01x21 - Running to Stand Still

[Random hotel ballroom. Toapplause, a disembodied voice introduces Adam Lyons, whowill present this year's Atlas Awards. Adam Lyons -- anice young man with floppy hair -- strides to thepodium.]

Adam: At Kennedy and Collins, where I work in New York,we have a saying: 'The only thing better than great sexis a great ad campaign.'

[The camera cuts to Brian, sitting at a table next to hisassistant, Cynthia.]

Adam: So, when I asked to come to Pittsburgh to helpchoose the ad person of the Year when I looking for issomeone who could 'give great ad.' Someone whose workwould make me stand up and take notice. Well, afterreviewing this year enteries I believe we found him. Thisyear 'Atlas Award' for Pittsburgh Ads Person Of The Yeargoes to... Brian Kinney!

[Cynthia smiles, kisses him slowly on the cheek]

Cynthia: Go get him, tiger...the award, I mean.

[Brian walks up to the podium, accepts the award, shakesAdam's hand]

Brian: Care to test that saying?

[Later on, as the shmoozing rages down below, Brian andAdam have s*x up on a balcony. Cynthia stands guard atthe entrance.]

[Debbie's. Vic sits on the couchwith his hands tightly clenched.]

Vic: I was standing with my dick out when this guy at thejourney next to me starting cruising me.

Mel: Did you cruise him back?

Vic: No.

Mel: You did nothing to make him think you're looking forsex?

Vic: I just want to take a piss.

Michael: Same thing happened to this guy at my gym. Hewas walking his dog. He started talking to this otherguy, who invited him back to his place. Next thing thathe know is that he's busted.

Justin: They can really do that?

Mel: They can do what the hell they want.

Justin: f*ck that. You'd better fight it.

Debbie: Hey, don't put any ideas in his head.

Justin: You wanted me to fight for the Gay/StraightStudent Alliance.

Debbie: This is different. You're eighteen, and you'rehealthy. What are out other options?

Mel: To plead guilty.

Michael: You have to go to jail?

Mel: No, not for first offense, if you just pay a fine.

Vic: I'll take it. I'll pay a few dollars and done.

Mel: And it will be on your record permanently.

Michael: You mean as s*x offender?

Debbie: Oh, they will make him register with the policenamed it?

Mel: Yeah, they will.

Debbie: Jesus.

Vic: Well, there goes my shot at the Supreme Court.

Justin: You could plead not guilty.

Debbie: One more word out of you!

Mel: That will work involved go on the trail. You have toget up in front of a jury and some young, aggressiveprosecutor from the D.A.'s office would cross-examinedyou; the cop who arrested you will sitting in the frontrow.

Vic: I can't do that.

Debbie: You can't anymore stress.

Michael: So, you have a misdemeanor on your record. Who'sgoing to know?

Justin: He will.

[Meanwhile, back at the ballroom,Brian and Adam are zipping up their pants and tucking intheir shirts.]

Adam: So what the hell are you doin in Pittsburgh? You'retoo good for Pittsburgh. You should be in New York.

Brian: Yeah, but for what I get paid here, I have a loftthe size of a city block. There I'd have a closet inQueens.

Adam: You wouldn't believe the salaries they paid in theCity these days. I'm 27 and I have an amazing place SoHo.

Brian: Wow. So, we're the same age.

Adam: In fact there is an opening in my agency at yourlevel. And you're clearly got experience and you know howwork hard. I've be happy to put a good word for you.

Brian: Is there anything else you'd be happy to do?

[He unzips his pants and Adam goes down on him.]

[At David's. Mike walks in andsees David sitting in the living room, in the dark.]

Michael: What are you doin' sitting in the dark?

David: Thinking. How's Vic?

Michael: OK, considering he just got out of jail.

David: I got a call from Lori.

Michael: Oh, yeah?

David: She and Gary getting in divorce.

Michael: It's too bad. You know, these straight couplesjust cannot make their marriages work.

David: Hank's pretty upset.

Michael: Oh yeah, I guess he must be.

David: She said he's not speaking to her; he's ditchingclass, and he's even quit the hockey team.

Michael: He's not taking drugs, doesn't he?

