01x09 - True North

–[Real World]–

(Henry is in a convenience store by the comic books. He’s flipping through one when a girl, who is roughly Henry’s age, approaches him.)

Ava: Whatcha reading?

Henry: The Hulk versus Wolverine.

Ava: I’m Ava. I think I’ve seen you around school. You’re in Miss Blanchard’s class, right?

(Henry nods. Another boy close to their age walks up to Ava.)

Nicholas: Almost ready, Ava?

Ava: This is my brother, Nicholas.

Nicholas: Hi. Come on – let’s go.

Ava: You want to come hang out?

Henry: Sure!

(The three go to leave the store, but are stopped by the owner.)

Mr. Clark: Where the hell do you think you’re going? Open up your bag.

Henry: What?

Mr. Clark: Don’t think I didn’t see you rob me. Open your bag.

Henry: I didn’t take anything.

(Mr. Clark takes Henry’s bag and looks through it. He pulls out a fistful of candy.)

Mr. Clark: And a liar, too.

Henry: That’s why you were talking to me. So your brother could put that stuff in there.

Mr. Clark: Henry… I’m shocked. And you two – just who do you think you are?

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(In the forest, a man is hacking at a tree with an axe until he manages to topple it. Gretel and Hansel appear from behind another tree.)

Father: Ah! A fine specimen. The wood it provides will keep our family’s hearth warm this winter.

Gretel: Can’t I have an axe?

Father: Huh?

Gretel: You did say you wanted me here so I could help.

Father: That I did. So, here’s your task – take the cart, go fill it with kindling. The drier the better.

Gretel: Okay.

Father: And have your brother accompany you.

Gretel: Okay.

(Gretel picks up the end of the cart and goes to leave.)

Father: Wait!

(The Father removes the compass from around his neck and places it over Gretel’s head.)

Father: Take this.

Gretel: Your compass?

Father: So you don’t get lost. A family always needs to be able to find one another.

Gretel: Yeah.

Father: Okay. Go. Be safe.

(Hansel and Gretel take the cart and go deeper into the woods.)


(Hansel and Gretel are still collecting kindling for their father. Hansel has a slingshot and is shooting rocks into the forest.)

Gretel: It’s getting late. We should go.

(She takes his slingshot.)

Hansel: Hey! Give it back. Come on, Gretel! Give it back.

Gretel: No, Hansel. We need to get back to Father.

Hansel: Fine.

Gretel: Follow me.

(Gretel leads them to the area where their father was cutting down trees. However, there is no one there.)

Gretel: This is where we left him.

Hansel: So why isn’t he here?

Gretel: Father!

Hansel: Father!

(They hear a noise in the distance and start running in that direction.)

Gretel: Father! Father! Father!

(They end up coming to a road that cuts through the woods. When they turn to head down it, they encounter several of the Evil Queen’s guards on horseback, as well as the Evil Queen’s carriage. Two of the guards drag Hansel and Gretel to the carriage. The Evil Queen steps out.)

Evil Queen: What are you doing in my forest?

–[Real World]–

(Mr. Clark, Regina, Henry, Ava and Nicholas are at the convenience store.)

Mr. Clark: Well, I’m sorry, Madam Mayor, but your son was shoplifting.

Regina: Were you?

(Henry shakes his head.)

Mr. Clark: Look for yourself.

Regina: My son doesn’t eat candy. And he knows better than to steal. It was obviously those two. We’re going.

(Regina and Henry head for the door. Emma walks in just before they get a chance to leave.)

Emma: Henry. What happened?

Regina: Miss Swan, must I remind you that genetics mean nothing. You’re not his mother and it’s all taken care of.

Emma: I’m here because I’m the Sheriff.

Regina: Oh, that’s right. Go on – do your job. Take care of those miscreants.

(Regina and Henry leave the store.)

Emma: Did you call their parents?

Mr. Clark: Uh, the number they gave me was disconnected.

