01x11 - Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

–[Real World]–

(Henry is on his bike, heading towards the castle playground. Emma is already waiting there in her squad car. When she sees Henry get closer, she gets out to greet him.)

Emma: Hey, kid.

(Henry rides past her.)

Emma: Nice to see you, too.

(She catches up with him. The playground is noticeably damaged.)

Henry: The storm!

Emma: It’s okay – we can fix it. I’ll talk to Marco.

Henry: Do you think it’s still here?

(Henry starts to dig in the sand near the base of the playground.)

Emma: What are you looking for?

Henry: My book.

Emma: Why’d you bury it here?

Henry: So my mom doesn’t find it.

Emma: Hiding it under your mattress wasn’t good enough?

(He uncovers red metal box under the sand and starts to unlock it.)

Henry: That’s the first place the Evil Queen would look.

Emma: How about leaving it with me?

Henry: That’s the second place.

(Henry opens the box, revealing the book inside.)

Henry: It’s still here. Good.

Emma: So, your mom doesn’t know about the castle?

Henry: No. This is our secret.

(Henry closes and relocks the box, then starts to rebury it. Behind them, Regina arrives and calls out to Henry.)

Regina: Henry! Henry! I’ve been looking everywhere for you. You know you have a session with Archie this morning. I should’ve known he was with you. Henry – car. Now.

(Henry runs off, leaving Regina and Emma alone.)

Regina: You let him play here?

Emma: The storm hit it hard, but we can fix it.

Regina: Well, can you fix a cracked cranium? Because that’s what you’ll have on your hands if one of these boards collapses under his weight. You’re not thinking about Henry or his safety. Just ways around me. Miss Swan, don’t let your feelings cloud your judgment. People can get hurt.

Emma: What’s that supposed to mean?

Regina: You’re the Sheriff now – it’s time to be responsible.


(Emma and Mary Margaret are eating at Granny’s Diner.)

Emma: Don’t let my feelings cloud my judgment? That’s all Regina ever does.

MMB: Well, she’s just upset because you and Henry have a special place and she… She doesn’t.

Emma: How’d she find out about the castle in the first place?

MMB: She knows everything about this town – she’s the Mayor.

(Mary Margaret’s phone vibrates. She sees a text from David that reads ‘We need to talk. Meet at our spot.’)

Emma: Everything okay?

MMB: Yeah, I just need to go. Look, if it makes you feel any better, I think you’re right. I see the effect she has on Henry.

Emma: I wish everyone else did, too.

(Mary Margaret puts on her jacket and leaves. Sidney then sits down with Emma with a mostly empty glass of whiskey.)

Sidney: I can grant your wish.

Emma: Wow. Sidney. You want a side of bacon with that whiskey?

Sidney: You want to show this town who the Mayor really is? I can help.

Emma: That’s going to be kind of hard to do from inside her pocket.

Sidney: The Mayor and I are done.

Emma: Sure you are.

Sidney: She got me fired from the paper. She made a fool of me in the election. So I started working on an exposé on the Mayor’s office, and I found something she didn’t want found.

Emma: Sidney, you’re drunk. Go home – sleep it off. Be grateful that you don’t have to answer to her anymore.

(Sidney pulls a business card out of his pocket.)

Sidney: Call me. Storybrooke deserves to know the truth about her.

(Emma takes his business card and leaves.)

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(The Genie sits in his lamp, looking at himself in a mirror. The lamp is furnished with several couches and cushions. Suddenly, breathing is heard from above. He looks up and sees an eye peering inside.)

Genie: Here we go.

(The lamp is picked up by King Leopold. He rubs the lamp and the Genie is freed in a puff of smoke.)

Genie: You awakened the Genie of Agrabah. You’re entitled to three wishes – no more, no less. But you must know, that magic has its limits. You cannot wish for life nor death, you cannot wish for love, you cannot wish for more wishes. And once spoken, a wish cannot be undone – no matter what the consequences. So, tell me your first wish.

King Leopold: Hm. Uh… Hm. I cannot think of a single thing I desire. I have everything I need. I seek nothing more than the happiness of all who set foot in my kingdom.

Genie: Ugh.

(The Genie sits down.)

King Leopold: You are in my kingdom and yet, you seem unhappy.

