02x07 - Child of the Moon


(The dwarves are down in the mines, continuing to look for fairy dust. Happy attempts to gather everyone up.)

Happy: Pick axes down, brothers! First round at Granny’s is on me!

Doc: Come on, Leroy. We’re going to miss happy hour.

Happy: Granny’s running a two-for-one special on mead.

Leroy: Just cause it’s called happy hour, Happy, don’t mean you got to be there. We got work to do.

Happy: But you’re tired. We all are. A break could help.

Leroy: Charming asked us to mine for dust – fairy dust. To help bring Snow and Emma back home. And that’s…what I’m…going to do!

(Leroy continues to hack at the wall with his axe, until suddenly, he breaks through the wall and falls through into another cavern. David is called to the scene, who brings Henry and Mother Superior along with him. He enters the mine and encounters Happy.)

David: Where is he?

(Happy guides them to where Leroy fell through the wall. Below, David sees Leroy and several of the other dwarves, along with hundreds of diamonds lining the walls and ceiling of the mine.)

Henry: Are those…

Mother Superior: Diamonds. They’re back. The magic brought them back.

Henry: You mean, the kind that become fairy dust?

Mother Superior: Indeed. We just need to refine them – grind them up. Do you still have what remains of Jefferson’s hat?

(David takes out the battered hat.)

Mother Superior: You lock this up. Keep it safe. Because, by this time tomorrow, we’ll have enough magic dust to make it work again.

Henry: So, Mary Margaret and Emma…

David: That’s right, kid. We’re bringing ‘em home.


(At Granny’s, David, Mother Superior, Belle, and the dwarves are celebrating with a round of drinks. Ruby is serving.)

David: To the dwarves!

(Everyone cheers.)

David: That was quite a spill. Are you okay?

Leroy: I’ve had worse.

(Ruby goes to clear off a table, where Billy is waiting for her.)

Billy: A mouse.

Ruby: What? Where?

Billy: No. I meant me. I was a mouse. My name was Gus. I lived in Cinderella’s pantry, I ate cheese, I gnawed on wood, but I preferred the cheese.

Ruby: And, why are you telling me this?

Billy: Uh, we haven’t had a chance to talk since things…changed. I just wanted you to know who I was… Back home.

Ruby: Uh, can I, um, still call you Billy?

Billy: You can call me whatever you want, as long as you let me buy you a drink after your shift. I already know Ruby. I want the chance to meet Red.

Ruby: Um, tonight’s actually not great. Because-

Belle: Uh, we, uh… We have, uh, plans.

Ruby: That’s right, um… It’s girls’ night. I’m bringing the cheese. Which has nothing to do with you being a mouse. It has to do with the wine.

Billy: Okay. Um… Maybe next time.

(Billy exits.)

Ruby: Thank you.

Belle: I can spot a girl in trouble. He… He seems really nice.

Ruby: It’s… It’s complicated.

(On the other side of the diner, Henry is drinking a cup of coffee. David joins him.)

David: Is that coffee?

Henry: No.

David: Trying to stay up, huh?

(Henry nods.)

David: Still worried about those nightmares?

(He nods, again.)

David: Well, don’t be. Cause, when you go to sleep tonight, I’m going to be right in the next room. Now maybe, lose the java, and go grab a cocoa.

(As soon as Henry leaves, Albert sits down in the booth across from David.)

Albert: Congratulations, Sheriff. Quite a celebration.

David: What are you doing here?

Albert: You may have taken care of me in the old world, but, in this one, we get another go at each other.

David: Whenever you’re ready.

Albert: It’s a big moment for you, isn’t it? On your way to getting your family back.

David: Ah… Yeah, it must be hard for you. You know, watching good win.

Albert: Good? So sure of yourself. But I know the truth. You’re still just a shepherd pretending to be a prince. You weren’t fit to run the kingdom, and you sure as hell aren’t fit to run this town.

David: I think the people of Storybrooke might disagree with you.

Albert: Today. But I’m going to see to it that they see things my way. That they see you for who you really are. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll wish you’d killed me when you had the chance.

David: The people of this town know who I really am. And they’ve seen me defeat you before. So, if you want to try and take me down, they’ll see it again.


