03x03 - Quite a Common Fairy

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. David, Emma, Hook, and Mary Margaret range the woods searching for Henry as they walk single file. Mary Margaret leads the way.

David: (Panting) Hey, need a break?

Mary Margaret: No, I'm good.

David: Are you sure? You shouldn't overtax yourself.

Mary Margaret: Sounds like you need a break.

David: No, no. I'm good.

Mary Margaret: David Nolan let himself go.

David: Does he look like he'd let himself go?

Regina: How much further? (Looking around)

Emma: (Taking a look on the map) We should be getting closer. Pan's there. (They are catching up with David and Mary Margaret.) We are on a straight line course. (Looking on the map and frowning) Son of a bitch! How is it now behind us?

Mary Margaret: How can that be?

Regina: You got us lost.

Hook (Holding a lamp) No, she didn't. It's the camp. Pan's moving it.

David: He's got a playing trait on his soul.

Emma: If Pan's camp keeps moving how are we ever gonna find Henry?

SCENE: Neverland. Present day.Henry Mills sleeps under a tree. Someone cuckoos from behind.

Peter Pan: Wake up. I got you (He throws an apple towards Henry.)

Henry: (sitting up) I don't like apples.

Peter Pan: Who doesn't like apples?

Henry: It's a family thing.

Peter Pan: (smiles) Don't worry. (He crouches down to be at eye level with Henry.) They're not for eating. It's for a kind of game. A really fun game. (aiming with a cross bow) I call it target practice.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Present day. The Dark Castle. Neal is looking for something in a wardrobe. Robin Hood and Mulan are watching him.

Mulan: You found the crystal ball. What else are you looking for?

Neal: It showed me where Emma is, not how to get her.

Robin Hood: I'm not sure you can find a horse in there, mate.

Neal: I don't need a horse. I need a portal. A way to create a portal.

Robin Hood: Why don't you calm down and tell me what the problem is. Perhaps I can assist.

Neal: Henry is trapped in Neverland with Peter Pan who's hands-down the nastiest person I've ever met.

Mulan: I saw Emma in this ball. Not Henry.

Neal: Listen, I was in Neverland. Pan was looking for a boy. A specific boy. I know he had some picture of him on a scroll. He called him the truest believer.

Mulan: And you believe that to be Henry?

Neal: It has to be. That's the only reason Emma would be in Neverland. Help me look. Lots of things make portals. Beans. Magic mirrors. Ruby slippers. Some kind of ashes.

(Startled by the noise Little John and two Merry Men enter the room.)

Little John: What the hell was that?

Robin Hood: Stand down, Little John, we're fine.

(From behind a young boy regards the proceeding with curiosity and approaches Robin Hood. Robin scoops his son up)

Neal (smiles) Who's this?

Robin Hood: Merry man come at all seizes. This is my son. Roland.

Neal: I know how to get to Neverland. I know how to get to Henry.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day.

Emma: So, this whole track has been for nothing?

Regina: I told you walking was idiotic. I suggest using magic. We can materialize in the camp and grab Henry.

Mary Margaret: We don't know where the camp is. Have you even been listening?

Hook: Pan'll have shields against magic, I fear. Such an attempt would end in your death and more importantly, mine. That's why we are walking.

Regina: Well then, what's your idea? How are we going to find it?

Hook: By using someone he trusts.

David: Who? Cause I guess, he certainly doesn't trust you.

Hook: A fairy who lived here when I was about. She might still be on the island. She'd be an inside source, knows all about the camp, can get us in. She might even have some pixie dust left. Perhaps we could fly in.

Emma: You mean fairy dust.

David: No, pixie dust. It’s stronger. Like nuclear fairy dust.

Emma: Wait. A fairy? Tinker Bell?

Hook: Do you know her?

Emma: Every kid in the world knows her.

Regina: That's a bad idea. Mark my words: This Tinker Bell is not going to save us.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Dark Palace. Regina enjoys her supper. Magically, Rumplestiltskin appears, sitting opposite to Regina at the far side of the table.

Rumplestiltskin: I thought you were dead.

Regina (flinches a little): Go away.

