02x03 - Lady of the Lake

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Red is quickly running through the woods. She arrives at a tent where Prince Charming, Snow White, and several others are gathered around a map. They are discussing strategy when she enters.)

Prince Charming: King George’s men are here on this ridge…

Red: We have to move camp. They’re coming for us.

Prince Charming: No! We will not run. We said we were going to take the kingdom back and we can’t do that with our tails between our legs. …No offense.

Red: But matters have worsened. The King has a new general.

Snow White: Who is he?

Red: They call him the Leviathan. They say he attacks like a monster striking from the depths of the sea. You never see him coming, you never survive.

Prince Charming: We’ll see about that.

Snow White: How close is his army?

(An arrow tears through the tent and strikes the table.)

Prince Charming: I’d say pretty close.

(Everyone exits the tent. Several of King George’s men have gathered outside.)

Snow White: We should split up – divide them.

Prince Charming: Exactly. Go. Go! Go.

(Everyone scatters, except Prince Charming, who lingers back.)

Snow White: Aren’t you coming?

Prince Charming: He’s going after me. You’ll have a better chance of escaping on your own. Don’t worry. Meet me in two days time at the cabin.

Snow White: The cabin? Where she is? Are you sure?

Prince Charming: We’re engaged. I think it’s about time you met my mother.

(They notice a masked knight on a horse watching them from a distance.)

Prince Charming: Go. Go.

(Snow White takes off into the woods, but is followed by the masked knight. The knight manages to get ahead of her and easily knocks her down.)

Snow White: What kind of general hides behind a mask? Who are you really, Leviathan?

Lancelot: Leviathan? That’s what they’re calling me?

(He removes his helmet.)

Lancelot: Name’s Lancelot.

Snow White: Lancelot? Of the Round Table?

Lancelot: Not anymore.

–[Present Fairy Tale World]–

(In ‘the pit’, Mary Margaret is still unconscious. Cora tends to her, while Emma watches.)

Emma: You sure she’s going to be okay?

Cora: Don’t worry. She’ll be fine.

Emma: What is this place? Where are we?

Cora: It’s a little island our captors like to think of as their haven.

Emma: Haven? From what?

Cora: The world’s dangerous. What’s left of it, anyway.

Emma: Well, they can’t keep us down here. We didn’t do anything wrong.

Cora: Neither did I.

Emma: Then why are you here?

Cora: I’m here because of something my daughter did. The curse that ravaged this land? She cast it.

Emma: Regina. You’re Regina’s mother?

Cora: Yes. But you have nothing to fear from me. The apple fell very far from the tree. You’re from over there, aren’t you? How’d you get back?

(Mary Margaret awakens and sees the two of them talking.)

MMB: Emma. No…

Cora: Oh, Snow, you’re awake. I’m so relieved.

(Mary Margaret takes Emma aside.)

MMB: As bad as you think Regina is, this woman is worse.

Cora: Oh, Snow. Sweet Snow. Please… Believe me. Whatever she told you isn’t true. I just want to help you.

Emma: Let’s hear her out.

MMB: Emma.

Emma: Okay. Right now, we are at the bottom of a hole with no other options. And Henry, is back in Storybrooke with Regina.

Cora: Who’s Henry?

Emma: My son. I kind of share him with Regina. It’s complicated.

MMB: Don’t talk to her.

Guard: Enough!

(One of the guards throws a rope down into the pit.)

Guard: Our leader requests an audience.

–[Real World]–

(Henry and David are walking down the main street of Storybrooke.)

Henry: So, what’s on the agenda for Operation Scorpion?

David: What’s Operation Scorpion?

Henry: The code name for our mission to find Emma and Snow? Do you prefer viper? That was my second choice.

David: Henry, we need to talk.

Henry: Yeah, scorpion’s better.

David: No, it’s not that. It’s…

Henry: I’m not coming with you. But I… I thought we were going to find Jefferson?

David: I already did.

Henry: What? Is he going to help us?

David: No. No, Henry, he’s not.

Henry: But why didn’t you tell me you talked to him?