(In the back of the diner, Granny is welding a cage of sorts out of one of the walk-in freezers. David enters.)

Granny: Almost done. Let’s finish clearing out those perishables.

David: What the hell is this?

Ruby: We’re making a cage. Know anybody who might want thirty-eight frozen lasagnas?

David: I’m sorry, what?

Granny: I know. Nobody would believe it if you told them my lasagna was frozen.

David: No. Why are you building a cage?

Ruby: Tonight’s the first full moon since the curse broke. It’s the first night of Wolfstime.

David: I thought you figured out how to control the wolf in you ages ago?

Ruby: Yeah. But, thanks to the curse, I haven’t turned in twenty-eight years. I might be rusty. I can’t let what happened last time – what happened to Peter – happen to anyone else.

David: What about your red hood? That could keep you from turning.

Ruby: If I had it. I’ve looked everywhere. I even went to Gold. It’s not in town. I don’t think it came over with the curse.

David: Ruby, I know you. I trust you. Snow trusted you. Wolfstime or not, you won’t hurt anyone tonight.

Ruby: Maybe. But I can’t afford to take any chances.

(Ruby steps into the freezer and Granny shuts the door.)

–[Fairy Tale Land - Past]–

(Snow White and Red are running through the woods, and are trying to elude the Evil Queen’s men.)

Snow White: Oh, I think we lost them.

Red: Snow, wait. Wait!

Guard: You can’t run from the Queen, Snow White!

(The two of them fend off the guards and continue their escape.)

Red: Come on. There are more of them.

(Snow White stops when she sees a wanted poster with her name on it. She angrily tears it down and catches up with red. The two of them manage to escape the guards by hiding behind a tree.)

Red: It’s okay. They’re gone.

(Snow White takes out the poster.)

Snow White: She’s never going to stop, is she?

Red: My hood… It’s torn. You have to go. You have to get away from me.

Snow White: I’m not leaving you.

Red: There’s a full moon tonight. Wolfstime is beginning. This hood is the only thing that can protect me from turning.

Snow White: It’s just a tear. Maybe it’ll still work.

Red: What if it doesn’t? You saw what I did to Peter. This thing, the wolf… When it takes over me, I can’t control it. Please, Snow. Find shelter. I’ll go further into the woods and find a place to hide. For your own sake, we have to split up.

Snow White: Alright. But just for tonight. Let’s meet up in the morning by the stream. And then we’ll find a safe place for both of us. Maybe a nice cabin in the woods.

Red: Why are you doing this?

Snow White: Doing what?

Red: Being so kind to me. You saw what I did as a wolf. It’s what I am.

Snow White: I know that’s not who you really are. We’re in this together, Red.

(Ruby leaves Snow White, but another person is watching them. His eyes glow yellow.)


(The next morning, Granny enters the diner. Muttering to herself, she heads to the back to wake Ruby.)

Granny: You awake yet, Ruby? Ruby, Ruby.

(When she gets to the freezers, she discovers that Ruby has escaped. Scratch marks line the walls and the door.)

Granny: Ruby!


(Henry is in the burning room from his nightmare. He tries to defend himself from the flames as he yells for help.)

Henry: Help! Help!

(Across the room, another person appears. He calls out to them.)

Henry: Hey! Hey! Who are you? Where are we?


(Regina wakes Henry up before the person from the dream has a chance to respond.)

Regina: Henry? Henry, wake up. It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re okay.

Henry: Wh-what are you doing here? Where’s David?

Regina: He got an emergency call this morning, and he asked me to look after you. He told me you’ve been having nightmares. It’s okay. You can-

(Regina touches Henry’s hand and he recoils in pain.)

Henry: Ah!

(She inspects his hand, and finds a burn running up the side of it.)

Regina: Is that a burn?


(David and Granny search for Ruby in the forest. Granny leads the way.)

Granny: This way. Over here.

(They find Ruby asleep on the ground.)

Granny: Ruby. Ruby, wake up.

David: Hey.

Ruby: Where am I? What happened?

David: You’re in the forest. You must’ve fallen asleep here last night.

Ruby: I-I don’t understand. You put me in that cage. You locked me up.