Emma: Did you guys give Mr. Clark a fake number?

(Ava and Nicholas shake their heads.)

Emma: Then why’s it disconnected?

Ava: Cause our parents couldn’t pay the bill.

Emma: And you guys are just trying to help out, huh?

Ava: Please – please don’t arrest us. It will just make things worse for our parents.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Hansel, Gretel, and the Evil Queen are still on the road in the forest.)

Gretel: Please forgive us. We didn’t mean to bother you, we just… We just lost our father.

Evil Queen: Two helpless children. Lost and alone. A family torn asunder. Such a sad and moving story. Guards – seize them!

(Gretel takes out Hansel’s slingshot.)

Gretel: Hansel, run!

(Hansel runs into the forest. Gretel flings a rock at the approaching guard, which disorientates him enough for her to get away. Gretel follows Hansel into the forest. The guard starts to chase after them, but the Evil Queen stops him. Hansel and Gretel are running up a hill, when the Evil Queen dissipates and appears in front of them.)

Evil Queen: Running from me is foolish.

(Hansel and Gretel attempt to get away, but the Evil Queen summons a group of vines to catch them. The vines wrap around them, leaving them immobilized on the ground.)

Evil Queen: Foolish, but also brave. And that bravery may just have saved you and your family’s lives.

(The Evil Queen vanquishes the vines.)

Gretel: You… You’re letting us go?

Evil Queen: Oh, I’m doing so much more than that. I’m going to find your father.

Hansel: You are?

Gretel: Why?

Evil Queen: Because you two are going to do something for me.

Gretel: And then, you’ll take us home?

–[Real World]–

(Emma pulls up to Nicholas and Ava’s house.)

Emma: This it?

(Ava nods. Emma takes off her seatbelt and goes to get out of the car, but Ava stops her.)

Ava: Please, no. If our parents see you, they’ll be so embarrassed.

Emma: Did Henry tell you about my superpower?

Ava: We just met him.

Emma: I have the ability to tell when anyone is lying. Tell me the truth – money problems aside, is everything okay at home?

Ava: Yeah, we’re great. Can we go?

Emma: Alright.

(Ava and Nicholas get out of the car with a bag of stuff and go up the stairs of the house. They stop at the front door, turn around, and wave at Emma. Emma drives off.)

Ava: She’s gone. We’re good.

(They don’t go inside the house, and instead go back down the stairs. They go around back, where they jump a fence. They end up behind an abandoned house, which they enter through the basement. Inside, Ava unpacks the things they picked up from store and Nicholas sits on the bed. Suddenly, they hear a noise coming from upstairs. When they go to investigate, they end up finding Emma.)

Emma: Why’d you guys lie to me? Where are your parents?

Ava: We don’t have any.


(At Mary Margaret’s apartment, Ava and Nicholas are eating at the table, while Emma and Mary Margaret talk off to the side. Emma is holding a file about the kids.)

Emma: Do you know them? Do they go to your school?

MMB: I’ve seen them, but… I had no idea. None of us did.

(Emma opens the file she’s holding.)

Emma: Ava and Nicholas Zimmer. They said their mother was a woman named Dory Zimmer. She died a few years ago. No one seems to know her or remember her.

MMB: And the father?

Emma: There isn’t one. At least not one that they know.

MMB: What does, uh… What does Social Services say?

(Emma gives Mary Margaret a look.)

MMB: You didn’t report them.

Emma: I report them, I can’t help them. They go into the system.

MMB: The system that’s supposed to help.

Emma: Yeah, the system I knew and was in for sixteen years. Do you know what happens? They get thrown into homes where they are a meal ticket – nothing more. These families get paid for these kids and as soon as they’re too much work, they get tossed out and it all starts over again.

MMB: But they’re not all like that.

Emma: All the ones I was in.

MMB: What? We’re just going to adopt them?

Emma: I want to look for their father. They don’t know him. He may not know they exist.

