05x18 - Ruby Slippers

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

Come with me.

Searching for werewolves?

Helping someone else find their path will help you with yours.

You will see me again!


Enjoy Oz, Witch.

Regina: What happened between you and Hades?

Zelena: He fell in love with me.

Nice shot.

Snow: Red?

Snow: Is she okay?

Why is she down here?

She's not...

No, she's still breathing.

Well, how long do you think she'll be out?

I don't know. We hit her with some strong stuff.

Where has she been since she left Storybrooke?

I don't know. She went to find her pack.

Unless they're dead, I'd say she's sniffing in the wrong place.

Any explanation for what she's doing here?

Just this.


Over here. This way.

Right behind you.


(Breathing heavily)

What is it?

I lost the scent again.

Ruby, it's okay. We'll find your pack.

That's what you said yesterday and the day before.

It's late. Come on.

Tell me everything you know about this land.

There's supposed to be a lot of singing.


Well, there was in the movie.

I saw it in Storybrooke.

I think there was a book, too.

Ruby, this isn't a book or a movie.

Well, whatever it is, there's no trace of my pack's scent.

I don't think they were ever here to begin with.

Well, we better start looking for a way back to the Enchanted Forest.

(Sniffs) Wait.

(Creature snarling)

(Dog whimpers)

It's okay. (Chuckles)

I think I know who this little guy is.


Woman: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Toto only barks for one reason... when he has sniffed out a witch.

Who is it? Who's the witch?

He's not barking because I'm a witch.



Ruby, it's okay. You can tell her.

I'm... I'm part wolf.

But there's nothing to be scared of.



Wait, don't! Toto!

Why did you do that?


Well, let us help you.

You've done enough.

You're going the wrong way.

Now you're an expert on Oz.

No. But I can tell you... (Sniffs) he's headed northwest.

Straight into the wind.

Through a juniper field into a valley of pines.

(Sword sheathes)

Come on.

(Wind howling)


What is it?

The Wicked Witch. Let's go.


Would you prefer I send you chocolates next time?

If you're looking for a thank you, maybe you should write your name on the card next time.

I'm afraid I didn't come to woo you, Zelena.

I came to warn you.

About what?

You have a visitor from Oz.

What? Who?

Let's just say a werewolf crash-landed here... feisty, looks good in red.

Oh, no.

Oh, that's impossible, not after what I did to her.

Must have been quite (chuckles) well, wicked for her to chase you all the way down here.

Wicked doesn't begin to describe it.

Whatever goodwill I've earned with my sister will evaporate the minute she learns the truth of what I did to their friend.

I need to leave before they find me.

The Underworld? Easier said than done.

Need I remind you I'm very much alive.

And I have my own way home.

And you daughter... you're just gonna leave her down here?

No, she's why I'm leaving.

If I stay, if I face that wolf, I'm just gonna do something else that I'll regret.

And then Regina will never let me see her again.

You certainly won't get your daughter back by running.


Face them.

(Chuckles lightly)

Let me guess with you.

We make quite a team.

You can trust me, Zelena.

I'll give you everything you want.

Sorry, Hades, my time in the Underworld is over.


Do what you must.

But just know either way I'm gonna take care of that wolf.

(Exhales sharply)

(Door closes)

Stop torturing yourself, Belle.

No, I... I gave Gaston this book to teach him that a true hero needs to show his enemy compassion.


But in the moment that I could've shown him mercy, what, I send him to a fate worse than death.

Belle, you were trying to protect our child.

Yeah, and... and you know, if Hades had actually destroyed the contract, then maybe I could live with what I did.

But he found a loophole, and I darkened my soul, Rumple, just... just to save you.

And now we can free our child from Hades' grasp together.

No, I-I need to make this right on my own.

I leave it up to you, you'll just make me do something else I'll regret.

The Underworld?

I don't understand.

I used a tracking spell so the cyclone would bring me to Zelena.

Ruby, she's down here, too.

