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05x20 - Firebird
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Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

Zelena: You want to come with me to Storybrooke.

Hades: All I care about is the future were we... might be a family.

Cora: Your were sisters once. Just promise me you'll hold on to each other.

Regina: I think you have another love to find. Hades. Go to him.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Emma, Hook, David, Henry and Regina are by the fallen clock-tower. It's night time)

Emma: You told her what?

Regina: To give him a chance.

David: And you thought that was a good idea because?

Regina: (Looks at David) Because we're family. And I'm trying to trust Zelena. She thinks she can change Hades.

Hook: I'm sorry, luv, I missed the part where Zelena changed.

Regina: You'd think the ex-pirate with a rum habit would cut my sister some slack.

Hook: Well, you'd think that the Evil Queen would be smarter than to send the Wicked Witch to romance the most devious man alive.

Emma: Easy, guys. We're not gonna win the war against Hades if we use all our ammo on each other.

Hades: (Walking towards them) The Savior has a point.

Hook: What the hell are you doing here?

Emma: Get behind me, kid. (Pushes Henry behind her)

Hades: Oh, I didn't find you to hurt you. I came for your... (Sighs) Wow, this is hard. Help.

David: What could you possibly want our help with?

Hades: Simple. I went to meet Zelena for our date and found this. (Holds a piece of parchment up)

Regina: (Steps forward and takes it. Opens and reads it) No. (Hands the parchment to Emma)

Emma: (Reads it) Zelena, she's been kidnapped by Gold and Pan.

Hades: They're asking for a meeting tomorrow morning.

Emma: Gold wants you to tear up the contract for his unborn child.

Regina: So, do it. I just got my sister back. I'm not going to lose her now.

Hades: Neither will I. I'll give them what they want, but I know the Stiltskins and their tricks. They're not gonna keep their word. Not unless I have an ace up my sleeve.

Regina: Luckily for you, you got one.

Hades: I'm sorry. You've been Zelena's doting sister for all of what, three hours? No.

Regina: Who's going to be more motivated than me?

Hades: (Turns to face Emma) Emma.

Emma: What? Why?

Hades: If Zelena gets out of this alive, I'm prepared to offer you a deal.

Hook: Don't trust a word he says, Emma.

Regina: Now I agree with the pirate.

Hades: You and I both know your family wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. If you help me save her, I'll take everyone's names off their headstones.

Emma: So we can leave the Underworld.

Hades: So, what do you say, Savior? Do you want to send your family home or not?

[ Maine - Past - 2009 ]

(Emma parks her yellow bug in a free spot in front of the same bar/grill that August took her to in season 1. The scene then flicks to her at the counter, holding an article about her being found as a baby, as she talks to the woman behind the counter)

Emma: (Hands the woman the article) So, I just thought I'd ask on the off chance if there's someone still working here who remembers that baby being brought in.

(A woman joins the line behind Emma and appears to be keeping an eye on Emma)

Woman: 26 years ago? We can't keep a cook for six weeks.

Emma: Maybe, like, a long-time customer.

Woman: The food ain't good enough for that kind of loyalty. Sorry, honey, but you're not gonna find anyone here who remembers this.

Emma: (Takes her food and walks round to the sitting area. She sits alone and looks back at the article)

Cleo: (Walks over to Emma's table) Tough break, kid.

Emma: (Looks up at surprised) What?

Cleo: (Sits down) Heard what you were asking. You a reporter or something?

Emma: No, nothing like that.

Cleo: You're the baby, aren't you? From the article... you're the baby, right? Intuition. Mine's usually pretty good. And I'm sorry. It's hard not being able to find your family.

Emma: (Stands up) It's just a dead end. I've had a lot of those. So, thanks for your concern, 'but I got this.

Cleo: Can I say one more thing based on my intuition?

Emma: Okay.

Cleo: I look at you... young, pretty...

Emma: Okay.

Cleo: And I see someone who now... stop me if I'm wrong, but... someone who stole money from a couple convenience stores in Phoenix, got arrested, and took off on her bail.

(Emma suddenly takes off an a run, and Cleo follows her calmly. Emma doges a moving car, gets into her bug and attempts to pull away, but her wheels screech instead. She opens her door to discover they have been booted.)

Cleo: Well, hello there.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Hades hangs a sign in the door of the Underworld Granny's, stating the diner is closed until further notice. He then shuts the blinds)

Hades: Show yourself.

(Gold and Peter Pan poof into the diner, Peter Pan holding onto Zelena. Hades turns to face them)

Peter Pan: Glad to see you followed instructions and came alone.