Rumplestiltskin: When you didn't show up for your lessons today, I assumed you went toes up. And yet, here you are. (Standing up, taking a closer look at the offered food) Roast Swan. (giggles) That's amusing. (Regina looks confused but he makes a dismissive gesture) You'll get that later.

Regina: I'm not sure about these lessons anymore. I don't wanna have a future that looks like-

Rumplestiltskin: Like what?

Regina: Like you.

Rumplestiltskin: Feeling a little pesky, could it all be, your Majesty?

Regina: Why shouldn’t I? I’m the queen, but practically a prisoner. With a husband whose heart is still with his dead wife and his insipid daughter. It’s intolerable. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. (sighs) I need freedom. I need options. (standing up)

Rumplestiltskin: Ah, can’t be done. You see, this is how it is. You think you’re the diner at the feast, tasting the offerings. A little love. A little darkness. What you don’t realize is, you are the feast. And the darkness has tasted you.

Regina: You're vile. Leave my home.

Rumplestiltskin: The darkness likes how you taste, dearie. It doesn’t mind the bitter. And now that it started the meal it’s gonna finish it. You can no more fly from your fate that can that (he gestures towards a roasted swan he noticed earlier standing on the table) swan. See you tomorrow. Don’t be late. Oh, and bring that simmering rage. It’s all you have. (he leaves the same way he has come)

(Alone, Regina walks through her room stopping to look down into the castle’s courtyard.)

Regina: (forcefully slamming against the parapet) I just need- (Suddenly, the parapet breaks and Regina loses her balance. Screaming she falls towards the ground. A cloud of green fairy dust appears underneath Regina and her fall comes to a halt)
Pull me down. What are you doing?

Tinker Bell: Giving you a second chance. (Using her wand she lifts Regina up again)

Regina: Who are you?

Tinker Bell: I'm Tinker Bell.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Someone is riding past a tavern. Tinker Bell and Regina share a drink.

Tinker Bell: Snow White, that’s her name? Even I think that’s a bit precious and mind, mine is Tinker Bell.

Regina: She’s a monster. Totally indulgent and adored. She sort of ricochets through life telling people’s secrets. She had my fiance killed.

Tinker Bell: (slightly shocked) No.

Regina: The only way I can get through it is when she and the king are gone all the time.

Tinker Bell: You're glad your husband is gone?

Regina: It’s not a marriage. It’s a farce. I maybe the queen. (leaning closer) But alone in this palace I feel like the queen of nothing.

Tinker Bell: No wonder you jumped.

Regina: I didn’t jump. I fell.

Tinker Bell: Right, (clears throat) you fell.

Regina: I did. If I hadn’t-. Well, cheers to good reasons. (They clink cups)

Tinker Bell: You know, I’ve got an idea. I can help people find what they need, Regina.

Regina: And what do I need?

Tinker Bell: You don’t even know? That’s so sad. Regina, love. You need love.

Regina: You’re gonna help me find another soulmate?

Tinker Bell: It is possible to find love again. I’ve never seen pixie dust fail. It will find you your perfect match. If you let it, you’ll find your happy ending.

Regina: My happy ending looks like Snow’s head on a plate.

Tinker Bell: No. Aren’t you at least curious? What, if I can do what I say?

Regina: (doubtful): Well, then, let’s say that ’ll be real magic.

Tinker Bell: I'm a fairy. You might wanna try believing in me.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Sweeting Regina dabs her forehead using a small cloth. She’s unaware that the cloth falls to the ground as Regina tries to stuff it into her pocket again. Regina walks on. Tinker Bell quickly sneaks in and picks up the cloth. Catching up with the rest of the group Regina approaches Emma.

Regina: Emma. There is another way.

Emma: Is there?

Regina: Magic.

Emma: Didn’t we just go through this?

Regina: I’m not talking about my magic. I’m talking about ours.

Emma: I’m not interested. One thing I’ve learned is, it always comes with a price.

Regina: Sometimes not using it comes with a price to. I bet you and I combined are strong enough to overpower Pan.

Emma: What if we’re not? I’m not taking a chance on that. We’re talking about Henry’s life.