Granny: The freezer was torn to shreds when I came to check in on you this morning.

David: Ruby. Ruby, it’s alright.

Ruby: No. It’s not. I don’t remember anything from last night. This is exactly what I was afraid of. Oh my God. Did I do something last night?

David: Ruby, all we know for sure is that you broke out and ran through the woods. There’s no reason to assume the worst.

(David’s phone begins to vibrate. He answers it.)

David: Sheriff. Yeah. Okay. I’ll be right there.

Ruby: What is it?

David: Somebody left their car double-parked in front of the cannery. I got to go check it out on our way back into town. Hey. Relax. Everything’s going to be okay.

–[Fairy Tale Land - Past]–

(Ruby awakens still wrapped in her hood. She is near a river.)

Red: It worked.

(She heads over to the river and takes off her hood. When she bends over to wash up, the man who was stalking her earlier appears, and then proceeds to grab her unattended hood.)

Red: Hey!

(Red chases after the man through the woods. She thinks she’s lost him, but then turns around to see him dangling the hood above a flaming torch.)

Quinn: Looking for this?

Red: No, no! Don’t! Please. I need that.

Quinn: This old thing? What could you possibly need this for?

Red: Drop it!

Quinn: Unless… It protects you from something.

Red: What are you talking about?

Quinn: You think I don’t know a wolf when I see one?

(Red lunges towards him and tackles him to the ground.)

Red: How do you know what I am?

(He pushes her off of him, and the two switch positions.)

Quinn: Because I know how to recognize a child of the moon.

Red: You… You’re one, too?

Quinn: Name’s Quinn. I picked up on your scent last night. You never had anyone talk to you about this, did you? Teach you about what you are?

Red: My parents were killed by hunters when I was a baby. I was raised by my Granny.

Quinn: But she kept the truth from you. Made you wear that.

(She spots her hood on the ground and rushes over to pick it up.)

Quinn: Still blacking out, right? Still losing control when you turn? Probably even hurt someone. I know how you feel – I’ve been there. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Red: What do you mean?

Quinn: What if I told you there was a way to control it, so you never have to be afraid of what you might do again?

Red: Is that possible?

Quinn: Follow me.

(They arrive at the base of a tree, where Quinn opens up a hatch on the ground. Red hesitates.)

Red: Is this some kind of trick?

(Quinn ignores her question, and she follows him down through the hatch. Below, they enter an underground castle. Several other people are hanging about inside.)

Quinn: Used to be the grand hall of a castle, until it sunk underground. Now, it’s all ours.

Red: Are they…

Quinn: Yes. We are all the same. Come – Anita is expecting you.

Red: Who’s Anita?

(A woman appears.)

Anita: That would be me. Well done, Quinn. You finally found her. You’ve grown so much.

Red: You know me?

Anita: I’m your mother.


(David, Ruby, and Granny arrive at the docks via the Sheriff’s car. There, they find Billy’s tow truck.)

Ruby: That’s Billy’s truck.

David: Great. Who do I call to tow a tow truck? What is it, Ruby? What’s wrong?

Ruby: I smell blood.

David: Where’s Billy?

(Ruby and David follow the scent of blood. Granny discovers Billy’s torso underneath the truck.)

Granny: Here.

(Nearby, Ruby screams. Billy’s lower half is sticking out of a dumpster.)

Red: It was the wolf! It was me!


(At Mary Margaret’s apartment, Regina makes Henry show his burnt hand to Mr. Gold.)

Mr. Gold: Oh, yes. You were quite right to call me.

Henry: So y-you can help? It was just a dream.

Mr. Gold: Well, what you’re describing’s certainly not a dream.

Regina: Then, what was it?

Mr. Gold: A side effect. You know, it’s remarkable you’d cast a curse you know so little about.

Regina: My victims are not supposed to wake up. That’s why I certainly never cared what happened to them after. …Until now.

(Mr. Gold, using the kit of potions he brought along with him, begins to prepare a potion. He carefully drips the various liquids into a pendant attached to a chain.)

