01x21 - An Apple As Red As Blood

–[Real World]–

(Regina and Henry are eating dinner at home. They eat in silence, until the doorbell rings.)

Regina: I don’t recall us expecting any company.

(Regina gets up to answer the door. It’s Emma.)

Regina: Sheriff Swan. What are you doing here?

Emma: Henry invited me.

Regina: Do you honestly believe, I’d allow you into my house for dinner, after all the threats you made to my family?

Emma: I didn’t come for dinner.

Regina: Then, what did you come for?

Emma: You.

(Confused, Regina looks behind her into the kitchen and discovers that Henry is gone. She turns back to Emma, where several other Storybrooke citizens have gathered behind her.)

Emma: We all did.

(Regina turns around and starts to retreat into the house, when she sees Henry holding a noose at the top of the stairs.)

Regina: Henry.

(The mob brings Regina to the main street, where an apple tree has sprung up in the middle of the road. They tie her to the tree as she protests. The rest of the town watches on.)

Regina: No… No…. Let me go. I command it!

Ruby: After everything you’ve done to all of us?

Archie: My apologies, Your Majesty, but my conscience is clear!

Leroy: You’re not Queen anymore, sister!

Granny: Tighter! She needs to feel our pain!

MMB: You took our love and ripped it apart!

David: And now, you’re going to pay!

(Emma approaches Regina and picks one of the blackened apples off the tree. She holds it in front of Regina and crushes it in her hand.)

Emma: Rotten to the core.

Regina: I just wanted to win… For once.

(Emma grabs Regina by the throat.)

Emma: You took away our happiness, and now it’s our turn to take away yours.

(Emma lets go of Regina’s neck and walks towards the crowd. David pulls out a sword and hands it to Emma.)

Regina: …What?

Regina: Henry. Henry, please don’t let them do this to me.

Henry: You did this to yourself.

(Wielding the sword, Emma aims for Regina and swings. Before the sword hits her, Regina awakens from the dream and jolts upright in her bed. She quickly gets up and heads to Henry’s room to check on him. Inside, she sees him underneath the blanket. Regina exits and the camera pans to show that the form under the blanket isn’t Henry, but instead a pile of pillows.)


(Emma and Henry are driving along the road that leads out of Storybrooke.)

Henry: Is that all your stuff?

Emma: All I need.

Henry: Wait. You want to go now? We’re leaving now?

Emma: Uh-huh. I’m getting you out of here. Away from all this. Away from her.

Henry: No, no. Stop the car! You can’t leave Storybrooke. You have to break the curse.

Emma: No, I don’t. I have to help you.

Henry: But you’re a hero – you can’t run. You have to help everybody.

Emma: Henry, I know it’s hard for you to see it, but I’m doing what’s best for you. That’s what you wanted when you brought me to Storybrooke.

Henry: But the curse… You’re the only chance to bring back the happy endings.

Emma: Henry…

(Henry reaches over and grabs the steering wheel.)

Emma: Henry!

(Henry causes the car to veer off the road and into a ditch.)

Emma: Henry! What were you doing? You could’ve gotten us killed!

Henry: Please! Please, don’t make me go! We can’t go! Everything’s here… Me, your parents, your

family. Please, Emma. They need you. Your family needs you.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Two guards bring Prince Charming before King George.)

King George: Did you really think that I would let you get away? Hm? You appear to have had quite the adventure since then.

Prince Charming: Whatever it is you’re going to do to me, get on with it.

King George: I took you in as my son, and you betrayed me. I would’ve given you everything. The crown, the kingdom. All you had to do was marry King Midas’ daughter. But, you decided to follow ‘true love’.

Prince Charming: Losing my life for love… That’s a sacrifice I am happy to make.

King George: As you wish.

(The guards drag Prince Charming over to the guillotine, where they secure his head under the blade.)

King George: Release the blade.

(The blade is released, but magically dissolves into water before it reaches Prince Charming’s neck.)

