighs) Things have changed in my little domain lately. You know what I've been finding growing all over town?

Gaston: That's impossible.

Hades: It should be because nothing grows here. Things only decay.

Gaston: Well, I don't understand. What's changed?

Hades: Hope. (Chuckles lightly) Thanks to these new arrivals, hope has taken root. And when souls have hope, they move on. And I cannot have that.

Gaston: Of course not, Lord Hades.

Hades: These interlopers must be punished, starting with the man who murdered you and dared to go back on a deal with me.

Gaston: But how am I supposed to defeat the Dark One?

Hades: Check out the arrows. I think you'll find them up to the task. This is your chance to be a great hunter once again. And this time your prey will be the greatest beast of them all. Rumplestiltskin.

[Past. Enchanted Forest]

(Belle and Gaston are walking through the woods together).

Gaston: I have to say I'm impressed how far you've hiked. I suppose your perseverance is matched only by your beauty.

Belle: Really? (Chuckles) Does that line work on all your first dates?

Gaston: Have we moved from a "meeting" to a date?

Belle: You know what I meant.

Gaston: (Chuckles) I bet you think I'm the same Gaston as all the stories you've heard about.

Belle: I must say I have heard some unflattering tales.

Gaston: Well, then I profoundly apologize. I have this friend LeFou, who loves to spread tall tales to embarrass me.

Belle: Ah, so you're... you're not this great hunter of women that I've heard so much about?

Gaston: I hunt only wild game, I assure you. My love life has been tragically empty. Actually, I've spent my whole life looking for a woman of real substance. (Hears a noise). Wait.

Belle: What is it?

Gaston: Wild creature. Very large. Very close. Stay here. (Leaves Belle and goes to find the creature).

Belle: Gaston? Gaston? Gaston?! Gaston. (Finds him by a hole in the ground).

Gaston: Well, I'm afraid this won't be much of a hunt. Whatever that was, it fell into this old hunting pit. Impossible.

Belle: What is it?

Gaston: War is closer than we thought. It's an ogre.

Belle: Wha... no. There's never been an ogre anywhere near the castle before. Look at him. He... he's barely full grown. He's just a child. Maybe he wandered too far from home.

Gaston: Or maybe they're using their young as scouts and an entire army's following behind. We have to haul him up and take him back to your father.

Belle: What? No, we can't. We bring this creature back to the castle, the soldiers will torture him. We have to find another way.

Gaston: This isn't our decision. The whole kingdom could be at risk.

Belle: I know. And I realize you've only known me an hour, but if you trust me, I promise I can find out what this ogre's after without hurting him.

Gaston: (Sighs) (Chuckles) Lead the way.

[Present. Underworld]

(Belle and Gold are in the shop searching through books to look for answers which could help them keep their baby).

Gold: (Shuts his book). Useless.

Belle: Well, keep looking. (Sighs) These books are full of light magic. There must be something in here that can help.

Gold: If we wanted to boil a pot of tea, yes.

Belle: So every time you try something nefarious, it's a smashing success, but when I ask you to channel that power for good, you fail.

Gold: I don't care what Merlin said. To be able to turn darkness to light is a fool's errand. To use darkness for light, that may be possible.

Belle: I won't allow it.

Gold: Then we'll fail.

Belle: Wait, what? This was a mistake. I shouldn't have come here. (Begins to leave the shop).

Gold: Belle. (Follows Belle as she leaves the shop). Belle, please, come back.

Belle: I don't want to hear any more justifi...

(An arrow flies past them both, cutting Belle off, and rebounds off the shop. Belle and Gold look over at Gaston in shock).

Belle: Gaston?! What are you doing here?

Gaston: He killed me. I'm gonna return the favor.

Gold: It's gonna take much more than a pointy stick to kill me.

Gaston: (Scoffs) We'll see about that. (Fires another arrow at Gold).

Gold: (Catches the arrow and inspects it. The tip is glowing red). Interesting choice of weapon. So it was Hades who sent you?