Wait, love, you came down here looking for Zelena?

Regina: (Sighs) Why am I not surprised?

What did my sister do now?

It's my friend, Dorothy.

Zelena wanted her magic slippers so that she could get back to her baby.

Ruby, what did Zelena do to your friend?

That's why I'm here. I don't know.

Dorothy went to face her and just disappeared.

Mulan and I looked everywhere, but we couldn't find her.

(Sighs) Snow, this is all my fault.

None of this would have happened if I hadn't show up in Oz.

It's just one more life that I have destroyed because of what I am.

That is not true, and you know it.

Ruby, we'll find out what happened to Dorothy. I promise.

Emma: There's only one way we're gonna do that.

It's time to talk to Zelena.

Regina: I'm coming.

I actually thought we were getting somewhere with her.

David. Will you do something while I'm gone?

Sure. What is it?

Well, we haven't...

Neal hasn't heard our voices in days, and I'm getting a little...

Yeah, me too.

I'll call him for the both of us.

Thank you. Oh, take Hook with you.

Streets aren't safe for anyone to be alone right now.

Yeah, I'll be careful.

Believe me, I will tell Neal the reason why his mother is not on the line...

'cause she's out doing what she does best, being a hero.

Hook: Careful, lad. Hades has eyes and ears everywhere.

We can't trust anyone here.

Is the line always this long?

It's not a line. Something's wrong. Hey!

What do you think you're doing?

What does it look like, darling?

I'm fulfilling my mayoral responsibilities by supervising some municipal improvements.

Get on with it, Claude. Rip it out.

No, no, no, no!

This is the only chance these people have to contact their loved ones.

Oh, you mean it's your only opportunity to reach out and haunt your infant son.

Looks like Chisel Chin, Jr. will just have to go to bed without what I can imagine are terribly dull bedtime stories.

Cruella, why are you doing this?

Is this because I won't write you back to life?

No, Henry darling.

I'm not the one that ordered all the phones to be ripped out down here.


Well, with all you heroes running around, the place he feels has a little too much hope bubbling up in his realm.

Well, you can tell him it's gonna take a lot more than ripping out phones to discourage us.

I will.

But in the meantime, if you wanted to strike a deal, I could look the other way while you made one last call.

I'm assuming I'd have the author and his pen to write me back to life.

We're not making deals with you.


Have it your way.

Do it, Claude.

Ta-ta, darlings.

Zelena: I'll come back for you when the time's right, my little sweet pea.

But for now, you're with the people that can give you what you need.

You're not going anywhere, sis.

(Sighs) How do you expect me to become mother material if you won't leave me be?

Well, we were planning on it until someone you screwed over literally dropped out of the sky.

What did you do to Dorothy?

Dorothy: It touched down right here.

Toto? Toto!

There's nothing here.

Or here.


Looking for me?

I see you picked up a few strays while I was gone.

Watch it, Zelena.

You really want to mess with us again?

You know you're not welcome in Oz anymore.

You think I want to be in this emerald-tinted dump?

I was banished here by your friends.

I'm sure they had good reason.

Of course. To keep me from my newborn baby.


It's the truth.

You see, Dorothy, you may have the love of Oz, but I have something better the love of my child.

She needs her mommy, so you're gonna take me straight back to her right now.

Where are my silver slippers?

You gave them to me, and I'm not going to give them back.

Well, then... maybe you'll think again when you see who I found sniffing through this rubble.


Toto. Don't you...

Your mutt for the slippers.

You've got until sundown tomorrow to decide which you prefer.


Regina: Zelena, tell us what you did to Dorothy.

Fight your instincts and help us.

It's the only way you'll ever see your little girl again.

Trust me.


I'm afraid I can't fix this.

Even I can't help Dorothy now.

Why not?


You killed her?

Not quite.

I took a page out of your book, Regina.

Sleeping curse.

You need to wake her up.

That's what I'm trying to tell you... I can't.

Dorothy may have the love of the people of Oz, but there's only one thing that could help her now.