King George: What is the meaning of this?

(The Evil Queen enters with her cohorts.)

Evil Queen: Sorry to drop in on you.

King George: Regina. What do you want?

Evil Queen: I want the man you pretend is your son. And I’m prepared to pay any riches Midas promised you in return for him.

King George: What do you plan to do to him?

Evil Queen: Oh, I promise he’ll suffer. Far more than some swift and simple beheading.

King George: How?

Evil Queen: By using him to destroy his one true love. By using him to bring an end to Snow White.

–[Real World]–

(From the window, Regina notices that her apple tree is wilting. When she goes to investigate, she finds that the apples are beginning to rot. She heads for Mr. Gold’s shop.)

Mr. Gold: Your Majesty. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Regina: My tree is dying. Why?

Mr. Gold: Perhaps, it’s your fertilizer.

Regina: You think this is funny? Well, I’ll tell you what I think. I think it’s a sign of the curse weakening because of Emma. But do you care? No. You’re content to just sit back and do… Whatever it is you’re doing, while all my hard work burns.

Mr. Gold: That’s not all, is it? Come on. You might as well get everything off your chest.

Regina: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mr. Gold: Henry. Miss Swan wants him.

Regina: She’ll have that boy over my dead body.

Mr. Gold: The curse was meant to take away Snow White and Prince Charming’s happiness. Perhaps, you giving up Henry is just the price to keep the curse unbroken.

Regina: I think I’d rather just get rid of her.

Mr. Gold: Well, well. You’re going to have to be quite creative. We both know the repercussions in killing Miss Swan. The curse will be…

Regina: The curse will be broken. That’s because you designed it that way. Undo it.

Mr. Gold: You know… Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. Magic… Well… Is in short supply around here and dwindling by the minute.

Regina: You want the curse broken. Why?

Mr. Gold: That’s not something I care to discuss.

Regina: Don’t bother. You can shove your reasons. I want to strike a new deal. One where I can get rid of Emma without shattering the curse.

Mr. Gold: Unfortunately for you, a negotiation requires two interested parties, and I’m already planning a trip.

Regina: I’ll give you anything.

Mr. Gold: You no longer have anything I want, dearie. But I will give you a piece of advice, free of charge. I’d plan a trip of your own. Because, once people waken up and remember who you are and what you did to them… They are going to be looking for blood.


(Outside the school, Regina finds Paige’s bike locked in the bike rack. She sticks a ‘White Rabbit’ card to the back of it and walks away. At Mary Margaret’s apartment, Emma returns.)

MMB: Oh. Thought you’d left.

Emma: Mary Margaret…

MMB: But I couldn’t tell for sure, because you didn’t bother to say goodbye. Do you remember when I left? When I ran? What you said to me? You said, we have to stick together. That we’re like… Family.

Emma: Yeah. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left.

MMB: You’re right – you shouldn’t have. So why, after everything, did you just go?

Emma: I don’t want to be Sheriff. I don’t want people relying on me. I don’t want this. Any of it.

MMB: What about Henry?

Emma: I took him with me.

MMB: You abducted him?

Emma: Maybe.

MMB: So, you don’t want people to rely on you, but you took your son? Now, that sounds like a stable home for him. What the hell is wrong with you?

Emma: I want what’s best for him.

MMB: And running is what’s best for him? Or, is that what’s best for you? You’re reverting, Emma, into the person you were before you got here. And I thought you’d changed.

Emma: You thought wrong.

MMB: Well, regardless, you have to do what’s right for Henry now.

Emma: What’s that?

MMB: Oh, I don’t know. You’re his mother – that’s your job. So, you figure it out.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Snow White and her ‘army’ are stationed outside of King George’s castle. Snow White spies on the guards through a telescope.)

Snow White: If we’re going to get him out, we’re going to have to get over that wall. There’s a soldier on every parapet.

Granny: We’re going to need some air support.

