06x03 - Thank You

Announcer: Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead...

Rick: That exit sends them right at us.

We force them west here...

Away from the community.

They'll follow a path if something's drawing them.


Rick: Carter!

Sh sh sh.

You gotta be quiet.


Rick: Why don't you head back?

Tell everyone what's happening.

(tires screech)


Spencer: They got inside the walls.


Spencer: They're killing people.


Morgan: Leave!

Morgan: My people have guns...


Morgan: ...yours don't.

(horn blaring)


Try again.

Tobin, it's not stopping. Light it up. You hear me?

(static crackling)


(walker snarling)


Got it.

sh1t! sh1t! It was half.

Jesus, it was more than half.

We just gotta stay ahead of them.

They walk, we run.

Daryl on radio: Rick!

I'm here.

What's going on back there?

Rick: Half of them broke off.

They're going toward Alexandria.

Towards you?

We ran ahead. There's a horn or something.

Loud, coming from the east. It's not stopping.

I'm gonna gas it up, turn back.

Rick: We have it. You keep going.

They're gonna need our help.

Gotta keep the herd moving.

Daryl: Not if it's going down, we don't.

The rest of that herd turns around, the bad back there gets worse.


Yeah, I heard you.

(high-pitched whine)



You okay?

It's my ankle.

All right, come on. Grab on. Let's go.

Come on.

It's coming from back home.

It has to be.

He did this.

He brought us all out here to die.

He killed Carter.

Carter was dead already.

Now they're in trouble back there and we're done.

We're good as dead.

Hey, calm down.

What the hell are you talking about?

We are done. And it's 'cause of him.

Shut up and move.

Come on.

Damn it.

All right, listen up. Here's the new plan. I go back, get the RV, circle around the woods on Redding. I'll get in front of them before they get there. I can lead them away again.

RV's a mile back. I can go with you.

I'll handle it. Just get home.

They might need you there.

Glenn, Michonne.

If something's in front of you, you kill it.

No hiding, no waiting. You keep going.

I'm going with you. You can't do this on your own.

Glenn, I can do this.

You need to help me.

We've got to get these people back.


Thing is, they aren't all gonna make it.


You try to save them, you try, but they can't keep up, you keep going.

You have to. You make sure you get back.

(man screams) - (walkers snarling)


Oh, God!

Oh, God!


(horn continues blaring)

(horn stops)

Rick: The horn stopped. Good.

Get back safe.

(theme music playing)

Glenn: We're ahead of it. 10 minutes. 20 minutes, maybe.

We all keep up the pace, we all get back home.

So if we don't, that's it, huh?

Sturgess: We don't even know what's waiting for us.

David: It's gonna be okay. We have walls for a reason.

That sound. Maybe someone plowed right through.

Maybe we're walking back to nothing.

Shh, my wife's back there.

Mine, too.

Look, don't worry about what's gone wrong.

Figure out how to make this go right.

We're moving in the same direction everything else is.

We're gonna catch up with something.

We're gonna catch up with a lot of things and we're gonna end them.

We have no choice.

We gotta keep going forward.

(walkers snarling)

Stay here.

Don't shoot unless you have to.

Come on. That's us.



Glenn: Sturgess!




I know what it means.

We gotta keep moving, right?

Hey, we gone five miles out yet?

Give or take some yardage.

You got a reason for asking?

Next intersection we're gonna spin around and go back.

The plan is to go 15 more.

Yeah, I'm gonna change that. Five's gonna have to work.

The magic number's 20. That's the mission.

That's making sure they're off munching on infirm raccoons the rest of their undead lives instead of any of us.

Sasha: You want to go, we can't stop you.

But without you, they could stop us.

Can I take a look?


Nah, I got faith in you.

Sasha: Daryl!

Abraham: Don't do it, man!

Is it bad?

It's about what you'd expect.

Huh, didn't expect this.

How long you been married?

Three months.

She wasn't my wife from before.

How'd you meet?

It was early on.

Aaron found me.

I was alone, lost everything.


Myself, I-- I wasn't crazy.

I just gave up on being someone, an actual person.

Know what I mean?

I do.

We found Betsy on the way back to the community.

She still saw me.

After I thought I was dead and gone, she was my first friend.

Then she was more.

She made me more.

Even better than how I used to be.

But if I could make it back, I'd want to say good-bye.

Tell her... finding her in all this, that was everything.

We need to stop and bandage him up.

No, we keep moving. I'm okay.

You won't be if we don't stop your bleeding.

We'll find a place.

Can't stop out in the open too long.

Come on.

Let's check if these cars work first.

See if they can get us back.

I'll stay with them.

(hammer clicks)

Listen, I need to get home, but I'm not leaving them behind.

We patch Scott up, we get going.

Rick knows what he knows.

We're ahead of the herd.

Maybe half an hour now.

We can stop. We can make it.

This is halfway home, right?


This is where it happened.

I said it at the dealership.

Me and Aiden didn't know what we were doing.

The people on your crew who died?

They weren't afraid.

We were.

Glenn: No luck.

We have to stay on foot.

Nicholas was here last.

He can show us the way.

Uh, okay.

All right.

Glenn: There's no cars.

I got you. I got you.

Oh, Jesus.


He left us behind.


(high-pitched whine)

Herd's that way.




(lock clicks)

We stay quiet, patch Scott and Annie up, get out of here.

Those walkers in the alley and down the street, they're blocking the way out of town.

We can't take 'em on, not in the shape that we're in.

We'll have to lead them away if we have to.

Because that's been working well lately.