MMB: And you think if he knows, he’ll want them?

Emma: I don’t know. But what I do know, is it’s hard enough finding foster families to take one kid that isn’t theirs, let alone two. It’s their best shot, or-

(Ava, who was eavesdropping, interrupts. She is in tears.)

Ava: We’re going to be separated?

Emma: No. That’s not going to happen.

Ava: Please – please don’t let it.


(Emma enters the office of Mr. Krzyszkowski.)

Emma: Excuse me. Mr…Krzyszkowski?

Mr. Krzyszkowski: Yeah, it’s Krzyszkowski. Everyone calls me K.

Emma: Mr. K. I am Sheriff Swan. I’m hoping to look at the birth certificates of Ava and Nicholas Zimmer.

Mr. Krzyszkowski: Alright, just, uh, fill out this form – in triplicate.

(He pulls out three identical forms.)

Emma: Okay.

(Emma starts to fill out the forms, while Mr. Krzyszkowski looks through a filing cabinet.)

Mr. Krzyszkowski: I’m so sorry. Those documents have been recently removed.

Emma: By who?


(Emma confronts Regina in Regina’s office.)

Regina: Don’t worry, Miss Swan. You can relax. I’ve contacted Social Services. Turns out these kids are on their own. They need help.

Emma: Which is exactly what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to find their father.

Regina: Well, he doesn’t exist.

(Regina hands Emma a file.)

Emma: He has to.

(Emma opens the file. The Father section of the birth certificate only has ‘Unknown’ written in it.)

Regina: Well, of course, biologically, he exists. But there’s no record of him. Which means we have no choice – these children need a home, so they will be put into the foster system.

Emma: Storybrooke has a foster system?

Regina: No, but I’ve contacted the state. Maine’s group homes, unfortunately, are filled. But they put us in touch with two homes in Boston – a boy’s home and a girl’s.

Emma: They’re separating them?

Regina: I don’t like it, either. But we’ve got no choice. You need to have them in Boston tonight.

Emma: Me?

Regina: Well, you wanted to be Sheriff. This is what sheriffs do. Yes, you’re taking them.

Emma: No. I promised them they wouldn’t be separated.

Regina Well then, perhaps you should stop making promises you can’t keep. These children need a home. I’m just trying to find the best one.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(The Evil Queen, Hansel, and Gretel are walking through the woods. Gretel is fiddling with her compass.)

Evil Queen: What is that?

Gretel: My father’s compass. He gave it to me so I could find him, but now it’s broken. When are you going to tell us where we’re going?

Evil Queen: This is close enough.

Gretel: Close enough to what?

Evil Queen: The home of the Blind Witch.

Hansel: That doesn’t sound good.

Evil Queen: She has something of mine. And I need you to get it back.

Gretel: What is it?

Evil Queen: Something I need to defeat a very wicked and powerful enemy. It’s kept in a black leather satchel inside her house.

Gretel: Well, why don’t you get it yourself? How come you need us?

Evil Queen: Because the house is protected by magic. I can’t enter. But, luckily, the spell doesn’t work on children. You’ll have to wait here until nightfall. And then, once the witch is asleep, you can sneak in.

Gretel: And if we do this, you promise you’ll find our father?

Evil Queen: Oh, indeed, I will. But there’s one more thing – the witch’s house is…unique. And because of this, you have to take special precaution once you’re inside.

Gretel: Like what?

Evil Queen: No matter what you do, no matter how you’re tempted – don’t eat anything.

(The Evil Queen pulls back a branch, revealing the Blind Witch’s gingerbread house.)

–[Real World]–

(Emma is in her office at the station. She has a pile of files and papers on her desk, which she’s sorting through. Henry, who has his book with him, enters the room.)

Henry: Any luck?

Emma: No.

(He puts the book on the desk and flips through it.)

Henry: I know who they are. They’re brother and sister, lost, no parents – Hansel and Gretel.