Genie: I have served as Genie of the lamp for longer than you’ve been alive. Life as a Genie is not…as magical as it may appear.

King Leopold: So, you wish to be free?

Genie: More than anything.

King Leopold: Then, I know my first wish. I wish you to be free.

(The two armbands around the Genie’s wrists release themselves.)

Genie: Can it be? Am I truly free?

King Leopold: You’re the Genie – you tell me.

Genie: There are two more wishes left in the lamp. What will you do with them?

King Leopold: For my second wish, I wish to give my third and final wish to you.

(King Leopold hands the lamp to the Genie.)

Genie: In my time, I have granted a thousand and one wishes and I have seen them end poorly a thousand and one times. Making a wish comes with a price. And that is why I will never use this wish.

King Leopold: You are a man of wisdom, Genie. Now tell me – what will you do with your freedom?

Genie: Find the one thing I’ve always desired, that my prison has kept from me – true love.

King Leopold: Then you must come join me at my palace. I am certain you will find it there. Come – meet my family.

(The two of them leave together.)


(The Genie and King Leopold are walking through the palace gardens.)

Genie: Your palace is as lovely as you are kind.

King Leopold: Oh, it’s more than kindness, my friend.

(They come across Snow White, who is picking flowers, and the Evil Queen, who is picking apples.)

King Leopold: This is my beautiful daughter – Snow.

Snow White: How do you do?

King Leopold: And Regina – my wife. The Queen.

Evil Queen: Hello.

–[Real World]–

(Henry is watching a construction team tear down the castle playground. Regina is off to the side, talking to a group of construction workers. Emma arrives and joins Henry.)

Emma: Hey, what happened? I came as soon as I could.

Henry: The castle! She’s tearing the whole thing down! My book! It-it’s gone.

(Emma approaches Regina to confront her.)

Emma: Congratulations, Madam Mayor. You destroyed the thing he loves.

Regina: A dangerous thing that can only hurt Henry and others. You see me as a villain, Miss Swan, but that’s just your perception and you’re wrong. Learn your place in this town or, soon enough, you won’t be in it.

(Regina walks away. Emma pulls out Sidney’s business card and dials the number on her cell phone.)

Emma: Sidney? Hi. I’m in. I want everyone to know who she really is.


(Mary Margaret meets David at the Toll Bridge.)

MMB: I got your text. What’s going on?

David: Follow me.

(He takes her by the arm and leads her farther into the forest.)

MMB: David, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?

David: What’s wrong, is you’re late. And the wine’s getting warm.

(They arrive at a clearing by the water, where David has laid out a picnic. The two of them kiss.)

MMB: We have to stop doing this.

David: We just started doing this.

MMB: We have to figure out what we’re doing.

David: We will. Tomorrow.

MMB: Okay. Tomorrow.


(Emma drives her squad car along a deserted road and stops near the end of a tunnel. She gets out and Sidney appears from the woods.)

Emma: Alright. I’m listening. So, what do you know about her?

Sidney: Fifty thousand dollars.

Emma: I’m sorry?

Sidney: Fifty grand out of the budget is missing and Regina is responsible.

Emma: That’s it? That’s what you have on her?

Sidney: The money is just the tip of the iceberg. We figure out what she’s doing and it all falls apart – it all crumbles. And we’ll finally learn her secrets. You see what she is. I see it. All we need is a crack in the mirror to show everyone. I’m telling you – this is it.

Emma: Alright. What’s your plan?

Sidney: Tap her phone. GPS her car. Hack into her email. Dip into your bail bondsperson bag of tricks.

Emma: No. I’m Sheriff now. I have to be responsible. I want to do this by the book.

Sidney: She’s going to know that you’re on to her – sooner than later. Are you prepared for her wrath?

Emma: Oh yeah.

Sidney: Good. Because I wasn’t.

Emma: If you thought she was so terrifying, how did you allow yourself to end up in her pocket?

Sidney: I used to think she was a different person.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(A small crowd of people are gathered in a room in King Leopold’s castle for his birthday. Snow White, the Genie, and the Evil Queen are in attendance. King Leopold goes up to the front of the room to make a speech.)

King Leopold: No gifts are required to mark this special day, for they all pale in comparison to the greatest gift of all – my daughter, Snow.

Snow White: Father…

(She joins the King at the front of the room as everyone claps.)

Snow White: Father, you make me blush.

