06x03 - The Other Shoe

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

Regina: I killed you.

Evil Queen: Did you really think it would be that easy?

Evil Queen: How do you like your gift?

David: I should have known it came from you.

Emma: The tremors, they come with visions.

Emma: People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just got to punch back, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.

Rumplestiltskin: Do we have a deal?

Hyde: You have to ask yourself... Is helping them exactly what causes your story to end?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Hospital basement.


Regina: Give it to me.

(Severe Nurse gives Regina a covered platter.)

David: You're sure about this?

Mary Margaret: You don't need Hyde's help. You have us. Fighting the Evil Queen is kind of what we do best.

Regina: No offense, but this is not the Evil Queen you remember. I crushed her heart, and somehow she's still alive. How is that possible?

Mary Margaret: I... I don't know.

Regina: I'm betting Hyde does.

David: And you think that's gonna make him talk?

Regina: Compared to the cup of noodles Nurse Ratched serves, my lasagna... is fit for a king.

(Mr. Hyde's cell is filled with fancy furniture and classical music plays from a record player.)

David: What the hell is all that?

(Soft classical music plays)


Regina: The Evil Queen.

Mr. Hyde: Yes, and from the looks of that, great minds really do think alike. Hmm. It's too bad she got here first with a better menu.

Regina: What did she want?

Mr. Hyde: The same thing as you... information. I told her a great deal about my friends, but now... I'm sated. So the price of information has gone up.

(Mr. Hyde holds out his shackled hands.)

Mr. Hyde: Oh, it's hard to try to stay one step ahead of yourself.


Mr. Hyde: Isn't it, Regina?

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Granny's.

(Indistinct conversations)

(Bell jingles)

(Bell jingles)

Henry: Just finished signing in the last of the newcomers. I had everyone write down who they were traveling with so we can add up who's still out there.

Emma: Huh.

Hook: Clever boy.

Cinderella: Emma! Hi!

Emma: Ashley, hi! Hey, Alexandra! How are you? You guys want to sit down and join us?

Cinderella: Oh, no, thank you. Thomas is just getting us some food to go, and I don't want to take up your time. I know you're busy, but with all these new people, I just... I thought that I should help somehow, and since I'm running the daycare, I figured why not offer them free babysitting. Anyway, I was hoping to maybe get a look at that list just to see who brought kids.

Hook: Well, if you can understand these scribbles, then be our guest.

Cinderella: Great.

Henry: Someone new. Mom, want to come help?

Emma: That's what I do, kid. I'll be right back.

Henry: Excuse me, miss.

Cinderella: Hey, would you mind distracting Alexandra while I take a look at this?

Hook: I have no idea w...

Hook: What's your doggy's name? Hey. You have to tell me about your doggy. What?

(Alexandra babbles)

Hook: Whoop! Blblblblblblblb! Ruff, ruff, ruff!

(Emma looks over to see Hook with whipped cream on the end of his nose, attempting to entertain the small child.)

Hook: That's quite the little charmer you've got there.

Cinderella: Yeah, thanks to Emma. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have any of this. What about the two of you, anyway? Any chance of a fairy-tale ending?

Hook: Uh, we're taking things slow. Quite slow, actually. I'm still sleeping on a cot on a pirate ship near a pregnant woman who likes to snore.

Cinderella: I have a good feeling about you and Emma. Believe me... if I can get a happy ending, anyone can.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Before the first curse. Manor.

Lady Tremaine: Ella. Are you done cleaning yet?

Cinderella: Not yet. I'm trying.

Lady Tremaine: You're failing.

Cinderella: I don't see your daughters lifting a finger.

Lady Tremaine: If your father had left me with money for a proper staff, I wouldn't ask you to do such things. But unfortunately for both of us, he only left me with you.

Clorinda: Out of the way, Ella! We have a guest!

Jacob: Good afternoon. I come with an invitation to the Royal Ball.