Emma: Anything in there about the dad?

Henry: Just that he abandoned them.

Emma: Great. Sounds like a familiar story. Whoever this guy is, he could be in Laos by now.

Henry: No, he’s here.

Emma: Just how do you know that?

Henry: Cause no one leaves Storybrooke. No one comes here, no one goes. It’s just the way it is.

Emma: I came here.

Henry: Because you’re special. You’re the first stranger here – ever.

Emma: Right – I forgot. Well, if he’s around here anywhere, I’m going to find him.

Henry: Can you tell me about him?

Emma: I don’t know anything yet.

Henry: Not their father – mine. I told you about your parents and now, you’re even living with your mom.

Emma: Mary Margaret isn’t… She’s… Never mind.

Henry: Please?

Emma: I was pretty young. I’d just gotten out of the foster system and the only job I could get was at this twenty four hour diner just off the interstate. And, um… Your dad was training to be a fireman. He always got the worst shifts, so he’d come in and order coffee and pie and sit at the counter and always complain that we didn’t sell pumpkin pie. But he always came back the next night anyway.

Henry: Did you get married?

Emma: Oh, no. Nothing like that. We just… We hung out a few times outside of work and…life happened. His got better and mine got worse and… I got into some trouble.

Henry: And you went to jail.

Emma: Yeah. Before I went, I… I found out I was pregnant with you. And I tried to contact him, and I found out that he died saving a family from a burning apartment building. So, you think I’m a saviour, Henry – he was. Your father was a real hero.

Henry: Do you have anything of his? Something you can remember him by. Something I could see.

Emma: I… I don’t. Henry, I’m sorry. I got to go. I may know how to find this guy.


(Ava and Nicholas are eating cookies at Mary Margaret’s. Emma comes downstairs with a box.)

Emma: I want to show you guys something.

(Emma pulls a blanket out of the box.)

Nicholas: What’s that?

Emma: It’s my baby blanket. It’s something I’ve held onto my whole life. That’s the only thing that I have from… From my parents. I’ve spent a lot of time with a lot of kids in your situation, and all of them – all of us – we held onto stuff. I want to find your father, but I need your help. Is there anything of his you’ve held onto?

Ava: I might have something. But if I give it to you, you’ll make sure we stay together, right?

Emma: Right.

(Ava pulls a compass on a chain out of her pocket and hands it to Emma.)

Emma: A compass.

Ava: Our mom kept it. She said it was our dad’s.

Emma: Thank you.

Ava: Did you find them?

Emma: Who?

Ava: Your parents.

Emma: Not yet. But I’m going to find yours.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Hansel and Gretel are outside the gingerbread house. Hansel goes to eat icing off the side of the house, but Gretel stops him. Gretel opens one of the windows, and the two enter. Inside, there is a table full of sweets. The two whisper to each other.)

Hansel: How can you be sure she’s sleeping?

Gretel: I can’t. And remember what the Queen said – not even a lick.

(They see the Blind Witch asleep by the fireplace, along with the leather satchel hanging on the wall.)

Hansel: You’re right. Look.

Gretel: And there’s the satchel.

Hansel: What do you think’s inside it?

Gretel: Does it matter? All that matters, is getting it to the Queen so she can find Father.

(Gretel goes to grab the bag. Hansel, who stays behind by the table of sweets, picks up a cupcake. Gretel removes the bag from its hook, but when she turns around, she sees Hansel take a bite of the cupcake. The Blind Witch awakens. There’s a pile of bones at her feet. Hansel and Gretel run for the exit, but the Blind Witch magically locks the door. They try the window, but they are locked, as well.)

Blind Witch: I smell dinner.

–[Real World]–

(Emma enters Mr. Gold’s pawn shop. Mr. Gold is at the counter polishing a lamp.)

Mr. Gold: Emma. How lovely to see you. I’m flattered you’d take time off your busy schedule for me. What could I do for you, Sheriff?