King Leopold: Every day I look upon your face, and I am reminded of your dearly departed mother. Who, like you, truly was the fairest in all the land.

(Snow White hugs King Leopold and the crowd claps again. The Genie sees the Evil Queen get up from the back table and leave the room. Outside, the Evil Queen stands near her apple tree as she stares at the moon. The Genie joins her.)

Genie: Not in a festive mood?

Evil Queen: No one seems to notice my absence.

Genie: I noticed. Such a lovely tree.

Evil Queen: Yes, it’s from my childhood garden. Well, the tree and I share something in common – neither of us can leave the palace and neither of us truly belongs. No matter how hard I try to please the King, he will never love me the way he loved his first wife. I’m trapped by the memory of a life they used to share.

Genie: I know about being trapped more than anyone. Maybe this will lift your spirits.

(He takes out a hand mirror and gives it to her.)

Genie: So you can see yourself the way I see you.

Evil Queen: And how do you see me?

Genie: As the fairest in all the land.

–[Real World]–

(Emma and Sidney are sorting through boxes of files and papers at Mary Margaret’s apartment.)

Emma: When did that transfer go through? Does three weeks ago sound right?

Sidney: Yeah. Why?

Emma: Because those records are missing.

(Mary Margaret suddenly comes through the front door.)

MMB: Emma, there’s something I’d like to talk to you… Hi, Sidney.

Emma: Hey. We’re just doing some work. I think we may have found something on Regina.

MMB: Interesting work. Well, I approve.

Sidney: You want to go by the book? Let’s get a warrant.

Emma: And what judge are we going to find that she doesn’t own? We’re screwed.

Sidney: Or, there’s my way.

Emma: I want to do this right, Sidney.

Sidney: Well, what’s right is exposing her. Sometimes, doing a bad thing for a good reason is okay, right?

MMB: Yeah. I mean, maybe you’re doing something wrong, but if it’s what’s meant to be – if it’s what’s right – does that really make you a bad person?

Sidney: Exactly.

Emma: You two are doing a whole lot of rationalizing.

Sidney: But look what she’s done to you, to me, to your son. I mean, she’s not going to stop, so whatever you do, you’ve got to do something.

Emma: Okay. Let’s start by talking to her.


(Emma and Sidney are confronting Regina in her office.)

Regina: And just what are you and the disgraced ex-reporter accusing me of?

Emma: Fifty thousand dollars was transferred out of a city account – by you.

Regina: Well, as Mayor, I’m involved in many transactions. Check the public records if you have questions.

Emma: That’s the thing – they’re missing from three weeks ago. You have any idea what happened to them?

Regina: Well, if they’re missing, I probably checked them out – as my job often requires me to do. And if they were checked out three weeks ago, well, that means they burned. In a fire. In a fire, that, if I recall, got you elected Sheriff. I have nothing to hide.

(Emma leans over Regina’s desk and stares at her briefly.)

Emma: Okay. There’s nothing for us to do. Let’s go, Sidney.

Sidney: Emma.

Emma: No, she’s right. We have nothing.


(Emma and Sidney are outside the Town Hall.)

Sidney: That was your plan? I thought you were going to do something?

Emma: I did. I planted a bug. You win, Sidney. Let’s do whatever it takes.

(The camera pans to a wire tap stuck to the bottom of Regina’s desk.)

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(The Genie meets with King Leopold in one of the rooms at the castle.)

Genie: You called for me, Your Majesty?

King Leopold: I have reason to believe my wife’s heart belongs to another man.

Genie: Certainly, the Queen would never stray, Your Majesty.

King Leopold: And yet, her diary suggests otherwise.

(The King hands the Genie the diary. He silently reads it to himself.)

Diary: Last night, a man gave me a gift. And though it was but a simple mirror, it awakened feelings in me that I abandoned long ago. Hope for love and companionship, even though I am trapped in my husband’s court.

King Leopold: Sadly, the diary does not name the man who gave her this mirror. I am not a fool – I realize that the Queen is unhappy and yearns for someone to love her in a way that I never can. And yet, I never imagined that she would betray me like this.

Genie: Well, certainly the Queen would never act on these feelings?

King Leopold: Love makes people do foolish things.

Genie: And why have you called upon me, Your Majesty?