Lady Tremaine: And who in the world are you? We were expecting the Prince's butler.

Jacob: I'm the Prince's footman. But I can assure you the invitation is as good from my humble hands.

Clorinda: "Humble" is one word for it. "Filthy" would be another.

Lady Tremaine: Girls, I've scraped and fought your whole lives for this... an invitation to the Royal Ball... and a chance to dig your claws into a prince.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Before the first curse. Manor attic. Lady Tremaine looks through a chest of dresses.

Lady Tremaine: No. Not this one. No, not that one. I suppose I'll have to sell the porcelain and buy you something new for the ball.


Cinderella: Do you think... maybe I could go?

Clorinda: (Scoffs) You? And what would you wear? Your best rags?


Cinderella: I do have one dress. It was my mother's favorite gown.

Lady Tremaine: Let me see that. Wretched. Clorinda.

Cinderella: No! No!

(Clorinda throws Ella's dress in the fire.)


Cinderella: No!

(Ella receives her soot covered dress from the furnace.)

Second sister: Oh, don't cry, Ella. They're just cinders.

Clorinda: Oh, cinders on Ella. Cinder-Ella.


Clorinda: It's perfect! Cinderella.


Lady Tremaine: Come. We have a ball to attend.


(Gus squeaking)

Cinderella: Hello, Gus.

(Gus squeaking)

(A key drops out of Ella's mother's dress.)

Cinderella: That's funny. Mother used to tell me stories of a key exactly like this. She said that it was magic... that it could take you to another world... and you escape all your troubles. It's the Land of Untold Stories.

(Gus squeaks)

Cinderella: It's too bad there's no such thing as magic.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Archie's office.

Emma: Archie! Oh.

(Archie is in session with Grumpy.)

Emma: Sorry. I can come back later.

Anna: Oh, no need. Um, we were just wrapping up.

Grumpy: Wrapping up? I paid for an hour. We haven't even gotten to the work stuff. I mean, I'm stuck toiling in the mines and Dopey goes off and gets his master's degree? Now I got to pick up his slack? He's flirting with coeds.

Emma: I thought Dopey was a tree.

Grumpy: No, we got him out weeks ago.

Emma: Really?

Grumpy: Yeah. You think we sit around waiting for you to do everything?

Archie: (Sighs) Um, y-you want to sit down?

Emma: No.

Archie: Last time you were here, you were worried about Regina.

Emma: I don't want to talk about Regina.

Archie: But you want to talk about something. Okay, well, that's good. That's... that's progress. Go on.

Emma: You know that I'm not a jealous person.

Archie: But?

Emma: But... seeing Ashley today with her perfectly happy family...

Archie: Made you jealous. Because... because you're not happy?

Emma: No, because I am happy and I know it's going away... that vision of my future. My number is up. And every time I think about it, then that thing happens, and my magic goes away.

Archie: The mind has a profound effect on the body. Whenever I get nervous, I get hives.

Emma: My magic doesn't have hives. My magic is failing!

(Emma flops over the back of Archie's couch.)

Archie: (Sighs) Okay. Um... let's just say it is, okay? Is that a reason to stop striving for what you want? Emma, any day, I-I could walk out that door and I could get hit by a bus, but that hasn't stopped me from walking out the door.

Emma: This is not about a bus. It's very hard to keep this secret from my family. Like Hook and me, we should be living together. He wants to, I want to. Hook's waiting for me to ask him.

Archie: So why don't you?

Emma: Because he deserves a future and I can't give that to him. I feel like a fraud. This happiness is an illusion. I went and fought for everybody else's happy endings, and then... I don't get mine.

Archie: Emma, maybe it's not about how you end things. Maybe it's about how you live them.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Main street.

Prince Thomas: Emma!

Emma: Thomas, you all right?

Prince Thomas: It's Ashley. I went to drop Alex home, and she wasn't there, but I found this.

Emma: "Clorinda was on the newcomer list. "She's in Storybrooke, and I have to find her before it's too late"?

