03x08 - Made to Suffer

Previously on AMC's

The Walking Dead...

One of you is gonna give up your camp.

A prison.

They were taken.

By who?

By this guy who calls himself the Governor.

Daddy still loves you.

I'll go after him.

This place sounds pretty secure.

I'm in.

Your brother may be out there right now searching for them.

Everything okay?

Oh, my God, Tyreese!

You okay?

We gotta keep moving.

Where's everybody else?

They were just behind me.

Is there a clearing ahead? A place to regroup? - I didn't get very far.

There might be a building up ahead.

I thought I saw a tower past the trees.

Tower? What kind of tower?

This way!

Come on!

Come on, come on, come on.


Come on!

Hurry! This way!

Come on!

We don't know what's in there.

We know what's out here.

Not her.


She's slowing you down, she's slowing us down.

And once we're in there, when she turns...

She's right. You gotta leave me.

No. Please.

They'll tear her apart.


We can't do this.

You wanna drag her around?

She's suffering. And when she finally turns--

Ben's not ready.

It's a mistake.


I promised Milton I'd help him cremate Mr. Coleman's body.

That's sweet of you, but if you're still rattled, he can handle it himself.

He shouldn't have to.

All these people you've brought together, they're here for more than just protection;

they're helping each other through this mess.

Woododbury's starting to grow on you, huh?




It's Daddy.



Hey, hey, hey.

♪ Bye-bye,

baby bunting... ♪

Come here.

♪ Daddy's gone a-hunting ♪
♪ To get a little rabbit skin ♪

♪ To wrap his baby

bunting in... ♪

Look at me, baby.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Maggie, did he--



He barely touched me.

All this time, running from walkers--

you forget what people do, have always done.

Look at what they did to you.

Doesn't matter.

As long as he didn't--

No. I promise.


Hey! Hey!

Damn it.

All right, we need to downsize.

Ain't no way we're gonna check in all them buildings, not with all them guards there.

All right, let's go.

The prison's the perfect place to hole up.

What once kept prisoners in now keeps biters out.

And that's smart.

You thinking of taking it over, moving Woodbury there?

People love it here because it feels like what was.

Move them to damp cells surrounded by barbed wire?


We gotta take out the group that's living there.

Let the biters move back in. No one'll be the wiser.

The problem is my brother's with them.

Well, you'll talk to him.

Make him our inside man.

He'll get us in there.

We'll wave the white flag

like we did with

the National Guard.

Nothing happens to Daryl.

Of course not.

What about Glenn and the girl?

Well, the longer they're here, the more chance

Andrea will find out.

Take them to the Screamer Pits.

This is where you were held?

I was questioned.

Any idea where else they could be?

I thought you said there was a curfew.

The street is packed during the day. Those are stragglers.

If anyone comes in here, we're sitting ducks.

We gotta move.

They could be in his apartment.

Yeah? What if they ain't?

Then we'll look somewhere else.

You said you could help us.

I'm doing what I can.

Then where in the hell are they?


If this goes south, we're cutting her loose.

You think she's leading us into a trap?

Right now it's the blind leading the blind.

Let's split up.

I know you're in here.

I saw you moving from outside.

All right, now. You're not supposed to be in here and you know it.

Who's in here?

Shut up. Get on your knees.

Hands behind your back.

Zip tie him.

Where are our people?

I don't know.

You are holding some of our people.

Where the hell are they?

I don't know.

Open your mouth.

You are good with her.

You got little sisters?


- How old are you, anyway?

- 17.

17. Interesting.

May I speak with you?


I'll be right back.

What's the problem?

Stay away from her.


This isn't about you trying to repopulate the Earth.

I didn't mean no offense.

I've been locked up a long while and, well, there weren't many women.

You following me?

I mean, Maggie, she's with

Glenn and you're a lesbian.

I was just talking with her.

I'm not a lesbian.

You got the... short hair.

You're not a lesbian?

My, my, this is interesting.

No, it's not.

Let him go!


Give me the gun!

Get up!

Glad we could catch up.

Just keep looking at me.

I love you.

On your feet, move. Let's go, come on.


Shots came from up there.

I'm gonna check it out.

No, I'll handle it.

Sometimes biters get in through the side fence.

There's no need for anyone to panic.

Someone help!

What happened?

Guys came through with guns.

- How many?

- I-- I don't know.

Well, think. - Six or seven guys. I've never seen them before.

Are we under attack? What should we do?

Hey, hey, hey.

Everyone, please just go home, lock your doors, huh?

We need to keep everyone safe, okay?

So just get inside, keep your lights off.

Come on.

We're under attack.

You fan out and you find these people.

Don't take any chances, try and take prisoners.

You shoot to kill, huh? Come on.

Inside, quick!

Ain't no way out back here.

Rick, how did you find us?

How bad are you hurt?

I'll be all right.

Where's that woman?

She was right behind us.

Maybe she was spotted. Want me to go look for her?

No. We gotta get them out of here.

She's on her own.

Daryl, this was Merle.

It was.

He did this.

- You saw him?

- Face to face.

Threw a walker at me. He was gonna execute us.

S-So my brother's this governor?

No, it's somebody else.

Your brother's his lieutenant or something.

Does he know

I'm still with you?

He does now. Rick, I'm sorry.

We told him wherthe prison was.

We couldn't hold out.

Don't. No need to apologize.

They're gonna be looking for us.

We have to get back. Can you walk?

We got a car a few miles out.

I'm good.

All right.

Hey, if Merle's around, I need to see him.

Not now. We're in hostile territory.

He's my brother. I ain't--

Look at what he did!

Look, we gotta-- we gotta get out of here now.

Maybe I can talk to him. Maybe I can work something out.

