10x05 - What It Always Is

There's people in there.

Previously on "The Walking Dead" I lost my Kingdom.

And Carol.

I don't even know how to talk to her anymore.

This is my home.

Negan killed her!

You know, the people out there are talkin' about puttin' you down, It was an accident.


He's gone.


Don't try anything.


The look on your face.

Dude, seriously, I'm I'm just messin' with you.

You're fast.

Took me forever to catch up.

Over there.

Normally, my chief concern would be the hidden beauty of the grain, but with quantity being of the essence, rift and quarter sawing it'll be.

Happy to recapitulate.

Oh, no, no, just checking in.

Y'all good?

Eugene's come up with a zero-waste plan.

Claims he can use every cubic inch of the tree, even the bark.

Seems as good a time as any to master the Pueblo art of basket weaving.

Hey, uh, before you head off, Earl and I were talking.

Instead of using the extra wood for the addition, what if we made some weapons?

You know, big ones, defensive, couple couple of catapults for the north wall.

Yeah, no, look, I think it's a good idea, honestly, just not right now, not with half the Kingdom still in tents.


I get it.

So, the Whisperers smash a giant hole in our wall Yeah, well, we don't know it was them for sure.

and now they're throwin' walkers at us every couple hours, and we're just gonna sit here, twiddlin' our damn thumbs?

It happened again.

Root cellar.

Middle of the night.

Well, who the hell was on watch?

You're hard of hearin' when I'm whisperin' Love songs late at night I'm used to dinner 'n drinks But now all we ever do is fight Leavin' liquor in the laundry 'Cause ya love watching me play hide-and-seek I'm not sure if you heard, but someone stole a crate of fish, the one from Oceanside.

Third theft this week, so It's sad but true Brianna said that you were guarding the root cellar last night.

The sickos showed up at the breach.

Oh, we used to stay up late You know how strained everything is at the moment.

It would really help if we all just stuck to the jobs we were given.

call you up and apologize And, oh, oh It's a cold, hard fact We've said a lot of things you know now We can't take back And, oh, oh, we used to hold each other tight Under sparkling trees No sign of Negan?

Searched all day and night, but no sign of him.

Keep thinkin' about what he took from us, what we didn't take from him.

Alexandria deserved better.

Hey, you've had your trouble, too.

Actually, we could use a hand in the infirmary.

Much of the Kingdom's still in recovery from the tree fall.

We were plannin' on leavin' tomorrow, but, uh but yeah.

Of course.

Whatever you need.

You ask about Carol?

Open the gate!


She's not here?

She was tracking something, said she'd meet us back here.

Should've been back by now.

Was that it?

Did I get it?


You woulda totally whistled back, right?

My dad, he used to tell me how, like, you and the Saviors would, like, whistle back and forth like that before You, uh you say you had some granola or some sh1t?

Sorry about the raisins and the busted knife.

Was kinda in a rush when I packed it all.

So, you're really not gonna tell me how you got outta that cell?

Alright, well, at least tell me what we're lookin' for.

Someplace safe.

I get it.

A new Sanctuary.

Damn, how badass was that place?

And then Rick Grimes comes along, talk about hypocrisy, kills our parents, drags us to Alexandria, lectures us about community.


Can't argue that.

It ain't bullshit.

Man, I heard you made him cut his own kid's hand off, then you killed them.

Carl Grimes I heard you shot him.

I never did that.

And I never did that to Carl.

Carl was I would never kill a kid.

Yeah, no, definitely.

I'm with you, obviously.

We're both Negan.

Who would do this?

The skin freaks.


Should we cross?

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"?


Thanks for your help.


I just needed a second to wrap your gift.

There's more.

I swiped it all from Alexandria.

Was waiting for the right time to surprise you.

Took me forever to find this.

Found it in the back of an old storage garage.

My dad said he never saw you without it.

Listen, uh why don't you just put that in your backpack?

I don't wanna be recognized.

You like it, though, right?

Does pig sh1t stink?

I'm gonna say she's a seven.


Isn't this the kind of stuff you and the Saviors used to do to kill time?

I can't say that I remember rating walkers on hotness.

Besides, she's clearly a three.

Spot's not half bad, right?

New Sanctuary.

You gotta be kidding me.


Classic Negan.

It's not your fault.


Did I ever tell you about my brother, Merle?

Uh Merle.

Okay, this one time, he takes me fishing.


Fishing, right, on this big lake, right, which is, uh private property right?

In this boat, which is, uh, stolen.

Stolen boat, right?

And he's drinking, right?

So he's fishing, he's drinking.

He falls in the lake.

Like, ka-pssh!


I have to take him, uh, like this swim him all the way back.

I save his life, right?

You know what he says to me?

"Dummy, go get the beer.