Regina: I’m aware of that.

Emma: Look, I know you don’t like this plan. Let’s just see it through. At least, we can see if we find Tinker Bell.

Regina: Do you think it’s the best plan because your boyfriend came up with it?

Emma: My boyfriend? Hook? What’s your problem?

Mary-Margaret: She just lost Neal.

Regina: I’m sorry. I’m just worried about Henry.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Pan’s camp. Pan souses an arrow into a bottle. Henry joins him.

Henry: What’s that?

Peter Pan: Dreamshade. A nasty poison. I’ve heard a story about a man who once shot an apple off his son’s head with an arrow. (preparing the crossbow for shooting) Let’s find out if this is possible.

Henry: If you’re shooting the apple what’s the poison for?

Peter Pan: A motivation not to miss. (playfully he aims with the crossbow) Felix. Get over here.

Henry: Is Felix good? Is his aim good?

Peter Pan: Doesn’t matter. You’re the one doing the shooting.

Henry: I don’t wanna shoot.

Lost Boys: (chanting) Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

Peter Pan: You won’t hit him. Trust yourself. Go on. (Felix places an apple on his head.) It’s exhilarating.

Lost Boys: (chanting) Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

(Finally Henry aims at the apple. Suddenly he changes his target, loosing the arrow at Peter Pan. Peter Pan catches the arrow midair.)

Peter Pan: Told you it was exhilarating. Come on, I have something to show you.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. The group continues on their way searching for Pan. Hook stops David in order to talk to him.

Hook: So you’re gonna tell her?

David: Tell her what?

Hook: I saw what happened to you, mate. Let me see. (Looking around David lifts his shirt a little. Black veins spread all around the cut.)

David: The arrow only nicked me.

Hook: I’m sorry, mate.

David: Do you know how long?

Hook: Days. Weeks at most. You won’t see summer. It's really bad, mate. You might want to tell her.

David: No.

Hook: Well, you have to.

David: Maybe I don’t.

Hook: How’s that?

David: Pixie dust. You believe in this Tinker Bell's power? In her pixie dust?

Hook: Indeed, I do.

David: Then let’s get her and that dust.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Regina and Tinker Bell are leaving the tavern.

Regina: You really think, this will make me happy?

Tinker Bell: I know it will. (Church bells can be heard.) I'm late. I have to go. See you soon. (Tinker Bell leaves vanishing into the sky)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. The refuge of the fairies. Tinker Bell enters. She carefully approaches a green blossom. The blossom opens and reveals the Blue Fairy inside.

Blue Fairy: Good evening, Green.

Tinker Bell: Hey Blue. You look amazing. Did you do something to your-

Blue Fairy: (interrupting Tinker Bell) You're late. You’ve already broken every rule in the book. Curfew. Dust discipline. You got big for no reason.

Tinker Bell: Listen. I have news. Amazing news. I was helping someone. A queen in the Enchanted Forest. Regina.

Blue Fairy: Do you know who she is? Her mother was Cora. The one who ripped out hearts. Her teacher is the Dark One.

Tinker Bell: So?

Blue Fairy: So consider yourself lucky you’re still alive. (sighs) Green, this is not a woman you can help. She is surrounded by darkness.

Tinker Bell: Sounds to me like she’s exactly someone who could use help. Maybe if you let me have some pixie dust.

Blue Fairy: Not a chance. You fly away from this one, Green.

Tinker Bell: My name isn’t Green. It's Tinker Bell. And I can’t believe you want me to ignore someone who needs help. It’s not very fairy-like.

Blue Fairy: (angry) I would be the judge of what is fairy-like.

Tinker Bell: But I-

Blue Fairy: No discussion. Until further notice you are to remain here and continue your training under my direct supervision. Understood?

Tinker Bell: Yes, Blue. (Blue Fairy exits. After a moment Tinker Bell decides to fly off again.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Present day. Dark Castle. Neal and Robin Hood discuss Neal’s plan.

Robin Hood: (worried) Are you out of your mind? He’s four years old.

Neal: The shadow won’t touch him, I promise.