Emma: I’m looking for information on this old compass. Any idea where it could have come from?

Mr. Gold: Well, well. Look at the detail. You know, this is crystal. This jeweled setting… In despite the rather unfortunate shape it’s in, this is actually a very unusual piece. The person who owned this obviously had great taste.

Emma: And where would someone like that buy it?

Mr. Gold: Right here, of course.

Emma: You know him?

Mr. Gold: Indeed. A piece like this is difficult to forget.

Emma: Do you happen to remember who bought it?

Mr. Gold: Well, I’m good with names, Miss Swan, but maybe not that good. However, as luck would have it, I do keep quite extensive records.

(He walks over to a small filing cabinet on the counter and looks through it.)

Mr. Gold: And… Yes, here we are.

(Mr. Gold pulls out an index card. However, he doesn’t read it to Emma.)

Emma: What’s your price?

Mr. Gold: Forgiveness.

Emma: How about tolerance?

Mr. Gold: Well, that’s a start. The compass was purchased by a Mr. Michael Tillman.

Emma: Anything else?

Mr. Gold: Just a name. But I generally find that’s all that one needs.

(Emma goes to leave the shop.)

Mr. Gold: Good luck with your investigation.

(Emma leaves. The camera pans to the index card, which turns out to be blank.)


(Emma has found Michael at a garage, where he works as a mechanic. He reads the kids’ file and looks at their pictures.)

Michael: Not possible.

Emma: Actually, it is.

Michael: Well, I’m sorry, but Dory – she wasn’t my, um… It was just once.

Emma: Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Michael: I met her when I was camping and we, um… No. It’s not possible. I don’t have twins.

Emma: Yes, you do. You have twins that have been homeless ever since their mother passed away. You have twins who have been living in an abandoned house because they don’t want to be separated from each other. You have twins who are about to be shipped off to Boston, unless you step up and take responsibility for them.

Michael: Look – I can barely manage this garage. I can’t manage two kids. And why are you so sure they’re mine?

Emma: Besides the timing…

(Emma pulls out the compass.)

Emma: Have you ever seen this?

Michael: I lost this.

Emma: Let me guess – twelve years and nine months ago? I know it’s a lot – believe me, I know. A month ago, a kid showed up on my doorstep – I gave up for adoption – asking for help with…something. And I ended up moving here for him.

Michael: I heard about that – it’s the Mayor’s son. But staying in town is… It’s a lot different than taking him in.

Emma: I don’t have my kid because I don’t have a choice. You do. Those kids did not ask to be brought into this world. You brought them into this world – you and their mother. And they need you. And if you choose not to take them, you are going to have to answer for that every day of your life. And sooner or later, when they find you – because believe me, they will find you – you’re going to have to answer to them.

Michael: I’m really sorry. I am. I don’t know anything about being a dad. If it’s a good home you’re looking for, it’s not with me.


(Henry, Ava and Nicholas are baking at Mary Margaret’s. The phone rings and Mary Margaret answers it.)

MMB: Hello?

Emma: Hey, it’s me. I need you to come outside right away.

MMB: Is everything okay?

Emma: Don’t say anything in front of the kids, but no, it’s not.


(Emma and Mary Margaret meet outside.)

Emma: He doesn’t want the kids.

MMB: And you don’t want to tell them.

Emma: I can’t. Because all I’ll be telling them is that the false hope I gave them is exactly that.

MMB: The truth can be painful, Emma, but it can also be cathartic.

Emma: I agree with the painful part.

MMB: Well, hey, look – you told Henry the truth that his father’s dead and he’s handling it great.

Emma: I didn’t tell him the truth.

MMB: What?

Emma: Henry’s father was no hero and trust me – he does not need to know the real story. Maybe we can hide the kids. Just until we can find a family for them. Someone to take care of them.

MMB: Yes, hiding the twelve year olds is a good plan.

Emma: You have a better idea?