Grumpy: Air? I know just the person who can help us – someone who owes me a favor.

(A noise is heard in the forest behind them. Everyone turns, aiming their weapons, when Red wanders out. She has blood near her mouth.)

Red: Don’t shoot. It’s only me.

Snow White: Uh, Red, you know, you got someone on your chin.

Red: Sorry.

Snow White: What were you able to find out?

Red: Your Prince is still alive.

Snow White: Then, why don’t you look happy?

Red: Because I also heard word the Queen is here.

Snow White: She knew I’d come for him.

Granny: It’s a trap.

Snow White: Indeed. It matters not. I can’t stop now. But I’ll understand if any of you want to turn back.

Group: No! Not a chance!

Snow White: Oh. Well, then there’s no time to waste.

(The group sets out towards the castle.)

Red: Why is the Queen doing this?

Snow White: I destroyed her happiness. And now, she wants to destroy mine.


(The Evil Queen enters the dungeon where Prince Charming is being held.)

Evil Queen: Leave us.

(The guards leave the two of them alone.)

Prince Charming: What do you want?

Evil Queen: Hm… I suppose I see the allure. I wonder if you’ll be quite so incorruptible after your precious Snow is gone.

Prince Charming: Whatever she did to you, leave her alone and take my life instead.

Evil Queen: Oh, who said anything about taking her life? Oh, no. I have a far more satisfying brand of punishment for her.

(She turns and begins to walk out of the cell. She takes out a leather satchel, and pulls out the poisoned apple.)

–[Real World]–

(Regina is staring at her apple tree from the window of her office, when Jefferson enters.)

Regina: Jefferson. So, you got my message.

Jefferson: How could I miss it? You know I watch her.

Regina: It must be so painful, your daughter Paige being oh, so near.

Jefferson: Grace. Her name is Grace. You should know that – you changed it. What do you want?

Regina: Your help.

Jefferson: And what makes you think, I won’t kill you after everything you’ve done?

Regina: Because you don’t have it in you. If you did, you would have done it twenty-eight years ago when I brought you here. Because you know if I’m dead, you’ll never get back to your daughter. And I have a way for us to both get what we want.

(Regina retrieves Jefferson’s hat box and places it on the table.)

Jefferson: My hat.

Regina: I want you to use it again.

Jefferson: I can’t make it work. No one can. Not here. Not without magic.

Regina: Well, then you’re in luck, because I happen to have some. Not a lot… But hopefully, enough… For one last journey.

Jefferson: Where?

Regina: Back to our land. Where there’s a solution to a very delicate problem I have… How to get rid of the one person who could break my curse.

Jefferson: Emma. And why shouldn’t I let her do just that? End the madness and go home.

Regina: To your hovel? Selling fungus at the fair? Why? When you could just stay here in the mansion I gave you? My problem, Jefferson, is the same as yours. It’s family. We both want our children back, and we both can get them, if we work together.

Jefferson: Why should I trust you now?

Regina: You shouldn’t. But it’s the only offer you’ve got. After we’re through, I’ll wake up your dear Grace, so she remembers who you are.

Jefferson: No. Remembering is the worst curse. Two lives in her head, like me. I want to forget. I want you to write us a new story, a fresh start, here.

Regina: Well, my dear Jefferson, then that’s exactly what you’ll have. Oh. After we take care of Miss Swan.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Snow White, the dwarves, and Granny wait positioned outside the castle. They hear a howl in the distance.)

Snow White: Thank you, Red. Do it.

(One of the dwarves fires a flaming arrow into the sky.)

Snow White: Move out.

Grumpy: I miss Stealthy.

(The group starts towards the castle. In the sky, the Blue Fairy, along with the rest of the fairies, are waiting for the signal. They see the flaming arrow below them.)

Blue Fairy: We’re a go. Fairies! Attack!