True love's kiss.

No family, unmarried, unloved, all alone.

There's no one that can give Dorothy what she needs.

I'm afraid sometimes...

I'm just too clever.

It's a simple trade really.

The slippers for my daughter.

Regina: Really?

You think you're in a position to bargain with your own child?

You trapped Dorothy in an unbreakable curse.

I'm sorry if I'm good at what I do.

Stop hiding behind all that bluster.

You're not proud you're caught.


I get it.

You did a terrible thing, but just because you made one bad move... or 30...

Doesn't mean you can't make a good one now.


You can come back from this.

Trust me, I know.

(Chuckles lightly)

Think so?

Well, there's only one way to find out... if you try.



You can keep your pep talks.

I have no delusions that anything will change.

Not you, not me.

I hope they wake her.

And if you need me, I'll be right here.

We have to do something.

Dorothy is all alone back there.

She doesn't have anyone.

Not for long.

These can at least get you back to Oz.

How did you get her to hand those over to you?

You're not going to believe me, but all I did was ask.

What good are slippers if there is no one back in Oz that can give Dorothy true love's kiss?

Are you sure there isn't anyone?

Her family was awful to her.

And the only person that she has ever loved was her deceased Aunt Em.

She may still be here.

All we have to do is find her.

Ruby: This is the best shot we've got to get Toto back.

Are you sure it'll work on her?

(Sighs) Sleeping powder knocked Zelena out before.

It should again.

I just need one more ingredient to give it its kick.


I know exactly where we can get some.

I'm coming with you. Mulan, keep the cauldron going.

I can handle myself.

I wasn't asking permission.

(Owl hoots)

Either you're still mad at me or you don't like to talk.

You really want me to answer that?

Toto's more than a pet, isn't he?

You're right.

I don't like to talk.

Shouldn't I know what we're fighting for?


You want to know?

The first time I visited Oz, I was just a kid.

I wasn't here long, but when I went back to Kansas, I told my family what happened.

What? They didn't believe you?

They tried to have me committed.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

Showed me who my real family was... Aunt Em.

She believed me.

She kept me from getting locked up.

Is she still back in Kansas?

She died not long after that.

But just before she did, she gave me Toto.

He's all you have left of her.

He's the only one who understands me.

Don't worry. We're gonna get him back.

You know, I understand what it's like to feel like you don't belong anywhere.

Really, Wolfie?

Your family tried to have you committed?

No, my entire village ran me out of town.


With torches and pitchforks.

Because you're a wolf?

I didn't always know I was, and I certainly didn't back then.

I wasn't in control.

And one night, I accidentally... killed my boyfriend.



I lived on the run after that, and...

I eventually learned to control my power, made some friends along the way.

I ended up in a town called Storybrooke, but...

I still felt like there was something missing.

And you came to Oz looking for answers.

I came here looking for my pack.

I thought maybe they were what was missing, but... after searching for so long, I'm... not sure if they're the answer anymore.

What are you looking for?

I'm not sure.

Well, maybe that's the problem.

Come on. Field's up ahead.

(Thunder rumbles)

That's her. That's Auntie Em.

It's not cracked or tipped. She's still down here.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's find her.

It's not that simple.

If she's dead, she can't just leave the Underworld to give Dorothy true love's kiss.

Maybe she doesn't have to.

The other day, the Blind Witch bottled David's breath.

What? Why would she do that?

Yeah, well, she roasted children in her previous life.

Do we even want the answer to that?

The point is maybe we can do the same thing with the kiss from Aunt Em.

Ruby could use the slippers to deliver it Dorothy in Oz.

David: Snow! We've been looking everywhere for you.

What is it? Did you talk to Neal?

Hades ripped out the phone.

He's cut us off from Storybrooke.

What? Why?

Snow, Neal's fine.

Wait, no, we don't know that.

I mean, maybe Hades did this for a reason.

Maybe he's gonna make a move on Storybrooke now that we're trapped down here.