Gaston: He and I want the same thing... To make sure you stay down here.

Belle: Stop! Stop! Gaston, we all have history together, but there must be some other way to resolve it.

Gaston:I have been trapped down here for years, suffering and miserable because of him. So, no. I can't let the beast go free. (Fires another arrow at Gold).

(Gold poofs him and Belle away in a cloud of purple smoke so the arrow misses them).

[Present. Underworld]

(Gold and Belle emerge at the docks).

Belle: So, you killed Gaston, my fiancé, and never thought to tell me?

Gold: It was an arranged marriage. I was doing you a favor.

Belle: This... this was a mistake. Once again, I've let my optimism cloud my judgment.

Gold: His threat is real, you know. I may be immortal, but Hades forged these arrows in the River of Souls, a river which flows right into this very sea, in fact. Now, immortal or not, one scratch, and I'm trapped in these waters forever. And I won't be able to help our child. Hades is clever. He sent Gaston because he knows you won't let me hurt him. Let's prove him wrong. Let me use just a little bit of dark magic... Just enough to take care of Gaston.

Belle: No. That's no not how we're gonna defeat him. We're gonna do the opposite. We're going to help him. We're gonna see to it that he finally moves on from this infernal place.

Gold: Belle, please, he's not worth it.

Belle: It's not just about him. Hook said that when his brother moved on, that it affected Hades somehow. It weakened him. So by helping people move on, maybe that's how we defeat Hades.

[Present. Underworld]

(Emma, Hook and Mary Margaret are back in the graveyard in front of the graves).

Emma: The spell worked in my dream. Now I just need to make it happen. (As soon as she begins to try and burn the names of the graves, the wind begins howl again).

Hook: Emma, wait. Any captain worth his salt knows when a storm's brewing. And trust me, we need to find shelter.

Emma: (Looks worried). Why did you just say that?

Hook: Oh, it's fine, love. It's just a storm. I've survived worse.

Emma: No, I should not have brought you here. My dream... it wasn't just a dream. This is exactly how it happened.

Hook: Can we talk about that a bit later? We need to take shelter now.

(The three of them run to the same headstone they did in Emma's dream, and take shelter. Like Emma's dream, the storm stops as soon as they are by the grave).

Hook: Well, look at that. The world's fastest storm. Maybe this is turning into a good dream.

Emma: It wasn't the storm I was worried about. In the dream, the cyclone brought a monster.

Mary Margaret: What kind of monster?

(A creature roars in the distance, and Emma grabs Mary Margaret's hand).

Emma: That kind.

Mary Margaret: I'll take a look.

Emma: No! Mom, you just have to trust me. I can't let you do this.

Mary Margaret: Okay. Okay, Emma. It was your dream. You tell us. What do we do now?

(The creature roars again).

Emma: We run.

[Present. Underworld]

(Zelena is sitting alone in Granny's diner when Regina joins her).

Regina: You want some company? (Sits down when Zelena nods).

Zelena: How's my daughter?

Regina: Safe. Hidden in the woods with Robin Hood. Hades will never find where they are.

Zelena: He'll find her eventually. When he wants something, he never gives up.

Regina: And you know this how?

Zelena: (Clears throat) I don't want to talk about it.

Regina: Zelena, for once in our lives, maybe we can just try acting like sisters. What happened between you and Hades?

Zelena: He fell in love with me.

Regina: Oh.

Zelena: I know. It was totally ridiculous. The idea that anyone could love me...

Regina: Do you love him? I can imagine how hard this is for you, but you know Hades. He's the one who's keeping us all down here. So I need to know what his weakness is.

Zelena: (Chuckles) So this little visit wasn't just sisterly concern. It was about Hades.

Regina: No, it was both.

Zelena: Well, I'm sorry I don't have more to offer, but as far as I know, I'm his only weakness.

[Present. Underworld]

(Emma, Mary Margaret and Hook enter Regina's crypt in an attempt to hide from the monster, which can still be heard roaring in the distance).