Prince Thomas: Clorinda was, uh, well, uh, I guess you'd call her the evil stepsister.

Emma: Do you think she's gonna hurt Ashley?

Prince Thomas: More like the other way around. My hunting rifle is missing.

Emma: Wait. You think that Cinderella's gonna kill her stepsister?

Prince Thomas: Some scars don't heal, you know? Where are you going?

Emma: To find her.

Prince Thomas: How?

Emma: The way you find Cinderella.

(Emma magics a shoe into her hand.)

Emma: With her shoe.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Dirigible crash site.

(Liquid bubbling)

Regina: So, your little science experiment can really tell us why the Evil Queen is still alive and how to destroy her?

Dr. Jekyll: It's a possibility if I can re-create the serum that split you.

(Dr. Jekyll's potion fizzes but he looks disappointed.)

Dr. Jekyll: Sorry. I need my lab, my equipment. It's a world away.

David: Well, in this world, we don't give up so easily. Come on, there's got to be something else inside we can use.

(David and Dr. Jekyll run into the dirigible.)

Regina: He's as useless as his other half.

Mary Margaret: Regina, he's trying to help.

Regina: I know. I'm just... I'm sick of being one step behind her.

Mary Margaret: So get a step ahead. She thinks like you. Try thinking like her.

Regina: Fine. I used to be good at this.

(Breathes deeply)

Regina: When you want to tear families apart, you... you look for the cracks that are already there. Like Zelena and me. I have to talk to my sister.

(Regina walks off, and David comes back with a box of equipment.)

David: Hey. We will find a way to defeat the Evil Queen. We always do.

Mary Margaret: Is this our life now... just defeat and repeat? I just want things to be normal someday.

David: What does normal even look like?

Mary Margaret: Well... (Chuckles) it might sound crazy, but for 28 years, things were normal.

David: When we were cursed?

Mary Margaret: There was a downside.


Mary Margaret: I liked teaching.

David: That was Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret: And why can't a princess be a teacher? What's more noble than that? I'd like to teach again. Is that crazy?

David: That... is the most normal thing I've heard in a long time.

(David kisses Mary Margaret reassuringly.)

David: What?

Mary Margaret: I think I have a way to help Jekyll.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Main street. Hook and Henry are sword fighting with sticks.

Hook: Oh. (Chuckles) Swan, see that parry? Think he's finally getting the hang of it.

Emma: Uh, yeah. What are you doing here, Henry?

Henry: Hook told me you two were going to find Ashley. I thought I could help.

Emma: Was this your idea? Some sort of a weird "pirate teaches him how to be a man" thing?

Hook: No, this was all his idea. He said it was a... well, what did you call it? Mother-son bonding.

Hook: Ah, yes.

Emma: All right. Operation Cobra Part Two. Every shoe belongs to a foot. And this one will take us right to her.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Before the first curse. Ballroom.

(Indistinct conversations)

Cinderella: Look at this, Gus. Isn't it amazing? Whatever I owe Rumplestiltskin for, it is worth it.

Gus: I hope so. I've heard other mice tell terrible tales about him.

Cinderella: Well... whatever else he might be, for tonight, he's my fairy godmother. Father. (Laughing) Whatever. Thanks to him, I have this dress, glass slippers... and all... this.

Cinderella: It's free cheese. Go. (Laughing) Have fun.


Snow White: Oh!

Cinderella: I am so sorry! Did I tear your dress? If I did, I'll sew it up myself!

Snow White: It's okay. Really, it's okay. I'm Snow White.

Cinderella: Ella.

Snow White: Nice to meet you, Ella.

Cinderella: I feel terrible about your dress.

Snow White: Don't. I stopped worrying about dresses a long time ago. I'm not your typical princess. But I get the feeling neither are you.

Cinderella: Oh, no, I'm not. I'm not a princess at all. I'm just an ordinary girl playing dress-up for a night.