Robin Hood: How do you know that?

Neal: Because I’ve done that before. It was what took me to Neverland as a kid. All Roland has to do is summon it. That’s it. I’ll take it from there. I’ll be the one going to Neverland. Not him.

Robin Hood: (worried) At best, my toddler is a bait. At worst something goes wrong and a demonic shadow carries him through a portal to the nastiest person you’ve ever met.

Neal: Look, Robin. I have to get there.

Robin Hood: (sighs) I lost my wife a while back. For that we almost didn’t have Roland. She was so sick. Now, she’s gone. He’s all I have. I can’t lose him.

Neal: So you know how I feel. I need my boy. And Emma. They’re all I have.

Robin Hood: (angry) So, because I know what it is to value family, I should risk mine?

Neal: When she was sick, your wife, how did she live so that she could have your boy?

Robin Hood: You know how.

Neal: My father. He saved her. And your son.

Robin Hood: (visible feeling uneasy) Ah. (turning away) Right. (facing Neal again) Once. He stands at the window. He calls out once. That doesn’t take, that’ s it. No second chance.

Neal: You've got to understand this is my second chance.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day.

Emma: Hey.

Regina: (shrugs) Hey.

Emma: You’re falling behind. Hook thinks her place is right up ahead. Come on.

Regina: Well, if she still lives there. You go waste your time searching. I’ll wait.

Emma: (frowning) What did you do to her?

Regina: What? Why would you assume I did something?

Emma: You’ve met her before, right. In the Enchanted Forest. What did you do? Kill her brother? Steal her halo?

Regina: She’s not an angel. Okay, we have a complicated history.

Emma: I knew it.

Regina: You don’t need to know all the details. But if she sees me she won’t help. And if she’s the way in, well then, trust me, my staying out of her sight is probably best for Operation Henry.

Emma: Operation Henry?

Regina: That’s what I’ve been calling it in my head because-

Emma: He’d call it that.

Regina: He’d have a better name. But, it’s the best I can do.

Emma: Okay. We’ll get her and I’ll come get you.

Regina: No, don’t bother. It’s better if we never see one another. And if you don’t find her, keep going. Just get Henry. Don't worry about Tinker Bell.

Emma: What the hell did you do to her?

Regina: (sighs and slightly shakes her head) What I always do. (Emma walks away)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Dark Palace. Regina writes a letter. Tinker Bell joins her.

Tinker Bell: Wanna fly?

Regina: (excited) You’ve got it?

Tinker Bell: And then some. Let’s get started. Helping you find your happiness, saving you that’s what’s gonna to save me.

Regina: This isn’t your pixie dust, is it?

Tinker Bell: Oh, when you think about it, does anyone really own pixie dust?

Regina: The fairies are quite votary about it. They’ll find out you stole it.

Tinker Bell: Don’t worry about me. This is about you. (Tinker Bell applies pixie dust to Regina. As a result, Regina glows greenish.) Come on. (Using her wand she lifts Regina up and together they fly out of the window.) Now, watch. (Tinker Bell applies some pixie dust to the air. After a moment a broad green trail forms leading somewhere distant.)

Regina: What’s that?

Tinker Bell: That’s your happy ending. He’s down there. (They both fly along the glowing trail.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Tinker Bell and Regina walk in an alleyway. They stop outside of a bar.

Tinker Bell: Inside here, lies the beginning of your happiness. All the pain in your past will be just that. The past. (Tinker Bell walks to a window.)

Regina: I just need a moment.

Tinker Bell: You’re nervous. I get it. But look! (With his back turned to them a man is sitting inside. Tinker Bell notices that he glows greenish, too.) There he is. (Regina steps in to take a look at him herself. The man raises his right arm so that a waitress can refill his cup. A lion tattoo can be seen on his right arm.) The guy with the lion tattoo.

Regina: (doubtful) That’s him?

Tinker Bell: Pixie dust doesn’t lie. Come on, this is your chance of love and happiness. A fresh start. No baggage. You can let go off all the anger that weighs you down. Now, get him.

Regina: (takes a deep breath) Okay. Okay, I can do this. I can be happy.