Emma: Okay, I know it seems a little creepy, but we should be safe down here.

Hook: Are you sure about that? What the hell is that thing, and why is it chasing us?

Mary Margaret: I don't know, but if it comes close, I can get a shot at it.

Emma: No, you cannot go back out there.

Mary Margaret: Emma, what are you so afraid of? We've faced monsters before.

Emma: My dream... it's happening. And there's something I didn't tell you. (Exhales heavily) You died.

[Present. Underworld]

(Belle and Gold are inside the animal shelter, trying to figure out what Gaston's unfinished business is).

Gold: Belle, you don't need to do this to find his unfinished business. I know what it is... killing me.

Belle: What... no, no, I don't accept that. You can't judge someone without knowing their full story. Here. Gaston's locker. (Sighs) Um, can you, uh... can you magic this open for me?

Gold: Well, I certainly can. Are you sure you want me to?

Belle: Of course I'm sure. Why wouldn't I be?

Gold: Well, using my power to steal another man's property... Doesn't that qualify as dark magic?

Belle: This isn't murder. We're opening a locker.

Gold: Oh, so you get to be the judge of when the ends justify the means. I see. As I said, it's all about points of view. (Magically unlocks Gaston's locker).

Belle: Thank you. (Opens the locker and finds a book titled "Her Handsome Hero). This. I'm his unfinished business. I'll, uh... I'll wait for him. You should go. Trust me, I-I can get through to him.

[Past. Enchanted Forest]

Here, I found it.

Gaston: "An Alphabetized Inventory of Magical Antiquities." Sounds a bit dense.

No, this is a wonderful book. It's a record of every magical item in the kingdom.

And you think one of them will tell us what this ogre is after?

I'm sure of it. That's why my mother keeps these records... For emergencies like this.

Your mother must be quite a woman to have raised a daughter with this much... fire in her.

Well, she was the one who taught me to love books. (Chuckles) Starting... with this one.

"Her Handsome Hero." Interesting. I wouldn't have picked you for a fan of cheap romance.

No! No! This is not like that. This book is about compassion and forgiveness... the things that truly make a hero. You, uh... you can have it if you like.

If this is indeed your favorite book, I shall read every word... twice. Because I have a feeling... I've finally found a woman of substance.

I... Wait. Look. Th-This is what we need.

Mirror of Souls.

It says if someone has evil in their soul, it will be revealed in the mirror's gaze. Their eyes will glow with demonic fire.

So if we see no fire...

Then the ogre means us no harm. This mirror's but an hour's ride away. I-I can go now.

Good. You can get the mirror, and I'll watch over the ogre.

But promise me, in case this creature's not innocent, you'll bring back your father and his knights.

I promise. And I'll see you soon.

(Both chuckle)

(Dog barking)

Gaston? Is that you?

Getting colder.

(Dog barks)

What do you want from me?

You mean other than that baby in your belly? (Chuckles) Relax. I'm not gonna hurt either one of you. Actually (sighs) I'd like to help. How would you like to make a deal?

(Scoffs) I married a man who makes deals. I know what that means. Not interested.

What about what your father used to say... "Don't judge someone until you know their whole story"?

How did you know that?

(Scoffs) I know lots of things. Perk of the job. Like you're trying to help Gaston move on.

And so what if I am?

Oh, let's just say I like this little conflict between Gaston and Rumple and want it to go on.

And what could you possibly offer me?

Ohh, nothing... much. Just the thing you want most in the world. (Whispers) Your baby. Got your attention now, don't I?

I'm listening.

Smart girl because this is the easiest deal in the world. All you have to do is let Rumplestiltskin face Gaston. If one of them throws the other into the River of Souls, I'll take the mark off your baby.

No. I swore I'd help Gaston move on, and I keep my word.

Now, that is such a nice sentiment, but take it from me. Love makes you do crazy things. I bet, with your child on the line, you are capable of... (Chuckles lightly) anything. (Dogs barking) Let me know if you change your mind.