No, no, no. You're not thinking straight.

Look, no matter what they say, they're hurt.

Glenn can barely walk.

How are we gonna make it out if we get overrun by walkers and this governor catches up to us?

I need you.

Are you with me?


Any sign of them?

Signs of what?

What exactly is happening out there?

Some assholes want what we have.

Then what are we doing waiting around here? - Damn straight.

Let's take these sons of bitches out.

How do we know that the perimeter was breached?

Did anyone actually see them?

They killed Warren.


Got up close, stuck a stake through his neck.

We need patrols now.

Can't take chances with these terrorists.

You check on our people, make sure they're safe.

You want me to do house calls, make sure everyone's tucked in?

These guys could be holed up in one of our residences.

They could be holding someone captive or worse.

Can't anyone else handle that?

I've got a hell of a lot of experience and--

Thank you.

The rest of you split up.

Merle will lead the search.

Don't you think Haley should handle the door-to-doors?

I need someone with some authority to provide reassurance.

I mean, she's just a kid.

These people have already killed one man, beaten another.

I'm good with a gun--

Just do as I ask.


On three. Stay tight.

One, two, three.

Let's go!

There they are!

Behind you!

Go! Get cover!

Get there.

Go, go, go!

You all right?

I saw them.

How many?

- I didn't see.

Don't matter. There's gonna be more of them.

We need to move.

One of them, at least. Black guy, young.

Looked like he was wearing a prison jumpsuit.

Escaped convicts.

Any grenades left?


Get 'em ready. We gotta gun into the wall.

We gotta get off the street.

We're not soldiers, we're survivors.

We'll wait them out.

Once the smoke clears--

Nah, they could be anywhere.

You get off the street.

Where are you going?

Off the street. Come on, move!

Oh sh1t.

You guys go ahead. I'm gonna lay down some cover fire.

No, we gotta stay together.

Too hairy. I'll be right behind you.



Let's get out of here!

Come on!

Keep going!

This way!



Rick! Rick!





Finally got Judith to sleep.

How are we with formula?

We have enough to last us another month.

I'll tKe Carol for some more at the end of the week.

Your dad and the others will be back by then.

We don't know that.

Right now, Judith is the only family I got.

What was that?

That was from inside.

Was that Carol?

She's out keeping watch in the guard tower with Axel.

What if they came back in for something?

What if they're in trouble?

Let's check the tower,

see if she's there.

How could anyone else get in?

The tombs are filled with walkers that wandered in from outside.

Someone else could have done the same thing.

I'm going.

I can't let you go down there.

My father would go.

No, no, no, no!

Come on!


- Hurry!

- Go!

Just go.

Let me take her.

I'll cover you.

Look out!

You have to leave her!

No way!

Oh my God.

It's okay.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Come on, come on. That's it.

Come on.


Don't hurt her.

Look. Hey.

It's me you want.

There's no need for her to suffer.

She doesn't have needs.


Don't hurt my little girl.

Please don't.



Come here. Come here. Come here.

Come here. Come, come, come.


Ow! Oh!



What have you done?

Oh, good God. Oh, my God.

Here, here.

Oh, God! Donna?

Is she dead?

Is she dead? Baby?

I'll take care of it.


Whoa, kid. Wait a minute.

She doesn't have that long.

Who the hell are you?

How did you get in here? Who are you with?

Look, we can help you.

First things first.

No, we take care of our own.

No, Tyreese!

I gotta do it.

Look, just take Ben and lean against the wall.

It'll be quick.

It's okay. It's okay.

Hey, what are you doing?

Kid, did you just lock us in here?

Open the door.

This room is secure. You'll be safe.

You have food and water.

Open this door.

I can't.

Come on, man. We're not animals.

Don't do this.


You can't just leave us in here!

Open this door! Open it! Now!


Back away from their door and let the man go.

Look around you.

This is the best we've had it in weeks.

His house.

We got other things to do.

We don't want any trouble.

Shouldn't we help them?

I did.

It doesn't look good.

The glass has done a lot of damage.

I need to get out of here.

Not yet.

Get out of my way!

Can you give us a minute?

What the hell was that?

Why was she here?

Why were you fighting her?

She came back to kill me.


You tell me.

You knew her.

The fish tanks, the heads?

I made myself look at them.

Prepared me for the horrors outside.

And Penny?

Oh, my God.

I just heard. Are you all right?

Your eye, is it--

What happened to you?

I was attacked.

They made it over the wall.

I'll go after them in the morning.

Here, here.

Get down.

Come on, Daryl.

Where the hell were you?

Put your hands up.

Turn around. Turn around.

Get what you came for?

Where are the rest of your people?

They got Oscar.

Daryl is missing. You didn't see him?

If anything happens to him--

I brought you here to save them.

Thanks for the help.

You'll need help to get them back to the prison or to go back in there for Daryl.

Either way, you need me.

What can I say?

Hasn't been a night like this since the walls were completed.

And I thought we were past it--

past the days when we all sat, huddled, scared in front of the TV

during the early days of the outbreak.

The fear we all felt then, we felt it again tonight.

I failed you.

I promised to keep you safe.

Hell, look at me.

You know, I--

I should tell you that we'll be okay, that we're safe, that tomorrow we'll bury our dead and endure, but I-- I won't, because I can't.

Because I'm afraid.

That's right.

I'm afraid of terrorists who want what we have.

Want to destroy us!

And worse... because one of those terrorists... is one of our own.


the man I counted on,

the man I trusted.

He led 'em here.

And he let 'em in.

It was you.

You lied, betrayed us all.

This is one of the terrorists.

Merle's own brother.

What should we do with them, huh?

Kill them!


What you want?

Kill them!

Kill them!

You wanted your brother.

Now you got him.