Tinker Bell: I know you can. Go. (Tinker Bell leaves.)

(Regina hesitates a moment longer. Then she opens the door. The man with the lion tattoo rejoices with a group of other men, sharing a drink with them. Regina watches the scene for a moment. She then decides to slam the door shut and hurriedly flees the scene in fear)

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Regina is alone. Rustling can be heard. Regina stands up.

Regina: Let’s get this over with, shall we? (Tinker Bell emerges from the bushes)

Tinker Bell: A complicated history, that's how you call it? That's quite a diplomatic way of describing it.

Regina: You look terrible.

Tinker Bell: You're trying to provoke me?

Regina: Come on and get me, Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell: You think you're so smart, but you're all gonna fail. (She blows poppy dust into Regina's face. Regina falls asleep.)

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Tinker Bell's hideout. Hook enters.

Hook: No one's home. Come on up.

David: Where would it be? (looking for fairy dust)

Hook: She won't leave dust just lying around, mate. It's not here, I promise. I'm sorry. (Emma enters.)

Emma: It's pretty bare. Reminds me of some place. I thought a tree house would be more cheerful. Where I used to live. That's it.

Mary Margaret: Because it's just a place to sleep.

Emma: What would you know about that?

Mary Margaret: I didn't always have a canopy bed in a palace. I had a place like this, too. Once.

Emma: You did?

Mary Margaret: A tree stump. When I was running from the Queen. Believe it or not, I understand this Tinker Bell. The true question is: Why does she have a ladder? Fairies have wings.

David: Guys, I've found something. It's a handkerchief.

Mary Margaret: That's Regina's. How did it get here?

Emma: She's been tracking us, watching Regina.

Mary Margaret: But, if she's been watching her-

Hook: We're in the wrong place.

David: Regina.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Regina is tied up. Groaning she awakes.

Tinker Bell: About time you woke up. I've been looking forward to this chat for quite some time.

Regina: Look, you don't know why I'm here.

Tinker Bell: Oh, I know exactly why you're here. You're trying to find your son.

Regina: I take it by the restraints you're not helping.

Tinker Bell: Hell, no. You're the last person I'd ever help after how you burned me.

Regina: Burned you? You're the one who interfered in my life. (Slowly rights herself.)

Tinker Bell: And threw away my own in the process.

Regina: So, what do you want from me? To kill me? You think it's that easy? Whatever you knocked me out with I can tell it's not magic. Maybe poppies. But they're wearing off. And since you had to resort to that, it only means one thing. (Standing up.) You don't have magic. But I do. (She uses magic to break the rope. Tinker Bell approaches Regina holding an arrow in her hands.)

Tinker Bell: Yeah, I know. But even your magic can't stop this. Have you ever heard of dreamshade?

Regina: Yes.

Tinker Bell: Good.

Regina: How the hell did you get like this?

Tinker Bell: I met you.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Dark Palace. Regina is in bed. Tinkerbell visits Regina.

Tinker Bell: How did it go?

Regina: (shrugs) Eh, it was-

Tinkerbell: What happened? I don't understand, you’re not glowing with new love. You should be glowing.

Regina: Because it didn't work. The pixie dust. It was wrong. I went in and met him and he was awful. He was just awful.

Tinkerbell: Are you sure you went to the right man?

Regina: Yes, the one with the lion tattoo. That wasn't the problem.

Tinker Bell: What was?

Regina: You.

Tinker Bell: Me?

Regina: Yes, you. You're a terrible fairy.

Tinker Bell: You didn't go in, did you?

Regina: How dare you?

Tinker Bell: It's okay. You were afraid.

Regina: I'm not afraid of anything. I can't believe I let you distract me.

Tinker Bell: No. Don't do it. What you need is love. (Regina shakes her head.)

Regina: I had love and he's dead. And I suffered. And what you've send me to do wasn't gonna change that!

Tinker Bell: What about me? I stole for you and for nothing. I'm in big trouble.

Regina: As I said you're a terrible fairy.

Tinker Bell: I thought we were friends.

Regina: I don't have friends. Fly away, moth. Don't let the doors catch your wings on the way out.