David: No, she doesn't think so. He's just f*cking angry.It's because of me.

Michael: Did he say that?

David: No, I did. This will make the second dad that he'slost.

Michael: So, what's the plan?

David: The plan?

Michael: Well, a real trip would accomplish a lot morethan a guilt trip. Should I make a reservation?

David: I already did. There is a clerk who put me a favorand booked my the first flight in the morning. I figuredas sooner as better.

Michael: Who says you're not a great dad? Droppingeverything at a moment's notice to fly across the countryto be with your kid. So, when will you be back?

David: As soon as I can.

Michael: This is the first time we're be apart.

David: Yeah.

Michael: It's going to be weird, your not being here.Promised me to miss me? A lot?!

[Then gives him a big hug and a kiss, while David looksworried, worried, worried.]

[Liberty Diner. Ted and Blakewalk in. Blake's looking at the want ads in the paper. ]

Ted: If you see anything in there for an accountant thatincludes world travel and an unlimited expense account,let me know.

Blake: First I will find a job for myself.

Ted: Any possibilities?

Blake: Sure, but they all want training. Experience.References. Who's going to hire a crystal freak?

Ted: Former crystal freak. Give yourself a little creditfor all the positive step you'll be taking.

Blake: Thanks to you.

[They kiss. At a booth across the diner, Emmett rolls hiseyes. Ted and Blake see The Boys and go over to jointhem.]

Emmett: Hello young lovers.

Brian: Ted Schmidt, happy at last. It's fuckingunbelievable.

Ted: Yeah, who would have guessed?

Michael: Can we keep the passion down to a minimum? Ihave a boyfriend out of town and no means for release.

Justin: Have you guys seen the new waiter?

[Cut to a dumb-looking version of Ryan Phillippe, who'ssort of pacing behind the counter. ]

Brian: You call that hot?

Justin: Yeah.

Brian: In your age I guess you would.

Michael: Oh, in your age you wouldn't?

Brian: I've moved beyond that.

Emmett: Since when?

Brian: Since last night. I did the hottest guy in days.He's an ad agency in New York. He said I'm too good forPittsburgh and I'm wasting my time here. He thinks Ishould be there.

Ted: I'll bet he said that to all the boys.

Brian: He said there is a job in his agency that I beperfect for. I faxed them my resume.

Michael: Sounds serious.

Brian: You don't think so?

Justin: So, if you get this job, you're leaving?

Brian: Not 'if.' When.

[Later, Mike, Emmett, and Tedwalk and talk about Brian's possible departure.]

Emmett: You think he really meant it? He's really gonnago?

Michael: Well, of course not. He's probably overreactingto a compliment from some New York man.

Ted: The bright lights of Broadway backum.

Emmett: I don't know. He sound pretty serious. He evensend him his résumé.

Ted: It's just going to end up at the bottom of somepile. Mine always do.

Michael: There's probably a thousand other guys clamoringfor the same job.

Ted: Trust me. He's never going to hear from them again.

[Ted's cell phone rings.]

Ted: Oh, it's me. I'll talk to you guys later. Bye. Yeah?

Mel: You called?

Ted: Yeah, thanks for returning. Look, Blake is lookingfor a job. And he's interesting in a permanent legal. Ithoughed he maybe might in your firm?

Mel: God, you are so in luck. One of our assistants justquit this morning. Blake could start right away!

Ted: Really?

Mel: Of course not. What do you think, jobs are justfalling off trees?

Ted: No need to get cunty, I just thought I'd ask!

Mel: He is a nice guy and he did help Vic out. Maybe wecan take him as attempt for a couple weeks and then maybewe could hire him.

Ted: That'll be great. And, uh, Mel? You're not really --you know.

Mel: I know. You are.

[Emmett walks down the alleybehind Debbie's place. Vic's taking out the trash. Emmettoffers him the box he's carrying]

Emmett: For you.

Vic: A pecan pie.

Emmett: Well, whenever my mother used to visit someone,she always brought along a pecan pie. Of course, thisone's from the supermarket. And she used to make her own.Their pie's are so awful.

Vic: I never noticed.