(A massive horde of fairies swarm the castle. Below, Snow White and company begin scaling the walls of the castle. Once up, several guards attempt to attack them. They fend them off and continue down to the courtyard. In the courtyard, they battle with King George’s guards. They eventually manage to defeat all of them, but are stopped when another wave of guards arrive and surround them. However, they are saved by the fairies, who wipe out all of the guards with fairy dust. The group continues into the castle.)

–[Real World]–

(Henry knocks on August’s door at the inn.)

August: Hang on.

(August answers the door, and Henry pushes his way into the room.)

Henry: August, please. I need your help. Emma wants to leave.

August: What? Slow down.

Henry: Y-You were going to make her believe. You have to.

August: I know, Henry. I’m sorry. I… I failed.

Henry: Failed?

August: I tried to show her. At first it was my legs, and now… Now take a look… At the unvarnished truth.

(August pulls back his sleeve, revealing a wooden arm.)

Henry: It’s wood.

August: Yes.

Henry: All of this… I was right. The curse… It’s real!

August: You’re a smart kid.

Henry: And you’re Pinocchio.

August: What gave it away?

Henry: But, why are you turning back to wood? Your story… You should be real.

August: I’m changing back because… I haven’t exactly been a good boy. And… Well… If the curse doesn’t break… This doesn’t stop.

Henry: So, we show Emma that you’re turning back into the puppet you were, and then, she has to believe. And, when she does, she could break the curse.

August: I tried that. She doesn’t want to see, so she doesn’t. There’s nothing more that I can do. I-I’m getting tired. It’s hard to ride and it’s hard to walk. Soon, it’s going to be hard to breathe.

Henry: So, we have to do something fast.

August: There’s nothing to do. And with what little time I have left, I want to spend it with my father.

Henry: Marco.

August: Told you you’re a smart kid.

Henry: So, everyone’s giving up.

August: I’m afraid that I don’t have a choice. I’m sorry, kid, but I’m out of Operation Cobra. Now, it’s up to you.


(Emma and Archie are sitting in Granny’s Diner.)

Archie: Emma, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you don’t have any case for custody.

Emma: Even after everything she’s done?

Archie: Which you can’t prove. Let me just ask you a question – with this war raging on, who really is getting hurt here?

Emma: I know. Henry. But isn’t it a good thing that he’s spending time with me? I’m his mother.

Archie: Yes, you are. And so is Regina. And l-look, the court is going to come in and look at him and see how he’s been since you’ve come into his life.

Emma: And he’s been happier, right?

Archie: Maybe. I mean, objectively? He’s skipped school, he’s stolen a credit card, he’s run off, he’s… He’s endangered himself, repeatedly. And so, in the eyes of the law, it’s not so-

Emma: And what about in your eyes? What do you think?

Archie: I mean, a while ago, I told you to engage him in his fantasy life, and… And perhaps I was wrong, because he’s only retreated further into it.

Emma: You think he’s better off with her?

Archie: I never said that.

Emma: Do you think that she would ever hurt him?

Archie: No. Never. I mean, everyone else, but not him. Look, right or wrong, her actions have all been defensive. I’m not judging, but… In many ways, your arrival has woken a sleeping dragon.

Emma: Tell me honestly – has he been better off since I got here?

Archie: It’s not a matter of better off. It’s… It’s a matter of this war has to end. If you two are going to be in his life, you have to figure out the best way to do that.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Snow White enters the dungeon. She sees Prince Charming in his cell.)

Snow White: Charming… Charming!

Prince Charming: Snow…

(She grabs the keys and opens his cell, only to discover that there is only a mirror in the cell with Prince Charming’s image.)

Snow White: You’re… No… No… Oh, no!

Prince Charming: The Queen took me to her palace.

Snow White: But I’m rescuing you.

Prince Charming: Snow…

Snow White: Is this always going to be our life? Taking turns finding each other?

Prince Charming: We’ll be together, I know it. Have faith.

(Prince Charming’s image is obscured by purple smoke. When it clears, an image of the Evil Queen is in his place.)