Mr. Gold: When people fall under a sleeping curse, the soul travels to a Netherworld, where it resides until awoken. Now, this world is between life and death, and it’s very real. However, even when the curse is broken, sometimes, in sleep, the victims find their way back to that world. Victims like you.

Regina: This other world is tormenting my son every time he sleeps. I want you to give him something that will keep him from going there.

Mr. Gold: Well, I’m afraid that’s not possible. I can, however, provide you with something that will allow him to control his actions whilst in that world. And once one controls something, one no longer need fear it.

(He holds up the finished product – a necklace.)

Henry: A necklace?

Mr. Gold: You wear this while you’re sleeping. Once you control the journey, fear will stop. And then, you can come and go as you please.

(Mr. Gold extends the necklace to Henry, but Regina stops him from taking it.)

Regina: Everything comes at a price with you. What do you want for this?

Mr. Gold: For a house call? You couldn’t afford it. But this is for Henry. This one’s on me.

(He hands the necklace to Henry, who, this time, takes it.)


(David, Ruby, and Granny are still at the docks.)

David: It had to be something else, Ruby.

Ruby: No, I did this! We both know it.

David: No. A few months ago, everyone thought Mary Margaret was guilty of murder. She needed someone to believe in her. I didn’t do that. I am not going to make the same mistake with you!

Ruby: Mary Margaret never killed anyone. I have.

David: I know who you really are, Ruby. Even if you’ve lost sight of it.

Ruby: It doesn’t change the fact that I am going to turn again tonight, and somebody else could get hurt.

Granny: Maybe this isn’t the place to have this discussion.

David: It’s okay. I’ll protect her.

Ruby: No! Lock me up. If the freezer couldn’t hold me, maybe a jail cell will. I don’t need to be protected from other people, David. Other people need to be protected from me.

–[Fairy Tale Land - Past]–

(Red and Anita are talking in the den.)

Red: Granny lied to me. That story about you being killed by hunters…

Anita: She’s been lying to you ever since she stole you away from me, when you were just a baby.

Red: Why would she do that?

Anita: Because she didn’t want you to find out the truth about who you really are. She believed the wolf is something to be ashamed of. I see things differently. Humans want us to believe we’re the monsters. The moment you believe them… That’s when you become one. You’re not the first to learn the truth about yourself through tragedy. So many of us spent so much of our life suppressing the wolf. They have no idea how to control it. They just need help… Help embracing their true nature. The only way you will ever control the wolf, is by accepting it as a part of you.

Red: You can teach me to do that?

Anita: Indeed, I can.

Red: How?

Anita: You can start, by getting rid of that.

(Red removes her hood, and then, hugs Anita.)


(David locks Ruby in a cell at the station.)

David: You’ll be safe in here tonight.

Ruby: Thank you, David.

David: Thank me in the morning. By then, I’ll have found whoever really killed Billy.

(Albert enters.)

Albert: You already have. That thing. That she-wolf.

David: Get out. Whatever issues you have with me, don’t involve her. There’s no proof Ruby had anything to do with what happened.

Albert: It seems to me, that you’re allowing your emotions to cloud your judgment.

Ruby: Leave him alone.

Albert: Protecting your friend at the peril of everyone else. I knew you’d slip up, shepherd. It was only a matter of time.

David: What do you want?

Albert: Justice. Hand that over to me, and let the town decide her fate.

David: Never. I know exactly what kind of justice you have in mind.

Albert: This town is bigger than you think. I start telling people that you’re putting their lives in danger to protect your own interests? You’ll have a mutiny on your hands.

David: Yeah, we’ll see. You want her, you have to go through me.

Albert: I look forward to that.

–[Fairy Tale Land - Past]–

(Nighttime falls over the forest. The people of the den transform into their wolf states, and run through the woods as a pact. Anita dictates a narrative to Red.)

Anita: It’ll be like nothing you’ve ever felt before… The pine needles underfoot, the air rushing over your fur, your brothers and sisters at your side. Your mind won’t want to believe it. It will tell you a wolf is invading your body, trying to take over. And if you believe that, for even a moment, you’ll black out, and lose control. Like you have every other night you’ve turned. But, if you give in to the wolf, you’ll realize the truth. You, are the wolf. And, when you accept that, you will finally be in control.