Snow White: Well, I don't think you're ordinary. And apparently, neither does he.

Cinderella: Is that...? The Prince.

Snow White: Don't worry. They're not all as stuffy as you think.

Cinderella: You think he could be charming?

Snow White: Oh, that name's taken. (Whispering) Go.

Prince Thomas: It appears Princess Snow wants us to converse.

Cinderella: Yeah, she thought you were...

Prince Thomas: Staring? Was it that obvious?

(Both chuckle)

Prince Thomas: Then I apologize. But I could tell there was something different about you, and that was before I saw those glass shoes of yours. Wherever did you get them?

Cinderella: You wouldn't believe me if I told.

Prince Thomas: A girl with mystery. I like that.


Prince Thomas: But can you dance in them?

Cinderella: I can try.

Prince Thomas: Would it be too bold if I asked your name?

Cinderella: I thought you liked a mystery.

Prince Thomas: Then a mystery it shall be. The girl with the glass slippers. You're not from this world, are you?

Cinderella: Is that bad?

Prince Thomas: It's wonderful.


Prince Thomas: If you'll excuse me, I have a quick piece of business, but I'll return. Don't go anywhere.

(Speaking indistinctly)


(Ella watches as Prince Thomas hands Clorinda a rose from a platter presented by a servant.)

Clorinda: Oh. Thank you. I'm so excited.

Lady Tremaine: Do you know who they're laughing at? They're laughing at you. Do you really think he would choose you over her?

Cinderella: But he... but he danced with me.

Lady Tremaine: He was making fun of you, dear. You're so obviously a serving girl. Look at that garish blue dress. He made you into a joke. And everyone here knew it. Except you.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Gold's shop.

(Bell jingles)

Mr. Gold: Hello, Sheriff. Thought you would be on patrol right now.

David: Where'd you get this?

(David puts the coin the Evil Queen handed to him on the counter.)

David: This was my father's coin. I need to know if his death was really an accident. So, what do you say we skip right to the part where you offer me a deal?

Mr. Gold: Well, I do like candor. Almost as much as I like deals. So... yes, the coin was mine for a time. And lucky for you... I'm a stickler for records. Here we are.

David: Name your price.

Mr. Gold: Now you're talking. But I must warn you, the more desperate the man, the higher the price, and you seem... quite desperate. So I'll have to ask you. How badly do you want a deal?

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Before the first curse. Manor attic.

(Gus squeaks)

Cinderella: Gus, what are you doing? Right! Mother's key. She said it was magic. Maybe...

(Ella opens the wardrobe with the key and a portal opens. Clorinda walks in.)


Clorinda: What are you doing?

Cinderella: I'm leaving.

Clorinda: No! You can't leave.

Cinderella: What do you care?! When you marry the Prince, you won't need me anymore.

Clorinda: No, no, no, you have got this all wrong. The Prince loves you.

Cinderella: What?

Clorinda: You're the girl in the glass slipper. He's out there right now searching the entire kingdom for you.

Cinderella: You're making fun of me again. I saw him give you that rose.

Clorinda: It's because I'm getting married, but not to the Prince. To his footman, Jacob. The Prince was only passing along a message.

Cinderella: The footman? But... you were so cruel to him.

Clorinda: Mother would never let me marry a footman. And so I... put on an act. Like I've done most of my life. I am so sorry, Ella. For everything. But we have both been her prisoner. And tonight, I can finally escape.

Cinderella: Where are you going?

Clorinda: I'm going to meet Jacob at the guard tower at the Prince's castle, and we are gonna ride far away and start a little farm together.

Cinderella: (Chuckles)

Clorinda: And I am never coming back.

Cinderella: You know your mother will hunt you down wherever you go. I have an idea.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Docks.

(The shoe appears by magic and Cinderella points her rifle at it, then at the heros racing in.)

Emma: Ashley! What are you doing?!

Cinderella: Go away!

Emma: We're your friends. Why are you threatening us?