David: Because I didn’t want to disappoint you. I know you want to find your mom, but Jefferson can’t help us. I need to find a way to restore the hat.

Henry: So, why can’t I help you look?

David: It’ll require magic, Henry. And magic-

Henry: Always comes with a price. I’ve read the book, you know.

David: I’m sorry, but I just can’t let you anywhere near this stuff. If you really want to help me, you’ll go to school where I know you’ll be safe, okay?

Henry: Okay.

(Henry starts towards the school bus. Once David leaves, however, Henry heads elsewhere.)

–[Present Fairy Tale World]–

(Emma and Mary Margaret are being led by one of the guards through the haven/village.)

MMB: Why can’t you just listen to me?

Emma: Why couldn’t you have trusted me? I was just trying to find a way to get us home. I could’ve handled her.

MMB: Cora? Don’t be so sure. I’ve lived here, Emma. I know this world. And its dangers.

Guard: Wait here.

Emma: Is that why you came through the portal? Because you thought I was helpless here?

MMB: No… I came through to be with you.

(Lancelot appears from one of the huts.)

MMB: Lancelot?

Lancelot: Snow?

(The two of them embrace.)

Lancelot: If I had known that you were the prisoners Mulan had brought back, I never would have locked you away. Please – forgive me.

MMB: Of course.

Emma: Lancelot? Really?

MMB: He’s an old friend. We can trust him.

(From across the camp, Aurora and Mulan are watching the reunion.)

Aurora: Why is he embracing them? They were responsible for Phillip’s death.

Mulan: You’re new here, Aurora. Phillip trusted Lancelot. So must we.

Aurora: I want justice.

Mulan: Tread carefully. It’s dangerous to confuse vengeance with justice. Do you understand me?

(Aurora says nothing.)

Mulan: Do you understand me?

Aurora: Yes.

(Aurora pulls out a dagger that she has concealed in her waistband.)


(Emma and Mary Margaret have sat down to eat. Lancelot drops a plate of strange looking meat on the table.)

Emma: What the hell is that?

Lancelot: That is chimera. An acquired taste, but all our hunting party could bring back. One part lion, one part serpent, one part goat.

Emma: Like turducken?

MMB: I don’t understand. We were told this land didn’t even exist anymore. How did you all escape the curse?

Lancelot: It is a mystery. The curse struck and when the smoke cleared, most of us had been torn from this land. But some of us here, in this particular region, were left behind. We don’t know how, and we don’t know why. Finding this safe haven wasn’t easy. Took some spilled blood. But worry not. You’re safe here.

MMB: We can’t stay. My husband’s back there, Emma’s son – my grandson. We have to get back to them. Can you help us find a portal?

Lancelot: No, leaving is unwise. The Enchanted Forest is not as you remember it. The ogres have returned.

Emma: Ogres? Like, as in fee-fi-fo-fum?

MMB: Those would be giants.

Lancelot: Ogres are far worse. And that’s why we live here. On this island, where it’s safe. Please, Snow. Stay here. There are no more portals left.

MMB: I might know of one.

Emma: You do?

Lancelot: Where?

MMB: Cora’s near. I don’t feel comfortable voicing my plans. She’s powerful.

Lancelot: Not anymore. The curse stripped her of her powers. But, given her reputation, we kept her locked up as a precaution.

MMB: Nevertheless, I’m not taking chances. Just trust me. I may have a way. Let us go?

Lancelot: I’ll allow it. But on one condition – take my bravest warrior with you. Allow Mulan to defend you.

(He calls Mulan over.)

Emma: We can defend ourselves.

MMB: Deal. Thank you, Lancelot. For always looking out for me.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Lancelot has brought Snow White to King George’s castle, where King George confronts her.)

Snow White: I don’t care what you do to me. I will never tell you where he is.

King George: I know. That’s not why you’re here. Would you bring our guest some water?

King George: Time’s have been good for you, haven’t they? I can see a light in your eyes. Cherish that. Because that light can die and be replaced by something else – pain.