King Leopold: I need someone with your wits. To learn the identity of the man who has stolen my wife’s heart.

Genie: And, what will you do to him once I have found him?

King Leopold: That is my concern – not yours. Now, tell me, Genie – can you find the man who gave the Queen this mirror or not?

(King Leopold picks the hand mirror off the table and hands it to the Genie.)

–[Real World]–

(At the station, Sidney is listening in to the wire tap that Emma set. Emma enters and sits next to him.)

Recording: Miss Ginger, I really don’t have time for more complaints about working conditions. The air temperature is not one of my areas.

Emma: Scintillating. Find anything good yet?

Sidney: Yeah, better than good. She made this call a little over an hour ago.

Recording: I’ll meet you tonight at Access Road Twenty Three with the rest of your payment. Yes, it will all be in cash. And I don’t need to remind you that no one can know about this. Yes, I know it has to be tonight.

Emma: Who’s on the other end?

Sidney: You bugged the office – not the phone.

Emma: Well, we’re just going to have to find out.

Sidney: Yeah.

Emma: A payoff in the woods. That’s promising.

Sidney: A payoff using stolen city funds.

Emma: Let’s go find out who she’s meeting.


(Emma and Sidney drive along an empty road in Emma’s squad car. They see Regina’s car up ahead, which turns onto a road leading into the forest. When they get closer, Emma attempts to brake, but the car doesn’t stop.)

Sidney: Emma?

Emma: It won’t stop!

(She continues to try the brake with no success. The car crashes into a sign along the side of the road.)

Emma: You okay?

Sidney: Yeah, you?

Emma: Yeah.

(They both get out. Emma goes around to the front of the car, while Sidney checks under it.)

Emma: We’re going to miss that handoff.

Sidney: Emma.

Emma: What?

Sidney: You know that bug you planted? I think Regina found it. Someone’s been tampering with the brakes. She’s on to us.

(Emma takes off into the forest and Sidney chases after her.)

Sidney: Wait!

Emma: The bitch tried to have me killed. I’m finding her.

Sidney: Let’s be cautious. We need to think clearly.

Emma: To hell with caution. I’m going to find out what she’s doing and why she’s out here.

(Mr. Gold appears in front of them.)

Mr. Gold: She was meeting me.

Emma: What are you doing out here with her?

Mr. Gold: Just a little business transaction.

Sidney: What’s in the briefcase?

Mr. Gold: Everything comes at a price. Land is no different.

Emma: That’s why you’re meeting her out here? Regina bought your land?

Mr. Gold: The very ground you’re standing on.

Emma: What does she want it for?

Mr. Gold: You know, in business, I find it’s best not to ask too many questions. Hurts the bottom line. The question is, Emma – why are you standing out here in the middle of the night with Mr. Glass?

Sidney: You don’t know what Regina did to me. You don’t know what she did to her son. We can’t just sit idly by.

Mr. Gold: Of course you can. Be careful – emotional entanglements can lead us down very dangerous paths.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(The Genie cuts an apple off of the Evil Queen’s apple tree. He hears footsteps behind him.)

Genie: I was beginning to worry you wouldn’t come.

Henry I: You were expecting the Queen?

(The Genie turns around and sees the Evil Queen’s father, Henry. He is holding a black box with holes in the side.)

Genie: Who are you? What have you done with her?

Henry I: The King has locked her away in her chambers. My daughter is a prisoner in her own kingdom.

Genie: You are the Queen’s father?

Henry I: Please, take this to her. The palace guards won’t allow me into her chambers. They know I’d die for her.

Genie: But you…

(Henry hands the box to the Genie.)

Henry I: The King trusts you. He doesn’t know that you have my daughter’s heart. The guards will allow you in. Give her this box.

Genie: Wait – I don’t understand. What is in it?

Henry I: This is the only thing that can free her from this wretched life. If you truly care for my daughter, I know you’ll do whatever it takes to set her free.

(Henry leaves. The Genie looks down at the box in his hand and notices a key sitting on top of it. He holds it up, showing a key with a skull engraved in the top.)

–[Real World]–

(Emma and Sidney pull up outside of the Town Hall. They both get out and walk towards the entrance.)

Sidney: What are we doing here?

Emma: We know she bought land from Gold – we don’t know why. I’m willing to bet it’s for personal reasons, but we have to know for sure. We need documents that officially link her to that land.