I think that monster's gone away.

(Rumbling in distance)

(Gasps, sighs)

Sorry, love.

Well, I'm glad your reflexes are better than your sense of style. Well, this has turned into quite a day. Why are you all in my vault?

Short version... thing with fangs trying to kill us.

And you're hiding instead of fighting?

I saw the same monster in my dream. And in the end, it...

.. it killed me, so...

I thought it was a message or some sort of vision of the future.

Well, you dreamt it. It's not like it'll happen. Maybe this dream isn't just about the monster. It's about you working out some issues.

I don't have any issues.

Much as it pains me, I have to agree with Regina, Emma. What's going on?

(Sighs) Maybe I... feel like I failed everyone.

Failed? You saved me.

But we're still trapped in the Underworld. What the hell was I thinking bringing everyone down here? Bringing Henry down here? This was a terrible plan. I should have done this alone. Now I'm always frightened. I'm frightened that someone will die, and it'll be my fault. And I'll never forgive myself.

Emma, you didn't force any of us down here. We all wanted to come with you. We knew it would be hard. These things always are, but some things are worth it. Love is worth it. Now, if you want to get home, let's do what works. Let's face this monster together.

(Door bells jingle)

(Door bells jingle)

(Water bubbling)


I guess every beast has its weakness.

Belle: (Sighs) So you would really kill him if you had the chance. Yeah, I wasn't sure if you had it in you.

This is pointless, Belle. Where is Rumplestiltskin?

Look, Gaston, please stop this.

I can't! (Pounds table) (Panting) Seeing him dead is the only thing I care about anymore.

Are you sure about that?

You broke into my locker?

Gaston, I want to help you move on. If you still have this book, it must mean something to you.

Of course it does.

Is it because I gave it to you? Am I your unfinished business?

You think I have this book because I like it? (Chuckles) I've tried to throw this out a-a hundred times, a... a thousand. It always reappears. It's part of my punishment down here.

I don't understand.

This book reminds me why I died. Because you made me weak!

What? Me?

I should have gone after Rumplestiltskin with an army, but I tried to follow your example. I tried to do what is right, but that book is wrong. Being a hero is not about compassion and having forgiveness. It's about strength! Doing whatever it takes to defeat your enemies.

But Rumple isn't even your real enemy. Hades is.

Why do you defend Rumplestiltskin? He kidnapped you. He made you a servant. You should want him dead, too.

Yeah, well, I don't.

Why not?

He's my husband.

(Chuckles) Good, old Belle. You always did have a soft spot for a monster.

Gaston's keeping watch on the ogre, and this mirror will help us learn the truth of his intentions. See, Father? The eyes don't lie.

I pray that you're right, Belle.

Gaston? Gaston! Are you all right?

(Groans) It feels like I still have all my limbs.

What happened?

The ogre had escaped when I arrived. He was waiting in ambush.

Then you're quite lucky to be alive.

I am so sorry. This is... this is all my fault.

It's all right, Belle. Seeing your concern makes it worth it.

Well, you two have had an interesting first day. Head back to the castle. I'll gather my soldiers. We'll hunt this ogre down before he can do any more harm.

No, this ogre tried to kill me. I should return the favor. If you would allow, I'd like to lead the hunting party myself.

You're a brave young man. If you feel up to it, the hunt is yours.

Then I'm coming, too. There's still a chance to use this mirror.

For what? We know this ogre's a monster.

Well, perhaps he was just defending himself.

Forgive her, Gaston. She gets this idealism from her mother.

Father. We must know the truth before we hurt him.

Go home, Belle. It's what's best.

Belle, it'll be fine. I promise.

What kind of a deal?

Look, I can't... It doesn't matter 'cause I said no.

Take it from a man who trades in deals. It matters very much. What was the deal, Belle?

Look, I tell you, you got to promise me something. You have to promise me you won't hurt Gaston no matter what you learn.