Snow White: The only thing you know of pain is how to inflict it.

(Lancelot hands Snow White a goblet.)

King George: That’s where you’re so very, very wrong. I’ve had my share of pain. I had a son that I loved, died before his time. I tried to replace him with your ‘Charming’, offered him the world. But he rejected me. Humiliated me in front of my kingdom. All for the sake of true love.

Snow White: Something about which you know nothing.

(She takes a sip.)

King George: I know more than you think.

Snow White: You? Were in love?

King George: Yes. And she loved me. We were happy – blissful. But then, she became cursed. She drank a vile potion that made it impossible for us to conceive a child. Family is everything, my dear. Losing all hope of having one… There is no greater misery. Charming could have been that hope for me. But, instead, he made my suffering worse. For that, death is too good for him. First, he must know pain. My pain.

(Coming to a realization, Snow White looks down into her drink.)

Snow White: No…

Lancelot: You poisoned her?

King George: I cursed her. She will never bear a child.

–[Present Fairy Tale World]–

(Mulan presents to Emma and Mary Margaret an arsenal of different weapons.)

Mulan: Choose wisely. We must be vigilant if we hope to survive the journey.

(Mary Margaret chooses a sword and straps it to her waist.)

Emma: Where’s my gun? I want it back.

(Mulan takes the gun out of her pocket and inspects it before handing it to Emma.)

Mulan: Is it magic?

Emma: Depends on who’s pulling the trigger.

(Mary Margaret takes a bow and a quiver of arrows as a second weapon.)

Mulan: Follow my lead. Step where I step. Do exactly as I say, and you might survive.

Emma: Thanks for the pep talk, but I think we’re okay. I just killed a dragon last week.

Mulan: Have you ever seen an ogre?

Emma: Pretty sure I’ve dated a few.

Mulan: Legend has it, that when they kill you, the last thing you see is yourself dying in the reflection in their eyes. Let’s walk. It’ll be dark soon.

(Mulan stalks ahead. Mary Margaret and Emma follow behind.)

MMB: Don’t let her rattle you. I won’t let anything happen to us. Stick to the plan.

Emma: What is the plan? You haven’t told me anything. What’s going on?

MMB: The wardrobe.

Emma: The wardrobe? ‘The’ wardrobe? Like, the wardrobe that sent little baby me to Maine? You think that can get us back to Storybrooke?

MMB: I don’t know. First, we have to see if it survived the curse, then we’ll worry about making it work.

Emma: Where is it?

MMB: My place. Want to see where you’re from, Emma? That’s right. We’re going home.

–[Real World]–

(Jefferson is sitting on a bench by the docks. He’s staring at a piece of paper with ‘Have you seen my Papa?’ and a crude, child-like drawing of a man written on it. Henry approaches him.)

Henry: Jefferson. …Right? The Mad Hatter? I need your help.

Jefferson: Look, I already told your grandfather. I can’t do anything.

Henry: I know. But, there must be something we can do.

Jefferson: I’m the wrong person to talk to, kid. Magic’s not my thing. Try your mother. Maybe she’s got something in that vault of hers she can help you with.

Henry: Vault? Her vault is here? In Storybrooke?

Jefferson: It’s none of my business. Talk to her.

Henry: What’s that?

(Jefferson folds up the paper and tucks it in his coat pocket.)

Henry: Your daughter’s looking for you, isn’t she?

Jefferson: what do you know about it?

Henry: I read your story. I know how the two of you were separated. Why are you here? She’s at school.

Jefferson: I’ve got to go home, kid.

(Jefferson gets up and starts to walk away. Henry follows.)

Henry: She probably wants to see you.

Jefferson: Get out of my way.

(Henry blocks his path.)

Jefferson: Get out of my way.

Henry: Why aren’t you trying to find her?

(He grabs Henry by the shoulders.)

Jefferson: Because I left her! And she’ll hate me.

Henry: How do you know that?

Jefferson: I was on my way… Fate reminded me I shouldn’t.

Henry: You should. I’ve been left, too. Anything’s better than nothing. She’ll spend her whole life wondering why you left her. Not knowing is the worst.