Hades: Zelena.

Zelena: I tried to stop them, but... (Holds up her left hand which has the magic blocking cuff on)

Hades: It's not your fault, it's theirs.

Gold: Oh, is that so? Because we wouldn't be here if you'd ripped up that contract when I asked you to.

Hades: (Magically produces the contract) You didn't have leverage.

Gold: And now I do. So, you stand there and don't move except to rip up that contract. Then you get the witch.

Hades: (Rips up the contract) There. Now give her back.

Gold: Oh, you can have her back.

Peter Pan: But we didn't say anything about her heart, did we? You see, my body is ready to walk the earth again. Except for one thing. A living heart. So, if you don't mind. (Raises his hand)

Zelena: My heart has got a protection spell on it.

Peter Pan: You may be good at magic, but we're better.

(Peter Pan goes to remove Zelena's heart, but he is suddenly blasted back by a white jet of magic from Emma, who has entered through the back),

Emma: (Walks towards Hades) You sure about that?

Hades: I was beginning to think you couldn't get in.

Emma: Locks don't bother me much. He ripped up the contract like you wanted, so leave.

Peter Pan: Since when does the Savior answer to the king of Death?

Emma: Since he's the one getting my family home.

Gold: You picked the wrong team to back, Ms. Swan. You won't get what you want from him.

Emma: Really? Because you just did, which is making me wonder why you're still here.

Gold: Yeah, I suppose you have a point. (Poofs away)

Peter Pan: Rumple.

Zelena: Looks like your little boy only came for what he wanted.

Emma: I don't think you're gonna be that lucky.

Peter Pan: (Scoffs, lets go of Zelena and poofs away also)

Hades: Zelena. (Walks up to her and removes the cuff) Are you all right?

Zelena: You tore up that contract for me. I didn't think you'd do it.

Hades: When will you believe I'd do anything for you?

Zelena: (Chuckles) I think I'm getting there.

(They share a true love's kiss and Hades gasps as his heart re-starts)

Zelena: Is that?

Hades: My heart. It's beating. (They kiss again, but are interrupted by a rumble)

Emma: What the hell was that?

Hades: (Exhales deeply) My banishment. It's over. I can finally leave this place for good. (Sighs) Very soon, at the cemetery, there will be a fully formed portal back to Storybrooke, but it will close at sunset.

Emma: First things first. I held up my end of the deal. Now it's your turn. We're going home through that portal, too. All of us.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Emma, Hook, David, Regina, Henry, Zelena and Hades are at the graveyard, where the fallen clock-tower has now appeared. The hands continuously tick)

David: How'd it get here?

Emma: The hands are moving. Is that a good sign or a bad one?

Hades: It's a great one if you want to leave. When those hands spin fast enough in about an hour, it'll turn into an open portal back.

Regina: Which we can't go through because of those. (Indicates to the graves) So, let's get on with it.

Hades: Gladly. (Magically removes all their names from the graves) There. As promised. You're no longer tied to this realm.

Zelena: I told you love could change him.

Hook: I don't buy it. A man can't change that quickly.

Emma: (Stands in front of Hook) We're free to go through the portal when it opens, which means it's time to split my heart so you can leave with us.

Hook: (Smiles) Aye, luv.

Emma: (Turns to Regina) Do it.

(Regina takes Emma's heart, and Emma groans in pain. Regina splits the heart in two, hands Emma half and Emma attempts to put it in Hook's chest, but instead it doesn't work and she falls to the ground in pain. Hook steadies Emma, whilst Regina takes the other half and puts the heart back together)

David: Emma.

Henry: Mom!

Emma: (Gasps) Why didn't it work?

Hook: (Angry and looks at Hades) I told you we couldn't trust him.

Hades: That wasn't me. I'm afraid there are laws of nature beyond even my control.

David: No, it should work. I died. My wife's heart brought me back.

Hades: How long were you dead?

David: A minute or so, maybe less.

Hades: Ah. I didn't think I recalled you entering this realm. Your soul never left your body. That's why it worked for you.

Emma: (Holding onto Hook) So Hook's been down here too long?

Hades: And his body's rotting away up there. Even if your soul could return to it, I doubt either of you could stomach the smell.

Hook: Well, Emma, it appears you have to return without me.

Emma: There has to be another way.

Hook: Emma, please.

Emma: You're telling me no one's gone to the Underworld and brought someone back? (Realizes it has happened before when Hades doesn't say anything) They have. Who? Who did? How?