Belle, you can trust me.

All right. He said that if I let you and Gaston face each other and one of you ends up in the River of Souls, he'll then tear up the contract on our baby.

And you turned him down.

Of course I did. I failed once with Gaston, but I can fix this.

Belle, what Merlin said about a man that can control dark for good... I really want to be that man for you. Truly. Just... not today.

Man: Hyah!

(Horse whinnies)

(Breathing heavily)

(Horse whinnies)


(Horse whinnies)


What is it? What's wrong?

The ogre tracks stopped. Draw your weapons.

(Swords unsheath)




Don't let it escape! The thing about an ogre is you got to hit 'em right in the eye.


What are you doing? Get away from that thing.

I won't let you kill him without knowing the truth.

It tried to kill me. And that's all I need to know.



He's... he's hurt. What happened to him?

Gaston. You... you did this, didn't you? You tortured this ogre while I was gone. That's... that's why he attacked you.

I don't need an enchanted mirror to recognize a monster. I'm trying to protect this kingdom. Step aside.

This creature isn't the monster. You are. And if you want to shot him, you'll have to shoot me first.

You've made a fateful decision tonight. I just hope, for all our sake... it was the right one.


Revenge is such a tricky business. I find it rarely ends well, unless, of course, you're me. And now you get to spend eternity trapped in these waters.

(Strained) You may destroy me, but you'll always be a beast.

Well, I'm all right with that. You see, uh, this is the fun part.


Rumple! Stop! Please. For all that we've shared, let me tell you one thing before you go through with this.


All right, Belle, what is it?

I just want to tell you I-I have always known who you really are. And that's why I love you.


But I also know who I really am, and I can't let you hurt him. In fact, I command you not to.


Belle, you're making a big mistake.

Belle: Are you all right?

I will be.

What?! No!




(Horse grumbles)

(Door opens)

It's happened, Belle.

What has?

The eastern regions have been breached. Ogres are coming. It's war.

And you blame me.

Blame is not important now.

What I did was the right thing.

It was foolish and petulant!

No, no, I did what I had to to live with myself.

And now we're at war.

Has it occurred to you that our mistreatment of their young could have caused this conflict, not my act of mercy?

The reasons why no longer matter. What does is that we must do what it takes to save the kingdom.

(Sighs) I'm sorry, Father. I'm... sorry that it's come to this.

I'm sorry, too. Our army is no match for theirs.

What will we do?

Gaston's kingdom... Their army could give us a fighting chance.

You think... they would assist?

With the right bit of diplomacy, perhaps.

You want me (Scoffs)

He still wants your hand, Belle. It could end the war. You'd be our hero.

Belle. Has your father told you the good news? Our kingdoms will unite, and we will defeat this threat. And you will one day be sovereign over a land far greater than has ever existed. We will rule side-by-side... if you will be my queen.

I will.

What have I done? (Exhales sharply) I guess you were right. Darkness will always win.

I'm so sorry, Belle. I never wanted this to happen to you, but you saved me. You saved our child.

A-Actually, not so much. Sorry to break up this beautiful domestic scene, but your baby is still mine.

No, we had a deal. Gaston went in the sea.

I said I would break the contract if Gaston or Rumplestiltskin threw the other in the river. But since Belle did the deed... (Chuckling) what a-a fun surprise that was... no deal.

No. I will get my baby free of you, you monster!

Me? Well, you're the one who just doomed your ex-boyfriend to eternal torment.

Don't listen to him, Belle. He wanted this to happen.

Why? Why did you push me to this?

Uh, I have my reasons. Now, this.. is a beautiful flower... (Sniffs, sighs) imbued with my favorite scent... hopelessness.

Um, I didn't order anything.

It's close! Keep your eyes peeled. There.

Nice shot.

Wait, everybody stay back! That thing could still be alive!

Emma, stop! Don't kill it!

(Arrows clatter)

I think your dream was a vision. But it wasn't about saving me. It was about finding her.


Red. Red?