Evil Queen: I just had to stop you. I have no interest in cleaning tongue marks off my mirror.

Snow White: Let him go. Your fight is with me.

Evil Queen: My thoughts exactly. Have you ever heard of a parley? We break off all this messy fighting and have a little talk. Just you and me. Come unarmed.

Snow White: Where do I meet you?

Evil Queen: Where it all began.


(Snow White and the group are gathered in the main room of the castle. She starts unloading all of her weapons.)

Snow White: Stop trying to talk me out of this. The castle is secure – I’m going.

Grumpy: Keep the little knife between your tuffets.

Snow White: I promised I would come alone and unarmed. It’s a parley. There are rules.

Red: You’re too noble for your own good.

Snow White: I’m not. But, enough of you have risked your lives because of something that’s between the Queen and me. I will not let anyone else get hurt because of me.

Red: Except you.

Snow White: Thank you for your concern, but this ends today.

(The dwarves block her path when she tries to leave.)

Grumpy: We can’t let you go.

Snow White: I’m not asking. Thank you for your support. I love each and every one of you, but this is something I have to do… Alone.

(Snow White leaves.)

Red: I don’t like this. I don’t trust that Queen.

–[Real World]–

(Regina leads Jefferson down a set of stairs, leading to what looks to be an underground tomb. Several urns and boxes line the walls.)

Regina: Watch your step.

Jefferson: What is this place?

Regina: Where I’ve kept the last bit of my magic. The only magic in this world is in the things I brought with me.

(Jefferson places his hat in the center of the room. Nothing happens.)

Jefferson: It’s not spinning. It’s not working.

Regina: It needs to absorb the magic that’s here. I have some things left. A few trinkets.

(She takes a box from one of the side walls, and dumps its contents into the hat. Once again, nothing happens.)

Jefferson: It’s not enough. You need something that still works.

(Regina pulls out Daniel’s ring and holds it up. Produced by magic, Daniel’s face can be seen in the middle of it.)

Jefferson: Who’s that?

Regina: Someone long gone.

Jefferson: Well, whatever or whoever it is, it still has magical properties. Give me that, and let me see what I can do with it.

(She hesitates.)

Jefferson: If you want your son back, if you want your revenge, give it to me.

(Regina drops the ring into the hat. A slight purple vortex begins to form, but the hat stops spinning.)

Regina: What’s wrong? Why isn’t it opening a portal?

Jefferson: The magic – it’s not enough. We can’t go anywhere.

Regina: Then you failed.

Jefferson: Maybe not. There’s enough magic to touch the other side, just not to get us there. There might be enough to… Reach through and retrieve something.

Regina: I can bring something back?

Jefferson: Is there an object that can help you? Perhaps, I can open it enough and reach through and grab it. It would have to be small. Something that you can take with your hand. Is there anything like that that can help you?

Regina: Yes. Yes, I believe there is.

Jefferson: Then, you need to direct me to the time and place where this object exists.

(Jefferson hands the hat to Regina.)

Regina: How?

Jefferson: Think about it. Guide the hat.

(Regina closes her eyes and thinks for a moment. When she places the hat back on the ground, a proper vortex begins to form.)

Jefferson: Excellent. It appears to be working. Now, what is it we’re after?

Regina: An apple.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Snow White enters the stables from the Evil Queen’s childhood, which is the designated meeting place.)

Snow White: Hello, Regina.

Evil Queen: Follow me.

(The Evil Queen leads Snow White into the field, where they come to a tombstone. It has a heart etched into it.)

Evil Queen: Do you remember when I ran down your runaway horse, Snow? Do you remember when I saved your life?

Snow White: Of course. It all looks the same.

Evil Queen: Not quite. This is new.

Snow White: Is that…

Evil Queen: A grave. Daniel’s grave.

Snow White: Daniel? I thought…

Evil Queen: He ran away? I told you that to spare your feelings out of…kindness. But he died because of you.