This is exactly what he wants for us all to lose hope.

Well, it's hard not to when our child's life might be in danger.

Mom, I think it's time.

For what?

For you to go home both of you.

We haven't completed our mission.

We haven't defeated Hades.

You've done more for me than you know and so many down here.

And I meant what I said... we came because we wanted to.

Because I needed you.

Now your other kid needs you more.

And Storybrooke might, too.

Well, what about Hades?

We don't even know how to begin to fight him yet.

Well, we'll just have to find a way to wage our war without the Charmings.

But this is the Underworld. We can't just walk out.

You can with the slippers.

Go to Oz with Ruby.

Once you help Dorothy, you can click your way back to Storybrooke.

Mom, Dad, you've done enough.

Go take care of the rest of our family.

I'm gonna be okay.

Regina: You all are forgetting something.

Hades carved Snow's name on a tombstone.

Emma, you couldn't take it off.

Even with the slippers, she can't leave.

I can't... but you can.

(Knock on door)

Belle. To what do I owe the honor?

Are you here to tear my crying baby from my arms again?

I need your help.


Please. I'm asking you as a mother.

And what makes you think Hades would listen to me?

I know that he's in love with you.


My sister's got an even bigger mouth than I thought.

Sorry, but Hades would never rip up one of his precious contracts even if I asked.

Please, Zelena, you know what it's like to have to lose a child.

Why come to me when you've got the Dark One on your side.

Yeah, can't really trust him right now.

So, you finally see the beast behind the man.

(Chuckles) Maybe you can understand why I'm not rushing to Hades with open arms.

Well, I don't think it's because of me and Rumple.

I think it's because you're scared.

Of the Lord of Death?



I just know the truth.

I'm never going to get my happy ending.

Not with Hades, not with my daughter, not with anyone.

How do you know that if you haven't tried?

Oh, I have tried.

(Scoffs) Look where I am.

(Chuckles) Drinking with the bookworm.

Oh, come on.

If I disgust you that much, maybe you should leave.



No, it's, uh... it's... it's not that.


It's just morning sickness.

You remember what that's like.

(Scoffs) Actually, I don't.

Not since the Dark Swan made sure my pregnancy lasted all of 10 minutes.


Hades, if... if he decides he wants my child now, he could speed up my pregnancy, too.

I'd love to say that he isn't capable of such a thing, but I can assure you he is.


And I... I thought that I had time on my side.

I guess I don't.


That's not necessarily true.

There may be a way.



Just that Auntie Em died in Kansas... no details, not a clue.

I can't believe it has to be me.

Snow should be home.

She should be with our boy. She should be going.

She missed this time with Emma, and now it's happening all over again.

We shouldn't be here.

I didn't...

No, no, no, you're right. You shouldn't be here.

I realized that I haven't said it yet, but thank you.

I didn't want Emma to do this, let alone drag everyone along.

Hey, we made our own choices.

Really? I didn't know you cared.

All right, I did it for Emma.

Ah, figured.

And I... (Sighs) guess you've grown on me a bit.



Well, I tend to have that effect on people.

All right, don't push it.

Look, your name's not on the headstone, mate.

You can go.

Ruby is your ticket out of here.

You have to take it.


I wish it didn't have to be like this, but you're right.

I just hope we can help Ruby.

Dorothy: The poppy field.

This is Zelena's territory.

We need to be careful.

I'm sorry.

For what?

Calling you "Wolfie."


If I had known...

No. It's okay.

I actually kind of like it. (Chuckles)

But I do think it's only fair that I get to give you a nickname, too.




How about "Kansas"?


All right, Wolfie, Kansas it is.


One sniff of that, and we'll be snoozing all night.



Zelena... she found us.

There's more on the way.

We'll never outrun them.

Well, sure we can.


Do you trust me?


(Screeching continues)





(Wolf howls)

What happened?

Zelena. We were almost monkey chow.



(Breathing heavily)

Are you okay?


Yeah, I'm just... tired.