(Regina is packing up her office into boxes, when her cell phone rings. It’s Henry.)

Regina: Henry! I’m just packing up the office. I’ve been asked to leave. No, of course it can wait. I’d love to have lunch with you. Granny’s – ten minutes.

(She hangs up, grabs her purse, and leaves. Once the coast is clear, Henry appears from behind one of the side doors. He looks in one of the drawers of a filing cabinet, locating the ring of Regina’s skeleton keys.)

–[Present Fairy Tale World]–

(Mary Margaret, Emma, and Mulan arrive at a clearing in the forest.)

Mulan: This will do. We’ll make camp here for the night. We just need to find water, collect some firewood.

Emma: Uh, if we’re hiding from ogres, shouldn’t we maybe, I don’t know, not start a fire?

MMB: Ogres are blind. They hunt by sound alone.

Emma: Right. Because that’s something everyone would know about ogres.

MMB: Look, I know you’re out of your element…

Emma: I’m fine.

MMB: I know. But, maybe you should just stay here while we get wood and water. Guard the campsite?

Emma: You mean the big, empty clearing?

MMB: It’s the safest place. We’ll be right back.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(In the middle of the forest, King George’s men toss Snow White out onto the ground and then proceed to leave. She spots Lancelot approaching on horseback, seemingly searching for her. After arming herself with a large branch, Snow White hides behind a tree. When Lancelot rides past, she smashes him off of his horse, then threatening looms over him.)

Lancelot: Wait! I’ve come to help.

Snow White: After what you did to me?

Lancelot: After what the King did to you. I still do have a small shred of honour left.

Snow White: You really think I’m that naive? You’re going to earn my trust so I can lead you straight-

Lancelot: To the cabin. Where your prince is hiding his mother?

Snow White: How did you know?

Lancelot: Cause George knows where it is. He’s sent them there to kill your man’s mother.

Snow White: Charming’s at the cabin, too.


(Prince Charming’s mother, Ruth, is sprucing up area outside, when he comes to fetch her.)

Prince Charming: Mother, the place looks beautiful. Will you come inside?

Ruth: I’m sorry if I want things to be perfect when I meet the girl my son is going to marry.

(A noise is heard in the woods.)

Prince Charming: Wait. Did you hear that?

(They hear what sounds like a horse.)

Prince Charming: Go in. Bolt the door. Whatever happens, stay inside. Go.

(Ruth leaves. Prince Charming is then surrounded my several knights on horseback.)

Prince Charming: What? That’s it?

(He easily disposes of King George’s men. He hears Ruth call out to him, who it turns out has been struck in the chest by a stray arrow.)

Ruth: Son?

Prince Charming: Mother! Mother!

(He runs towards her, managing to catch her before she collapses. He gently lowers her to the ground.)

Prince Charming: I told you to stay inside.

Ruth: I know. But I heard you… I thought you were hurt. I’m sorry.

Prince Charming: No. You’re going to be okay. Everything’s going to be okay.

(Snow White and Lancelot finally arrive.)

Snow White: I’m so sorry. We came as quickly as we could.

Ruth: Is this…? Snow…

–[Present Fairy Tale World]–

(Mary Margaret is collecting wood for a fire in the woods. Suddenly, Aurora ambushes her with a dagger, holding it against her throat.)

Aurora: Don’t move. Phillip’s gone because of you.

(Mary Margaret grabs Aurora’s shoulders and throws her over her head. She then pins Aurora to the ground.)

MMB: Listen to me, princess. You think I don’t know what it’s like to be separated from the people that I love? What happened to Phillip was not our fault. So I suggest, you find another way to channel your anger.

(Mulan enters and pulls Mary Margaret off of Aurora.)

Mulan Don’t talk to her like that!

MMB: She tried to kill me.

Mulan: I will deal with her.

(A warning shot is fired. The group turn to see Emma pointing the gun in their direction.)

MMB: Emma, what are you doing?

Emma: Protecting you. Drop the weapon.