" Idiot, right?


It's gonna be alright.

Come on.

Good dog.

Good dog.


So, uh, the roofing and the gutters should be fine, but the plumbing's making me kinda nervous.

I have to scavenge for more copper.

I should really be out there with them.

You know, if I was lost in the woods, it's the three of them I'd want to come looking for me.

Somebody's gotta hang back, deal with the plumbing.

I'll I'll ask Oscar about the copper.

You really think Kelly's okay?

I hope so.

What about us?

That tree didn't fall on its own.

Wasn't leaning or dying.

The roots were healthy.

If you don't think they're coming back for worse, son, you're not thinking at all.

I haven't forgotten about them, you know?

Think about 'em every day.

Well, good.

Don't stop.

We've had some thefts lately.

Took a quarter of our medical supplies.


I No, no.

It's, uh Henry forged it during his apprenticeship.

Found it wrapped among his things.

A gift intended for me but never You okay?

Sit down.

Sit down.

Sit down.


That doesn't sound good.

It's nothing.

Just the regular slings and arrows.

Or smoke inhalation from the fire might've triggered it.

Let me just I said I was fine.


How long have you A month.

It's grown since then.


It could be a lot of things, yeah?


- You know you might've injured yourself.

- I know what it is.

Listen, without tests, you can't be sure.

Siddiq, I know what it is.

Growing up, my grandmother went through it, then my father.

The pain, the coughing, the swelling.

I watched them fight it and win.

Did you know thyroid cancer had a 98% survival rate?

Different times.

Times of sorcery and witchcraft.

Chemo, iodine radiation therapy, thyroidectomies.


Now we both know what it means.

No, you can manage it.

Acupuncture, uh, hypnosis.

There's You You know, I've been struggling with my own condition ever since the barn.

That's why I had to leave Alexandria.

I just I can't stand how everyone looks to me for some kinda So, you know, maybe we can't get away from it.

But we can talk about it.

I mean, what are we here for if not for each other?

It was just Milo and me.

We'd been walking for days, weeks, until the hissers ran through our camp, scattered everyone to the winds.

After that, we went back to what it was before, what it always is in the end Milo and me, moving from place to place, surviving.

I get it.

I've been there.

I better stay on my feet.

Milo, you wanna come on a walk?


Be safe.

So, what are you thinkin'?

We follow 'em, see where they're hiding it?

Hiding what?

They've got a stash somewhere, probably full of weapons, too.

It's a chick and a kid, Brandon.

People are a resource.


Not them.

Alright, look.

I appreciate everything you've done since Alexandria, but it's only gonna get more dangerous from here.

I think it's best I go on alone and you go home.


It's just, if I go back, everyone's gonna wanna know where I've been.

What am I supposed to say?

I've never been a great liar.

New plan, then.

You go wherever the hell you want.

You go back to Alexandria, you tell the whole world exactly where I am.

You see, I don't give a sh1t.

Just as long as I don't have to see that pasty, creepy-ass face of yours ever again.

You're just like all the others.

Careful, now.

Ears are the trickiest.

You have something for me?

I've been damming up the creek, like you wanted.

I've just come back for one more guardian.

A guardian taken is another lost.


Shifts in strategy take time.

The creek, the water, the tree it will crush them.

Or we could release an army of thousands.

Go ahead.

Say your piece.

Instead of these little nicks, getting our guardians killed at their walls, why don't we cut the enemy down all at once?

Let us vote.

Anyone agree?

That's democracy for you.

The human body is fragile.

All it takes for it to collapse is a few nicks in the right spots.

Just like the enemy.

When their world collapses, the smart ones will know where to come to stay safe.

We'll be waiting.

You said you wanted another guardian.

Oh, no!

We're gonna crash!



Don't worry, kid.

I don't bite.

Your mom, she's inside, packin', so we got a little bit of time to kill.

Where'd Brandon go?

Brandon he went looking for supplies.

You know what?

I'm gonna be real with you.

Uh, I told Brandon to get lost.

You see, uh, it turns out, not the best co-pilot, if you catch my dri You don't catch my drift at all, do ya?

You've never been on a plane.

Aw, man, it's alright.

It's not your fault that God turned this world into an asspit before you were born.


Picture this, alright?

Sitting on a plane, really nice, comfy seats, but it feels like you've been sitting on the runway for Goddamn ever.

Suddenly, there's this kinda rumbling, a groan, alright?

The plane finally starts to creep along, right, and now we're moving faster and faster.

And you look out that window, and everything's turning into a blur.

And then, "Whew.

" Wheels come up off the ground.

You are flying.

It is like voodoo magic, man, alright?

Up and up and up, higher and higher, until it feels like you are floating on top of the frickin' world.

And you're looking out that little window, and you can see houses.