Maybe it was all the poppies.

I'm gonna get some shut eye.


Sorry, no dogs allowed.

No one talks to me like that in my diner.

It's not yours, dear, not yet.

There's a tombstone in the cemetery... Emily Brown.

Why don't you make this easy and tell us where to find her?

What do I get out of it?

The wolf keeps her cloak on.

Unless you want to start putting your customers on the menu.


I know her.



I hate that Auntie Em.

Why's that?

She's the competition.

Auntie Em: Welcome to Auntie's. The potpies are my own family recipe, but we do a good roasted chicken, too. Rotisserie... any way you want. But the soup, well, the soup is to die for. Unless you're already dead. Then it's, uh... well, you know what I mean.

We're trying to help Dorothy.

You know my Dorothy?


She's not down here, is she?

No, she's alive, but she needs your help.

She needs true love's kiss.

All you need to do is blow a kiss into the bottle.

Maybe helping Dorothy is your unfinished business.

Maybe that's why you're down here.


What? What?

(Bottle shatters)

What's happening?

Emma, what did you do?

Can somebody help her?


I didn't do anything.

No! No!

Somebody do something.

(Breathing heavily)

What the hell was that?

I don't think the soup agreed with her.

You did this.

Mm. Guilty.

(Silverware clatters)

A little water from the River of Souls gives the soup a little something... special.

Why would you hurt her? She was just a sweet old lady.

Mm. Isn't it obvious?

Because you're trying to help her.

And Dorothy, who happens to be Zelena's sworn enemy.

Did she put you up to this?

Trust me, she has no idea I'm here.

This is about so much more than just your sister.

Let's call it a teachable moment.

You wouldn't be here unless you were scared we might actually win this fight.



Is that so, Savior?

Because I don't think Dorothy's dear old aunt (Chuckles) would agree with you.

Citizens of the Underworld, from now on, this is what happens to anyone who deals with these so-called heroes.

So, who's next in line for their help?


No? Mm.

It's hard to be a savior when no on wants you to save them.

(Crickets chirping)

I gave the vial of powder to Dorothy.

We attack at first light.



That doesn't sound like a very convincing battle cry.

Ruby, what's going on?

When we were on our trek, Dorothy asked me what I've been looking for this whole time.

And I told her that didn't know.

Well, do you?


I think...

I think that...

I've been looking for someone like her.

And I know we just met, but I have never felt like this about anyone before.

(Chuckles) That's great.

So, what's wrong?

You saw how she looked at me when I transformed.

She could barely bring herself to say anything.

Maybe she was feeling exactly what you were.

Maybe she didn't know how to put it into words.

Maybe she was just freaked out.

Maybe it was all too much for her.


Don't make the same mistake I did.

Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone how you feel.


You really think I should?

(Hinges creak)

(Footsteps approach)

There you are. Hey, it's not safe here.

What are we gonna do now, Snow?

What we always do... find a way to fix things.

But no one can wake Dorothy up now.

Well, I mean, I don't think that's entirely true.

Well, who else can give her true love's kiss?

I don't know. I don't know.

Maybe... you.


Ruby, you're my best friend.

I know you.

And I see how worried you are.

You can tell me.

You're right.

So, why are you standing here?

Why aren't you on the way to Oz?

True love is two-way street, and Dorothy I don't think feels the same.

Why? What makes you think that?

She kind of bailed on me back in Oz.


Love's... Love's a funny thing.

When I met Charming, I hit him in the face.

People in love hurt each other all the time.

Yeah, maybe. Maybe.


But, uh, it's just...


I've never been so scared about anything before.

That's a great sign 'cause love is freaking scary.

I'm about to say goodbye to David for what might be a really, really long time.

And you know why I'm okay with it?

Because what you get back when you love someone far outweighs the risk.

All right, I'll I'll try.


Whew. Ready.

Put these one.

Think of where you want to go.

Then click your heels three times.

David, you should take her hand and hold tight.