MMB: Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?

(They hear a growling sound approaching them.)

Emma: Ogres?

(The ogre appears.)

MMB: Run!

(The group takes off running into the forest while the ogre trails them.)

MMB: Split up!

Mulan: Come on!

(Mulan and Aurora go one way, while Mary Margaret and Emma go another.)

MMB: Over there.

(Emma trips over a branch, but Mary Margaret fails to notice. The ogre catches up to Emma, which she attempts to shoot. However, the ogre grabs

Emma’s gun and crushes it in its hand.)

Emma: Seriously?

(Mary Margaret appears behind the ogre and tries to divert its attention away from Emma.)

MMB: Back away from my daughter!

(Successful, the ogre turns its attention to Mary Margaret. She then aims and fires an arrow into its eye, which instantly kills it. Emma watches incredulously as Mary Margaret pulls the arrow out of the ogre’s eye.)

MMB: You have to shoot them in the eye.

Emma: When was the last time you shot an arrow?

MMB: Twenty-eight years ago. Guess it’s like riding a bike.

Emma: Yeah, but how did you know you could hit that?

MMB: I didn’t. And next time, listen to me? That kind of thing isn’t going to work here.

Emma: Yeah…

MMB: We should get going.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Snow White, Prince Charming, and Lancelot are still gathered around an injured Ruth.)

Lancelot: It’s poisoned.

Prince Charming: Then we find an antidote.

Snow White: With the fairies. They can help us.

Lancelot: No. I’m afraid this is going to take something stronger than fairy dust.

Prince Charming: Lake Nostos. I’ve been there before. Its waters have powerful magical properties. I’ve seen them turn a man from solid gold back into flesh. It isn’t far – a day’s journey at most.

Lancelot: I’ll prepare a wagon.


(Snow White and company travel on a path through the forest, with Ruth laid out on a wagon and Lancelot and Prince Charming on horseback.)

Prince Charming: Must be a curious tale.

Lancelot: What?

Prince Charming: Well, how a knight of the Round Table ended up a sword for hire.

Lancelot: You mean, how did I fall from grace? The same way you ended up running from King George – a woman.

(They stop in the middle of the road.)

Prince Charming: We’re going to scout ahead. We won’t be long.

(Prince Charming and Lancelot leave Ruth and Snow White alone. Snow White sees that Ruth is in pain, and wipes off her forehead with a cloth.)

Ruth: Thank you.

Snow White: Oh, it’s the least I can do, make you comfortable.

Ruth: No. For giving my son something to believe in. All he’s ever dreamt of was having a wife… And a son. Fret not, it could be a daughter. But trust me – all that matters is that it’s healthy.

Ruth: Let me show you something.

(Ruth removes the pendant from around her neck.)

Ruth: My mother gave this to me when I was pregnant. She said it was spelled by a gypsy to predict the s*x of your first-born, even before you’re with child.

Snow White: And it works?

Ruth: It did with my boys. If it swings north to south, it’s a boy. East to west, it’s a girl. Shall we? Just between us.

Snow White: Oh, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Ruth: Indulge an old woman. It will help take my mind off the… Well, you know.

(Snow White nods.)

Ruth: Here.

(She holds the pendant above Snow White’s extended hand. It doesn’t move.)

Ruth: Don’t worry. It’s just silly superstition. What’s wrong, child? You can tell me anything, Snow.

Snow White: It’s the King. When he captured me, he cursed me. So… So that I can never have children.

Ruth: Worry not. If the water from Lake Nostos can heal me, it should be able to do the same for you.

Snow White: Do you really think so?

Ruth: You are going to be a wonderful mother.

–[Present Fairy Tale World]–

(The group continues to trek through the forest.)

MMB: We’re getting close.

Mulan: Aurora, you’ve got to keep up.

Aurora: Sorry, but I’m not exactly dressed for the woods. It’s cold out here.

Mulan: Then maybe, you should have listened to me and stayed back.

(Emma gives Aurora her jacket.)

Emma: Here.

Aurora: But I tried to kill your friend.