MMB: Emma, maybe there isn’t an idea. Maybe you just have to-

(Regina approaches the two on the sidewalk.)

Regina: Sheriff. Shouldn’t you be on the interstate?

Emma: What are you doing here?

Regina: Seeing to it that you do your job.

Emma: You know, you don’t have to check up on me. I know what I have to do.

Regina: Really? Because those kids are supposed to be in Boston tonight.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(The Blind Witch locks Hansel and Gretel in a cage. She sticks her arms through the bars and feels around for them.)

Blind Witch: Where are you?

(The Blind Witch grabs Hansel’s arm.)

Blind Witch: Oh, yes. Nice and tender. A succulent roast, you’ll make.

(The Blind Witch walks away from the cage and walks over to the oven. She opens the oven’s door and sticks her hand inside to test the temperature. In the cage, Hansel and Gretel whisper to each other.)

Hansel: Gretel, she’s going to cook me! We’ve got to do something – quick!

Gretel: Stay calm. When she opens the cage to get you, don’t try to fight. And while she’s carrying you to the oven, grab the key that’s in her pocket and toss it to me through the bars.

Hansel: She’s coming. She’s coming – I can’t do it! I’m going to die!

(She approaches the cage.)

Blind Witch: Gravy or butter? Which shall it be?

(The Blind Witch sticks her hand through the bar and feels Gretel’s face. Gretel kicks Hansel and he yells out in pain, causing the Blind Witch to think Gretel is Hansel. The Blind Witch unlocks the cage door and pulls Gretel out.)

Blind Witch: Come with me, little boy.

(Gretel steals the key to the cage from the Blind Witch’s pocket and throws it to Hansel. Hansel unlocks the cage and frees himself. He runs up a short set of stairs and grabs a pole for a weapon. He ends up tripping on the stairs, which alerts the Blind Witch.)

Blind Witch: Gravy or butter? Gravy or butter? How shall I baste you?

(Hansel raises the pole in his hands, but the Blind Witch magically whisks it away. She approaches Hansel.)

Blind Witch: Butter it is. Time to cook.

(The Blind Witch grabs Hansel and drags him towards the oven. However, Gretel manages to undo the rope on her wrists and pushes the Blind Witch onto the cooking tray. Hansel and Gretel slide the Blind Witch into the oven and shut the door.)

Hansel: Quick, Gretel! Lock her in!

(Hansel grabs the leather satchel from its hook and the two run towards the exit.)

Blind Witch: Let me out!

(Hansel and Gretel escape the gingerbread house. The Blind Witch continues to yell at them.)

Blind Witch: Let me out! You come back right now! Let me out! Let me out!

(The Evil Queen sees the Blind witch in the oven through her magic mirror. She casts a fireball through the mirror, burning the Blind Witch.)

Evil Queen: I would’ve gone gravy.


(A guard escorts Hansel and Gretel to the Evil Queen at her castle.)

Evil Queen: My dear children. Were you successful in your task?

Gretel: Yes, Your Majesty. Though, we were almost made into dinner.

Evil Queen: Oh. How barbaric.

(The Evil Queen summons the guard away.)

Evil Queen: Now, if I could have my satchel.

(Gretel hands her the bag.)

Evil Queen: I’ve waited a very long time for this. Let’s hope you didn’t let me down.

(The Evil Queen opens the bag and pulls out an apple.)

Evil Queen: You did it.

Gretel: Yeah, we did.

Evil Queen: You’ve got a strong heart, girl. You remind me of myself at your age.

Hansel: We did all that for an apple?

Evil Queen: Oh, trust me, dear boy. This is not just an apple. It’s a weapon. A weapon for a very particular and devious enemy. One who’s still under the illusion that she’s safe.

(The Evil Queen walks over to the vanity, where she puts the apple in a box.)

Gretel: Whatever your plan is, we did what you asked. Now you have to keep your promise and find our father.