Neverland. Present day.

Regina: Okay, you wanna kill me? I can make it easier. (Regina rips out her own heart.)

Tinker Bell: What do you-

Regina: You wanna kill me? Don’t let the poison do it. You should do it. Go ahead. Crush it.

Tinker Bell: You think I won’t take it?

Regina: No, I’m counting on it. Show me, who you are, Tinkerbell.

Tinker Bell: Gladly.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Tinkerbell leaves the Dark Palace heading home.

Blue Fairy: Stop! You stole that dust.

Tinker Bell: I know. I thought I needed it to prove to you that I was a good fairy.

Blue Fairy: You could have proven hat by being a good fairy. By listening to me.

Tinker Bell: I was following my instincts.

Blue Fairy: Which are so far from being correct. (sighs) This can’t be forgiven.

Tinker Bell: Wait. Wait. Everyone deserves a second chance. We always tell people that.

Blue Fairy: But, Tinkerbell, this was your second chance.

Tinker Bell: Please. I promise. I’m so sorry.

Blue Fairy: You betrayed my trust.

Tinker Bell: I can regain it. Give me a chance.

Blue Fairy: You can’t. For one simple, tragic reason: I no longer believe in you.

(Tinker Bell’s wings disappear and she helplessly falls to the ground. Blue flies off.)

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Tinkerbell squeezes Regina’s heart.

Tinker Bell: Do you know what you’ve cost me? (Tinkerbell turns around so that Regina is able to see her back.)

Regina: (gasps) Your wings.

Tinker Bell: Why?

Regina: Why what? Why did I hand over my heart?

Tinker Bell: No. Why did you lie? Because I’ve been over a million times and that spell worked. You never went in. It’s the only explanation. Why couldn’t you just go through that door and meet your soulmate? Was being happy such a terrible fate?

Regina: Yes. Yes, it was. You’re right. I never went in. I was afraid. I didn’t- You said I can let go off the anger that was weighting me down and suddenly it felt like - without it- I would just flood away. That anger was all I had. What would I be without it?

Tinker Bell: Happy.

Regina (shakes her head) Weak.

Tinker Bell: And look, what good it did you. The strength you gained. Because I’m holding your heart in my hand and I’m not hearing one reason not to squeeze it into ash.

Regina: Alright, you wanna a reason? Here you go. You think I was afraid? You think I did the wrong thing? Well, Fairy, right now you’re making the same choice. I picked revenge over hope and you’re holding the result. (forcing Tinkerbell to take a closer look at her heart) A small, hard, dark heart. If you make the same choice I did, then what you’re looking at is your own future. I’m not gonna tell you what to do. The choice is yours. Kill me or act like the fairy you are.

Tinker Bell: You said I was a terrible fairy.

Regina: Well then, prove me wrong. Pick hope over anger. Choose love and help me get my son back.

Tinker Bell: You love your son?

Regina: Very much. With Henry I’ve finally got something right. Don’t you wanna be able to say the same thing?

Tinker Bell: It’s too late for me.

Regina: Only if you kill me.

Tinker Bell: I won’t kill you. But I won’t help you either. Besides, it’s probably too late. He’s been with him too long.

(She hands the heart back to Regina)

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Pan’s camp. Pan watches a group of Lost Boys then turns around to talk to Henry.

Peter Pan: Look at the fun they are having. The thing with this place, Henry, is that no one tells you no. You can do as you want.

Henry: Do they never hurt themselves?

Peter Pan: All the time. Sometime I had four boys with missing fingers. Cost of the game. They don’t mind.

Henry: I don’t belong here.

Peter Pan: Actually, you do. We’ve been waiting for you a very long time, Henry. Long before you were even born.

Henry: I don’t believe that.

Peter Pan: You should. This place runs on imagination. On believe. But your world stopped believing. Magic is dying and you, Henry, need to save it.

Henry: In my world, you mean?

Peter Pan: In every world. You need to bring it back. That’s your destiny. To return the magic. To be the savior.

Henry: My mum Emma is the Savior. Not me.