Emma: Actually, she’s my mom. I have a feeling she can take care of herself. And I get it. You’re not the only one who’s been screwing up lately.

Aurora: What kind of corset is this?

Mulan: Up here.

Emma: Is that it?

MMB: Yeah. That’s our home.

(Looking out over the cliff, Snow White’s decrepit former castle is seen in the distance.)

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Snow White and company arrive at a small, desert-like basin, devoid of any sign of life.)

Snow White: Where’s the lake?

Prince Charming: You’re looking at it. It’s gone.

–[Real World]–

(Using his book as a guide, Henry finds Regina’s father’s crypt. Using the skeleton keys to get inside, he spies scrape marks along the floor, figuring out that the sarcophagus can be moved. He pushes it aside and heads down to Regina’s vault. Henry pauses at the wall of hearts, which can be heard beating inside of their boxes. He goes farther into the vault to where several vases and chests are held. He takes one of the chests and opens it slowly with one of the keys. Two snakes spring out of the box, but David arrives just in time to shut the lid.)

David: Maybe we should’ve gone with Operation Viper. You alright?

Henry: Yeah. How’d you know I was down here?

David: Your mom said you asked her to lunch and, when you stood her up, she checked her office, saw her keys missing, figured out the rest. She would’ve come herself, but she didn’t think you’d go with her. Henry, what were you thinking?

Henry: I just want them back. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I should be over there with them. Riding horses, learning how to sword fight.

David: I know. I know. It’s okay. Because we’re going to do this together. Come on, now. You got to get to school, and I got to make sure no one else finds this place.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Lancelot and Prince Charming are investigating the floor of the former lake, while Snow White waits with Ruth by the wagon.)

Prince Charming: This is my fault. The siren who lived here? I killed her. That’s why the lake is dry.

Lancelot: You needn’t worry. My mother raised me by a lake. There may yet be water. You just need to know where to look.

(The two split up to search the ground. Lancelot comes across a shell containing a small amount of water.)

Lancelot: God in His mercy, and her grace.

Prince Charming: You found it?

Lancelot: It’s all that’s left. Just enough for one sip.

(They pour the contents of the shell into a canteen.)

Prince Charming: Enough to heal my mother?

Lancelot: We shall find out.

(Snow White and Ruth overhear the conversation.)

Ruth: I want you to have it. That last sip of water – I want you to drink it.

Snow White: No. No, I couldn’t.

Ruth: That water can lift your curse. Allow you and my son to have a child.

Snow White: But you’ll die. I won’t let you give your life for this.

Ruth: That’s what parents do. They put their children first. Someday, you’ll understand.

Snow White: No. Maybe it’s for the best. I was raised without a mother. I wouldn’t even know how to be one. This water was meant for you.

(Prince Charming and Lancelot approach the two.)

Prince Charming: Mother! Mother. Our prayers are answered. There’s magic in this lake yet. Here, drink.

(Ruth takes a sip of the water.)

Ruth: Have faith, Snow. We’ll find another way.

–[Present Fairy Tale World]–

(The group arrives at the castle and enter one of the rooms. It appears to be a nursery, with a crib and several old toys laying around. The wardrobe is seen in the corner, which Emma recognizes.)

Emma: Oh my god… I recognize this from Henry’s book.

Mulan: Come – we’ll stand watch at the gate.

(Mulan and Aurora exit.)

MMB: I never thought I’d see this place again. This room… It was your nursery.

Emma: I lived here?

MMB: You never even got to spend a night. This is the life I wanted you to have. I was going to teach you how to walk in here. How to talk, how to dress for your first ball… You never got to do any of it. We never got to be a family.

Emma: We have a family – in Storybrooke. And, right now, they need us to get back there. So, how do we get this to work?

(She gestures to the wardrobe.)

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Snow White and company are still gathered around Ruth.)

Prince Charming: Why isn’t it working?

Lancelot: Wounds take time to heal.

Prince Charming: No, no. I’ve used this magic before. It… It worked instantly. It wasn’t enough water. We need more.