Cinderella: Look, I don't want to hurt you. There's just something I have to do just as soon as I figure out where my sister's hidden herself.

Emma: We cannot let you hurt her.

Cinderella: Hurt her? No, you've got it all wrong. I'm not trying to hurt Clorinda. I'm trying to help her.

Henry: Why? She's your wicked stepsister.

Cinderella: You don't know the real story. In the end, Clorinda wasn't the wicked sister. I was.

Emma: So you did something bad. We've done a lot of bad things. A long time ago, I told you if people saw you a certain way, you had to punch back and show them who you are. If you see yourself a certain way, punch back and see yourself differently. You can change. You can fix this. Whatever it is, I will help you.

Cinderella: No, but that's the thing. You just said it. I have to throw the punch. That's why I came out here alone. You can't do it for me this time. Do you know how it feels when you know all your happiness is a lie?

Emma: Yeah. I do.

(Emma's hand starts twitching.)

Hook: Swan? Swan, stop her! Use your magic!

Emma: I can't.

Hook: Hey.

Emma: I'm sorry. I can't.

Hook: Hey. It's okay.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Zelena's house.

Regina: I just need to know if the Evil Queen was here.

Zelena: Shh! You're gonna wake Robin.

Regina: That rattle.

(Robin coos)

Regina: She was here!

Zelena: (Sighs) Okay, fine. She was here.

Regina: Well, you have to give that back.

Zelena: Our mother's rattle? The only family heirloom I have?

Regina: There are strings attached.

Zelena: I'm a big girl. Stop judging me.

Regina: I'm not trying to judge you. I am trying to save you.

Zelena: Save me? You're the one that needed saving so badly, you ripped yourself in half. So if you're gonna blame anyone here, blame yourself.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Docks.

Hook: It's still happening. I thought the Cricket was helping you.

Emma: I thought so, too.

Evil Queen: Having a little trouble with your magic?

Henry: Stay away from my mom.

Evil Queen: Henry. Now, is that any way to speak to your real mother?

Henry: You're not my mother.

Evil Queen: Well, sure I am. I raised you. I helped you with your homework. I packed your lunches. Regina and I may have split, but I am as much your mother as she is. Now stop slouching. Posture is self-respect, and if you don't have it, no one else will give it to you.

Emma: Henry, hey. Don't listen to her.

Evil Queen: Says the woman who was never around.

Emma: You're right. I was never around, and I owned that. You're just the worst part of Regina.

Evil Queen: Am I? Or am I the part that is honest about myself? You see, Regina never had her happy ending because she's never been strong enough to let her story run its course. I won't make that mistake, mnh-mnh, for myself... or our new arrivals.

Emma: What about those people? What do you want with them?

Evil Queen: Patience. You just wait until those untold stories play out. But here's a little spoiler. Cinderella's story won't end well.

Emma: Why would you want to hurt Ashley?

Evil Queen: I don't. I want to hurt you. I want you to see how pointless you are.

Emma: I saved her once. I'll save her again.

Evil Queen: Oh, that's the tragic thing about being a savior. You have to keep saving people. But once you're off the chessboard... everything falls apart. All those happy endings turn to dust, and your entire life means... nothing. Let me show you what it feels like.


SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Country road.

Hook: Where the hell are we?

Emma: She took us off the chessboard.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Jolly Roger's cabin.

(Knock on door)

David: (Chuckles)

Belle: David, hi. Come in. Do you, uh... want to sit down?

David: Oh, no, no, no, no, thanks. I'll... I'll stand.

Belle: What, uh... what brings you here?

David: Nothing much. I have something for you. From your husband.

(David holds up a cassette tape.)

David: I have no idea what it says. I'm just the messenger.

Belle: You? A messenger? What did you need from him?

David: He has information about my father. About his death.

Belle: And you had to make a deal to get it? Sounds like my husband.

(Belle takes the tape.)