So, I guess this is goodbye.


We have done this before, we can do it again.

When you get home, tell Neal that I will be there as fast as I can.

Well, I was actually hoping that you could tell him that for me.

David, you know I can't leave.

Now you can.


I removed your name from the headstone.

Regina: Am I missing something?

Emma already tried that.

Yeah, and it didn't work.

Because you tried to erase the names.

The rule down here is simple... a life for a life.

So, I traded mine for yours.


No, no.

If one of us gets to go home and see our son, it should be you.

How did you know to do this?

Simple, love.

Hades overlooked one thing during my escape... he enchanted my hand to carve these markers in the first place.

I can't erase the names, but I can change them.

Come on. Our boy waits for you.

Um... I was ready for you to go.

No, it's better this way.

You can look after him, and if Storybrooke's in trouble, there's no better leader than Snow White.

You sure?

Go to our son.

Go home.

I'll be back before you know it.

Mom, I'm not very good at goodbyes.

I know. It runs in the family.

Snow, while you're up there, will look in on Roland for Robin Hood.

I know he'd want me to ask you that.

Of course. Tell him not to worry.



Let's go find Dorothy.


Hello, Hades.


Well, you're the last person I expected to show up here.

Little chat with the bookworm made me realize... maybe I haven't given you a fair chance.

Well, you're just in time to see this.

Auntie Em. Freshly bottled today.

All that trouble to punish one moldy old aunt.

Well, with the old lady gone, Dorothy has no one, and I know how much you hate that girl.

She came to my chamber.

She tried to make me take a nap.

So I did something much worse.


Dorothy's gonna be asleep forever.

What do you get out of it?

(Chuckles lightly)

Other than your happiness?

Hm, nothing.


(Chuckles lightly)

This was all for me?

I know this is hard for you to believe, but that's why I did it...

To show you it's possible to be selfless.

You're scared I'm going to disappoint you, aren't you?

(Exhales sharply)


(Chuckles lightly)

I think that's a chance I'm just going to have to take.

Let's start... by toasting to Dorothy's eternal slumber.

(Crickets chirping)

(Growls, barks)

What is it, Toto?




You found her.

I've been waiting for you to get back.

She's under...

A sleeping curse, I know.

Thank you for taking care of her.

I've had some experience with sort of thing.

Ruby, you can do this.




(Inhales deeply)





You left without saying anything.

I was afraid.

I couldn't lose you to Zelena.

Well, yeah, but I almost lost you.

You didn't.

You came back for me.

I always will.

(Both chuckle)



After what Hades did, we have to hit back and hard.

Aye, love, but how?


I thought you'd like to see the latest.

Grandma made it back to Storybrooke.

(Exhales sharply)

Thanks, kid.

Now let's go figure out how to join them.

What is it?

Snow... she made it.

(Door closes, bells jingle)

Belle, where have you been?

Trying to find a way to fix your mistake.

So have I.

Doing research... this is gonna take some time.

Which is exactly what we don't have.

Hades can take our baby whenever he wants to just like Emma did to Zelena.

Well, I won't let that happen.

I can't take the chance that you'll stop him in time, not when there's a way that I cause pause everything...

Even my pregnancy.

Where did you get that?

From Zelena, but don't worry.

The sleeping curse, it'll halt everything.


I can prick my finger quicker than you can stop me.

As long as I'm asleep, Hades can't take the baby, and you'll have all the time you need to destroy the contract.

Belle, you're only gonna make things worse.

I'm doing what I need to to protect our child.

There's only one way out of a sleeping curse...

True love's kiss.

I know.

You think this is gonna force me to become the man you want me to be?

To go back to the light just to wake you up?

My love, I already told you... I'm not that man.

No. I know.

You're not the one who's going to wake me, Rumple.

My father is.

Oh, no, Belle, please don't... don't...

After you destroy the contract, you do whatever it takes to get me back to him.


Oh, Belle.


Oh, no.

Belle, no.

(Exhales sharply)