Sidney: So, you want to break into her office? It’s locked. And she’s got a state of the art security system and alarm.

Emma: If we don’t show this town who Regina really is, who will?

Sidney: Do you think you can crack her code?

Emma: Yep.

(Emma smashes the window of the front door with a rock, setting the alarm off. She reaches her hand in and unlocks the door.)

Sidney: Emma!

Emma: Who does the alarm system alert? The police. I’m the police. Two minutes for her to get a call from the alarm company, one minute to get her coat and keys, three minutes to drive here. We got maybe six minutes.

(They enter the Mayor’s office. Emma goes to the computer and hacks into it.)

Emma: I just uncovered every file that references the tract of land she bought from Gold. Nice.

(She prints off the records, and then starts to go through the drawers of Regina’s desk. She uncovers a key ring with several ‘skeleton’ keys attached.)

Emma: What the hell do these open?

Sidney: I don’t know. What are you doing?

Emma: Looking for Henry’s book.

Sidney: We didn’t come here for Henry. We came here for the files and-

Emma: No, you didn’t come here for Henry. Me? That’s the only reason I’m here.

(The lights in the office switch on and Regina enters.)

Regina: What are you doing?

Emma: Some kids broke in. I heard the alarm, so I’m checking it out cause…I’m Sheriff.

Regina: Well, that was an awfully quick response time.

Emma: You told me to do my job, and I’m doing it.

Regina: And you brought him.

Emma: Oh, well, he saw it while he was on a walk. So he’s a witness.

Regina: Hm. And what did you see, Sidney?

Sidney: Some kids with a…

Emma: Rock.

Sidney: A rock.

Regina: Did they take anything?

Emma: I don’t know. I’d have to do a thorough sweep to, uh, find out.

Regina: It appears to me it’s all just a prank.

Emma: You sure you don’t want me to take the place apart?

Regina: Sheriff, your services are not wanted nor needed.

Emma: Okay. Well, you know where to find me.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(The Evil Queen is sitting at the vanity in her chambers. The Genie enters with the box.)

Evil Queen: It’s you!

(The Genie sets the box on a table and they hug.)

Evil Queen: My love for you grows stronger with every beat of my heart. But the King has read my diary – found my mirror. Soon, he will discover the truth about us. There is no escape.

Genie: There is always an escape. Your father said what’s in this box would give you your freedom.

(He hands her the key.)

Evil Queen: Yes, I believe it will.

(She unlocks the box and opens the lid, revealing two snakes.)

Evil Queen: The Agrabahn viper. A snake so deadly, it can kill anything.

Genie: With a single bite. This serpent is from my homeland – I know all too well of its poison. But why would you have it brought here?

Evil Queen: There is no happiness left for me in this life. One small bite, and I shall be free from this prison forever. I’m sorry we couldn’t be together, my love. Perhaps, in another life, we will find each other again.

(The Evil Queen slowly extends her hand towards the box. Just as her hand nears the snakes, the Genie grabs her wrist.)

Genie: There is another way. What if the King…didn’t live?

Evil Queen: You would do that for me?

Genie: For you, I would do anything.

(They hug, once again.)

Evil Queen: I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Genie: You will never have to find out.

–[Real World]–

(Henry is writing/drawing things on a piece of paper with markers at Granny’s Diner. August enters and sits next to him.)

August: Whatcha working on?

Henry: Uh, no time to talk. I got to write it all down before I forget.

August: Yeah, I hate it when great ideas slip away from me.

Henry: They’re not my ideas. They’re stories from a book that I lost.

August: Must be a hell of a book. What’s it about?

Henry: Stuff.

August: Sounds exciting.

Henry: You seem awfully interested in me and my book.

August: No, I’m just being neighbourly.

Henry: What are you doing in Storybrooke?

August: I’m a writer.

Henry: You can write anywhere. What are you really doing here?

August: Stuff. Good luck with the stories.

(August leaves the Diner.)


(At Sidney’s office, Sidney and Emma are sorting through the papers they got from Regina’s office.)

Sidney: Blueprints, bank statements…

Emma: What is she building out there? A mansion?

Sidney: Well, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, because these escrow statements have her name all over it. You were right – personal use. She’s done – we got her. What’s wrong? Didn’t you hear me?