Hades: It was a long time ago, and it was a rumor. There's no proof it actually worked.

Emma: Tell me everything.

[ Maine - Past - 2009 ]

(Cleo is handcuffing Emma to the bed so she can't escape)

Cleo: Sorry about this, but I'm gonna go take a shower now.

Emma: You gonna shower in that jacket? You probably sleep in that thing, too, huh?

Cleo: Funny. Sit tight, watch some cartoons. I'll be right back. (Hands Emma the remote, before walking into the bathroom, closing the door and water can b heard running moments later)

Emma: (Switches on the television, before finding a pin to unlock her handcuffs. She sneaks into the small dining area, and opens Cleo's purse, where she finds money and a picture of a young girl) Sorry, Tasha. But I think your mom will survive. (Goes to leave, but notices that a program which finds people has been left open on Cleo's computer is open)

Cleo: (Comes out of the bathroom and notices that Emma is missing) Oh. (Runs back into the bathroom, grabs her jacket and runs to the dining room to leave, but sees Emma)

Emma: (Turns to face her) Do you guys all get this special search thing? Oh, I dated a guy once who's good at picking locks.

Cleo: You could've left.

Emma: The Hancock County Courthouse has a file on me. I didn't know that. They could know something. They could know the name of the boy who brought me in. There... there could've been a note with me that was dropped into the file, something, anything. You could take me there.

Cleo: Why would I do that?

Emma: Because I can get out of handcuffs, and you'll have to track me down in every city and every hotel all the way across the country. Look, if you help me with this, I'll go quietly all the way to Phoenix. I just want some answers.

Cleo: You want to know where you come from.

Emma: (Nods)

Cleo: Courthouse opens at 9:00 tomorrow.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Emma, Hook, David, Henry, Regina and Zelena are with Hades in his private chambers. They are looking at myth that could help Hook and Emma)

Hades: Orpheus and Eurydice. (Hands Henry the book)

Henry: I know this myth. She died, and he followed her to the Underworld to get her back.

Hades: These are the only two souls who ever escaped my realm.

David: How? I thought you said that broke the laws of nature.

Hades: Orpheus helped Eurydice escape by feeding her ambrosia, the food of the gods.

Regina: And where exactly do you get some of that? 'Cause I don't recall seeing it on the menu at the Blind Witch's.

(The scene switches to the group, who are now in the library, looking at the same elevator Emma and Regina tried to break into in 5x17. Hades removes the wall they couldn't, and reveals the shaft)

Emma: (Holding Killian's hook) An elevator? I'm the Savior. I've got magic.

Hades: And I'm the Lord of the Underworld. That should tell you something. The ambrosia, it's powerful, and like a petty spoiled child, it wants all the power for itself. Everything else is shut down below. There's no hopping in and out in a puff of smoke. This is the only way, and once you're down there, you're on your own.

Emma: (Steps forward) And then what? We're knee deep in a field of ambrosia? Can't be that easy.

Hades: I'm not really sure. Even I've never ventured that far down.

Hook: So we're going to the one place in hell where even the devil is afraid to go.

Zelena: Not hell and not the devil.

Hades: And not because I'm afraid. There's a test to ensure that only those who are worthy of eating ambrosia can reach it, and it will require offering up your heart for judgment.

Emma: Without magic, how am I gonna take out my own...

Hades: (Cuts Emma off and takes her heart again) You're not. (Places her heart in a bag and holds it out to Emma) My gift to you. Take good care of it.

Emma: (Takes the bag) Let's have this be the last time we do this today, okay?

Hades: Just trying to help.

Emma: So, failing this test has, what, fatal consequences?

Hades: One would think.

Hook: (Gently turns Emma so she is facing him) You don't have to do this, Swan.

Emma: And you didn't have to sacrifice your life to save all of us from the Dark Ones. We're going.

David: We'll be right here waiting for you.

Emma: Regina...

Regina: I know the drill. If you're not back by sunset...

Emma: (Interrupts) Everybody leaves, promise me.

Regina: You'll be back.

Henry: (Steps forward) I love you, Mom.

Emma: (Hugs him) I love you, too, kid.

(Emma pulls back from the hug and looks at Hook, who nods. She then walks to the elevator and Hook follows her in, shutting the gate, before they start to go down)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(In the pawn shop, Gold enters the back of the shop to where Belle is sleeping under the curse. He attempts to waken her with true love's kiss, but it fails. He then hears a whoosh noise and walks back into the main part of the shop, where Peter Pan is standing)

Peter Pan: She may not accept you for who you are, but I will. Despite your rude abandonment of me earlier.