Evil Queen: Of course. To reunite your family, so you can live happily ever after. You were left alone in the woods. You deserve better than a father who would abandon you.

Gretel: But he’s all we have.

Evil Queen: Perhaps, he doesn’t have to be.

Gretel: What do you mean?

Evil Queen: You and your brother have impressed me. You aren’t the first boy or girl that I’ve sent into that…sticky sweet house. But, you are the first to emerge. And as a reward, I’ve decided to invite the two of you to live with me. Here.

Hansel: You mean that we get to live in a castle?

Evil Queen: Yes. You would have your own rooms, of course. Personal carriages – valets, too. All of your dreams could come true.

Gretel: No. We want our father back. He would never abandon us. And even if he did, we would never want to live with someone as terrible as you.

Evil Queen: Is that so?

Gretel: Yes. We’re going to find him, with or without your help. And when we do, we’re going to prove you wrong.

Evil Queen: We’ll see about that.

(The Evil Queen casts a spell, which creates a purple tornado around Hansel and Gretel.)

Hansel: Gretel? What’s happening?

–[Real World]–

(Emma, Ava, and Nicholas are next to Emma’s squad car, while Regina and Henry watch from a distance. Emma opens the door to the car and gestures for them to get in.)

Emma: Come on. It’s going to be… Here.

(Emma gives Ava back her compass.)

Emma: I’m sorry, but we got to go.

(Ava and Nicholas get in the car.)

Regina: Let’s go, Henry.

(Regina puts her hand on Henry’s shoulder, but he shrugs her off and runs over to Emma’s window.)

Henry: No, you can’t take them! They can’t leave Storybrooke, Emma! They can’t. Something bad will happen.

Emma: Something bad has already happened.

(Emma and the kids drive off.)


(Emma, Ava, and Nicholas are driving along the road that leads out of Storybrooke. Suddenly, the car starts slowing and the engine starts malfunctioning. They pull off on the side of the road.)

Emma: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Ava: What happened? What’s wrong?

Emma: Engine’s stalled.

Ava: Who are you calling?

Emma: Help.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(The Evil Queen watches Snow White through her magic mirror. She appears to be in the forest with several dwarves.)

Evil Queen: Now she’s cavorting with dwarves? When did that happen?

(A guard enters the room.)

Guard: Your Majesty. The prisoner you requested is here.

Evil Queen: Bring him in.

(Two other guards drag in Hansel and Gretel’s father. He is shackled.)

Father: I demand to be released. My children are in that forest that you took me from – alone. They could be in great danger.

Evil Queen: Yes, I know all about your children. That compass you gave sweet, little Gretel… Well, I’m afraid it didn’t help her find you now, though, did it?

Father: What have you done with them? You tell me where they are!

Evil Queen: Gone. I told them you abandoned them, leaving nothing but a compass to find their way. But I didn’t bring you here to answer your questions. You’re here to answer mine. I offered your children everything – whatever their hearts desired – and they still chose uncertainty because of their blind faith in you. Tell me why. Hm? Why did your children refuse me?

Father: Because we’re a family. And family always finds one another.

Evil Queen: Release him.

Father: You’re letting me go?

Evil Queen: You can all be together, as a family, as soon as you all find one another.


(Hansel and Gretel are laying next to each other, unconscious, in the woods. Gretel wakes up first and shakes Hansel awake.)

Gretel: Hansel, wake up! Hansel!

(The two stand up and look around.)

Gretel: She let us go.

Hansel: I’m scared.

Gretel: Don’t be. Everything will be fine.

(Gretel takes Hansel’s hand and the two start walking. The camera zooms out, revealing that they are in the middle of nowhere in a huge forest.)

–[Real World]–

(Emma is waiting for help outside of the squad car, while Ava and Nicholas sit in the back seat.)

Ava: Nicholas, look!

(The compass moves and appears to be working again. A tow truck pulls over to assist them. The driver, who ends up being Michael, gets out of the truck. He sees Ava and Nicholas, who are looking out the back window of the car.)