Emma: We stooped to her level. That’s exactly what I promised Henry I wouldn’t do.

Sidney: Emma, we got her!

Emma: It’s fruits of the poisonous tree – illegally obtained evidence. It’ll get thrown out in court in a heartbeat.

Sidney: No. We don’t need her to go to jail.

Emma: Then, what are we doing here?

Sidney: What you wished for – get everyone to see who she is. What she did to Henry, she does to everyone. She destroys what people love. Let me show you something.

(Sidney pulls out a box of files and photos and puts it on the desk. Emma looks through them. All of the pictures are of her and Henry at various places around town.)

Sidney: She made me follow you. She made me tell her everything. She knew about your secret place weeks ago. She just waited to destroy it until it would hurt you and Henry the most. It’s all my fault. If you don’t do this – I have to.

Emma: Okay.


(Regina sits in front of what is, presumably, the council. The regular citizens of Storybrooke sit in the audience behind them. Regina bangs a gavel to start the meeting.)

Regina: This session of the Storybrooke city council will come to order. We will begin by reading the minutes from our last meeting.

(Sidney stands up from the audience.)

Sidney: Uh, excuse me, um, Madam Mayor. I have something I’d like to bring to the council’s attention.

Regina: This is not an open forum, Sidney. And no one on this council’s interested in hearing the boozy complaints of a disgraced reporter. Now sit down.

(Emma stands up, as well, holding a binder.)

Emma: He’s not the only one who has something to say.

Regina: Miss Swan, this meeting is to discuss issues facing Storybrooke.

Emma: Like the Mayor stealing thousands of dollars from the city to build herself a second home?

(Gasps come from the audience. Regina bangs the gavel to silence them.)

Regina: Miss Swan, you will sit down immediately or so help me-

Emma: What? You’ll punish me? You’ll bully me like everyone else in this town? No. Not today. In my hand, I am holding documents proving that this woman, your mayor, stole funds from the city to build herself a lavish home in the woods. And this disgraced reporter – you want to know why he was really fired? Because he stood up to her. Because he questioned her. We all know what happens to people who question the Mayor. You claim that you act in the best interest of all of us, but that isn’t the truth, is it? The truth is, you are a thug that doesn’t care about anyone, or anything, but yourself. That is who you really are. And it is time for the people of Storybrooke to know that.

Regina: You are right, Miss Swan. I am building a house – a playhouse.

(Regina pulls up the image of a playground on the screen behind her.)

Regina: The accusations are true – I did take city funds. I wanted to build a playground so my son, Henry, and all the children of Storybrooke, could have a special place to play. Safely. As for the sketch in your hands, it was inspired by a drawing I found in one of my son’s books. So, there you have it, Miss Swan. You’ve exposed me for who I really am. I hope you’re satisfied.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(The Genie enters King Leopold’s chamber, where he is sleeping. He stands at the foot of the bed, holding the box of snakes.)

Genie: Forgive me.

(The Genie unlocks the box, releasing the snakes. He points towards the King’s bed and the two snakes crawl under the sheets. The Genie walks to the side of the bed as King Leopold awakens. Before he has a chance to say anything, the snakes bite him in the neck. King Leopold gasps for air, while his skin begins to turn black.)

Genie: The pain will soon pass. You asked me to find the man who gave the mirror to your Queen. I did – I am that man. You gave me my freedom. You gave me a chance to find love and, for that, I’m forever in your debt. But just as you freed me, so must I now free your Queen. Forgive me.

(The Genie turns to leave, but King Leopold grabs his arm.)

King Leopold: You were right – I never should have made a wish.

–[Real World]–

(The council meeting is over. Outside the Town Hall, Regina speaks to a group of people, while Emma and Sidney head for the car. They run into Mr. Gold.)

Mr. Gold: Look at her – queen of the castle. You know, what you did in there was commendable, Miss Swan. But if you really want to bring her down, you’re going to need a strong ally.

Emma: Like yourself? Thanks, but I’m still not interested.

Mr. Gold: Oh, one can wish.

(Mr. Gold leaves and Regina approaches them.)

Regina: Miss Swan. A word? Alone.

(Sidney leaves, leaving Emma and Regina alone.)

Regina: I don’t know what you were hoping to accomplish in there. But now, I hope you’ll go back to your job. Which is upholding the law – not breaking it. You don’t think I know you broke into my office?