Gold: Touching, Papa. Yes, abandonment hurts, doesn't it? But with the contract gone, I only care about one thing... Getting Belle home so her father can wake her.

Peter Pan: I'd love to help you make the journey. But that's going to be quite difficult since I didn't get the heart you promised me.

Gold: (Laughs) Oh, there's the man I remember. Always thinking about what's in it for himself.

Peter Pan: (Chuckles) There's something in it for you, too. (Magically produces a black box) Pandora's Box. You can keep her safe in here in exchange for a heart. Otherwise, you both might lose out and miss that portal home. Opening soon, but only till sunset. So, do we have a deal? Tick, tock.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Regina, Henry, David, Hades and Zelena are still in the library, waiting for Hook and Emma to come back)

Henry: (Sighs) We can't just sit around waiting for them to get back.

Regina: We don't have a choice, Henry. The minute Emma and Hook get off this elevator, we're going straight through that portal.

Henry: What about Operation Firebird? We can't leave the Underworld without helping the people trapped here.

Regina: They were trapped here because of Hades. Who, fortunately for them, will no longer be a resident.

Hades: She's right. The Underworld will function as it was meant to... A place for people to deal with their unfinished business without anyone getting in their way.

Henry: Yeah. But a lot of the people down here don't even know what their unfinished business is. But maybe as the author, I can tell them.

(The door opens, and Robin Hood enters, carrying baby Hood)

Robin Hood: What's going on?

David: Great. You got our message.

Robin Hood: (Points at Zelena and Hades) What are they doing here?

Zelena: Hello to you, too. Are you just gonna stand there, or are you gonna let our darling daughter see her mommy?

Robin Hood: Regina.

Regina: It's okay, Robin. As hard as this is to believe, they're actually helping us.

Hades: We both want the same thing... To leave this place.

David: It's true. He took our names off the tombstones. We can leave.

Robin Hood: Well, then what are we still doing here?

Zelena: Boy Scout's got a point. We could take the baby to the cemetery now and then all walk through as soon as it opens.

David: Not without Emma and Hook.

Regina: And Henry's right. We can still help people. Robin, take the baby to the portal.

Robin Hood: No. I'm not leaving you in this place. He may be playing nice, but there's still plenty of people down here that have a grudge against you.

Regina: Okay, then give the baby to Zelena.

Robin Hood: Are you mad?

Regina: We can trust her.

Robin Hood: Maybe you can.

Regina: Trust me. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think it's what's best for your daughter.

Robin Hood: (Kisses Baby Hood's head, before passing her to Zelena)

Zelena: (Stops in front of Regina) Thank you. (Hugs her)

(Zelena and Hades leave the library and Regina approaches Robin)

Regina: Are you okay?

Robin Hood: (Sighs) I just... I need a moment. (Goes behind a couple of bookshelves and tries to compose himself and he stiffens when he hears the floor creak) Who's there? (Turns around to face Gold)

Gold: It's just me, Dearie. Don't worry. You'll remember none of this. (Takes Robin's heart)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(The elevator slowly comes to a jerky stop at the bottom. Emma's arm is linked through Hook's, and they try to stay stable)

Hook: Bloody hell. You all right, luv?

Emma: Looks like this is our stop.

(Hook opens the gate for them, and they both step out. Emma switches on her torch and they begin to make their way through the dark tunnel)

[ Maine - Past - 2009 ]

(Emma and Cleo are inside the courthouse, as they wait for Emma's track records to be examined)

Emma: How long could this take? You take a file out of the drawer, you hand it over. How hard is that? Maybe I can motivate them to speed up. (Stands up and walks to the desk)

Cleo: Armor.

Emma: What?

Cleo: My jacket, the one you like to ridicule. It's my armor.

Emma: What are you talking about?

Cleo: (Stands beside Emma) You're not thinking clearly. You're emotional. It's what keeps getting you in trouble. Can I give you a piece of advice? You got to learn how to protect yourself. Look, whatever we find here, that ain't gonna be the end all be all. Find your armor.

Clerk: (Walks out with Emma's file) Miss, I have your file.

Emma: (Takes the file) It's too thin. (Opens it and sees the article) It's the same damn article.

Cleo: (Picks up another sheet of paper) There's something on the boy who brought you in. Looks like he ran away and fell out of the system.

Emma: The inventory of what I came in with. (Looks sad)

Cleo: (Pats her back) I'm sorry.

Emma: Something's missing. Can you just take another look?

Clerk: That's all there is.