Emmett: Well, whenever anything was happened in theirlife they always could count that she'll be there withher pie. So, does anything happening?

Vic: Yeah, I'll taken up the garbage.

Emmett: I mean about your upcoming court appearance.

Vic: I planed to plead guilty.

Emmett: Please, don't.

Vic: Look, it's got nothing to do with you.

Emmett: No, that's were you wrong. Because everything hasto do with me, with all of us. Because it could happenedto any of us.

Vic: It didn't happened to any of you. It did happen tome.

Emmett: When you're not fighting you're letting them knowthat they can keep getting away with this.

Vic: I'm sick.

Emmett: You're also innocent.

Vic: Who gives a sh1t? The cops? The D.A.?

Emmett: I was hoping you.

Vic: I just want it over. So I can bring back the trashin piece and quiet.

Emmet: As registered s*x offender.

Vic: Jesus Christ, you have to Broadcast?

Emmett: Everyone's gonna know, anyway.

Vic: Fine, then I still have to live with it.

Emmett: That's just what Mr. Pedigrove said.

Vic: Who?

Emmett: Mr.Pedigrove. High-school teachers back home inMississippi. He was accused of exposing himself to one ofthe other students. The story wasn't true. The kid wasjust mad because Pedigrove flunked him.

Vic: I'm suppose you gonna tell me he beaten to death? Orhang himself in the jail?

Emmett: No, he lived with his spinster sister inMoradian. When he died a few years later , they say thathe put in his will that he didn't want his name put onhis tombstone. Because it was worthless.

[Brian's loft. Brian's packing,or hanging up clothes]

Justin: Don't go. You can't go. What are you going to dowithout me?

Brian: I donno. I think I survive.

Justin: Doubt it.

Brian: I'm sure you go along fine with your own.

Justin: No.

Brian: Yeah, you will. You're going to do what you shouldhave done a long time ago. You're going to meet sometwinkie your own age.

Justin: What do I want with some kid who doesn't knowshit?!

Brian: I do need to take a shower.

[Justin throws Brian's clothes around.]

Justin: Go. Go take a shower! Go to New York! Go to yournew life! In a year -- probably not even

that long -- you won't even remember my name. I'll justbe that 'kid who wouldn't leave me alone, who thought hewas in love with me.' If you f*cking think of me at all.

[Brian comes back into the room.]

Brian: I won't. I won't think of you. When I walk outthat door, I don't plan on ever looking back. And Iexpect you to do the same.

[Justin starts to cry, and Brian pulls him close andgives him a hug.]

[A men's clothing store. Blake'strying on the new suit Ted's buying for him. ]

Ted: It's the perfect interview suit.

Blake: You sure?

Sales clerk: Trust your boyfriend. He has a good eye.We'll all set. I'll go ring it up.

[Blake disappears inside this makeshift round curtaindressing room that's right in the middle of the store.Ted takes a surreptitious look around before followinghim.]

Blake: What are you doin'?

Ted: I thoughed you could need some hand with your pants.

Blake: I'm a big boy and I can dress and undress myself.

Ted: All those pins. Let's go for it.

Blake: Here? What if we are cought?

Ted: That's the fun part.

[So they start macking, and Ted goes down on Blake. Thesaleslady comes back, decides to be a trooper about it,and turns her back]

Sales Clerk: You doin' okay in there?

Ted: Fine.

Blake: Great.

Sales Clerk: Uh, take all the time you need, boys.

Ted: We will!

[Vic's trial. Melanie'sconferring with the judge, while Mike and Debbie sitbehind the defense's table and Vic paces back and forth.]

Debbie: Tryin' relax.

Vic: I just wanna try to get out here.

[Melanie returns to the table with the policeman'sreport.]

Mel: OK, here is the police report. The cop's got lousyhandwriting and his spelling's atrocious, so you mightwant to break out your reading glasses.

[The cop, sitting at the prosecution's table, heard that.Vic reads the report, and shakes his head]

Vic: This isn't what happened!

Debbie: What are you talking about?

Vic: The suspect unzipped his pants to exposed himself...I was peeing. Suspect begin m*st*rb*t*ng his half-erectpenis. I never did! Suspect said 'What are you into?' Inever said that, the cop did.