Emma: Don’t pretend like you’re so innocent. I know you messed with the brakes on my car.

Regina: Your brakes? Are you delusional? Why would I kill you when you just saw I had nothing to hide?

Emma: Nothing I can prove.

Regina: Well, until you have something more substantial than disdain to throw my way, you’re going to stay away from me. And, more importantly, from Henry.

Emma: But that’s-

Regina: Not open for discussion. You’ve lost the high ground, Sheriff. If I wanted to, there’s not a judge in the world that would deny me a restraining order after what you’ve done. You don’t get to see my son unless I say so. And right now? I don’t say so.


(At the new playground, Emma is watching Henry from her car. Henry notices her and waves. He takes out his walkie talkie to talk to her.)

Henry: Why are you so far away? Come out here!

Emma: Sorry, kid. I can’t today.

Henry: You’re undercover, aren’t you? For Operation Cobra?

Emma: No, Henry. I’m not undercover. Your mom – she doesn’t want us seeing each other for a while.

Henry: You don’t have to listen to her.

Emma: Actually, this time, I do. I screwed up, Henry. I got mad at your mom about you and the book and everything and… Well, we’re just going to have to be apart for a little while.

Henry: I don’t want to be apart.

Emma: Neither do I. But, right now, we have to. Don’t worry – I’ll find a way back in. And hey. If it’s out there, Henry – I will find your book.

Henry: Good luck. It’s probably gone and it’s probably never coming back.


(August breaks the lock off of the metal box containing Henry’s book. He opens it and takes the book out.)


(Emma enters Granny’s Diner, where Sidney is drinking a beer at the counter. She sits next to him.)

Emma: Looks like we had the same idea.

Sidney: Well, if you can’t beat her – drink. How did we not see this?

Emma: We did. We saw it all, right from the start. Just didn’t want to look. Blinded by our anger – by everything.

Sidney: This time. But there are a lot more skeletons in Regina’s closet. And the good news? You got yourself an ally.

Emma: We won’t get fooled again.

(They clink glasses.)

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(The Evil Queen is sitting in her chamber. Suddenly, the Genie enters and rushes over to her.)

Genie: It is done. You’re free, my love. We are free to be together at last. D-did you not hear me? Our days of imprisonment are over.

Evil Queen: You haven’t heard the news? The palace guards found the snake. They know it’s from your country. They know it was you who killed the King. It’s only a matter of time before they catch you. You will be executed. I’m sorry, but we will never be together. Come – I’ve arranged for a boat to provide you safe passage out of the kingdom. You must leave at once.

Genie: The Agrabahn viper. Of all the snakes in all the world, that is what you chose. You wanted the murder to be traced back to me. You… You fooled me. You never loved me.

Evil Queen: Loved you? I wanted the King killed, and you killed him. You are no longer of any use to me. Be grateful I’m offering you an escape. Now, flee the kingdom and never turn back.

Genie: I can’t live without you. I won’t live without you.

Evil Queen: Did you not understand me? I don’t love you. There is no way we will ever be together.

Genie: There is one way.

(He takes the lamp out of his pocket.)

Genie: There is still one wish remaining. I wish to be with you forever. To look upon your face always. To never leave your side.

(The Genie disappears in a puff of blue smoke. A tapping noise is heard in the background. The Evil Queen looks in the mirror and sees the Genie, who is now trapped.)

Mirror: No! No ! No!

Evil Queen: Well, it looks like you got your wish. You will be with me – forever.

–[Real World]–

(Regina and Sidney are standing in Regina’s office.)

Regina: Have a seat, Sidney.

(The two of them sit on the couch. Regina reaches for an apple.)

Regina: Well?

(He pulls a tape recorder out of his pocket and plays it.)

Recording: You’ve got yourself an ally. We won’t get fooled again.

Regina: She bought it.

Sidney: All of it.

Regina: Masterful job, Sidney. Top to bottom.

(She hands him the apple.)

Regina: And cutting the brakes on her car? Inspired.

Sidney: I’m glad you approve.

Regina: Now, she trusts you. Now, we can have some fun.

Sidney: Everything she does, everywhere she goes – you’ll know about it.

(Regina puts her hand on Sidney’s leg.)

Regina: I don’t know what I’d do without you, Sidney.