(He starts to run back to the lake, but Ruth calls out to stop him.)

Ruth: Son… Stop.

(Prince Charming returns.)

Ruth: There’s no…more magic here. And I don’t want to spend my last moments this way.

Prince Charming: This is all my fault. I am so… Sorry.

Ruth: For what? For being happy? For finding your true love? For your happiness, I would gladly give my life. My only regret, is that I won’t live to see you marry Snow.

Prince Charming: Shh…

Snow White: Yes, you will. Lancelot. Does a disgraced member of the Round Table still have the power to perform a wedding?

Lancelot: It would be my honour.

(Snow White and Prince Charming stand before Lancelot, who pours the remaining water from the canteen into a chalice. Ruth watches the ceremony from the wagon.)

Lancelot: In my kingdom, there is legend of a cup. It has the power to grant eternal life. And so, may the love between you always be strong, true, and eternal.

(They both take a sip of water from the chalice. They kiss. When they break apart, they look over to see that Ruth has passed.)

Prince Charming: Goodbye, Mother.

–[Present Fairy Tale World]–

(At the castle, Emma and Mary Margaret look over the wardrobe.)

Emma: Where’s the ‘on’ switch?

MMB: It’s more complicated than that. We’ll have to get it back to the island. Hopefully, someone there has access to enough magic to make it work again.

Emma: How are we going to carry this thing?

(Lancelot enters.)

Lancelot: With the help of an old friend.

MMB: Lancelot. What are you doing here?

Lancelot: We heard about the ogre attack, and I had to make sure you were alright.

MMB: Where are Mulan and Aurora?

Lancelot: I sent them to find food. Tonight we’ll make camp and then, in the morning, we’ll head back. So, this is it – the portal you were after.

MMB: The same one Emma went through. That’s how she skipped the curse.

Lancelot: Remarkable…

MMB: Geppetto carved it from an enchanted tree, but there’s no magic left.

Lancelot: Well, a portal this powerful… There must be another way to recharge it.

MMB: Why are you so interested in the wardrobe?

Lancelot: Well, I just want you to get home to your husband… And son. Henry. They must miss you.

(Mary Margaret draws her sword and points it at Lancelot.)

MMB: Stay away from him, Emma. He is not who he says he is.

Emma: What are you talking about? Who the hell is he?

MMB: There’s only one person you told Henry’s name.

Emma: Cora.

(In a puff of purple smoke, Lancelot transforms into Cora.)

Cora: Clever girl.

MMB: Where’s Lancelot?

Cora: He’s dead. I killed him a long time ago.

MMB: And you’ve been posing as him ever since?

Cora: Well, they’d never listen to me. And besides… Every kingdom needs a hero, don’t you think?

(Mary Margaret lunges towards Cora, but is magically thrown and pinned against the wall. Emma attempts to help, but is also thrown back by Cora’s magic.)

Cora: Thank you, Snow. I’ve been looking for a way over for so long.

(Mary Margaret struggles to breathe. Emma gets up and, again, tries to help, but Cora summons a rug, which wraps around Emma’s legs.)

Cora: I never thought the person to help me find it would be you.

MMB: Why? Why are you doing this?

Cora: I want to see my daughter. It’s been too long. And you know, I would love to meet my grandson, Henry.

Emma: No, you won’t.

(Using a bullet and a piece of wood, Emma creates a spark and starts a fire. The wardrobe begins to burn.)

Cora: No!

(Cora magically pulls the fire from the wardrobe and turns it into a fireball. She flings it towards Emma, but the shot is blocked by Mulan’s sword. Aurora has also entered.)

MMB: Mulan!

Cora: We’re not done.

(Cora magically apparates out of the room. In the corner, the wardrobe is consumed by flames.)

Emma: Are you okay?

MMB: You saved me.

Emma: Yeah, well… Where is she?

MMB: Gone.

Emma: So’s our ride home.

–[Fairy Tale World]–

(Prince Charming lights a candle and places it on a rock above Ruth’s grave. Snow White tries to comfort him.)