Mel: OK, are you sure? Because sometimes you can playingincident of your mind so many times that you forget whatreally happened?

Vic: I was there. I know.

Judge: OK, in the matter of the people vs. Victor Grassiis the counsel ready for a plea?

Mel: Yes, your honor. We plead...

Vic: Not guilty.

[Melanie grins a little. In the stands, Emmett rolls hiseyes heavenward.]

Emmett: Thank you, God.


Vic: You put me on the stand. I'll tell that wholecourtroom that the f*cking cop is lying.

Debbie: You damnright you will.

Mel: Yeah well, it's just because your word against his.I'll see what I'm take up.

Vic: Sounds this would be expensive.

Mel: Oh, don't worry. I taking the case pro bono.

Debbie: 'Bono'? Like Sonny Bono?

Michael: That means for free, mother.

Debbie: Oh, no f*cking way! We insists on paying.

Mel: Alright, you can pay. You can babysitting. I'm nottalking about when he sleep. I meant change his huggies,that wors.

Debbie: OK, we accept. And Justin can help. Rightsunshine?

[Justin, sitting on the couch, is off in his ownBrianless little world. He sort of looks around.]

Justin: Mmmh? Sure. I'm glad you decided to fight, Vic.

[And then he mopes upstairs.]

Mel: What's wrong with him?

Debbie: Brian's moving to New York. It's the end of theworld that he knows it.

[Justin's room. Mike opens thedoor.]

Michael: Can I come in?

Justin: It was your room first.

Michael: He's not moving to New York.

Justin: He talking as though he is. He flew up thismorning for an interview.

Michael: Well, there's no harm in taking a meeting.Besides, I've known him a lot longer than you have. Hemay bitch and moan about Pittsburgh, but there's no wayhe'd stop being top dog to be one of the pack.

Justin: Why he put his place for sale?

Michael: What?

Justin: He call a real stager.

[Mike plops down on the bed next to Justin, stunned.]

Justin: We should stop him.

Michael: Yeah, stop Brian. Right.

Justin: We can't just let him leave.

Michael: We don't have a choice. Besides, everyone hasthe right to decide how they want to live their life.Look at you -- you decided to leave home, and I betnothing could have changed your mind. It's the same waywith Brian.

Justin:I love him, Michael.

Michael: I know. All the more reason why you have to lethim go.

Justin: Just like that?

Michael: Yeah, just like that.

Justin: You must not care very much.

Michael: [sighs] I care more than you will ever know.

[David's. Mike's alone in bedwhen the phone rings.]

Michael: Hello?

David: Hi. I wake you?

Michael: It's okay. What time is it there?

David: It's half ten.

Michael: It's three hours later here. Is everything okay?

David: Everythings fine. Hank was really glad to see me.

Michael: It was a good idea you went.

David: How you're doin'?

[Mike moves his hands down his chest a little]

Michael: I'm missing you. It's so lonely in this bed.

David: It's lonely here too.

Michael: I was dreaming about you as you called.

David: What was I doin'?

Michael: I'm not telling.

David: Let me guess. I had the same dream. I was suckingyour cock.

Michael: Oh, yeah?

David: It was really hard...

[They have stylized, moaning, groaning phone s*x.]

[Brian's loft. Lindsay's shown upwith Gus to read Brian the riot act about moving to NewYork.]

Lindsay: So when the f*ck do you plan to telling me?

Brian: I would send you the change of address.

Lindsay: Don't be a smartass.

Brian: Look, they haven't even offering me a job yet.

Lindsay: Said there were knocked out he by resume. Theinterview were great.

Brian: You couldn't believe there offices right onMadison Avenue, with a kick ass view of Midtown. And theguys at this agency are smart. And they're totally hot.It's an entirely different league.

Lindsay: So, you're just abandon your son?

Brian: Don't start with the guilt sh1t.

[He takes Gus from her]

Brian: [zu Gus] How would you like to hang out with yourpop in Manhattan, huh? Go to the Guggenheim, and theopera? [to Lindsay] See, you're going to thank me forthis when he grows up to be sophisticated.