Snow White: I-I’m… I’m sorry.

Evil Queen: I’m sorry, too. But nothing can change what happened. What you did. You promised to keep my secret. You promised, but you lied.

Snow White: I was very young, and your mother-

Evil Queen: She ripped his heart out because of you. Because you couldn’t listen to me.

Snow White: You took my father. Haven’t we both suffered enough?

Evil Queen: No.

(The Evil Queen pulls the poisoned apple out of its satchel.)

Snow White: What is that?

Evil Queen: It’s just a morsel. Did you know that apples stand for health and wisdom?

Snow White: So, why do I get the feeling that one might kill me?

Evil Queen: It won’t kill you. No, what it will do is far worse. Your body will be your tomb, and you’ll be in there with nothing but dreams formed of your own regrets.

Snow White: And you’re going to force me to eat it.

Evil Queen: Of course not. It wouldn’t work anyway. The choice is yours. It must be taken willingly.

Snow White: And why would I do that?

Evil Queen: Because, if you refuse the apple, your Prince, your Charming, will be killed.

Snow White: No…

Evil Queen: As I said, the choice is yours.

Snow White: I take that apple, and he lives? That’s the deal you want to make?

Evil Queen: With all my heart.

Snow White: Then, congratulations. You’ve won.

(Snow White takes a bite of the apple. Within seconds, she collapses to the ground. Simultaneously, Prince Charming experiences a stabbing pain in his chest. He scrambles to the door of his cell and begins yelling.)

Prince Charming: Snow… What have you done to her? What have you done? Snow!

(The apple rolls from Snow White’s hand, and disappears through a portal.)

–[Real World]–

(The apple appears in the Real World through the hat. Jefferson catches it.)

Jefferson: Is this it?

Regina: Yes. Yes, it is.

Jefferson: And my daughter? My Grace?

Regina: First things first. The deal’s not done. Not until I solve the next conundrum. How to get this saviour to taste my forbidden fruit…


(In her kitchen, Regina chops up the apple and fashions it into a turnover. While it’s baking, Emma rings the doorbell. Regina answers.)

Emma: We need to talk.

Regina: Yes, I imagine we do. I was just about to call you. Come right in.

(Regina lets Emma into the house.)

Regina: Do what you’re so skilled at and make yourself at home. I believe you came to see me.

Emma: Right. Look, this isn’t easy. I think that this… Whatever is between us needs to end.

Regina: At last, something we can agree on.

Emma: I want to make a deal with you about Henry.

Regina: I’m not making any deals with you-

Emma: I’m leaving town.

Regina: What?

Emma: This… What we’re doing is a problem, and I’m going to go, but I have conditions. I still get to see Henry. I get to visit and spend time, whatever.

Regina: And you get to see him. You’re still in his life.

Emma: Look, in any deal, both parties are a little unhappy. But, let’s be honest – we both know the world where I’m not in his life no longer exists, and there’s no one who can do anything about that.

(The timer on the stove beeps.)

Regina: You’re right. Would you mind following me for a moment?

(They head to the kitchen. Regina takes the turnover out of the oven.)

Regina: So, what are you proposing?

Emma: I don’t know. Just figure it out as we go.

Regina: But he’s my son.

Emma: Yeah.

(Emma goes to leave, but Regina stops her.)

Regina: Oh, Miss Swan? Maybe a little something for the road?

(She takes out a Tupperware container and gestures to the turnover.)

Emma: Thanks.

Regina: If we’re going to be in each other’s lives, it’s time we start being cordial. My famous turnovers. Old recipe. But delicious.

(Regina packs up the turnover and hands it to Emma.)

Emma: Thank you.

Regina: I do hope you like apples.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Red and Granny arrive at the stables to search for Snow White, while the dwarves search the field.)

Red: Snow was here. I can smell it.

Granny: Snow! Snow!

(Grumpy yells in the distance.)

Grumpy: She’s over here!