I'm trying here.

I'm not giving up.

Yeah, not yet.

Hey, I was thinking, if we can find a way to distract the herd coming in, then they won't make it back to the community.


Burn one of the buildings.

Hopefully more.

They'll get drawn to it and they'll stop here.

It's gonna take some time.

I'll do it. You stay with them.

It's my plan. It's on me.

You have a wife, Glenn.

That's why I'm doing this.

You've got to get everybody back.

You're the one who can.

If I take too long, you just go.

I'm not leaving without you.

That is not the way this works.

I will meet you there.

If I get stuck out here, I'll find some way to show you guys I'm okay.

We all have a job to do.

There's a feed store.

It's old. A lot of dry stuff inside.

It should go up easy.

I'll go with you.

I can-- I can draw a map.


You lead the way.

Just gotta do one thing first.

(static hissing)


Glenn on radio: Rick, it's Glenn.

We're in a town five degrees east of the green marker.

If you get around on Redding in the next 20 minutes, you should be good.

I think that's how far we're ahead of the herd.

I'm gonna try to set a fire and distract them.

If you don't see smoke, they're still coming your way.

I got to go.

Good luck, dumbass.


(ragged breathing)

Heath: That'll keep you going until we get you back to the infirmary.

Annie, I'm gonna figure out a crutch for you.

Just leave me.


I'm slowing you down.

We're gonna hit more roamers.

It's that simple.

Leave me.

Leave us.


It's stupid for you guys to wait on me.

We'll all go down.

Scott: Come on, man, wake up.

You don't want to do it now, you do it out there.

We get into trouble again, you run.

And you don't look back.

No, if we go, we go together.

We got each other's backs just like always.

Okay, we don't leave people behind.

Not us.

No one is leaving anyone behind.

I'm gonna find something for you, Annie.


Do you have a problem with me?

I'm just looking out for my people.

And you think that I'm not?

Look, I heard what Rick said.

Which part?

How they wouldn't all make it.

They meaning us and not you.

How you should leave us behind if we can't keep up.

Glenn is out there risking his life for you and for everyone else and I'm still here, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Things are gonna get worse and then we'll see.

Yeah, we will.

Rick said what he said because sometimes you don't have a choice.

That is not how we do it.

Because you've never had to do it any other way.


You haven't been through it, not really.


Not like Rick.

Rick was out there. I was out there.

We know, you don't.

But if you don't learn, you will die, we will.

I've been doing runs from the start, okay?

I know what it's like.

Have you ever had to kill people because they had already killed your friends and were coming for you next?

Have you ever done things that made you feel afraid of yourself afterward?

Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn't know if it was yours or walkers' or your friends'?


Then you don't know.

(walker snarling)


It should be me.

He was on my crew.

His name was Will.

He was 19.

We left him behind.

You're not that guy anymore.

Hey, you are here now.

You are not that guy anymore.


(distant gunfire)


Is that home?

We need to go now.

Heath: Okay. Okay, let's go.

Come on.

(distant gunfire)

We gotta go now.

(walkers snarling)

(distant gunfire)


Michonne: The ones from down the street and in the alley, they're getting drawn by the gunfire.

(gunfire continues)

Soon as they clear, we head for the feed store.

Till then we sit tight, keep quiet.




(engine starts)


(banging continues)

(pumps shotgun)

(banging continues)



Heath: They heard that.

Heath: They know we're in here now. We can't wait them out.

The herd, it's gonna be here any minute.


They're coming.




Come on!

Where's the feed store?

Go! The other end of town. We can try--

We can't.

Glenn said we got to go. We go now.



Just run!



(gun clicks)


It's just up ahead. We light it up and we go.

There's gotta be another building.

Glenn: We gotta go.


Glenn: Where?!

Nicholas: Uh, uh...


This way.

This-- this way.

Go! Go!

You go over first, and then we'll help Scott.

No, they're coming. Just go.

We're doing this. Come on.

Come on!

Come on!

Nicholas: No! - (snarling)

(walkers snarling)

Damn it.


(gun clicks)




(David screaming)

(screaming continues)


(screaming continues)

We gotta go.

We gotta keep going. We don't have a choice.

We don't have a choice. Come on!

Up here! Up here!

(high-pitched whine)

(muted snarling)

(muffled) Nicholas!

Hey, Nicholas!

Nicholas! Look at me.

Hey, look at me! Look at me!

Hey! Hey! Nicholas!

Look at me!

(distorted) Thank you.





Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Heath: There's no smoke.

It doesn't mean they didn't make it.

The herd's still coming, but this creek should slow them down some.


I'm in place by my best guess.

You guys make it back yet?

(static hissing)


(static hissing)

Tobin, you there?

(static hissing)


(static hissing)

Daryl: I'm here.

Rick: Won't be long now.

They're almost here.

I'll get them going your way again.

How 'bout that, Daryl?

He's gonna be coming our way.

(distant gunfire)

There's gunfire coming from back home.

We gotta sit with it and hope they can handle it.

I think they can. They have to.

We keep going forward for them.

Can't turn back 'cause we're afraid.

We ain't afraid.

Rick: This is for them.

Going back now before it's done, that'd be for us.

Rick: The herd has to be almost here.

(distant gunfire continues)


(static hissing)



(gunshots over radio)




(tires squeal)


(static hissing)





(body thuds)


(walkers snarling)

(engine sputtering)



(engine sputtering)

(walkers snarling)

(engine sputtering)

(engine sputtering)

No, no, no, no, no. No.

(walkers snarling)