Lindsay: f*ck you, Brian. I know how to take my kid to amuseum.

[She grabs Gus out of his arms.]

Brian: Lindsay, if I stay here, I'm going to go out of mymind. Or who knows what I'll become?

Lindsay: Probably who you are now, only older.

Brian: No.

Lindsay: What is wrong with that? It happens to all ofus.

Brian: Not me. I want to become something different.Something new.

Lindsay: You start sound like your ad campaign. New.Improved. Going to New York won't change anything. Soyou'll have a different loft. Work for a different firm.Go to different bars and clubs. But different doesn'tmake it better. When are you going to figure out thatJustin really loves you, even if he is young? At yourage, that might not be such a bad thing for you. AndMichael would give up his life for you. And I love youtoo. You think you'll find that on Madison Avenue?

[Ted walks Blake, all duded up inhis new suit, to the offices of Kurtzman, Vasquez Kishuraand Marcus. He takes a good look at Blake's face.]

Ted: Don't be nervous.

Blake: I'm not!

Ted: I am.

[Inside,they meet Mel, wearing a cool white wrap-around shirt.She smiles when she sees Ted and Blake]

Mel: Right on time.

Ted: It's my Germanic predisposition to be punctual.

Mel: [to Blake] Uh, nice suit.

Blake: Um Ted picked it up. And the shirt and the tie.

Ted: Well, it's also my Germanic predispostion to beoverbearing and controlling. But it's important to make agood first impression.

Blake: I will.

Mel: And when they ask you why you leave your last jobjust say it was not challenging enough.

Blake: I'm already has an answer rehearsed.

Ted: And don't say he's a people person, because I hatesthat expression.

Blake: I would never say that. Now would you people stopworrying? Just let me go in there and impress the pantsoff of them.

Ted: Well, if anyone can do that, you can.

[Debbie's. She's cooking dinner.]

Vic: Melanie says that it'll be my word against his. Sowhy should the jury listen to me?

Debbie: Because you telling the truth! Christ, stopacting so guilty.

Vic: Maybe I am, a little. I wanted to go with him.

Debbie: Since when is this a crime?

Vic: When it's a cop. I can't believe I was foolishenough. At my age, with what I've got? To think thatsomeone would find me desirable? Talk about pathetic.

[Debbie slams down the dishes]

Debbie: You are not pathetic! And I'm not hearing talkabout that yourself that way!

Vic: Then don't listen. When I look in the mirror, I seesomeone I barely recognize. I still imagine that I'm likeBrian -- able to walk into any bar, and have almostanybody that I want. And I had plenty, too. But now.Instead I see this tired, somewhat faded older man. Whomeasures his life from a pill bottle. And who nobodywants. I can't even remember the last time someone lookedat me. Or even touched me. It was probably that Filipinonurse who gave me that barium enema. That was a threat.So, when this handsome young man expressed interest, Iwanted to drop to my knees right there. That's the worstpart. Worse than being arrested. Or put in jail. Orhaving to go to court. It's that I believed him.

[Debbie's almost crying at this point, and hugs him.]

[Woody's. The Boys watch some guywalk past in slow motion, so that we can all get a goodlook. He's watching them, they're watching him, etc.]

Michael: What my tongue could do to his nipples. If I wassingle, of course.

Ted: I'm right there with you.

Emmett: Well, I'd like to thank you boys for leaving methe most tender, delectable morsel. Now that Brian's outof the picture, I might actually stand a chance.

Michael: You not sound likes you gonna miss him.

Emmett: Well, I certainly won't miss being told 'be gone'every time some hunk appears.

Ted: I won't miss his little bolder about my age.

Emmett: Although I did think that him referring to you asDead Man Walking was kind of amusing.

Michael: Or knowing that you're always his plan B.

Emmett: Or sometimes C.

Ted: Or buying a shirt from the latest Calvin Kleincollection, and no one notices because everyone's staringat Brian's bare chest.

Michael: Or forced the way outside the sexclub inFebruary, cause he needs a ride home?

Emmett: That I also won't miss how he never takes shitfrom anyone.