Emma: Just look again.

Clerk: Miss...

Emma: Okay, you know what? I can look.


Emma: (Tries to go behind the counter, but Cleo stops her)

Clerk: Step back or I'll have to call security.

Emma: (Shouting) I can just look through the file!

Cleo: Emma, It's a dead end.

Emma: You saw that folder. Things could fall out of the folder and other things.

Cleo: Come on, you're grasping at straws.

Emma: Straws are all I have! That's it! That's... straws are it.

Cleo: (Places her hands on Emma's arms) Calm down. You said you would go quietly if we did this. We gave a day, we did it, now let's go, come on.

Emma: I'm not giving up.

Cleo: Maybe you should. But don't do it because we had a deal. Do it for yourself. Go back to Phoenix and start again, looking front ways this time. Once you've paid the price for everything you've done, you can start building a new life.

Emma: You just want to drag my ass back to Arizona so you can get the money for bringing me in.

Cleo: I didn't have to give up a whole damn day to do this for you, did I? I kept my word, now you're gonna keep yours. Hate me all you want, but tomorrow, we are going back to Phoenix. Do you understand?

Emma: I understand.

Cleo: Come on, kid. It's Arizona. (Starts walking away) It's not hell.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Regina, Robin, and Henry are now out the front of the library. Henry is using his power as the author to help the residents of the Underworld learn what their unfinished business is)

Henry: (Finishes writing Stealthy's page and hands it to him) Here you go, Stealthy, your unfinished business.

Stealthy: (Scans his page) Oh, wow. I hadn't realized how much resentment I held against Bashful. Thank you. And, um, when you get back, can you tell my brothers I miss them?

Henry: I will. Y-you know, Leroy... Grumpy... he talks about you a lot.

Stealthy: (Smiles and walks away)

David: (Exits the library)

Henry: Any sign of Mom and Hook?

David: No, but we still have some time before the portal even opens.

Cruella De Vil: Don't count on it! (Walking towards them angrily, pushing the people aside) That's right, vermin. Scatter! (Stops in front of them)

Regina: Sorry, Cruella, but I don't think your unfinished business is going to take you to any place you'd like.

Cruella De Vil: Oh, I'm not here to collect my story. I want to stay in this marvelous realm. You see, with Hades departing, the Underworld is going to need a new ruler.

David: You?

Cruella De Vil: (Chuckles) It's the only upside to your daughter sentencing me to this fate. But the job would be meaningless without a citizenry to torment.

David: Cruella, we're not gonna let you harm these people.

Cruella De Vil: Oh, you think I'm just going to keep them here? Oh, no. I'm going to keep all of you here. It's only fair, considering it was your son who refused to write me back to life, and you, you dissolved my James, the best toy in the whole playpen.

Regina: I'm still waiting to hear how you're going to stop us from leaving, Fuzzy. Because all your magic can do is make a dog roll over and beg.

Cruella De Vil: True. I don't have the magic to keep you all penned in here.

Blind Witch: (Appears beside Cruella) But I do. (Uses her magic to open the library doors, and force the four into it, before locking them in)

David: (Goes to try and open the doors)

Regina: Out of the way, David. (Creates a fireball) You forced my hand, kid eater! (She throws her fireball, but it fails to open the door)

Robin Hood: Regina!

Regina: What the hell?

Cruella De Vil: That's right. No one's getting out before sunset when the portal closes, and then no one's getting out.

Blind Witch: Consider it payback, Regina! For tricking those children into burning me in my own oven.

Cruella De Vil: Ta-ta! Oh, it's going to be a nice eternity after all. At least for us. (Chuckles)

(The Blind Witch and Cruella walk off together)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Emma and Hook finally make it out of the tunnel. They come across a stone table with brass scales on. Emma attempts to read the writing, but doesn't understand the Greek ruins)

Emma: The instructions couldn't be in English?

Hook: (Reads it with ease) "Only a heart filled with true love can pass."

Emma: (Looks at him in surprise) Seriously?

Hook: You'd be surprised what they teach you in the Royal Navy. The only question is, what the bloody hell does it mean?

Emma: I think I know. I think I have to weigh my heart to see if my love for you is true. (Looks at Hook) What?

Hook: Are you saying that what we share is...

Emma: Well, we're about to find out.

Hook: I know you love me. But true love is the rarest magic of all. Are you certain?

Emma: I mean, honestly, I'm not sure, but who could be? We have to try.

Hook: Why can you only admit how you feel when one of us is facing certain death?