They look like little toy houses and little toy cars.


But the food?


No way.

They served us something.

They called it beef stroganoff.

Let me tell you something.

It looked like baby sh1t.

And my Lucille she wouldn't even touch it.

Ah, kid, there is so much you're gonna miss growing up in this screwed-up world.

You know, driving your first set of wheels, video games, nut-tapping.

What, you've never heard of nut-tapping?


With big ol' sausage fingers like those?

Alright, man, the whole point of nut-tapping catching the other guy off guard, right, embarrassing him, getting even for him calling your mom a slut or whatever.

Wanna keep your wrist loose, like this.

Lean in all casual like.

And then thwack!

Snap your fingers right on his nuts.

Now, you gotta remember, you go low.

You go too high, you get nothing but dick.

Alright, let's see what you got.

You're a natural.

See, if nut-tapping were a sport, you wouldn't have to 'roid up, and you would still be in the hall of fame.


Alright, kid, dinner.

Not gonna happen without fire.

Fire's not gonna happen without wood.

Tell me something.

You get all packed up?


Hey, you know, I know that moving sucks.

You know, it's like I was telling your mom, though, I know a place that I'm pretty sure they're gonna take you in.

It's got really high walls, farmland, even has a mansion sitting in the middle of it.

You just can't tell 'em who brought ya, alright?

But I will get you as close as I can.

One condition, though.

Keep those meaty fingers holstered up when my nuts are around.


- Deal?

- Yeah.

My man.

I anoint you Gamma.




It's okay.

That's for you.

I had it in my bag.

Take it.

It's okay.

My name is Aaron.

What That's right.

You guys don't do names anymore.

But you're from somewhere, right?

I'm from Vermont.

Where You're welcome!



We've gotta get her back to Hilltop.

Nah, I think we gotta find somewhere closer.

Tell them what?

Did you know about this?


What's she saying?

I said I don't trust you.

What's your problem?


Hilltop takes you in.

They got sick children and mouths to feed, and you steal from 'em?

All you're good for is talking sh1t.

That's it, right?

You almost had me.

Back on the bus, when you kicked me out.

Then I remembered, "This is Negan.

He's always messing with people, keeping 'em in line.

" So I realized there's a test.

"It's gonna get a lot more dangerous from here on out.

" That's what you said to me.

You wanted to make sure that I had the balls to do what had to be done.

What do you think?

I passed, right?

I am Neg I had to pop a couple blisters.

Bill's still freaking out about that rash.

What else?

I mean, the universe is basically on pause till God gets back.

I'm assuming your mic's out, or else I'd hear you laughing your balls off.

Nope, still here.

How's Rosita?

She, uh, didn't want me to tell you, but she caught a little bug.

She okay?

Gabe back?

Not yet.

But she'll be fine.

I'll leave for home tonight.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

One other thing.

Is Carol around?

She's just outside.

Let me grab her.

Hey, Carol.

Siddiq's on the radio for ya.

You know, it's scary to think, but Kelly probably wouldn't have made it if you guys hadn't have found that stash.

Sounds like it was pretty far off the main road.

Just say it.

You think I stole everything and hid it out there.

Yeah, well, it wouldn't have been the first time.

Then it would've been smart.

Yeah, or it would've been a mis Selfish, stupid.

I was gonna say a mistake.

No, but you were thinking it.

For 13 years, that's how you've looked at me.

That is not true.

Since the day you showed up in your your fancy suit, with all your fancy Do you really wanna know what I thought that day?

I thought, "Here is a person, an innocent person who's been locked up for a crime they didn't commit, someone who's never trusted anybody because no one's ever trusted her, someone who's good.

And, yeah, mad.

Mad at everyone.

Mad at the world for being so messed up.

" My cousin, she was a little girl, and he gets to go on living his life?

No way.

But nobody came for him.

So I came for him.

And there it is.

Now that we've both killed how many people have we killed, Miko?

And still, that look right there.

I think you should find another place to sleep.

The man with the metal arm gave it to me.

I don't know what that Sit.

We've all had to wear different masks at different times.

Call it a kinda sacrifice.

Like your sister.

Your sacrifice was much greater.

The man with the metal arm could prove useful.

You might just have to wear a new mask.

Uh, yeah.

Uh, Siddiq has to go back.

Is, um Kelly okay?


No, no, no.

I get it.

Um Family.



Oh, you sorry, rotten sacks of sh1t.

What's a fella gotta do to get eaten around here?

What's the matter?


Y'all scared of the Big Bad Wolf?

Little pig, little pig!


Let me in.

And there you are!

Oh, I am gonna huff.

I am gonna puff.

I am gonna blow your house Ahh.

all the way in.

Alright, you big-ass freak.

Let's do this.