Snow White: I’m so sorry. She was all the family you had left.

Prince Charming: No. I still have you. I love you, Snow. And together, we can start a new family. Here – this belonged to her.

(He pulls out the pendant.)

Prince Charming: She would’ve wanted you to have it. She said that it could tell you what your child will be.

(He tries to put it above her hand, but she pulls back.)

Snow White: Please, don’t.

Prince Charming: It’s just a superstition.

Snow White: There’s something I need to tell you.

Prince Charming: What is it? What’s wrong?

(They look down and notice that the pendant is swinging side to side/east to west.)

Snow White: We’re going to have a child…

Prince Charming: What?

Snow White: We’re going to have a child.

Prince Charming: Is there…something I need to know?

Snow White: I mean someday.

Prince Charming: Well, of course we are. What’s it say it’s going to be, huh? It’s going to be a boy, right? I can never remember which direction means what.

Snow White: It’s a surprise.

Prince Charming: I’ll send a signal for the army to regroup. We are going to take back the kingdom, Snow. And we are going to do it as a family.

(They kiss. Prince Charming exits. Snow White sees Lancelot standing off to the side and approaches him.)

Snow White: This is because of you, isn’t it? Ruth only pretended to drink the water. She had you put it in the wedding chalice so I would drink it. That’s how King George’s curse was broken, wasn’t it?

Lancelot: I have no idea what you’re talking about. So, what’s your child going to be?

Snow White: A girl.

–[Present Fairy Tale World]–

(Mary Margaret, Emma, Mulan, and Aurora are still in the nursery at the castle.)

MMB: Lancelot was one of the most noble knights I ever knew.

Mulan: How could I be so blind? How could I not see that it was Cora?

Emma: Let’s be fair – the whole shape shifting thing threw me, too.

Mulan: What are we going to tell the people on the island?

MMB: The truth. That Lancelot was cut down by a terrible villain. He died an honourable death.

Mulan: Cora’s still out there. We need to find her. We need to defend what’s left of the kingdom.

Aurora: Who’s going to lead us? You?

Mulan: No. Her.

(Mulan looks pointedly at Mary Margaret.)

MMB: I’m honoured. But Emma and I still have to find a way back to Storybrooke.

Mulan: We’ll help you. We’ll find a way, won’t we?

Aurora: Yes. Perhaps, it will help me channel my anger.

Mulan: Come.

(Mulan and Aurora exit.)

Emma: I’m, uh, sorry I torched our ride home. I couldn’t let her get to Henry. I just-

MMB: You had to put Henry first.

Emma: I was angry at you for so long… Wondering how you could choose to let me grow up without you. But then I just… Seeing all this… You gave up everything for me. And you’re still doing that. I’m sorry, I’m not good at this. I… I guess I just… I’m not… I’m not used to someone putting me first.

(Mary Margaret embraces Emma.)

MMB: Well, get used to it.

(Emma and Mary Margaret go to leave. Before leaving, Mary Margaret reflects on what ‘could have been’. When they exit, Cora reappears. She approaches the burned wardrobe and takes a vial of the ashes.)

–[Real World]–

(Jefferson watches Paige and her classmates get off the bus. He hesitates, but decides to call out for her.)

Jefferson: Grace.

(Paige turns around and sees him. She runs towards him and hugs him.)

Grace: Papa! You found me! I knew you would.


(On the main street, Henry is waiting in Emma’s yellow bug. David knocks on the window with a bag in hand.)

David: I’ve been thinking… If you’re going to start helping me, we’ve got to make sure we do this right. So, I picked these up on my way home.

(He motions to the bag, which contains two wooden swords.)

Henry: Seriously?

David: Yeah, you’re the grandson of a prince. I think it’s about time you learned how to use a sword. Henry, I can’t get ‘em back without you. So, what do you say? You with me?

Henry: Can you teach me how to fight a dragon?

David: We’ll work our way up to it.

(The two get out of the car and prepare to duel.)

David: My liege. En garde!

(David and Henry start to play fight on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, from a distance, Albert Speer watches them from his car.)