Emma: I don't know. (Half chuckles and half sighs) I guess my armor's been on for such a long time that I... sometimes I forget I don't need it with you. (Smiles at him)

Hook: (Chuckles)

Emma: (Removes her heart from the bag) Here goes.

(Hook takes a step back and Emma slowly places her heart on the scales and steps back also. They stand looking at the scale and nothing happens.)

Hook: It didn't bloody work.

Emma: (Suddenly lets out a sharp and pained gasp)

Hook: (Tries to catch her as she falls to the ground in pain) Emma, what's wrong?

Emma: (Struggling to speak from the pain) The pedestal. Get my heart off.

Hook: (Goes to take her heart off, but is suddenly engulfed by flames) Aah!

Emma: Killian. Killian!

Hook: Get your heart! Aah!

(Emma looks between Hook and her heart for a few moments, before suddenly running and tackling Hook, removing him from the fire. They fall to the ground, with Emma half on top of Hook, breathing heavily. The door to the Ambrosia tree opens and they look up in surprise)

Emma: What the hell is that?

Hook: It's true love. (They both look at one another and he smiles) Emma, you chose me. That was the test.

(Emma smiles at him as well, before they move to sit up)

[ Maine - Past - 2009 ]

(It's the middle of the night and Emma is watching Cleo to make sure she is really asleep, before she puts her glasses on and carefully gets out of bed. The scene then changes to Emma opening the drawer in the courthouse, looking for her file. Just as she goes to open her file, she hears a door creak, and she grabs a blunt weapon. She hides behind a wall as footsteps approach. Emma then jumps out and comes face to face with Cleo)

Emma: Oh, God! Geez. Cleo, you scared the hell out of me.

Cleo: (Grabs the tool from Emma) What are you doing?

Emma: I know we had a deal, but I can't...

Cleo: Yes, you can, and you will.

Emma: You want your bail money that bad? Did you call security? (She is slapped across the face). Ow!

Cleo: Do you think a security guard is gonna show up and ask to see my license and give me my money?

Emma: Damn it.

Cleo: All they're gonna see is two moron criminals on government property asking to get shot.

Emma: Then why are you here?

Cleo: Look, I'm sure that your parents had reasons they gave you up, okay? But you finding out, what good is that gonna do you? They would want you to focus on what you've got now.

Emma: How do you know what my parents would want?

Cleo: Because I know things, and sometimes you would do yourself some good listening to me. Emma, look what I'm risking being here. Come on, let's go.

(They go to leave, but police sirens come from outside.)

Man: This is the police!

Cleo: Okay, come on. Damn it. (Starts running and Emma follows her)

Man: Come out with your hands over your head!

Cleo: Stand back. (Kicks a window open)

(The police enter the building)

Police Officer: I'll get your back.

(Cleo continues to smash the glass, and the sirens continue to grow. Cleo jumps from the window and Emma follows her, before they take off on a run)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Hook and Emma run into the Ambrosia chamber, and see that all the fruit is dead and the tree has been cut.)

Emma: No. (Picks up an Ambrosia and it turns to dust) The ambrosia are dead.

Hook: And have been for some time. (Touches the trunk)

Emma: Someone cut it.

Hook: Not somebody. Hades. I knew we couldn't trust him.

Emma: Of course we couldn't.

Hook: Hades probably did this ages ago when Orpheus and Eurydice used them to escape.

Emma: Then why lie to us? Why send us after dead fruit?

Hook: Because he doesn't want us coming with him to Storybrooke.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(David, Henry, Robin and Regina are still trapped inside library. David is trying to get out by the window, whilst Regina looks like she is contemplating something)

Regina: I don't get it. The Blind Witch's spells are always half-baked.

Robin Hood: Unless this isn't her spell.

Regina: Hades. He wants us trapped in here.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Zelena and Hades are in the graveyard waiting for the portal to open. Zelena is holding Baby Hood. The portal opens)

Hades: It's open now, but it won't stay open much longer... 15 minutes tops.

Zelena: (Looks behind her) They should've been here by now.

Hades: I don't know what's keeping them, but we can't wait. (The ground shakes) Zelena, we don't have time.

Zelena: I can't leave my sister here.

Hades: We've done everything we can for your friends. They're heroes. They'll get here in time.

Zelena: Do you really think so?

Hades: (Scoffs) Without me in their way, what could possibly stop them?

Zelena: All right, then. Let's go.

(Hades helps Zelena through the portal, before following her)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Gold enters the pawn shop were Peter Pan is waiting for him)

Peter Pan: Where have you been? We're running out of time.