Peter Pan: She broke some curse, yeah. (Henry looking at him questioningly) Oh, I know more than you think. But what if breaking the curse wasn’t the thing that made her the savior. What if having you was. Think about it. You both descend from the greatest of light and of dark. Believing that’s a coincidence that the sprout of the Dark One met your mother? You were created for a reason and I can help you find it.

Henry: So you’re thinking I’m supposed to save magic.

Peter Pan: I’m not thinking. I believe. Remember, I’ve said I’ve something to show you. (hands Henry a scroll) Here. I had this for a very long time. Long before you were even thought about. Take a look and you’ll know why I’m so sure you’re the hero magic has been waiting for.

(Henry takes the scroll and without taking a look at it he drops it to the ground)

Henry: I don’t believe you.

Peter Pan: You remind me of your father.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Present day. Dark Castle. Neal, Mulan and Robin Hood prepare for summoning Pan’s shadow.

Mulan: I’ll be right here next to the window. Robin, behind the table. Neal, you need to be there, under the sill. You’ll come up right under the shadow.

Robin Hood: That’s a good plan.

Mulan: I know.

(Neal and Robin shift a piece of furniture under the sill)

Neal: Hood. Man, thanks again.

Robin Hood: Thank me when your family is back together. (Neal shrugs) What?

Neal: I’m gonna save them. But back together - we’ll see.

Robin Hood: I thought you said you loved them.

Neal: I do. But we shall see if I can win her back.

Mulan: Why wouldn’t you?

Neal: Cause I screwed up the first time. Hopefully, I’ll get another chance. When Emma told me that she loved me I waited way too long before I said I felt the same. I won’t make that same mistake again.

Mulan: I’m sure she’ll forgive you.

Neal: I hope so. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. When you love someone you don’t keep it in. You say it.

(The door opens and Little John enters the room holding Roland in arms)

Little John: You’re ready?

Robin Hood: I suppose. Come here, little man. (He scoops Roland up, carefully letting him down to the floor.) Ok. (Robin Hood then crouches down to be at eye level with his son)Now, Daddy’s gonna be right there (indicating the table to Roland) Okay? It might be loud but nothing’s gonna hurt you. Do you understand? (Roland nods) You remember what you’ll have to say?

Roland: Yeah. I’ll say -

Robin: No.

Mulan: No, no. Not yet. Not yet.

Neal: Wait. Wait.

Mulan: Positions.

Robin: Okay (He hugs his son, crouching behind the table Robin takes a deep breath) Okay, Roland. Say it.

Roland: I believe. (Nothing happens)

Neal: Maybe if he says it again. Just once more.

Robin: (walking over to his son) No, I’m sorry, mate, that’s it.

(Suddenly the window opens and Pan’s Shadow enters the room. Robin Hood steps in to take his son out of the shadow’s reach. The shadow tries to seize Roland by the hand)

Roland: No!

Robin Hood: Hey!

Mulan: I got him (She wields her sword towards the shadow. As the shadow is hurt it retreats) Neal, go! (Neal leaps out of the window. He’s able to get hold of Pan’s shadow)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Present day. Dark Castle. Robin Hood watches his sleeping son. Mulan joins him.

Mulan: Is he alright?

Robin Hood: Yes. Thank you, Mulan. I owe you much. He doesn’t have a scratch on him.

Mulan: I planned it that way.

Robin Hood: So, what now for you? What will you do? If you’d cared to put your considerable skills to use there’s a place for you among my Merry Man. You’d be the first woman. I hope that’s not deterrent.

Mulan: I’ve been in that position before.

Robin Hood: Is that a ‚yes‘?

Mulan: I’m honored. But, there’s someone I need to talk to before it’s too late.

Robin Hood: (nods) A loved one.

Mulan: We shall see.

The Enchanted Forest. Present day. Aurora is working in the gardens. After a while she becomes aware of Mulan standing there.

Aurora: Mulan? (Mulan smiles) How long have you been there? What are you doing? (Aurora approaches Mulan)

Mulan: I’m just gathering my courage. (she walks over to Aurora)

Aurora: What’ going on? (smiling) I’m so glad you’re back.