(Ruby awakens in the den, surrounded by Anita and the rest of the pack.)

Anita: How much do you remember?

Red: All of it.

Anita: You finally became the wolf.

Red: I don’t have to be afraid anymore.


(Albert has gathered up a mob in front of the Sheriff’s station. He tries to front door, but discovers it has been chained shut. Not particularly bothered, he turns to address the crowd.)

Albert: We won’t cower in fear of this creature any longer! We know who she is, we know where she’s hiding. So why is she still alive?

(Everyone cheers in agreement.)

Albert: Because she’s being harboured by one person – David Nolan. How many more people have to die, before our Prince decides to act?

Crowd: Yeah!

Albert: If he won’t protect you, I will.

(Albert gestures for a man to break the chains. Once inside, the mob heads towards the jail cells. However, they find the cell empty.)


(At the library, Ruby, David, Granny and Belle have gathered to protect and secure Ruby. Ruby has found a set of shackles.)

Ruby: These should work.

David: Thanks for letting her hide here. The Sheriff’s station isn’t safe.

Belle: Of course. It’s, uh… It’s not every day you find out your friend’s-

Ruby: A monster?

Belle: Hunted. I was going to say hunted.

Granny: The crowd’s six blocks from here.

Belle: You… You have wolf hearing, too?

Granny: It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you run a hotel.

David: The only way we’re going to get the mob to stand down, is if we prove Ruby had nothing to do with Billy’s death. I’m going to need your help. If the mob comes this way, call us. Come on.

(Granny and David exit.)

–[Fairy Tale Land - Past]–

(Red and the others are asleep in the den, when they’re awoken by a sound.)

Red: What is it?

Quinn: Hunters.

(Everyone moves to a hiding position, as a person is heard slowly walking down the stairs. Quinn then ambushes the person, who turns out to be Snow White. Red protests.)

Red: No! Don’t! She’s not here to hurt us!

Quinn: What other reason do humans have for entering our den?

Red: She’s a friend. Who stood by me after she learned the truth – after I killed. Without her, I never would’ve escaped my village alive!

Anita: Let her go.

Red: Oh, I’m sorry Snow!

Snow White: When you didn’t show up at the stream this morning, I thought the Queen’s men had killed you. So… Who are your friends?

Quinn: We’re her pack.

Snow White: Are they…

Red: Yes. They’re like me. But you don’t have to fear them.

Snow White: Of course not.

Anita: How did you find us?

Snow White: I tracked wolf prints here, like you taught me.

Red: You could’ve been caught by the Queen’s men.

Snow White: I wasn’t going to leave without you. Why don’t we go find that cabin we talked about, okay?

(Snow White goes to leave and tries to pull Red along, but she resists.)

Snow White: You’re not coming with me, are you?

Red: I don’t have to be ashamed of who I am here. I found my home. I found my mother.

Snow White: But I thought-

Red: Granny lied. I’m sorry, Snow. I know you risked your life to come back here for me.

Snow White: No, I understand. I would do anything to be with my mother again.

Red: I know we planned on leaving the kingdom together…

Snow White: I’ll be alright. You’ve taught me enough already. I’ll manage.

(They hug.)

Snow White: Bye, Red. Thank you.

Red: No, thank you.

(Suddenly, an arrow flies through the air, striking Quinn in the chest.)

Anita: Quinn!

Snow White: They found me.

(Several guards enter the den.)

Guard: Stand down or die at the hands of the-

(Everyone attacks the Queen’s guards, while Red tends to Quinn.)

Red: Quinn, no!

(Quinn draws his last breath, then goes limp.)

Red: He’s gone.


(Belle and Ruby are at the library, alone. Ruby still hasn’t chained herself up.)

Ruby: You need to leave. The moon’s going to be up soon.

Belle: But will the chains hold?

Ruby: Hopefully.

Belle: Then, I’m staying. Think of it as girls’ night. What’s wrong?

Ruby: I know David wants to believe the best, but I’ve killed before, and I’ll do it again. Everyone in this town is right to be afraid of me.

Belle: Okay, well I’m not.

Ruby: You should be.

Belle: No matter what you might’ve done in your past, David sees the good in you and… And that tells me one thing.