Ted: Or how he tells you the truth about yourself, evenif he is a tad harsh. Even though you should probablyhear it anyway.

Michael: Or how he refuses to let you coast through your life. No, I'm not going to miss that one at all.

[Brian's loft. He lets the water run over him for awhile. He shakes his head like a dog.Then get up and get a cider and sit back down again. Cut to Justin at Brian's computer.]

Justin: This is disgusting. This is just sick. Reallysick.

Brian: Are you looking at those hetero p0rn sites, again?I told you, they're going to warp your young mind.

Justin: It's not p0rn. It's the apartment retals in NewYork. I can't believe what they charging for thatshit-hole.

Brian: You know, what they getting paying me I can affordthree-times that.

[Brian's cell phone rings. It's Adam.]

Adam: Brian, it's Adam's Lions calling from New York.

Brian: Oh, hey. So I've been waiting for you. What's thedeal?

Adam: The deal is... there is no deal. They decided topromote some twenty-five-year old hot shot. Look, I'mreally sorry.

Brian: Don't worry. After reviewing all of my options, Idecided to go with...someone else.

Adam: Well, then I don't feel so bad. So, hey, give me acall the next time when you're in the city. I'd love tohook up again.

Brian: Yeah, sure.

[David's. David has finallyreturned home, and Mike trots over to give him a big hugand kiss.]

Michael: You didn't tell me your coming home tonight!

David: Well, thank me.

Michael: Your face is cold. So, how'd go?

David: Well I convinced Hank not to quit the hockey team.

Michael: Well that's a start.

David: And he's agree to talk to a therapist.

Michael: I knew you could help him.

David: But mostly we just sat around, ate pizza, andwatched ESPN.

Michael: That's the most important thing. Not what yousay or do; just being there.

David: That's why I go back.

Michael: We'll should. We have the summer. You go take atrip.

David: No, I was thinking sooner.

Michael: How much sooner?

David: Right away.

Michael: For how long?

David: Well, I'm not sure. All I know is that he needs meand it's important that I'm be there.

Michael: But what about your practice, and your friendsand the house?

David: I was thinking about that on the fly home. I canlease the house for three years. One of my assistent cantake the practice. Lorie's has some friends who aredoctors. They provide my with referrals.

Michael: So you practically get all that figured out.

David: Well there is one thing I don't know what to dowith.

Michael: Don't worry about me. I understand - Hank comesfirst.

David: Well, it's not a race, Michael. There's no'first.' You're as important to me as he is. What I washoping... is that you would come with me.

[Courtroom. Melanie and Vic areconferring with the D.A.]

Mel: The Cop has lied before on three separate cases.

D.A.: You have proof for this?

Mel: Look up the records and here is a file from yourP.D. In each instance, he misconstrued, exaggerated, orin some cases completely lied in his police report,resulting in the judge calling a mistrial.

Debbie: [to Michael] She's good.

Michael: She's great.

Emmett: Compared to her, I feel so ignorant. So useless.

Ted: You are. On the other hand, she doesn't have yourheight, or your ability to wear chartreuse in thedaytime.

D.A.: This is all compelling, but why would he do this?

Mel: Seems he has a problem with gay people. Look, we cansave the court a lot of time and money. My client'sinnocent. He was in trap by this officer just like theother men.

D.A.:Is this true?

Vic: I may have done a lot of things in my life, but Inever exposed myself or enticed that officer. I know Imay not have much left. My health. My youth. My friends.But I still have my name. And I will fight to defend it.

[An old movie theater. Brian andMike sit in the front row of the balcony, sharing ajoint.]

Michael: [giggels] What we need is a huge vat of popcorn.

Brian: One hit and you're high. That's pitiful.

Michael: I am not high. [giggles] Yes, I am.

[They appear to be watching "The Creature From theBlack Lagoon".]

Michael: Man, when I think about all this Saturdayafternoons we spend here.

Brian: Yeah, you used to buy tickets and let me in thefire exit.

Michael: We're never got caught.

Brian: This is where we saw "Indiana Jones and theTemple of Doom".

Michael: And "Ghostbusters". And...

Brian: The Fly.

Michael: I can't believe they tear it down just formultiplex.