Michael: Those are them.

Emma: Those are them.

Michael: And your car – it’s fine?

Emma: I just wanted you to see ‘em. Just once. I didn’t think I could do it, either. I gave up Henry because I wanted to give him his best shot. When I saw that he didn’t have it, I couldn’t leave. I was just as scared – more, probably. But once I saw him, got to know him, I couldn’t go back.

Michael: You’re taking them? To Boston.

Emma: I don’t have to.

Michael: No, you don’t.

(Michael walks up to the side of the car, where they roll down the window.)


(Mary Margaret is folding clothes in her room when Emma enters.)

MMB: Hey. What happened?

Emma: Their dad – he showed up. Changed his mind.

MMB: Changed his mind? Just like that?

Emma: He might have had a little nudge.

MMB: They found their father. That’s great.

Emma: I wonder what that would be like?

MMB: Maybe you’ll find out. You can’t give up.

Emma: I don’t know. I kind of think giving up might be the best plan. I think I need to let go.

MMB: No, you don’t.

Emma: Really? If they wanted to know me, they wouldn’t make it so hard to look.

MMB: Maybe. But maybe there’s other reasons. Maybe there is an explanation.

Emma: If there is, it’s something crazy. Something even crazier than Henry’s theory.

MMB: Yeah? What’s Henry’s theory?

Emma: Well, that my parents put me in a magical wardrobe and sent me to this world to save them.

MMB: Aw. And who does he think they are?

Emma: Well, for one, you.

MMB: Me?

Emma: Well, Snow White.

MMB: Snow White has a kid?

Emma: Apparently that book you gave him? Not exactly the stories in the most traditional sense.

MMB: I have a kid. You’d think I’d remember that.

Emma: Yeah, you’d think.

MMB: You do kind of have my chin.

Emma: I think I need to go get some air.

(Emma gets up and leaves the room. Mary Margaret follows her.)

Emma: I’m going to go think.

MMB: If you’re going to be back later, I can wait to eat with you?

Emma: No, don’t do that.

MMB: I’ll leave you leftovers.

(Emma heads for the door and Mary Margaret notices Emma’s baby blanket in a box.)

MMB: What a pretty blanket.

Emma: Thanks. Goodnight.

(Emma leaves. Mary Margaret picks up the blanket and smells it. She pauses, but puts it down.)


(Emma is reading her file in the car. One article reads ‘Still no leads on deadbeat parents – baby Emma remanded to foster system’ and another reads ’7 year old boy finds baby on side of road’. Henry walks up to the car with a box in hand.)

Henry: Uh, what’s that?

Emma: Just an old file. What’s up?

Henry: Pumpkin pie. I… I thought you’d like some. It was pumpkin, right?

Emma: Right.

(Emma gets out of the car to meet with Henry.)

Emma: Henry, about your father…

Henry: Yeah?

Emma: I’m glad I told you.

Henry: Me too.

(Henry hugs Emma.)

Emma: Give me that.

(She takes the box from Henry.)

Henry: What you did – with Ava and Nicholas – you really are changing things.

(The sound of an engine is heard in the distance. A man on a motorcycle turns the corner and parks across from Emma and Henry. There is a large wooden box on the back of his motorcycle. He takes off his helmet and approaches Emma and Henry.)

August: Hi.

Emma: Hey.

August: Is this Storybrooke?

Emma: Yeah.

August: Any place to get a room around here?

Henry: Uh, you’re staying?

August: That’s the plan. Just looking for a bed.

Emma: Granny’s Bed and Breakfast is just up the road – another two blocks.

August: Thank you.

(He turns around and walks back to his motorcycle.)

Emma: Hey, I didn’t catch your name.

August: Well, that’s because I didn’t give it.

(He drives off, leaving Emma and Henry alone.)

Emma: I thought you said strangers don’t come to Storybrooke?

Henry: They don’t.