Ruby: What?

Belle: That it’s in there. So if we can all see it, why can’t you?

Ruby: You really think so?

Belle: Trust me. I’m sort of an expert when it comes to rehabilitation.

Ruby: Maybe. Maybe, you’re right. But the town’s right, too. I am a monster. And that’s why I need to make sure I don’t ever hurt anyone again.

Belle: No, no, no. Wh-What are you doing?

Ruby: I can’t let you stop me. The mob wants a wolf, I’m going to give them one. I need to pay for all I’ve done.

Belle: And they’ll kill you!

Ruby: Isn’t that what I deserve?


(David and Granny are on the main street of Storybrooke. She sniffs Billy’s jacket to pick up an odor.)

Granny: This way.

(She leads them to a parked car.)

Granny: The trunk.

(David pops the truck. Inside, everything appears to be normal. However, underneath, they find Ruby’s hood and a hatchet in the spare tire compartment.)

David: The wolf didn’t kill Billy.

Granny: Ruby’s hood.

David: So she’d be forced to change back into a wolf. So whoever killed Billy could pin the murder on her.

Granny: Who would want to hurt my Ruby?

(David smashes in the driver’s side window and finds the registration.)

David: This isn’t about Ruby. It’s about me. Spencer.

Granny: King George?

David: He needed a reason to wrestle power away from me, so he created one.

(A wolf is heard howling in the distance.)

Granny: She’s out.

David: The mob. They’re going to kill her.

–[Fairy Tale Land - Past]–

(In the den, Anita sits next to Quinn’s body. She closes his eyes with her hand.)

Anita: May you always run free beneath the moon’s pale light.

Snow White: Red, I’m so sorry.

Anita: You. You did this.

Snow White: What? No.

Anita: You brought the Queen’s men into our den.

Snow White: You have to believe me. I had no idea they followed me.

Red: Mother, she didn’t.

Anita: It doesn’t matter. Wherever humans go, death follows. The only way to stop them, is to kill them first. Tie her up.

(Two of the wolves grab Snow White and begin to tie her up.)

Snow White: No!

Anita: When the moon rises, we’ll feast on a princess.

Red: What are you doing?

Anita: She’ll pay for the life that we lost.

Red: Mother, you’re not making any sense.

Anita: You already made your choice, Red. You’re one of us now. Act like it. Kill her.

Red: No. I won’t kill my friend.

Anita: Then I will.

Red: No. Mother, stop!

Anita: Sorry, my daughter. This is what it means to be a wolf.

(Anita transforms into her wolf form and approaches Snow White, who is now bound at the wrists.)

Snow White: Please…

(Anita goes to attack Snow White, but Red, transformed into her wolf form, attacks Anita first.)

Snow White: Red!

(Anita transforms back into a human, and is found lying on the ground with a spike jutting out of her chest. Snow White grabs Red’s hood and throws it over her, reverting her back into a human state.)

Red: I didn’t mean to. I’m… I’m sorry, mother.

Anita: You chose her.

Red: No. I chose me. I’m not a killer.

(Anita passes and goes limp.)


(Albert and his mob have now gathered outside of the library. Ruby howls.)

Albert: She’s close.

(He leads the mob to an alley, where they find Ruby hiding behind a dumpster.)

Albert: There you are.

(Albert draws his gun and goes to shoot the wolf, but, before he gets the chance, Granny shoots the gun out of his hand with her crossbow.)

Granny: The next one goes between your eyes!

David: Ruby!

(The crowd protests angrily at David’s arrival.)

David: Listen to me! Ruby didn’t kill Billy. He did. He stole her cloak, and killed Billy in cold blood to make it look like a wolf. All to get you to think I wasn’t leading this town as I should.

(The wolf growls, causing the mob to start to move forward.)

David: Hold up! Somebody already died because of what this man did. Let’s not spill more blood. She won’t hurt anyone. She’s just scared.

(David slowly edges towards where Ruby is hiding, the hood in hand.)

David: Ruby? I know you’re in there, so listen to me. It was Spencer, not you. Don’t let him trick you into thinking you’re a monster.

(The wolf growls.)