Belle: There. You can, uh... you can say I took it. And I'm sorry. I'm sure it must not have been easy growing up without your father.

David: It was. Of course, it wasn't easy when he was there, either. Drunk and sad. (Chuckles)

Belle: Mm. I guess it's hard to say which is worse for some fathers.

David: Gone. It was worse having him gone.

Belle: Fathers and sons. It's hard for you, I think. 'Cause no matter what the damage to the relationship, you need each other.

David: Hmm.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Country road.

Emma: Ashley was my first save. You take that away, then what? Everything I've done can be undone?

Hook: By the Evil Queen? No, no, no. My Emma's too strong for that. Look, we can worry about the big picture later. Right now the little picture's saying that we have to go, magic or no magic.

Emma: Go where? Back to where Ashley left us? She's not there. She's charging into who knows what, and if the Evil Queen wants it to play out, it's not good.

Henry: Then we figure out where she's headed next. You didn't used to have magic and you found people.

Hook: He's right. Just imagine that you're back in your old life as a bails bonds-person... woman. How did you find people then?

Emma: Try to think like the skip thinks and get inside their head. Why are they running? What is their story? Who do they love?

Henry: Their story. Ashley said she was trying to help her stepsister, uh, Camilla?

Emma: Calinda?

Hook: Ca... uh.

Emma: Calinda.

Hook: Callista.

Emma: I thought it was Calinda.

Henry: It's Clorinda. Ashley blames herself for her not getting her happy ending. If the book says what her ending was supposed to be, then that's a clue we need. Yes! It's in here. Look.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Before the first curse. Manor attic.

Lady Tremaine: Clorinda, where are you?

Cinderella: What's going on?

Lady Tremaine: Clorinda. She's run off with the footman!

(Slams cane)

Cinderella: I-I don't know where she's gone, but... but maybe it won't matter. The Prince is looking for me. He liked me. You know, maybe if I married well, Clorinda could do whatever she wanted.

Lady Tremaine: The Prince isn't gonna marry you. He isn't even gonna recognize you.

Cinderella: Of course he'll recognize me.

Lady Tremaine: Officially? Will the people officially recognize you? You look like a trash bin and have the education of my cat. Of course, if you had proof... it would be hard to deny you.

(Lady Tremaine uses her cane end to scoop up the glass slipper.)

Lady Tremaine: Look what we have here.

Cinderella: Okay. Okay. You want to know where Clorinda is. I get it! But the shoe isn't that important.

Lady Tremaine: Oh, yes, it is. It's your proof. It's crucial. Now, where's my daughter?

Cinderella: The guard tower!

(Lady Tremaine chuckles as she drops the glass shoe, which shatters.)

Cinderella: No!


Lady Tremaine: Careful in here. Glass can cut.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Peter Peter's pumpkin patch.

Clorinda: It's been a long time.

Cinderella: Clorinda. I've been searching everywhere, and then I realized you might figure to come here. You're hurt. I am so sorry. This is all my fault, but I'm going to fix our story. I just hope that someday you can forgive me.

(Ella unties Clorinda's bandage, but her leg isn't wounded.)

Clorinda: I can't. And neither can she.

(Lady Tremaine cocks her gun)

Lady Tremaine: It's too late for that, Cinderella.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Before the first curse. Manor attic.

Cinderella: Let me out!

(Horse whinnies)

(Prince Thomas and Snow White approach the house in a carriage.)

(Horse whinnies)

(Bell rings)

Prince Thomas: No one's here.

Snow White: I may be a princess, but I know how to track. This is where she came.

Cinderella: Hey! I'm up here!

(Gus squeaking)

Cinderella: I'm here!

Prince Thomas: Then she must be gone. Let's keep looking.

(Gus squeaking)

(Snow looks down to see a mouse climbing into the carriage.)

(Gus squeaking)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Present time. Manor attic.

Snow White: Told ya!

Prince Thomas: It is you. Why did you run away?