Gold: Still can't bring yourself to trust little Rumple, can you, Papa?

Peter Pan: You always were a touchy boy. (Rumbling) I take it that means it's not going to be open much longer.

Gold: (Peers in at the heart in the pouch)

Peter Pan: Shall we?

Gold: Not quite yet. Timing is everything. Have patience, Papa.

(The rumbling continues and Pan looks around slightly nervously.)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Emma and Hook are still in the chamber. Emma is on her hands and knees looking for anything from the Ambrosia tree that could save Hook)

Emma: There must be seeds or clippings or something we could use to help save you.

Hook: Hades tricked us into coming down here. There's no telling what he's done to your family, or what he'll do if he reaches Storybrooke.

(As Emma stands a strong rumbling comes, knocking them both off balance.)

Hook: We need to get out of here.

Emma: Not without the ambrosia. It's the only way we can...

Hook: We'll find another way up, I promise. But we have to go.

(They both turn and run out of the chamber)

[ Maine - Past - 2009 ]

(Emma and Cleo are running down an alleyway. The sirens can still be heard. Cleo grunts and collapses against a wall. Her hand is covered in blood)

Cleo: (In pain) Ohh!

Emma: Blood. I didn't hear a shot.

Cleo: It's not a shot. (Groans and leans against the wall, with a shard of glass stuck in her stomach)

Emma: (Bends down next to her) Glass from the window. I'm so sorry. I didn't... (Looks in the direction of the wailing sirens) An ambulance. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be fine.

Cleo: It's not an ambulance. That's the cops. Don't get caught here.

Emma: They'll be able to help you. And I'll call your family.

Cleo: I have no family.

Emma: Your little girl. I saw the picture.

Cleo: She has no idea who I am.

Emma: What?

Cleo: I took that 10 years ago from across the street.

Emma: You gave her up. Just like I was.

Cleo: You're holding on too tight. Emma, let go. Let go. (Dies)

(The sirens stop and the doors open. Emma stands up and looks in the direction of where the noise is coming from.)

Man: Over here! We got blood! And they went this way!

Emma: (Exhales sharply before running away)

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Emma and Hook are holding hands as they run back down the tunnel and towards the elevator. Emma goes to pull him in, but he lets go of her hand and stops)

Emma: Come on, we don't have that much time before the portal closes. (Turns to face him) What?

Hook: (Looks sad and tries to smile) I'm not going up with you. I never was. We're never gonna find anything up there to save me.

Emma: But you said...

Hook: It was the only way I could get you to leave that chamber.

Emma: No. Killian, I came to the Underworld to save you. I'm not going back without you. (Tries to pull him into the elevator again)

Hook: (Doesn't budge) I'm afraid we don't have that choice, luv. Look. I just want to say my goodbyes down here without everyone watching. (Sadly smiles)

Emma: (Tearing up) No.

Hook: We've already had more time than we were ever meant to.

Emma: That's not true.

Hook: We both know it is. You should have let me go in Camelot. Don't make that mistake again.

Emma: I just... (Voice breaking) I don't know how to say goodbye.

Hook: Well, then don't. (Inhales shallowly, steps forward and places his hand on her cheek) Just promise me one thing. If I helped take off that armor, don't... put it back on just because you're gonna lose me. (Has tears falling from his eyes and pulls her gently against him)

Emma: (Crying as well) I promise. (Sobs quietly and pulls back) But then you have to promise me something, too. Don't let me be your unfinished business. Move on from here. Don't wait for me to show up.

Hook: Aye, luv. I think I can manage that.

(They look at one another for a few moments, before Hook gently guides her into the elevator and pulls down the gate. Emma stops him halfway, both still crying)

Hook: I love you. (Moves towards her)

Emma: (Crying) I love you, too.

(They kiss passionately, holding one another tightly. Hook is the one to break away and he gives her a small smile and shuts the gate all the way. Emma grabs onto his hand as the elevator slowly begins to take her up. She continues to look at him as he steps forward and kisses her hand three times. They both try to grab onto one another's hand again, but she's too high. Emma slowly disappears from his sight, and he continues to look up, a tear rolling down his cheek)

[ Boston - Past - 2010 ]

(Emma is sat in her yellow bug on a busy street. She is on the phone to someone as she flicks through a file)

Emma: Yes, sir, I'm on the trail. You'll have your skip by tonight, and then the next one... yeah, no, I know. I know it's a trial period, but you'll see I've got this. I can do it. Okay. (Sees a girl walk past her car) Oh, I got to go. Bye. (Hangs up the phone, gets out of the car with the file and follows the young girl into the shop) Hi.