David: Alright, alright. Poor… Poor choice of words. Please. Ruby. I know you. I know the real you, and I know you can control the wolf. Ruby. Ruby? Ruby.

(David’s hand is now inches from Ruby.)

David: It’s me – David.

(The wolf stops growling and obediently sits. David quickly throws the hood over Ruby, transforming her back into a human.)

Ruby: You saved me.

David: No. You saved yourself. I just reminded you of what you already knew.

(Behind them, there is a commotion amongst the crowd. They run over and find Granny on the ground. David helps her up.)

David: What happened? Where’s Spencer?

Granny: He’s gone. Go. Go.

David: Okay.

(David gets into his car. Ruby joins him.)


(At the beach, Ruby and David find Albert standing next to a fire.)

Ruby: You think you can hide from a wolf?

Albert: I wasn’t trying to hide.

David: You killed an innocent man.

Albert: He was a mouse.

Ruby: He was better than you’ll ever be.

David: You want to make a deal? It’s not going to happen.

Albert: I’m not interested in making a deal. I just want to see the look on your face when you realize something.

David: And what’s that?

Albert: That you’re never going to see your wife, or your daughter, again.

David: What are you talking about?

Albert: You really should be more cautious with something so valuable.

(Albert pulls out Jefferson’s hat and tosses it into the fire.)

David: No!

Albert: It doesn’t matter how much fairy dust you gather, or how much you rally the town behind you. Your family’s gone.

(David punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground. David draws his gun and levels it at Albert.)

Ruby: David, don’t.

Albert: I told you – you should’ve killed me when you had the chance.

(David decides against shooting him, and lowers his arm.)

–[Fairy Tale Land - Past]–

(Red has buried her mother in a makeshift grave in the forest. Snow White watches.)

Red: May you always run free beneath the moon’s pale light. Goodbye, mother.

(They embrace.)

Snow White: I’m so sorry. I know what it’s like to lose your family.

Red: I didn’t lose my family today – I protected it.

Snow White: Thank you.

Red: My mother wanted me to choose between being a wolf and being a human. Granny did, too. You are the only person who ever thought it was okay for me to be both.

Snow White: Cause that’s who you are. Come on. Let’s go find that cabin.


(At Mary Margaret’s apartment, David and Ruby watch Henry sleep.)

David: He may never see his mother or grandmother again. How am I going to break that news to him?

Ruby: You won’t have to.

David: Travel between worlds is as hard as it comes. Fairy dust on its own isn’t enough. It took an entire curse to get us here in the first place. Without the hat…

Ruby: You’ll find another way.

David: You don’t know that.

Ruby: But I know you. And I know you’ll never give up until you do. And David? You’re not going to be doing this alone.

David: Thank you.

(Ruby turns to leave.)

Ruby: Do you mind giving Granny a call?

David: Sure. Why? What for?

Ruby: I may have left Belle chained up in the library. Somebody should probably…

David: Unchain her?

Ruby: Yeah.

David: Yeah, I’ll take care of it. Where you going?

Ruby: I’ve still got a few hours of Wolfstime left. You helped me regain control. I want to do something I haven’t done in a very long time.

David: What’s that?

Ruby: Run.

(Ruby exits. David hears a howl outside and smiles.)

–[Fairy Tale Land - Present]–

(Emma finds Mary Margaret sitting alone in the woods.)

Emma: What are you doing?

MMB: Uh, just thinking.

Emma: Come on. Mulan has some ideas where Cora might be hiding.

(The two head back to the camp. Meanwhile, Aurora is sleeping.)


(Aurora is in the burning room from her nightmare. She screams as the flames jump at her. Suddenly, Henry appears across the room, wearing his necklace. He closes his eyes, and the flames gradually subside.)

Henry: Wait. Don’t be scared.

–[Fairy Tale Land - Present]–

(Aurora wakes up from her dream.)

Aurora: Snow! Snow!

MMB: Hey. I’m here. It’s okay, it’s okay. It was just another nightmare.

Aurora: No, this time was different. There was a little boy. He… He put out the fire. He talked to me.

MMB: A little boy?

Emma: What’d he say?

Aurora: He said… He said his name was Henry.