(Red and Granny run towards the source and find Grumpy and the rest of the dwarves gathered

around the unconscious Snow White.)

Grumpy: I found her lying here like this. Is she…

Red: Granny, give me your dagger.

Bashful: Maybe she’s just sleeping.

(Red places the dagger under Snow White’s nose.)

Red: She has no breath. She’s gone. She sacrificed herself… For true love.

Grumpy: She sacrificed herself for all of us.

(The Evil Queen watches them through the mirror in her castle.)

Evil Queen: It would appear sacrifice is overrated. Speaking of…

(She waves her hand and magically switches scenes to Prince Charming’s cell.)

Prince Charming: Snow! What have you done to her? What have you done?

–[Real World]–

(Regina enters Mr. Gold’s shop.)

Regina: I hope you bought travel insurance, because no one’s going anywhere.

Mr. Gold: Oh, really? And why’s that?

Regina: Because I found a solution to my Emma Swan problem.

Mr. Gold: Oh, yes?

Regina: An old, reliable solution.

Mr. Gold: A sleeping curse. Might I ask how you managed to obtain one here in Storybrooke?

Regina: By sacrificing the last bit of magic I had left.

Mr. Gold: So, you made magic from magic. Well, I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that, uh, all magic comes with a price.

Regina: Then you can pay it. Because now, the curse is going to be stronger than ever. And you will be right here where you belong. Don’t you understand? I won. So, whatever plan you had… Whatever reason you wanted the curse broken… Too bad. Because it’s never going to happen.


(At Mary Margaret’s apartment, there is a knock on the door. Emma answers it. It’s Henry, who she lets in.)

Henry: Hey, Emma. Everything okay? You sounded strange over the walkie.

Emma: Oh, um… No, I’m okay. Just, um… Yesterday, when I tried to take you away, you were right. I can’t take you out of Storybrooke. But I can’t stay either.

Henry: What?

Emma: I have to go.

Henry: Go? You mean leave Storybrooke?

Emma: Yeah. I spoke to Regina, and we made a deal. I’m still going to be able to see you, just not… Every day.

Henry: No! No, you can’t trust her!

Emma: I have to. It’s my only choice. It’s what’s best for you, Henry. Every time I fight her, someone else gets hurt.

Henry: No, no, no! You’re just scared. This happens to all heroes. It’s just the low moment before you fight back.

Emma: Henry! This isn’t a story. This is reality. And things have to change. You can’t skip school, you can’t run away, and… You can’t believe in curses.

Henry: Y-you really don’t believe?

Emma: I… This is how it has to be right now. I made a deal, and I used my superpower. She’s telling the truth. She’s going to take really good care of you.

Henry: Yes, but she wants you dead.

Emma: Come on, Henry!

Henry: You’re the only one that can stop her.

Emma: Stop her from what? All she’s ever done is fight for you. It just… Got out of hand. I’m sorry.

(Henry hugs Emma. The two of them continue to embrace, when Henry notices the turnover on the table.)

Henry: Where did you get that?

Emma: Regina gave it to me.

Henry: Apple!

Emma: So?

Henry: You can’t eat that. It’s poison.

Emma: What?

Henry: Don’t you see? The deal… It was all a trick to get you to eat that, to get rid of the saviour.

Emma: Henry, come on. Why would she do that when I just told her I was going to go?

Henry: Because as long as you’re alive, you’re a threat to the curse.

Emma: Henry, you’ve got to stop thinking like this.

Henry: But it’s the truth! And you leaving isn’t going to change that.

Emma: I’ll prove it to you.

Henry: No!

(Henry grabs the turnover from Emma.)

Emma: Henry… What are you doing?

Henry: I’m sorry it had to come to this. You may not believe in the curse… Or in me. But I believe in you.

(He takes a bite of the turnover. Nothing happens.)

Emma: See? You want to have some ice cream with that? And then we can go back to talking about…

(Henry suddenly collapses.)

Emma: Henry? Henry? Henry!