Tasha: Hi. Can I help you?

Emma: Maybe. (Hands her the photo that Cleo kept of her in her purse)

Tasha: Where did you get this?

Emma: So, it's you?

Tasha: Uh...

Emma: Tasha Morris?

Tasha: I've never seen this picture before, but yeah, that looks like me. Am I in some kind of trouble?

Emma: (Smiles sadly) Here's the thing. I... knew your birth mother, Cleo Fox.

Tasha: Oh. Oh, my God.

Emma: (Places the file, which turns out to be Cleo's in front of Tasha) I collected everything I could find about her. I have access to some records from work. I just thought... you might want to know where you came from.

Tasha: (Happy) Is... is she looking for me?

Emma: (Tears up) She's...

Tasha: (Smile fades) Oh.

Emma: I'm sorry.

Tasha: Thanks.

Emma: (Goes to leave)

Tasha: Hey. Thank you so much.

Emma: (Chuckles sadly. She goes to leave, but the red leather jacket catches her eye) Hey. Could you ring this up for me?

Tasha: Yeah, of course.

Emma: (Takes the red jacket and puts it on) I got to get to work.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Emma is in the elevator as it comes up to the top. She is still visibly upset. The doors open and she lifts the gate and steps out. David, Henry, Robin and Regina turn to face her, surprised)

Henry: Mom.

Emma: (Voice breaks and she hugs him) Henry.

David: Emma, where's Hook?

Emma: I'll explain later. We have to hurry to get to the thing.

Regina: We can't. The Blind Witch cast a spell trapping us here.

Emma: Let me guess, she got it from Hades. This whole thing has been a setup to keep us trapped in the Underworld.

David: You mean, the ambrosia...

Emma: It wasn't there.

Henry: So, Hook... he... he can't leave?

Emma: He can move on. But he wanted to make sure that we all got out even if he couldn't.

Regina: Well, then, let's give him his wish.

Emma: Yeah.

(Emma and Regina use their magic and manage to blast open the library doors)

Henry: You did it.

David: Come on, it's getting late.

Emma: Let's get out of here.

Henry: (Grabs his backpack, and picks up the book with all the finished loose pages. He sets it down in plain sight) People will find them.

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Pan and Gold are still in the pawn shop)

Peter Pan: It's nearly time. We should go. We don't want to miss our ticket home.

Gold: (Pulls out the heart) Now... are you ready?

Peter Pan: Yes. Thank you, son.

Gold: Pleasure's all mine, Papa. (Pushes the heart into Pan's chest)

Peter Pan: (Pants in pain and leans on Gold for support) Wait, something... wait, something's wrong.

Gold: Does it feel different than you remembered?

Peter Pan: (Coughs) What's happening? What did you do?

Gold: That wasn't really Robin Hood's heart I put inside you. I knew you or your shadow could be watching. Whilst you were otherwise distracted, I returned Robin's heart to him.

Peter Pan: What did you put in me?

Gold: (Chuckles) A wine-skin I glamoured, filled with water... from the River of Souls.

Peter Pan: No. Why?

Gold: Villains don't get happy endings, Papa. And I'm here to make sure you never get yours.

(Gold pushes Pan to the floor. After a few more moments of panting in pain, Pan begins to slowly disappear and turn into water which floats away)

Gold: Goodbye, Papa. For good this time.

(Gold picks up Pandora's box and makes his way back to where a sleeping Belle lays. He unlocks Pandora's Box and Belle disappears in a cloud of red smoke, being transported into the box).

[ Underworld - Present ]

(Gold walks towards the portal and climbs through. Moments later, Emma, David, Henry, Robin and Regina run towards it)

Emma: The portal, it's closing! Henry! Hurry! Hurry! Go!

(Henry, Regina and Robin climb through the portal. As David goes to go through, he notices that Emma has stopped and is taking a step in the direction they just came from)

David: Emma. (Sighs) I'm sorry there wasn't some other way.

Emma: When I bought this jacket, it was meant to be armor to protect me from getting hurt by those I love. But now it's just a reminder that I have to protect those I love. (Voice breaking) Nothing's more important.

David: You did your best for Hook.

Emma: I don't know. Did I? All I know is, I can't lose anyone else. Let's go.

(David goes through the portal. Emma pauses once more to look at the Underworld, her mind clearly on Hook, before turns and goes through the portal. The portal closes, and the clock hands stop on 8:15, before ticking)

[ End of Episode ]

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