Mulan: Is Phillip here?

Aurora: No. Shall I go get him?

Mulan: No. That’s unnecessary. It’s you I wanna to talk to. You see, I- Why do you keep smiling at me?

Aurora: I can tell you’re bursting with news but so am I.

Mulan: You are?

Aurora: Phillip and I are expecting a baby.

Mulan: (takes a moment to regain her smile) That’s excellent news. (Aurora hugs her)

Aurora: It’s like a dream coming true. Now, please, please tell me your news.

Mulan: I’m joining Robin Hood’s band.

Aurora: (shocked) What? You’re leaving us?

Mulan (nods). Yes. Afraid so. Good bye.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day.

Emma: Where’s Regina?

Tinker Bell: Who the hell are you?

Emma: A pissed off mother. Where is she?

Regina: I’m fine.

Tinker Bell: Do you mind removing those? You might stick me. But I’ll take you down.

Regina: It’s okay. She’s not gonna hurt us. Just stand down.

Hook: Is she going to help us?

Tinker Bell: Well, look who the queen dragged along. Hello Hook.

Hook: Lady Bell.

Regina: She’s not gonna help us.

Emma: Why not?

Hook: Tink, after all we’ve been through together (shrugs) A little assistance.

Regina: She doesn’t have any magic.

David: No pixie dust?

Regina: Not even her wings.

Emma: How?

Tinker Bell: I guess people just stopped believing in me. And even if I would have helped you he’s too powerful.

Mary Margaret: But you know where Pan is?

Tinker Bell: Sure. But it won’t do you a bit of good.

Mary Margaret: Let us be the judge of that. Does he trust you?

Emma: Can you get us inside his camp and out?

Tinker Bell: Maybe. Why should I help you?

Mary Margaret: Because I believe in you.

Emma: Just get us inside. We’ll take care of things from there.

Tinker Bell: And what’s in there for me? Other than a dead sentence from Pan when you’re gone with your boy.

Emma: You can come with us.

Mary Margaret: That’s right. A home. That is what you want, isn’t it?

Tinker Bell: Okay. Listen closely. Pan trusts me. He’ll let me in. And maybe, just maybe I’ll leave a way open for you. But you’ll only get one shot. So you’d better have a good plan.

Emma: Thank you. We will.

Mary Margaret: Come with us to our camp. We’ll figure it out. (The group leaves but David lingers a bit longer. Mary Margaret approaches him) Hey. Are you alright? You look upset.

David: Yeah. I just wanna get Henry back.

Mary Margaret: We’re on the way.

David: How did you know that would work? Offering her a home?

Mary Margaret: It worked for me. When I was a bandit living alone all I wanted was a home. The thing is I never found it till you came along. Even now, when I’m with you that’s all I need. (David nods) You’re sure you’re okay?

David: I love you. (They kiss)

Mary Margaret: Come on, there’s no need we get us lost in here.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Pan’s camp. Henry picks up the scroll Pan has given to him earlier and takes a closer look at it. The scroll illustrates a detailed draft of Henry. A disturbing sound can be heard in the distance.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Somewhere on the island Pan’s Shadow drops Neal to the ground. Felix emerges from the bushes.

Felix: Welcome home, Baelfire. Pan will be so happy to see you.

SCENE: Neverland. Present day. Emma, Hook, David and Mary Margaret sit together by a fire. Hook hands Emma a coconut he’d opened. In the distance Regina leans against a tree.

Emma: Thanks. (Tinker Bell walks over to Regina and sits down by her side)

Tinker Bell: Did you ever go back and find him? The man with the lion tattoo?

Regina: No.

Tinker Bell: Unreal. Do you know how selfish that is?

Regina: It’s a lot of things. But how is it selfish?

Tinker Bell: Because you didn’t just ruin your life. You ruined his.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Robin Hood and his Merry Men sit by a fireplace. One Merry Man leads Mulan to the group. Robin Hood stands up approaching her.

Robin Hood: (shaking her hand) Welcome. (For a few seconds the camera focusses on his arm revealing a lion tattoo. Both, he and Mulan sit down by the fire)