Brian: Yeah, there aren't any balconies to get stoned in.

Michael: When this place is gone, a part of us will begone, too.

Brian: You get extremely maudlin when you're high.

Michael: This is probably the last time you and I ever betogether. I mean you'll be in New York.

Brian: And you'll be in Portland. Opposite ends of thefucking universe.

Michael: I didn't say I go.

Brian: Well, you should.

Michael: Well, I'm not like you. I cannot just wake upone morning and say bumm, move on. No looking back. Noregrets.

Brian: There is nothing for you here.

Michael: This is my home. And even though it's not Parisor New York --

Brian: No sh1t!

Michael: I lived here my entire life. It's all I know.

Brian: Maybe it's time for you to learn something else,Michael. We're not fifteen anymore. Go with David. Getthe hell out of here.

[And then Brian gives Mike a particularly non-platonickiss, against the movie sunset on the screen.]

[Ted's. Blake has returned]

Ted: Tell me everything.

Blake: It was great. There are really nice. And Melanietook my to lunch.

Ted: So, how about the guys? Any cute ones?

Blake: One. Long story. He's married.

[Ted starts undressing Blake]

Ted: It's not that I'm jealous. I'm required to ask thatquestion by the Boyfriend's Workplace Act of 1991.

Blake: And they already put me to the work on a reallyinteresting case.

Ted: I am so proud of you.

Blake: I'm kinda proud of myself.

Ted: So, we were stay only few minutes after dinner andthen we'll come back consummate your return towhite-collar respectability.

Blake: Who said we have to wait 'til later. Why are wetake a shower?

Ted: Together?!

[They start making out as Blake takes off his jacket.Blake pulls down his shorts and throws them to Ted. Tedgrins, shakes his head.]

Ted: You know, you had a little more respect for yourclothes, young man. Need to hang these things up or theyget wrinkle all over the place...

[He starts picking the suit pieces off the floor, teasingBlake, when he notices a little vial that's fallen out ofthe suit jacket -- a vial filled with crystal pieces. Tedlooks at the vial in horror.]

Blake: Are you coming?

Ted: Yeah.

[Ted hurriedly puts the vial back where he found it, andruns into the bathroom with an apprehensive look on hisface.]

[Vic's victory dinner. Everyoneapplauds Vic, who finally stands up and makes a speech.]

Vic: Melanie is the one who should be congratulating. Shegot my case thrown out.

Mel: You're the one who was so brave.

Emmett: You were an inspiration, the way you stood up foryourself.

Vic: Well after that terrible story you told my about thepoo men who was barried with an unworked grave...

Debbie: What did you tell him? One of your southerngoddamn horror stories?

Vic: You mean it wasn't true?

Emmett: All of my stories are true. And if they're not,they should be.

[He leans over so that Vic can give him a kiss on theforehead.]

Blake: Just you say we're here only a few minutes?

Ted: [nodds] Ok. We're gonna go.

[Their goodbyes. In the middle of it, David suddenlystands up, hugs Vic, and leaves without saying a word toanyone else. Mike and Brian exchange a look, and Mikegets up to go after David, hugging Ted goodbye on theway.]

Lindsay: They want you to start right away?

Mel: Those guys on Madison Avenue move fast.

Justin: So do the ones in Chelsea.

Mel: Plenty of hearts to break in the big city.

Lindsay: But you don't have to break them all at once.And call us once a while.

Justin: Like the hell he would.

Brian: Why don't you all just shut the f*ck up! I need acigarette.

[Meanwhile, at the bar, David putting on his coat to go.Brian stumbles to the other end of the bar as Mike walksup to David.]

David: You're a lucky guy.

Michael: I am?

David: Yeah. Everything you've got. Your friends and yourfamily.

Michael: Yeah, I know.

David: If you decide to go with me you be leaving morebehind.

Michael: It's... it's a huge decision.

David: Well, take your time and think about it. If youdecide not to go, I'll be very upset. But I'llunderstand.

Michael: I've decided. I wanna go.

David: You sure?

Michael: No.

[They hug and kiss, and David is very, very happy. Brianwatches, and then can't even summon the emotional energyto light his cigarette.]