Cinderella: I'm so sorry about that, and just... and everything. I never should've even come to the ball. I didn't... I didn't mean to mislead you. And... and she broke it, so there's... there's no proof, and... and I totally understand if your people want you to go with someone else...

Prince Thomas: Why would they want someone else?

Cinderella: Because I'm no one.

Prince Thomas: Nonsense. I know you have a name.

Cinderella: Ella.

Prince Thomas: Well, if you'll allow me, I'd like to change that. To Princess Ella.

(Prince Thomas gets down on one knee.)


Prince Thomas: Will you?

Cinderella: Y-Yeah. (Chuckling) Yes, of course!

(Both chuckle)


Prince Thomas: Thank you, Princess Snow. Now, let's go to the palace. I'll wake the royal glass blower. You need new shoes.

Cinderella: That sounds lovely. But there's something I need to fix first.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Before the first curse. Guard tower.

Jacob: A key?

Clorinda: It's magic. It makes any door lead to the Land of Untold Stories. It would pause our lives, but we could be together.

Jacob: To the Land of Untold Stories.

Clorinda: Mm-hmm.

(Lady Tremaine knocks Jacob out with her cane.)

Clorinda: (Gasps) No! No! No!

Lady Tremaine: "No"?

Clorinda: You'll kill him!

Lady Tremaine: But, darling, that's the idea.

Cinderella: Stop! Get away from her!

Clorinda: Cinderella. You told her where we'd be? You filthy little rat.

Cinderella: I'm sorry, but look. Thomas found me. We're engaged.

Clorinda: And you came here to what? To rub it in our faces?

Cinderella: No.

Lady Tremaine: This is so unfair. I've pulled myself through life for 50 years now, and every year I keep pulling, and when it's finally my turn to rest, this girl who I've carried like a... like a scab on my soul, she gets it all and I get nothing? No.

Clorinda: Mother, what are you doing?

Lady Tremaine: I'm pausing. Perhaps when the world makes sense again, I'll come back and get what's owed to me. And you, my dear, you are coming with me. The footman can find someone at his own level.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Peter Peter's pumpkin patch.

Cinderella: Clorinda, listen to me.

Clorinda: Quiet.

Cinderella: I was trying to help you and Jacob find your happiness back in the Enchanted Forest, and maybe you could get that here.

Clorinda: Jacob? He's here?

Cinderella: He's been in Storybrooke the whole time. Isn't... that why you came here to his farm?

Lady Tremaine: True enough. And here's the man himself.

Clorinda: Jacob!

Lady Tremaine: This little patch of filth is his. See, I discovered my own fairy godmother here... the Evil Queen. She's helping me find the missing pieces of my betrayal. Time to finish an old job.

(Lady Tremaine points her gun at Jacob.)

Clorinda: Leave him alone! Ella, you said you would fix this!

Cinderella: Stop, please.

Lady Tremaine: No. I wanted to be the one taken care of for once.

Cinderella: You're in pain. Okay? But you don't get to put that off on Clorinda or Jacob! She's paid enough!

(Ella steps in front of the gun.)

Jacob: No!

Lady Tremaine: You really think I won't shoot you? I suppose you're right. This is a coward's weapon, anyway. Not nearly personal enough.

(Lady Tremaine drops the gun and stabs Ella with her cane.)

Lady Tremaine: (Grunts)

Cinderella: Oh!

Emma: Ashley! Oh! Thank God we found you.

(Lady Tremaine goes for her gun, but Hook restrains her.)

Hook: No.

Emma: This needs magic.

Henry: Mom. You can do it.

(Emma's hand shakes, but she eventually is able to use magic to heal Ella.)

Cinderella: (Gasping)

Cinderella: I am so sorry for what I did.

Clorinda: It's all right.

Hook: You did it, Swan.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. A car with the license plate "THE DOCTOR".

Mary Margaret: Here we are.

(Mary Margaret opens the garage door, revealing a chemistry lab.)

Mary Margaret: Told you I could help you, Doctor.

Dr. Jekyll: Oh, my, yes. This is exactly what I need.

Regina: Just whose garage are we in, anyhow?

Dr. Whale: That would be mine. Please, help yourself to any of the equipment, but, um, steer clear of the refrigerator. It's not food in there.

Regina: (Clears throat) Whale.

Dr. Whale: Whale? Whale is my curse name, Dr. Jekyll. I did most of my best work as Frankenstein.

Dr. Jekyll: Oh, yes. It's an honor, Doctor. An honor. Uh, we must begin at once.

Mary Margaret: Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Frankenstein. You know what that sounds like?

Regina: The world's scariest-sounding pediatrician's office.

Mary Margaret: (Chuckles) That and a really first-rate high-school science faculty. I mean, after we're done, we could have all this equipment moved to the classrooms, could put these guys to work teaching. It's all part of getting this town back to normal.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Peter Peter's pumpkin patch. Lady Tremaine, in an orange jumpsuit, picks up trash with her cane.

Grumpy: Put some back into it, sister.

Hook: She really was brave... Ashley.

Emma: Putting love before life.

Hook: Exactly.

Emma: Move in with me.

Hook: What?

Emma: Move in with me. I know everything in life is uncertain, but sometimes you have to walk out the door and hope there's not a bus.

Hook: (Chuckles)

Emma: I mean... I have a closet full of red jackets. I feel like I could make some space for some black leather.

Hook: Well, when you put it like that, then I would love to move in with you.

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Mary Margaret's apartment.

Mary Margaret: You're still up? What's going on?

David: Yeah. I have this... Gold gave me this. It's about the coin. A shepherd... found it in the wreckage of a cart.

Mary Margaret: (Sighs) Your father. What a terrible reminder. I'm sorry.

David: There's more to it. This man, my father, he'd been stabbed. He wasn't killed in the accident. He wasn't drunk.

Mary Margaret: That's good news. He didn't betray you. He kept his word.

David: That means his killer could still be out there.

Mary Margaret: Don't do this. Don't think about who did it. Just let it go. Let us live our lives. I'll teach, you'll be sheriff.

David: Isn't this what a sheriff does?

Mary Margaret: No, no, no. What you're contemplating is vengeance, not justice, and we don't need vengeance. We have this town and our daughter and our son who really needs you. It may not be epic, but it is the most important thing you will ever do, and it won't happen if you're off seeking revenge for some decades-old crime.

David: Being there for Neal... how could that not be epic? Of course it's where I want to be.

Mary Margaret: Good. Come to bed.

David: You know what? I'm just gonna burn this. That way I don't even have to think about it.

(David goes to burn it in the candle, but ends up blowing out the candle while Mary Margaret isn't looking.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Jolly Roger's cabin.

(Belle plays the cassette tape.)

Mr. Gold: This is for our little child. A little verse I like.
Sleep well, my bairnie, sleep.
The lang, lang shadows creep.
The fairies play in the munelicht brae,
an' the stars are on the deep.
The bogie man's awa',
the dancers rise an fa',
an' the howlet's cry
frae the bour-tree high comes
through the mossy shaw.
Sleep well, my bairnie, sleep.
The lang, lang shadows creep.
The fairies play on the munelicht brae,
an' the stars are on the deep.

(Mr. Gold walks the dock alongside the Jolly Roger.)

SCENE: Storybrooke. Present time. Hospital basement.

(Classic music plays)

(Music stops)

Regina: It's not fair. Even now the Savior wins.

Mr. Hyde: Yes, but for how long?

Regina: Don't tell me to be patient. Right now, your pathetic half is working on a way to destroy me.

Mr. Hyde: My sympathies.

Regina: I'm not asking for your sympathy.

Mr. Hyde: No, you're asking for my help.

(Chains rattling)

Mr. Hyde: And that's a tall order to fill... from inside this cell, milady.

Regina: Well, in that case. Let's take a walk.